Friday’s Super Short Stories!

BRRR! A 30 degree, blustery day … the start of the winter season and fortunately I haven’t lost my winter gloves yet.Β 

Fa La La … Christmas music is now playing on my car radio and in my house … Is it playing for you yet?

When you jokingly say how you need a child to take with you to go see the new Clifford movie … and your son says that he will take you … We watched many Clifford shows when he was little.

52 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. My wife and I went to the movies the other night for the first time since Covid. We saw King Richard. It was excellent. It’s about Richard Williams and how he planned out his daughters’ (Venus and Serena Williams) lives to become tennis stars in inner-city Compton. Before the film started, I saw the previews for Clifford. Amazingly, there hasn’t been a Clifford movie after all this time. I remember dressing up as Clifford for some kind of reading event and walking around at the mall. It was fun messing with old students who I came across.

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