Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Tuesday is here! A day to smile about, for every day should be a day to be happy about right? You never know what surprises could be in store for you and even if your day sometimes doesn’t go as planned, you still can find a “nugget of gold” in it if you are looking for it.  I hope these quotes can bring some gold nuggets your way today.


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Who is Jaxon?

Happy Monday everyone! Did you happen to look out your window this morning and see a Jackalope? You never know where Jaxon may show up!

Colin, from https://meandray.com/  and I have collaborated together on a Children’s book of stories for all ages and it has been a wonderful feeling knowing that it has finally been  released! “The Odessa Chronicles”, is now available through Amazon and the Friesen Press online bookstore, as well as all other online book retailers.

The stories consist of crazy, fun adventures that involve a barn owl named Odessa, a cat named Dewey, a jackalope named Jaxon and the very patient “man-servant”, who tries to keep his sanity in dealing with everyone. They all live together on Moonbeam Farm, but the story starts before that.

Colin shared the story about Jaxon on his blog and I thought I would give my readers a peek into “The Odessa Chronicles” as well. I know we have some mutual followers, so I apologize for a repeat. Hopefully you can still enjoy the story a second time around.

This is Part 1 of the story, Part 2 will be posted on Wednesday. May it bring you SMILES!


Once upon a time, many years ago, and while the Creator was populating the earth with creatures, there was so much work to be done that an apprentice was eventually trained. Creating creatures was very skillful work and, under the direction of the Creator, he gained a lot of experience and eventually became very good at it.

The apprentice decided that, late one night, he would make a creature for himself. He knew this would have to be a secret, as the Creator often made it quite clear that all potential creatures must be pre-approved, and then only created under direct supervision.

He wanted to combine the agility and jumping abilities of a jack rabbit, with the tenacity and weaponry of an antelope. The unfortunate result was a creature with limited agility because of its horns, and a level of tenacity that would be scorned by other animals because of its small size. The apprentice broke the Creator’s first rule, which was that all creatures had to have sufficient skills to ensure their survival. He immediately realized that his creature (he called a Jackalope) would not survive very long in this new world. Much as he wanted to keep his creation a secret, he did eventually decide to tell the Creator what he had done, as he really hoped that his Jackalope could be saved.

As can be imagined, the Creator was very disappointed that the apprentice had made such a selfish decision to make himself a creature, and posed two questions: “What right do you think you have to create life without understanding all that is involved? What right do you think you have to create this poor creature, who cannot possibly survive in this environment?”

The apprentice was very ashamed of what he had done. He had wanted a creature for himself, but had not considered the possible problems that might come with not knowing all that was necessary. He now looked at the poor little Jackalope and cried, because he saw no future for it. The Creator saw that the apprentice was punishing himself sufficiently, and was pretty certain that he would not do it again, and so he rested his hand on the apprentice’s shoulder and said, “Your Jackalope will live. I have a plan. You can go home now, while I see what I can do here.”

Home Sweet Home!

We are back from vacation! We are tired from the long drive but we are happy. Happy to be in our own home. Don’t get me wrong, we had a good time visiting family, but ti just hit me as I was walking around the house putting stuff away at how good it feels when you come home.

You can flop on the couch and just stare at the wall if you want, you can walk around the house with one sock on and one sock off if you so desire or bundle up in your robe, even though its still early. The point is that its your house, your home and you can feel comfortable doing whatever you want to do. There’s a special warmth and coziness in being home, no matter what wonderful places you may go visit, its always nice to come back home!

As I was soaking in the feeling of being home, it struck me how sadly not everyone can experience the warm, cozy feeling of “being home.”  For many people, home is a park bench, under a bridge or on a street corner. I ache at that and it reminded me how not to take my home for granted. Not to take my family for granted. I just can’t imagine how it would feel to be all alone in this big world and so I say a prayer of Thanks and I pray for those out there who don’t have a home and for my heart to always have compassion to help them.

We all desire to belong, to have somewhere where we can go and everyone knows our name and they are glad we came. Perhaps its being tired from the the long road trip, but somehow the theme song from the old Tv show “Cheers” is running through my mind. Some people just want to go where someone knows their name.

Colin, a friend and wonderful writer, wrote a powerful poem about the ones who have no home.  Here is a link to his post, https://meandray.com/2018/06/13/the-project/  and if you are someone who likes moving, thought provoking, easy to understand poetry I highly recommend his book, “Just Thinking”, it will touch your heart!


A Thought for Tuesday

Next Tuesday I will once again have wise thoughts from others for you to be inspired by. This Tuesday it’s just a quick thought from me, sorry. 🙂

My Mother-in-law has me enjoying delving into my family background. She has been very intrigued with researching her family tree and has learned interesting information!

Amazing what you can find at the click of a button. There are 2 websites that you can visit if you are interested in researching your family tree. The information is free! My MIL hasn’t paid at all and has gained a lot of information. They may ask for money if you want certain information but you can just bypass that and usually still get the information. The websites are http://www.myheritage.com and http://www.ancestry.com

If you have any trouble with the websites or a question about something, just ask. I will check with the expert (my MIL) and get back to you. 🙂

Here is a cool nugget for you.

If you have heard of Musselman’s Applesauce and Musselman’s Apple Juice, I am related to the founders. Not related close enough to share in their profits but it’s still cool to know.

Musselman’s Applesauce was started in 1907 and is said to have been the “gold standard” set for other companies to follow.

Musselman’s was founded in Biglerville, PA, in 1907 by Christian and Emma Musselman. We have been proud to produce your family’s favorite Apple Sauce and Apple Juice for over 100 years.

The original plants in Biglerville and Gardners, PA, provided much needed canned goods for the servicemen during WWI including corn, tomatoes, and of course apples. The Musselmans eventually focused on the processing of the abundant local fruit in the area, adding canned cherries and a preserves facility to make their famous Musselman’s Apple Butter.

As the company became more successful, and the demand for their products increased, Mr. Musselman decided that it was necessary to build a large canning facility and vinegar distillery in Inwood, WV. At the time there was no machinery available to specifically manufacture apple sauce, so Mr. Musselman, being the entrepreneur that he was, built his own. By 1934, Musselman’s apple sauce production had tripled.

The Musselman family, devout Mennonites of Pennsylvania Dutch descent, was inspired by much more than producing good food. They felt a keen sense of community obligation and created the Musselman Foundation in 1942. Over the course of 70 years the foundation has continued to support the local communities by donating to local schools, colleges, libraries, and hospitals.

Over the next few decades, the Musselman Company became a leading brand of apple sauce in American grocery stores and won over generations of families with their “Quality You Can Taste.”

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Over the next few decades, the Musselman Company became a leading brand of apple sauce in American grocery stores and won over generations of families with th

Smiling in the Rain

We are in the cornfields of Indiana. Yes, the rain followed us from Pa.!

The rain hasn’t stopped the fun though. Brad still played kick ball at his reunion on Saturday. It was just raining lightly and I told him how the reunion only happens once a year. Told him it’s good exercise, that it will get his adrenaline flowing. I was such a good encourager as I sat on the bench in the dry.

I would have been out in the rain,if my knee would be in better shape. It is getting there though. Doing a lot better! Kickball is one sport I actually like.

Baseball I swing at the air, basketball, well I believe its fairly obvious due to the net being a little too high, soccer is fun but there is a lot of running in soccer. We played it with the kids when they were younger. They didn’t run as fast then.

Kick the ball (your cares) high into the sky today. Make lots of baskets and may you smack hard whatever you are aiming for today. If you miss and hit the air, do a happy dance anyway! Keep people wondering, and make them smile while watching you!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Raining outside … but heart is still soaring and sun is shining at Moonbeam Farm!

Brightening the hearts of others makes yours feel brighter!

Cousins … a wonderful bond … laughing at stories of when they were young …. and sharing from the heart … a bond that spans the distance!

Right now we are visiting my husband’s family in Indiana. Always a good time. Love the bond that our kids share with their cousins.

My posting will probably be erratic over our time here, but just know that I haven’t gone and I will be back to interact with the wonderful community here.

Celebration at Moonbeam Farm!





Time passed, and feeling CUCKOO may have happened sometimes while waiting!

And than, just like that …. it happened! It’s REAL! What was once just a dream is now available to be enjoyed by everyone and yes, my eyes may be a little wet!




Thank you dear readers for your support and encouragement throughout this wild and crazy adventure!

A special thank you to my amazing co-author, Colin, from https://meandray.com/. Thanks for what I often called your magic touch! Thanks for your patience also that may have been needed sometimes in working with me. How did Moonbeam Farm get its name again? 🙂

Also a big thanks to the very talented artist Jodi McKinney from https://lifeinbetween.me, You been with us from the very beginning of this dream, from the first story that appeared on my blog, and you made our beloved characters look awesome!

Looking for adventure? Take a trip to Moonbeam Farm. A place where love and laughter reside! Make sure you keep your eyes wide open though, for with the Moonbeam Farm gang you never know what may happen!

Ice Cream Sundae’s and Thingamajigs

I had a dream last night that is stuck in my head and I thought I would share it.

I was in a big building with lots of people. I was sitting at a table looking at a magazine and there was a man sitting next to me. We started talking  and I was telling him about something that my child really would like, but that I had no clue how to make it.  I was looking at the magazine for instructions. No more was said and I went back to reading the magazine.

The next thing I knew he grabbed the magazine away from me. It was only laying on the table in front of me, so he hadn’t grabbed it out of my hands, but still he knew I was reading it.  I was shocked, but it wasn’t long until he gave it back.  Once more I went back to reading and a few minutes later he took it again. Well this time I was rather upset and I just grabbed another magazine while thinking how rude he was being.  He gave me the magazine back again and he left without saying a word. I can’t say that I was sorry to see him go.

Some time passed and I got myself an ice cream sundae. Actually I don’t remember getting up to get it , it just kind of appeared in front of me. Real life should be like dreams, think of what you want and instantly it appears!

After I finished my ice cream the man appeared in front of me again, but this time he had something in his hand. He laid it down in front of me and I was speechless. He had made what I had wanted to make for my child. It was perfect and I thanked him so much and realized how wrong I had been about him. Moments before my heart had been filled with irritation at him,  and now it was filled with gratitude.  I knew that I would have never been able to make the thing, even with instructions

I wish I could describe for you what the thing was, but I really have no clue.  All I know is  that it was a complex thingamajig. It had a little motor in it, some kind of fan that made another little strange thingamajig move back and forth. This thingamajig that blew back and forth was connected to the back of something which resembled a person. I remember that the person like thing appeared to be smiling and that their hair was standing straight up, but that’s it.

The moral of the dream :  Don’t be too quick to judge, even when you don’t understand why someone is doing what they are doing. You may be surprised at their motive! What “the thing” was supposed to be? What it meant?  Well, I believe we may never know that answer, unless any of you have an idea about it that you want to share. Feel free to share below.