Feeling Thankful

Yesterday our family took a walk in the woods.  It was so nice and relaxing.  I can’t imagine not being able to enjoy the outdoors. It calms the soul.

My daughter and I went to a movie several months ago called “Midnight Sun.”  I do recommend it, just make sure to have your tissues in hand.

Its about a girl with a rare disease, called  xeroderma pigmentosum , or simply known as the XP disorder. Yes, it is a real thing, a rare blood disorder. Sadly it is a fatal genetic disorder. I had heard long ago about this disorder, I remember watching a  documentary about it. The children that have it become children of the night.  This girl used to take her guitar and go out at night sitting under the stars and playing her music.

The movie makes you think about how much we take for granted!  Think of all the things you do outside.  What if you couldn’t do them?  A simple walk in the woods or through a garden,  can be so harmful to the ones suffering from this disorder.  Just a brief walk down the block can have fatal consequences.

I think of how easy it is for us sometimes to get so caught up in all the things that we do inside that we forget there even is an outdoors to enjoy.  When we walked outside after watching that movie, and as we dried our tears,  the sun felt so much more intense. The deep blue color of the sky seemed more vivid and the fluffy white clouds looked a little more fluffy.

Breathe in the wonder of nature when outside. We really are surrounded by a wonderful world, don’t take it for granted. Appreciate it and remember there are so many things we take for granted in this world that others would be so very grateful for!  I admit I complained some about how very humid it is today, we are having a scorcher of a week-end, but …  there are people out there who would absolutely  love to feel the heat of the sun shine on them and to see its beauty.




Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sitting in the woods … by the creek … soaking in the beauty of nature.

Piece by piece the puzzle comes together  … sometimes it feels so slow … then the last piece is put in … swelling your heart with joy!

Being reminded that the empty nest is looming closer in the future … cherishing the sweet moments of NOW.






Laura posted another prompt for this week. The word is “Confession”, or she has a picture or song posted on her blog that you can also pick from. Challenge yourself and have fun!   https://alltheshoesiwear.wordpress.com/2018/06/25/manic-mondays-3-way-prompt-confession/

I had different things come to mind with this word, but then these 2 scenes from  one of my all time favorite movies popped into my mind.  The first scene is a rather silent “confession”. I love seeing the “silent” messages in their eyes  and like me so many times, Maria’s face speaks louder than her words, just watch to the end and you will see.

The 2nd scene is a much shorter, humorous confession.  Enjoy!



Through Leonardo’s eyes

57cc9b9a289c0e3f4619d59b8bc7b172 painting done by Dmitry Spiros (from Pinterest)

Leonardo the gondolier,  was finishing up his day. There were no more passengers for today. He was lost in his thoughts as he rowed along, taking his time. He loved this city and his job, he couldn’t imagine doing anything different. His Dad had been a gondolier as was his Grandfather. It was a tradition that Lance was honored to uphold. He could still remember the excitement he had when his Dad presented him with his first gondola.

He thought about all the people who had taken rides in his gondola over the years. The young starry eyed lovers with dreams of adventure in their hearts and the sweet, older couples with so many stories hidden in heir eyes. He loved hearing what the dreams were of the young lovers, and hearing the  precious memories of days gone by from the older couples. He heard their dreams too, for one is never too old to dream.

There were certain stories that stood out to him and certain couples that he just seemed to never forget. Ones that left a mark on his heart. There was one couple specifically that had come to his mind just now. A couple from quite a few years ago.

The lady’s name was Isabelle. She was talking with her husband about their dancing days and as he clasped her hand, you could see the adoration in his eyes.

Leonardo was used to hearing words of love spoken from couples but with this couple he could really feel the deep sincerity in their words. They weren’t just caught up in the romanticism of being in a gondola in the floating city of Venice. He could see the true love that glowed around them as they sat in silence with their hands clasped together and Isabelle resting her head on her dear one’s shoulder.

Oh yes, what a lovely couple they were and he couldn’t forget the tender moment that he had seen pass between them.

They had stepped onto the gondola and he had welcomed them as they sat down. Then the husband had reached into a bag he had and pulled out some beautiful red flowers to give to Isabelle.

Isabelle had gasped in surprise and Leonardo remembers her being so pleased and wondering how her husband had found poppies for her! He remembered the husband’s secretive smile as he told her that it was a secret and that he was so very happy to have been able to find them for his beautiful one.

Leonardo had turned away to give them some privacy and to start rowing. He rowed with a smile on his face and a feeling that he had just witnessed a very special moment. That this was more than only  a husband surprising his wife with flowers. He felt that the poppies held a special story within them. He was sure about it when he briefly turned his head to sneak a glance their way and he saw Isabelle’s husband wiping some tears from her eyes.



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! What are your thoughts today? I am thinking it was a pretty short night for me, but I will make it. Drinking a cup of tea and looking forward to seeing a friend later today. One of my co-workers from the Daycare that we had worked at. Its so nice to still keep in touch. What are you looking forward to today? Wishing you many smiles!

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Making a Comeback?

Isn’t it funny how certain fads come back in style. My friend’s little toddler had on jellies yesterday.  Remember those?


Remember bell bottoms?


I am sure the list goes on. What things would you put on the list that you see coming back into style again? What things would you like to see come back in style?

There is one thing that I just heard about recently that excited me if its true. Waterbeds are coming back!  They are supposed to have been improved and coming back for the new generation to have the pleasure of knowing what a waterbed is.

My first experience was when I was a teenager and I visited my cousins in Arizona. They had a waterbed and I instantly fell in love with it! It felt like I was floating on the sea.

When I was out of High school and moved out for the first time on my own, I bought a waterbed. Found a great deal on it and I loved it from the very beginning. It went with me when I got married. We were a package deal.

We both loved it and had it for years.  I am ready for another one. Then I can get something that provides ocean sounds to listen to at night and lie in my waterbed pretending I am at the ocean. Ahh!  A peaceful sleep!

What do you think? Have you tried a waterbed before? Would you give it a try?

Waterbeds may be a fun thing to have back in style, but there are some things that should NEVER go out of style like:

Kindness, Compassion and Love!






Our Little Visitor

I opened the door to go outside and get the mail and here is what I saw.


He was having his clover breakfast, he turned his head and noticed me.


He had been waiting for me, for he came running straight for me! He had a very important question to ask.


He said “HI! Can I please be in your  blog post this morning? Everyone loves bunnies, right?”


How could I say no  to such a  cute. little bunny? I greeted him back and said how fun it is to walk outside and see him. Its been happening a lot lately.  Since he has been a frequent visitor I thought it only polite to say yes to his request!  I assured him that he would be in my post and with that reassurance he ran off in a blur.

May your Saturday be filled with Smiles.  Stop and smell the roses and watch the bunnies, don’t let the beauty of this world pass you by in one big blur!

Summer’s glow

Laura Bailey from, https://alltheshoesiwear.wordpress.com/2018/06/18/manic-mondays-3-way-prompt/  posted a great prompt again for anyone who may want to write something around it. She posts a picture, a word and a song.  You can choose one to write about or all 3. The only rule is to have fun and to link your post back to her. Give it a try. This time I had to go with the song, for I have always enjoyed this song. Makes you feel happy and free.

A summer breeze feels so light and free. It makes you smile. I was stretched out on my porch swing this morning enjoying some quiet time. Then a bird started singing its song and it was so lovely. It really was different from the birds that I am used to hearing around here. I saw the bird perched up on the very top of our tree, all I could tell is that it was dark in color and rather large. I know that really narrows it down for you, doesn’t it! The bird was singing away and I sat on the swing feeling relaxed. It flew away and then came back a short time later and started singing again. When I went to get my camera is when it decided to leave and not come back. Tomorrow morning I will see if I can catch it.

I may not be a real morning person, but I am getting better at it and this bird’s song was the perfect way to start the day.

Summertime fills my heart with warmth. Friendship has a summertime feeling  to it, the warm feeling of knowing that someone really cares!  I felt the warmth while “chatting” by text with a dear friend today.  We can share hard stuff, but we always end up making each other smile, isn’t that what friends are for!

A summertime breeze feels so light and free. I was stretched out on the porch swing later this afternoon basking in the heat of the sun that shined down on me.  I felt like I could just close my eyes and doze off.

Summertime is calling, it is carnival time once again! The rides are spinning round and the smells of popcorn,  funnel cake, corn dogs and french fries are all around. “Step right up! Win a prize for your girl! Give it your best shot!”  You hear the cries all around! The carnival has come to town!

Summer breeze blows gently through my hair as I watch the firefly’s glow! I see the twinkling stars and the moon comes out to shine. Another day is done, but summer has just begun. Many days of summer breezes still to come!






Where are your peaceful spots? What brings peace to your soul?

36fa9f1201cb190d5a6f24dbe689d08d painting done by Monet, (Pinterest)

I was browsing through paintings on Pinterest and this one stood out to me. It gave me a sense of peace. I thought about sitting on the riverbank and looking for frogs jumping on lily pads.

Then I  went from dreaming about frogs sunbathing on lily pads to taking a stroll through this beautiful garden. It is called Monet’s garden path. Can you breathe in the scent of the beautiful flowers and just imagine yourself on a warm summer’s day walking down this path of flowers?

325fb63c9fceda4251984c99e6509bb2 Monet’s Garden Path (Pinterest)

Now take a walk through the woods, listen to the silence of the trees. In the silence we can sometimes hear so much!

56406737fa72ed3b266c018b4aefa505  painting done by Ivan Shishkin (Pinterest)

I can’t take a peaceful “walk” without going to the ocean and letting the waves speak!

adb21319847a68a341e7eff290e5e097 painting done by Dmitry Spiros (Pinterest)

I believe I need to look up more of his paintings, this one really caught my eye!

I hope you enjoyed sitting back, perhaps with a cool drink, and letting serenity wrap around you as you took a peaceful “walk”. We all need those peaceful breaks sometimes!