Finding Mr. Right!

This is the conclusion to my The Rowboat Surprise post. 


A scream made Edmund almost drop his paddle. Danny screamed again. 

“Its Ok kid, you don’t need to scream.” Danny took one look at him and opened his mouth to scream again but Edmund covered his mouth with his hand, “Ouch!” Edmund pulled his hand away. “He bit me!” 

Billy was trying not to laugh, and that made Edmund more mad. 

“You think that is funny.” 

” Sorry, but what do you expect? The kid is scared. Did you think he was really going to be Ok with waking up on a different boat with strange men on it?” 

Edmund sighed, Billy was right. He again kicked himself for ever getting mixed up with this crazy lady in the first place! Kidnapping was not a job skill that he had wanted to acquire! 

Danny had calmed down some as he intently listened to Billy and Edmund talking. They didn’t seem quite as scary now, though he was feeling uneasy about where they were taking him. He thought of jumping out of the boat and making a swim for it, but he wasn’t dumb enough to think that he could outswim them. Plus he always had been one that loved adventure. When school resumed again, and he had to write a report about what he did over the summer, well this little adventure would make his classmates speechless! 

“Hey! Where are we going? I do need to be home by suppertime, you know.” Danny said. 

Billy and Edmund looked at each other. “Its a secret place, we will be there soon.” Billy replied. 

Danny was silent, trying to imagine where they could possibly be taking him and why! He was thinking how he probably shouldn’t have read that science fiction book last night. His imagination was beginning to run away with him and as much as he loved adventure, he was thinking that maybe this wasn’t an adventure that he wanted. 

Like Billy said, it wasn’t long before they went under a long bridge and docked the boat right in front of a large Maple tree. 

“Time to get off the boat and take you to see our boss.” Edmund said to Danny. 

Danny looked a little wary, but he followed the guys off the boat without saying a word. Edmund made a promise to himself that if she was to try to hurt the boy he would protect him at any cost! 

As they were walking, Danny saw a strange lady come running to them. Her hair was green and yellow, and she had 3 hands! Danny started shaking, this lady looked like she leapt from the pages of his story that he had read last night. Was that 3 noses on her face? Was she an alien? He froze in his tracks and couldn’t go any farther. 

“Its about time you guys got here, I been waiting all day! Where is he?” the strange lady shouted at Billy and Edmund. 

“He is right behind us, Ma’am.” 

She peered behind them, her eyes fell on Danny and she shrieked! “A boy! You got me a boy!! What were you thinking?” 

Billy and Edmund looked at each other and back at her. ” Didn’t you say anyone?” 

The lady threw her hands up in the air! “OH HELP! How do I put up with these imbeciles ! I said, any MAN! I want a husband you fools! This boy is no good to me!” 

On hearing those words Danny felt relief surge through him! 

“Take him back!”

“I will be more than happy too.” said Edmund. He turned and looked at  Danny, “Ready to go?” 

“Yes sir!” and Danny took off running as fast as he could for the boat, with Edmund close behind. 

“Hey, I am coming too.” yelled Billy as he ran after them. 

“Pitiful! They are absolutely no help! Obviously if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So where am I going to find a husband?” 

What was that cheerful sound? The lady perked up her ears, listening to the whistling and watching to see who was coming. 

She gasped as she started to swoon and see hearts in front of her. A tall, handsome guy was walking down the path with a fishing pole. He was headed towards the lake, and oh was he dreamy. That hair, she had never seen such luxurious, wavy hair. Not only was it so wavy, but it was a fascinating shade of blue! 

That was him, that was her husband to be, thought the lady. 

Being totally unaware of anyone watching him, Mason sat down at the lake to get his fishing pole ready. The lady crept closer to him. 

He threw his line into the lake and then grabbed his thermos. Taking off the lid, the smell of his strong, black coffee wafted through the air. The potent smell made the lady dizzy and faint. Oh, her hopes were dashed! She couldn’t be around that smell, she would have to continue looking. 

Wait! There was another man coming. Her breath caught once again. He was carrying bottled water. Now that she could handle. When you had 3 noses you couldn’t be around anything that smelled too strong! Maybe, just maybe he would be the one, she thought. 

“Hey Tippner! You made it. Beautiful day for fishing, isn’t it.” Mason said, as Tippner walked over to him.

The lady watched them chatting and laughing. Mason made a joke and Tippner started laughing so hard that something shot out of his mouth! The lady wasn’t able to see what it was, but she heard Tippner yell. “My teeth!” as he watched them fall into the lake. 

Quickly the lady got up. There was no need to waste anymore time here. These men were definitely not going to work for her. She didn’t want someone with false teeth! Oh, what trouble men were, maybe she would reconsider searching for a husband. But how she liked that vibrant blue hair! 


Breaking the Silence

Image from Pinterest

The sky was growing dark, the wind was picking up, a storm was brewing. Boris stood in the prairie as the rain began to pelt him. He didn’t care about the rain, he was wearing a thick coat. Staring into the distance he sighed. He missed his herd, but they were probably far away by now.

Unfortunately Boris did not have the greatest sense of direction. He had only wandered away for a short bit, but when he had turned around to rejoin the herd, he must have taken a wrong turn. His herd was nowhere to be seen. He knew they had been planning to head out soon for new territory. They may have waited a bit on him, but they wouldn’t have waited around too long. What had made him wander off in the first place? Why did he care about following a rabbit? His curiosity had got him into trouble once again.

What did he do now? Should he stay, or take off for somewhere new? The wind was blowing harder now, and making a strange sound. A rather awful sound, thought Boris. Like a screeching sound that he had never heard before, this was some weird storm.

Ahh! The screech appeared to have gone away. No, he was wrong, there it was again, and it seemed even louder this time. What was that in the distance? There was some dark shape that was coming his way.

Boris’s senses went on high alert. He didn’t have to worry too much about predators, he wasn’t someone you wanted to mess with. Mountain lions though sometimes got too daring. Usually they went after the young, smaller buffalo, but some liked to take on a challenge. At least Boris only saw one shadow moving his way. A lot of them could spell trouble.

“Screeeeech!” Boris shook his head and looked again. No, he could tell now that the shadow was not a mountain lion, much more bigger than that. Was it another buffalo? Did someone from his herd come back for him?

The shadow moved closer and Boris couldn’t believe it! Now this he had never seen out on the prairie before! Apparently this animal must have a bad sense of direction as well! What was it doing here, and what was that awful sound coming out of its mouth! Boris realized that screeching sound was not the wind, seeing that the animal’s mouth was open.

The animal was almost in front of him now. Fortunately it had closed its mouth and the screeching sound had stopped.

“HI! I am Henrietta the hippo, what is your name?” Henrietta asked with a smile, showing off her pearly white teeth.

Boris was a little taken back with her outgoing personality. They were standing in a the middle of a storm and she acted like there was nothing strange about her being here in the middle of a prairie.

“I am Boris.” he replied.

“Well nice to meet you Bo, do you mind if I call you Bo?”

Boris shook his head, not knowing what to say.

“I guess you are a little surprised to see me here, me being a hippo and all.” said Henrietta.

“You could say that.” replied Boris, finding his voice again.

“I like adventures and I told my friends Bobo, and Myrtle and Tulag that I was going to go on an adventure, so here I am. Its as simple as that. I want to see the world.”

“Are your friends hippos too?”

“Oh no, Bobo is a bear and Myrtle and Tulag are turtles.”

Now Boris really didn’t know what to say. This was the strangest animal he had ever met!

The rain was starting to slow down, and the sky beginning to clear. Boris shook himself to dry off, splattering Henrietta, but she didn’t care. She loved getting wet.

“So Bo, are you out here all alone?”

That name sounded so strange. He opened his mouth to tell her he preferred to be called Boris, but there was something about her that stopped him.

“Yes, I am, I got lost from my herd.”

“Oh, I am sorry, but now its your lucky day, for I am here! I knew there was a reason I came this way!”

Boris almost laughed, she was so cheerful. He had to admit it was nice to have someone to talk to again.

They chatted a little more, she told him about how she used to be in the zoo. He was glad he had never been in a zoo. He couldn’t imagine leaving the big, open prairie. He didn’t blame her for wanting to get out.

Pausing in conversation they were both standing in silence, when “SCREECH!” Boris jerked his head around, looking at Henrietta, whose mouth was open wide.

“Wh-what are you doing?” he asked.

“I am singing! I was in Vegas for a little bit you know.”

“Vegas? What is Vegas?”

She proceeded to tell him about her show that sold out every night, for people came from all around to see the singing hippo. She didn’t stay too long though, for she was afraid that they would try to cage her up again. After she told him about leaving, she opened her mouth to sing once more.

“Wait, wait… tell me more about Bobo, and that lady that you said he scared.

Henrietta started laughing. “That was funny, we laughed about that for days. The day had started out in an ordinary way, I was down by the river ….” and she continued on, as they started walking.

All he had to do was keep her talking. Shouldn’t be so hard, after all she was a female. His ears may grow tired, but at least it was better than that awful screeching that she considered singing!

Boris shook his head, longing again for the silence of the prairie.

Goose on the Loose

Thanks to Jason, we are going back to Bittersweet Creek and taking a peek at what is going on with the crazy characters there. I am sure you will enjoy his short story, in fact you may think that it really needs to be continued. Be sure to let him know. 🙂 

Betsy was excited. Today one of her best friends was coming for a visit – Jenny the donkey. Now, Jenny was no ordinary Donkey; Jenny could perform a few magic tricks when she concentrated really hard. At last Jenny arrived and Betsy was delighted to see her again. They decided to go for a nice walk in the meadow and enjoy the afternoon while catching up. Jenny noticed that there were several bees and butterflies about, but no flowers to speak of. Feeling sorry for the insects she paused in her walking, concentrated really hard, and said “Hee-haw” and presto, there were lots of beautiful wildflowers for the bees and butterflies to visit.

They continued their stroll and Betsy began to tell Jenny all about this quaint little town with quirky people that she sometimes visited. As Betsy told of her adventures there, Jenny finally said “I’d really love to visit this town. I’d especially like to meet this Mason that you speak of.”

“Wait just one second.” Betsy said. And she shook her neck, ringing her cowbell, and poof!. After the colorful smoke cleared, Betsy and Jenny found themselves in Bittersweet creek. As they began to stroll around, Cara Mellow came around a corner holding a very colorful coffee drink and ran into Betsy and Jenny, spilling her drink. Some of the drink landed on Jenny’s nose and she sneezed “Achoooo… hee-haw!” and ‘poof!’ Cara was now a goose.

“Oh, what have I done?” Jenny said. “I must have accidentally turned her into a goose when I sneezed, but I don’t quite remember how I did it. Let me concentrate and I will try to make her a person again.”

As Jenny was concentrating, Cara the goose became panicked by the strange event and ran away.

“Oh no, she’s getting away!” screamed Jenny. And Betsy and Jenny began to chase the loose goose. But Cara goose eluded them and they couldn’t figure out which way she went. Just then, from down the street, they heard a “honk” and then a scream.

“This way!” Betsy said and the pair ran down the street and saw Mrs. Hennyfeathers laying on the ground with all her shopping packages strewn around. At the end of the street they saw a goose running toward the creek. “Follow that goose” Betsy said.

Arriving at the creek they found five geese swimming around in the water. “Oh no, what do we do now? I can’t tell which goose is which.” Jenny said.

“I’ve an idea.” Betsy said “Stay here and keep an eye on the geese and I’ll be right back.”

Betsy rang her cowbell and was gone. A minute passed, then another, and then ‘woosh’ there was Betsy with a really fancy looking coffee drink.

“This is the sweetest coffee drink that Mason knows how to make and it is Cara’s favorite.” Betsy said. Betsy put the drink on the ground near the creek and they backed away.

Soon, one of the geese swam over to the shore, climbed up and headed right for the coffee drink.

“That must be her.” Betsy said “Now concentrate and make her a human again.”

Jenny tried real hard and shut out all distractions focusing on the silly goose drinking coffee. “Hee-haw” she said and presto, there was Cara Mellow, the person again, sitting on the ground drinking coffee. She looked up and said “Oh, hi Betsy. Nice to see you again. I’d love to stay and chat but I have to get to work.” And she hurried off to the coffee shop.

Jenny was very relieved. The pair returned to the meadow and continued their day.

Meanwhile, Cara and Mason were busily serving customers at the coffee shop. “I need two more slices of shoo-fly pie for table three.” Mason said.

“Coming right up, honk.” Cara said.

“Did you just honk?” Mason asked.

“No.” Cara said blushing “Must have been a passing car.”

Reversing the Magic

This post is the conclusion to yesterday’s post, More Purple Feathers

Had he really heard what he thought he heard? Did the 2 purple birds say, “Help”? He stood there looking at them and this time he saw their beaks move, and yes, they distinctly said, “Help us!”  

Why were the birds….? Oh No! Evan felt his heart sink with a sick feeling. She didn’t! She had a made a promise to him that she would not practice her bad magic anymore! Oh Marge, what did you do? Evan ran his fingers through his hair, wondering what to do. 

“What are your names?” he asked the birds. Hearing their replies, made his stomach knot up. Now he knew what had happened to the nannies. He closed the door and apologized to them, telling them he would help them. He just had to find out a way to break the spell that Marge had put on them. He didn’t want to let Marge know that he figured out what she had done, not yet, he wanted to come up with a plan. 

Marge had gone to bed early, which Evan was glad about. It was too bad that she had a headache, but he needed the time to hunt around to find what he needed. After 30 minutes of searching he finally found her magic book. The book that she had told him she got rid of! He should have known that she couldn’t give up her bad magic. He had been in love and believed the empty promises she had made. How long had she been practicing it? What had gone unnoticed before by him? Sadly, he was afraid that it was probably a lot. If he started thinking back, he could probably come up with things that at the time seemed like bad coincidences, but now …. he guessed that her bad magic had been behind it! What had really happened to their little cat Mittens?  Was she responsible for his Mom being so sick? Was that why Drs. couldn’t figure out the mysterious illness that his Mom had a couple months ago. She finally got better, but no one had any answers as to why she had felt so bad. 

Oh, how naïve he had been, but no more. 

The book was filled with all kinds of spells, over 100! At last he found the spell about turning someone into a bird and he read it with earnest. Oh, good! It had an easy way to break the spell. The birds just had to stop drinking the water in their cages. The potion was in that, and you had to drink it each day or the spell would wear off. 

He quietly entered the guestroom and opened the bird cage. “You are free to go, the spell will wear off within 12 hours.” The birds couldn’t get out of the room fast enough, when they saw the open window! They said “Thank you!” and their eyes shined with happiness once again as they took off. 

He stayed in the guestroom for the next hour poring over the book and when he finally went to bed, he had a plan in mind. 

Evan woke up and was glad to see Marge still sleeping. He quietly got out of bed and made her kale and spinach smoothie just the way she liked it, with perhaps a few drops of a little magic added into it. 

Sitting it by her bed he stood there for a little watching her sleep. Then he gently shook her shoulder. “Good Morning! How are you feeling dear?” 

Marge opened her eyes, feeling groggy. She looked at Evan’s big smile and said, “You seem perky this morning!” 

“I made you your breakfast smoothie, sweetheart.”  and Evan handed it to her. 

Marge’s face radiated surprise. “Well you really are in a good mood! Usually you would be in your study by now working.”

“Sometime there are more important things than work..”  and he brushed his hand across her cheek, giving her a kiss, for what he knew would be the final time. He couldn’t deny feeling some sadness, but mostly he was disgusted with her and fervently hoped that his plan would work. 

“This is really good honey, what all did you put in it? I can tell something is different.” 

“Just keep drinking, and maybe you will be able to figure it out.” 

She drank it down, and within a few moments she started shrinking before his eyes. 

“What is happening to me?” she shouted. 

“What’s wrong? You don’t like the taste of your own medicine? ” 

Marge’s face blanched. “Wh-what do you mean?” she asked. 

“I know Marge! You never listened to me, you been practicing your magic all along, haven’t you!” 

Marge’s voice quavered, “What did you do? I can explain!” her body was feeling so weird! 

Evan was delighted to see how well it was working. He was pretty good at this. Right before his eyes, in a matter of minutes he had transformed his wife into a bushy tailed squirrel! 

Picking her up he went downstairs as she was trying her best to yell, but it wasn’t working. He opened up the back door and placed her gently down on the grass. “You should be happy, this fits you so well! Go hunt for nuts, you NUTTY squirrel! 



The Fishing Lesson


Adam was about to give up, the fish didn’t seem to be biting today. He had come out early this morning thinking he would have a bucket full of fish by now. Instead all he had to show for his few hours of fishing, was an old Superman lunchbox that someone must have tossed into the lake. It was rather heavy, and something was rattling around when he brought it up out of the lake. Opening it up, he saw all kinds of coins. Why would someone toss a lunchbox of coins into the lake? 

This day was a strange day. The morning had not gone well at all! He had been wishing that he had stayed in bed and  pulled the covers back over his head when this alarm went off at 5am. When he got out of bed he slipped on a puddle, and banged his knee against the corner of his night stand. The puddle was thanks to his new brindle Boston terrier puppy, Cinnamon. He of course couldn’t be mad at her long when he looked at her adorable  face. 

Thinking he would make a good breakfast, he had headed into the kitchen. When he had opened the fridge he realized he had forgotten to buy milk and eggs yesterday. He was staring at tomatoes and what looked like a broccoli cheese casserole. Upon looking at it closer he realized that the green wasn’t broccoli, and that the casserole must have been in there a little too long! 

He found some pop tarts in the cupboard and popped them in the toaster. They were better than nothing. At least he had his coffee, which he poured into this thermos to take with him. 

On the way to the lake he had stopped at the ATM and it was out of order. That should have been another sign to him to turn around and go back to bed, but he had continued on. He looked at the Superman lunchbox beside him and sighed. 

After fishing for another half hour, he decided to pack up and go. The strawberry pop tarts were long gone and he was feeling the stirring of hunger pangs. He grabbed his tackle box and fishing rod in one hand and picked up the lunchbox in the other. 

He was walking back to his truck when he saw a young boy walking toward him. When the boy got closer, recognition and surprise crossed the boy’s face. “That’s my lunchbox! You found it!” The boy jumped up and down with excitement. 

Adam smiled at the boy, “HI! The fish were not biting today, but your lunchbox bit my line!” The little boy laughed. “Looks like you been collecting a lot of coins in your lunchbox.” 

The boy laughed. “Yes, I have! I been saving to buy my sister a gift. My parent’s give me a small allowance each week and usually I buy candy and other stuff with it, but instead I have  been saving it all for my little sister. She’s been really sick, and in the hospital. I want to make her smile again. Thank you so much mister for getting it for me. I was out fishing the other day and had the lunchbox with me for I wanted to go to the store later. I accidentally knocked it into the lake and it sank and I tried to get it but couldn’t. Now I am going to run to the store before anything else happens to it.” The little boy was beaming from ear to ear,  as he waved goodbye to Adam, and took off running. 

Adam watched the little boy and he was so moved. He was glad he had come fishing today. Catching the little boy’s lunchbox was better than catching a whole bucket full of fish! Hearing that little boy’s story and seeing the joy on his face reminded Adam of the things that really matter. Reminded him that sometimes its the heart of a child that shows you what love is all about. 




The Intervention

This is a continuation from my post on Thursday about Molly, The Secret Mission


Jasper paced around gnawing on a carrot to help control his anger. How could Aspen have lost Molly? He shouldn’t have given such an important job to his incompetent grandson. There seemed to be something missing from Aspen’s explanation though that he couldn’t quite understand. Like he was leaving a part out between being with Molly, eating clover and then a woman nabbing Molly into a car with her. Jasper couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him,  for he did seem distraught over losing Molly. He said how he felt an attachment for Molly instantly, that she was so sweet and innocent. 

It was no good to have Aspen feel that way about her, for if he knew Jasper’s purpose for wanting Molly, Aspen would strongly object. to it. He wouldn’t understand and would be angry at his Grandfather. Jasper didn’t want that so he must not know. Biting off a big chunk of carrot he threw it down and hopped away. He would have to figure something out. Maybe by going down deep in his burrow, he would be able to think better. He needed a plan! 

Aspen was out resting under a tree. He couldn’t get Molly off his mind. Relief had surged through him when his Grandfather didn’t ask for more details about how Molly came to be with the lady who took her away in the car. Molly had to be okay.  Ashton knew he had only been with her a short time, but he couldn’t imagine anything bad happening to her. He had no clue who those other bunnies were with Molly, and he may have neglected to mention the other bunnies to his Grandfather. Ashton had a feeling that the less details he gave to Jasper about Molly disappearing the better. 

Jasper was pleased, he had come up with a plan. Aspen had told him where he stopped to eat the clover and where Molly was seen getting into the car. It was close by a park. He figured he would go there and hide out, hoping that whoever this woman was would bring Molly to the park. Jasper would put on his charm and get Molly to follow him, while Aspen distracted the lady. He wasn’t putting Aspen in charge of Molly again! Sometimes if you wanted things done right, you had to do them yourself, he learned that. He would show Aspen how things are done. Feeling proud of himself and his plan he fell asleep easily that night. He felt confident that Molly would soon be in the grips of his power.

“How long are we going to stay here Grandfather?”  Aspen asked, feeling bored. They had been sitting behind a bush for a hour now, waiting for Molly to come. Waiting for her to come when they had no idea if she would come! This idea was crazy! 

Jasper was not going to let one failed attempt stop him. So Molly never showed up that day, they would go back again the next day. He wouldn’t let himself think about the real possibility of her never coming. His masterplan would never work if he didn’t have her! He would have to find another sweet and innocent human and that was almost an impossible task. They were a rare breed. 

After a week of coming to the park every day, Jasper was ready to admit defeat, the taste was bitter in his mouth. All the plans he had of how to overtake the human race were thwarted once again. Sighing deeply he nudged Aspen, who had fallen asleep. 

“Aspen! Aspen! Wake up! We are going to go home, I give…” 

He thumped his foot on the ground rapidly. “Aspen, do you see her? That’s Molly isn’t it?” Jasper pointed to a little girl excitedly. His heart started  racing for she was alone, they had no time to lose!

“You stay here and watch for anyone coming, I am going to go to her and try to get her to follow me.” Jasper hopped out from around the bush heading towards Molly. 

“MOO!”  Jasper jumped, where had the cow come from, he hadn’t seen a cow, and now it was standing right in the middle of his path to Molly! 

Jasper tried to peer around the cow, but she was rather large, he caught a glimpse of Molly playing in the sandbox. She was still alone. He had to get to her. He wasn’t going to let no dumb cow stop him. 

He started going around the cow, “MOO!” the cow moved, blocking him again. Jasper hopped to the other side, and the cow moved again giving him a defiant stare. 

If Jasper didn’t know better, he would say that the cow was purposely trying to block him from Molly, but that was ridiculous, wasn’t it?  Jasper moved again, and sure enough so did the cow, her eyes never leaving him. 

Every time Jasper tried different moves the cow kept interfering. Then Jasper heard a lady calling. “Molly, Molly honey, its time to leave.” 

Nooooo….!! Jasper saw Molly leaving, his chance was slipping away right in front of him. 

Jasper flushed with anger. He spied the silver cowbell dangling from the cow’s neck and impulsively jumped as high as he could. Grabbing hold of the bell he shook it as he yelled at the cow. 

Pink and purple smoke filled the air and when it cleared Jasper found himself lying on the ground. He stood up feeling dazed and confused. Where was he? Oh No, the cow was here too! Did this cow have it in for him or what! “MOO!” She glared at him, Jasper felt unsettled, he was used to being in control. He had never had a cow glare at him before. She bent her face down to be close to him and Jasper started feeling afraid. Then suddenly in another cloud of smoke the cow was gone! 

Where did she go, he wondered. He wasn’t sorry to see her leave, but he now felt alone, and totally confused. Where was he and would he ever get home? 

“Mommy, Mommy! Look, a white bunny. Can we take him home with us?” 

“Honey, I don’t think so.” 

“But Mommmmm!” Jaime started stamping his feet and screaming. 

“Fine, grab him and lets go, just stop screaming!’ 

Before Jasper knew what was happening, he felt himself being grabbed by the back of its neck and carried to a car. He was held tightly on the boy’s lap. “Don’t worry fella, I can’t wait to introduce you to Whiskers, our cat.” 

Jasper gulped and started to tremble all over. A CAT!

Betsy was contently grazing in the pasture. She thought of sweet Molly and glad that she was able to protect her. That she had answered the call to go where she was needed. Her Mom Lucy’s words came back to Betsy, about how she was a special cow and that with her enchanted cowbell she would be capable of doing many things. One of those being the ability to help people in trouble. Betsy smiled, and a warm feeling flowed through her. She felt her Mother’s love and she hoped that she had made her proud today. 



Finding Mr. Darcy

Image from Pinterest

Yvette stood there patiently as Eva tried to fix her gown. At least she was trying to be patient, she was anxious for Eva to be finished, so that they could both leave. The Ball was starting in the next half hour, and she did not want to be late!

“You have to hold still”, Eva said, when Yvette unconsciously moved.

“Will you be finished soon?”

“I am finished now.” Eva replied, stitching the last stitch. “Now try not to tear another hole in it tonight.”

Yvette made a face at her. “I can’t help it snagged the sharp corner on the table at the bottom of the stairs.”

“If you had been walking like a proper lady, instead of running, it wouldn’t have happened.”

“We all know that I don’t fit into the “proper lady” category.” said Yvette, and Eva laughed.

“So true! In fact, I am surprised you are even going to the Ball. Is there something you aren’t telling me? Did a guy finally catch your eye?” Eva asked while raising her eyebrows at her.

Yvette shook her head. “Most definitely not. Can’t I go to Balls for more reasons than just to meet a guy? What if I only want to enjoy a good night of dancing?”

Eva put her hands up in the air. “You know I am only teasing. I am glad you are coming with me!”

“Well someone has to look out for you. That Chris guy isn’t good enough for you, I am counting on Landon being there. I have seen the way he looks at you.”

Eva blushed, ” I think we shall be going.” she said, ” Should I help you down the stairs?” she grinned as Yvette rolled her eyes at her.

The Ballroom was stunning! Eva looked at all the glamorous young ladies and began to doubt herself.

“I see that look,” Yvette said, “Stop it! You light up this ballroom, and don’t look now, but Landon is coming this way.”

Yvette smiled at Landon and Eva dancing together. She really hoped that he was seriously interested in Eva, for he was such a charming, pleasant guy, the perfect guy for her dear friend. He didn’t have much hair, but that was fine. Yvette thought his baldness gave him a suave, and dignified look. Not everyone had to have luxurious wavy hair like Gerald did. Yvette wondered how much gel he put on his hair to get the waves to stand up just right.

The night was going well. Yvette had danced with several different men, and was beginning to grow tired. The guys had been nice, but the last one Alex, lingered in her mind. She didn’t know why, for she doubted that she would see him again.

She noticed that Eva had pretty much stayed with Landon the whole night. Chris had tried to cut in, but Yvette walked over and intervened. She danced with him a few times, just to keep him away from Eva. She caught Eva’s look of gratitude and smiled back.

Later in the night, when the dancing was almost over Eva pulled Yvette aside. Her face was flushed and light was dancing in her eyes. “I won’t be riding home with you tonight, Landon said he will take me home.”

Yvette smiled giving her a quick embrace. “I knew he liked you! Call me in the morning!” Eva gave her hand a squeeze and walked back over to Landon.

Well Yvette decided that she would go ahead and call it a night, her feet were tired. A bubble bath would feel good and then her novel was calling to her to be read. She was anxious to continue reading about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. Were there any Mr. Darcy’s in real life?

She headed for the stairs, walked down the stairs, not running this time. When she stepped outside she saw that it was raining hard, and of course she hadn’t brought an umbrella with her. She started running and didn’t see the curb right in front of her. Ooh OUCH! She had tripped over the curb, and landed in a puddle.

The night had been going well, now she wasn’t so sure as her ankle throbbed and the wetness soaked through her gown. She tried to stand up and groaned as she tried to put weight on her foot.

“Excuse me Miss, do you need help?”

Yvette looked up to see a young man standing in front of her. ” Alex?”

“Well your memory seems to be good, so I guess you didn’t hit your head.” Alex said with a grin. “Here, lean on me, and show me where your car is.”

Yvette started hobbling, leaning on him. They had to go slow, but he didn’t seem to mind, though he was getting soaked.

When they reached her car, he went to the passenger side and asked for the keys. She looked at him.

“You don’t really think you can drive with a hurt ankle, do you?”

Yvette said,” I guess not, but..”

“I will take you home and then call a taxi, no problem.”

“Thank you”, she winced as she got in the car. Her ankle really was throbbing now.

She gave him directions to her house and soon they pulled into the driveway. He came over to her side, helped her out of the car and up into the house. Yvette was constantly thanking him, thinking of what a gentleman he was.

When they entered her home, she thanked him again and was expecting him to leave. “Why don’t you go change out of your wet gown and I will make you something hot, coffee or tea?

Yvette felt a little dazed. “You really don’t have too, but coffee would be great. The Keurig is on the counter.”

It took her some time to get changed out of her wet gown, but she managed, and once she had dry, comfy clothes on she hobbled back out to the living room and the couch.

“Your coffee my lady!” he said with a wink, as he served it to her on the couch. He also had a ice pack in his hand for her ankle. He grabbed some throw pillows and gently propped her ankle up on them. “Can I turn on the tv for you or get you a book, anything else you need?”

Yvette pointed to the book on the coffee table. “Ahh! Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. You enjoy the classics?”

“Yes!” she replied, “I have read all of Austen’s books.”

“I enjoy the classics too. I have read many of Shakespeare’s works.”

Yvette was impressed, most guys thought the classics were boring, at least the guys she had met.

He handed her the book and then said that if that was all, he would be on his way. He said the look of a drowned rat doesn’t quite become him, so he would like to change into some dry clothes.

“Do you have your phone?”

Yvette realized she didn’t and asked him to get it for her. She didn’t want to miss Eve’s call, but figured she wouldn’t hear from her until morning!

“Thanks again for everything.” she said to Landon, after he called a cab.

“My pleasure, not every night that I get to help a damsel in distress.” and he smiled. “I do hope your ankle gets better. I enjoyed dancing with you tonight.”

“I enjoyed it too.” she replied and they gazed at each other for a few moments.

“Well, I better go, don’t want to keep the cab waiting. Enjoy the book, Mr. Darcy is a pretty good guy, isn’t he. ” He gave a wink, and walked out the door.

Yvette stared at the door for a few moments lost in thought. What had just happened? She shook her head, she better start reading to clear her head.

She was caught up in the book, when the phone rang a half hour later.

“Hello?” she heard a deep voice on the other end.

Was he really quoting Shakespeare? She couldn’t help but feel a little fluttering sensation, as she put down her book, and listened to Alex on the other end.

Mystery of the Night

Image from Pinterest

What a beautiful night! Patrick had been standing out on the deck admiring the beauty of the full moon’s reflection in the water. It gave the water a purplish glow. Then to his surprise a whale jumped up. There weren’t many people still out on the deck, but the ones who were gasped in delight at seeing the whale.

A great way to end the last night of the cruise. Patrick was ready to get home, but the cruise had been a wonderful break from his stressful job at working with the FBI. It always was good to get away for a bit! He thought that when he got back, he would go visit his cousin Luke for the weekend, before starting back to work on Monday. He enjoyed being with Luke and his family. Little Annie was adorable, even though she wasn’t so little anymore. She was growing like a weed, and her baby brother looked different every time Patrick saw him. He could give them the little gifts that he had brought back from Cancun for them.

On his way back to his room he heard someone call his name. “Mr. Patrick, Mr. Patrick…”

He recognized the cute little voice. It was Molly, a sweet girl that he had met on the ship, along with her parents, Kimberly and Jacob. They had talked a lot on the ship. Patrick had been intrigued with the story about how Kimberly found Molly by the side of the road with the bunnies, and how she wouldn’t talk for quite awhile. It was wonderful to see her so happy and bubbly now. Love had opened the door of her heart. Kimberly and Jacob had opened their hearts to her, and adopted her, after the search for her parents came up with nothing.

He turned around and saw Molly in her little nightgown, holding a stuffed bunny. “HI Molly!” he said, and he smiled at her parents standing behind her. “Guess what!” Molly said with her eyes bright.

Patrick squatted down on her eye level and asked, “What?”

“I lost a tooth, and Mommy said if I fall asleep quickly the tooth fairy will come!”

Patrick reached into his pocked and pulled out 2 shiny quarters. “Here, you can add this to whatever the tooth fairy brings you.” he said, handing them to Molly.

“Thank you!” she said with her cheeks rosy, clutching tightly to the coins in her hand. Patrick talked a few moments to her parents and then they all bid each other goodnight. They would all meet for breakfast, for one more meal together, before they docked.

“Knock, knock” … where was the knocking coming from? Where was he? This didn’t look like his bedroom. “Knock, knock”. … His mind started clearing, looking at the numbers on his alarm clock. It was midnight and he was on the cruise ship. Someone was knocking at his door. “Knock! Knock!”” The knocking was louder and someone was saying his name! What was going on? Why was someone knocking on his door?

He stumbled out of his bed, walked over to the door, and opened it. Molly’s Mom, Kimberly was standing there with a frantic look on her face. Alarm shot through his body and he suddenly felt more awake.

“Kimberly, what is wrong?”

“Its Molly! She disappeared! ”

Disappeared! What did they mean, his foggy brain was trying to compute. Where would Molly be at midnight!

“Jacob woke up and he looked over at Molly’s bed and there was no one there! He thought she was in the bathroom at first, but it was empty! Molly has never wandered away before in the middle of the night! Could she have been sleep walking? Should we wake the Captain? Oooh my precious girl … she has to be OK. ”

Patrick could tell that Kimberly was fighting to keep her composure. Patrick had been taught how to stay strong in scary situations, but he even felt panic clutching his heart. He had only known Molly for the past week, but she had wrapped herself around his heart. He couldn’t imagine anything happening to her.

Their room was only 2 doors down from Patrick’s, he looked down the long hallway, which way did she go?

“I will go this direction and you go the other, she probably hasn’t gone far.” He tried to feel as confident about that as he sounded and he started down the hallway.

Patrick was almost at the end of the hall and had seen no trace of Molly, then something caught his eye. Molly’s bunny! It was on the steps leading to the next level. He grabbed it and started up the steps.

“Molly!” Relief coursed through him! At the top of the steps and to the right of them was little Molly trying her hardest to operate the vending machine. She couldn’t quite reach high enough to put her quarters in the slot.

“Mr. Patrick! I want candy!”

Patrick looked at her innocent, sweet face and picked her up. “I think that first we need to go see your Mommy!”

He quickly carried her back down the steps and down the hallway calling out to Kimberly.

Kimberly and Jacob didn’t take long to come running down the hall towards them. “Molly!” they yelled. Kimberly couldn’t hold back her tears anymore, as she took Molly from Patrick’s arms and hugged her tight!

“Where did you go? What were you doing?”

“I wanted candy Mommy. I have money, I was hungry. ”

Jacob embraced them both in a hug and he told Molly that they would talk about her candy outing later, but that now she needed to get back in bed!

“Thank you so much!” Jacob and Kimberly said to Patrick.

“So glad to help! I wish all my cases could be this easy to solve! And now you little monkey” he said while giving Molly’s cheek a little pinch. “You stay in bed!” Molly giggled and they all said goodnight!

It took Patrick a little bit to fall back asleep. Gradually he felt his heart calm back down, after the adrenaline rush, and he was feeling sleepy once again. He smiled at the picture in his mind of Molly reaching so hard to try to put the money in the machine. She was something else. It made him wonder again why she had been abandoned by the side of the road. What was her story? Were her parents still alive, had they purposely abandoned her or did something happen to them? His mind started to go into detective mode again, but sleep was more powerful, and won the battle. Solving the case of Molly’s parents would just have to wait.

A Sign from the Sky?

Thanks to Jason from for the use of another one of his photos, for my story.

This is a continuation from Monday’s post, Flower Girl

Thomas had the windows down in his truck, enjoying the warm breeze. Plus he didn’t have much choice since his A/C had broken. It was okay, he would get it fixed, Susan and him weren’t going far, so he was sure she wouldn’t mind. Now if he and Kelly were still dating, it would have been a different story! He couldn’t be more relieved that he had ended things with Kelly. It was as he expected. She wasn’t upset, in fact she appeared relieved as well. They were just not right for each other.

He had no regrets in breaking up with Kelly, for the past month had been wonderful. Thomas couldn’t be happier that he had accidentally left his wallet at the flower stand. Leaving his wallet behind turned out to be the best mistake ever!

His Mom and sister were elated about Susan and him dating. They got along so well with her, and agreed that she was great for him. His heart was light, and he saw nothing but blue skies ahead.

Today they were going to have a picnic lunch in a meadow. Do some hiking and, maybe canoe down the river and perhaps stay late enough to lie on a blanket and watch the stars together. He brought his guitar along too, she loved it when he sang to her. He had played it a lot less when he was dating Kelly, for she said the noise bothered her ears. She would much rather hear him play music on a Baby Grand piano. The problem was, he wasn’t a piano player, no matter how much she tried to encourage him to become one.

He pulled up beside Susan’s flower stand and she was there waiting for him, looking all cute in shorts with a hot pink top and pink sneakers.

She climbed into his truck, “HI there handsome.” Susan said, while sliding across the seat to be next to him. Thomas put his arm around her, giving her a kiss, and with one hand on the wheel, he headed down the road.

They had parked the truck when they reached the meadow and then decided to hike a little before lunch. Choosing a path that was strewn with wildflowers growing beside it they started hiking. Talking when they wanted and enjoying the silence at times too, while holding each other’s hand’s.

The path led to a small grassy hill. They hiked up the little hill and stood on top gazing into each other’s eyes. Something landed on Susan’s nose, tickling it. It was a purple feather.

“I wonder where this came from.” Susan said looking up into the sky. To her surprise another purple feather fell, followed by another, landing on Susan’s head.

They started laughing, purple feathers, falling from the sky? Thomas gently picked one up off of her head, and said, ” Special rare feathers for my special girl. It is obviously a sign, that I am with the prettiest girl today.” Susan’s eyes sparkled, as he cupped her face in his hands. and they closed their eyes and kissed, as the purple feathers continued to fall.

Purple Feathers Falling

Image from Pinterest

Where were the feathers coming from? Marissa was standing in the field looking up at the sky as the feathers fell down around her. There were no birds flying in the azure blue sky. These weren’t typical bird feathers either, they were purple. Marissa picked one up looking at it closer, and looked back up at the sky. Nothing was falling anymore.

She gathered the feathers up in her hands, not exactly sure what she was going to do with them, but they felt special. How often do purple feathers just randomly fall out of the sky?

If this was how her day was starting, what did the rest of the day hold for her? Were these purple feathers a sign of good luck? She was interviewing for a Nanny position today, she would take all the luck that she could get.

This was the correct house. A large beige stone house. Marissa took a deep breath as she walked up the stone path leading to the door. Beautiful hyacinths and lupine were on either side of the path.

Ringing the doorbell, she calmed herself feeling the soft feathers in her pocket.

The door opened and a woman with a baby in her arms and a 3 year old wrapped around her leg was standing there.

“Welcome! Come on it.” she said to Marissa, greeting her with a warm smile.

“Hi! You have a lovely home.” Marissa said, looking around.

“Thank you! This is little Austin in my arms and Valerie.” The Mom reached down and brushed Valerie’s hair out of her eyes as the little girl kept playing peek a boo with Marissa, hiding behind her Mom’s legs.

Marissa was beginning to relax, the lady seemed friendly and little Valerie was adorable with her blue eyes and impish smile. Then Marissa looked at the painting on the wall beside her and her breath caught in her throat.

It was a painting of a young lady standing in a field as purple feathers fell down around her. The feathers looked exactly like the ones in Marissa’s pocket and goosebumps covered Marissa’s arms. The young lady in the painting looked exactly like Marissa! Even had the exact same scarf around her neck as Marissa had, which Marissa was now fingering nervously.

Mrs. Hetchfield looked at the painting and back at Marissa with a cunning smile, “Like I said, Welcome dear, you are exactly where you belong now. I have been waiting for a long time.”