Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When all the Peppermint Bark candy is gone!

What is something you are looking forward to in 2023?

What is something that makes you smile as you look back on this year?

Hoping the New Year brings you more times of JOY like this elephant!

And less Frowns!

Unexpected Surprise

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Cassandra hoped the flame would last for awhile. She had used tbe last match.  Maybe her mama didn’t need the light but Cassandra did. Darkness scared her. Her mama wouldn’t like that she used the last match but she would understand. Her mama loved her.

Somehow there had to be a way that Cassandra and her mom could find a place of their own to call home.

A warm, cozy place instead of an, old, abandoned building. What could she do to help her mama?

Resting her chin on her hand she thought and thought some more. Think, think, think, she told herself. She thought for awhile, but still came up with nothing. It worked for Pooh Bear,  why not her. There had to be something she could do.

Ahh! She had an idea. Closing her eyes Cassandra drifted off to sleep. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come so that she could put her plan into action.

At daybreak Cassandra awoke, for she was cold. She tried to burrow deeper under her blanket and then threw the blanket off. This was the day! Today she would put her plan into action. Her dream may be finally coming true.

Cassandra dressed and wrote a small note to her Mama, telling her not to worry that Cassandra would be back as soon as she could.

Once she was all dressed she walked outside to head for her destination. Hopefully she remembered how to find the place. Cassandra hadn’t been there for quite awhile.

Her little legs were growing tired, would she make it? Cassandra thought of her sweet Mama and a surge of energy ran through her!

Ten more minutes passed and then joy flooded through her. She had made it. Cassandra had found the land of the fairies

It was so amazing to be here once more. To dance with the fairies in the Enchanted forest. Cassandra knew they would help her and her mom. They had too! They were fairies and fairies were kind, especially Fairlight.

Cassandra turned and looked. Her face glowed, Fairlight was coming over the hill on Cupcake, her dazzling, white unicorn.

“What a treat to see you again, sweet Cassandra.” Fairlight stopped right beside her. “How is everything?”

Cassandra spilled out her sad story on how she and her mama needed a home of their own. How Cassandra wanted a bed to sleep in at night and real light instead of candlelight to see by.

“I had put it on my Christmas list for Santa, but he must not have received it.” She hung her head.

Fairlight got choked up listening to Cassandra. She hated to tell her the news but what choice did she have.

“I am so sorry but I am afraid you asked for too much from us. We would love to give you and your mom a new home, but we can’t. That is too hard, we don’t have that much power.”

Tears were bubbling up in Cassandra’s eyes and Fairlight felt horrible. If only she did have the power but she didn’t. Never had she felt so frustrated. But wait, Fairlight got excited! How could she not have thought of it before.

“Stay here Cassandra, I will be back with a most precious gift for you.”

Not knowing what to think Cassandra watched Fairlight soar into the sky on Cupcake. What was she bringing back for her, wondered Cassandra.

It wasn’t long before Fairlight returned and she came and sat beside Cassandra, who was sitting under a tree.

“I have what I promised you, a most precious gift. Make sure to use it wisely or it can get you into trouble.”

Cassandra was bursting with curiosity. as Fairlight pressed something into her hand.

A cowbell! What was she supposed to do with that?

“Take this home with you and with your mom holding your hand shake the bell three times saying, There’s no place like home. Don’t be scared by the smoke that fills the air. When it clears you and your mom will be at your new home.”

“Wow! Really?? I can’t wait! Thank you Fairlight I knew you would help us.” Cassandra wrapped her tiny arms around Fairlight, giving her a hug.

Then off she skipped down the yellow brick road that had taken her to the enchanted forest. She couldn’t wait to go home!

Fairlight watched her and was thrilled that she could help her. Fortunately Betsy was happy to help. She generously gave Fairlight a cowbell. Fairlight hoped that Cassandra used it right! The bell could be tricky.

She sure didn’t want Cassandra and her mom to end up in the swamp. Igor was as bull headed as always and noone would want to be stuck with him. Unfortunately Igor, the bull, had not learned his lesson fom the swamp. Maybe someday he would. Until that time came, the enchanted cowbell would keep bringing happiness to those who needed it and teaching a lesson to others.

The Twinkle of Love

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This is the conclusion of Having Second Thoughts!

She pressed her fingers against her forehead as Clint droned on and on. Her appetite was gone after listening him go into great detail about operating on someone who had an accident with a chainsaw.

Not being a rude person she couldn’t bring herself to abruptly leave him. But its what she may have to do, as he wasn’t taking any subtle hints that she had dropped.

She covered her mouth.

“Ob, are you feeling sick? You do look a little pale. I guess you aren’t used to medical jargon, eh?”

She nodded her head and ran to the bathroom. Hopefully now he would leave. Letting some time pass she walked out of the bathroom and was relieved to see that Clint was gone. Probably with hopes to find someone  who had a  stronger stomach.

Lisa was walking out of the dining hall when a man walked up beside her.


“Hi!” Lisa replied, as she looked beside her at the man who had spoken. He was about average height, wearing a cowboy hat and boots. She felt fairly confident that he wasn’t a surgeon.

He put out his hand, and tipped his hat, “My name is..”

“Oh, there you are! Are you feeling better now?” Lisa felt the cowboy staring at her along with Clint, both if them waiting for an answer.

“Yes, I am much better now, thanks.”

The three of them stood rather awkwardly in silence. Clint didn’t seem to be leaving and she didn’t want the cowboy to leave, and her be alone with Clint. Looked like there was only one thing to do.

“I am feeling better but real tired. I think I will go to my room for the night. Will see you gentleman at breakfast.”

They both bid her a goodnight and smiled, but Lisa didn’t miss the scowl that crossed Clint’s face when he looked at the cowboy. Oh help! This weekend was shaping up into a mess.

She made her way slowly back to her room, half hoping that the cowboy would follow her, but she saw no signs of him.

Back in her room she took a relaxing, hot shower. Put on her thick, fuzzy robe and looked at Mr. Teddybear sitting on the chair.

“What do you think Mr Bear? Will I find my soul mate? I have learned that I wouldn’t make a good surgeon’s wife.

I do hope to see the cowboy again, we barely got to talk.”

Mr Bear looked at her with his brown eyes and once again didn’t say a word.He was fantastic at keeping secrets.

Sighing she sank back against all the cosy pillows on the bed and lost herself between the pages of a book. The story was good, but thoughts of the cowboy still lingered in the back of her mind. Lisa didn’t notice the twinkle in Mr Bear’s right eye.

Breakfast was delicious. Lisa was so hungry simce she hadn’t had much at supper last night. She kept her eyes pealed for the cowboy but didn’t see him.

“Ezcuse me Miss, may I sit with you?” Lisa nodded her head, she couldn’t do worse than the surgeon.

Fifteen minutes later Lisa had second thoughts about not doing worse than the surgeon. She wasn’t feeling sick to her stomach but she was feeling a little creeped out. He talked about Stephen King and his favorite story. Lisa wasn’t going to want to walk alone in the dark this evening when going to her room

This guy also had a eerie smile and talked about his pet tarantula. She almost jumped out of her seat when he asked if she wanted to see it. He had brought it along!

Fortunately he had plans to meet with another woman after breakfast. Lisa breathed out a big sigh of relief when he left. She was sooo calling her sister-in-law tonight to yell at her for this crazy idea of her’s. If Lisa had wanted to meet crazy men, she didn’t have to travel two hours away to a resort to find them!

At least the resort was in a beautiful area, nestled in the mountains. Sitting out in a gazebo drinking coffee she was taking in the scenery around her.

“Refreshing to breathe in the mountain air, isn’t it.”

Lisa looked over to the right and saw the cowboy walking towards her. She felt her heart skip a beat.

“Hi, I am Tanner. Glad to see you again, since we were kind of interrupted last night.”

Lisa couldn’t stop staring at what was in his hand. Why did he have Mr Bear?

“I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find you again but then I saw your bear on the ground on the path to the gazebo. I guess you dropped it.” He held it out to her.

“Th-thank you.” Lisa took Mr Bear from him, but her mind was whirling, she had left Mr Bear in her room, how did he get out here?

Tanner took a seat beside her and started talking in a gentle drawl. Soon she found herself forgetting about Mr Bear and listening to Tanner. He lived on a ranch and was talking about his horses. Horses were her favorite animal.

She shared with him about the horse she got when she was 10 years old and how she had adored him.

“Would you like to go riding with me?” Tanner asked, “I know they have some horses here for us to ride.”

“Yes, it would be my pleasure!”

Tanner smiled and off they went to find the trail leading to the horses. Lisa felt giddy with joy. it had been too long since she had rode on a horse. Oh, how she was ready to ride like the wind again. Perhaps she wouldn’t be “yelling” at her Sister-in-Law tonight after all.

Noone noticed the twinkle in Mr Bear’s rigbt eye as he sat in the gazebo watching the happy couple walk away.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday which I keep thinking is Monday, but I did remember the quotes today. My daughter and I had a relaxing morning of watching another Christmas movie, for Christmas really isn’t over until after New Year’s. I hope warm, happy memories were made to those who celebrated Christmas and if Christmas was hard this year, I am sorry. I know that it isn’t always the “Most wonderful time of the year.” I hope that next year can be better for you. To all those parents out there that wonder if your children will remember the Christmas traditions you have, I would like to say they pay more attention than you think. I was told by my children who are now 21 and 23 that I had done something wrong, according to our tradition. It was something small but they noticed!It was something easily fixed, and all was well, as I shook my head. Then there was the tradition of Egg Nog that almost didn’t happen! We got the last Egg Nog on the shelf. Next year I am buying it December 1st. 

I wish you a good week, whether you are still relaxing and celebrating or back to work. At least its a shorter work week. Any big plans for welcoming in the New Year? 











Having Second Thoughts!

She was out of words. What more could she say? The silence was maddening. Why had she come to this retreat? Staring across the table she raised her voice, “Tell me, what was I thinking!”

Silence filled the room. She had come to the retreat early, hoping to enjoy some peace and solitude. But now her insides were turning to jelly. She had got some coffee to calm herself, but it wasn’t working.

Why had she listened to her Sister-in-Law encouraging her to come here ? She was still flying high from marrying her brother, thinking everyone needed to be as happy as they were.

“Ugh!! You are no help, you know. Why did I ever ask you to begin with. Your head is all filled with fluff.” She stood up, grabbed the big weathered Teddy bear from off the chair, and walked out of the room.

Tanner watched the young woman walk out of the room. He knew that if sbe had known that he had been a witness to her “conversation” with her bear that she would be mortified!

When he had sat down at his table he heard her talking but figured that she was on the phone. Hadn’t guessed that she was having a conversation with a teddy bear.

Tanner should probably stay away from this woman. She may be a little cuckoo, after all she was yelling at a teddy bear. But he was intrigued. He couldn’t deny that he hadn’t held conversations with himself before, though they never included teddy bears.

Lisa walked outside to get some fresh air. She had to put the teddy bear back in her room before people started arriving.

Coming to this mountain resort for a matchmaker weekend had sounded like a good idea at the time. Now she was nothing but a bundle of nerves

With tenderness in her eyes she looked at her bear as she entered her room and laid it on the bed. That bear had been with her since she was a child. Oh, the tales of woe that she had unleashed on him through the years.

Falling onto her bed she let herself be still. Breathe in and out. The answers would come.she only needed to be still. Being in the mountains was the perfect place for that.

A place to unwind and find your soulmate, thats how the retreat was advertised. She looked at the clock. It would be time for supper soon to be served. This time her bear would stay in her room All she needed was to have people think that she made a wrong turn and should have continued on to the Funny Farm.

After a shower she felt a lot better and headed back to the dining room for supper.

Tanner spotted her sitting at the same table, this time without the bear. He thought about going over to her but another man got there before he did. He would have to be quicker next time.

(To be continued…)

The Runaway Sleigh

Mason’s diner was busy on Christmas Eve. There was a Buy one, Get one Free special on Cara’s Christmas CandyCane Latte.

Cara walked by Mason and said, “I think someone is waiting for you over there.”

Mason looked to where Cara was pointing. Amanda was standing under the mistletoe, looking lovely. She had the look on her face that made him weak in his knees.

“How much mistletoe did you hang in here?”

“Can there ever be such a thing as too much mistletoe?”, with a gleam in her eye, she  walked past Mason to greet Bard, who was waiting for her under the mistletoe

Tippner was sitting, watching all the mistletoe couples feeling grateful that he hadn’t been bit by the love bug. He was single and a free man. Nobody told him ….Oh, there she was. Tippner took a long drink.

What was going on with him. Why was his heart fluttering at the sight of her? He was single Tippner. Mason may have given in when Amanda wrapped him around her finger, but he wasn’t. Not …

“Excuse me, is this seat taken? Would you like some company?”

Tippner looked up into the hazel eyes of  Tina. He found himself smiling wide, as he invited her to take a seat.

“Merry Christmas Eve, Tina”

“Thank you, same to you. Any plans for tonight?”

“No plans other than  me, myself and I spending  a relaxing evening at home. Do you have special plans?”

“Oh yes.”

“Oh, I see” There was an awkward pause. What was that feeling he had? He felt disappointed, but why?

Yes, Tina was real pleasant. Fun to interact with when she cut his hair, but he hadn’t thought of her more than a friend until lately. They had been talking more and had met here at the diner before to share a meal together.  Something was happening and he felt helpless to stop it.

Tina continued talking, “Yes, big plans. Me and some chocolate fondue, and fruit. You are welcome to come over if you would like.”

Cara was at the register asking Mason a question when Tippner and Tina walked up and Tippner paid for their meal.

“Oh look, its mistletoe”, Tina said, with a coy smile.

Tippner looked up at the mistletoe and said, “Yes, you are right, thats what it is.” He stood there smiling and then bent down giving Tina a kiss.

Cara and Mason watched in shock, had Tippner been bit by the love bug?  They didn’t have time to say anything to them, they only watched them walk out of the diner together.

“Magic really can happen on Christmas Eve!” Mason said.

“Told you there can’t  be too much mistletoe.” Cara replied, feeling smug.

Much later that night Tippner awoke with a start. What was that noise on his roof? He ran to the window with his orange polka dotted nightcap on to see what was causing all the clatter.

To get a better look he ran down the stairs and tripped on the bottom step. Picked himself up off the floor feeling only a little sore as he ran out the door.

When what to his eyes should appear but a sleigh and eight flying reindeer. Tippner scratched his head, something was wrong. Where was Santa?

He stood there staring at the sleigh up on his roof and he saw two tiny heads pop up from inside the sleigh.

Their hair stood on end they looked pale with fright. “Oooh what did you do?” Said the one

“Me! It was your idea to hide in the sleigh so that we could fly with Santa!”

“Yes, my idea to fly WITH Santa, but tell me do you see Santa, you doolally!”

“It wasn’t my fault that the reindeer took off without him!”

“And I guess it wasn’t your fault that you picked up the reins and said “Dash away! Dash away all!”

The elves than noticed Tippner standing in the yard. “Hi!” They called down, feeling a little embarrassed. “I am Snowball and this is Alabaster.”

Snowball, thought Tippner, that was a funny name. Of course doolally was too, which Snowball had called the one named Alabaster.

“I have some milk and cookies if you would like to come in.”

Alabaster said, “Great, I am hungry!”

But the other elf was holding him back. “We can’t,  we have to get back before Santa notices that his sleigh is gone!”

Tippner being kind at heart and wanting to get a few more brownie points for the nice list said, “I will bag up the cookies for you to take with you.” Snowball was happy to hear that and Tippner ran inside to get the cookies.

When he came back out he had them in his hand and the reindeer successfully had landed the sleigh in the yard so that they could get the cookies from him.

Snowball put out his hand for the cookies. “Thank you, now we better fly back, its almost midnight!”

Tippner was looking at the sleigh and reindeer and wishing he could fly through the sky with them. Maybe he should ask.

“Would I be able to hitch a ride along to the North Pole? Santa could bring me back home.”

The elves looked at each other, should they? They did kind of crash onto his roof so it would be kind of them to give him a ride.

“Sure, hop on, I hope you don’t get motion sickness.” Tippner was thrilled. His friends would never believe this!

WHOA! Tippner fell back as Alabaster took off, this was going to be quite the ride, as long as he didn’t fall out! These elves weren’t only crazy drivers they were singing at the top of their lungs. They sounded similar to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Meanwhile back at the North Pole, Santa was frazzled, where are my reindeer and where is my sleigh? There was only one answer as to who may have stirred up mischief by running off with his sleigh, “Alllllabaster!’

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When sharing favorite Christmas movie clips I can’t forget about Charlie Brown … 

When you did not order North Pole weather for Christmas … But Santa brought it with him anyway … I want the beach!

When playing Wordle and one small five letter word has the power to drive you crazy …. because you can’t firgure it out … and your husband is gloating for he already got it … Who knows a five letter word that ends with “th” … and has a “o” in it? SSH! Just don’t tell my husband that I asked. 🙂

When some candy doesn’t fit in your stocking so your husband gives it to you early … No complaint from me.

A bonus movie clip … Another favorite … Merry Christmas friends, thanks for another year of reading what my crazy imagination comes up with, and for the sunshine that you bring.

The Christmas Wish

   Timmy shook the snow globe to make the snow fall. He wished that he could be at the North Pole, enjoying the falling snow.  Instead he was stuck in Florida with flamingos.

He hoped that Santa got his letter with his Christmas wish! His list wasn’t long, a couple of toys and a freezer full of snow! How fun it would be to make a snowball and then throw it at Loony Lucy, his neighbor.

He had left that part out of his letter, Santa may not have liked that idea. But if Santa knew Lucy, surely he would agree that she deservef to have a snowball thrown at her.

After throwing the snowball at Lucy he and his friends could build a snowman. Perhaps it would come alive like Frosty. Oh, what fun they would have with a freezer full of snow. Three more days, he could barely wait. He shook the snow globe again and smiled with anticipation.

“Timmy, its time for bed, did you put your pajamas on and  brush your teeth?”

“No Mommy … I don’t  want….” He stopped midsentence, what if Santa heard him?

“I am doing it now Mommy!”  He put on his ToyStory pajamas, quickly brushed his teeth and hopped onto bed.

His mommy walked into his room five minutes later. “Goodnight Timmy” she kissed him on his cheek. Then she noticed a  cowbell lying next to him. “Where did you find this?”

“When me and Dillion were playing in the field I saw it in the grass. Dillion wanted it, but I was the one who found it.”

His mommy stroked his forehead. “Well maybe you can play with it for awhile and then let Dillion have it for a little.”

Timmy sighed, but nodded his head “Ok”

“Thats my boy, sweet dreams!” She turned on his nightlight anf walked out of his room.

He would have sweet dreams alright, he would dream about his freezer of snow. “Santa, I want a freezer full of snow, don’t forget!”  He rang the cowbell he had found and drifted off to sleep.

Timmy was up early the next morning.  He was playing with his race cars while watching cartoons. He was so happy to be on Christmas vacation.  Playing with his cars was so much better than stupid math.

Later in the day he decided he wanted to play with Dillion.  He walked into the kitchen, “Mommy! Can I have Dillion over?”

“After lunch you can.” She walked toward the freezer, opened it and yelled. “How did snow get into my freezer?”

Timmy ran to the freezer and his eyes widened in astonishment! Santa was early! Oh this was going to he the bestest day of all!

His mom was holding a piece of paper looking so confused.

“The snow is from Santa Mommy, its what I asked him for! Can I play with Dillion now, please oh please, I don’t want lunch.”

His mom didn’t answer, instead she read the note out loud. “Merry Christmas, You rang the bell, here is your freezer full of snow. Enjoy the snow, Timmy, and don’t be too mean to Lucy. Your friend, The Christmas Cow.”

Now Timmy was in shock too, who was the Christmas cow and how did she know about Lucy?

The shock wore off as he had a fabulous time in the snow with his friends. They laughed and played, never wanting the snow to melt away.

He had even let Lucy hit him with a snowball. She had a good throw, maybe she was okay after all.

The day had flown by. He was looking in the freezer before bed.

“Timmy close the freezer now!”

He took one more look. “Thank you Christmas Cow!” He said, bursting with happiness.  He had finally been able to play with snow.  But oh no, he thought, if this snow was from the Christmas Cow, where would Santa put the snow that he had asked for?

“MOMMY! We need another freezer!”

Making a Wish

Here is the conclusion to When the Past Comes Calling …

Cara refilled his coffee for the fourth time. Straight black coffee, no wonder the poor guy looked miserable. She couldn’t even stomach one cup of black coffee.

His lack of sleep was catching up to him. Four cups of coffee should have him wired but he still was dragging. The problem was he couldn’t decide what to do about Alisha. Here she was in thr same town but they still hadn’t talked.

The name Bittersweet Creek, was ironic for it was exactly how he felt at seeing Alisha again. Many sweet memories of them being together but the ending had been so bitter. Maybe it was time for a new beginning, time for a second chance. Not everyone was fortunate enough to get second chances, he should embrace it.

That was it! He and Alisha were adults they could handle this in a mature way and thats what he was going to tell her. Pulling out his wallet he left a generous tip for the waitress She had been real pleasant. He smiled, walking a little taller. Feeling more confident. He was going to find Alisha.

Cara’s smile grew wide as she picked up the money that had been left for her. She hoped that guy came again! She walked over to Tippner who had come in and sat in his normal spot.

“Look at this!” She held out the $20 bill. “This is what your tips should look like.”

He rolled his eyes, “In your dreams!”

Cara sighed, “Yeah, I know, but I had to try.”

Quick as a wink Tippner snatched the $20 bill from Cara’s hand. He laid it on the table. “Look at that, I left you a tip and I haven’t even got my food yet.”

Cara picked it up, making a face at Tippner as she walked away. Maybe she would add some extra red pepper to his regular order of scrapple and eggs.

Alisha sat and listened to all that Christopher was saying, feeling overwhelmed.

He had found her number and called her asking if she would meet him at the park. He wanted to explain about the past three years.

She had barely been able to say anything besides “Yes”, and now she listened in shock. Of all the scenarios she had imagined when he suddenly disappeared three years ago, she never had imagined what he was telling her!

“Wow! I don’t know what to say. You had to go into a Witness Protection Program because of your Dad?”

Christopher shook his head, “Yes, I know it sounds like a tall tale, something that only happens in movies but its the truth! Because of my Dad’s testimony in court, our family was threatened. We left the same night after our perfect day together. I literally felt sick that night knowing you would be so confused and hurt. I am so sorry. I never stopped thinking of you.”

Alisha saw his eyes glistening with tears. She felt a lump in her throat as she tried to speak.

“My heart had soared that day when you told me you loved me and then that night you never responded to my calls or texts and I didn’t know wby! I felt like it had all been a dream, especially when I still didn’t hear from you the next say and the next. I heard the rumors that your family had skipped town and I didn’t want to believe it but with each passing day the bitter truth started sinking in.

“I cried but then I got mad.”

They were silent for a few moments and then Alisha gave him a sly smile, “Remember how good I was at throwing darts and hitting the bull’s eye?”

“Yes, I los6 many bets to you!”

“Well I may have used your picture as a target after you left.”

“Ouch!” Christopher made a sad face.

“I was mad, what doofus confesses hus love one day and then disappears the next?”

Nodding his head, Christopher raised his hands up in surrender. “This doofus!”

Alisha laughed, they started talking again and Alisha found herself enjoying the time together. They walked and talked. Stopping at the fountain they became quiet. They both took some coins in their hands and made a silent wish as they threw them in. Then Christopher took Alisha’s hand and she didn’t let go.