Back in Time

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Renee was a vibrant soul. Daring and loving adventure. Jumping off the high swing into the lake as the sun went down had been one of her favorite things to do. Nothing stopped her when she was young.

Her poor mom was often pulling out her hair over her. How many times had she climbed down the trellis right outside her bedroom window to go out for a late night walk in the moonlight with Robbie? Oh Robbie, the childhood sweetheart who had become her husband.

Renee would never forget dancing with him in the moonlight after they were married. He had proposed to her under the stars and he never lost his romantic touch over the years.

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They danced, they loved, they fought, made up and kept loving over the years. He loved her crazy spirit, even if he didn’t always go along with the things she wanted to do. She had to do the bungee jumping on her own, but he did go up in a hot air balloon with her. It was an amazing view looking down below as they flew over fields of gold.

Renee closed her photo album with warmth in her heart as memories slid down her cheeks. It had been 5 years since Robbie had died. They had shared 55 years together and she was so thankful. He always called her his sweet Renee. Rarely did he use her first name. From the day he found out that her middle name was Renee, that’s what he called her.

Looking around her apartment. she smiled as she sighed. She would always miss him, but she did have it good here. The people were real friendly. Sometimes she worried that she might be a little too much for some people, but that was her, she was loud and vivacious. Arthur seemed a little shy of her at times, but he would come around. In fact maybe she should go drop by his room.

Spraying her favorite perfume on herself, she started getting ready. The words to one of the first songs that she had sang to Robbie started running through her mind. She sang to him for the first time on one of the nights that that they had slipped away from her house and were dancing under the stars.

Her voice may not be quite what it was many years ago, but in the privacy of her room, Charlotte started to sing.

Devising a Plan

This it the continuing story about Amanda and the fight for her castle. If  you missed Part 1, here is the link, The Lost Fairytale

Nick threw his phone against the wall. Nothing was going right, he thought he had the perfect plan and it was blowing up in his face! He didn’t think it would be hard to manipulate Amanda to give in to him , but he hadn’t counted on her having a boyfriend. At least he assumed it was her boyfriend, by the way she blushed when he was around and the look she had in her eyes. He remembered when Denise used to look at him that way. Her eyes were cold now, this is why he needed the castle! Surely he would win back her love if she found out he had inherited a castle! 

He had to figure out what he was going to do about this Mason guy. Early this morning he showed up at the castle unannounced, hoping to catch Amanda off guard . Unfortunately she surprised him by introducing Mason, who had flown in the night before.  Watching Amanda run her fingers through Mason’s wavy hair made him grimace. He remembered how he used to run his fingers through the long honey brown locks of Denise’s hair. A pang went through his heart. OH Denise, how he missed her. Setting his jaw firmly in place he decided that no one was going to keep him from getting this castle! 

“This castle is amazing, I can see why you want to keep it.” 

Amanda was giving Mason a tour. Last night, by the time his flight got in he was exhausted and had wanted to go to bed. After a good night’s sleep and 2 cups of strong, black coffee this morning he was ready for the full Castle tour. Seeing Amanda again was doing things to his heart that he found hard to ignore as she was showing him room after room. How many rooms did this castle have? One could very well get lost in the castle with all the curving hallways. It was like a giant labyrinth and he felt like a little mouse in it 

“This is my Great Aunt Isabella and this is ..” Amanda was explaining the pictures in the little gallery room. 

“Mason, are you listening?” Amanda felt his warm eyes on her. 

After some moments of silence passed, Amanda spoke, trying to remain calm. This was Mason, yes he was attractive with his luxurious hair and charming smile, but was he feeling attracted to her too? She couldn’t forget that look he had in his eyes last night when he first saw her. He was tired, but there was a special look in his eyes that Amanda didn’t miss. Girls were observant and picked up on things like that. Could it be that she hadn’t been dreaming, that the sparks she felt start in Bittersweet Creek were mutual and growing? 

“Why don’t we take a break and go outside, I can show you the gardens, they are quite appealing to the eye.” Amanda waited for his reply. 

“That sounds quite fine with me. If their beauty matches yours, then it will be quite the lovely garden indeed.” Giving her a wink he took her hand. “Lead the way M’lady!”  Amanda had to try her hardest to control the flutters in her heart. 

They headed for the gardens, and soon they were outside in the back of the castle and Mason saw the gardens. He whistled, “You were right, its stunning!” 

Conversation was light as they walked and then when they sat down on a bench by the fountain the conversation turned to the matter of Amanda’s grandparents will and Nick fighting for it. 

“I know Nick isn’t who he says he is, I just can tell.” 

Mason shook his head, “I believe you, but we need to prove it somehow. From what you told me before, it sounds like his lawyer is crooked. Before I forget I am supposed to tell  you that Cara and Sarah are pulling for you and Mr. Tippner too.”

Amanda smiled, she had made great friends of them all back in Bittersweet Creek and their support meant a lot. 

“Please give them all my sincere thanks, and tell me, has Mr. Tippner got any better at golfing?”

Amanda laughed, remembering the last visit she had out there and how they had all went golfing. HIs golf balls kept ending up in the water. 

They were laughing together as they shared some other fun memories, like when Mason, Tippner and Bard got drenched on the campout that they had. 

“Miss. Amanda, MIss. Amanda.” Tasha, the cook was calling to her as she came running down the path towards them. 

“There is an urgent phone call for you.” 

Amanda wondered what it could possibly be about and was instantly on her feet. 

“Go ahead and stay here, feel free to roam the rest of the gardens, and I will be back soon.” she said to Mason. 

Mason watched Amanda follow Tasha back into the castle and found himself lost in pleasant thoughts again, watching her until she was out of sight. 

Lost in a daydream, he was oblivious to the 2 guys sneaking up behind him. THUNK! Something hard hit his head, knocking him out. 

They quickly tied his hands together as they dragged him to the car, shoving him into the back seat.

The driver pressed on the gas and squealed the tires as he pulled out, heading down the road. 

Yes, it had worked! Nick felt pride. Amanda would learn that no one keeps Nick from what he wants.  Poor Mason had just shown up at the wrong time. He hated to disturb Mason and Amanda’s little rondevue in the garden, thought Nick, but Mason’s luck had just run out. Chuckling to himself he turned down an alley. Time for the fun to begin. 

(to be continued…) 









The Lost Fairytale

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She gazed out over the lake at the alluring sight in front of her. The light was beckoning her. The beauty around her was making it easy for her to forget what had happened early this morning. Forgetting was the reason she had come out here, it was what she wanted. She knew that being on the water would calm her soul, and bring her peace.

Amanda should have known that things were too good to be true. Fairytales only come true in books, not real life. In books the Princess gets to live in an amazing castle with servants at her beck and call. In the life of Amanda, she gets promised a castle and then the evil imposter takes it away!

Thinking of her dear grandparents brought her joy. She had loved the time they had together and would be forever grateful for every moment. Never regretting that she had decided to come and live at the castle with them over the past year.

She had been devastated when her Grandma died in her sleep. It was so hard, but she knew her Grandma had been so lonely without her Grandpa. He had died only a month before she did. Amanda believed that her Grandma truly did die of a broken heart. Being in the castle brought peace to Amanda, she found comfort in the castle walls, feeling close to her grandparents. After a few months passed she found herself getting into a routine and beginning to enjoy life again.

Then Nick appeared, and everything began to fall apart!

He contested the Will, where the grandparents had given Amanda the castle. He had what looked like official papers drawn up saying that the castle was his. Amanda knew they had to be fake! Her grandparents would have told her if they were planning to change their minds. Nick said they hadn’t wanted her to know, but why would that be? He was a liar and she knew it! If only she could prove it!

He wasn’t even related to them, why would they leave their home to him, none of it made sense.

According to Nick he had met them a few years ago, when he applied for a job at the castle. They had hired him and he had been their most trusted servant, up until he had to leave to take care of an ill family member.

He appeared to be truly grieving when they died, and offered all his sympathy to Amanda. She thought he was so compassionate and appreciated his care of her over the first couple weeks after her Grandma died. He made sure she ate and would go on walks with her letting her talk. She had talked too much apparently! Never should have told him about them leaving her the castle. He had got strangely silent when she said that and started asking questions, which she had naively answered. She never dreamed that he would betray her and take the castle away from her! He showed up again early this morning giving her a veiled threat if she didn’t move out.

She should try to fight it, and prove that the copy of the Will he has is fake. Or should she just give it up without a fight? She sat in the boat thinking as she kept rowing toward the light.

An image appeared in her head, making her heart smile, and causing butterflies to dance inside of her. It was of someone who had become special to her, but she had left him so she could spend more time with her grandparent’s . Mason’s charming smile came to her mind, and she felt the softness of his luxurious, wavy hair when she closed her eyes. Maybe she had lost a castle but that didn’t mean she couldn’t go and find her Prince.

The Golden Ticket to a New Beginning

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Lynelle groaned as Trent let another joke roll off his tongue! He was laughing as she looked at him shaking her head, which only made him laugh louder.

“Aww cmon honey, you know that was a good one!”

“I know that it is midnight and I need to get up early!”

With that, she rolled over in bed, but not without letting out a big sigh and then she made the bed shake as she started punching her pillow. Trent sighed too, Lynelle was always so dramatic.

“I have one for you.”

Trent perked up, maybe Lynelle was coming around.

“What is it, let me hear it!”

“What does a husband who won’t be quiet have in common with the poor dinosaurs? ”

“Oooh that is cold!” Trent looked at Lynelle, who now had the show of a faint smile on her face.

“I will take a hint, but someday … you will see! Someday the world will know my name, I will be the greatest comedian around.”

Lynelle smiled in the dark. He drove her crazy at times, but she did love his Happy spirit. He was an optimist for sure. Always looking for his big break, certain that it would be soon. Lynelle was thankful that in the mean time he had a well paying job as a corporate executive, let him keep dreaming, she didn’t mind. Tomorrow she was due to get her hair done, then her nails and the full treatment at the spa. They opened at 8am, and she had the first appointment of the day, she needed her beauty sleep now.

Trent sat at the kitchen table with his empty bowl in front of him, he had finished off the peanut butter ice cream. Now there was an excuse to buy more. Sleep wouldn’t come. The sheep kept jumping the fence as he counted, without his eyes growing any heavier. Lynelle had drifted off and was sleeping soundly, she hadn’t noticed that he got out of bed and came downstairs.

He sat at the table letting his mind go back in time to their Senior Prom. She was his dream date that night and she still was, he felt like the luckiest guy alive. He hadn’t told her about his meeting which would be later today. It may be the breakthrough that he was waiting for.

He was going to be meeting with a magician by the name of Lawrence. Lawrence had his own show and was looking for a comedian to open up for him. If Lawrence chose him, Trent would be making more money than he ever had before in his career as a comedian. Well okay, so this would actually be the first job he would have as a comedian and the starting pay may not be that much, but he had to start somewhere.

From what he knew Lawrence was struggling too, which explained the low pay that Trent would be making, but Lawrence was a dreamer like Trent. He sounded eager on the phone, saying how their big day was right around the corner. He and his bunnies were going to be the talk of the town and together with Trent they may make history.

Tomorrow at 2pm they were to meet in the park. Lawrence liked going there to let his bunnies run around.

Trent washed his dish and headed upstairs back to bed, he would try to get some sleep. He needed to be awake and sharp tomorrow. This may be the start of something new, goodbye corporate America, hello stage! Closing his eyes, he smiled and he started counting bunnies hopping the fence. Before too long, he was in dreamland, ZZZzzzz.

Pigs like Ice cream too!

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“Mommy I need another ice cream cone!”

Connie was coming out of the house and she stopped in her tracks. There was a pig eating her son’s ice cream cone!

“I shared with him, you always told me that its good to share. We both were licking it, but then I decided that he could have it all and I would just get another one. Please Mommy!”

Connie was thinking of how many times she would need to have Tate rinse his mouth with mouthwash tonight! Where did the pig come from? She didn’t know of any neighbors that owned pigs.

“Can I Mommy, please?” Tate was looking at her pleading eyes.

“Yes, I will go make another cone for you.”

Tate was all smiles, “Sprinkles please!” and then he ran back to the table where the pig was still enjoying his cone.

Shaking her head Connie walked back inside to make another Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream cone. Making herself one as well she walked back outside and sat with Tate as he ate his cone. Mr. Pig didn’t take too long finishing up his cone and then to Tate’s disappointment he started walking away.

He looked up at his Mom and puckered out his bottom lip. “I wanted to keep him! I was going to name him Squiggles.”

They watched to see where he would go. Walking around the front of the house after him they were shocked to see a moving van down the street from them. Mr. Squiggles was heading straight for that house and sure enough he turned in there!

Tate was ecstatic! “Mommy! Squiggles lives on our street!” They saw a young boy and girl come out from around the truck and yelled when they saw Squiggles. They ran to him, giving him hugs and then he followed them inside.

Squiggles quickly endeared himself with everyone on the street. He would often go out for walks to visit the neighbors and often get treats.

Tate became great friends with Nathaniel, who was his age. They played with Squiggles a lot! Squiggles real name was Leonardo, but to Tate he would always be Squiggles. Sometimes Squiggles would follow them down to the creek and splash in it with them. Tate never knew how much fun a pet pig could be. He kept talking to his parents about getting a pig, a playmate for Squiggles, but so far it was a losing battle. Parents could be so stubborn at times.

There was only one lady on the street that wasn’t too fond of Leonardo for she was known for growing beautiful flowers. She prided herself on earning blue ribbons at the fair every year for her stunning blue flowers.

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But not this year, thanks to Squiggles, who had decided to have them for a snack one day!

After that, Squiggles was not allowed to roam around the neighborhood without someone being with him.

One extra hot day Nathaniel and Tate were cooling off in the lake with Squiggles.

“Wouldn’t it be so cool if Squiggles could talk?”

Nathaniel grinned, “That would be awesome!”

Squiggles smiled to himself, if only they knew, humans could be so clueless.

When the Axe doesn’t Fall!

This is the conclusion to  The Surprise Reunion post. Enjoy! 


Now this was the life! Mr. Liepet boarded the cruise ship, looking forward to 2 weeks of sailing into paradise. His last patient, Anastasia Shrewder, had made him decide to finally use his vacation time that had been accumulating. Patients like her made him wonder why he had become a psychologist. He could tell she was trouble from the start. She may be able to fool some people, but she wasn’t fooling him. Shaking his head, he wondered if there may be a day where he would be seeing her husband, the poor guy! 

“Honey, I need to run some errands, will be back in a few hours.” Anastasia kissed Randy on the cheek and walked out the door. Randy breathed a sigh of relief, he loved her, but she was beginning to drive him crazy! There was something about her that he just couldn’t put his finger on. Something that was a little frightening actually, but he probably was just letting his imagination get away from him. He had fallen for her, surely if there was really something off about her, he would have noticed when they were dating. Then again, they didn’t really date long and she ran out of the church on him, but she did come back. Oh, it was almost time for kick off, he better fix himself some lunch and get ready to watch the game. 

Anastasia felt adrenalin running through her. She had a moment of doubt creeping into her mind as she drove. Wasn’t she supposed to be turning over a new leaf? Did she really want to do this to Patrick? She had a happy life with Randy, what was she doing? It would be OK, she would turn over a new leaf after things were taken care of with Patrick. Then she would finally be able to put her past behind her! She would be the perfect little housewife, bake cookies and join a book club. The doubts began to flee, she had to do this, Patrick deserved it. 

Hiking in the woods was a favorite past time of Patrick’s. He was enjoying spending a relaxing day in the woods. It was a much needed break for him from his stressful job. The waterfalls were beautiful here and he had never seen so many purple and orange butterflies around. He had randomly picked this new trail to explore and was glad he did. 

It had taken longer than Anastasia liked but she finally had been able to track Patrick down and convinced Randy to go on a week’s vacation to the town where he lived. Late one night she had left while Randy was sleeping and found Patrick’s house. She put a tracker under Patrick’s car and today was the day that she would put her plan into action. It looked like she should soon be where his car was at. The woods was a perfect place for no one was around. She would wait patiently for him to come out. The look on his face when she confronted him would be well worth the wait. 

Oh, she had come at the right time, it wasn’t long at all that she had to wait. A sly grin broke across her face as she watched him walking towards her, oblivious to knowing she was watching from her car. A clueless man, such a normal thing. 

Patrick froze, was he dreaming! 

“Surprise! It’s me! What’s wrong, you look like you have seen a ghost?”

“I thought you had died.” Patrick sputtered out. 

“Well did you buy flowers to put on my grave? I know you must have been terribly sad, right?”

Anastasia was laughing inside, this was too fun. He was speechless. 

“It takes more than getting run over by a semi to kill me!” she gloated. 

“But enough chit chat, I really don’t want to drag this out, so bye bye Patrick.” she raised the axe to bring it down on him when … her knees buckled, and she fell face forward as the axe got taken out of her hands. 

Patrick quickly grabbed her arms, putting them behind her back. He turned to the guys that had grabbed the axe. “You guys are awesome! Thanks! Can you grab some rope out of my backpack?” Anastasia was yelling up a storm, but no one was listening.  In no time at all they had her hands tied behind her. 

Grabbing his phone out of his pocket he dialed his boss. “You aren’t going to believe who I am bringing down to the station. See you in a little while.” Patrick shot a wry grin at Anastasia. “Maybe I should stop at the flower shop on the way to the station.”  Her eyes blazed with fire. 

He put Anastasia in the car and turned around to talk more to the 3 guys who had saved his life, but they were gone. He hadn’t even got their names! 

Later that evening the 3 guys were recounting their adventure. They all agreed that they had quite the tale to tell their friend when he got back from chasing unicorns. He had missed all the excitement! 

Randy was stunned at the news. His wife was being charged with attempted murder!! It was too bad that she had come back to the church on their wedding day, would have saved him a lot of grief if she would have just stayed away. He was done with women, he was going to go buy himself a dog! 

Patrick couldn’t get those 3 nameless guys out of his mind. He sure hoped that someday he would get to meet the 3 nameless heroes again in more pleasant circumstances. 




Beauty in the Blur

Another one of Jason’s beautiful photos, that got my mind thinking. You can see more photos at

One of the most pleasant sounds of all, was the sound of her granddaughter’s laughter. Maribelle would never grow tired of hearing it.

“There goes another one!” Lizzy ran after the lightning bug trying to catch it.

Maribelle called out to her granddaughter, “Go ahead and keep catching them sugar, Grandma is going to go sit on the porch for a little.”

Lizzy was a joy to have over, but she did have boundless energy, and anymore Maribelle’s energy wasn’t quite so boundless. She found herself looking forward to bedtime. It had been a busy day, but Maribelle did love every minute of it.

Rocking on the porch, she was glad that the temps were slowly falling in the night air. Texas summers sure were hot. Some days could be miserable, but Maribelle would never move out of Texas, for all her memories were here.

Lightning bugs were flying around her blue bonnets. When some landed on the flowers, Lizzy was as quick as a wink to catch them in her hands.

Maribelle thought back to all her yesterdays. Her days of walking along the side of a country road lined with bluebonnets. Every morning she would make the walk into town to work at the mercantile and every evening she would make the trek back on her tired feet. That is until the one day when Brody offered her a ride home, and after that the days ran together in a blur of complete happiness!

Oh how she remembered walking on air when he pulled up beside her, asking if she wanted a ride. Her heart felt as high as being top of the Ferris Wheel. Brody with his dashing, cocoa brown eyes and a smile so bright, that it could light a thousand candles. The Brody who all the single girls were after, but who appeared to only have eyes for Maribelle. Every day he would come to the mercantile and he would always leave with something, no matter how small the purchase was. Maribelle would chuckle to herself, knowing full well he didn’t really need all the things he purchased. She remembered picking so many blue bonnets saying, ” He loves me, he loves me not!”

That day long ago when he asked her if she needed a ride was etched on her heart forever. She had done her best to restrain herself from jumping up and down with excitement when he asked her. Trying to be a proper Southern woman as she politely responded with a “Yes” and “Thank you!” to him. She was unable to say more due to her heart beating outside of her chest. When pompous Clarice drove by and saw her in the truck with Brody, oh how that had made Maribelle’s day! The look on Clarice’s face was indeed priceless.

He was a true gentleman on the ride to her home, and she thanked him kindly when she got out of his truck. Their eyes met and neither one spoke, but a silent agreement had been made and Maribelle never walked home from the mercantile again.

Day by day their attraction grew and love began. The days blurred into each other, and weeks quickly became months.

Southern nights of fishing in the dark and listening to Alison Krauss on the radio, as he sang to her “You say it best when you say nothing at all.”

Days of walking hand in hand through a field of bluebonnets, and having a picnic in the middle of all of them.

The day he proposed, set her heart to spinning and all the wedding planning passed by in one big, beautiful blur.

Then the wedding day came, followed by children and grandchildren and so many moments in between. Life with Brody had its hard times and disappointments but the joys far outweighed the sadness. The amazing love that grew through the years, took center stage. Its stunning beauty shined through the blur.

Rising to the Challenge

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Raquel slowly walked back to her condo. The glass of wine was still sitting there, waiting … This weekend was supposed to have been a celebration. A grand fanfare for all those involved, but there was no jumping in the waves, and clinking of glasses, raised in a toast. No happy chatter amidst the musical sound of laughter.

The only sound were the waves crashing on the shore. A sound that had brought peace many times to Raquel’s heart, but that now seemed to only intensify the echo of silence. Once she had yearned for times of solitude but now wasn’t that time.

Stepping through the door the silence of the condo was deafening. Tears slipped from her eyes, what had she been thinking when she had decided to go ahead and come here. Why had she told her friends that she wanted to be alone. She thought she could handle it, but she was doubting herself now, as she flopped on the couch and aimlessly flipped through channels . She had to stay away from QVC! Watching QVC is not what one should do when feeling down. Her credit card bill was not going to be a pretty sight.

Groaning she hit the power button turning off the TV. A Hallmark movie was definitely not something she wanted to watch right now! How she wished that her problem could be solved and wrapped up in a pretty bow in only 2 hours.

This weekend was to have been a celebration. She had thought she would soon be leaving to travel abroad. Her family and friends had been so happy for her and eager to see what her future would bring. Now all her dreams laid shattered at her feet.

She had a chance to study under the prestigious Mademoiselle Lavrigne. One of the top fashion designers in Paris. Raquel loved fashion and she had an eye for it! She wanted to shoot for the stars and this opportunity was her doing exactly that! All year she had painstakingly worked on her 10 original designs that Mademoiselle wanted to see. That would make the decision about whether she would be accepted into the program.

Raquel and her friends felt so confident when they planned this celebration at the beach. It was a celebration of her hard work being finished and counting on being awarded a place in the program. Right now Raquel hated the saying, “Don’t count your eggs before they hatch!” They had been so sure. Her friends and family still didn’t know exactly what happened, Raquel had been too upset to explain. She just told them the plans had fallen through, party was cancelled and she would explain more when she came back from the beach.

What was she going to do? It had been an awful shock receiving that email from Mademoiselle Lavrigne. Imagine her surprise when she was told in bold letters that she had been disqualified from participating in the fashion design program. Her heart had plummeted in deep disappointment and then she read on and confusion overtook her! The email said that her original designs had been copied! That they were not original. Someone else had submitted the same designs!

Raquel’s brain screamed at the injustice! She had burned the midnight oil in coming up with those designs! Getting up from the couch, Raquel felt her blood pressure start to rise again, but that was a good thing. Enough crying and feeling sorry for herself! Someone had stolen her designs and Raquel was going to get to the bottom of it. She had the dream to be a fashion designer when she was only 8 years old. How dare anyone try to steal her dream from her. Opening her door, she walked towards the beach and started to think about her course of action. The ocean roared, and confidence stirred in Raquel’s soul.

Mystery at the River



Thanks to Jason for this photo of his. It stirred my curiosity when I saw it. Hopefully a good story, will come out of this. Enjoy!

Tabitha never knew that days could be so long, with unending nights. How could she put into the words, the way that the tentacles of hope were loosening their grip on her.

At first they had been hanging onto her heart with a ferocious grip. The grip of a mother bear.

Jake was her explorer from the time that he was young. Finding new places to check out was a hobby of his. This river wasn’t new. He had been here many times over the years. Exploring was his passion, but he had favorite spots of his that he would return too on a regular basis. He often craved solitude and this river was the one place that he could find it.

10 days

Her hair blew in the wind. She picked up a scent. Closing her eyes, she went back to the last time she had seen Jake. He had been in a jolly mood that morning, joking with her over breakfast. The kitchen was filled with the aroma of Axe cologne. He was still learning the trick of knowing how much cologne to spray, so as not to overpower. But why? Why would he wear cologne if he had planned on going swimming in the river? Had he been trying to impress all the fish in the sea? It just didn’t make any sense.

10 days of fighting back tears, and then giving into them.

None of his friends had been with him on the last day that anyone saw him. He hadn’t shared any plans with anyone. But he was planning on going to his friend’s barbeque later that day, so it wasn’t like he had planned to go away. Steaks on the grill? Her boy with the empty pit, would not want to miss that!

10 days of poring over pictures of him from over the years as a way to feel his presence.

What had happened? How could Tabitha ever find rest if she never knew where her son had disappeared to? One day all was right with the world and the next day it was turned completely upside down!

Sighing she got to her feet. It was time to go home. Every day she came out here to try and clear her mind, hoping that watching the ripples in the water would calm her nerves.

Turning to go, she glanced once more at his shoes. Why hadn’t she took them home with her? It was like she couldn’t bring herself to touch them. She wanted them to be there for when he came back, for he would be back, he had to be!

What was that? Something silver caught her eye. It was in between the shoes. Confusion came over her. What would he be doing with a shiny cowbell?

Whispers of Love

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Hugging her bunny close to her, she wiped a tear from her eye. She was awake, it had all been a dream, only a dream. Molly’s grandmother would not be in the kitchen preparing pancakes for her. Sighing, she buried her head into Toffee’s fur for a moment. Why oh why did you leave me Grammy? Pinching her eyes shut she tried to make the dream come back to her. The dream of being wrapped in one of Grammy’s warm hugs.

“Molly! Breakfast is ready.”

With one more hug to Toffee, Molly got out of bed. She wondered if Mommy Kimberly had made pancakes. Her pancakes didn’t taste like her Grammy’s but she was so kind to Molly that it was OK.

It was only the 2 of them sitting at the table, Jacob had already left for work. When Molly took her last bite of chocolate chip pancakes, Kimberly surprised her with great news.

“How would you like to go visit Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s farm today?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Molly may have had clouds in her eyes before, but now her face was as bright as a rainbow. She loved going to visit her best friend Betsy, Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s cow.

Kimberly’s heart was light, she knew Molly loved the farm and being with Betsy seemed to always be good for her.

Soon they were ready to go for Molly got dressed in record time, instead of her usual dawdling.

They drove down the road belting out “Old McDonald had a farm”, and “The Wheels on the Bus”. Kimberly had never considered herself a great singer, but singing with Molly was always fun and it made the trip go faster. When they arrived Molly was craning her neck to try and see if Betsy was in the field.

“She’s there, she’s there!” She shot out the door like a bolt of lightning and ran for the field.

Kimberly stayed back to visit the new baby goats. They were so cute and she wanted to help Mr. Fuzzywhistle feed them with their bottles. She enjoyed talking to Mr. Fuzzywhistle, he usually had some funny stories to share with her and sometimes words of wisdom too.

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Molly ran her small fingers through the lush green grass, while talking to her favorite cow.

“I miss Grammy. I wanna hug her and have her hold me in her lap.”

Her bottom lip puckered out.

Betsy’s eyes shone with compassion. Little Molly had stolen her heart.

“You really loved your Grammy, I know.”

“She was the bestest Grammy in all the world.” Molly spread her arms out really wide, and then sighed. “She was the only one who loved me.”

Betsy bent her head down, nuzzling Molly’s face which made her giggle. “I know you love me too, Betsy. You and Toffee are my best friends!” She wrapped her small arms around Betsy’s neck.

“Miss Kimberly loves you too.”

Not a word was spoken for a few minutes. Molly continued hanging onto Betsy’s neck. Then her voice was barely audible as she whispered, “I know, but what if she leaves me too?”

The 2 friends were silent for awhile. Lost in thought, but enjoying each other’s company.

Then Molly remembered Kimberly mentioning how Mr. Fuzzywhistle had new baby goats, she wanted to see them!

“I gotta go Betsy, love you!”

Betsy watched Molly scamper away, and she went back to grazing. She wasn’t so sure what was so special about the new goats, but oh well!

“They are sooo cute!” Molly was all smiles, as she petted one.

“I haven’t picked names for them yet, think you can help me?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle smiled down at her, while stroking his beard.

Molly appeared to be in deep concentration for a short time.

“Jellybean and Whisper!”

Kimberly and Mr. Fuzzywhistle laughed. “Jellybean and Whisper it is! Thank you Molly, wouldn’t want them to be nameless.”

After spending a little longer at the farm, Molly said she was hungry.

“Why don’t we all go visit Mason’s coffee shop in town. They have mighty tasty ice cream, but you probably don’t like ice cream, do you?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle was grinning looking at Molly, whose face lit up.

“Ice cream! I love ice cream!”

It didn’t take them long to get to get to the coffee shop. Molly’s eyes got as big as a flying saucer when Mason brought out her ice cream sundae.

2 big scoops of cookie dough ice cream with with whip cream , sweet cherries and plenty of hot fudge.

Even Cara’s eyes got big, thinking it looked really good. “Hey Mason, could you make me an ice cream sundae too?”

The bell jangled as a customer walked in. Mason looked at Cara, ” Sorry, looks like you have a customer to wait on.”

Grinning he sat down with Molly.

Cara shook her head, but she had to smile as she watched him with Molly, making her laugh with his goofy faces. He always was good with the children that came into the coffee shop. It was like a superpower of his, he never failed to get a smile out of them.

Ahh! It was Mr. Tippner who had come in. Now she would still get to eat her ice cream sundae, she would quickly get Tippner’s order. He always ordered the same thing, a simple BLT. with some chips and applesauce on the side. It wouldn’t take her long to fix that, and then she could enjoy a yummy treat.

More laughter came from Molly, Cara looked over at her thinking that Kimberly and Jacob were so blessed to have Molly. No one knew much about her past, but for those who knew her, they all agreed that she was one special little girl.