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One more day left in November! Christmas music added some joy to the cold, windy gray day. I hope your week is going well. Just stay away from the scales until the New Year and you will be fine. Enjoy the quotes and may wonderful things for you be right around the corner.











The Last Dance

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The place was packed. Excitement buzzed in the air. Shondra was well known for her mesmerizing dancing. Her audience delighted in her performance every time.

It was only ten minutes until showtime. Shondra was doing some last minute touch ups to her make up. There waa a knock on her door.”Come In.”

“Flowers for you Miss.” The delivery guy bowed and left the bright, cheery bouquet on her table.

She saw there was a card with it but just then tbere was another knock on the door.

“Its time Miss Shondra.”

Smiling at her reflection in the mirror, she said, “Its Showtime! Let the fun begin.” And she headed out of her dressing room.

The music was loud the strobe lights were going. Shondra let herself go,  dancing all over the stage. She finished her first number snd was already sweating.

When she danced on stage she forgot about the audience. She felt as if she was in a world of her own, dancing her heart out. Like she was hack in her bedroom as a teenager dancing to the blaring music in her room. 

The music had tuned out the sound of her parent’s fighting, as she escaped into her fantasy world. Something good had come out of her pain as a teenager, she was living her dream now. Dancing like the wind.

The second half of the show was set to begin. Shondra had taken a quick break to get a drink. Her nerves always flared up for this part of the show,  but she would be fine. Taking a deep breath she applied some more cherry ref lipstick and prepared to dance with the audience.

She danced around the tables and the audience was all smiles. Especially the guys. They all desired a chance to dance with her and she was more than happy to oblige. She twirled around them with her billowing dress. They were captivated by her beauty and oblivious to all that was going on.

The last song played and Shondra gave it her all. One more man to dance with and then back on stage for her grand finale. The applause was deafening.

A half hour later the crowd had gone home. The place was silent.  Shondra was ecstatic. Tonight had been a grand success! There had been  some really rich  geezers in the audience. She never had raked in this much before.

Staring at the pile of wallets that she had collected while dancing so close, she noticed her beautiful flowers. Walking over to them she pulled out the card.

“I have my eyes on you! I know what you are doing.”

Shondra turned over the card, her hand shaking. No name to be found.

Who was watching her? Perhaps this should be her last night. She had enough money now to buy a beach house and retire by the ocean, thanks to her collection of wallets. She gave a smug smile. Let whoever sent her the flowers try to scare her. Tomorrow she would be in Bora-Bora living the dream.

A Costly Beard … A Dog’s Big Heart … Time Machines and Other Facts.


They say fish is brain food but in this case … I am thinking not!


Of all the crazy taxes to have!


Wow! Being that I get woozy at the sight of my own blood I don’t think I would have been able to do what he did.


This is one of my favorite movies … and now my little bubble is burst. I guess they enjoyed the scenes that they fought in better than the love scenes.


Probably a wise decision.



When Wishes Come True

Thanks to Jason, once again, for this amazing close up photo of a heron. Check out more of his photos at http://jasonfrels.com/2022/11/15/fiery-sky-over-inks-lake/

The kids were splashing in the lake but not for long. Summer was gone and the temps were dropping.

“Who is hungry? I have hotdogs, chips and cookies.”

Grandma Sarah was calling to them. Benji. Joelle and Marcia. Precious pieces of her heart, her dear grandchildren. It didn’t take long for them to come running from the lake. The screen door banged as they ran inside the cabin.

Benji reached for a cookie and Grandma went to smack his hand, but he pulled it away fast enough. “Wash your hands, you rascal.”

Soon all hands were washed and there was lively chatter as they ate.

“Tell us a story, Grandma, please.”

Sarah looked at their bright, hopeful faces, how could she say no?

“Hmmm….but you heard all of my stories.”

“No we haven’t Grandma, you always have stories to tell.” Joelle replied as her siblings nodded in agreement.

“Let me think …. I may have one left in me yet.” She gave them a wink and their eager faces smiled up at her as she began.

“A long, long time ago there was a young girl named Sarah.”

Benji smirked, “It must have been an incredibly long time, since you were young!”

Grandma Sarah reached out and tickled his ribs. Benji was the witty one.

“As I was saying there was a fair young maiden by the name of Sarah. One early morning she was out for a walk around the lake.

She was secretly hoping to see Rudy. He was a tall, lanky boy with red hair and freckles.”

“Grandpa used to have red hair. This is a story about meeting Grandpa.” Marcia got a dreamy look in her eyes.”I can’t wait until I meet my Prince. ” Joelle rolled her eyes at her sister.

Grandma Sarah laughed, Marcia and Joelle couldn’t be more opposite. The romantic one and the tomboy. Shaking her head she continued with her story.

“Sarah’s heart jumped when she spotted him across the lake. Oh how she hoped he would notice her this time. She had taken extra time on her hair and even sprayed some perfume. That was sure to get his attention.

Her face was burning hot, and as red as a cherry. How dare he? She hated boys. Feeling mad and humiliated she kept her face down while walking back to the cabin.

All Sarah had been able to say was “Hi” to him. He had looked her way and smiled, but as she got closer he scrunched up his face and said, “What’s that awful smell?”

How dare he? He handles stinky fish and he had the nerve to say her perfume stank! She didn’t think it was her perfume at first, but he kept moving away from her when she would get closer. Finally he wrinkled his nose and yelled, “Stay away, you smell!”

Her face still burned, but she did have a little smug satisfaction. She had pushed him into the lake. Served him right.”

Joelle laughed, “Go Grandma!”

Benji made a face, “Poor Grandpa, girls are such trouble.”

“Are not!”

“Are too!”

Grandma Sarah waited for them to stop squabbling and then continued once again.

Sarah’s time at the lake was coming to an end soon, her family would be going home. She hadn’t seen Rudy since that embarrasing day. What a swell vacation this had turned out to be. Not how she had planned at all. She was feeling sorry for herself while skipping stones across the lake.

A few minutes later she was in awe when she looked beside her. There was a golden heron so close to her. It was so still, looking so regal.

“Make a wish, I am the golden heron, at your service.”

Sarah’s mouth dropped open! Did that heron actually talk to her?

“You may want to close your mouth before a fish jumps in.”

Her mouth snapped shut but her eyes felt like they were coming out of her head. A heron was talking to her!

“How are you talking?” Sarah asked in astonishment.

“Well the same as you, I open my mouth and … I wouldn’t think I would have to explain it to you.”

Sarah didn’t know what to think but she wasn’t going to miss a chance to make a wish.

“Make Rudy like me.” She spit it out quick before getting too shy.

The golden heron said, “Your wish is my command.” And away it flew.

The following week they were packing up to leave and Sarah still hadn’t heard anything from Rudy. So much for her “wish.” She hadn’t seen the golden heron again either.

After being home for a week she was surprised to find a letter addressed to her in her mailbox. Who was it from?

Tearing it open she read the first lines. “Dear Sarah, How are you? I wish your family wouldn’t have left. I miss seeing you walking around the lake. You may not want to hear from me but I have to tell you something, though you are going to think I am crazy. Yesterday I saw a golden heron and ..”

A tingling sensation stirred throughout Sarah’s body as she continued to read.

“You can’t stop there Grandma, what happened?” Joelle asked.

“Yeah, I want to know, did Grandpa ever get you back for pushing him into the lake?” said Benji.

“Marcia, where are you going?” They all watched her running towards the door.

“I am going to go find the golden heron. I want to make a wish.”

Joelle smacked her head,”Oh help! Herons don’t make wishes come true, silly, But wait I want to ask it a question.” She was yelling as she ran out the door to catch up to her.

“Girls are so crazy and I have to put up with two of them!” groaned Benji. Grandma chuckled as she tousled his thick curls,

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Reclined on couch with a mystery novel late last nightCouldn’t put it down until I finished it …. Wish I could solve the mysteries of life like that … Just read to the end of the book … What answers do you have to life’s mysteries?

You can only help a person so much … Some things they have to do on their own

If you were an elf in Santa’s workshop and inventing the most popular gift for Christmas, what would it be ?

Healing Waves

This is the next part to Coming Up For Air

She drew her shoulders up, zipping her jacket the whole way up. It was nippy out but the roar of the waves made her forget the cold.

No one was around, not many people come to the beach in the middle of winter. Not unless one lives down South or is going to a tropical island.

Kaylee would have been elated to go to a tropical island, but unfortunately her bank account made it only possible to go to the beach close to her. Even if it was in Portland, Maine.

The solitude was perfect for her, no one could see her tears. She was supposed to see him in six weeks. Only six weeks! She had been counting down the days, and now …. who knew when she would see him again. Kaylee couldn’t let herself think of the other real possibility, the fact that she may not ever see him again. No! Impossible! That couldn’t happen.

A gust of wind blew and she jerked around to look. Where was he? The wind smelled like the Axe cologne that Evan had worn on their last night together.

He assured her that he would be back. Where was he? What had happened to him?

She fell to her knees on the sand, remembering his tender kiss and the love reflected in the deep pools of his anber eyes.

Tears caused her body to tremble. He hadn’t made it to his destination. For six weeks he was going to be doing an internship in a medical center in New Mexico.

Police had found his car in a ravine, and his pbone but there was no sign of him. There was a search party going on and they would keep her posted, but so far there was no word. She kept her phone charged now and was constantly checking it but only deafening silence. Well except for friends checking in on her.

Oh Evan, you have to be okay! You have to come back to me. She put her face in her hands.

“Let us run to the ocean…When you can let the pain in your heart be overpowered by the roar of the waves. ..”

Kaylee felt Heidi’s hand on her shoulder as she sank down on the sand beside her.

“You came?”

“How could I not? Remember the other words in that poem.

I will hold you while you cry. I will not let you fight this alone. Let us run to the ocean, dear friend, let us go!”

They embraced. Kaylee had penned that poem for Heidi years ago when she had lost her mom.

No words were needed as they watched the crashing waves. When their hands started growing numb from the cold they decided to leave.

The days drug by and still no word.Heidi did her best to keep Kaylee’s spirits up, but it was hard, the longer it went. Then one day Kaylee got the call.

“Final boarding call…”

Kaylee hugged Heidi. “Thanks for everything! I would never have made it without you.”

“Go! Bring Evan home.” With tear filled eyes Heidi watched Kaylee leave. Watching the plane take off was beautiful. The sun was beginning to rise and the sky was gorgeous.

How appropriate that today was Thanksgiving. Evan had been found. He had been found unconscious in a ditch. As his memory started to come back he said he had remembered leaving the car to go for help but nothing after that.

He had been dehydrated and had a broken arm, but that was it. There was no holding Kaylee back when she found out where he was.

Kaylee pushed open the door to Evan’s hospital room. “Happy Thanksgiving, my love!” She rushed to Evan’s side. His eyes twinkled with surprised delight! “Oh Kaylee. You are exactly what the Dr ordered.”

Their lips met and … the turkey was dry, the corn was old and the muffins were dry, but it was the best Thanksgiving of all! They were celebrating in a hospital room but they had each other and that was all that mattered.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Thanksgiving week, to those who celebrate it. We Americans celebrate being thankful for all we have on Thursday and then hit the shopping centers on Friday for everything that we think we need! The irony of having Thanksgiving and Black Friday back to back. On the other hand, I do enjoy getting a jump start on my Christmas shopping, but I am not one of those crazy people that will stand in one line for hours on end for a bargain. There is nothing I need or want that badly! Enjoy the following quotes, no line that you have to wait in and the best thing is that they are FREE. The best things in life always are! 










I may have found this quote AFTER I already put on my “miracle” anti-writnkle cream …. 🙂 But yes, I do like the quote.


Coming Up For Air

The tears didn’t stop coming. If she had been writing with pen and ink the words would have been blurry by now, due to her tears.

She wiped the tear drops off of the keyboard and stared at the words on the screen. Words straight from her broken heart. Words that may thaw the coldest of hearts, falling like a warm blanket, ringing with hope amidst the despair.

Were they her words on the screen she wasn’t even sure. She was still feeling numb, but feeling the fog begin to lift.

Her cell phone laid on the table, right where she had dropped it, after the call. Picking it up she turned it on but it was dead. Well that would explain why she hadn’t heard from anyone. She wondered how long it would take until someone knocked on her door, making sure she was okay.

Kaylee pulled out her favorite sweatshirt and black yoga pants. It was time for her to do something besides moving around like a zombie. Walking into the bathroom she turned the shower on hot and let it run down her back as she closed her eyes. All she had to do was stand there and remember to breathe.

Thirty minutes later she stepped out into what felt like a sauna. Her mirror was all fogged up, but she had a clearer mind. She knew what she was going to do.

Heidi pounded on the door and kept her finger on the doorbell. If Kaylee had a dog, it would have been going crazy by now.

Feeling frustrated she started looking around for where she would have hidden a key. Heidi was her bestie, she should have known where a spare key was, but she never thought to ask.

Girl, how many flower pots did she own! Heidi had picked up each one looking underneath and had dug a little into each flower pot, but came up empty handed. No key.

She tried calling again but got a message about her voicemail being full. Of course it was full. Heidi had left a ton of messages before coming over to her house.

Where was she? This wasn’t like Kaylee to go this long. She wasn’t someone who always returned messages right away, but she didn’t typically go this long without talking to Heidi.

The doormat! She felt like smacking her head. Of course! Picking up the doormat the tiny silver key lay there, as if it was mocking her, for taking her so long to find it.

Turning the key in the lock she opened the door and walked inside. For a split second she wondered if this was smart. Walking in alone? What if….? UGH! Her mind was messing with her, she watched too much Dateline and 48 hours.

“Kaylee!” She walked around the house calling her name, fearing that she would find her unconscious on the floor. But no, she wasn’t anywhere and more importantly her car was gone, she looked in the garage. Where had she gone? She knew it wasn’t work, for her co-worker had called Heidi, concerned that Kaylee hadn’t shown up for a couple of days.

What did she do now? Sitting down in Kaylee’s computer chair she tried to think. Thats when she noticed the computer screen.

The words tore at her heart. Oh Kaylee! What had made her friend so sad and why hadn’t she called Heidi?

Now Heidi was understanding ehat may have happened. Kaylee was one who liked her space. If she was overcome with sadness then she probably just needed to get away. She would contact Heidi when she was ready. Reading the words again made Heidi’s heart still ache but she also caught the tinge of hope in Kaylee’s words and she smiled. Kaylee wasn’t one to give up.

Heidi’s phone rang, it was Kaylee! “Girl, are you okay? I been worried about you!”

“I am sorry, I will explain, but not now. Just wanted to let you know I was fine before you sent out a search party.” There was a little hint of laughter that Heidi caught in Kaylee’s voice.

“You are lucky, you caught me in the knick of time. But first I had to break in to your house. Almost broke a window before finding your key.”

Now there was laughter, “Yeah, I put the key in such a tricky spot! But hey, thanks Heidi. Thanks for looking out for me. I will explain soon, I promise. Will blow up your phone with texts.”

“Will be watching and waiting and you are welcome. Thats what friends are for.”

The call ended shortly after that and Heidi blew out a sigh of relief. Now to sit and wait.

To be continued….

How many Contacts fit in an eye … Waking Up during Brain Surgery … and other Rare Facts!


Even if I didn’t have pain I would not want to be awake for brain surgery!


I want this kind of flower!


Creativity at work!


I did look this up, and its true but it still baffles me how the patient could not feel all those contacts in her eye!!


You do definitely want a parachute that works!


Your Hallmark moment for the day. ❤

The Secret in the Flowers

This is the continuation of Thursday’s post,Secrets of The Garden

Another day had gone by and Owen was no closer to having an answer to the mysterious note that he had found. He had checked the other bricks but didn’t find any others with secret hiding places in them.

“Nestled in among the flowers, safe from the weather.” What could it be? He tried to check but was careful not to hurt any flowers as he searched. Was he supposed to dig them up? The last thing he wanted to do was risk killing his Grandma Elizabeth’s flowers. She would NOT be happy!

Sitting at the round table he thought back in time. His grandma still had the same green tablecoth. How many games of parcbesi and dominoes had they played on this table?

When Owen walked through the living room earlier he couldn’t resist helping himself to candy from her glass dish. Some things never changed. Still had circus peanuts and the soft pastel mints.

As a young boy he remembered walking with his grandma through her garden as she talked with him, and then he would watch her work. He would help her weed at times but the time that he accidentally pulled out more flowers than weeds made her think of other things she could have him do.

Today was Saturday and a memory came back to him about Saturdays in the garden. Grandma would always make bouquets of fresh flowers for people. If you were sick, or hurting and Grandma Elizabeth found out, she would make up one of her beautiful bouquets to bring some cheer.

He wondered if she still did that. Knowing her she probably did. As long as sbe could still get around he was pretty confident that she would keep it up.

Owen laughed. A memory came back to him about George. Poor George! He had a crush on Elizabeth after she lost her husband, but she was not interested!

George, feeling desperate for her attention had pretended to be ailing, knowing she would bring some flowers and maybe her good cooking to cheer him.

She fell for it for a little while but Owen’s grandma was no dummy, she soon figured out that nothing was ailing George.

After she went off on him for faking being sick, she made him wish that he never had done it. Everyone knew that  his grandma Elizabeth gave long winded lectures.

But before she lectured him she had put castor oil in the soup that she had made for him. The face that poor George made had his Grandma doubled over laughing. Whenever she told the story she couldn’t help but laugh. She cured him alright! He never pulled a stunt like that again.

Owen thought of his classmate Katrina. He had lost contact wifh her after high-school but she had adored his grandma. All of her grandparents had died when Kstrina was little. His Grandma Elizabeth had “adopted” her as a grandchild. 

Katrina had told him how in between his grandma’s talks about flowers and life she taught Katrina a lot. That she always left his grandma’s house with a smile on het face and flowers in her hands.

Owen couldn’t deny the wisdom his grandma had. She knew a lot about flowers, her garden was the envy of all her neighbors. But more than flowers she knew the secrets of life. Something Owen was still trying to figure out.

The GrandFather clock chimed 11 times. It was time for Owen to get to bed. He finished his milk and headed out of the kitchen, turning off the light. Maybe tomorrow would shine more light behind the mysterious words in the note.

“Ding Dong! Ding Dong!” The bell kept ringing. Owen’s mind was foggy at first as he woke up. Who was ringing the doorbell at 7am?

He opened the door to see little Miss Amelia staring back at him through her spectacles. “Where is Elizabeth?” She frowned at him in his disheveled state. “What are you doing here, is she not well?”

“All is fine.  She is traipsing around Europe with her book club and I am watching her house for her.”

“Ahh! I wondered where she was. I always see her walking among the flowers in the early morning hours.”

“I bet you were wondering”, thought Owen. Everyone knew that Miss Amelia thought she needed to know everyone’s business.

“Well, I hope she has a good time. Will she be back soon?”

Owen gave an evasive answer, which he knew she didn’t like. He thanked her for her concern and practically closed the door in her face before she could ask more questions. He was glad to fall back into bed, only to be awakened an hour later by the church bells ringing.

The little brown church in the vale. How many Sunday mornings as a child did he hear those bells? He decided to get up and get ready to go. It had been a long time since he had visited his grandparent’s church.

The pastor was a friendly man and happy to see Owen. “Your grandmother is one special lady. We always appreciate the gorgeous flower bouquets she brings each Sunday. Many times I have walked with her among the flowers on a Sunday afternoon. When I was discouraged she would make me smile. Her secret garden blooms so well and it is no secret as to why.

Owen nodded his head, though not understanding. He shook the pastor’s hand and bid him goodbye.

With the weather so pleasant and warm he decided to eat in the garden. He sat quietly thinking over what Katrina had shared long ago and what the pastor had told him. Suddenly it came to him. There was no need for digging up his grandmother’s flowers. The secret to the note was now as plain to him as the nose on his face.

There wasn’t anything tangible among the flowers. It was the love and care that she shared with others when sharing her flowers. Things from the heart that no bad weather could touch. Love made her flowers and the hearts of others bloom.

Smiling he lifted his glass in the air. “A toast to you, Grandma Elizabeth. For all the love you have shared! The true beauty nestled within your flowers.

*All photos from Pinterest*