Tuesday’s Thoughts

What are you thankful for today? Right now I am thankful for our shade tree, which I am sitting under. We planted the tree 17 years ago when we moved here and oh, how it has grown. Just takes time, as do a lot of things, and when they grow they are beautiful.

Hope the following quotes bring a smile and here is a cute picture to start things off. How can one not smile when looking at a monkey.











What happened to Sergio?

painting by Mauro C. Martinez on Pinterest

After writing Thursday’s post, Making Her Wishes Come True!, a “follower” said that he hoped to find out what Sergio had done to make him a water genie in the first place. I am glad to say that the following story will answer that question. Enjoy!

The sun was beating down mercilessly as Sergio was walking home. Sweat was running down his face and soaking his shirt. It was way too hot to be working on a roof today. He may have promised the Widow Fran that he would help patch her roof, but there was no way he was doing it today. He was there five minutes and left! They would just have to put up with the holes. The widow tried to plead with him for a storm was coming tonight, but he waved her off. Told her to put lots of buckets around and he would be back tomorrow.

Her sorrowful eyes made him feel a tad guilty perhaps, but really, why should he risk heat stroke for some widow lady. He tried to get the little girl’s face out of his mind, thats what had bothered him the most, but he was getting over it. She was a sweet little girl, around the age of 10 he guessed. He knew her name was Lucy, for he had heard her mom call her that. But really, was he going to concern himself over a little girl and her mom. He had to get hold of himself. He was Sir Sergio, and was cut out for greatness, not repairing roofs for the rest of his life.

If only he had asked for a cold drink before leaving. Something he could have carried along with him. That would surely taste good right now. He was soon walking along the docks and feeling the sea breeze which cooled him down. He loved looking at the luxurious boats as he passed by. Some day he would own one of them. After all he deserved one. He tried to convince his parent’s of that, but they wouldn’t listen. Arguing with parent’s was like nailing jello to a tree, they never listened.

A vibrant red boat caught his eye. It was different from any he had ever seen before. Standing there and staring made him want it more and more. He looked out upon the water, it was calm right now. Wouldn’t it be nice to sail a boat around, for just a little. An idea began forming in his mind.

“So, you will help me? Do we have a deal?”
Chet, the owner of the boat, wasn’t sure. “How do I know that I can trust you?”

“You don’t know 100 percent, you just have to trust me, we are running out of time. Do you want to be responsible for me not getting to see my sweet, precious, sick grandmother for the last time?” Sergio’s face started to crumple, as he backed away. “I am sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. I just don’t know any other way.” Sergio tried to pull himself together.

“Its Okay, its okay, you can borrow my boat.” Chet patted him on the back, and after showing Sergio the basics about the boat, he shook his hand and turned to leave. Then turning back he looked at Sergio with eyes of concern. “I hope your grandmother is OK.”

Once Chet walked away Sergio started the boat. He was as happy as a clam, the “poor, sweet grandma” story worked every time! He would be home faster this way and now he had his own boat! Poor Chet, he wasn’t getting is boat back. Sergio almost felt guilty about how easy it was to take it. Oh well, Chet’s own fault. Sergio couldn’t help that there was a sucker born every minute. That was a quote he often repeated to himself.

Being on the boat felt amazing, with the wind on his back. He was in no hurry to get home. The sky was getting darker when Sergio woke up. He had fallen asleep and was now drifting in the water, where was he? He tried to wake up fully so he could figure it out. That’s when he noticed the storm clouds gathering and when he felt his first wave of alarm.

The waves were getting rougher and Sergio’s stomach was feeling queasy. Rain started falling as lightning cracked through the sky. Sergio’s face turned pale with fright and for the first time he felt regret over what he had done. He never should have lied about his grandma and stole a boat. What had he been thinking?

Another huge wave came lifting the boat high in the air and bringing it back down. Sergio knew that one of these times was going to be the last time for him. Thunder roared and his heart was pounding. Again the waves lifted him up and Sergio screamed in terror as he was thrown in the swirling black sea.

Down, down, down he sank. This was it, his life flashed before his eyes and he wasn’t real proud of it. OH how he wished he had a second chance, perhaps he would act different. But he was drowning, there were no second chances, his lungs screamed for oxygen and he felt himself fading fast and then …

“Wake up! Wake up!”

Sergio opened his eyes to see a crab standing in front of him. He was still underwater but he was alive! Or was he? Was he in some watery grave.

“LIsten up, you didn’t die, but you are trapped under the sea.”

“What, what do you mean?” Sergio was confused. How could he be trapped under sea?

“Congratulations you are the new water genie!”

“The WHAT?!”

The crab rolled his eyes muttering to himself. “Why am I always the one that has to explain things to our water genies?”

“I will try to explain it real simple. YOU- were not nice, YOU-lied about your sweet grandmother and YOU-stole a boat!”

Sooo YOU-are stuck down here for a number of years until I decide that you can go above the water and see if you can start a new life. When you do go above the water you have to find someone to grant three wishes too. Its your job to make them happy! Think you can do that?”

Sergio didn’t know what to think? Was this for real? As if the crab could read his mind, he reached over with his claws and pinched Sergio.


“You are welcome, now you know that I am real and this is all real!”

Sergio sighed, it couldn’t really be that bad to live undersea, could it? For ten years he lived under the sea and drove everyone crazy. The crab finally let him go up to the surface because no one could stand him under the sea anymore. Sergio was thrilled to see the blue sky again and oh what a lovely young lady sitting on the dock with her feet in the water.

Sadly she wouldn’t think he ws handsome at all! When he went under the sea he had changed his looks. He was like a gray blob now with different color eyes. Nowhere close to how he had used to look. But now was his chance. There was the young lady. All he had to do was get to her to make three wishes and they would be all his. Yeah, yeah, the crab said to make the wishes come true for her, but he had been the one trapped in the sea!! He deserved a break!

Sir Sergio felt hope well up inside of him, today was the day he was going to break free and get out of the sea!

Three days later the crab was looking at Sergio with a look of utter disbelief! “Back again, eh? You couldn’t stay out for even three days! What did you do now?”

“I deserved that castle. Lucy had wished a castle for herself with servants, and they all should have been mine! Mine, mine , mine! But instead some fearsome dragon came to take over!”

All the fish in the sea started laughing. “A dragon?”

“Yes!” shouted Sergio, “A real, live dragon!”

“I always get the hopeless ones!” the crab complained.

“Well, sorry you can’t stay in the sea any longer.”

Sergio felt a spark, “Back to earth again? Can you give me a castle somewhere else perhaps? And I want a moat with my castle and a beautiful garden, and…”

“QUIET!You aren’t going to a castle, though you are going back to earth. Giving you another chance for someone to teach you a lesson. if he doesn’t scare you into acting right, then I don’t know what will! Good Luck!”

Sergio was rather alarmed with the crab’s choice of words, “scare me into acting right?” He called out to the crab who started walking away, “Where am I going?”

“Be careful!” and the crab walked away with a smirk on his face.

Sergio’s mouth was full of mud, he was sputtering as he stood up. UGH! He was in a swamp! A muddy swamp and …. !

Sergio fainted as Igor the bull came charging towards him, and his life flashed in front of him.

The Magic Pill for Flowers … Secret of Mt.Rushmore … 15 foot penguins and other facts!


I don’t remember learning about this fact in school!


But I thought all bunnies were sweet and innocent.


Good for her. That would have been scary.


Can’t say I have ever succeeded in pulling off a 10 year prank. LOL! Wonder what even gave him the ides.


I am sure I will probably regret posting this but … I couldn’t resist! Laughter is the best medicine. It was documented in a British research journal.


Pierre’s Great Adventure

Photo by Jason Frels

Pierre popped his head out looking around. He had traveled underground a long way and now he was ready for an adventure.

Hmm…didn’t look too different from his home.  Had he been traveling in a circle this whole time?

“Hey Pierre, what are you looking at?”

Turning his head he saw Diego. He groaned. His fears were true, he had somehow managed to travel in a big circle. So much for the stupid compass. Kia had said it would help him. He should have known better. Kia was a girl, what did she know?

“Oh great adventurer, I see that you don’t know how to read a compass very well. I thought you were headed far, far away.” The others joined Kia in their laughter.

Pierre made a Pfftttt sound at all of them and burrowed back down in his hole. He turned around and headed straight,  he would show them. They would all wonder why he didn’t show up tonight for the races. Meanwhile he would be long gone, beginning his adventure. 

Yes, he was making progress. No circles anymore! This place looked totally different. Where was he?

What was red and round? He was surrounded by many small red, round things. Looking behind him he saw some long orange things poking up from the ground.

Suddenly he felt the vibrations coming from the ground. What was causing the ….Whoa! What was that? Perhaps going on an adventure wasn’t such a good idea. Some humongous creature was walking around. It was black and white and Pierre knew he would be a goner if it stepped on him! Quickly he ducked back into his hole.

Old man Fuzzywhistle was sitting on his back porch when he spotted Pierre. “Look guys! Its a prairie dog, in my vegetable garden!”

Tippner and Mason looked and didn’t see a thing. Then they looked at each other and nodded in simple agreement. Old Man Fuzzywhistle may be starting to lose it. After all, he was getting old, not a spring chicken anymote.

“Ummm….what are you drinking?”

Fuzzywhistle gave Tippner a strange glance. “I am only drinking tea, why? There really was a prairie dog. I know what I saw and I am not leaving until I see it again. You sll think I sm crazy don’t you?”

“Don’t look at me, it was Mason who whispered something about you taking a trip to the funny farm.

“Is that so??” Fuzzywhistle glared at Mason. “Perhaps I will just forget to pay my bill next time I come to your coffee shop.”

While Mason was trying to dig himself out of a hole with old man Fuzzywhistle Tippner started whistling and stopped abruptly. “Guys look, look!!”

This time they all looked in time and they saw Pierre!

“Wow! Since when do we have prairie dogs around here? The cute little fella must be lost.” said Mason.

They all noticed Betsy staring at it intently and soon Pierre was diving back into his hole.

Bard came walking around the corner of the house. “Hi guys! Are you all ready to go golfing?”

“Sure, we were just watching Fuzzywhistle’s new pet. A prairie dog!”

Bard almost choked on the water he was drinking.  “A prairie dog??? Here?? Mason did you serve everyone some of Cara’s sweet coffee?  All that sugar probably has you guys hallucinating. Just wait until…Whoa it really is a prairie dog!”

They all wore smug expressions as they looked at Bard. “Told you so!”

Betsy started walking towards it and this time Pierre stayed above the ground. Was he frozen with fright? He wasn’t moving and Betsy kept getting closer.

“You don’t really think Betsy would step on it, do you?”

“Not my sweet, mild mannered Betsy.” Fuzzywhistle replied.

Mason spit out his coffee. Old man Fuzzywhistle obviously didn’t know all there was to know about Betsy.

“Well now look at that?”

Betsy had leaned her head down really low and it looked like she and the prairie dog were having a chat!

“Are you lost little one?” Betsy asked.

“No,  I am adventuring, but, but…you are really big, what are you? You aren’t going to hurt me are you? My 16 brothers and sisters would be upset.”

Betsy smiled, “I will not hurt you. Sooo you want an adventure? How would you like a ride?”

Pierre got excited. ” Yes, please” His mama would be proud that he remembered to use his manners by saying “please.”

Betsy laid down and told him to crawl onto her back. Then she slowly rose to her feet. Wow! Pierre had never felt so tall! This was fun. Betsy walked slowly around the pasture with him and answered his questions about tomato, carrots and the three odd men on the porch.

“They are crazy, but harmless.”

“I think I saw the one guy before. There is something about him that stands out to me.” Pierre thought for a bit. “I got it! Its his hair. I never saw such thick, wavy hair before. I think he came to my home one time. I know I remember that hair.”

Betsy snorted. “Everyone comments on his hair, especially the ladies. I personally don’t see what is so great about his hair. ”

Pierre agreed. “Humans are strange.”

Betsy introduced him to the lambs and to Jenny, the donkey. Pierre was having the time of his life, but then he figured he better get home. Didn’t want to worry his mom too much. Thanking Betsy and bidding goodbye to all his friends he jumped back down into his hole.

When he got home, everyone was glad to see him and he regaled them with his stories. He was the center of attention which made Kia upset, and Pierre couldn’t help but be glad.

Back at the farm the guys decided that what happened at the farm would stay at the farm. It had been quite the afternoon watching Betsy parade around the meadow with a praire dog on her back. They all drank pkenty of strong black coffee afterwards.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Peace Lily blooms in my house … If only Peace could bloom as easily all around the world … For that to happen it has to first start inside each person’s heart … May peace bloom in your heart today!

When long ago memories pop in unexpectedly and fill your heart with joy.

We aren’t always aware of the times that we are being someone’s Lighthouse … Keep being YOU … By that simple act you are touching lives.

Making Her Wishes Come True!

Photo of Bojnice Castle,Slovakia from Pinterest

This is the continuation of my post from last night, Lucy’s Wishes I thought that Lucy deserved a happy ending, hope you all agree.

Drip, Drip,Drip …. the roof was leaking again. Lucy got a bucket and put it under the leak. Then she watched the rain fall as she looked out the window, with a somber expression on her face.

Inwardly she was steaming. She should not have to put up with a leaky roof. Right now she should be relaxing in her grand castle! The one she had wished for, before Sir Sergio Dummkopf took it from her.

For the past week now he had been staying in her castle. Always taunting her when she came down to the lake. It was rarely a peaceful place to be anymore. He appeared to keep an eagle eye out for her and would walk out to see her, with his smug attitude.

Drip … Drip … Drip! Oh No, not another leak! Sure enough, at the opposite end of the ceiling Lucy saw the other hole.

There had to be something she could do about Sir Dummkopf! Drumming her fingers on the table she thought.

Unfortunately she couldn’t overpower him, so she would just have to be sly. A slow smile started to spread across her face. Being sly was something she was good at. When she went to bed that night for the first time in a week she felt some peace.

Over the next couple days she planned, made some phone calls and plotted until finally she was ready. The day had come. Time to put her plan into action. This was going to be fun! She made her way to the lake.

“Well, well, well … look who it is again. Do you realize that you are on my property? Being that I claim this castle this is also MY lake.”

Lucy rolled her eyes, “You don’t own this lake you fool!”

Sir Sergio gave her a twisted smile, “Oh don’t worry my little lass, I will let you still come. I may just have to charge a small fee.”

Lucy felt her blood pressure start to rise. Calm down she told herself, remember the plan! Breathing normally she glared at Sergio. “I am not your little lass and I will never pay you one red cent.”

Throwing back his head he laughed at her.

“Oh dear lass, you are so naive. I was not asking you. If I choose to have you pay, you will pay, you have no say in the matter!”

Lucy was fighting hard to control herself though she felt like spitting nails.

Then she heard it and looked up in the sky. YES, he had made it!

Sir Dummkopf was staring aghast into the sky, hearing a horrible roar. He watched with impending doom as the winged creature headed straight for the castle. It landed right in front of the entrance, sprawled its wings and stood guard.

“Is that a real dragon???” Sir Dummkopf asked.

“Looks like it to me. And don’t dragons breathe fire?”

His face blanched. He was visibly shaken. Lucy was trying hard to control her laughter.

“Are you scared? Aren’t you a Prince and don’t princes slay dragons? Thats it! I got it!” Lucy threw her hands up in the air.

“The dragon is here to challenge you to a duel. He probably wants his castle back. Not nice to take dragon’s castles away.”

“That, that …. isn’t his castle!”

They stood still staring at the dragon when it rose into the air again coming straight for Sir Sergio!

“Hmmm… I guess we are about to find out who the castle really belongs too. I wonder if a ghost will try to claim it next. Mighty glad I don’t live there.”

Sir Sergio couldn’t move at first, tripping over his own feet. The dragon roared, as he got closer and you would have thought that Sergio had ants in his pants the way he jumped in the air!

“I wish to be a water genie again!” POOF! There was a big splash and Sie Sergio was gone.

The dragon landed right in front of Lucy, who was doubled over in laughter. Once she composed herself she spoke. “Thank you so much Dinosauris! You were awesome with your ROAR!”

“You are most welcome Miss. Lucy. Glad I could help. A friend of Candy Cane and the other elves is a friend of mine. Pleased to meet you.”

“I knew I could count on the elves to come up with a plan. They are a tricky bunch, Candy Cane tells me about all of their exploits. ”

Dinosauris laughed, which is a real unique type of laugh. After all, he is a dragon. “They do get themselves in trouble often that is for sure.”

“Well. now that your work is over why don’t you come into MY castle and stay for awhile. Its a long trip back to the North Pole.”

Dinosauris smiled, “Would be my pleasure.”

They had a fabulous time together as Lucy explored her new home. No holes in the ceiling! The poor maid almost fainted when she saw Dinosauris but Lucy quickly assured her that he was harmless.

In the afternoon they all relaxed in the garden, even the maid. Lucy didn’t believe in making anyone work too hard for her. The cook brought out the most tasty little cakes and tea. The little cakes barely filled up Dinosauris, so the amazing cook baked him a triple layer chocolate cherry cake. There were barely any crumbs left.

After resting a little Dinosauris said goodbye to Lucy and her maid. He praised the cook and told him he would be back. They all waved as he flew into the air, soaring high, where the bluebirds fly.

Now this was indeed the life, thought Lucy. She was in her jacuzzi, half afraid that she was dreaming. If it was only a dream she never wanted to wake up.

Lucy’s Wishes

Painting by Tom Sierak – Pinterest

Daylight was beginning to fade, but Lucy was in no hurry to leave. This was one of her favorite places to come sit as she dipped her feet in the cool water. It was peaceful here, watching the ducks swim across the lake. Hearing nothing but the sounds of nature. Soothing to the soul and refreshing to the spirit. Yes, by the water, the perfect place to be.

What was that? Lucy bent her head down closer to get a better look, though at the same time being careful not to fall in. There were bubbles rising up from the water. What was making the bubbles? Instinctively Lucy pulled her feet up and scooted back some as she kept her eye on the bubbles.

“HI! My name is Sir Sergio the 4th, at your service, who are you, fair maiden?”

Lucy screamed and jumped to her feet. Speechless, she stared at the thing that had just popped its head out of the water.

“No need to be afraid, I am harmless. This is your lucky day!”

Still feeling scared out of her skin, she timidly said,”What are you and why are you in the lake??”

The thing smiled, “I am Sir Sergio. Didn’t I already tell you that? So what is your wish?”

“My, my wish…?”

“Yes, I am the magic water genie!”

Lucy was feeling so confused, though not quite as scared anymore. But she had never seen something that looked so weird before! It was like a huge grayish color blob with eyes that weren’t blue or brown but a strange purplish green color. Why she didn’t run, she didn’t know. Its like she was enraptured by it. “A magic genie, you are not trapped inside a lamp, how can you be a magic genie?”

“I told you I am the magic water genie! Make three wishes, I grant them and POOF! I turn into a handsome Prince.

“I thought only bullfrogs turned into handsome prince’s. That’s what all the fairy tales say.”

“You can’t believe every fairytale you read, you know.”

Lucy didn’t know what to think anymore, except that perhaps she should really head for home. But three wishes? What if it really did have that power? What if she missed her chance at wishing for anything she ever wanted and having the wishes come true!

“So I tell you three wishes and you make them come true and then POOF! You are a handsome Prince?”

“That’s right, you have nothing to lose!” It smiled, and oooh its smile looked half friendly and half mischievous.

Lucy thought for a little bit. This so called water genie may be a doofus, but he was right, what did she have to lose?”

“Okay, Sir Sergio the fourth, I am going to take my chances. I will come back tomorrow with my wishes. A lady needs time to think and ponder. I want to make sure I pick the best three wishes. Will you be here tomorrow?”

Sir Sergio gave his half creepy smile again and promised to be back at six o’clock tomorrow. “But please, please do come back. I have been in this lake for 20 years and I am longing to be a Prince!” His purplish green eyes looked at her in hopeful expectation.

“I will return, I promise.”

She watched him go back under the water and swim away and walked back home slowly. One moment she was pondering what to wish for and the next she was pondering her sanity.

Later that night she laid awake, staring at the ceiling, not able to sleep. It would be divine to be with a handsome Prince, she was quite lonely all by herself, but this was real life not a fairytale! Or was it? She had held a conversation with a strange blob like creature who called himself a water genie. If her mom knew she would be here first thing in the morning to doctor Lucy up, thinking she must have surely lost her mind. Probably force all kinds of homemade remedies on her plus castor oil, for according to her mom castor oil cured everything!

By noon time the next day Lucy had made up her mind and she was anxiously waiting for it to be six o’clock.

She was on the dock 15 minutes early, sitting with her feet in the water, waiting with anticipation. Would Sir Sergio really return or had she been in some kind of weird trance yesterday?

At six o’clock on the dot she saw the bubbles forming and POP! He sprang up out of the water!

His eyes bulged when he saw her which grossed out Lucy a little. Oooh he better turn into a handsome Prince.

“I am so glad you returned. Do you have three wishes for me, fair maiden?” There was a bright gleam in his eyes, giving Lucy a funny feeling, which she tried to ignore.

“I do. For my first wish I would like a castle right near this lake.”

POOF! Lucy shouted in glee seeing a castle appear right in front of the lake. It was the most splendid castle she had ever seen.

Now she was excited, this was really happening! Clapping her hands together she said, “For the second wish I would like to have a maid for the castle.”

POOF! A lady was standing in front of the castle with a mop bucket in one hand and a mop in the other. Oh, Lucy could not believe this. What a charmed life she was going to lead!”

Sir Sergio spoke up, “Think very carefully fair maiden, for you only have one more wish.”

Lucy felt so giddy, soon she would be living in a castle with her own maid. “OH its easy, every castle needs its own cook!” She dreamed of how she would enjoy sunning by the lake and going back to the castle for a gourmet meal. The charmed life for sure!

“As you wish!” POOF! Sure enough, the water genie kept his word, a man with a chef’s hat stood by the maid. So perfect. Lucy caught her breath. In her excitement she started running for the castle.

“Stop! Come back, fair maiden, I have something to tell you.” Lucy stopped in her tracks. Did he have more surprises for her? Why yes,how could she have forgotten? He was supposed to turn into a Prince.

She ran back to him still bobbing in the water. “How can I thank you! This is amazing, you are amazing! So are you going to turn into…” POOF!

Lucy stopped mid sentence, stunned! She was staring into the eyes of the most handsome man No purplish green eyes, but bright sparkling blue eyes, smiling back at her!

“Wow!” That was all she could say.

Sir Sergio spoke up to tongue tied Lucy. “Well, it looks like I have you to thank! I made out better than I ever imagined! Thank you so much for the castle, and my own maid and chef. I do feel like a handsome prince.”

Lucy’s smile turned into a frown, “Wait… what.. what do you mean? That is my castle, and my maid!”

The Prince gave her a condescending smile. “Sorry lass, its all mine! You never read the fine print.”

“Fine print? You never gave me anything to read!”

“Oops! I guess i didn’t, well you know you never should trust a water genie.”

Poor Lucy was about in tears, “You said I could make three wishes and you would grant them.”

“Exactly, but I never said they would be for you. That’s the difference between a water genie and the magic lamp genie. Go look for a magic lamp, I am off to enjoy MY castle. Farewell!” and with a smirk, and echoing laughter he walked away.

If Only

She walked into the house. The pain in her chest was so strong. Maybe she was having a heart attack. Perhaps she was dying and maybe she hoped she was.

The walls echoed the sound of her child’s laughter from earlier this morning. She had been goofing off, dawdling at breakfast. Telling jokes, and Sandra had yelled out of irritation. Valerie had spilled her bowl of cheerios. Splashing milk all over Sandra’s new skirt.

Her daughter’s big brown eyes got wide and her lip had puckered out. “Sorry Mommy!”

Sandra covered her ears. “Sorry Mommy!” Her daughter’s voice, the sad look in her eyes kept replaying in her mind, over and over. “Sorry Mommy!” Sandra screamed at the top of her lungs, til she could scream no more.

Why, why hadn’t she kissed her little girl goodbye! She had scrambled to change her skirt and then to get Valerie out the door, before she missed her bus. If only she had held onto her a little longer.

Eric held the tickets in his hand. It was going to be a father and son weekend. His son would have been so excited. He could picture him jumping up and down, his face shining with joy! This would have been his first Nascar race. Eric buried his face in his hands, his shoulders shaking with anguished sobs. If only he had hugged his son Goodnight for a little longer.

Tears rolled down her face as she watched the video for the 12th time. The video that she and her little sister had made last night. They were singing a goofy song together and making funny faces . Oh how tight a squeeze her little sister had given her right before bed. So happy she had been that her big sis had spent time with her. If only she could hold onto her now, she would never let go.

“I want to be just like you when I grow up!” Brett sat on his little brother’s bed. He remembered how he had screamed Brett’s name last night while watching him play baseball.

So proud that his big brother had hit a home run. “I want to be just like you when I grow up.” If only his little brother would have got the chance to grow up. SMACK! The baseball made a hole in his brother’s wall, but the hole in Brett’s heart was a lot bigger. If only there was something that could fill it.

**They say writing is bleeding on paper. Tonight that is true, my heart bleeds for the precious children who lost their lives in Ulvalde, Texas and for the teacher. Please no gun debate comments, thats not why I wrote this. I wrote because my heart needed to express its emotion.**

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! What is one thing that has made you happy today? Mine, is that I was finally able to book an appt for a massage! They have been booked up for so long and then I found out today that there was an opening for tomorrow. My day is made. Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference! Hope some things make you smile today, including the following quotes. Enjoy! 











Caught! Nowhere to Run!

Pinterest image

This is the conclusion to When the Past and Present Collide!

A black capped chickadee was at the bird feeder. That had been one of the first birds that Darcy Rose had learned to identify. She had grown up with a love for birds, thanks to ber parent’s.

Right now though Darcy wasn’t really concentrating on the birds and was pretty confident that neither were her mom and dad.

Her mom was frantic with worry about the plan and what could go wrong.

Last night Patrick, the FBI agent, went over the plan in great detal. He tried hard to assauge her mom’s fears but hard to do that with Mama Bears! Now in an hour he would be here again. But this time it would be to pick up Darcy Rose. The time for action would soon begin.

“So are you sure you are ready? You don’t have to do this, they can think of another plan.” Darcy’s dad put his arm around her shoulder and drew her close, his grip was tight.

“Dad you know this is the best way to catch the skumbag and the other ones connected with him. He will be caught red handed. I will be ok.”

David kissed his daughter on her forehead, too choked up for words. They all sat there hand in hand on the large porch swing.

The car door slammed, he was here, it was time.

Patrick greeted them but not much else was said. Everyone’s nerves were on edge.

Things had heen fine and dandy hefore, and then … one moment had changed everything How could Tamara have betrayed her? Darcy had thought she was an innocent, sweet Grandma but that proved wrong. Though her sweetness did win out in the end! At least hopefully it would continue.

“Are you ready Darcy, we have to go.”

She looked at Patrick standing so tall. If her life was in danger, she at least had one tremendously handsome bodyguard.

“Lets roll!”

Darcy knew she had to make the goodbyes quick. Her mom trembled in her arms.

“I promise you both .. I will take full responsibility if anything happens to your daughter. I will protect her. You have my word.” Patrick put out his hand and Darcy’s Dad shook it while staring directly into Patrick’s eyes.

“For your sake, you better be right!”

Wow! Was her dad actually threatening an FBI agent? She had rarely seen such a cold look in her father’s eyes. Patrick didn’t look unfazed by her Dad’s words. He just turned towards Darcy and said, “We have to leave.”

On the way to the hotel Darcy started to get nervous. Her hands were sweaty. Patrick looked at her. “I promise we won’t be far away. You can do this! Help us put this creep away and throw away the key.”

Nan was at the hotel. She looked scared and half sick when Darcy got out of the car. When they all got into the room Nan spoke. ” I am sooo sorry Darcy, I was out of my mind to have called him!! So glad I came to my senses and called the police.”

“You both are brave and the FBI is so thankful for your help. Now Nan get outside, he will be here soon.”

Darcy met her eyes and slowly nodded her head, acknowledging her apology as Nan walked out the door.

Patrick tied Darcy’s hands behind her back and put duck tape on her mouth.”Do you have any questions?” Patrick asked. Darcy shot him a look. Patrick put bis hands up, “Sorry, just trying to bring a little smile. I know this is scary, and I am sorry.”

The tender look in his eyes helped Darcy’s heart stop hammering momentairly. This was really happening! Too soon she was left all alone sitting on the bed, waiting. The stale cigarette smoke from whoever had been here last was giving her a headache. She tried to think of something pleasant, but it was too hard.

The doorknob turned, the lump in Darcy’s throat grew 3x larger. Soon she was staring into the dark eyes of evil.

“Helllooo there! Nan didn’t exaggerate about your beauty. You will surely bring one grand price.” He gently rubbed his hand on her thigh. She kicked him hard under his chin and he fell backwards on the floor. All her karate classes had come in handy.

He stood up rubbing his chin. “Not a smart move missy..” He grabbed her face as the door opened.

“Get yout grubby hands off of my merchandise. I have the money for you, she is all mine!” The new guy shoved the money into the other guy’s pocket.

“Now leave us alone. I want to get to know this special lady.” Darcy’s stomach churned at the way he looked at her.

“Hands Up! Police!” The two grungy men turned around in total shock! Patrick and three other policeman were standing there with guns drawn.Tears sprang to Darcy’s eyes. It was over!

Patrick and Darcy watched the police leave. “Thanks again for helping us! I know that was so hard but at least you got one strong kick in! Poor guy was complaining the whole time we were reading him his rights.”

Darcy smiled. “Ahh! It worked. I got a smile.” said Patrick. “Now I have a special surprise for you. Your mom and dad are waiting for us to meet them.”

“What, where??”

Patrick smiled, “You will see, sit back and relax! You have nothing to worry about anymore.”

Two hours later Patrick pulled up to the dock. Darcy had fallen asleep on the ride from all the earlier stress.

She rubbed her eyes, waking up. “The sea? You brought me to the sea. I LOVE the sea, my favorite place to come to find peace. Thank you!” Darcy’s face lit up.

“Thats not all. Some little birdie told me you have always wanted to go deep sea diving and I just happen to be a deep sea diver.”


“Yes, we FBI people are full of surprises. Are you ready for your first dive?”

Darcy heart was beating fast once more, but this time with anticipation! Who knew what amazing things she would find under the sea. Life sure was full of adventure. The good, the bad and the ugly. She had enough of the bad to last her a long time.

“Lets GO!” There were fish of all kinds and sea turtles to find. Her parent’s were running towards her and enveloped her in a big hug. Life was made up of many moments and right now, at this very moment Life was Good!