This one word prompt was given today by WordPress and it struck a chord with me so will give it a try.

Life is a staircase. You take 2 steps up and you are feeling good, thinking you are gaining ground and then before you know it you are taking 4 steps backwards. But take heart, for  you will go forward again, and even going 1 step forward is still moving forward!

My daughter was thrilled with steps when she was younger. My husband and I remember being at a shopping mall with her and she was having the most fun going up 3 steps and back down 3 steps and back up. We thought she would tire out soon, but nope she kept going;  like the Energizer Bunny. If only I could take her shopping now and have her be thrilled with going up steps and down steps or riding the escalator up and down. No, we don’t need to buy anything Mom, lets just ride the escalator 🙂 That would be easier on the wallet and good  exercise. Well guess the escalator wouldn’t be exercise 🙂

Yes, life is like a spiral staircase, you don’t know what turns life is gonna give you. But as long as you are holding onto faith, love, laughter, hope and joy as you climb you will make it! And there may even be  some days where you take 6 steps in a single leap! SMILE at those days and smile even when you fall as you step up.( I know I am not the only one that has tripped up the steps) For as we all know, nothing wrong in falling, just make sure you get back up! And hey if you want to sit on a step and rest awhile, that is OK too! Maybe you will catch a escalator coming by 🙂

Moving to Italy!

11407237_818716801547142_5468341039084785933_n.jpg 534×960 pixels: Ponte Rialto and gondola at sunset in Venice, Italy. Love Venice but haven't been back in so many years. !!!Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square), is the principal public square of Venice, Italy:

Good afternoon everyone! So did my title capture your attention? Did you gasp? LOL! Don’t worry, not moving to Italy….well at least not yet. I just decided this was an appropriate title. Today was the election for the Primary’s and if the results end up the same for the Presidential Election in November than this post may become true 🙂 and that is as far as my “political” post will go!

If you are looking for a place to put on your Bucket list, I highly encourage it to be Italy! Venice in particular! Let it put you under its spell as you ride a gondola and eat the BEST Gelato! You haven’t had Gelato til you had it from Venice. OH I can still taste it.

The other plus is you don’t have to worry about a driver’s license;  you walk, ride bike or operate a boat. I think I may be safer steering a boat. LOL! And I already am good at talking with my hands! Ok, so I don’t exactly have specific gestures that mean things,but I do use my hands when I talk. Italians have 250 gestures that they use! Yeah the tour guide didn’t quite teach us all of them 🙂

Well gotta go brush up on my Italian if we are moving next year 🙂 All I remember is “Prego”, anyone know what that means? No, it means more than  the brand name of Spaghetti sauce, Ha! We told the tour guide that is what it meant in America 🙂

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Beach Quotes - Smell the sea and feel the sky. let your soul fly - travel quotes - vacation inspiration - beach love,: A day at the beach restores the soul. #Quote. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is going to workItems similar to Unique and Beautiful Beach Decor Handpainted Hanging Wood Sign,Ocean, Sea, Coastal, Distressed, Made From Reclaimed Beach Wood on Etsy HI! We pause in this series of thoughts to ask, “Can you tell what is on my mind?” 🙂 I didn’t even number these quotes,got so caught up in just seeing the beauty of the beach. I love nature, I feel its so healing. Love the mountains, but right now am desiring the beach! So if you are too, enjoy these thoughts as you close your eyes and picture yourself there! And if you are NOT a beach person, you are CRAZY! LOL! Just kidding!! I do have friends that aren’t wild about the beach, in fact one friend that lives in Florida, but has not been to the beach yet! Has lived there over a year. I just shake my head. So if you aren’t a beach lover I am sorry, will have something for you next week 🙂 Have a SUNSHINY, BETTER-THAN-AVERAGE kind of day my friends! It is supposed to storm here today, so I will keep dreaming about the beach!

Walking barefoot on the beach... was love at first sight the day I met the beach!:  um, how .. utterly romantic in its own stream of conciousness ☀️Oh, yes... please put me in a "time out" on some sunny beach.☀️: Beach Saying:  I could fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing every night: Wood Sign, Advice From The Ocean Larger Hand Painted Wooden Plaque, Beach Decor, Beach Theme, Beach Quotes and Sayings, Nautical Décor, Coastal Rustic Nauti Wood Signs


Good Morning! Do you wish you were still in bed dreaming? I do, but that should be no surprise to you all! I will say that with it getting brighter now earlier, that definitely helps getting up in the morning. The sun does give you a little more pep in your step compared to it being dark and you thinking that it has to be night time still.

I did something awhile back that I think I will do again. I thought of a word and posted the first things that came up about it when going to Pinterest. I woke up remembering my dream and so am going with that word. I dream ALL the time, what about you?

On image of SHELL FALLS in WYOMING, USA -- "A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities." Tolkien -- Explore literary quotes at Well of course a quote would be the first thing to pop up 🙂 You are getting some quotes before Tuesday 🙂

I need a night like this in my life.. In the near future.. this would be cool with faces at the bottom:

What Dreams May Come [awesome illustration of dandelion puff and fairy tale world and outer space]: Beautiful Dream Catcher Ideas and TutorialsMake a big statement in the nursery with a simple painted wall - a starry night mural and a favorite phrase make an awesome focal wall.:

There you go my friends start out your week by DREAMING BIG! 🙂 Have a GREAT DAY!

Friday’s 6 word story!

Not real…doesn’t mean no tears.

The inspiration for these words came from last night. We were watching ER, anyone remember that show, it ran for 15 seasons. We made it to Season 15 last night. Anyway I know I am not the only one who gets choked up and has tears come when something sad happens in a show. You tell yourself this isn’t real, that person is really not dead, but still you get caught up in the emotion of the show where it seems so real. Am I right?? This happens with books too. I lose myself in the book and the people become real and I feel their happiness and their sadness. Shoot even kids books, Remember Velveteen Rabbit, that can choke you up, can’t it?? 🙂 Have a great day everyone and don’t be afraid to show emotions, that’s what we have them for 🙂

The Magic of Book Spines

Did the title intrigue you? 🙂 Some of my blogger friends on here are in a poetry online course and their task for one day was to look at the books on their bookshelves and do a poem using the titles. I enjoyed the creativity that they spun with that and thought I would like to give it a try. I am NOT a poet, but thought it would be fun to use book titles. So I have tweaked the rules some since I am not in the class 🙂 I will write a short story based on the titles of the books. I wrote down the first 10 books I saw, well may have tweaked that a little, but here you go. Will see what magic happens.

The Penny was laying on the road feeling down on itself. All everyone sees is a old, rusty penny. If only they could See Me! The years that were the The Best of Me. I been laying here for quite awhile as The Distant Hours keep passing by, Someday perhaps someone will choose me for something special. As the SUN-SET another day passed.

The next day The Penny noticed something else , it was laying smack down in A Bend in the Road. Hmm…what could it be. 2 people were on the road Coming Home for lunch break and they spied The Letter in the road and bent down to pick it up and went on their way. Once again The Penny lay there neglected. Oh wait a minute something had fallen out of the envelope when the people were walking, it was A Locket! The Penny had seen something like that before that was in a special box on a little girls dresser. He was nice and shiny back then,as he laid beside the velvet box.  He loved to stare at himself through the big Looking Glass that was on the dresser and see his reflection.

OH he heard someone coming again. It was a old man leaning on a cane as he walked down the dusty road. He bent down and saw The Penny and The Locket. The Penny was holding his breath, what would The Choice be that the man would make. He picked up The Locket and The Penny quietly sighed. Wait, what was happening?  The man had actually sat down and was wiping his eyes as he looked at a picture in The Locket. What was he saying to himself?

“Oh Lora Lee how beautiful you were back then and still are to me! I miss you so! I can’t believe I found this, my heart is beating faster than it has in a long time!” At that moment the man picked up The Penny! The Penny was ecstatic as he heard the man say, “I always knew there was such a thing as a Lucky Penny! You are coming home with me and will lay you in a very special place right next to my dear Lora Lee’s locket; for you helped bring a piece of her back home to me!”


The Water Glasss….(not what you think)

I found this  poem today and had to share it.  Should have had it to share on my post, “But I am not dreaming!”  If you are feeling burdened and alone today, please share with someone. We were never meant to carry our burdens alone! We were created to need each other, to be there for each other, to not act like we have to be SuperMan or SuperWoman!

I saw a short story about a Professor that lectured a class one day on Stress and how we manage it. She stood in front of the class with a half  full water glass in her hand. Everyone thought she was gonna talk about the glass being half empty or half full, but she didn’t. Instead she asked them how hard they thought it would be to hold the glass. Well of course it looked easy. Who can’t hold a water glass? But try holding it up for a hour and your hand may begin cramping a little. Hold it for 8 hours and your arm will be numb! Go longer then that and see how you feel. That is how a lot of us deal with stress. We carry it by ourselves and never put it down and wonder why we get worn out!

Yes, you make yourself vulnerable when you share, and there may be those out there that don’t understand your struggles when you do share; but don’t let that stop you. Don’t let it stop you from releasing your pain and letting family and friends come around you to help lift the burden from you. No, they can’t totally take it away. We can’t stop the rain from falling on our loved ones, but we can be their umbrella to help soften the feel of the drops as they fall.

So I encourage you to put your water glass down today if your arm is growing numb from the weight, or be the one that picks up someone else’s water glass! And know that this post is challenging to me as well, sharing struggles is hard. My friend literally just challenged me this morning on this very topic.  I am learning that the water glass can be shared and I am so grateful for the “umbrella” I have. No one is meant to suffer alone!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! You survived Monday, now just to make it through the rest of the week 🙂 Today’s quotes consist of quotes by Richard Paul Evans, a author I have enjoyed reading recently.  Looking for good books?  May I suggest The Locket, The Looking Glass and The Letter. They read quickly and the quotes today have been taken from these books. The last one is from a different book. His books are fiction novels, but they do such a great job of speaking to your heart. He writes in a way that pulls you in, and keeps you turning the pages. Hope you enjoy and that they speak to you. Have a great day!

1. “We are worthy of life, of love, of kindness and gentleness. Until we see ourselves worthy of love, we will forever be chained; chained by our own perception.”

2.”Not all heroes are painted on white horses.”

3. “The most difficult of decisions are often not the ones in which we cannot determine the correct course, rather the ones in which we are certain of the path, but fear the journey.”

4. “Even the most horrible of nightmares are laced with the promise of dawn.”

5. “There are times I have been tempted to protect my heart from further disappointment with cynicism…but it would be like poisoning myself to avoid being murdered.”

6. “How often the course of life is changed in one pulse of the heart.”

7. “The greatest shackles we bear in this life are those forged by our own fears.”

8. “It is a folly of our species, that we reserve the greatest bouquets for the dead.”

9. “The most important story we will ever write in life, is our own….not with ink..but in the daily choices we make.”

10.Richard Paul Evans:

Sunshine has arrived!!!

Good afternoon everyone! I just came in from being outside in the beautiful weather! Figured that I better get on here to celebrate the weather, since I may possibly have been on here before complaining about the weather 🙂 But not today! The temperature is just right at a nice 76 degrees!  The smell of spring is in the air and you can’t help but let it put a SPRING in your step! Your toes aren’t freezing anymore if you wear flip flops and no chills on your arms  either.

Thinking about Spring makes me think of my hubby’s birthday that is coming up fast! May 3rd is the day and I think a day at the beach sounds like a wonderful gift for him, or would it be more for me, LOL!

Going on walks, bike riding, sitting on the porch swing, hiking;  all those things make Spring a great time!

I hope you are enjoying the day! Time to make some Meadow Tea, also a Springtime, Summertime favorite : Too bad you all can’t just drop by and have some Meadow Tea with me. 🙂