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You can get lost in the Pinterest website with all they have to look at. Its like going down a rabbit hole! I was browsing for a picture and “Did you know?” facts started popping up. I thought some would be fun to share some on here.  So the post tonight is brought to you by Pinterest, Enjoy! 


I am not interested in that kind of perfume!
It would be great to be able to see that far away! Barn Owls are special, especially Odessa! If you haven’t met the warm-hearted, sassy Odessa yet, just click on the link of “The Odessa Chronicles” book cover in the right margin and find some friends for life!
Ummmm… No thanks! I would rather go on the 30 minute walk! I like to be able to sleep at night.
Correction, I think most people can find it, just might not happen the first time that you read it. How many times did you read it before finding the mistake? Pretty sure the regular readers of my blog can figure out how many times it took me!
I thought this was pretty cool!
Do you see the woman?

Not Heeding the Warning

The aroma of bacon frying was in the air. Soft music was playing from her new CD, Dan Gibson’s Forest Cello. Lisette enjoyed listening to the sounds of nature, mixed with a cello in the background. The breakfast casserole only had 10 minutes left to be in the oven and then breakfast would be ready.  Amanda and Rachel would soon be down to eat with her. 

Amanda had been a guest longer. After the traumatic experience she went through  it had been suggested to her by Sarah, that she stay with Lisette for awhile in the peaceful town of Borden. She needed to get away from all the drama that had been in her life for awhile. With her employer going to prison she had no job, so now was the time to  take a little vacation. A nice breather, before starting the job hunt.  Lisette was more than happy to have her at the Inn. 

Rachel  was in the film industry. No major box office hits yet, but she was working her way up there with several films under her belt. Like Amanda, Rachel needed a break to  find some serenity. Lisette felt honored that Rachel picked her quaint Inn to vacation at. 

Rachel and Amanda both had vivacious personalities, and Lisette loved having the Inn full of life and laughter. 

The sound of laughter flowed into the kitchen where Lisette was, her guests were ready for breakfast. 

Plans for the day had been made. Rachel was going hiking and Amanda wanted to visit Miss. Jill’s fabric and dress store. Miss. Jill was back there running the store again, after her time away, which Lisette didn’t talk about. There was no need to have everyone know Miss. Jill’s secrets.  Lisette had grocery shopping to do, for she had more guests coming this evening. 

She was looking forward to tonight’s visitors from Bittersweet Creek. Mason Picklefoot was coming to pick up some new coffee mix  from the Fluffer Nutter shop. Cara had convinced Mason that they needed to serve it at their diner.  She told him it was a hot selling item. Lisette laughed to herself, she knew very well why Cara was sending Mason to her Inn and it wasn’t for the sole purpose of picking up coffee. Always the matchmaker Cara was trying once again. 

Mr. Tippner was coming along too, Lisette found out. She figured that Mason was a little suspicious of Cara’s reasons to have him come to the Inn, so he was bringing along his friend for back up. Did he really think that would help. Lisette was curious how it all would play out, as far as she knew Rachel and Amanda were not dating anyone. They hadn’t mentioned anyone in conversation and Amanda had talked very highly about Mason. She smiled, yes this would be interesting to see what might or might not transpire, Lisette thought as she finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes. 

Meanwhile back in Bittersweet Creek, Mason and Tippner were getting ready to soon make the trip to Borden. Mason was shaking his head, for Cara seemed extra happy today, bouncing around the diner. He thought her smile looked like she was hiding something. He knew she was up to something, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. He was glad that Tippner had agreed to come along with him . He had told Cara that if she wanted the sweet coffee so badly she should drive and get it, but her car just happened to be in the shop for the week. Strangely convenient thought Mason and then he had thought of Sarah going. Surely she would want to see Lisette again, but she was tied up with working at the florist shop and could not possibly get away. He noticed a sly smile on her face too as she tried to explain. Women! Thought they were so clever! 

On the way to the Inn Mason and Tippner were talking. 

“Isn’t Lisette the one with this supposed magical cow bell?” asked Tippner. 

“Yes, she is! Apparently you just shake the bell and plumes of colored smoke come out and then you get taken to a special place.” Mason said with a touch of skepticism in his voice. “If you ask me, I think the ladies may have had a little too much to drink before ringing this bell.” 

Tippner laughed, “I agree! That sounds a lot more logical. Too much drinking is likely to always cause problems. ” 

“Perhaps we can ask to see it and then shake it right in front of them, proving that nothing happens. Wouldn’t that be funny to see the expressions on their faces!” Mason said. 

“I think we should do that. Show them that we can’t be fooled by talk of a magical bell. Believing in magical bells, what is next, believing that animals can talk.” Tippner said, and laughed as he looked at Mason, remembering his experience with Creampuff the lamb. 

Mason shook his head, not saying a word, but giving his friend a look, which made Tippner chuckle more. 

They continued chatting until Tippner fell asleep and started snoring. Mason turned up the radio to drown out the sound. Unfortunately with him turning up the radio he was jamming to the music more and not watching his speed. When he saw the lights flashing in his rearview mirror he groaned, and might have let out a few other words. Tippner woke up, and his eyes got big when he saw a cop standing at the window. 

It didn’t take long for the cop to write a ticket and soon they were on their way again. Mason was careful to keep an eye on the speed the rest of the way to Borden. 

Amanda knew that Mason was coming for supper and that was why she had wanted to go shopping in town for a new dress. Not anything fancy, she just wanted something nice that she could feel pretty in. She couldn’t ignore Mason’s handsome looks and wearing something she felt good in would help her feel more confident around him. 

Feeling happy about what she had found, she finished getting dressed in her room when she heard the doorbell ring. They had arrived. 

Rachel was in the room with her. “You look great! Don’t be nervous. Just relax and be yourself and see what happens.” Rachel said, trying to calm Amanda’s nerves. 

Amanda turned thankful eyes towards Rachel. “Glad that you and Lisette are here.” She looked at herself in the mirror once more time, running the brush through her hair. “Okay, lets go, I am ready.” she said , smiling confidently as they walked out of the room and headed downstairs. 

They all agreed that Lisette had outdone herself by the great meal that she fixed. Chicken and dumplings, with corn soufflé and the best homemade rolls with honey butter. Conversation had flowed easily and they all were enjoying themselves when Lisette brought out the warm Cherry pie and vanilla ice cream. 

With full stomachs they all went into the sitting room to relax and enjoy some more conversation. They also were going to watch Mason and Tippner play some Chess. Rachel had said she would watch them play and that perhaps she could play the winner. She could tell they were surprised, little did they know that she had played many times with her brother and had actually been the Chess champ in Highschool. She would keep that info to herself until after she won.  

Before they played Mason asked a question, as he winked at Tippner. “Do you happen to have that famous magical cow bell that took you and Sarah to all kinds of places. I would love to see it, if I could.” 

“I do have it, I finally found it. I thought I had lost it, but found it in my yard not too long ago. You may see it, just make sure you don’t shake it!” she said. 

“Of course, wouldn’t think of it.” replied Mason with a smile. He heard Tippner trying to stifle his laugh. 

Lisette looked at them. “You guys don’t believe in it, do you?” she asked. 

They both tried to put on innocent faces, as the ladies rolled their eyes. 

“Well I can’t make you believe, but I will warn you, you really don’t want to shake it if you don’t believe in it! I have talked to the lady whose Grandfather had this bell and he said there was a bad spell for people who didn’t believe in its magic.” 

“Oooh dear, what happens!” said Mason and Tippner together pretending to shake. 

Lisette shook her head as she went upstairs to get the bell. 

She was back downstairs within a few minutes and gave the bell to Mason. Tippner came over to Mason to see it touching it as it laid in Mason’s hand. “Looks ordinary to me. Perhaps we should talk to it Mason, You know like “Mirror Mirror on the wall..”   Mason started laughing and said, “Bell oh magical bell, whose the handsomest of them all?” 

“I don’t hear anything.” said Tippner, I think you need to shake it. Let’s do it together, shall we!” 

“I really wouldn’t if I was you.” said Lisette. 

“But you aren’t us.” they said. 

“I,2,3…!” and they shook it together. Pink and blue smoke billowed in the air, filling the room. When it faded away, Lisette, Rachel and Amanda were speechless as they gazed in shock. Then they laughed until they cried. 

“I tried to warn you!” said Lisette. 

The only reply she received was a “Meow!” from the 2 new cats that had suddenly appeared. 

It didn’t take long for the ladies to ooh and ahh over the cats, saying how pretty and fluffy they were. 


Lisette turned to Rachel and Amanda. “I think we need to make a shopping trip for a scratching post, for I don’t want these new cats clawing my furniture. My Mom bought me the new couch and she would be furious at having it ruined. We also need some litter boxes.” at this they started laughing again. 

“Hmmm… I wonder how they plan to play Chess with paws?” Rachel asked. 

“Did you notice their tails? They seem bent at a strange angle, like they are out of joint.” said Amanda. 

“They are so quiet. I guess the cat truly has their tongue this time!” 

As the ladies went to leave, Lisette said some parting words. “Don’t worry guys, I was told that the spell would only last 24 hours. Perhaps next time you will heed my warning.” and she smirked while walking out the door. 

Mason and Tippner looked at each other. it would be a long time before they lived this down! “MEOW!” they spat. 


Mason’s Week Off!

Have you been wondering about how Mason, the town’s hero,  dealt with being in the Dunk Tank, and having ladies trying to win a date with him? Well wonder no more, Jason would like to set the story straight.  He wrote the story that I am posting today. Its good that poor Mason has someone like Jason  to defend him. If you missed the previous story, here is the link, Hero of the Town

                                                                           Mason’s Week Off! 

Mason was a bit embarrassed with himself over the dating contest. What had he been thinking? And Cara was so agreeable to this idea and really set him up good. After a bitter battle with several tie-break rounds, Sarah had won the contest, though Mason suspected she had a little help from Cara. Mason needed some time to think and recover from this odd turn of events.

The next day Cara hummed happily to herself as she walked in to the coffee shop to start working for the day. She stopped in her tracks startled by what she saw. There behind the counter in a three-piece suit complete with watch and chain, was a man that looked remarkably similar to Mason except he was graying at the temples and had a mustache and goatee. “Oh hello.” He said “You must be Cara. My name is Grayson, I’m Mason’s older brother. I’m afraid Mason was called out of town to look after his mother who has taken quite ill.”

‘Grayson.’ Cara thought ‘yeah sure. Another one of Mason’s tricks to make me look foolish. I am not falling for this sad disguise.’

“His mother is ill, huh?” Cara asked with a smug look “Wouldn’t that also be your mother, Grayson?”

“Oh, ummmm… no, you see we um have the same father but different mothers. Yeah, so it is his mother and not mine.” Grayson said stumbling over his words.

“I see.” said Cara completely unconvinced “You and Mason certainly do look a lot alike she said.”

“Yes” Grayson said “The Picklefoot looks runs strong among the men of our family. Here is a picture of Mason and me when I was 20 and he was 16.”

Cara examined the picture and was still unconvinced as she knew how Mason enjoyed using Photoshop, but she let it go for now. She was formulating a nice plan for Mason. That would teach him to play tricks on her.

Later that afternoon Sarah came into the shop. She had been tipped off by Cara about this Grayson fellow being just Mason in a disguise. Cara introduced Sarah to Grayson and immediately set about arranging for them to go out to dinner. Sarah would get her date with Mason no matter what kind of shenanigans he pulled.

So Sarah and Grayson went out for a nice dinner and enjoyed a lovely walk down by the creek and over the course of the week began to fall deeply in love with each other. Sarah was surprised that Mason had maintained the charade of being Grayson for the entire time, but he seemed quite dedicated to his plan. She enjoyed his company none the less. Cara was so happy with herself because she had finally gotten Mason and Sarah together and she could now rest easily knowing that there was one less available man in Bittersweet Creek.

The next Monday morning Cara once again hummed happily to herself as she walked to the coffee shop. Sarah was so happy with Mason even though he still pretended to be his older brother. Cara once again stopped in her tracks once she entered the shop. There behind the counter stood Mason looking like his old self with no silly disguise. “I see you decided to drop the disguise and be yourself again.” Cara said with a grin.

“What are you talking about?” Mason asked. Just then Grayson walked out of the back room and Cara’s nearly fainted. She couldn’t believe it. There really was a Grayson.

“Grayson told me that you have been quite nice to him this last week. I appreciate it. I just had to get away for a week, so I went  to the beach and asked my brother to fill in for me and make excuses for my absence.”

For the first time in Cara’s adult life, she was temporarily at a loss for words. She opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say.

“Oh by the way, to make up for all of our recent troubles I got you a gift. There was a nice boutique at the beach and I saw a nice beach bag that I thought you’d like.” Mason said.

“Uh, thank you. It’s wonderful.” A flustered Cara stammered “but what about Sarah?”

“Sarah?” Mason said “I didn’t get her a beach bag. Oops.”

“No matter.” Grayson said “Sarah and I are planning a trip together to the sea and I shall buy her any gift she likes.”

Grayson and Sarah did go off together and their love for each other grew with each passing day. Mason congratulated them on their new found love and happily went about the business of his coffee shop. Cara, while being happy for her friend Sarah, was still plotting to cure dear Mason of his bachelorhood.


Take 10!

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Rachel flinched, she knew she was walking on a thin rope with Barry. She steeled herself for his tirade as he walked towards her. Surprised by his soft voice, she looked up at him.

“Rachel I am trying my best to stay calm, but you do realize this is the 10th take, right? Do you have a clue, because it seems like your mind is anywhere but here! Your head is in the clouds, you barely got any of your words right!”

He was a teapot, almost reaching the boiling point!

“I am sorry, I promise I will do better!” Rachel said, as the dog started to whine.

“I sure hope so” Barry replied, while scratching the dog’s ears. “If only you could talk, I would give her lines to you buddy!”

Rachel made a little smile. She could do this. They were almost finished filming for the day, she just had to finish this last scene.

After 2 more takes they were finally done, she had pulled it off and she saw the great relief on Barry’s face. She also heard him mumbling about how he may start working with only animals. That they were a lot easier! Rachel laughed, he was a great director and he often threatened to quit, but she knew he never would.

She headed out as soon as they were done. Changed out of the dress, and into her comfy outfit. She didn’t stop to chat to anyone. She was ready to hit the road and be alone with her thoughts.

Driving in her cherry red convertible, with the wind blowing through her hair. Ahh! It felt so freeing as she started to relax from the stress of the day.

Rachel enjoyed acting, but she was sooo ready for vacation! She was overdue for one. Had been working from morning to night to finish this movie, and she was exhausted.

Her bags were packed in her car and she should be at her destination within a few hours. As long as the plane wasn’t delayed.

Typically she went to popular vacation spots but this time she was checking out a small, remote town. She thought it would be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and go to a more unknown spot.

Loving the woods, this place appealed to her. It was a small town with unique shops. Who had ever heard of a Fluffer Nutter Shop. She was anxious to check it out. What really drew her attention to the spot was hearing about the nice woods closeby. She was looking forward to hiking and breathing in nature’s beauty.

She would be staying in a B&B, it had a wrap around porch and looked so inviting. The place seemed to be the perfect place to unwind at, which was exactly what she needed.

Unwind and let herself sort through all the thoughts going through her mind. Did she want to keep making movies? It used to be exciting going to different locations to film but lately she was getting burned out. Maybe a vacation was all she needed to refuel.

Pushing on the gas pedal a little more she she saw the sign for the airport. Almost there, and then it was off to the little town of Borden. Smiling she thought of the peaceful 2 weeks that stretched ahead of her. 2 weeks of no schedule, only days of relaxing peace.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

How is your Tuesday going so far? Mine is starting off well, for we got a new dishwasher! Ours bit the dust and my sister in law was quick to empathize with me, in that being tragic! I know, its sad how we have become so accustomed to the comforts that technology can bring! First world problems!

Thankful for the things that may not be a necessity, but they do help to make our lives easier!

Enjoy the quotes and have a great day!


Hero of the Town

This is the conclusion to yesterday’s post. Taking a Detour

Amanda tried to see if someone was sitting in the brown Chevy Cruze, but couldn’t see through the tinted windows. She decided that she was just going to try to act like normal. Surely no one would try anything in broad daylight in the middle of town.  Trying to be braver than she felt, she started walking towards the florist shop. 

Mason decided to walk down to Tippner’s bike shop while he was on his break. He could use a new bike and a new helmet. The air was a little brisk, but it felt good to get outside. He walked down the sidewalk thinking of bikes and on whether or not he was going to ask Sarah out for dinner some night. Perhaps he would swing by the flower shop too, if he had time. Oh, what was he doing, did he really want a woman to complicate his life? She really was nice though, and according to Cara, she was interested in him. Who could blame her, he thought. He laughed. He had said that to Cara when she told him and she said nothing, just rolled her eyes. The next day, the old Country station that he listened to played the song, “Hard to be Humble”, and he turned it up as he sang along. There were no customers to hear him, for they were closed, so he could sing as loudly as he wanted. 

Tippner’s bike shop was just a few steps away, and Mason was about to walk in when he noticed something. That looked like Amanda ahead of him, but who was the guy with her? She had been alone when she came into the coffee shop earlier and she hadn’t mentioned being with anyone. The guy had a hold of her arm and something didn’t seem right to Mason, as he walked towards them. 

“Hi Amanda! Where are you headed?” Mason said, as he walked up behind her. 

Amanda and the man turned around. The man didn’t look too happy, but Mason was more concerned about how Amanda looked. Her face was ashen. This was not the same girl who had been smiling and laughing earlier in his coffee shop. Something was wrong. 

“We are just taking a nice walk, thought I would show my friend around. ” Amanda replied. 

Showing her friend around, thought Mason, she just arrived here, she doesn’t know her way around. He could see the pleading look in Amanda’s eyes and he knew he had to think fast! 

“Well enjoy, I best be getting back to work”, said Mason and he turned around. 

He waited a few moments and then turned back around and attacked the man with Amanda. Catching him by surprise, he gave him a karate kick and the man fell to his knees. Mason gave him a blow to the jaw and the man fell backwards knocking himself out. 

Amanda stood there with her mouth agape and then she gave Mason a hug. “Thank you so much! I was so scared!” 

A small crowd had gathered around them and some of them were patting Mason on the back and others were wondering what was going on. 

Tippner had seen everything and was shaking his head. “I never  realized that you knew karate! I am impressed.” 

The town of Bittersweet Creek was soon filled with police as the story came out of who this man was. Amanda had to go down to the station and tell everything she knew, and she turned over the packages that were in her car. Derek had been involved in smuggling rare jewels and very expensive antiques into several other countries. The jewels were hidden in toys, the most popular toy that Derek used was the Mr. Potato Head, take him apart and the jewels were inside. 

Derek had become suspicious of Amanda and that’s why he wanted his one client to follow her. He had put a tracking device in her car. 

Amanda was too tired to go home, by the time everything was finished with the police, so Sarah invited her to spend the night at her house. Amanda was so grateful as she sat on Sarah’s couch relaxing with some tea. When they at last said goodnight, Sarah wondered if Mason’s ears were itching, for his name had come up a lot in their conversation. Sarah went to bed with a smile on her face. 

Tippner, Fuzzywhistle and Mason were at Mason’s house talking about the events of the day. 

“This is the most excitement that this town has seen in awhile!” said Tippner. 

“Who knew that you would become known as the Hero of the day!” 

Mason shook his head. “I knew I had to do something!” 

“Well I would say that you will have all the ladies of this town lined up at your shop tomorrow and it won’t be to just buy coffee!” Tippner said with a chuckle. 

Mason smiled at the thought of Sarah being jealous, if a line of women really did show up at the coffee shop tomorrow. Perhaps this could work to his advantage, he started thinking and thought of a great idea. He would tell Cara tomorrow and let her organize it.  Later he went to bed that night with a smug smile on his face, looking forward to the days ahead. 

The day had finally come, this was going to be good thought Mason. Tippner had told him that he was a genius for the idea that he had. 

A week ago he had told Cara about his idea. He thought she should have a contest for all the ladies. The prize would be a date with him. At first she had told him he was crazy but later that day she came back to him saying she thought she could pull it off. As Tippner had said, there were several ladies in the coffee shop the day after Mason had saved Amanda. Some had left their phone numbers on slips of paper for him, and others were bold enough to ask him straight out for a date. Mason was floating high and Cara was afraid his head may explode from being so puffed up. 

Sunday afternoon the town was abuzz, all the ladies were so excited about the contest. Mason was too, though he still didn’t know yet what kind of contest it would be, he just knew that the prize was a date with him! What better prize could there be, he thought. 

Sarah and Cara were huddled together laughing as they watched Mason shaking all the ladies hands that were lined up and flashing them his charming smile. 

“Look at him strutting like a proud peacock!” Sarah said. 

“Oh yes! He is in his glory. If he only knew!” Cara said, and they both laughed again. 

AT 2pm they walked over to Mason and the ladies. They were in the park in the center of the town and lots of townspeople had come out to watch, for the contest was the talk of the town. There was something in the middle of the park, with a big tarp over it. No one except Sara and Cara knew what was under it. Now it was time for the big reveal! 

“May I have your attention everyone!” said Cara as she stood in front of the tarp. “Thank you all for coming out today to this big event. A fun contest to win a date for our charming hero of Bittersweet Creek!” Cheers went up from the crowd. 

Cara and Sarah pulled off the tarp and everyone started laughing as it dawned on them what the contest would be. 

“Line up ladies and get your arms ready to throw! Hit the target and give our hero a little swim! You get 3 tries and if you send him for a swim you get a date. Mason, everyone is waiting, climb up the ladder and take a seat on the chair please.” Sarah said, with a twinkle in her eye. 

Mason looked at Cara and she gave him a wink, “Good idea, eh, look at all these ladies lined up for you!”

They knew they had him, he couldn’t back out and let the whole line of ladies disappointed. Knowing he would be a good sport they laughed at the look on his face, and Sarah was beaming, as she got in line. 




Taking a Detour

This is a continuation from yesterday’s post, Unsettling Questions!

Amanda kept looking and even though she made several turns, the brown Cruz was still on her tail. Her hands started sweating, as she tried to remain calm, thinking about what she should do. The Cruz looked familiar, she thought she had seen it several times at Derek’s house. Most recently was 2 days ago, when Derek had a 10 am appointment. She had never got a good look at the man, but she remembered the vehicle. Why would he be following her? 

There were railroad tracks up ahead, Amanda sped up, hoping that she would get over the tracks and a train would block her pursuer from following. She made it across and was so relieved to hear a train coming. Breathing a little easier now she kept driving but then realized that if her pursuer knew where she was headed to, it wouldn’t matter that he was delayed by a train, he would catch up to her. Amanda quickly decided that she wasn’t going to be dropping off the packages anytime soon. She didn’t turn like Suri told her too, she just kept going straight. 

Where she was headed to, she had no idea, but for now she just needed to get away. She would decide what to do with the packages later. 

Feeling calmer, Amanda turned on the radio and started singing along. Music always lifted one’s spirits! She kept driving, avoiding main roads, seeking out a back roads adventure. She found herself on a country road lined by Maple and Oak trees. Amanda was surprised how fast time flew by, she was glad she had started with a full tank of gas. Suri had long ago given up on her and stopped “recalculating.”  She was silent now. 

Looking at the packages beside her, she wondered if she dared to open them? Didn’t she have the right to know what packages she was delivering? Sure, she did, so why hadn’t she looked before? Amanda knew that as much as she had wanted to know she also didn’t want to know, she was afraid to know. Easier for her to deny that she could be delivering something illegal if she never actually knew what it was. Oh yes, she had to get away from this job, what kind of person was she turning into! 

Up ahead she saw a farm. Awh, that was such a cute white lamb that she saw behind the fence. A smile crossed her face again, she loved animals. She drove a little farther and felt the stirrings of hunger, it had been quite awhile since breakfast. Hopefully she would see a place that she could stop at to get herself some food. After driving a few more miles, she entered a town and was glad to see a little coffee shop on the corner.  Not noticing any other restaurants around, she hoped that they had some food to serve with the coffee. 

Cara was cleaning off a table when Amanda walked in. “Hi! Welcome!  Find a seat wherever you would like and I will be right with you.” Cara said. 

Amanda looked around the shop, she liked it. The place had a warm, cozy feeling to it, with its bright yellow walls. There also were vases with beautiful flowers as centerpieces on the tables. Stunning pictures of nature were displayed on the walls in golden frames. 

“I love the pictures you have.” Amanda said to Cara when she came to take her order. 

“They are all original photos taken by Mason Picklefoot, the owner of this shop.” 

“Wow! He has a great gift.”  Amanda replied and Cara agreed. 

“Thank you very much.” said Mason, who had overheard, as he passed by the table. He stopped to talk to Amanda. “There was another photo that I wanted to hang on the wall, but…” he looked at Cara with a grin, “She didn’t think the customers would want to see a picture of a cow.” 

Cara was biting her tongue. She knew exactly what picture he was talking about. The one of her dressed up as a grandma, sitting on Clarabelle’s back, right before Clarabelle decided to run through the middle of town! She was a fan of his photography, but not of that photo! 

“Oh, I love cows! In fact I passed a farm on the way here, that had the cutest little lamb, and a cow behind the fence.” 

“Awh! You saw Creampuff.” said Amanda, “She is precious.” 

“And the cow’s name would be Clarabelle.” added Mason. “That’s who the picture was of.” 

“Well I think Clarabelle deserves to have her picture hanging.” Amanda said, she heard Mason laughing when he walked away. Cara just shook her head. 

“Would you like to try our new delicious Banana Mocha coffee?” Cara asked, trying to get the subject off of Clarabelle! 

“Sounds great, and I will take your chicken salad sandwich with that please.” 

“Coming right up!” 

Cara headed back towards the kitchen. Mason was there with a smirk still on his face. She grabbed a rag  that was lying on the counter and threw it at him. “That’s to help you wipe your smirk off!” Cara said, making a face, but having to laugh. 

Amanda was thinking that after she ate she may just wander around this town a bit. Clear her head some more as she thought about what she was going to do. Would she go back to Derek’s? Should she open the packages? 

The coffee was so sweet and the chicken salad tasted great. The grapes and pecans added to it, made it extra good. After leaving Cara a nice tip, she said goodbye to her and Mason and walked outside. Cara had told her that she needed to check out the flower shop, so that was where she was going to head to first. Then she had mentioned Mr.Tippner’s bike shop. He rented bikes for those who wanted to go on some bike paths that they had. Ran right by the creek. Cara had said it was a lovely route. It had been a long time since Amanda had rode a bike, but the thought appealed to her. 

Oh No! She gasped! What was the brown Cruze doing parked across the street. It couldn’t be the same one that had been following her, could it? 

Unsettling Questions!

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Amanda hoped that she was making the instructions specific enough for Belinda to understand. More importantly she hoped that she had chosen the right person for this job. Derek had been very clear about the kind of person he needed and he said he trusted Amanda to find the right one. Amanda wished that she had as much faith in herself as Derek did.

Derek was so particular, that Amanda didn’t know why he didn’t want to choose the person himself. Why did he put so much trust in Amanda to find the right woman for the job? She also was curious as to all the duties that he wanted Amanda to make a list of for Belinda. There were things listed that were not your typical duties for a housekeeper/cook.

Amanda had been Derek’s personal secretary for a year now and she was used to his idiosyncrasies, but lately he had been acting extra strange.

He was a business man, and a very wealthy one! Amanda didn’t know many details about his business. She only knew what he felt was important to tell her, dates and times of appointments to remind him about. She ran errands for him as well, picking up packages and delivering them. Amanda often wondered what was in the little boxes, but she knew better than to ask.

In the beginning this job bothered her, for she had so many unanswered questions about what Derek really did for a living. She had almost quit a couple times, but when her paychecks would come, she would convince herself that it was okay, she didn’t need to know. They were the biggest paychecks she had ever received! One day she was living from paycheck to paycheck and the next day she gets hired by Derek, and her money troubles vanished into thin air!

She was driving a metallic blue Lexus. The car of her dreams and eating at fancy restaurants. Shopped at stores that had always been too expensive for her to shop at before. Going on exotic vacations, to St. Thomas and Jamaica. Derek paid for everything on the vacations, he needed her with him, he said. All she had to do was run some daily errands for him on vacation and the rest of the time she got to relax! In so many ways she was living the dream.

Living the dream during the day, but at night when it was dark and she was alone with her thoughts, she was afraid. Afraid of what she had got herself into. Amanda may not be the smartest woman, but she wasn’t dumb either, she knew that Derek had to be into something illegal, to be making the kind of money he was making.

Her stomach was churning now , what was she doing? How did she know that she wasn’t getting Belinda into trouble by hiring her? It was one thing for Amanda to be caught in a web that she didn’t feel like she could get out of, but why draw another innocent woman into it?

Amanda didn’t know what to do, she really had no choice. She had already told Derek about Belinda. She was supposed to start tomorrow. Belinda was all excited to be working in such a nice mansion and she told Amanda how much she needed the money.

Taking a deep breath Amanda finished the list. Belinda would be okay, she didn’t know about the packages that Amanda delivered for Derek. She was just going to be cleaning and cooking. Amanda partially wished that she could trade jobs with Belinda, though Derek would take one bite of her cooking and probably fire her on the spot. Cooking wasn’t one of her talents.

Looking at the time Amanda knew she had to leave soon. Derek had 3 packages he wanted delivered today and these 3 places she had never been to before. Usually she went to the same places, but he met 3 different men last week, and she figured these 3 packages were going to them. She never talked to anyone when she delivered the packages, in fact she never saw anyone. She would just drop them off at the location that Derek sent her too and put them in the red container. Amanda shook her head, how could she had ever thought that doing this was okay, like it was perfectly normal to drop off packages in remote areas.

Grabbing her keys, she made a decision, she had to find another job. Her Mama didn’t raise no fool! She may not be able to dine on fancy food anymore and own so many clothes, but she needed peace of mind! Amanda smiled, yes, she would do this! No more guilt about her job! Driving down the road she felt better. That feeling started changing though, as she watched in her rearview mirror. Was she being followed?