Wings of Love

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This is Part 2 to my post The Extra Special Potion                                       

Putting down her paintbrush she stepped back and looked at her finished painting. The doves looked like they could fly off of the canvas and that made her happy. She wanted her paintings to look realistic. Bridget hoped that her friend Lauren would appreciate this birthday gift.

She was excited for her friend. Lately, Lauren had been walking around like she had a tattoo of happiness on her heart. Bridget had never seen her so happy before. Her new love Randy had totally swept her away on the wings of love. 

Apparently she had swept him away as well. Bridget could tell by his puppy dog eyes, that he was hopelessly in love with her. His eyes followed her around the room, and gazed up at her adoringly when she sat next to him. When Lauren had invited her over for supper she had been eager to meet Randy, her new love. But after only 1 hour of being there she had been ready to leave. It was true, she was ecstatic that Lauren had fallen so deeply in love, but something just seemed a little off about it. The way Randy followed Lauren around and the look in his eyes, reminded Bridget of someone in a trance! 

Lauren had been the first one to reach out to Bridget when she moved to the new neighborhood. She appeared to be friendly and have a warm spirit about wanting to help people. It was her caring spirit that had drawn Bridget to her. She always told Bridget that she was there if Bridget wanted to talk to her and just to let her know if she wanted to try her special tea. Bridget wasn’t much of a tea person, so she always passed. 

Apparently there were a lot of people in the neighborhood that were tea drinkers. Bridget saw people coming and going from Lauren’s house a lot, made her wonder at times what  was going on. She still had  never gathered up the nerve to ask her, but maybe one of these days she would. 

OH, she noticed a spot on the painting that she had missed. Better touch it up, before it was time to package it up for Lauren. 

Meanwhile Randy was out walking with his faithful sheepdog. Lauren was away and he was missing her every minute of the day. He honestly could not remember ever feeling this way before over a woman. One day he was perfectly happy with his sheepdog and the next day he didn’t think he could live without Lauren. His mom used to say that love can find you in unexpected ways. She would feel like tap dancing on the ceiling when Randy told her about Lauren. He hadn’t yet, for they had been away. 

All thoughts of Annie or was it Tanya, had fled from his brain! He did not miss those crazy thoughts one bit. He was finally beginning to feel like a normal person! 

A few hours later after Bridget had painted her last stroke, and once she knew the paint was dry she packaged up the painting. Then she got ready for Lauren’ birthday dinner and soon it was time to head that way. Bridget felt a little giddy, and nervous. This was the first time she had painted something for Lauren, what if she didn’t like it? Trying to not herself dwell on that fact she pushed it away. No use driving herself crazy, when Lauren may love it! 

Lauren was outside on the porch waiting for her when she arrived. Randy was sitting right next to her holding her hand. Bridget took a deep breath. Hopefully she could handle being around the 2 entwined lovebirds over dinner. She shook her head, whenever she fell in love she hoped  that she wouldn’t look as silly as they did at times. 

“Happy Birthday Lauren!” Bridget walked up to Lauren, giving her a warm embrace. 

“Thank you So glad you came.” 

“Here is a little something I made for you, I hope you like it.” Bridget handed the painting to Lauren. 

Unwrapping it Lauren’s face began to light up. “Oh I have always loved doves! This is great! Thank you!” 

Bridget blushed and felt relief that her painting was appreciated. 

Having finished unwrapping it Lauren was in awe as she looked at it. 

To everyone’s astonishment there was a rustling of wings and the doves flew out of the painting! Lauren  had to duck for they flew straight for her. 

Randy had lost the “puppy dog” look temporarily. His jaw was hanging open instead. Bridget’s eyes were as big as saucers, what was happening?

Lauren looked surprised and composed at the same time. She looked at Bridget with a shining light in her eyes. “You have the gift of magic too!” 

Bridget gave her an astonished look. “Me? Magical?” 

Lauren put her arm around her friend’s shoulder as they watched the doves fly away. “I will be glad to teach you all I know.” 

Butterflies were flying around in Bridget’s stomach, she had the strong sense that from this day forward things would never be the same. 




37 thoughts on “Wings of Love

  1. Lots of romance in the air. Our son just announced his engagement yesterday and then turned 29 today. I’ve got a little while to wait for grandchildren as they aren’t getting married until June of 2023.

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  2. Soon Bridget’s house became surrounded with gazelles, hawks, tigers, peacocks, giraffes, and any other creature she decided to paint. She was eventually led away by some men in white lab coats and placed in an institution where she befriended another woman inmate who happened to be an author with crazy ideas about elves and magic cows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thats quite the variety of animals. Think you need a hippo yet. It also seems that you need to take off your thinking cap, LOL!
      I think someone has quickly forgotten how a certain author rescued certain elves. I feel the “gratitude.”

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