Tractor, Bouncing, Car…HMM???

Good Morning friends! Another edition of “Anything Goes”. These words were suggested by my Awesome friend Sherry who was my roommate when we made that first step out of your parents home into an Apartment. OH if the walls could speak! Ha! Hope you enjoy the story.  is it true? Made up? That’s for you to figure out  and let me know your thoughts below. Also as always, feel free to post your 3 words down below for me to do a story around. Have a great day!

Where did those prints come from?

“Hey buddy, what are we gonna do today?”

“I don’t know, thinking of hunting more berries.”

“Lets just go on a walk and see where we end up.”

So off they went, the 2 pals, looking for adventure.

Trixie pulled into her driveway and enjoyed the view one more time before getting out of the car. The driveway was flat but there was a grassy hill below it that led to a sheep pasture. It was peaceful to look at. She felt so lucky that her and her friend were able to rent a part of this house out in the country. Nice and quiet.

“Hey what strange contraption is that?”  Barnaby the bear asked his pal. They had been walking awhile and it was getting dark, but Barnaby noticed something unique that he wanted to check out. Billy wanted to investigate with him, so they ran up to the weird thing. It sure didn’t have a good smell to it and it was most definitely not tasty, for Barnaby had taken a lick. Maybe they had to get a closer look and hey what was that reflection? Was there another bear in there?  Barnaby took his paws and pressed on the glass and the bear  pressed back. Barnaby pressed harder! Billy thought why not join in the fun and pressed on the strange looking thing. Whoa what was that?? Did something move? Yes the contraption was moving! Crash, it went through the one gate! At the sight of the thing moving Billy and Barnaby got scared and decided they had enough adventure for one day as they  ran back home.

What was that strange noise, oh the phone was ringing. But why so early?? Trixie tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes as she stumbled to the phone. The voice on the other end belonged to her landlord, he was telling her something she couldn’t believe. She looked out the window and to her shock saw it was true! She was instantly awake now! Her car was down in the sheep pasture! HOW????

The Landlord got his tractor out and it bounced down the hill as he went to rescue the car. Ok maybe not your knight in shining armor, but Trixie was thankful for him bringing the car back up where it was supposed to be. Meanwhile Sherry her roommate was trying to control her laughter. According to Sherry Trixie’s  car was still there when she got home from her late shift at work. Besides scratches on the car it was fine. There were what looked like Paw Prints tho on the rear view mirror. Where did they come from??

“Oh Barnaby you tell such wild tales!”, friends were gathered around listening to Barnaby and Billy reciting their adventure from the night before. Barnaby insisted he was telling the truth. “I really feel bad for the bear inside that contraption!” He was pushing on the funny thing when I pushed on it. I think he was trying to get out!” Billy said that was when he decided to push to, and then without warning the contraption moved! Barnaby and Billy’s friends eyes were big, but they didn’t know whether to really believe. “Sounds rather fishy to me”, said one pal. Hearing the word fish made everyone hungry and they all decided to go down to the river to see what they could catch. Barnaby was more than happy to go fishing, and he hoped that maybe with the contraption moving last night that trapped bear got out and was  also able to enjoy some fishing.

Disater Relief Team, Wedding and Marshmellow Fluff!

It is that time again. It is Wednesday, you made it halfway through the week! The weekend draws closer! Here is a post to make you smile and hopefully make it through the day. These words were given to me by my lovely, crazy sister 🙂 “Anything Goes”, so put on your best attire and come to a wedding. Ok, you can just sit at the computer in your bath robe instead and come to the wedding 🙂

Wedding Mishap

It was Karen’s wedding day and she couldn’t contain her excitement! She had been waiting so long for this day and it had finally arrived. The sun was shining bright, the birds were singing, nothing was going to stop this day from being Marvelous!!

Meanwhile the groom was so nervous. He had to make sure that his trumpet solo was perfect. He was going to surprise her at the reception. Oh to think that he would soon be married to the  woman of his dreams, he couldn’t stop from getting choked up about it. But he had to try to control his emotions, hard to play trumpet if choked up!

Karen felt like she was in the perfect dream. The ceremony had gone perfectly, she was married at last! Now that the ceremony was over her nerves weren’t as bad and she was actually getting hungry. She spied a large jar of Marshmallow Fluff on the table and remembered how much she loved that gooey fluff. Hmmm…but her dear husband was pulling her in another direction. He sat her down on a chair and pulled out a dozen roses for his new beautiful bride. She caught her breath and all thoughts of the Marshmallow Fluff went out the window. The first notes of their song, “The Rose”, started to play. She was getting goosebumps and the tears came,  he played so well.Her love for this man swelled up in her heart!

OH NO! What was going on! Someone had left the door open and the neighborhood stray cats were rushing in! They smelled the food and heard the music. They were jumping on the tables and making a huge mess! Karen could only stare in shock as she rescued her jar of Marshmallow Fluff. Her new husband was trying to catch as many cats as he could, but he kept slipping on the spilled drink on the floor. Karen ran to the bathroom as the tears cascaded down her cheeks,  for her wedding was turning into a disaster! She took her spoon and dug into the Marshmallow fluff with a passion!

At last the commotion was beginning to subside, The Disaster Relief team had been summoned, and were able to get the 101 cats out of the building. The poor groom had scratches up and down his arms and his tux had holes in it from the cats claws. But if only he could see his blushing bride again, everything would be OK. He loved how her cheeks radiated a warm shade of red as he surprised her with the song and roses. He looked forward to surprising her many more times in their life together, BUT one thing he knew for sure, they would definitely never own a cat!!

He was beginning to get a little worried, where oh where was his new bride?? He had searched all over. He had one of the bridal party go into the restroom to check and she commented that there was only a huge ball like thing in the there. She called the rest of the bridal party in and they didn’t know what to think. There was a empty jar of Marshmallow Fluff and a huge ball on the floor. Wait a minute that wasn’t just a regular ball! Could it be?? Yes, it was, it was the largest  ball of Marshmallow Fluff that they had ever seen! Wow! Karen would love this, Marshmallow fluff was always a favorite snack of hers. They had to find her. Where oh  where was she?? As they ran out of the restroom they were too busy chattering to hear the muffled groans coming from the ball of fluff. “If only I hadn’t eaten that last bite!”

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! The cold chill is in the air this morning, but hopefully these African Proverbs warm your heart! I had a hard time picking just a few, so you have a longer list today of quotes. I didn’t think you would mind 🙂 I know I did some proverbs before, hopefully I didn’t repeat myself with some this time! Which one speaks to you? What meaning do you get from it? Some make you think a little more than others. Enjoy! And as always, thanks for reading!

  1. “A camel never sees its own hump.”
  2. “If you want to move mountains tomorrow, you have to start by lifting stones today.”
  3. “To one who doesn’t know, a small garden is a forest.”
  4. “You can out distance that which is running after you, but you cannot out distance that which is running inside of you.”
  5. “Don’t insult the alligator until you cross the river.” ( that one I just had laugh at, makes sense :))
  6. “A tiger doesn’t need to boast that it is a tiger.”
  7. “Rain can soak a leopard’s skin, but it does not wash out its spots.”
  8. “For the beauty of the rose, we must also water the thorns.”
  9. “Black or white, the footprints left in the dirt are the same.”
  10. “Don’t set sail following someone else’s star.”

From the Heart

Good Morning Today it should be Monday’s Snapshot Memories, but since I am the writer I am allowed to do whatever I want 🙂 So today is something different, something from the heart.

The Phonecall

The phone rings startling you, for it is a little late. Your first thought is, bad news? For that just is the way your brain works. No, you hear your sister’s voice on the other end and she doesn’t sound upset. Instead she proceeds to fill your ears with words of love. Words that fill your heart to overflowing and where there is that time that there really are no words to reply with.

I was blessed with 2 sisters and sure we share differences, like all siblings do, but we share something even stronger! We share the bond of love that nothing can break! We know we have each others back, and when one falls we are there to pick each other up. We know that we may not have all the answers in life, but we share the wisdom we do have, which can be words; but sometimes is just the silence of the heart. When no words are needed.

I have 2 sisters, and Man if you would take the best characteristics out of each of us and make it one person they would be one Totally  Awesome person! But for now I think my sisters are pretty Awesome and am starting out this week being so thankful for them!

This song is for them! Take time out today to be thankful for your loved ones! How would we get through life without them!

Fear, Strength and Conquer

Good Morning! Today’s , “Anything Goes” post is thanks to my wonderful friend Melanie! She gave me these words and she put a twist with it to, that you will realize as you read. A more serious post than the others, have been which was challenging at first, but I think I conquered it 🙂 See what you think and let me know!

Unearthing the Truth

The time had come, said the wife as she grabbed her bags. Her husband grabbed his keys and out the door they went. Amidst the excitement in both of their hearts, fear was there to. For there were unanswered questions. Would everything go smoothly? Would the baby be healthy? At 8am, (even as a baby, this girl wasn’t a real early riser) on a Saturday morning, their fears were put to rest as they heard their daughter’s first cry. Joy reigned in their hearts and Joy would be her middle name.

As Joy grew there was concern for she wasn’t cooing like most babies and when it was the age that she should have been starting to say words she didn’t. There was fear in the parents hearts, but they showed strength and at the age of 3 she did begin to talk and hasn’t stopped yet. Speech therapy was needed for quite awhile,but in the end Joy conquered it.

It was time for school to start. That time of mixed feeling for parents, for excitement about their children starting to spread their wings, but a little sad knowing that they won’t get those toddler years back again. The beginning of this school year brought a little more fear along with it than usual for Joy’s parents. School psychologist had called a meeting about their child. The news she had to share was all doom and gloom. She predicted that Joy would never be able to go to a regular school, never graduate, forget about driving, and most likely never get married and have a family. Pretty heavy stuff to say about a 5 year old! Her parents could have let fear take over and lost hope and followed the psychologists recommendation about placing her in a special school. They did visit the school, but were shocked by what they saw, and knew there was no way their child belonged there. So they pushed past the fear, showed strength and stood up to the school psychologist and enrolled her in the local public school.

About 5 years later a new psychologist came to town and once again there was a meeting. Only this time it was so much different. For this time, the psychologist didn’t focus on the fears about the trouble Joy had in Math, he focused on the positive. He stated how if we were only to concentrate on how Joy did academically we were missing the whole picture. How her academic scores were not a true test to show what she was capable of and the potential she had. He was impressed with her keen wit and sense of humor. He noticed that she read at a Post Graduate level. (Cough, cough, she never was supposed to be able to graduate,but yet was reading at a post graduate level, HMMMM…..)

Fear tends to shed light on the negative, but we need to unearth the positives that are being smothered by fear.

We need to separate the lies of fear from the truth. Yes, Joy had academic struggles and at the age of 5 was not talking real well, BUT to say she would never graduate, never get married and have a family was just crazy lies that had let Fear take over. Joy is now grown, graduated on time, is married with children, and does know how to drive. Not planning on entering any races and wouldn’t say driving is her favorite thing, but she sure has transported her children to more places than she count! Not because she is bad at math but because the number has to be in the gazillion range 🙂

This isn’t as much about Joy tho as it is about YOU, how do you handle your fears! Do you let them take over? As Joy has grown older Fear has come knocking many times in different ways. Sometimes she resists the pressure to open the door, but unfortunately there are other times where Fear is let in. Times when the lies of fear try to become real and she needs to squash them down. She would much rather spend her time looking for the gold nuggets along life’s journey than spending time dwelling in fear of what could be. Fear may come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing remains true, IT CAN BE CONQUERED!

“You can’t do that as good as a boy….”

Good Morning! I have been enjoying these “Anything Goes” posts , always a surprise to see what my readers come up with. Some surprises are more challenging than others, but you all have been doing a great job! With that said, I am in need of more of your Witty Wisdom! Please post below a idea or email me,etc. The rules are simple! Either 3 words to form a story around or a subject. Keep the subject light and besides that have fun and ,”Anything Goes! This subject today was to be about the first time you were told you couldn’t do that as well as a boy. Was suggested by my sweet friend Becca. I had to think for awhile…til I remembered a long ago memory. Hope you enjoy!

The gym class was noisy! 2 ropes were hanging from the ceiling. Trixie was anxiously waiting to begin. Usually she did not like gym class, but when it was rope day, that she enjoyed!! The boys all stood in a group patting themselves on the back and bragging to each other at how fast they could get up the rope. Trixie only smiled, she didn’t have to brag, the truth would be revealed soon. The gym teacher had his timer in his hand as she grabbed the one rope and a boy grabbed the other. He looked at her mockingly and laughed. Trixie knew what he was thinking, that she was so tiny, how could she ever get herself up the long rope. Apparently he had never heard the saying. “Great things come in small packages!” Trixie smirked to herself as she thought, “Yeah, like dynamite!”

“GO!” shouted the gym teacher as he clicked the timer and they were off. The girls were cheering loudly, we all know girls can definitely scream louder than guys! Trixie was speeding up the rope like a monkey, almost at the top. She started to get a little tired, but pushed on. She knew she was in the lead! Yes, she made it! The girls were going wild as the boys were groaning, she just had to go back down now as Billy was still trying to get to the top! She easily came down and as her feet hit the floor,the teacher clicked the timer off! His eyes were shining bright! “Wow, YOU BEAT the Boys record, so much for rope climbing just being for the boys!” Trixie smiled big as her friends hugged her! Most of the boys gave her a wounded pride look but there were the good ones that came over to her and congratulated her saying they were impressed. Trixie knew it would be a little while before the boys would try to tell the girls they couldn’t do some things as good as them!This day was starting out to be a great day, but right now she had to hurry and get to the bathroom! When you gotta go, you gotta go and you will come down that rope lickety split!

Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! Today’s quotes may not be the kind that gives you warm fuzzies, BUT  they were on my heart today. I have found that there is always someone who needs the quote I shared. So enjoy some quotes on Trust and if they don’t resonate with you, share them with someone on your heart who may just need to hear them. Have a AWESOME DAY!

  1. “The saddest thing about Betrayal, is it never comes from your enemies.”(I hate to think of someone identifying with this, but unfortunately in this world this happens! Hugs to you if this resonates in you.)
  2. “You don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breathe,trust,let go, and see what happens.” Mandy Hale
  3. “If life gets too hard to stand, kneel!” Gordon B.Hinkley (Been there, done that, as my sister says, we get calloused knees!)
  4. “Ignoring the signs is a good way to end up at the wrong destination.” ( Sometimes you don’t want to see some signs, but signs are there for a reason, no matter how hard.)
  5. “What would happen if you were able to believe in yourself?” (Give it a try! You are a special, unique individual!!)
  6. “Always trust your gut with what your head hasn’t yet figured out.” (How many times has your gut proved you right? )

Monday’s Snapshot Memories

BRRR!!! It is a COLD Monday here! So not ready for the winter season! Sorry but I have no pictures for today’s memories, so you will have to picture it in your mind. I take you back to a nice warm Spring day! 🙂

It was  day filled with anticipation. The classroom was noisy as the excited kids were chattering away. I was among them, and couldn’t wait to go to the Philadelphia Zoo! The poor teachers were already getting a headache from the noise. We all got on the big yellow bus, sitting in them oh so comfy seats! The seats where you feel every bump on the road. I still remember the smell of the bus, one of those smells that just linger with you even as the years go by. But as a 3rd grader I don’t think I thought much about the smell, I was thinking of all the animals we would see and getting to be with my friends for the day! NO SCHOOL WORK! That of course was the best part!

We finally made it to the Zoo, but before we got off the teacher had to go over the rules as you half heartedly listened. Cmon I know I wasn’t the only one who as a child your mind wandered to what was more important. Usually what the teacher was saying didn’t rank up there as real exciting. BUT I do remember 1 thing she said and that was that if we ever would happen to get separated from the group, to not panic! If there was a Zoo employee nearby we were to tell them we were lost and most importantly we were supposed to stay in place! Not wander around, and the class would find us again. Ok, Ok, got it, now can we go!

Oh Spring Fever had hit as we got off the bus into the warmth of the sun, and Look those monkeys are looking right at us! Can we feed them please! Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh MY! We saw it all! The day was speeding by too fast, before we knew it lunch time had arrived. My stomach was beginning to growl and OH that ice cream from the stand over there looked so yummy! Yay,my heart was elated as the teacher told us we could get some ice cream since we had finished our lunch. My friends and I chose our cold treat and tried to lick it fast before it escaped down the side of the cone. I was hungry so I finished mine first and what do you get when you have a full tummy and short legs that had to walk fast to keep up with everyone? One tired little girl. While sitting under the big shade tree with my back against the bark, I thought it was a pillow and closed my eyes, as off to dreamland I went.

I stretched as I awoke, feeling good. Hmm…that is strange, where did my friends go?? In fact where did everyone go?? I walked around the whole ice cream shop, I saw lots of people, but no one I knew. Well of course there was just one thing to do. My class was lost and it was up to me to find them!!! Off I went, I did see some Zoo employees, but you know I was taught to not talk to strangers and how do you really know if they are nice, besides it was the class that was lost. Who knows maybe a big spaceship had come down and took them all! I had to get busy. I did stop and play with the giraffes some. I remember hearing so many different voices around me, its like I was invisible to the crowd. I also never knew how many different languages people could speak. It seemed like no one was speaking English! I really was beginning to wonder how I would find my class. I felt so small as people were just rushing past me, my eyes kept looking for a familiar face. Until you are lost you never know how many people you really don’t know! Oh wait, it was my class that was lost, not me!

I was looking at the lions and Hey, was that my name? Was someone calling my name? I turned and looked and YES it was my teacher, oh she looked so worried! Guess she really was scared at being lost! She hugged me tight and took my hand! The kids cheered, well at least some of them. One boy looked straight at me with a very mad face as he pointed his finger and said, “WE MISSED SEEING the ELEPHANTS BECAUSE of LOOKING FOR YOU!!” WELL, SORRRRY!! But excuse me I wasn’t the one lost, I had just closed my eyes for a second and you all disappeared! “Hey, Valerie! I ran and grabbed her arm as we were heading for the bus to go home. “Tell me, what happened, Did a Spaceship come get you all??”