The Encounter at the Shore

She was walking along the seashore, her bare feet sinking into the wet sand. Picking up seashells that struck her eye as she walked, lost in her thoughts about the past year. She had lost one that she loved dearly and the pain was still there. Some days surfacing more than others.  Some days she felt on top of things while other days she wasn’t sure how she made it through, as the days passed by in a blur.

The beach was quiet now. The wind was blowing and it was a little cool to be out, but she liked the peacefulness of having no one else around. Wait, who was that? She saw someone walking towards her. How could that be? Seemed like he had just appeared out of nowhere.

As he got closer she felt a strong sense of peace.  It was a man coming towards her, but she felt no fear, only warmth circling around her heart. The man’s eyes were as if he could see straight through her, but it didn’t make her feel uncomfortable.  He didn’t say a word, they just continued walking, now side by side.

After awhile she broke the silence as tears fell down her cheeks. Her pain and worries about the future spilled out of her mouth.  In his presence she felt drawn to share from her heart.  To share from her heart with a man that she had not ever remembered meeting, but yet at the same time felt like she had known him forever.

He listened to her as the waves crashed against the shore.  He reached up and tenderly wiped her tears away,  which then were followed by more as she laid her weary head against his chest. She felt his arm around her and for the moment it was as if all her sadness was washed away with the waves.

She wiped her eyes and held up her head meeting his eyes and feeling the compassion shine out from them .  They stood facing the ocean listening to the waves roar.  She felt a strength swell up inside of her. Her spirit felt strong once more as her and the stranger turned and walked again along the shore.

She spotted the prettiest seashell yet. A beautiful shade of purple and it was almost heart shaped, definitely a unique shell. She picked it up and turned to show to the man, but where did he go?  She looked all around  but no one did she see.

Where was he?  A strange sensation began to come over her as she looked again from where they had come. Why was there only one set of footprints in the sand?

She then remembered the warm feeling that had wrapped itself around her heart when she met him. She remembered the glimpse she had caught of his hand when he wiped away her tears. Her heart was full, there were no words to describe what her mind knew.  She turned towards the ocean and let the waves speak.




Healing Rays

There is a fond memory I have from long ago, back when I was a little child.  I have a picture of me sitting on my Dad’s desk while he is working at preparing his sermon. Yes, my Dad was a pastor. He is retired now, but I believe watching him write  and listening to his sermons may have been the spark that started the passion of writing in my own heart.

Now my Dad wants to “follow in my footsteps.” 🙂  He has started a blog called Healing Rays of Righteousness. He thought about calling it Nuggets of Gold, but I told him that was already taken. He is a caring soul who wants to share his faith. I am so thankful for the legacy of faith modeled to me by my parents. I invite you to drop by his site and say “HI!”.  No matter what beliefs you have I feel you will find hope in his writings.  You can at least convey your “sympathies” for putting up with me as a daughter, even if it really is my siblings who gave him the gray hair. 🙂

Here is the link, let him know what wonderful people are here on WordPress. Thank you!





Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday! Its a very Happy Tuesday for my dear daughter who turns 19 today.  I can’t believe it. What better way to welcome Spring then how we did 19 years ago. What is your favorite part of Spring?  Hope today you can feel the joy and hope that Spring brings! Have a wonderful day, do a little Spring Dance and celebrate the gift of life!

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Monday Smiles

The one thing about Spring that isn’t as nice as the budding trees and blooming flowers is that its the beginning of allergy season. Been dealing with a headache since yesterday, it can go away anytime now!  So I was looking for smiles today and I found some. I also found more smiles with these cute pictures, hope you enjoy them.  As always feel free to share your thoughts as to what you think these animals may be thinking.  Share even more smiles 🙂


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A Time for Change

Yesterday was The March for Life across the US and around the world. It was about how desperately change is needed, how an end has to come to all these mass shootings that keep happening.  How schools should not be war zones!

We were watching some of it on TV and I was impressed with the speakers. You could feel their passion. What most impressed me though was just seeing the massive crowds of  young people that there were.

Our young people have had enough and they aren’t going to back down easily! I think the government is thinking that this outcry will end soon and no change will have to happen. Unfortunately that is what has happened too many times. A mass shooting happens and lots of people cry out for change but then the voices dissolve into silence and life goes on as usual until another shooting happens. The thing is life doesn’t go back to normal for everyone. The lives of the families and friends of the victims are forever altered!

It is past time for change but I feel hope is in the air. Yes, its going to take more than marches and protests, but at least that stuff is happening. It has been over a month now since the shooting in Parkland, but the outcry for change and new laws hasn’t stopped. I pray that this is the start of history changing and can be something recorded in our history books for the future. The Time When America  finally WOKE UP!!

Here are two short video clips of some of the speeches that were made yesterday.




Under the Sea


Tianna was enjoying her day, swimming around in the crystal blue sea. She never got tired of living in her underwater paradise.  There was such a vast array of colorful fish and plants. Any color that you could imagine.

Swimming on the back of a emerald green sea turtle was always a treat. As was catching a ride on the back of her shiny, silvery dolphin friends.

Presently she was having a fun chat with her buddy Sammy, a bright golden fish. He always seemed to be happy.  He would swim around making sure to turn everyone’s frowns upside down.

As they were chatting about Charlie the crab’s birthday coming up they were interrupted by a big splash!  The strangest sight appeared before their eyes.

There were 2 elf like creatures tumbling down through the water.  All Sammy and Tianna could do was stare in shock, they were transfixed.  The creatures were thrashing about so much that Tianna couldn’t get a good look at them. She did know though that they were in trouble. They didn’t look capable of breathing underwater for too long!

Out of the corner of her eye she spied Ollie the Octopus moving slowly towards them and from the other direction she saw a group of jellyfish on their way as well. Tianna knew there wasn’t time to waste. She grabbed her special pink seashell and put it up to her mouth as she called her friends, the dolphins.

They appeared in front of her in a flash and Tianna pointed out to them the tumbling elf like creatures.  They quickly swam underneath them lifting them and Tianna up to the surface.

They broke through the water and the 2 creatures took a breath as they clung to the dolphins.

“Wow! I must be dreaming! Jinx are you okay?”

Jinx didn’t reply for he was still catching his breath.

The dolphins gently landed them on the sand and Tianna thanked them as they dove back into the dazzling sea. Jinx and Jangle just stared in wide eyed disbelief.

Jinx was breathing fine now, but was he really awake? Was that really a mermaid in front of him? They weren’t real, were they?  Jangle was talking a mile a minute to her and she just kept cocking her head from side to side as if she was trying to understand.

Jinx thought he would chime in and try to communicate with her by talking slower.  It didn’t work though for as the girl and Jangle looked at him they burst out laughing. Jangle was totally confused, what was so funny?  Then he felt it, his whole head was covered in seaweed.

“Hey Jinx, you have hair now. How does it feel? Very unique hair if I may say. Never saw emerald green hair before.”

Jinx just shook his head at a loss for words, as the seaweed was falling to the sand.

Tianna kept laughing, she had never seen such unique creatures before. She wished that she could understand what they were babbling on about.  One was making faces at the other as he kept picking the seaweed from off his head.

They looked like they had fully recovered from their tumble into the sea, so she figured she would dive back in.  She couldn’t wait to tell Sammy more about the 2 mysterious, babbling creatures.  You never knew what was going to happen when you lived under the sea.

Jangle opened his eyes. He still felt groggy and he banged his hand on the reindeer alarm clock. He banged it so hard that it fell on the floor. The sound of it hitting the floor woke up Jinx.

They didn’t say much as they sleepily got ready for the day. When they were more awake Jangle looked at Jinx.

“Hey Jinx, I had the strangest dream about … wait a minute … what is that on your head?”

Jinx reached up to touch his head as a a emerald green piece of seaweed fell to the floor.


A Look Back

I decided to take a look back today. I went back through some of my old posts. I  specifically went back to my posts from this week last year and had to smile as I read what I had written. I had written a short story that I wasn’t expecting to continue but it ended up having several parts to it.

I smiled for different reasons. One reason being that I did  like the story and it was fun to read through it again. It reminded me of  how perhaps I may have identified with the main character in some ways when I was writing it.

This was a fun story to write amidst a time in my life when I was just wanting certain things to have been over yesterday.  This story was a way of keeping my heart light. It helped me to focus on other things.

If you find yourself feeling that way today I hope this story can bring a smile.  Let me tell you that you will make it through whatever it is that you wish was over already.

For now take a breath and for a few moments try to forget what may be troubling you, as you take a peek into Elyssa’s life.  I hope this lightens your heart a little and I apologize to my readers who have seen this story already, but hey perhaps you forgot it like I had done.  I hope it can still bring you a smile.

Precious Sleep

I need to make one more stop before going home, thought Elyssa. Elyssa was so  tired, and wanted nothing more then to lay her weary body down on her feather bed at home. She was on her 3rd cup of coffee, but the caffeine just wasn’t working this time, she was too exhausted. One more stop to make and soon she would be heading towards her peaceful home.

Little Aria was sound asleep looking like an angel. Hard to imagine that piercing wails was coming out of her mouth earlier. She sure did have a mighty set of lungs on her, for one so small.  Elyssa loved her niece, but walking the floors at night trying to pacify Aria,  had worn her out. Elyssa was ready to give precious Aria back to her Mom today. She was counting down the hours,  looking forward to a night of uninterrupted sleep!

Ahh!! She reached the top of the hill and could see her sister’s house in the distance.  When she pulled into the driveway Aria opened her eyes and Elyssa was sure that she saw her smile. Elyssa’s sister was standing outside waiting for them, her sister’s face was all aglow. Refreshed after a mini vacation. and eagerly waiting to hold Aria again.

“Was she good for you?” asked Elyssa’s sister. Elyssa looked down at the cooing baby in her arms. She turned to her sister and said , “She was an angel!”

“Wow! You must have the magic touch, she screams most of the night here at home.”

Elyssa smiled to herself as she bent down to give a gentle kiss on the tender cheek of her niece.

Hugged her sister goodbye and jumped in her car thinking of her comfy bed that was calling her name.

When she made it home she headed straight for her bedroom. Her answering machine light was blinking on her nightstand. She pushed it as she slipped beneath her cozy blankets. “Only 10 days left!” was all that the message said. Elyssa didn’t need to hear anything else. She knew what it meant, and she could hear the laughter in the person’s voice. Oh she was ready for these 10 days to pass and to find out exactly what was coming.  At least she thought she was, another part of her wasn’t so sure. That was the last thought on her mind as she pulled the blankets over her head and let sleep overtake her.

What Day Is It? Part 2






The 2nd day of Winter…I mean Spring!

Good Morning! These videos were posted on Facebook by a beautiful Inn that has special meaning to Brad and I.  I got permission to share these video clips on here with all of you. Yes, it is Spring, and we should be seeing green grass, but you can’t deny the beauty shown in these clips. Hope that they bring you a smile!


Lassie, our Sheltie loves the snow. The snow took a break overnight but is well at it again today. Supposed to get an inch a hour through 5pm.



And the Comics are having fun with these first 2 days of Spring. My dear husband found these to pass on.

And a little view from our front porch. There are 2 bushes, the other one is just disguised as all white. 🙂