Flying Home!

The conclusion to yesterday’s post, Rescuing Cupcake


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The 4 unsung heroes held their breath, waiting for the Queen of the dark fairies to pronounce their fate. She rubbed her hands together and cackled some more. “Yes, that would be the perfect spell.” she said to herself, as she looked at the guys with merriment dancing in her eyes.

“How would you all like to be my pet guinea pigs, you would each have your own individual cage to roam around in. Doesn’t that sound exciting?” The heroes looked at each other and sighed, there were no words.

“What? No comment?” laughed the Queen. “Well stay right here and I will be back, I have to find my spell book.” With those words, she turned around and left the poor heroes standing there in fear. She wasn’t very worried about them going anywhere being that they were all tied up in knots.

“Guinea pigs!” they all said, once the Queen was out of sight. “We have to get out of here!”

“If only one of us was the great Houdini, we could be out of these ropes in no time! I should have practiced more magic tricks when I was younger.” said the one.

“I wish you would have!” said another.

“A diet of pellets doesn’t sound too exciting to me!” said one, and the rest sadly agreed. “Pellets and lettuce! Oh yay!”

“Oh No! No more coffee!” one piped up. This made them all even more sad, well except for one. He wasn’t a very big coffee lover to begin with. He preferred water, but now the Strawberry Marshmallow coffee that Kendra’s grandma made was pretty good, he had thought.

“I am not sure which is worse, quacking like a duck or squeaking like a guinea pig! Perhaps I shouldn’t have complained so much about being a duck, at least I could splash around in the water!”

They were all silent as they contemplated how their lives were about to change. In a short time the Queen reappeared with her book. Unfortunately their hopes of her falling into a deep hole hadn’t happened, she had returned and was as cheery as ever.

“Okay, are you all ready now? Oh you guys are going to look so cute being all furry”, she crooned.

She opened her book, and our unsung heroes eyes filled with despair, when suddenly there was the loudest “MOO!” that they ever did hear!

The Queen jumped, dropping her book, when she caught sight of a large brown cow with the deepest, darkest brown eyes that they ever did see. The cow was looking so intently at the Queen that it made her nervous.

The cow then turned and grabbed the ropes in its mouth, chewing right through them in no time. The Queen stood still, too startled to move.

Suddenly she was snapped out of her frozen state and she yelled when seeing Cupcake out of the corner of her eye. Cupcake was heading towards the guys. The Queen started to move towards Cupcake until the cow blocked her way by standing in between them. The cow let out a loud “MOO!” once again, staring down the Queen.

The guys quickly jumped up on Cupcake’s back and away she flew, back home to Fairlight. Our heroes let out big sighs of relief, feeling forever grateful for the strange cow that appeared out of nowhere!

“Hey”, said the one guy, “Did you all see what the cow had around its neck?”

“Yes! I did.” the one hero replied, and the others shook their heads.

“It was the shiniest cow bell I ever did see. She must be a pretty special cow to be wearing such a nice, shiny bell.” They all agreed, and smiled, as they continued flying through the air.

The Return of the Bell

This story is a continuation from Monday’s post, How It All Began

Tiffany set her cup of tea down, then laid back on the soft, peach colored couch and began her story. 

“When I turned 18 my Grandfather gave me an enchanted cowbell for my birthday. It was my favorite gift. We traveled to so many places with it. We never quite knew where we would end up when Grandpa would ring the bell, but we always made an adventure out of it. Once in a while we would end up somewhere scary. One time we ended up in the middle of a rain forest. It was so hot, I could barely breathe and then we saw a jaguar and Grandpa rang that bell as fast as he could! ” 

Lisette gasped, glad that none of her adventures had found her face to face with a jaguar.

“After Grandpa died, I stored the bell away, for it didn’t feel right to go on adventures without him. Then came the day when I thought that it would be nice to get away for a little and I decided to give the enchanted cowbell a try. I was shocked when I realized it was no longer where I had stored it away at. What had happened to it? I was obsessed with looking for it, but I kept coming up with nothing.” 

Lisette was intrigued, “Did you ever find it?” she asked. 

“Sadly, no, but I did find out more about it. My cousin Leo came to me one day in distress. He said he needed to confess something, for the guilt was eating him up.  He had been in desperate need of money and he thought he could sell my cowbell to pay off his debt. One day when I was gone, he had searched all over my room until he found the bell and then he took it. He had taken it to a Pawn Shop and was so relieved when the dealer gave him the amount that he needed. His relief didn’t last long, until guilt consumed him. He had gone back to the Pawn Shop to try and buy it back, but sadly it was gone.  The owner of the Pawn Shop had the name of the guy he had sold it too, but only his first name. Not much I could do with just a first name. Luke is a very popular name. Not having a last name to go by it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was devastated, but I resigned myself to the fact that it was gone forever.” 

“I am so sorry.” said Lisette, who was feeling happy that she could return Tiffany’s cowbell, but yet sad at having to give it up. 

“Thank you, but I do believe you can help me.” said Tiffany, with hope shining in her eyes. 

“I just returned from a trip to Bittersweet Creek. I stopped at the local coffee shop and met the nicest lady. Her name was Cara.” 

Lisette smiled, she remembered Cara, and how pleasant she was and the delicious shoo-fly pie that she had served  when she was there. That made her think of Sarah. She missed Sarah but she was happy for her. The owner of the florist shop at Bittersweet Creek was retiring and Sarah jumped at the chance to own the business. Lisette did appreciate the flower deliveries that she received frequently  from her, to help decorate the Inn. 

“One afternoon when I was enjoying a Chocolate Banana Frappe at the coffee shop, a young lady walked in by the name of Sarah. She and Cara were talking, and I happened to overhear Sarah mention the enchanted cowbell. I was so shocked I almost spilled my coffee. I made sure to visit Sarah’s shop the next day and when I asked her about the bell, she said you would be the one for me to talk to. Please tell me that you have my bell.” 

Lisette knew that she had to give the bell back. This was a treasured possession that belonged to Tiffany.

“I do have it and would be glad to give it back to you. It has taken me on some crazy adventures. I have one question though, if I may ask.”

Tiffany was beaming! “Ask anything you want! I can’t believe I am actually going to get my bell back. I never thought I would see the day.”

“Every time the the cowbell took me some place I was mistaken for someone else! Did that ever happen to you and your Grandfather?”

Wow! That would be strange, it never happened to us on our travels. ” Tiffany said, with a puzzled expression. “Maybe it was because you were not the original owner of it? Who knows how enchanted bells work!”

“They truly are a mystery!” agreed Lisette. “I will go up and get it, I am sure you can’t wait to see it again!”

Lisette walked up the stairs feeling content. Now that she was returning the bell, at least there was no chances of her getting stuck somewhere that she didn’t want to be.

She walked into her room and opened her drawer. OH NO! It was gone! She searched through the whole drawer and then the next one. Maybe she misplaced it. Oh, she had to find it, Tiffany was all excited to have it back. She paced the room where could it be? Then she heard a sound, and looked out her open window. What was a cow doing in her yard and …. No it couldn’t be! She stared into the brown eyes of the cow, not believing what she saw. How did the cow get the bell? The cow let out a MOO and then disappeared. Lisette shook her head, how was she ever going to explain this to Tiffany?

How It All Began



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She walked down the street dressed so beautifully that people stared. Ignoring their stares she walked on, holding a pink rose in her hand. People were in shock, who was the newcomer. The town of Borden was a small town, everyone knew everyone, who was this fancy lady?

When she walked past you , the fragrance of her perfume filled the air. She made the single men swoon and the married men look sad.

She kept walking, and people kept whispering. Perhaps she wanted some donuts and coffee from The Fluffer Nutter Shoppe, but no, she walked right by. Passing the grocery store, she kept walking, and she didn’t stop at the beauty shop. Where was she going, and where had she come from?

People said “HI!” as they passed her, but she would only acknowledge their “Hi” with a nod and keep walking.

it looked like she was going to walk out of town, for she was almost at the end of it when she started to slow down. Then she stopped and stared for a brief moment before walking up to house that she had stopped in front of.

Lisette was on the porch when she saw the fancy lady walking down the lane. She didn’t have any guests registered to come, she wondered who this lady was. It didn’t take long for the lady to reach her.

“Hello, my name is Tiffany, are you Miss. Lisette? The owner of this Inn?” the lady asked, with a pointed, unsmiling stare.

“Yes, I am. Can I help you?” Lisette replied, smiling back, though Tiffany still didn’t return the smile. Lisette was beginning to feel apprehensive.

“Whether you can help me is the big question. I most certainly hope you can! I have come to inquire about an enchanted cowbell. I heard you had one in your possession.”

Lisette gulped, how did she know about the enchanted cowbell and what was she supposed to tell her? She had thought it was destroyed when the wind had grabbed it out of her hand and into the street, right in front of a truck! To her astonishment the tires of the truck never touched it! It was still in one piece when Lisette picked it up from the road, and she had decided to store it away in a special box for safe keeping.

“Why don’t you come in for some tea and we can talk. I have some fresh coconut chocolate chip cookies that just came out of the oven not long ago. Would you like to come in?”

Tiffany didn’t reply right away, but then she did give a hint of a smile. “That sounds good, I believe I will. Thank you.” Tiffany replied.

She followed Lisette into the Inn. Lisette showed her into the sitting room, telling her to make herself comfortable while she went to the kitchen to get the tea and cookies.

Soon she was back, and Lisette handed her a small plate of cookies and a cup of Peppermint tea. Tiffany took a bite, and her smile got bigger. “These are delicious.”

“Thank you!” Lisette said. For awhile they sat in silence and then Lisette spoke, “So back to your question about the Enchanted Cowbell. How did you hear of it?”

“Its a long story.” Tiffany replied,

“I have the afternoon free, and a whole pot of tea.” Lisette said with a smile, and this time Tiffany smiled back.

(to be continued…)

When All Seems Wrong …

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The rising sun was shimmering on the crystal white snow. Everything was still, as Cheyanne walked through the woods. She was so glad that she had decided to take an early morning walk, it was beautiful.

Her head was clearing, forgetting about the disaster that last night had been! Oh, what a night it had been! It started off fine, but then it sped downhill at 90 mph! If she ever showed her face again in public, it would be too soon!

How would she ever get any big name producer to notice her after the performance she gave last night? She didn’t know what happened, she must have been overcome by nerves, for she forgot some of her lines and then she bumped into the table knocking off the water pitcher. They had to take a quick break to mop up the floor, before someone slipped and fell. While singing her solo, she tripped over her own feet as she tried to dance across the stage.

When she walked backstage the cast was quiet, giving her sympathetic glances and some tried to tell her it wasn’t that bad. But Cheyanne knew the truth! If the directors from NYC had come to see the play tonight, she could kiss goodbye to being chosen for a part in the big musical that they were producing.

A month ago when Terry had told the cast about the opportunity for some of the cast to be seen by producers from NYC Cheyanne was thrilled. Here was her chance. Her ticket to Broadway! She had been singing since she was little and loved it, she felt like a natural on stage. Singing and acting was her passion and she had been so looked forward to performing for the big shots! At least she didn’t mess up her songs, that was one bright side! She should have stuck with singing tonight and not tried to act, perhaps if she would have done that, she would have had a better chance at getting picked for the musical. Cheyanne continued walking as she sighed. Was no use crying now, what was done was done.

She was fortunate to be able to perform in her small theater in town. She had been with them for years and greatly enjoyed it, but couldn’t deny the desire she had for something bigger. She looked at the sparkling snow on the trees, and told herself not to give up on her dreams! One never knew what could happen when one kept hope in their heart!

Oh, what was that buzzing in her pocket. Her phone! Who was calling her so early.

“Hello?” said Cheyanne.

“Good Morning! Guess what! I have great news for you!”

Cheyanne smiled, as she wondered what Terry, her Director could possibly want to tell her so early in the morning.

“Well it must be important, being that you have never called me this early before!”

“Oh it most definitely is!” said Terry. Cheyanne could hear the excitement in his voice, and couldn’t help but start to get a little excited herself.

“Well spill the beans Terry, you have me very curious!”

“I had a early breakfast meeting with the producers that were here last night to see our performance, and they are very interested in YOU!” Cheyanne almost dropped the phone!

There was silence on her end for a little before Terry chimed in. “Cheyanne did you hear me? Are you still there?”

Cheyanne said “Yes, I am here, but are you sure you heard right? You sure they wanted me!”

“Absolutely! ” They said how the tone of your voice was beautiful, especially when you hit the falsetto notes.”

“But, but… I was so clumsy when I was acting and I forgot some of my words. ” Cheyanne said, shaking her head.

“You were just the kind of person they were looking for!” Terry replied.

“One of the roles in this musical is a young lady who can sing like a bird, but is very accident prone and knocks down everything she touches. They want to meet with you this afternoon to go over details. What do you think, will you meet with them?”

Cheyanne took a deep breath, was this really happening? ” What time, and where? I will be there!” she said while butterflies fluttered around in her stomach.

Terry gave her the details and said how very proud he was of her, before they said goodbye. He would be at the meeting to, giving her some support, which she appreciated. Right now she felt tongue tied, hopefully she would be able to talk when she met the producer from NYC.

Whoever would have thought something so good could come out of a night that she had thought had gone all wrong! Cheyanne’s heart was full as she started walking home. It was snowing! She didn’t know they were calling for more snow, but it was perfect. She twirled around, opening up her mouth to catch some snowflakes on her tongue. Magic was in the air.

Finding Joy

If you missed Part 1 last night, here is the link. The Unexpected Phone Call  I decided I had to let all of you know if it really was Santa on the other end of the line, so here is Part 2, the conclusion. Enjoy! 

Max’s head felt so dizzy! Not only because he was flying in the air at the moment,  but with everything that had happened tonight! He kept pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He had nothing to drink but black coffee earlier, for he had been so tired and he wanted to make sure he was awake at midnight. On the phone Santa had said his elves and reindeer would be at his house at midnight. Of course Max didn’t really believe it but, he had to stay awake and find out, and now he was still in shock! Everything that had transpired so far, was replaying through Max’s mind, as he flew in the starry sky. 

Earlier that evening Max had been sitting in his Lazyboy recliner, drinking his coffee and looking at his Christmas tree, which more resembled a Charlie Brown Tree. He didn’t have the spirit to really decorate when it was only him that would see it! The clock said 11:30, and Max looked outside, nothing looked different. The street was dark. He had his porch light on. After all he didn’t want the reindeer crashing into his house. He shook his head, he didn’t know who had called him last night, but he was sure it wasn’t Santa! So why was he staying up then? 

He had just turned off the Christmas tree lights, thinking he was going to head upstairs for his bedroom, when he heard a sound. There was a loud thump coming from outside. He peeked through the curtains. No way!! He looked at the clock. 12 midnight. He looked outside again, they were still there. 

Opening the coat closet he grabbed his coat and hat and boots, the snow was pretty deep. He wondered again what he was actually doing, but he had to go outside, there were reindeer in his yard! 

“HI Max! My name is Jangle and this is Candy Cane. Sorry about running into your porch. Candy Cane was supposed to be giving me directions, but…. 

“Someone wasn’t listening!” Candy Cane said. “You turned too late!” 

Max just stared at the elves talking to him, as he nodded his head and heard himself saying. “Its fine, no harm done to the porch.” 

“So are you ready to go?” Jangle asked. 

“Go where?” Max replied. 

Another elf popped up out of the sled. “To come back to us to the North Pole, Santa is waiting!” 

Candy Cane looked at Max and said, “That is Snowball, he was napping, like usual.” Max saw Snowball roll his eyes and he had to laugh. He had the feeling that he was in for quite the adventure. Go to the North Pole for New Year’s Day? Why not! This definitely beat any other NY Eve celebration that he had in the past. He hopped in the sleigh and said, “Lets go!” and off they went, as he grabbed hold of the sides, and then wondered how crazy he really was! 

Before he knew it they had arrived at the North Pole and he was in awe! It was the most wonderful Christmas village he had ever seen. Everything so decorated, lights and sparkles galore! He felt like he had stepped inside a snow globe, for it all looked truly magical. 

“HO! HO! HO!” Santa was walking towards them. He was really seeing the true Santa Claus! 

“So glad you could make it! Hope you enjoyed your ride!” Santa said with a wide smile brightening his rosy cheeks. 

“Yes, I surely did!” Max replied, and your elves are very friendly. 

Santa agreed, “That they are, but they can stir up a lot of mischief too, you have to be on your guard!” Santa said, with a wink. “They do a great job at getting themselves into quite a pickle at times.” 

“Did someone say pickles?” said Alabaster who was walking towards Santa and Max. 

“Oh Alabaster, are you still hungry for pickles? Didn’t you have enough of your salted caramel pickles at suppertime?” Candy Cane asked.

“Who can ever get enough pickles? Hey, did Jinx go with you?” Alabaster asked. “I haven’t seen him around.” 

Max’s stomach turned at the thought of a caramel pickle, what strange foods did they eat here at the North Pole? 

“He was going to come with us, but he ended up hurting his thumb really bad with a hammer. He was trying to open a can of paint. The poor guy, after hurting his thumb, he didn’t have a tight grip on the can and dropped it, spilling it all over himself.” Snowball said. 

Santa put his arm on Max’s shoulder. “I guess you have probably been wondering why I called you here?” 

“Well, I am very curious!” Max said. 

“Follow me and you shall soon see.” 

Max followed Santa towards Santa’s house, and Mrs. Claus was at the door to greet them. “Hi Max, so nice to meet you. Please come in and make yourself comfortable.” 

“Thankyou!” he replied, with a smile, and came in and sat down on a bright red overstuffed chair. 

“Well Max, as you know I get lots of letters from children around the world, but I do get them from adults as well. Adults that haven’t forgot the magic of Christmas. This year I got a very special letter and I thought I would answer it in a more personal way than I usually do. That is why you are here.” 

Max was really confused now, he hadn’t written a letter to Santa in years, so what would a special letter have to do with him? Then he turned his head, and couldn’t believe who he saw walking into the room. Marta!

She looked like an angel to him. She was really here, standing in front of him! They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment and then they embraced. He had missed her so badly, this year had been so rough since she had walked away, but now here she was. Dare he hope that this meant what he thought it did. Was she giving him another chance? 

Santa and Mrs. Claus looked at them with the tenderness in their eyes, and Mrs. Claus looked at Santa, giving him a wink. “I think we will leave you two alone now, there are cookies and hot cocoa on the table, help yourself.” 

Mrs. Claus smiled, she didn’t even know if Max and Marta heard her, for they still were embracing, as Max wiped a tear from Marta’s face. Santa had already left and went to his study. Mrs. Claus stayed watching, feeling so happy for them. Then she turned away. She still had laundry to do, a woman’s work was never done. With all the magic Santa could do, why hadn’t he invented something yet that automatically folded the laundry and put it away? She was going to have to talk to him, and tell him to add that to his “To-Do” list, along with fixing her closet door that squeaked every time she opened it. He had his time of eating more cookies than anyone should eat in one night, now there was work to be done. 

Max and Marta talked well into the night, in front of the warm fireplace. They had drank the hot cocoa and had the most delicious cookies ever! Freshly baked cinnamon caramel cookies. They had fallen asleep in front of the fireplace. Mrs. Claus put blankets over them when she found them asleep. 

When they woke up, they were shown all around the North Pole. They took a tour inside Santa’s workshop and they met Dinosauris the dragon, Max felt overwhelmed with joy. But the real joy came when in front of all the elves and Santa, Max got down on one knee and asked Marta to marry him.

Marta’s eyes welled with tears as she looked at the diamond ring, the ring she had given back to him on that horrible rainy day when she had walked away. The day she had broken their engagement. 

“Yes, a thousand times over, Yes!” she squealed as she threw her arms around his neck and he swung her around. 

Max could not be happier! Not only was he thrilled about getting married, but they would be living at the North Pole. Max didn’t want to get caught up in the rat race again and forgetting about what really mattered. They would stay here, Santa had invited them, and how do you say No to Santa? 

They didn’t know exactly what their jobs would be yet, but they looked forward to the New year with Hope and Anticipation of all the surprise joys just waiting for them to find. 



A Trip to Paradise?

Abby was thrilled! She had won 2 all expense paid tickets to the Grand Cayman Islands. Her adrenaline was flowing as she was shopping in the store with her best friend.

“Just think Janie, all our meals and drinks are covered. All we have to worry about is what bathing suit to wear while lying in the sun!” Abby’s smile was radiant. She needed a vacation and this one was beyond anything she had dreamed. 10 days in paradise! She was walking on air, only 2 days remained until they left.

“Tell me again, how you won this trip.” Janie said, as she was debating between a cherry red bikini or a deep orange one. Abby had picked a royal blue one piece, and a pink polka dot bikini. They grabbed sunscreen and some new white sandals, and made their way to the front of the store to check out.

“Oh, just look at that cute sun dress. I think it has my name on it.” said Abby, as she grabbed it from the rack. It was a pretty fuschia color with little specks of orange in it. Janie agreed that it would look great on her.

“I won the tickets from a phone call that I got. All I had to do was buy a subscription to some magazines and they promised me this fabulous vacation!” Abby gushed to her friend.

Janie felt some doubts creep in, but she pushed them away, for she really wanted to go on this vacation too. It had to be legit!

Before they knew it they were on the plane, bound for the Cayman Islands!

After a smooth flight they landed and anxiously looked around for their ride to their hotel. They were told a man would be holding a sign for them.

“Ahh! There he is!” Abby shouted!

They made their way to him and introduced themselves. He gave them each a warm handshake and said, “Very pleased to meet you! Welcome to the Grand Cayman Islands. Follow me and we will arrive at the hotel in about 15 minutes. ”

They couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and freshen up some and then go lay in the sun!

They were looking out the windows as they drove, admiring the beauty. Then before they knew it he had pulled in to a hotel and stopped.

Abby looked at Janie, surely there was a mistake. They had passed beautiful hotels and now they had stopped at what just looked like a bland concrete building. Sadly the sign did say the name of the hotel that Abby was told about. It was a blinking sign that looked like it was soon going to fall, for it was hanging awkwardly. It was as if it was mocking them with its name “Paradise!”

“Here we are! Welcome to Paradise!” the man said so cheerily!

Abby and Janie didn’t respond, as they numbly got out of the car and followed the guy into the hotel.

There was a musty smell, the carpet was stained and the paint was peeling on the walls.

The thrill of the moment was quickly turning into despair. The desk clerk gave them the room key and as they walked towards the elevator they told themselves that perhaps the rooms were elaborate, that they had to think positive.

Walking into the room a overpowering stench almost knocked them down. They were looking for a light switch when they saw the string hanging from the ceiling of a single lightbulb.

Abby sank into the bed and she felt the springs in the mattress. Tears sprang to her eyes. What had she done!

Janie screamed from the bathroom. “Abby we have to leave, I think there is a tarantula in the sink!”

That’s all Abby needed to hear, they grabbed their bags and ran. The desk clerk was calling out to them as they ran past her, but they just kept going. They gulped in the fresh air when they stepped outside.

Now what would they do. They decided to start walking, they had passed some really nice hotels, surely there must be one available room they could get.

Ahh! Now this was more like it. They walked into the hotel the floor was marbled stone and there were palm trees in the lobby with a fountain. Their room wasn’t elaborate, but it was clean! The beds were very soft, and cotton robes were hanging on the bathroom door for them. Most importantly there were no insects of any kind in the room. it had cost them more than they had expected but it was worth it!

“Now lets go lie in the sun”, they said together. They sure were ready for a nice cool Pina Colada Daquiri to enjoy , while lying by the water.

They had a wonderful time lying in the sun. After a while they decided to head back to the hotel and get dressed and then explore the island a little bit.

While heading back to the hotel Abby grabbed Janie’s arm, do you see that? What is that in the tree?

Image from Pinterest

“Its looking right at us! Its kind of cute I think”, said Janie.

Abby looked at her strangely. “Welllll…. maybe…. but what is it… You know all about animals!”

Janie smiled, “If I am not mistaken, i am pretty sure that is a Binturong. I can’t believe I am actually seeing one, they are very rare! This is so cool! Their tails are almost as long as their entire body and they act like another limb when they are climbing. Also if you pet one your hands may smell like buttered popcorn afterwards, due to its scent glands under its tail. The smell repels most predators! Should we go pet it?”

“ummm…! I am not sure about that! A Binturong? I have never heard of it. Lets just watch it for now!” said Abby, shaking her head, at the knowledge her friend had about animals. “Is there any animal that you haven’t heard of?” asked Abby.

Janie laughed. “I am sure there is! But right now, I am getting hungry, after mentioning popcorn, so lets go get dressed for supper.”

Abby agreed and they continued walking. She was still bummed at how her “all expense paid hotel” didn’t exactly turn out to be paradise, but they were in the Grand Cayman Islands, she was sure that wonderful adventures were just waiting for her and Janie to find!

Stirring of the Heart

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This post is a continuation from my Settling In post. This story appears to just keep going. Enjoy!

2 more weeks had passed since Katy had come to this remote island to hide out. She missed the city and her friends, but she was really enjoying living by the sea. Waking up to such a beautiful view each morning, was helping her become a morning person. She had surprised Patrick by joining him on more morning runs. They ran 2 miles, not 6, like he had tried telling her on the first morning she ran with him. Some mornings they ran, and some were more of a walk/jog type of morning. Katy enjoyed chatting with him, getting to know him better.

He shared about some of his cases with her. He had close calls before, his job was risky, but he loved it. Katy was intrigued as he shared the story about the young woman Tanya, whose name was really Anna. What a story! She felt a little strange about the fact that Tanya had been hiding out in this very cottage that Katy was in now.

One morning Katy had stayed behind when Patrick went running. She decided that she would surprise Patrick and John with a hot breakfast of eggs benedict, pancakes and bacon. She was frying the bacon when she heard the front door open.

“You are back early, but I will be finished soon.” Katy called out. She turned around when she heard footsteps enter the kitchen. Her breath caught in her throat, it wasn’t Patrick standing there.

“How nice of you to cook me breakfast, a shame that we don’t have time to eat it.” the man said. He had a straggly beard and was wearing sunglasses and a hat. Katy couldn’t see his eyes, but she saw the evil smirk on his face.

“Perhaps when we get to where we are going, you can cook me up something good, you pretty little thing.” Shivers and dread ran through Katy’s body. Where was John? Was he really sleeping through all this, and shouldn’t Patrick be back by now?

When the man reached out and ran his finger down her cheek with a suggestive smile, she grabbed the pot of boiling hot coffee and threw it on him! He screamed dropping his gun, and Katy quickly picked it up as she started to run for the door.

“Hands Up!” Katy turned around, and relief coursed through her when she saw John in the kitchen. He had the man’s arms behind his back, putting handcuffs on him, while the man was screaming in pain.

Patrick came through the door and his eyes widened in shock when he took in the scene in front of him.

“Nice of you to show up!” said John with a wry grin. “Fortunately Katy had it all under control!”

Patrick looked at Katy with deep concern in his eyes. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I think.” she said, in a quivering voice, as she started shaking all over. She was looking really pale.

“I will take care of this guy, you take care of Katy.” said John, leading the guy out the front door.

Patrick led Katy to the couch and took the gun out of her trembling hand. Then he held her, waiting for her body to relax. After a little bit he went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water. Later that morning they were able to eat breakfast and Katy was beginning to relax. Patrick kept in touch with John throughout the day, and they found out that the man was acting alone. It was the brother of the guy that Katy had sent to prison. Katy was so glad to know that he was behind bars now with no bail, she was safe.

They didn’t head back to NYC right away. Patrick thought that Katy deserved to enjoy some fun outings now that the danger was gone. He took her into town to visit the shops and she ate at the Seaside Cafe. They went out on his boat a couple times, enjoying the tranquility of the sea, and took night walks along the water.

Katy stretched out in her bed on the last night there with her mind in a whirl. She didn’t want to leave. She was thinking about all the times Patrick and her had shared together. Her heart was fluttering with butterflies. What was happening? She had reminded herself several times over her stay that while Patrick was a very nice guy that she didn’t have time for men. She had told herself not to fall for him, but she was afraid it was too late!

A Child’s Dream

Image from Pinterest

The three horses had waited all Christmas day and Santa hadn’t come. They thought this year would be the year that he would take them to a new home. Surely there had to be a little boy or girl out there dreaming about getting a horse all of their own for Christmas! Snickers, Cream Puff, and Patches sighed, it looked like once again their hopes were dashed.

Did Santa not know where to find them? Wasn’t Santa supposed to know everything? After patiently waiting for Santa they had decided to go off on their own. Perhaps they would find children without Santa’s help. Now they stood outside of a gate looking at a small blue and grey stone house, with candles in the windows. They wondered, were their children in the house?

Samuel sat inside by the warm fireplace, it sure was a cold night tonight. He was sipping on his Hot Cocoa and his orange cat Marmalade was purring by his side. It had been a nice Christmas, he had received cards and packages from his children and grandchildren. His children sometimes worried about him living out in the country alone but he really enjoyed the peace and solitude. As a boy he had longed to live in the country, to have wide, open spaces where he could have a horse to ride and call his own. He picked up a little antique box beside him. It held special treasures inside. His Dad’s pocket watch and his Mom’s ruby red broach. It also held his last letter to Santa. He had never sent it, for he had given up on Santa. He shook his head now as he read it.

“Dear Santa,

This will by my last letter to you. I have been asking for a horse the past several years and never has there been one standing in my yard. So why should I ask anymore. I am beginning to wonder if you really exist! I don’t want to make you mad, but are you sure that you are real?

Samuel, the boy who loves horses!”

He folded the letter back up. Oh, the dreams of childhood. When he moved out on his own he was sure he would go to the country but he got such a good job offer in the city and he didn’t feel like he could pass it up. He didn’t regret it for he met his bride of 50 years in the city. His sweet Susannah, how he missed her still.

Samuel got up to get some more cocoa. He walked by the large window and something caught his eye. He looked again and gasped. Was he really seeing what he thought he saw? Quickly he bundled up in his coat and put on his boots and walked out the door.

There were 3 of them! Three beautiful horses just staring at him, like they were waiting for him. His heart was so full! He stroked them, wondering where the horses came from. He didn’t have any close neighbors. What farm did they wonder here from or did they not have a home? They seemed to love his attention, not being in a hurry to leave. Samuel opened the gate and they walked right in.

He stayed with them for awhile. Talked to them like they could understand him, that was the magic of animals. When around them and looking into their eyes it was like you expected them to start talking to you!

Samuel went back into his house and grabbed 3 heavy blankets and some apples. Walking back outside he was glad to see that they still were, he hadn’t dreamt it. He covered them and they quickly ate the golden delicious apples. Then he bid them goodnight, looking up into the night sky with a smile on his face.

Back inside his house, Samuel grabbed a piece of paper and sat down at his desk. Marmalade jumped on the desk wanting to see what he was doing.

“Dear Santa,

Thank you for making my dream finally come true! I do believe in you. Could you please now send me a barn?



P.S. Please don’t let the barn take as long as the horses did!”

The Magic of the Rocks

Here is the sequel to my post Following the Glowing Rocks , after all I couldn’t let the poor guys stuck in the holes. Enjoy! 

The guys sat in the deep holes, wondering how they were going to get out. They shouted to each other, making sure all of them were okay, and they were. It would have been pretty sad to have climbed a mountain, with no injuries, only to hurt themselves by falling in some holes! Fortunately they  still had some bananas left in their food backpack that Billy carried. He tried his best to throw the bananas out of the hole and into the other holes, but it was really hard to do when he couldn’t see. 3 bananas ended up scattered on the ground, and the only one that got to eat a banana was Billy. 

It appeared that they all were going to be stuck in their holes until someone really kind came along, but how long that was going to take, was the million dollar question. 

Jack wished that there would be something interesting in the hole to take a picture of, but plain brown dirt wasn’t too exciting. Kolby decided he would make good use of the time by sleeping, and Quincy still couldn’t decide whether to stay seated or to stand, he was restless. Billy thought a nap sounded good too, what else was there to do, his eyes began to grow heavy, when suddenly they popped open! He heard voices. 

“What are these bananas doing on the ground? Were the monkeys throwing them from the trees again? They need to be careful, I could have slipped and hurt myself.” 

“Yeah, and if you would have slipped, we would have fallen off your back!” said Myrtle the turtle. 

“Hey! Who is out there, we need your help!” shouted Jack, his friends shouted out as well. 

Henrietta, Myrtle and Tulag were stunned, where were the voices coming from? Then they spied the holes and figured it out! 

“My friends and I will try our best to help you, we just need to figure out how, replied Henrietta, the long necked hippo. 

“Just throw down a rope!” yelled Billy. 

“We don’t have one!” Myrtle yelled back. 

“Hey guys, I have the climbing ropes in my backpack.” Quincy said. Why hadn’t they thought of that before! They all smacked themselves on the head. He threw a rope out of the hole and Henrietta stepped on it. 

“Okay, start climbing.” said Henrietta. 

Quincy climbed up the rope and was so glad when he got to the top and out of the hole. Then he almost fell backwards into the hole when he saw who was stepping on the rope! A HIPPO! 

“Hi!” said Henrietta and the turtles, all Quincy could do was stare at them. 

“Hey Quincy, we want to get out of the holes too, throw us the ropes!” his friends called. 

Soon all of them were standing out of the holes and staring open mouthed at Henrietta and the 2 turtles. 

“Wow!” was all they could say. They looked at the rocks in their hands and they still were glowing. What kind of magical place had they walked into. Henrietta and Myrtle told them that they didn’t have to go that much farther to get to the tunnel. They encouraged them to go, saying what they would see there would be really cool! 

“Follow us, we will lead the way!” Henrietta said with a smile. 

Jack had never seen a hippo smile before, well he had never seen a long necked hippo either. He thought he knew his animals but he was beginning to question himself. What was he going to meet next, a short necked giraffe? 

The friends looked at each other, what did they have to lose? If they didn’t follow them to the tunnel, they might always wonder what they missed. So off they went. 

They enjoyed chatting to Henrietta, Myrtle and Tulag, as they walked. It soon didn’t seem strange at all to be talking to animals. Before too long they saw the tunnel, and it took their breath away. It dazzled with beauty and looked so inviting. 

“Go inside it, go ahead!” said Myrtle. 

They all entered the tunnel and soon they themselves were glowing. Then the rocks transformed into instruments. Each of them had  an instrument to play. There were 2 guitars, a snare drum and a saxaphone! They were in awe! 

“Its the magic of the rocks! You have your own rock band now! Go ahead and play!” Henrietta said. 

“But we don’t know how!” 

“Yes, you do! You stepped into the magic tunnel with the magic rocks! Try it!.” said Myrtle. 

The guys couldn’t believe it, could it really be possible? Jack beat the snare drum and Billy strummed the guitar and soon it was like the instruments were playing themselves. They really sounded good! Then Henrietta started singing and they were in even more shock. A singing Hippo! They never knew a Hippo could sing so beautifully! They kept playing until suddenly they were holding rocks in their hands again. 

“Sorry, the magic rocks only last for so long!” said Henrietta. 

They all walked back out of the tunnel shaking their heads, so glad they had found the rocks and came to the tunnel. It was worth being stuck in some holes for awhile! 

“Thank you so much for leading us to the tunnel, this was awesome!” Billy said. 

“You really are a great singer, Henrietta!” said Jack. 

Myrtle and Tulag snickered. “Remember, it was a magic tunnel!” 

Henrietta made a face, “Oh you all are just jealous.” 

“Can you sing again for us, please?” said Kolby. “I love music and your voice was so beautiful.” 

Henrietta blushed and opened her mouth wide, starting to sing. 

She only got out a few words and the guys faces quickly changed from being in awe, to dismay!

“Like I said, the tunnel has a magic all of its own!” said Myrtle with a wink. 

“Well we hate to say goodbye, but we better get going before it gets dark and we can’t find our way back. Thanks again for your help today! Maybe we will have to come back again sometime.” They then made a hasty retreat, as Henrietta was still singing her lungs out. 

After walking awhile, Billy said, ” I think I am going to buy a guitar, I played really well!” 

Kolby said, “Umm.. remember we were in a magical tunnel!”  and Billy made a face. “But you never know, I just may be talented.” 

“Hypothetically speaking, perhaps,” said Jack. 

“I just know that all that rocking out to our great music made me hungry, lets all go get some food. Something besides bananas!” 

That was something they all could agree on!





The Get-Away


When writing stories, characters usually come and go, but sometimes there are certain characters that just stay around! Betsy the cow that can do just about anything and is full of surprises makes another appearance today. Glad to share another one of Jason’s tales with you all. When I wrote When the Bell was Silenced recently I didn’t think about how Betsy may feel about the fact that her magical cow bell was silenced! Well, Jason was nice enough to let Betsy’s voice be heard, its no wonder she confides in him, he cares about her feelings.  Enjoy! 

The Get-Away

Betsy had a problem. Those two love-sick nincompoops ran off with her cowbell and now she was stuck in Bittersweet Creek. She had to find a way to get out of this no-where town and she had come up with an unnecessarily elaborate and ridiculous scheme to make her exit.

In two days the county fair would take place and Betsy intended to win the livestock competition for old man Fuzzywhistle, which would earn them a trip to the state livestock show at the Capitol and there she would make her escape. But for her plan to work, she would need the cooperation of the judges of the livestock show. Luckily for Betsy, one of this year’s judges was Bard Mellow. Bard was far too honest a fellow to be bribed, but Betsy knew Bard’s weakness. He would do anything to keep his dear sweet wife Cara safe, and Cara had a certain addiction that Betsy could exploit. Betsy smiled a cow sort of smile as she began to put her plan in motion.

Old farmer Fuzzywhistle was a simple, somewhat reclusive, and absent-minded fellow. He didn’t really even notice that there was an extra cow in his barn while he prepared his morning deliveries of milk and eggs for the townsfolk. He loaded up his old truck and made his rounds.

“This year.” he thought “This is the year my cow Clarabelle finally wins the livestock contest.” Mr. Tippner’s donkey had won it the last three years and Fuzzywhistle had to admit that Mr. Tippner knows a nice, um jenny, when he sees one. But this year Clarabelle was well fed and groomed and would be the star of the show.

He smiled at this thought as he made his normal delivery to the Mellow house and continued on his rounds.

“What’s this?” Cara wondered as she saw the delivery from Mr. Fuzzywhistle. There was a strange new container labeled ‘Shoo-fly Coffee Creamer’. Mr. Fuzzywhistle must be branching out into a new line of products. She couldn’t wait to try it in her coffee. She made a coffee drink for herself, the third of the morning, and couldn’t believe how wonderful this new creamer was. In fact, she had used it all up by the following day.

Cara had to get more of that special coffee creamer. Fuzzywhistle hadn’t delivered anymore this morning so she set out to his farm to buy some more. Arriving at the farm she saw the door open to the barn and a light on so she went on in. “Mr. Fuzzywhistle, it’s Cara Mellow. I wonder if I could buy some more of that delicious Shoo-fly coffee creamer that you make.”

There was no answer. She looked around the barn and suddenly the barn door shut behind her. Then the light went out. “Mr. Fuzzywhistle?” she said nervously. Just then, she heard rustling in the hay behind her and before she knew it a burlap sack was thrown over her and she was carried away.

She was eventually put down and we she was able to get the sack off of her head, Cara found herself locked in a one-room shed. There was plenty of food, a comfy looking chair, a television, and what looked like the complete DVD collection of The Waltons. Well at least she wouldn’t be bored, but what was she doing here and how long would she be kept in this room.

It was the day of the fair and entire town was busy. Mr. Fuzzywhistle was preparing his produce delivery for the big radish and turnip eating contest and then he must get Clarabelle ready for the livestock show. He was so busy that he didn’t notice that it wasn’t actually Clarabelle in the trailer that he was pulling to the fair. Inside the trailer Betsy’s eyes gleamed with excitement; her plan was ahoof, er afoot.

Bard was distraught. He hadn’t seen Cara all day and nobody else had either. He had checked at Picklefoot’s coffee shop and she hadn’t been seen there. He went back home to see if she had returned and in the kitchen he found a strange note that didn’t appear to have been written by a human hand. He read the note and was shocked. It was simple and straight to the point. It said “If yooo ever want tooo see Cara again, yooou will vote for Fuzzywhistle’s cow at the fair.”

Bard didn’t know what to do. He dare not call that dopey old sheriff. Besides, it was just a livestock show; what harm could it be to just vote for some old cow. Mr. Tippner would be disappointed but Cara’s safety could be on the line.

Later that evening everyone was gathered for the livestock competition. Except the winner of the radish and turnip eating contest; nobody wanted to be near that guy right now. Bard, Mason, and Horace were ready to judge the contest. Betsy took her turn and gave a wink and a subtle grin to Bard. She knew that Horace had a soft spot for cows, and the kidnapping of Cara should secure Bard’s vote. She couldn’t find a way to get to that Mason Picklefoot. “In addition to being so handsome” Betsy thought “he was as honest as a person could be.”

Betsy watched Tippner’s burro parade around like she owned the place and she was clearly the crowd favorite. Even old man Fuzzywhistle was distracted checking out Tippner’s, um, donkey. Betsy patiently waited the judges to reach their decision. They seemed to be having a heated discussion.

Finally, a decision was reached and a hush fell over the crowd. All eyes were on Bard as he stood and prepared to announce the winner of the livestock show.

“This year’s winner of the Bittersweet Creek livestock show is…” Bard said with a nervous look on his face “Mr. Fuzzywhistle and his cow Clarabelle.” The crowd gasped. Mr. Tippner threw down his straw hat, grabbed his ass and stormed off.

“Moooooo….” Betsy let loose. She was finally getting out of this little town.

The next morning Bard and Cara had coffee as Cara recounted her adventures in the barn. Meanwhile, old Mr. Fuzzywhistle drove to the state Capitol pulling a trailer that he thought had Clarabelle in it. Betsy stared out the back, watching Bittersweet Creek fade into the distance. “Now to catch the two nincompoops who took my cowbell” she plotted.