Hakuna Matata!

Hakuna Matata Lion King silhouette  Handmade by Store94Crafts

Wearing my “Hakuna Matata” shirt today.  The Lion King is definitely one of my favorite animated movies and “Hakuna Matata”, is a wonderful philosophy. 🙂

The rain is coming down and is supposed to stay coming down for the next couple days, and probably into next week. But just because you may not be able to see the sun shine outside,  doesn’t mean it can’t shine inside of you.

You may feel like pulling the covers back over your head today, trust me I did. To be honest I still do! 🙂 No worries, it wasn’t for a serious reason. If I pulled the covers over my head every time my face got red….well….Yeah, you might not see me much! I was having trouble thinking of a post though. You know, when your face heats up, you mind tends to get a little flustered as well! But I saw this t-shirt and had my answer 😉

So whether you are wanting to pull the covers over your head because it is raining, or your face is red, or something else, remember this. This day will PASS! 🙂

Keep calm and hakuna matata. We are sending to you this picture. We likes this picture because we like the film "EL REY LEON" This picture is very nice and funny.:

The Surprising Hike

via Daily Prompt: Hike

I was scrolling through Facebook and a memory popped up on my wall from 2 years ago. It was a very short story that I had written. It was about hiking. I had been looking at the Daily Prompt words earlier this week and saw the word Hike. I had thought about writing a post on it. When I came across this memory I thought, how appropriate. I had been challenged by a friend to write a story around 3 words that he came up with. I didn’t know what the 3 words would be before I agreed to write the story. When I found them out, I was like, “Are you serious?” Yes, he was, he was challenging me he said, to think beyond the normal. He wanted me to write about a snake, leeches and a dead body. Yes, not exactly my typical writing.

I figured I would post it today to  celebrate 2 years of writing my blog. Starting my blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I had no idea what I was getting into when I started blogging, all I knew was that I loved to write. I wasn’t aware of  how much I would enjoy it, and how it would become a daily part of my life. Had no clue about all the wonderful people I would meet through it! The friendships I would gain. It has become so much more than just an outlet for my writing. It has woven itself around my heart, a secret treasure that I can unwrap each day. A treasure that has brought me so much joy and has healed my heart at the times that it needed lifted. I thank you dear readers for your faithful reading, for your gift of friendship. Without you my blog would just be words on a page. You make the words come alive as we interact. You touch my  heart as we share laughter, (which can definitely get crazy)  and sometimes we even shed some tears. 

Celebrating the laughter and the tears. May this crazy, amazing journey of blogging continue. Thank you dear readers for the  ways  you have touched my heart and I hope I continue to touch yours!

The Surprising Hike

It had been a beautiful Fall day so far, they had just finished hiking along a nice shady trail and now were going to have a picnic in a field of wildflowers. Rose grabbed the picnic basket and opened it. She gave a shrill scream as 2 beady eyes were looking up at her, IT WAS A SNAKE!! She took off running! As she ran she heard her husband laughing and couldn’t figure out why. Looked back and he was actually holding the big snake in his hands! What was he thinking, she knew he was crazy, but holding a snake?  As she drew closer, her fear turned to thoughts of paybacks. The snake was only a rubber snake! Very real looking, but still only rubber. She was biting her tongue and giving her husband looks as they ate,  which made it only harder for him to get his laughter under control.

Finishing up they decided to continue on. Rose was wanting to visit the lake, had thoughts of pushing a certain someone into it! Spying a log close to the lake Rose figured she would go give her feet a rest and sit on the log for awhile..With the sun beating down on her, she began to relax and she dozed off. OH!! What was that? It felt like something was tickling her legs! Opening her eyes she was aghast at the sight that she saw. Leeches were crawling on  her legs! Screaming she jumped into the water, not even caring about the cold temperature! Looked like she was dancing a jig, as she was swatting at them. At last they were off and she stomped onto shore. Her “sweet” husband was trying to stifle his laughter and hide his smile. He only  nodded his head when she said that it was time to go home!

Ahhh…. the hot shower had felt good, and now Rose was hoping to relax with a something good on Television..  First things first though,  her stomach was growling, so making a snack took priority!

“Hey Honey, you have to come see this!”
“What are you watching?”, She asked in anticipation, hoping it was a comedy or romance.
“Unsolved Mysteries” was his response, “and guess what they found on a iceberg in Alaska?”
“What?”, she questioned,  Not really sure if she wanted to know the answer!
“A frozen body!”
At those words she stabbed a big chunk of chocolate cake into her mouth!
“Wait, there is more!”, he said,  she could barely contain her excitement.
“On his ankle they found marks that resembled a snakebite!”
JAB went the fork again! At this rate, she was going to need to bake more chocolate cake.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Wishing Morning came a little later today, but…. “It is what it is”, right? 🙂 I was thinking of using quotes from last night’s Presidential Debate, but……well yeah, my thoughts exactly! Oh My, we will see what today’s thoughts bring,  they will be a surprise to both of us as I honestly don’t have them picked out yet. “Abbra CaDabra” instant post? Nope magic wand didn’t work. Maybe a magic wand would have helped with the debate last night though. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! 🙂

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What you Don’t Know…

The arrival is imminent , you are beyond excited! You have been preparing for this day for what seems like forever!

You have  read all you could read, gone to classes, watched all the DVD’s, gathered as much information as possible. Gathered until your  brain was in a state of overload!

Watching others you have  tried to learn from them.

The problem is you can watch and you can read, BUT…there are things that Parenting 101 won’t tell you.

They won’t tell you how the minute you hold your newborn in your arms, that you have committed your heart to walking outside of your body for the rest of your life. They won’t tell you the panic you will feel, when your precious one has been sleeping for so long, without a peep. How you quietly will tip toe to their crib to  look at them, as you hold your breath and check that they are breathing.

No book prepares you for the guilt that can take over, how you can question everything you do. No video can simulate the true worry you have when your little one is ill for the first time. Your brain rushes through all the 101 illnesses that you read about ,so that you know what to do, but now they are all in one big gobbley guk mess in your brain.

Parenting 101 doesn’t say how it feels when it is late at night and you have no idea where your child is, the fear that strikes your heart. It doesn’t say how you would feel a protection so fierce that you would rather cut off your arm then see your child go through gut-wrenching pain. A DVD can’t simulate for you the helplessness you feel at your child’s pain that you can’t put a band-aid on to fix.

Parenting 101 also doesn’t  prepare you for the pride you feel when your child walks for the very first time. How  when you hear them say, ” I love you”, and your heart melts like it never has before.

It doesn’t convey how when that little hand squeezes yours, that your whole body tingles  all over.Your heart feels as warm as the sun and you squeeze that little hand tight, knowing it won’t be little forever.

You are not prepared for the magic of the goodnight hugs and kisses and the fun of reading their favorite stories.

No DVD can simulate for you the true joy you feel, as you are  having a conversation that goes beyond Clifford and animal crackers, a conversation with a child that is growing.  While they are talking , you are thinking, ” Gee, I like this child , a pretty cool kid!” Then the flash of pride  hits you when you can say, “And they are mine! All mine!”

Parenting 101 prepares you for the basics, not for the emotions, not for the reality of being a parent. It can’t describe how many times your heart will break, but it also can’t describe the infinite joys that you will have. Yes many moments of guilt and so many other mixed emotions are in store. But remember this, when your child can look at you with tears in their eyes and say, “I love you ,and I know you love me so infinitely much and always will.” That’s when you know that somehow, someway, amidst all the mistakes, you still must have done something right! That is all you need to know to show you that you can make it through this jungle, called Parenting. There are plenty of scary things in the jungle, but the jungle is full of beauty as well! Don’t miss the beauty or the crazy monkeys. Laughter is a very important tool to keeping your sanity as you go through this  jungle.



Dewey’s Friendship Circle

Dewey and Jaxon stretched as they felt a soft breeze blow over their faces. They looked at each other and sat up, both of them rubbing their stomachs. The memory of Breakfast and the feeling of being full was becoming very distant. Lunch was overdue, so Dewey and Jaxon were eager to get home. Off they started at a fast pace…. suddenly Dewey stopped in his tracks, making Jaxon run smack into him. Jaxon wasn’t too happy, but at least Dewey  was softer to run into then that tree had been. He wondered what was going on with Dewey, did he spot something?

No, he hadn’t spotted a thing, but Dewey felt a tug in his heart. He was remembering his friends that were stuck in a net swaying from a tree. It had been hilarious at how Jaxon and him had managed to outsmart them, that was up for no debate, BUT….they probably had been there long enough by now. Dewey wondered if they had learned anything from their time in the tree. He guessed time would tell. He told Jaxon they needed to go back and let them out. Jaxon stared wide-eyed at Dewey. He was shocked to remember that they were still there, with waking up from his nap he had forgotten that. Jackalopes do have a great memory, but their short term memory can have issues.

Jaxon agreed with Dewey, even though he was getting pretty hungry! He hoped that they could get them out of the tree rather quickly, so that his growling stomach could be tended to.

They reached the tree and called out cheerful Hellos to their friends. They were not exactly met by the same response. Instead it was with piercing gazes! Dewey’s stomach started feeling a little nervous. He had a knack for getting himself into sticky situations like this, also known as big holes. What was going to happen when they released them from the tree. He wasn’t exactly expecting to be showered with tons of praise. Dewey looked up at their faces again, nope didn’t quite see anything resembling a grateful look in their eyes.

While Dewey was pondering all this, Jaxon went behind the tree to release the magic cord that would lower the net to the ground. He asked Dewey to help, showing him what to do.  It was supposed to be a nice, easy, smooth process. Dewey should have known, with his luck, things rarely went as planned. The smallest things could get so complicated.

The net slowly was coming down. Dewey and Jaxon were raptly watching as they stood on top of a little hill, next to the large Oak tree. The man-servant and Odessa had just made it to the ground when …WHOA! What happened?  Dewey and Jaxon found themselves entangled in a net! Dewey had accidentally pulled another magic cord at the same time he had pulled the cord to release his friends.They heard the laughter coming from their friends, talk about the tables suddenly turning! Couldn’t Dewey ever completely win at something? Apparently today was not the day.

The more they tried to untangle themselves from the net the  more tangled they became. OH NO,  they started rolling down the hill! Ohhhh this definitely wasn’t looking good. Dewey knew what was at the bottom of the hill…the RIVER! They were picking up speed and once again Dewey saw his life flashing before his eyes.

Jaxon was standing on the ground trying to grab the net as it went rolling past but missed. He had used up the last of his magic for the day in getting himself out of the net. Oh Dewey was NOT going to be happy with him.

Wow! Jaxon couldn’t believe it. Odessa was flying towards Dewey and the man-servant was running to him. Were they really going to help him ? It looked that way. Odessa managed to pull the net off of Dewey  with her teeth and the man-servant grabbed him. They were at the very edge of the river. Dewey’s fur was standing on end, he had been so nervous! He could barely speak as he looked up at Odessa and the man-servant. He managed to squeak out a little  “Thank you.” Jaxon ran to them and gave Dewey a hug. With no one being scared anymore they all shared a  laugh at how quickly things had spun out of control.

Odessa said how funny they had looked rolling down the hill together, until Jaxon suddenly disappeared. Dewey gave him a little glare, as Jaxon had a little impish grin. Dewey responded to Odessa reminding her how she and the man-servant had looked funny swaying up in the tree. Hearing that  the man-servant gave Odessa a look and the next thing Dewey and Jaxon knew they were being picked up and held right over the flowing river. Apologies came sputtering out of Dewey and Jaxon’s mouth at a rapid rate. Odessa and the man-servant accepted them, BUT…the man-servant said, “Just so you remember NOT to trap us in a net again….” and the cool water splashed half way up Dewey, as he was dipped in the river.He jumped out of the man-servants arms and took off at a run. Jaxon and Odessa were laughing as they watched Dewey run and Jaxon was glad that Odessa had been nicer to him!

After a little run and a good shake Dewey turned back to look at his laughing friends. He had to smile inside. He was so lucky to have them! They could joke around, but he knew that they would never let anything really bad happen to him, and he would be there for them as well. Isn’t that what friends were for! Besides he thought, it would be awfully lonely to go on adventures by himself. With that thought he called out to them to hurry up, for he was getting mighty hungry. They all picked up the pace as the circle of friends headed home.

Hope you enjoyed the story, I do have to add something very important though. I had a little help with this story. I will give  credit where credit is due this time 🙂 The idea of  Dewey and Jaxon going to release Odessa and the man-servant from the tree may have been suggested to me. Plus Dewey and Jaxon getting tangled in a net and having it roll down a hill towards a river. No, can’t take credit for that being my idea. Shoot, poor Dewey never had misfortune befall him like that before. He fortunately is still “talking” to me.

Last of all I was told that I should  have a happy ending. An ending  where they all celebrated their friendship. How can you argue with that! For friendship is one of the greatest, most fun adventures that you can have through life!  As for the name of the person who offered these suggestions,  I am pretty confident that is known without me saying a word. 🙂 If you are confused,  just take a look at the comments after my Surprise Dewey story on Tuesday. Have a great week-end my friends!


The baby bird pecking away at its shell, wondering if all this pecking  is worth the effort? Will  it ever see what is outside of this egg?  Surely there must be an easier way.

The caterpillar was tired,  he felt like his energy had been all used up as he struggled to break free of its cocoon. Was he really capable of this ?  As of now he surely didn’t feel like it!

The male Emperor penguin huddles against hundreds of others to keep warm as he protects his most valuable egg. The egg that holds his precious baby penguin inside it. He endures -60degree temps, with 100 mph winds in Antarctica. The female meanwhile is walking 50 miles over the ice to the sea, to gorge herself on food that she will  bring back to her little one.



Crack, goes the egg! The baby bird sees the light of day. He feels the love of his Mama as she cuddles him against her body, under  the softness of her wing.  He  rests contently after being fed, enjoying his reward from the endurance he showed ,at his  perseverance of chipping away at the egg.

WOW! She is flying! Oh how great this feels to  not be crawling on the ground. She can soar in the air and what great  beauty she sees as she gazes at the other butterflies. Warmth passes through her as she identifies with them. Now her days are filled with flying and drinking sweet nectar from the  flowers.  The days of enduring being  in a dark cocoon and fighting to get out are now a distant memory.

What was that? He hears her call, a call like no other penguin. Each has a unique call of its own. His mate is back, she made the long trek back from the sea and is now ready to embrace her mate. She is anxious to  lay eyes on her child for the very first time. The joy of the reunion makes the days of shivering in the bitter cold and walking the long miles all worth it. They are a family now and the strength of a family endures, whatever comes their way!


Break on through to the other side:       Butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.  It needs to go through the struggle of freeing itself in order for it's wings to grow strong enough to fly.:     EMPEROR PENGUIN holding his egg on the tops of his feet to keep them toasty warm..:

Remember these!

Fluffernutter sandwich historyWere these a part of your childhood?

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and came across a recipe for Fluffernutter cookies. In an instant I was swept back to my childhood and eating Fluffernutter sandwiches! How could you NOT like them?? Shockingly enough I was speaking to a friend of mine about them and just the thought of them turned her stomach. How? I didn’t get it. Peanut Butter is something that has always been good and Marshmallow Fluff….well that is like eating a Marshmallow cloud! You didn’t have to put it in a sandwich, just put your spoon in the jar and YUM!

I haven’t had one of these for a long time and they probably would be a little too sweet for me now to eat, BUT…there were  many happy days of eating them. For some strange reason,  my girls never went for the sandwiches. They didn’t even want Marshmallow Fluff on a spoon! They did not have that important part of childhood. Oh well, I tried, I can’t help them and their strange food choices 🙂

So did your mouth water when looking at this picture, or do you side with my friend who says NO WAY?? What foods bring back memories of your childhood?

My sister used to make me Ketchup sandwiches, how many of you have tried them? It was a special treat made with love. Can’t say we still eat them today, some things are meant to only stay in your childhood 🙂