The Polite Thief … Dying from Laughter? … Rollerskating Mishap and Other Fun Facts!


Ooh the days of rollerskating fun. I could skate into an expensive mirror without playing a violin.


I would be more than happy to give either one the right of the way!


Well I guess thats what you call a helpful thief.


That wouldn’t be a bad way to die, but being that I am still here one must have to laugh exceptionally hard in order to die! I will keep believing that laughter is the best medicine.


He deserves to feel proud!


There goes my heart strings again! ❤

I Will Never Forget You

The conclusion to The Love Story of a Single White Rose

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Holding the steaming cup of coffee she rocked gently on her glider. The morning sky was such a deep orange today, Laura felt intoxicated by the sky’s beauty. Another year had passed. Were the days growing shorter each year or did it only feel that way?

Drinking her coffee in silence she let the memories of years gone by convene upon her once more. The memories might bring a tear or two, but only because they were so precious.

Later that morning she made her yearly trek to the train station. In her hand she held two white roses.

She also held a bagged lunch for the young man Corey. He waa a nice man who worked at the ticket booth. A few months ago she had helped a friend buy a ticket for her first trip by train. Her friend Elsie was so shy, but the young man was so patient and understanding with her as he answered her questions.

Once she was safely on the train Laura thanked him again and he said, “May I ask you a question Ma’am?”

She was slightly surprised but replied with a yes.

“I have noticed you make a yearly trip here on the same day every year and you leave behind a single white rose. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but please Ma’am, what is the story behind the rose?”

Laura had smiled and thought for a moment and then replied, “I would be glad to share my tale if you can but wait a few more months?” She winked , as he told her that would be fine and he would be waiting for her. Now the day had arrived and she would keep her promise.

She sat down on the bench a few minutes before the 12 o’clock whistle sounded.

“Hi Miss Laura. ”

Corey was right on time, it was his lunch break and Laura handed him the bag. He pulled out a honey ham sandwich with mustard, some carrot sticks and a big slice of cherry pie.

“Thank you, Ma’am!”

“You are welcome, Enjoy! Now let me begin my story that you have so patiently been waiting for. “

“Kyle gave me my first white rose years ago after our first train ride together.” She told him how they had met and instantly clicked on the train. How they didn’t want to part.

The single white rose stood aa a promise that he wouldn’t forget me. He told me that he would have liked to have bought me a dozen white roses, but money was tight. I looked into his tender brown eyes and told him I didn’t mind, that a single white rose was perfectly fine.

Often he had to leave for business trips, and never would he forget to give me a single white rose when saying goodbye at the train station.

Oh my charming Kyle, he had a heart of gold.”

Laura’s eyes grew wistful as she paused. For a moment Corey felt like he was intruding upon her special memories.

“Sounds like a fairytale, thanks so much for sharing.”

“It was our fairytale and not even Disney could write a better one.”

The look in her eyes challenged you to dispute that fact.

Corey felt such emotion in her he couldn’t dispel the feeling that there was still more to her story. More that was being left unsaid. But he had to get back to work.

“Thanks again for sharing your story with me, I hope to see you again.”

She gave a sweet smile and patted his hand. “Thanks for listening, young man. Always is a pleasure to talk about my Kyle. ”

Walking hack Corey couldn’t help but wonder what he couldn’t bring himself to ask, was her sweet Kyle still alive?

Laura arrived a little later today at the nursing home and he was waiting for her as always. Sitting in the courtyard, for the sun was shining bright.

Giving Nurse Theresa a nod she squeezed Laura’s shoulder as she got up to leave. “He is about the same today.”

Leaning in to him, Laura gave Kyle a soft kiss. His face remained passive, at least he didn’t resist her today. Today he was calm. She continued to talk, keeping up the one way conversation.

“I brought you something today.” She held up a white rose. She would always take one to the train station and bring one here, this time of year.

“I love you Kyle.”

He reached out to touch the rose, not looking at her but smelling the rose again and again.

“I had a pleasant conversation today with a young man at the train station.”

Hearing the word train, his face lit up, how he loved trains.

“Alllll aboard!” He called out loudly.

Then his eyes at last focused on her for a moment. “Did anyone ever tell you what beautiful hair you have?”

Laura thought of how her hair was turning gray and she smiled. He didn’t notice the gray, he was stuck back in time when her hair was a dark shade of brown. Back to when he had first told her that, when he had first seen her on the train.

“Did anyone ever tell you what beautiful hair you have?” He reached out to touch it. She had to be careful for sometimes he could pull a little hard. She remembered long ago traveling on the train falling asleep with her head on his shoulder. Falling asleep to the feel of him playing with her long hair.

This time once again his hands were gentle, as he ran his fingers through her hair. She laid her head upon his shoulder, holding onto one of his hands. “Did anyone ever tell you what beautiful hair you have?” he said.

Their two hands touched the single white rose that he had let drop in his lap. “I won’t forget you” Laura said, her voice choked with emotion, breathing in the fragrance of the single, white rose.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When you make something that turns out really good … and your husband says that you need to make it again … Good feeling … until you realize that you didn’t follow a recipe and just threw things together and trying to remember what all you put in it.

Found a Domino’s Pizza gift certificate … you know that you have had it for awhile, but good news … no expiration date on it … What are things that make you smile that have no expiration date?

Its your turn again … you did a wonderful job when I asked for what could be written on notes … now its a little easier … name an object, any object at all, and I will see if I can get all of them into a story.

The Love Story of a Single White Rose

Image from Pinterest

A single white rose. She held it in her hands, breathing in the scent. Laura sat down on the bench, closing  her eyes.

His image was painted into her mind and sbe thought of the brightest colors when remembering the warmth of his smile.

When she had first stepped onto the train, she had no thoughts about meeting someone. All she could think about was getting home. It had been an  exhausting time. She had been on a business trip, no time for pleasure. Little did she know the pleasure that a  certain young man would bring.

They had met in the dining car. He noticed her sitting alone and asked whether he could join her. Kyle was his name, he had told her, putting out his hand. Smiling, she invited him to sit down. She figured it would be nice to chat with someone, little did she suspect how deep their conversation would go.

The next three days as they clattered down the tracks they rarely left each other’s side. She used to scoff about love at first sight,  but that was before she met her knight. He may not have come riding a white horse but she didn’t want a horse anyway.

How many train rides had there been since that very first one? The one that had been life changing for them, bringing them a love like no other.

When the train had pulled into the station after that first ride, they hadn’t wanted to say goodbye.

Getting off the train they had spied the bench. The same bench that she now sat on.

Wanting to delay saying goodbye they had sat down on the bench, holding onto each other’s hands. There was a young boy selling white roses and Kyle had stopped him as he walked by. He bought her a single white rose, promising her that this wasn’t goodbye, that he would see her again. He kept his promise.

Opening up her eyes she sighed, breathing in the scent of the rose one more time. Then she stood up and started for home.

“See you next year, Miss Laura.’ The ticket agent called to her. She turned around and acknowledged him with a nod of her head and a genuine smile.

As he watched her walk away, his gaze went to the bench that she had been sitting on. He spied the white rose which he knew would be there. For the past three years she would come carrying a single white rose and always leaving it behind, after she sat awhile. Oh, how he wished to know the story behind the single white rose.

The Unexpected Friend

Painting by Jean-Jaucques Bachelie

Shelly was out playing with her cat Princess, when Princess was distracted by a bird and off she ran. “Princess! No, come back here, you silly cat.” Shelly ran after her, half yelling, half laughing. She loved her silly cat, and joined in on the game of chase.

The game was fun for a little while, but Shelly’s little legs were growing tired and the distance was growing wider between her and Princess. “Princess, Stop!” Shelly’s yell turned into crying when Princess got out of sight. She stopped and looked around, where was she? Shelly trembled, she didn’t know how far she had ran. In the middle of the woods everything looked the same, all she saw were trees around her. Mommy had always warned her about going into the woods by herself. But she hadn’t been by herself, she had been with Princess. Sitting down on a tree stump she let the tears flow. She was lost and didn’t know what to do.

A cute, cotton tail bunny ran in front of her and that interrupted her tears. Then she watched a squirrel running up a tree. Feeling a little better, she started singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, it was the only song she could think of. As she sang it she started worrying again, what if she is still out there when it gets dark and the stars come out? What if noone finds her before then! She was afraid of the dark! Poor Shelly began to shiver with fear, when a loud noice startled her. The sound was pretty, but different, she was sure she had never heard it before.

Shelly’s eyes grew big when she saw what was making the noise. A long neck hippo was coming towards her. She didn’t know if she should be frightened. It was impossible for her to move because of being overcome with shock. The hippo had its mouth open and it was singing. The hippo was the one making that strange, but pretty sound. It was singing! When the hippo came up to her, it stopped singing.

“Hi sweetie, what is your name?”

Shelly’s face brightened like a sunbeam, the hippo talked! She knew animals could talk, but her brother laughed at her for saying that. Oh, would she have a story to tell him, and big brothers thought they were so smart, HA!

“HI! I am Shelly.”

“I am so glad to meet you Shelly. My name is Henrietta, I heard you singing one of my favorite songs and it made me want to sing. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“You have a pretty voice.” Shelly said.

Henrietta blushed. “Oh sweet child, you are so kind. I know that not everyone would say that about my singing. I try not to let what others say bother me, I love to sing, so I sing! If they don’t want to listen, they can cover their ears.”

Shelly laughed, she covered her ears when her brother practiced playing the piano. He needed a lot of practice.

They chit chatted for awhile and Shelly forgot that she had been scared. Henrietta was so fun to chat with. She told stories of her friends, Bobo the bear, Myrtle the turtle and a cow named Betsy. Shelly wanted to meet them all!

“Can you take me to meet them, please?”

Kindness radiated out of Henrietta’s eyes. “That would be so fun to have you meet my friends, but your Mommy and Daddy would be really scared if they couldn’t find you.”

“I don’t know. I don’t even think they miss me, for I am still lost. They didn’t find me. Do you know where my house is?” Shelly’s bottom lip started puckering out and Henrietta could tell she was getting scared again.

“What about we sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star again”? Maybe they will hear you singing and know where to find you.”

Shelly nodded her head and wiped the tears out of her eyes, as they started singing together.

“Shelly! Shelly! Where are you?”

“Mommy, Daddy! I am here, I am here!” Shelly jumped up from the tree stump and went running towards her mommy’s voice.

Oh it felt so good to be wrapped in her parent’s arms of love. She was safe! Shelly hugged them with all her might. Then she remembered.

“Mommy, Daddy! You have to meet my new friend!”

“Your new friend?”

“Yes, its Henrietta , a hippo!”

Her daddy raised his eyebrows, “A hippo you say? In the woods? These woods have been behind our house for all the years we lived here, and I have never seen a hippo. Wow! Show us.”

Shelly took her daddy’s hand and turned around to lead them to where Henrietta had been, but she was gone.

“Oh No, she is gone! I didn’t even say goodbye.” A deep frown appeared on Shelly’s face.

Her daddy wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “Well maybe Henrietta was shy about meeting us. Its okay honey, I am real glad you had a friend to be with.”

“She helped me to not be scared. We sang together.”

“Henrietta is sounding like quite the hippo, I hope we can meet her someday.” her mommy said, with a smile.

“I wanted you to meet her now.” Shelly still looked sad.

“I am sorry dear, but you know what, we have to hurry back for there is a party to go to.”

“A party?”

“Yes, a party with cake and ice cream.”

Shelly’s face instantly broke into a smile. “Cake and ice cream! YUM!” She was feeling happy again.

It didn’t take long to get home and once again Shelly was wide eyed as she looked into her neighbor’s yard. “Mommy!! The cake is on fire!”

“No, no sweetie, ” her mom laughed, “The cake is not on fire, its just many, many candles for Anson’s birthday.”

Anson saw that they were back and called over to them, “Shelly, do you want to come help me blow out all these candles?”

Shelly was delighted to help him, she liked her neighbor Anson. He was funny and always nice to her. Just wait until she told him about Henrietta! She bet he had never seen a long neck, singing hippo before. She still was in awe about all the candles. Her birthday cake was never that bright.

Later that night after her mommy had tucked her into bed and left the room she looked out the window. When she spotted the twinkling star, she smiled. “Twinkle Twinkle little star… I won’t forget you Henrietta”, she whispered to the sky, as she closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! My dear husband is putting together a new glider for our patio. The one we have has needed replaced for awhile, but I wasn’t finding what I wanted. Patience paid off and I found a good deal last week. Rocking on the patio is such a relaxing thing to do, with a cold drink, and a good book, or just sitting and listening to the birds sing. Can’t forget that its also perfect for a starry night to sit on it with your love. I hope you have been able to find a few minutes to relax today and that you enjoy the following quotes. 











Don’t Insult an Alicorn!

If you are wondering whether poor Alabaster and Snowball ever arrived at the North Pole on the back of their alicorn, here is the conclusion to my earlier post, The Gift of the Unicorn 

Santa’s cottage was feeling quite cozy with the fire blazing. Alabaster and Snowball were so glad to be back home to the North Pole at last! Snowball felt like his head was still spinning. Alabaster was stretched out, lying down in the plush carpet, trying to regain a sense of balance. 

Candy Cane, was sitting across from Santa, shaking her head and laughing still about the watermelon that had got broken over Alabaster’s head. Who knew that fairies could be so tricky. She couldn’t stop laughing for she remembered what had happened before they left for their little trip. They had been teasing CandyCane some, for they knew she had wanted to go along on the trip. 

She gave them a smug look. “I am feeling really glad that I didn’t go with you guys, and now maybe you know the truth behind the words, “What goes around, comes around.” she said. “Tell us about your ride on the alicorn, you both looked so pale when you first got here.” 

Snowball groaned, putting his head in his hands, and a moan arose from Alabaster who still had his eyes closed. “Alabaster called it a unicorn and I think it was insulted. The wild ride was his fault. Do alicorn’s get mad?” 

Santa winked at CandyCane. “Alicorns are fun and playful like unicorns. it wasn’t mad, but I do believe that it decided it would teach you a lesson.”  Snowball made a face, as Alabaster let out another moan. 

“With the way you are moaning Alabaster, one would think you are old, have some achy bones? Oh, wait, you will soon be older, won’t you?” 

Snowball and CandyCane smiled, “That’s right, a birthday may be around the corner. Santa knows all!” 

“Pftttt!” was Alabaster’s reply, he was a humble elf, who never wanted much fuss made about his birthday. “Weren’t we talking about Snowball and how he had us in a tailspin up in the air?” 

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault, it was the alicorn who was spinning around and going side to side as we hung on for dear life. I never thought we would land!” 

“So what was the magic word that finally made the alicorn land?”

Alabaster was sitting up by now and he and Snowball looked at each other. They winced at the memory. “We yelled HELP and maybe some other gibberish. We were so ferhoodled, we couldn’t speak coherently. We had slid off and were holding onto the alicorn’s neck!”

Santa looked at them with compassion, though CandyCane was still smirking. “I am sorry, and sure that it was scary, but you didn’t need to fear, you were in good hands. The alicorn would not have let you fall.”

Then with a teasing glint in his eyes, “Would you like to take another ride tomorrow?” 

“NO!” They both shouted. 

Santa smiled broadly. “We are glad you are back safe and sound, and Snowball you arrived just in time. It is your turn to help Chef Salvo in the kitchen tomorrow for lunch.  Get good night’s rest tonight and my sincere thanks to you both for bringing me my alicorn.” Santa gave them each a big pat on their shoulders and bid them goodnight, sending them back to their cottages with cups of hot peppermint cocoa. 

Snowball and Alabaster had to repeat their story the next day at breakfast for all the other elves to hear. There was good natured teasing again, but everyone was glad to see them back. Especially their pals, Jinx, Jangle and Tink. They had also been envious of Snowball and Alabaster getting to go on their little trip, but considered themselves fortunate now that they didn’t go. Getting trapped by fairies and a wild ride on the alicorn, yeah, it was better that it happened to Snowball and Alabaster. 

“Hi Chef! So what are we making for lunch?” Snowball walked into the kitchen later that morning and Chef Salvo inwardly sighed. He liked Snowball, he was a fun elf, but oh, he could be scary in the kitchen. He could barely even boil water. Fortunately today’s menu wasn’t too difficult, maybe all would be fine. 

“We are having grilled cheese, think you can handle it?” 

“No problem.” 

“So you know how to make it? No questions?” Chef Salvo eyed him warily. 

“How hard can it be to grill cheese?”  

“Good. Then I will let you do that, while I work on dessert.” Chef Salvo walked away and Snowball stared at the stove and the frying pan. Well first he had to get the cheese, he knew that much. He opened the fridge and pulled out the packs of cheese slices. Now he was ready to begin. 

Hmmm… this was turning out to be harder than he had thought it would be. The cheese was sticking and turning into a big glob in the pan. Smoke was rising. 

SNOWBALL! What did you do?” 

“I am grilling cheese like you said, I think I may have turned the burner up too high.”

Chef Salvo felt his temperature rising, but to be fair, he hadn’t said sandwiches, he had only said grilled cheese. He had forgotten that he had to specify things very clearly to Snowball. 

Sadly he looked at all the burnt cheese stuck to the frying pan. He pulled out another frying pan, not saying a word. Got a loaf of bread and butter and set it in front of Snowball. “Grilled Cheese sandwiches is what I want. You butter both sides of each piece of bread, put a slice of cheese in and fry it until its light brown and the cheese is melted. Think you can do that?” 

“I won’t let you down Chef!”  

“Thanks Snowball!” he whispered a prayer as he walked away. 

Fortunately his prayers were answered, the sandwiches looked perfectly toasted and ready to be served. Chef Salvo felt relief pour over him. 

“Great job Snowball!” He patted him on the back and Snowball beamed, feeling proud. 

Everyone was guzzling water like crazy! Why were the grilled cheese sandwiches so spicy! 

Snowball’s face was red and he was coughing as well when Chef Salvo came over to him. “Did you add something to these sandwiches?” 

“I just wanted to add a little extra flavor, I saw the hot sauces on the counter so I may have used them.” he said with a sheepish look. 

“How much did you use ?” 

“Wellll I did make lots of sandwiches so several bottles …  perhaps.” 

Chef Salvo sputtered, “It only takes a drop or two in a sandwich, just a little splash. The sandwiches aren’t supposed to swim in it!” 

It was a long time before Snowball ever helped Chef Salvo in the kitchen again. 


The Colors of Oscar … Cost an arm, but not a leg … Ketchup Fails 111 times … and other Facts!


Poor Oscar! Magenta would have been cool.


That doesn’t paint a pretty picture in the mind.


Well … thats one way to get away from your enemy!


Now that is a scary caterpillar! I looked it up and if you touch it, you can have a severe burn or rash. In some rare cases it can cause swelling and difficulty breathing. Who knew that “toupees” were dangerous.


Another reason to never give up on something!


We can never have too many heroes.

Flying High!

This is Part 2 to Playing the Game

Mindy felt smug, she had the perfect plan. Once and for all she would settle this. Was Corbin her beloved Romeo who had courted her so romantically in his letters? Did he have a genuine beart or was he just a conniving con-artist who she was losing her heart too?

If he couldn’t or wouldn’t come to her then she would follow her heart to him!

Sbe had vacation time built up at work and she always wanted to see the Oregon coast. Being from the tiny state of Rhode Island Mindy was excited about exploring the West Coast.

Her plane ticket was bougbt and tomorrow she would leave. Was she nervous? Oh yes! More than once she had questioned her impulsive decision. But she had to know the truth!

With a prayer on her lips Mindy zipped her suitcase closed. She could do this! Like the story of the Little train that Could, that her mom had often read to her when she was a child. Mindy had courage and strength, she wouldn’t back down.

Two hours later she turned off the lights and climbed into bed. Sweet dreams take her away, she prayed. Don’t let it be a restless night worrying about what tomorrow would bring.

The flight had been smooth. So far so good, but her stomach was now churning with butterflies! Mindy had to do this quickly ot she would run out of nerve. All she had to do now was hail a taxi and show up at his doorstep. No problem!

A half hour later she was standing in front of a townhouse. The bright red door looked formidable. Oooh she was crazy!! Ding-Dong! She rang quickly before she turned and ran, trying to catch her taxi.

A gorgeous brunette woman opened the door. All Mindy could do was stare wide eyed! Maybe she had the wrong townhouse.

“Hi! I am sorry to bother you but does Corbin Donaldson live here?”

Mindy was sure that this woman could hear the pounding of her heart. It was as loud as thunder.

The woman flashed her an apologetic smile. “Yes, this is his house, but I am sorry he isn’t here right now. Can I help you?”

Mindy’a stomach sank. Was he at the hospital visiting his mother? Was he really a doting son, had she read him wrong? But why was there a gorgeous woman in his townhouse?

Taking a deep breath she mustered up her courage. “Do you know when he will be home, I would like to speak with him.”

The lady eyed her for a bit. Mindy almost shrumk back from her gaze.

“Why would you like to see him? May I ask your name?”

“Mindy Pbillips.”

The brunette’s face instantly changed. It lit up. “The Mindy Phillips? The one from Rhode Island that he can’t stop talking about! Oh dear, its really you! Oh, what are we going to do!”

Mindy blushed, he talked about her! But why did she wonder about what they would do. The lady seemed excited, but yet? And who was she??

“What a pleasure to meet you face to face. I am Corbin’s sister, Linda. Please come in. We have a lot to talk about!”

His sister! Relief coursed through her body as she followed Linda inside. What all did she have to tell? Mindy was all ears.

Corbin looked out the window. He hated flying but he knew he had too. It had been put off for too long. He took a deep breath to calm himself. The plane ride would be fine. He could do this!

Some things were worth overcoming, his fear of flying, was one of them! He had to do it for Mindy. She had become so special to him.

Glancing out the window he did a doubletake. He had only one glass of scotch, what was he seeing? Was that a flying Alicorn in the sky? It looked like a unicorn but had wings. Were they truly real? Who were those tiny guys on the back of it?? Ooh he really must be going crazy!

Mindy was overcome with emotion as she sat talking to Linda. How wrong she had been! His mom really was an ailing woman and his brother had got hurt in a work accident.

Fortunately Corbin had been able to get his job back and thats why he had finally bought the plane ticket to surprise Mindy. He hadn’t wanted to tell her in advance, for how could he once more back out and disappoint her. His psychologist had really been working with him to get over his paranoia of flying but would it work? So many times before he had tried. Went to the airport with his ticket in hand but each time he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“My brother really does care deeply for you! He has had this paranoia for years, eversince the time that he was in a plane crash long ago.”

Tears sprung to Mindy’s eyes. He had fought to overcome his fear all because of her! Oh, how could she have ever doubted him! A warm peace filled her and she couldn’t stop smiling, perhaps her prince really had shown up for her. Now she and Linda just needed to get him back home!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

I love cherries and plums, so why not a Cherry Plum … They are delicious … Have you tried one?

When your nephew tells you that if you drop his baby sister it will cost you $2million hundred thousand dollars!

Love can heal wounded hearts … Love can help someone grow … But Love can’t change someone … They will only change when they want to change …