The Extra Special Potion

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Where was it? It had to be here! Once more she poured over each bottle, so as not to miss any bottle. Coming to the last bottle she smacked her hand down on the desk, it really was missing. Maybe she had used it up and forgot to make more, but she typically kept very detailed records. Going over her records for the 3rd time, she sighed, there was nothing written about her using her extra special potion.

Oh well, no use continuing to fret about it and getting herself all in a tizzy. Time was ticking away. She would make some more, hoping that she had all the ingredients that were needed. Lauren grabbed the 3 golden pots from her cupboard and got to work.

Aaron was sitting on a park bench enjoying his latest Stephen King mystery. It would soon be getting too cold to sit outside, but for now the crispness in the air helped to keep him cool as his suspense grew. He was engrossed, forgetting about his surroundings.

Stumbling over a log Lauren yelled. She sat on the ground for a little rubbing her ankle. Could things get any worse? Her extra special potion was missing and halfway through mixing up another pot, the one pot boiled over making a huge sticky mess on the floor. What was worse is that now the batch was ruined. She had to start over and was missing some critical ingredients. Hopefully she could find what she needed, as long as she could keep walking! Standing up she tested her ankle by taking a step. It would be Ok, just sore. Going slower she made a promise to herself to watch more closely for things that could trip her up.

“Did you see her?” the man asked, with a strange accent.

Aaron continued reading, not paying the man any attention.

“Tell her I’m not here, I am going to hide. Can I use your hat please to disguise myself?” The man reached for Aaron’s hat which was lying beside him.

Now he did have Aaron’s attention! Aaron wasn’t quite sure what to say. The man had taken Aaron’s hat and put it on his head.

Cocking his head at the man, with a strange accent, he asked, “Excuse me sir, but that is my hat! What are you doing?”

“Hiding! Let me know if you see her.” The funny old man bent his head down low putting the hat in front of his face.

“See who!” Aaron replied, giving the old man a weird look.

“The invisible woman!”

Aaron was getting exasperated now. This crazy old man had interrupted his book and taken his hat to hide from an invisible woman! This man needed some serious help, but Aaron wasn’t the guy. He got up and walked as far away from him as he could get. Let the guy have his hat if it made him happy, he could always get another one. Really , he didn’t know why he even still had the hat. His ex-wife had given it to him. Hmm… kind of made even more sense now for the crazy man to have it.

Finding another bench in front of a tree he sat down, took out his book mark and began reading once more.

Great! Lauren was right behind the tree and noticed Aaron sitting down. His hair was the perfect shade of brown. Chestnut brown, now to take only a little snip. It would be so quick the man would never notice. She waited for him to get engrossed into his book again. Then SNIP! She got it, put it in her bottle and walked towards the crazy old man sitting on the bench. Lauren had been amused watching his interaction with Aaron. Hmm… an invisible woman? Maybe she could try to make up a potion for that.

Oh, talking about women, one was walking towards the old man. Lauren felt her heart skip a beat, things were working out after all. She needed the hair of a female as well, but how was she going to get it? The lady had to sit down and right now she was standing with her hands on her hips looking at the old man. Lauren moved closer to hear what she was saying.

“Arthur, you are allowed to come out to the park, BUT you have to tell people where you are going! We have all been searching for you.”

“I was playing Hide and Seek, Congrats, you found me. Now you go hide. ” Arthur ‘s eyes lit up, giving her a teasing smile.

“You are impossible, you know!” she threw her hands in the air and sat down beside him.

Lauren quickly moved so she would be right behind the young lady. SNIP! She got it. Now only 1 ingredient remained, but that one could be a little harder.

Arthur and the lady were still yapping, but who knew how long before they left, she had to act fast.

“Excuse me sir. ”

Arthur and the young lady looked up in surprise.

“I was admiring your hat and wondered if I could buy it from you?”

A dreamy expression crossed Arthur’s face, as he saw dollar signs in his eyes. But before he spoke, Julie interrupted. Taking the hat off of Arthur she handed it to Lauren. “Take it! Its not his anyway.”

“Oh thank you so much!” Lauren was excited. That went easier than expected. Now to go home and get this special potion made! She went running through the park towards home.

Giving Julie a disgruntled look, Arthur said, ” You owe me a hat.”

“I saw the whole thing Arthur. I don’t owe you a hat, that hat wasn’t yours! It was the hat of the poor man who you scared away! Lets go you crazy man.”

Getting up Arthur was still muttering to himself, “giving away a perfectly good hat. I could have made some money.” Julie laughed, and patted his arm. “Poor Arthur! And by the way you need to work on your British accent!”

The potion was finished at last and just in the nick of time. Every day at 3pm Randy was out walking his dog and would pass by her house. It was 2:45. Quickly she drank the potion and waited for him to pass by. She only needed to drink half of it but she downed the whole bottle.

There he was. He had his shaggy sheepdog with him. She had spoken to him a few times, but he hadn’t seemed interested in her, that would all change now. Randy prepare to meet the love of your life, she thought to herself as she opened the door and walked outside to meet him.

Randy was walking down the sidewalk thinking how lucky he was to find the sheepdog in the woods a couple weeks ago. It was a wonderful companion, life was … OH, WOW! Who was that enchanting woman walking towards him? His heart was thumping like a drum. She was speaking to him, but he couldn’t even understand her words, due to his rush of emotions! He was completely twitterpatted, as he found himself taking her hand and kissing it. Then he looked into her emerald green eyes, feeling drawn in to its depths. He put his arm around her neck, stroking her bare neck with his hand. Catching his breath, he leaned in to kiss her ruby red lips and closed his eyes.

He didn’t see Lauren’s wink and sly, seductive smile. The potion was working even better than she had imagined. Her extra special Love Potion Number 19! After serving 18 happy customers, it was her turn!

41 thoughts on “The Extra Special Potion

  1. After making that potion so many times, it must seem like old hat to her by now.

    I was hoping that the sheepdog, not being fooled by the potion, would jump up and send Lauren into the mud and save Randy by pulling him away.

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