The Right Job!

It is the last day of July!  How can that be?  As the summer gets closer to being over, the time gets closer to me finding a job.  Summer slow down!!!

If I knew the exact job that I was looking for, it would be easier,  but I really don’t know.  Lots of options pass through my mind and then the reasons why that job wouldn’t work passes through just as quickly.

My dear friend who has quite the sense of humor told me to look into driving a Taxi.  Yes, I see your smiles!  I don’t believe that I need to go into detail at why that might not be the best job for me.  Then again, it could be an adventurous ride for some people!

It was suggested that I could work at the hospital.  I could be the person that delivers the trays to patients rooms.  Now at first that sounded great.  I could help spread a smile to those that really need it.  Then it hit me though at the small problem I would face.  I have seen the carts that carry the trays.  They are quite big, and the top rack on them are quite high!  For my new readers , height is not one of my most favorable qualities.  Yes, I am under 5 feet tall, not much, but still under.

Another suggestion was made, what about being a transporter?   You wheel the patients on stretchers and wheelchairs to where they need to go.  Again I would love the patient contact, but…  Some of those stretchers can be pretty big and heavy to push!  Plus what if the stretchers or wheelchairs attract things to them like my vehicle does.  May not have very happy patients!

So the job search continues. There is something out there I know! Any suggestions? 🙂

Fun with Ice Cream 

Ice cream was calling our name today!  A friend of my daughter’s won a gift certificate for a wonderful ice cream place near us.  She told my daughter that she wanted to treat us to ice cream.  Wasn’t that very sweet of her!

I do love the friends that my kids have.  My husband and I have enjoyed getting to know them over the years.  Our house is always open to them! 

The only negative thing about their friends is that they are growing older.  I was headed into the grocery store last week and a truck pulled up to me with a handsome guy in it telling me “Hi!” 

 I smiled as I returned the greeting and shook my head at him.  How could he be driving now!  This is the same child that would jump around my house with my kids, as they acted like monkeys.  They were between 5 and 7 years old.  Time is just crazy! 

We enjoyed a nice chat.  I laughed as he said how now that he has his license his parents are always sending him out on errands.  I told him that he has many, many errands to run before he even comes close to equaling all the times that his parents.drove him to places.   He laugbed as he agreed.  

So back to the ice cream.  Sorry for the little diversion.  The ice cream was delicious and we talked about school, jobs, and the beach. 🙂

 My daughter’s friend had just got back from a trip to the beach. Her very first time going to the ocean!   She loved it, didn’t want to come back.  I told her that I completely understood!! 

We savored the flavor of the ice cream as we laughed and talked some more. I told them about one of my childhood memories of going out for ice cream with my family.

 I was around 7 or 8years old,  and had ordered a Banana Split, a big one!  I still remember my Dad grinning when he saw my expression at how big it was.  He said that he was sure he would have to help me finish it.  Well much to his surprise he didn’t even get a bite!  I finished the whole thing all by myself.  I don’t know if it was that I was really hungry or more that I was determined to prove my Dad wrong.  At that young of an age I still couldn’t turn down a challenge.  

Fun memories and a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and perhaps you need to take a trip to your closest ice cream shop!  Not just for the ice cream,  but for a time of pleasure with simple conversation. 

The Glorious Field of Red


The table had been set with care, all that was needed was its all important guest.  The flowers danced around in the breeze waiting in anticipation .  The time once again had come.  Let the celebration begin!

The red carpet had been rolled out.  A grander carpet you could not find.  It was perfect! The flowers were so many, counting them would be like trying to count the stars in the sky.

Time was passing,  where was she?  After all these years she was never late!  She never missed the date.  The teapot was full and the chairs stood erect, they were waiting.

“Hurry please my dear! I must not be late!”  “Are you sure that I look fine?”

The granddaughter smiled. ” Oh Grandma you look divine, I love the way your eyes shine!”

She smiled at her granddaughter’s words, not only did her eyes shine, but her heart as well, for true love it did hold.

The clock chimed, it was time.  She made her way to the door, leaving a misty eyed but smiling granddaughter behind.  Her granddaughter understood even if some others never would.

This was a special day.   For 55 years this day had held a lot of meaning.  How could she just forget?  Her husband’s birthday was today, a day to celebrate.  All the joy he had brought her through his years could not be put into words.  Every year they had a special date out in this glorious field of red.  Every year she got out her special china, setting the table just right. They  would dine for awhile and then he would stand up with a smile,  and put out his hand asking if she would care to dance in the glorious field of red.  No music was needed, the song was in their hearts.  No words were needed as they let their eyes speak.  She felt pure bliss as she swayed with her head on his shoulder.

Her husband had been gone for 10 years now but why should the celebration of this special day end?   The years may have passed, but his memory still was strong.  She would continue celebrating him,  and on this day she would remember him in this special way.   For as long as she could she would recreate one of the wonderful memories that his birthday held.  She poured herself a cup of tea and felt his love speak to her in the gentle breeze.

His love flowed all around her and she raised her cup of tea in a toast to his memory.

She gently put the cup down, got up from the table, and faced his chair where she curtsied. She felt his left hand hold her right hand, and his right hand gently on her back. She placed her left hand on his shoulder and, as the music started, she waltzed once again through the glorious field of red. When the music ended, he bowed to her, and she curtsied in response. She gave him a radiant smile that only he ever saw. “Same time next year?” she asked. “Same time next year!” he replied. She turned and made her way back to her table… and her cup of tea.

The last paragraph is thanks to Colin! He wrote it in the comments. I was touched by it and thought it fit perfectly, so I  had to add it!  🙂




Swinging from the Tree

Jinx laid his book down and sighed.  He had to go do something, reading wasn’t helping.  He had to get his mind thinking about something else, for what he was thinking about was driving him crazy.  There were no answers forthcoming about the questions in his head so he needed to just put them out of his brain for now.

“Hey Jangle, why don’t we go for a hike today?”  Jangle looked up from his book about Monkeys and replied.  “Sure, I was beginning to doze off, so some exercise would be good. ”

Jinx looked at Jangle for a little bit and then said, ” I have to ask, why are you reading a book about monkeys? ”

” They are my favorite animal! ”

“Hmm…That would make sense… you do…”

“I do what?” Jangle replied, as he was getting some water bottles together to take. Before Jinx had a chance to answer Jangle dropped both bottles spilling water everywhere! He bent down to pick the bottle up, losing his balance and  doing a belly flop on the floor.

Jinx shook his head thinking how no more needed said, his point had just been proven!

Soon they had a backpack together of some snacks and more water bottles and were ready to go.

They had been walking for a little while in silence admiring the colorful birds flying around, looking for the “Nene” the Hawaii State Bird.  Soon they came to a meadow where they could sit and rest for awhile and enjoy their snacks.  After a little rest Jinx pulled a kite out of the backpack.

“Oh great idea Jinx, I didn’t know you had a kite!”

“Yes, I bought it awhile ago and thought today would be a great day to try it out.”

Jinx unrolled the string of the red kite and started to run with it. The bright red kite was going higher and higher into the air and  Jinx was smiling ear to ear.

“Hey Jinx, you may want to look out for the ….”

It was too late, the red kite has already got tangled high up in the branches of the tree!  Jinx stood there and scratched his head for a second and then decided there was only one thing to do, he started to climb.

Jangle walked to the tree to watch Jinx more closely as he climbed. ” Be careful that you don’t fall,  you don’t exactly have that great of balance you know!”

Jinx almost had the kite in his grasp when he slipped!  He was hanging by one hand.  He tried to grab the other branch but missed.  He swung a leg up onto the other branch and slowly tried to make his way to the kite again.  Finally he got it, but just as he did he started to fall backwards!  He grabbed a branch as he was hanging half upside down.  He was beginning to really wonder about his “smart” idea in climbing the tree.  Worried a little about what consequences his actions may lead to, but it was too late now.  With his heart beating fast he twisted his body around to get a better grip on the branch.  He did a little more tricky maneuvering and finally it paid off.   He let out a big breath as both of his feet finally touched the ground.

Jangle was smiling as he looked at Jinx. “Glad you made it back down, that was quite the show to watch!” Jinx rolled his eyes.

” Here Jangle, why don’t you have a turn, I think I may grab another snack.”

Jangle was glad to take the kite.  They both had a relaxing afternoon of taking turns flying the kite and making sure that they stayed away from the tree.

Back home that night Jangle picked his book back up to read.  He started laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“Oh I am just looking at a picture in here.  It reminded me of you!  See how the monkey is hanging halfway upside down!  It is too bad that I didn’t have any bananas to throw up to you while you were in the tree!  You made a fine monkey my friend, a fine monkey indeed!”



Wacky Wednesday

I am going to spend the day with my sister  today.  I am helping her with food preparation for my nephew’s wedding that is coming up.  When I told my husband this last night, he said to me, “YOU are going to HELP your sister cook, BUT…” My warning look stopped him from going further! Though he went no further on that, he changed the subject to  “Please be careful as you drive up there, don’t hit anything!”  I shake my head, he still doesn’t get it.  I can’t help that my vehicle is a magnet for things jumping out at it! Before your mind starts to wander to far, No, I have not been in any serious accidents!  I am talking about mailboxes and signs and garage doors jumping out at me. My van apparently puts out a silent signal that they all heed!

Some pictures may have come to my mind last night, as I was thinking about the conversation between my husband and I. This next picture describes perfectly  what I was thinking about his comments.  What comes to mind when you look at the picture? What about the other pictures? Put on your creative thinking cap again and have fun!  What would some perfect quotes for these pictures be?  Do one or do them all!  Share below in the comments.  Have a wonderful Wacky Wednesday!







Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! There can be so many meanings in just one word, like I said in my post this week-end. All it takes is One Word.  What is one word that is on your mind today?  is it bringing you good memories or driving you crazy?  Perhaps your word will be used in one of the quotes today. Quotes: Where many words are put together to form some wonderful meanings! 🙂  Which quote will be your favorite?  Have an Amazing Day!  May many smiles come your way!


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3. 15267899_1292725860800765_8394457951435400441_nOH YES, I remember these mornings.   Not everything is as true now. No more having to ask about brushed teeth, BUT… still the coat battle!

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The Magic Spell


“What do you think Danny? Think our sandcastle will stay standing and not be swept away?”

“I do! Don’t you?”

“I do!  I gave it some magic powers!”

“Magic powers?  Gee Trevor, you are so smart!  What did you do?”

“Do you promise not to tell?”

“I promise!  Nothing will make me tell, not even a double dog dare!”

“Cross your heart and pinky swear?”

“Yes, yes, yes, now what magic did you give it?”

“Its buried underneath the castle and I just know it will work!”

“What is it Trevvy, tell me!”

“Daddy’s phone! ”

“WHAT!” You buried….”

“SSH! You promised not to tell!”

“OK  brother, but I don’t understand, Daddy’s phone not magic!”

“Sure it is!  There has to be something magical about it, for he looks at it all the time! Remember when you were doing your goofy dance trying to get his attention?  He didn’t look up, even when Mommy yelled.  It is like he was under a powerful magic spell!”

“And now our castle is under that strong magic spell!  Gee brother, that is swell!”

Just then a giant wave came and collapsed the sand castle,  sweeping the phone deep into the ocean!”

Shock and dismay covered the boys faces!  Trevor turned to his brother and said, “Remember Danny, you promised not to tell!”




Reaching Out

Recently there were 2 news stories that really stood out to me. One stood out to me because of the show of human kindness; it warmed my heart! The other one unfortunately showed the exact opposite. I will first share the one where it shows that mankind still has a compassionate, caring heart!

A family was vacationing at the beach when 2 of their boys got stuck in a riptide. Riptides are so dangerous and unfortunately there have been many deaths related to them. Watch this short video to see what happens when humans decided to pull together and help those in need! If only we could show this spirit more often! No one gave a care about race, religion, etc. They just saw people that desperately needed help and they went into action.



Now this next news story just chilled me.  Like I said, it unfortunately shows the exact opposite side of human nature.  The side we hear about too often, and I know, here I am giving another example.  Sorry, but there is a point I want to make.


HORRIBLE! YES! There is no dispute.  It is a tragedy, and I know its not the first of its kind.  People have turned a blind eye to others being beaten to death, have turned a blind eye to others being raped.  It’s sickening, but its real. What is wrong with people?

I could make a very long post about what is wrong with people today, but that’s not the point I wanted to make.  These 2 stories made me think.  While I would never stand by and mock a drowning man, have I ever not helped someone when they needed it?  How many times have I turned a blind eye?

That’s  a hard question, for we all want to be seen as those who reach out and care for another!  I do try my best, but I am sure there have been the times where I have missed the opportunity to save someone that is “drowning.”  Drowning in the troubles of life.  Who knows if a couple words from me or a smile would have helped brighten their day, but was I too busy to get my list of things done for the day?  Did I miss smiling at that person that I passed by in the store because I was busy looking at my phone?  You say its just a smile,  but what if it would have been the only smile that person would have got that day?   Did I hurry someone off the phone because I needed to run,  right before they were getting ready to share their broken heart?

There are times that I really miss being a waitress.  I miss getting to know people that I wouldn’t come in contact with any other way.   I enjoyed taking the time to really get to know my customers.  I still see some of my regular customers in my mind and remember the conversations we had.  I knew when they were having a bad day and I gave a listening ear and I had fun with them on their good days.  Jokes would flow back and forth quite frequently.  I made sure that they got their dose of laughter for the day.

Thinking about it I guess in a way this blog is like a coffee shop. We share fun moments and serious ones in our posts.  Some of you are like my regular customers who I often  chat with  beyond the posts on good and bad days and the laughter often flies as well.  Hmmm… the only thing missing is that I don’t collect tips.  That’s OK, there are better things than money!

The thing is that unless we stay in our homes 24/7 we come in contact with people every day.  We have countless opportunities to give a smile, and a wave in person, and through our “coffee shop” blogs.  We  never know when that smile and wave may turn into a conversation that was needed that day,  or the smile may have been enough to give the person a lift to carry them through the day.

Yes, we are human and yes we are going to get too busy and miss opportunities, but it doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t say that we can’t try to be more aware  so that we are quicker to seize the opportunities when they come.  I can guarantee that if we do, we are not going to regret it! Our heart will be touched with a feeling that can’t be compared.

All it takes is One Word

via Daily Prompt: Gate

When I saw this word in my Reader for the Daily Prompt I laughed as I shook my head. I laughed for the word “gate” brought an incident from my past  to my mind that I had been talking about with friends just that day.

I had shared before how pictures can jog your brain and bring back memories that make you smile. How you can look at one picture and be transported back in time. Words can do the same. One word  can hold more meaning then just its definition.  They can remind us of fun conversations and crazy incidents.

My friend texted me last night.  She was watching a show and on it the boyfriend had a pet name for his girlfriend. It was “Fluffer Nutter”.  I laughed as I texted her back.  That used to only be the name of a sandwich that I loved eating when I was younger.  Last year I had told my dear friends about the sandwich, which they had never heard before, and suffice to say their response changed the meaning of that name for me forever.

The word “monopoly” makes me think of how every Christmas when I was a child we would have a big Monopoly game between my older siblings and my parents . I  remember being so excited when I was finally old enough to play.  Though after losing multiple times I found it more fun to cheer my brother and sister on.  The object was for someone to beat my Dad and it was obtained a few times.

When someone mentions the word truffle, I want to go back to Switzerland and have some of their truffles.  Want to sit by the lake again as we sample the different kinds that we had  purchased at the shop.  A beautiful spring day of watching a Swan on the lake and filling our stomach with sweet treats.

I obviously can never hear the word “Jackalope” again now without thinking of Jaxon, and the story behind how he came to be one of the characters on Moonbeam Farm.   I hear the word “owl”  and immediately think of the sharp wit of Odessa, and of course Dewey rules when the word “cat” comes up!  Don’t you all agree?

Phrases like ” May I help you” and “Just ask”, are polite phrases that we all know.  These 2 phrases hold an additional meaning for me now,  given the number of times I have heard them and the context that they were in.  All in a fun way, but they certainly don’t only hold the polite meaning for me anymore.

Mention the word “pond” and I can still hear the sounds of the bullfrogs from the pond I visited so many times over 20 years ago.  The word “butterfly”  reminds me of the pet butterfly that my youngest had taken care of until its wing healed and it could fly again.

The list is unending!  What words compile the list in your brain?  What images do they bring to your mind?   May your day be blessed with wonderful words today.   May you hear them and spread them to others.   We can never spread too many words bring smiles to others.  Words that evoke pleasant images in your mind and bring a smile to the heart with perhaps a laugh as well.