Betsy’s Gift and other Treasures

It seems that for some reason my Part 2 post did not show up on the WP reader. If you missed seeing it, here is the link, Lucy, the Special Cow!  The following story is Part 3 and the conclusion … ( I think) 


Henry and Margaret were sitting outside rocking on the hand crafted wooden porch swing. It had been a wedding gift from Henry and served them well through the years. They had whispered words of endearment on this swing and shed tears. They had said words in anger, but also made up while swinging, gradually moving closer to each other. The swing had grown to be a special place throughout the years. 

Crickets were singing and the night air was warm, with the full moon shining bright. Henry was singing softly to Margaret, “You are my Sunshine”.  His voice cracked now with age, but it still worked the same magic in her heart as it had years ago, in their courting days. 

“MOO!” Loud mooing was heard coming from the barn. It sounded like Lucy was in pain. Henry and Margaret both hurried to the barn as fast as they could. Henry opened the door and a joyous sight met his eyes. Lucy was lying down next to her newborn, chestnut brown, spotted calf. Henry and Margaret watched in awe as Lucy lovingly washed her calf off, looking at Henry and Margaret with pride in her eyes. 

After spending some time in the barn with Lucy and her new calf, they left, for the night was late and they were tired. While walking back to the house, Margaret said, ” Did you notice? There wasn’t a silver cowbell around the calf’s neck.” 

“Yes, I saw that. A little disappointing, but one magic cow is really all we need. I am sure that little Betsy will still be a great cow! Plus we are getting too old to travel anyway. Lucy will probably stay around more now that Betsy is here, all will be good, no more wondering about where she is and when she will be back.”  replied Henry. 

“That is true,” Margaret said, laying her head on Henry’s shoulder, they walked into their house. 

Lucy admired her calf, she was worn out but she loved Betsy and before she went to sleep she had to tell her how special she was. 

“You need to know that you aren’t just an ordinary cow.” Lucy said. 

Betsy opened one eye and looked at her Mama. What did she mean?

“There are many adventures for you to go on, people to help. I have traveled around this world, but I am getting old and its time for me to pass my special gift onto you.” 

Suddenly Betsy felt something around her neck. What was it? She looked down and spied something shiny, oh how it sparkled. Betsy smiled, it was pretty. She wondered what her Mama meant though about helping people? How would she help people and travel around the world, she was having trouble just standing on her own 4 feet. Sighing she nestled in close to her Mama, and closed her eyes. She was too tired to worry about anything right now. Her belly was full of milk and her eyes were heavy, it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep. Mother and baby encircled together in love, who knew what adventures awaited. 

The next morning Teressa was afraid to get up. What was her Dad going to say about her Mom being gone? How would she ever explain? She rubbed her eyes and figured the sooner she got it over with the better. She should just get up and go face Dad and tell him the whole story. Oh what made think that it was a good idea that she take the cowbell.  If she never would have done that, she wouldn’t be in the mess that she was in right now and her Mom would be safe at home. 

Teressa got out of bed and brushed her hair, trying to gather up courage to face her Dad. She picked out the outfit that her Dad bought her for her birthday. Any little thing she could do to help ease her Dad’s anger Teressa would do. She also put the cherry red bow in her hair that he had given her a few months back. He had picked it up when looking for treasures to sell and he said that he didn’t want to sell it for he thought it would look lovely in her golden blonde hair. 

Opening her bedroom door she headed for the stairs, she cocked her head. Where was that music coming from? She had never heard such beautiful music. Walking faster she started down the stairs and much to her surprise her Mom was downstairs strumming a golden harp! 

Relief coursed through Teressa to see her Mom and at the same time she was filled with many questions! She rushed downstairs, almost tripping over the last step. 

“Mama! Mama! You are back! Where did you learn to play the harp and how did you get it? Where did you go?” 

“Oh if I told you you would probably never believe me. I had such a fun adventure. I went high up in the sky and found some treasures.” She looked at her husband and winked. 

“Up in the sky … treasures? What are you talking about? Is the golden harp one of the treasures? Do you have the cowbell?” 

“No, I don’t have the cowbell, it was passed on to someone special.” 

“Who? You gave it away to someone, why?”  Teressa implored. 

“I think you should go out to the barn Teressa, gather the chicken’s eggs please. We need more eggs for breakfast..” her Dad said, patting her shoulder. 

Teressa looked from her Mom to her Dad, there was a bowl of scrambled eggs on the table, why did they need more eggs? Something was up.

“But…” Teressa began, but she knew it was no use. Her Mom went back to playing the harp and her Dad started humming along. Starting for the door she wondered if something was waiting for her in the barn. 

With great curiosity and some hesitation she walked to the barn. Her feet were wet from the dew of the grass. She hadn’t taken the time to put on shoes. With curiosity and some hesitation she reached the barn and opened the door. 

There was no cow with its deep brown eyes waiting for her, but what was that sitting on a nest?  She gasped, where oh where did a Golden Goose come from? Teressa couldn’t believe her eyes! Did her parents know about this? It flew up, shaking its feathers everywhere. Scared Teressa, making her heart race, as it almost flew right into her face. Then it settled back down, but Teressa couldn’t believe what she had seen. It had been sitting on large, golden eggs! They sparkled like they were magical. First a magical cow shows up in the barn and now a golden goose that lays golden eggs! Teressa’s mind was spinning, she didn’t know what to think.  There was one thing though, that she did know for sure. She was becoming a strong believer in the fact that their barn had to be enchanted!  



Lucy, the Special Cow!

This a continuation from Thursday’s post, The Enchanted Barn


Finally she heard the sound that she had been waiting for, the sound of a freight train coming. The sound of her Dad snoring. Her Mom slept like a log as soon as her head hit the pillow, and Teressa had no idea how she managed to sleep through the snoring every night. She was glad though for her Mama being a sound sleeper, for now the coast was clear for Teressa to carry out her plan. 

Grabbing her backpack that she had packed with food, money and an extra set of clothes, she headed out of her bedroom. Teressa tip-toed past her parent’s bedroom, towards the stairs. Creeping very softly down the steps, she skipped the 4th one, knowing that had a squeaky board in it. Making it down with her heart rapidly beating she stood still for a moment listening. All was clear, all she heard was the sound of her Dad’s freight train continuing to chug. 

Her Dad’s bag was by the door, with new treasures to add to his cart in the morning, hoping to sell. Teressa reached into it hoping the cowbell was on top but it wasn’t. It must have sunk to the bottom. There was a china doll, some silver spoons, and little bottles of oils to heal almost every sickness you could think of. She laid each thing on the table when pulling it out of the bag. Oh where was that cowbell, thought Teressa.

A frightening thought struck her, what if her Dad had taken it into the bedroom with him. He couldn’t stop looking at it last night and telling Mama all that he would buy for her with it. Mama had rolled her eyes at him. She did not believe the story about it being magic and didn’t think he would be able to get anyone to pay the large amount that he wanted for it. She called him a dreamer! 

When Teressa began to give up hope of finding the cowbell, her hand touched something cold and metallic. Yes, it was the cowbell, she had found it! Her heart sparked with joy as she pulled it out of the bag. Now there was nothing stopping her! She drew in a deep breath, was she really brave enough to do this? To let the enchanted cowbell take her away, having no idea where she would go. Yes, she could do this, what an adventure it could be. One like no other that she ever had! 

Suddenly hearing footsteps and a squeak, she jumped, dropping the cowbell on the floor.  Her heart fell at the sight before her. Mama was on the stairs, standing on the 4th step, looking at her curiously. 

“Why are your Dad’s trinkets spread out on the table? What are you doing?” her Mama asked, as she came down the stairs, and over to where Teressa stood. 

“What are you doing up Mama?” Teressa asked, ignoring her Mom’s question. 

“I needed some hot milk, my stomach wasn’t feeling right and your Dad is snoring so loud, how can I sleep through that? ” 

Teressa didn’t mention to her how she seems to sleep through it just fine every night. Of all nights for her Mama to have a stomach ache, thought Teressa. Now what was she going to do? 

Teressa’s Mom bent down to pick the cowbell up from the floor. “Your Dad is so crazy, thinking anyone is going to believe that this is a magic bell. You all did a good job of concocting up a story, you and your Dad have wild imaginations.” 

“But it really is magic!” said Teressa. 

“Well if it really is magic, perhaps it can cure my stomach ache. You shake it 3x right?” 

“Yes, but…” 

“1,2,3…”  Pink and purple smoke billowed around the room. 

When it cleared Teressa stood there with her mouth agape and a sinking feeling in her stomach, realizing that her Mama was gone! This was not how it was supposed to be! What would her Dad say when he found out what happened and where oh where did her Mama go? 

Henry walked into the farmhouse with a big smile on his face. He tugged on his wife’s apron strings while she stood at the stove with her back to him. 

“Henry! She turned around holding a spatula, looking into Henry’s twinkling blue eyes. 

“What has you so cheerful this morning?” she asked as she retied her apron strings. 

“Lucy is back in the barn. Our special cow came back home and I think she is close to giving birth!” 

Margaret’s face lit up, “That is wonderful news!”  She placed the eggs and biscuits and gravy on the table for breakfast, and they both sat down. 

“Do you think her calf will have the same magical powers that she does?” asked Margaret. 

“I have no idea, but I would think its very possible! Oh Margaret who would have thought that Lucy would turn out to have such magical powers? Remember how mad at me you were when I first bought her?” 

Margaret blushed. “You will never let me live that down! But yes, I thought you were a true dummkopf for giving away the last of my beans to get a cow! Telling that poor boy, Jack,  that they were magic beans. You should have been ashamed of yourself. I was going to use those beans for our supper. Then that cow got into my bag of beans and ate them all!” 

“Oh yes, you threw quite the fit! But then we woke up the next morning and Lucy had a sparkling cowbell around her neck! We both were touching it, wondering where it came from when Lucy shook her head 3x and … “

They both smiled at each other thinking back over the years of all the places their sweet Lucy had taken them. They had traveled the world. Apparently those beans that Lucy ate, really had been magic beans! 





The Enchanted Barn

Image from Pinterest

What was that noise coming from the barn? She was kicking herself for coming home so late. If only she would have insisted for Joe to take her home sooner. Who was she kidding though, she had no desire to leave him sooner, she longed for the day when they would be together always, in their own place. Through the night she could lay in his arms.

Standing there still, Teressa was unsure of what to do. Was it safer to go investigate what was in the barn, or to enter the house and face her Dad’s temper? This was the 3rd time this week that she was late coming home! With a thumping heart she headed for the barn. When she got closer she was startled to hear what sounded like a cow, but they didn’t have any cows, only chickens.

Her heart slowed down a little, for she would much rather face a cow than a stranger in the barn. Slowly she walked towards the freshly painted red barn and opened the wooden latch.


Teressa was speechless, she had been right! She couldn’t imagine how a brown and white cow got in here, but it was standing right before her own eyes. The cow was quiet once it saw her. There was something about its eyes that drew Teressa closer to it. She was standing right in front of it when she noticed the shiny silver cowbell hanging around its neck. Moments passed as they stared at each other in silence. The only sound was the one that the chickens were making.

Teressa was thinking this could turn out to be a really good thing that she found this cow. Surely it would distract her Dad from being angry with her for coming home so late. At least momentarily! She had just started to turn around to go to the house and get her Dad when she heard a voice. “Leaving already?”

Teressa froze, was the cow just a distraction? Was there a stranger hiding in the barn? She gazed at the cow, and then practically fainted as she realized that it was the cow who had spoken!

“Never saw a talking cow before? I am the only one, so of course you haven’t. I am a very special cow, you know. I may look ordinary to you but don’t let yourself be fooled, for I am way beyond ordinary!”

Teressa was at a loss for words. She had never seen a cow looking so proud of themselves before, much less talking!! She kept staring at the cow, mesmerized by its deep brown eyes.

“I like to travel around, so I never stay in one place for too long. See this shiny bell around my neck?”

Teressa nodded.

“All I have to do is shake my head 3x like this and …. ”

POOF! The barn was filled with pink and purple smoke and when the smoke cleared the cow was nowhere to be seen. Teressa turned around looking for it and was stunned to see her Dad standing in the doorway.

“Your Mom will never believe this!” her Dad said, shaking his head.

“Dad look!” Teressa found her voice as she noticed that the silver cow bell must have fallen off the cow’s neck! It was laying right where the mysterious cow had been standing.

Her Dad’s face was shining holding the cowbell in his hands. “A magical cowbell! This would go perfect in my collection of treasures! It will of course have a hefty price tag on it!” her Dad said, he was a peddler and had all kinds of knick knacks that he sold.

Teressa didn’t want him to sell it though, she wanted to try it out herself! This was the most amazing thing that she had ever seen! She watched her Dad proudly holding onto it, like it was a million dollars. She could see the dreams in his eyes of what he would do with the money. Somehow she would have to get her hands on the cowbell before he sold it. Her eyes gleamed in anticipation and her heart felt as light as a feather while following her Dad into the house. This night had turned out quite well after all!

Dandelion Wishes

Image from Pinterest

Looking back through the old pictures of her photo album her gaze lingered on this picture. As a child she loved blowing on dandelions and making a wish. When she got older she knew that dandelions had no magic powers, but it was still fun to blow on one, and pretend that her wish would come true. 

Smiling, Ava let her mind go back in time, remembering the different wishes she had made. She had wished for a unicorn but surprisingly one never showed up. Then she changed it to a horse, but was disappointed once again. 

Sometimes her wishes were for Bobby, the next door neighbor, to stop pestering her. That wish didn’t work either, but as he got older he didn’t turn out too bad. 

When she was 9 she remembered blowing on as many dandelions as she could wishing for a little puppy. Addison’s Mom got her a puppy and Susie had a puppy, Ava wanted one too! She still remembered the keen disappointment she felt when Daddy brought a kitty home for her instead. It didn’t take long though for Ava to fall in love with the black and white kitty. That first night it curled up on her chest, purring, and she was hooked. She named it Oreo after her favorite snack. There was nothing better than dipping her Oreo cookies into milk. After she ate all her Oreos she would give Oreo the rest of her milk to drink. They both loved snack time. 

Who knew that Oreo would ignite in her a forever love of animals. She had special pets as she grew up and she continued when she got a place of her own. She now owned 3 cats and 1 dog, they all got along well and she couldn’t imagine life without them. 

She had been working as the Director of the local shelter for 3 years now and it brought her happiness to be able to help the precious dogs and cats find forever homes. 

Her friends joked with her that she may be scaring away  MR. Right with her house full of animals, but that didn’t matter to her. Who needed men, she would always tell them. 

Closing the photo album Ava stood up, much to the annoyance of Midnight that had been lying on her lap. Asher the Golden Retriever followed Ava with his eyes and when he saw her heading towards the door he got up to follow. He was always glad to take a romp outside. 

Out the door they went and Ava watched Asher running around in the backyard, which was full of dandelions. She probably was the only neighbor that never mowed them down right away. She would wait until they covered her yard. Now she picked one up and reminded herself of her past motto that she didn’t need a guy. So why was she now picking up a dandelion, thinking about making a wish on a guy? 

But Bobby wasn’t just any guy, she told herself. They had lost touch for awhile after going separate directions but recently they had caught up at their Highschool reunion and Ava was surprised by the stirrings in her heart. He had asked her out for tomorrow night, she heard herself saying yes, before she could stop herself. Closing her eyes, she blew on the dandelion, making a wish. Who knows, maybe Dandelion wishes can come true! 


Getting Even

The following story is the conclusion to Wednesday’s post. One Strange Night 


“Do you have any fish? I am feeling rather hungry.” the cat looked at Starla, who still stood motionless, looking back at the cat in wonder! 

The cat jumped up onto the white leather couch, tearing a hole in it with its claws. Starla winced as she yelled, “What  are you doing?”  

“Oh, so you can talk! Good to know, now can we get down to business.” replied the cat, totally ignoring her question, as it stretched out on the couch. 

Starla was shaking her head as she sat down. “What are you talking about , why are you here?” she asked.  

“I need your help!”, at least I am hoping you can help me!” 

Starla didn’t say how she didn’t have a real helpful feeling right now, looking at the hole that he had put in her couch. She didn’t want any other holes in her couch, but she was feeling intrigued. Why would he think she could help him? 

“Do you have magical powers at all?” the cat asked. 

“No, can’t say that I have any magical powers.” Starla replied, thinking that if she did, she would make her annoying co-worker Jeff disappear! 

The cat leaped up, digging his claws into the couch as Starla groaned. “Get down now!” she yelled, which he promptly did. 

“Well I see that I had you pegged all wrong! I should have known that you know nothing!” 

“I most certainly don’t know nothing! You know you are getting annoying, why do you need magical powers?” Starla asked. 

“Look at me! I’m a cat! Starla do you not recognize me?” 

“Recognize you? I don’t know any cats!” she retorted. 

“Its me Jeff, from work.” 

“Jeff??? But how??” Starla was trying to contain her laughter.  Now that he mentioned it, his voice was familiar. It was a voice that she tried to forget and one she never thought she would hear coming from a cat! 

“I was out the other day taking a hike in the woods, and I came to this really beautiful waterfalls. Rested there awhile and then the next thing I know I am opening up my eyes to some real scary fairy looking at me and chanting something. Suddenly I was a cat! I ran out of there as fast as I could!”

“Oh, so that’s why you didn’t show up at work today. The boss was pretty mad!” 

Jeff groaned. “I need your help! I can’t stay a cat.” 

Starla could no longer hold back her laughter, as she started shooing him out of her door with her broom. 

“Hey! Be nice!”” Jeff meowed. 

“Maybe you should have been nicer at work.” With those words she swung the broom and sent him flying out of her room into the hallway and closing the door. 

Starla was so amused. Most likely this was a dream. Maybe she was more tired then she thought she had been. She would probably wake up tomorrow, go to work and see his annoying face again, but for now she would savor this moment! Even if it was a dream, she didn’t know if she would be able to look at him with a straight face tomorrow, and starting to laugh again she headed to her bedroom to go to bed. 

A Mama Knows

Image of a painting from Pinterest

Michelle felt sick to her stomach. It was like she being tossed by the waves, even though she was lying on her forest green couch which was very still. Closing her eyes she tried to fight against the waves, tried to deny what was causing them, but no matter how hard she tried the flashbacks rushed into her brain.

Why? Why now? It had been 4 years of Michelle successfully holding the pain in. She thought she was doing fine, and now out of the blue, it was like the band aid was ripped off her heart as it bled again. The past week it had felt like an octopus squeezing her and not letting go. Squeezing the pain out, whether she wanted it to come out or not. Like her Mom had always said, there is a point where the lid can’t stay on the pot any longer. A simmering pot will boil over!

Forcing herself up from the couch she decided to take a walk. Getting outside might help her be able to breathe again. She was sweating and needed some fresh air.

The cool wind hit her when she opened the door, it was blowing a little harder than she had thought, but that was fine. It was what she needed. She pulled her jacket a little tighter around her and walked out into the wind. Maybe it would pick her up and carry her away. Perhaps she could be like Dorothy and go flying into the air landing in some magical place where wishes could be granted by the great wizard! Though the wizard didn’t really turn out to be such a great wizard after all!

Michelle sighed and walked at a brisk pace. After walking for a little while she knew where she had to go. Her brain said No, but her heart knew she had to go and her feet listened to her heart. She started walking in the direction of the Golden Dawn Retirement Home.

Walking up to the front doors, her heart started hammering in her chest. Many times she had been here, but never had she come planning to spill her heart. She walked in through the doors.

“Hi Michelle!” Gayle, the receptionist welcomed her. “Your Momma told me you would be coming today.”

“I didn’t tell her I was coming.”

Gayle smiled, “It doesn’t matter honey whether you told her or not, Momma’s always know.”

Michelle gave a weak smile. Her Momma might know a lot, but she was sure that she didn’t know why Michelle was coming today. Michelle had perfected the art of keeping her pain and resentment inside.

Her Mom looked up from the puzzle that she was working on and spotted Michelle across the lobby, “Hi honey! I knew you would be here today! Come on over and help me with this puzzle.”

Michelle didn’t really feel in the mood to put a puzzle together, but she knew when her Mom was working on something she didn’t like to stop. She pulled up a chair and sat down at the table with her.

“Where is the box so I can see the whole picture?” Michelle asked.

“Oh you don’t need the lid, just work on the red pieces right now.”

Michelle stared at her Mom, how did she expect her to put a puzzle together when she didn’t even know what the picture was? Her Mom was passing some red pieces over to her and Michelle sighed, as she started trying to fit puzzle pieces together to see what they would form.

Her Mom didn’t talk much which was normal for when she was in deep concentration on a puzzle.

It didn’t take too long of steadily working until the puzzle was just about complete. Her Mom moved the final pieces over to Michelle to put in. With tears in her eyes Michelle put in the final letter. Her Mom rose up from her chair and walked over to Michelle, who was standing up now gazing upon the picture. They hugged, no words were needed, and the tumultuous waves in Michelle’s stomach had stopped churning. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she cried, letting go and letting peace flow through her heart like a river.

Smitten in Spring!

Image from Pinterest

It was the first day of Spring and Cara felt an extra buoyancy in her step. The sun was brightly shining and she was fine with only wearing a lightweight jacket to work. Warmer days were ahead and Cara couldn’t wait, the beach was calling her name. She could hear its distant cry. Entering the coffee shop, she called out a cheery “Good Morning!” to Mason. He surprised her with handing her a cup of her favorite Black Raspberry Banana Latte. 2 servings of fruit this morning, she thought as she swallowed the sweet coffee.

“Thank you Mason, what is the special occasion? You look extra cheerful today.”

“I am.” he replied with a wink and a smile, and then walked to the back, letting Cara stare after him in wonder. She started to follow him to the back to ask why, but a couple customers came through the door and she knew that her question would have to wait.

The day was busy for they had a Spring Special going, Buy one piece of pie get another one free. No one could resist Cara’s homemade pies. Banana Cream Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Strawberry Pie and of course the biggest seller, Shoo-fly Pie. When the crowd finally started to thin out and there were only a few customers in the shop, Cara asked Mason again why he was so happy. Smiling at her, with a gleam in his eye, he asked, “Isn’t a guy allowed to be happy?”

“Well yes.” stammered Cara, “but …”

Mason laughed, and said, “I think that customer wants a refill on his coffee”, he pointed to the guy that was holding his coffee cup up.

Cara sighed, but before walking away she said, “If I didn’t know better I would say that you look like a guy in love!” She thought he would protest, but to her shock he didn’t. Could she be right? Now her mind was going. She knew that Amanda had been interested in Mason and she loved the chocolates he brought back for her from Switzerland. The fine chocolates that Cara didn’t get any of, for Amanda had spent the weekend with Sara and they ate them all! Sara was missing Grayson, so chocolate was the perfect thing.

Anyway, Amanda did like Mason, but she had decided that she needed to take time to get to know her grandparents better and figure out what she was going to do with her life. So much had happened in a short time and she needed time to breathe, she didn’t have time for a relationship, no matter how appealing the thought was. She had gone back to the castle where her grandparent’s lived. The castle that she would inherit someday. Cara couldn’t imagine inheriting a castle!

So, being that Amanda was out of the picture now, if Mason was in love, who was it with? Was it a new lady in town? Cara didn’t know of any new ladies who had moved to Bittersweet Creek recently. The only new people that they had, were Jake and his nephew Joshua. Cara didn’t know them well yet, but Jake was becoming a frequent customer. He might be a little rough around the edges but he was a nice guy, Cara found herself looking forward to seeing him every day. He had quite the stories that he liked to share with her when she had time to chat.

Now his nephew Joshua was a different story. He was nice too, but quite the character, he was very sly and loved to play jokes! He was just with his uncle on the weekends now but once school was out, he would be staying with him for the summer.

It was closing time and while Cara was cleaning up she tried to press Mason for more information but he only started singing a happy tune. Cara rolled her eyes, there had to be something going on. She would find out somehow. His brother Grayson might know which meant he might have told Sara. Sara and her were meeting after work at Fuzzywhistle’s Farm so Cara would ask her. They wanted to visit Creampuff the lamb and see the new baby chicks that Fuzzywhisle had. What better way to celebrate the first day of Spring then to pet some baby chicks and sweet Creampuff.

Cara was almost ready to go when Mason called from the back, “Want the last piece of Shoo-fly pie? I will bring it out to you.”

“Sure! Thank you!” Care called back, as she shook her head. He surely was in a great mood, he couldn’t stand shoo-fly pie.

“Want more coffee too?”

“Yes, please!” Cara hoped that if a new lady was the reason for his extra cheery behavior that she stayed in town. Who knows if she makes him even happier maybe he will be telling Cara she can have an extra week of vacation and a raise in pay!

Cara was smiling at that thought as Mason came up to her and said, “Here you go.” handing her a plate with a old shoe on it! Making a face at him she said, “I should have known!” Taking the coffee from his hand she took a sip, Ahh! Salted Caramel, the best.

“Thanks for the coffee but you may keep the pie!” and Cara handed him back the plate, but threw the shoe at him. She walked out the door and saw Joshua with a silly grin on his face, holding a … she quickly jumped out of the way. and Mason who was right behind her got all the water from the bucket thrown on him. Joshua ran away laughing. He wasn’t the only one laughing though, Cara got a good chuckle out of it. Mason stood there for a moment not moving. Then Cara noticed his face growing red, and she followed his gaze to a lady that was walking towards them.

“Hi Cara, Hi Mason! Umm … did you already go swimming in the lake. I thought we were just going to have a picnic by it.” Lexi said, trying to stifle her laughter.

A smile stretched across Cara’s face. Lexi! How could she have not thought of her, she was so sweet. So she was the reason for Mason being twitterpatted today.

“Hi Lexi! So nice to see you. You know men, you just never know the predicaments they get themselves in too.” Cara started laughing as she said, “Have fun at the lake. Bye Mason, see you tomorrow. ”

Cara was beaming while walking away. Oh did she have news to share with Sara! It was turning out to be a wonderful first day of Spring, Bard and her were going out for a fine meal tonight and it appeared that Mason was smitten. Love was in the air!

Emotions of the Heart


The following story is the conclusion to Monday’s post, Secrets of the Night 


Image from Pinterest

Sitting on the bank watching the elephants play, Alisha couldn’t help but smile. These were such amazing animals that she was falling in love with! She had been on the Elephant Reserve for a week now and had been overwhelmed with all that she had learned and seen. so far. Not to mention being overwhelmed due to the emotions of her heart, when she saw Camille for the first time.

Camille still didn’t know Alisha’s secret. All the words that she had planned to say, the speech she had recited over and over in her mind just left her. There was only a jumble of letters in her brain now. The emotions that were running through her she couldn’t find words for. When she met Camille, a lump grew in her throat, at the realization that she was gazing at her sister. A sister that she had only recently found out that she had.

A sister that she missed sharing secrets with as children, someone to play with and someone to annoy, the way sisters do. One to confide in about her love crush, and get advice from when it came to love and one to share a chocolate and ice cream with when boys broke their hearts.

Pulling her knees to her chest, she thought of all the times that they had missed out on. They couldn’t be brought back, those times were gone, but they still were young and had many moments that they still could share together. Somehow Alisha had to get up the courage to tell Camille. Alisha had been grateful that Camille seemed so warm and friendly. They had hit it off quite well, but how did she tell Camille such big news, it wasn’t something one just blurts out. For a few more moments she watched the elephants and then stood up to go, her lunch break was over, and she had been so lost in thought that she had hardly ate anything. She would be quite hungry by supper time!

Later that afternoon when she was helping to care for one of the baby elephants, Gavin came walking over to her. “When you have a moment Camille would like to see you in her office. There is paperwork she needs you to sign.” he said.

Alisha thanked him, saying she would go there soon. Watching him walk away, she thought of how Camille sure did pick a nice looking guy to fall in love with.

Knocking on Camille’s door, Alisha heard her say, “Come In!”

“HI!” Alisha said as she opened the door and walked in. “Gavin said you wanted me to sign some paperwork.”

“Yes, I was filling out paperwork for the new elephant that we got, “Sparkles” and since you have been taking care of her, I need your signature as well.” Camille said, handing her the form.

Alisha sat down at the desk to sign it and when she went to hand back the form to Camille, a picture on the desk caught her eye. A older woman was standing with Camille. Alisha noticed her deep blue eyes, just like her and Camille’s eyes. She caught her breath, was that her Mom?

Camille noticed her looking at the picture intently. “That was one of the last pictures I took of my Mom. I miss her a lot!”

Alisha couldn’t speak, the words caught in her throat as she stared. Tears started brimming in her eyes.

Looking at her with concern Camille asked, “Is something wrong?”

Shaking her head Alisha could barely talk. “That is my Mom, I have her eyes.” Then she clapped her hand over her mouth running out of the room.

Camille sat at the desk in shock, did she hear what she thought she heard? That was Alisha’s Mom, how?? She had to be confused, Camille was an only child! She had always longed for a sister. While sitting at her desk wondering what just happened some flashbacks from the past came played in her mind. Seeing her Mom get emotional on Feb 1st every year. Her Mom never explained why when Camille would notice tears on her cheek. She would only brush them away and hold Camille close to her in a tight embrace. As she got older Camille remembers seeing a baby picture in her Mom’s cedar chest and it wasn’t of Camille. She had been curious about it, and asked her Mom, but never got an answer.

Goosebumps broke out over Camille while opening a drawer and puling out the folder with Alisha’s application. She trembled as she read her birthdate , February 1st.

Gavin came in to the office just then. “Hey, do you know what is wrong with Alisha? She almost knocked me down when she came running outside. I called out to her but she only kept running.”

Seeing Camille’s face and a tear running down her cheek, he walked over to her, putting his arm around her. “What is wrong? What happened?” he said with concern.

Camille squeezed his hand and got up out of her chair. “I have to go … ”

“Go where?” Gavin asked, feeling confused.

“I have to find my sister!” and Camille ran out of the office, leaving Gavin staring after her.

“Her sister??” thought Gavin. Since when did she have a sister? Words of his Dad came back to him. “If there is one thing about women that I can tell you son, it is this. You will never understand them!”

Alisha was sitting on the riverbank sobbing. The picture had undone her, the lady who had given her life, her Mom, who she had never met! She didn’t hear Camille coming up to her and she shook a little when Camille put her hand on her shoulder.

Camille sat with her in the grass, letting her cry as tears ran down Camille’s cheeks too. They sat in silence realizing that a secret of their past had come to light and it was lifechanging for both of them! Slowly they began talking amidst their tears, trying to make sense of everything. There were so many questions that they would never know the answers too, but sometimes you didn’t need to know all the answers to all the questions. Sometimes all you needed to do was embrace the moment.

Secrets of the Night

Image of a Genet, from Pinterest

Night had fallen out on the African savanna, another day had come to an end. Some animals were stirring around , like the pangolin, arrdvark and bat-eared fox, but they were quiet. The genet was watching everything from its perch in the tree.

There might be peace among the animals on the savanna, but Alisha couldn’t sleep. She had given up lying in her bed and got up to make some hot milk, hoping that might help her to sleep. Tomorrow she would begin her internship, working with the elephants. She would be working at one of the biggest reserves in Africa. Excitement coursed through her to be working with elephants, but her nerves were getting the best of her tonight. She wasn’t nervous about working with the elephants, she was nervous about meeting the Directors.

Alisha had researched and read all she could about the Elephant reserve and the new Directors, Camille and Gavin. She had been on a mission and she had to make sure she was absolutely correct with her suspicions. After a few months, there was no denying it, the truth was staring her in the face as she stared at the picture of Camille in the most recent newsletter. She had subscribed to the newsletter after donating money to the reserve. Loving elephants she really did care about the work on the reserve, but she also read the newsletter to learn as much about Camille, as she could.

Camille had come for a summer to volunteer and she ended up never leaving. She fell in love with Gavin, who was working there that summer too and they both took over the reserve when Derek the director had decided to step down. He was ready for a break and knew he was leaving the elephants in very capable hands.

Staring out into the night, Alisha wondered if she had done the right thing by making this trip. Did Camille have any inkling about who Alisha really was or was the news going to bowl her over with shock? Would she be glad to meet Alisha?

Alisha had known the truth for a little while now and she was still overwhelmed at times. Why had her parents waited so long to tell her that she had been adopted? She loved her parents and had a great childhood, but often missed not having a sibling to share life with. She had never imagined that she did have a sister, growing up far away from her.

She would never forget the day that her Mom had told her about being adopted, all the emotions that had washed over her! There were so many questions she wanted to ask her birth mother. That was not to be though. Sadly in doing her research she found out that her birth mother had died. That hit her hard, and it made her all the more determined to find her sister, and so she had persisted.

Now for the first time ever, she was going to meet her sister face to face! Her heart was full, as she laid back down in her bed, trying to get some sleep. She wanted to be well rested for what would most likely turn out to be an extremely, emotional day! Closing her eyes, sleep overtook her and soon she was in a peaceful slumber.

Camille was in the office, making final preparations for tomorrow. A new intern would be coming. She looked at Alisha’s picture again that she had sent her with her application. There was something about her eyes that drew Camille in. She began getting goosebumps, but didn’t know why. Shaking her head, she decided that she needed sleep, it had been a long day. As she got up from her chair her eyes landed on the picture of her parents that she had on her desk. Oh how she missed them! Her Mom’s face was bright and cheerful, you could see the light shining through her eyes. She was happy that she had her Mom’s eyes, they were such a deep and vivid shade of blue. Everyone always commented on them. Goosebumps rose on Camille’s arms again. That’s what it was! Now, she knew. Alisha’s eyes shone in her picture too, they were also a very deep and vivid blue.

Night had fallen, as the fox scurried after the mouse, and the honey badger was digging its burrow. Meanwhile the genet continued its watch over the peaceful African savanna.

A Day Like No Other!

This is the conclusion to Saturday’s post, The Foggy Magic , I hope you enjoy it! 

                                                       A Day Like No Other! 

Walking closer Jillian pinched herself to make sure she really wasn’t dreaming. Dare she go closer?  She didn’t think he had noticed her yet, he was too busy stirring whatever was in the huge pot in front of him. Smoke was billowing out of it. Was he truly a wizard? He had a wizard’s hat on his head. At least the kind of hats that Jillian had seen Wizard’s wear in movies, she had never actually met one face to face. His hat looked almost as tall as him.  Could he really work magic spells?  Hmmm … what kind of magic spell would she ask for if she got the chance? 

He turned his gaze toward Jillian when she was almost up to him. A wide smile crossed his face. “Hello! Not used to seeing other people around here, but I always enjoy company.” He lifted his spoon from the pot and sipped from the greenish orange liquid. “Ahh! Just about right.” 

What strange concoction was he making? Jillian wondered. 

“Oh, pardon me, I didn’t mean to be rude. Would you like a sip of my soup?” 

“No thank you! I’m not hungry.”  Jillian replied. Her stomach was growling, but there was no way she was taking anything from that pot. 

“That is too bad, but I guess it leaves more soup for me.” he said, lifting the spoon up again for another sip. “Perfection!” 

Jillian rubbed her eyes, looking again, now the liquid was purple! He had grabbed a bowl and was dipping soup out of the pot into the bowl. Each time he dipped the spoon into the pot the liquid was a different color. 

“What is in your soup?” 

“Chameleons of course.” he replied, and Jillian almost gagged, feeling very relieved that she hadn’t tried the soup! 

“Here, have a seat, and we can chat, while I eat.” snapping his fingers, 2 chairs appeared, much to Jillian’s astonishment. This guy really was a wizard! 

Jillian sat down on the chair, with her head all full of questions now. “How long have you lived here?” she asked. 

“Oh, I been around for a long time, many years, lost track of time. I really don’t know my age anymore. If I had a calendar that might help me figure it out, but I don’t really need to know, do I?” and he smiled at her as he cocked his head, waiting for her to respond. 

She was intrigued with this man. He seemed a little quirky, but in a fun sort of way. 

“What kind of magic can you do? Can you make anything appear with just a snap of your fingers?”  Jillian asked. 

“Well, depends what you want. Some things are more difficult than others.” He started laughing to himself. “Once I messed up with a poor animal, but she didn’t seem to mind. I wonder whatever came of her. I imagine that she is the only singing, long neck hippo around!”

Jillian started laughing now. A singing hippo, with a long neck, that would be something to see! What should she ask for? She did always want a horse for a pet, so why not give it a try. 

“I would like a horse to ride please!” 

The wizard closed his eyes as if to concentrate. He had them pinched shut awfully tight, he turned around 3x and did a cartwheel and then snapped his fingers 3x and suddenly in front of Jillian there was a …. neighing donkey! 

“Oops!” the wizard said. “Let me try again!” Meanwhile the donkey went running off.  This time he did a little twist and jumped up and down 3x and then snapped his fingers 3x and a great, big, wolf with spots appeared, making Jillian jump back. Then it  opened its mouth to howl but all that came out was a squeak like a mouse! The wolf kept squeaking as he ran into the woods. 

The poor wizard was getting flustered now,  as he started jumping around and muttering to himself. 

“No more animals, forget the horse! Its OK!” Jillian said. 

It was as if the wizard couldn’t hear her though, he just kept jumping around and muttering to himself. Jillian was beginning to think that she should go back to her canoe, for who knew what this crazy wizard may do. Then stopping suddenly, he looked directly at her. He got very close to her and she felt his eyes boring into her, making her feel slightly uneasy. Was he trying to cast a spell on her? 

“Perhaps I could make you into a horse, maybe that would work?” 

Jillian started backing away, but he was circling around her and chanting. Oh, she never should have got out of her canoe! 


“Jillian, Jillian, are you awake?” 

Jillian saw her Mom standing over her looking very concerned. “When you didn’t answer your phone I thought I would just come over, but then you wouldn’t answer your door and I got worried, for your car was still in the driveway. I can hardly breathe in here, how did you sleep? Don’t you know its really bad to breathe in fresh paint fumes for too long. You didn’t have any of your windows open, I had to shake you awake!” 

The room was still kind of spinning as Jillian tried to focus on her Mom and on what she was saying. Why was she in bed? Hadn’t she just been in her canoe and … she couldn’t remember anymore, her brain felt like it was in a fog.  Her Mom helped her out of bed and said, “Lets go, I am taking you out to breakfast, and letting your house air out for the day! What would you like to eat?” 

“A cheeseburger.” Jillian replied, grinning. 

“For breakfast? Those paint fumes really did get to you, didn’t they?” 

Once Jillian felt more balanced, and the dizziness went away she got ready to go out with her Mom. They were walking out the door when her Mom said, “Perhaps you can explain to me why you chose the colors you did for your room? Purple and orange? What were you thinking of, a chameleon?”