Tuesday’s Thoughts…

“What can you do to promote World peace? Go home and love your family!”

Mother Teressa

I have always admired Mother Teressa! What she speaks is true, peace starts at home! If all children could feel loved and valuable, this world would be a better place. It’s as simple as that!

“If we just worry about the big picture we are powerless. So my secret is to start right away doing whatever little work I can do.I try to give joy to one person in the morning and remove the suffering of one person in the afternoon. If you and your friends do not despise the small acts, a million people could be helped. The secret is to start now!

Sister Chen Khong

I never have heard of her, but she is wise. We all can’t be the big heroes, help the masses. But each and every one of us can do our part to help make at least one person’s life better. The secret is not to sit around and say, I will do that tomorrow! Start now!

Share your blessings with others this Thanksgiving!!

PS…to my Count your Blessings!

I got myself a laugh tonight. Had to make a quick trip to the mall, even tho I didn’t feel like it, had to many other things I had to do before we leave for my wonderful in-laws tomorrow! On my way back out of the mall, a couple started walking with me as we headed to the parking lot. The husband started lagging behind and the comment the wife made cracked me up. Now you will only get the real humor in this if you read my previous post, Count your Blessings. So quick, stop reading now and go read it. LOL!

The wife said, “Speed it up! I am COLD and we have to walk like a mile to the car!”

Do you all see why I was laughing?  I laughed as I  continued walking to my car and smiled  the whole way home 🙂 Its like she took the words right from my post! If I had heard that yesterday it definitely wouldn’t have made me laugh as much. So I am counting that as a small blessing tonight. I love to laugh and on a trip that I didn’t feel like making, unexpected laughter made it worth it! Thank God for laughter! 🙂

Count your many blessings…..

The week of Thanksgiving is here! How does it get earlier each year? I remember when I was little thinking the holidays took FOREVER to get here! Now my mind tries to grasp that the year is almost over, seems like it only began! Today it is a lovely 60 degrees,  feeling like we are going back to spring time. Thankful for the nice weather, for on Wednesday snow is supposed to come! Of course its  the day we are supposed to leave for the state of Indiana. May have to leave tomorrow!

Anyway as I was awake this morning getting my girls off to school, the song Count your many blessings kept running through my head. As one motto that I like says, “Every day may not be a good day, but every day has something good in it!”

With  Thanksgiving drawing  closer, people start to count  their blessings more; but that is something we need to do every day! For there really is something to be thankful for every day. Some days it may be small, you may have to really think…but I am sure you can come up with some. Even if its as small as , “Hey, I made it out of bed this morning without pushing the snooze button 100 times!”  Be glad you have the ability to take your hand and SLAM that snooze button down 🙂 Some people would love to have the use of their hands. No parking spaces close to the store and its frigid weather outside and you had to walk quickly so that you aren’t a ice cube by the time you get inside. Be thankful that you had the ability to walk! I know there are people that would LOVE to walk! They wouldn’t care if it was freezing outside. If one day they could rise up out of that wheelchair and go out the door I guarantee you they wouldn’t be looking at the thermometer. All they would be thinking is how wonderful it feels to be standing on their own outside, embracing the world!

I remember the song Count your many blessings from my childhood. It’s one special memory that has always made the song stand out in my mind. Our church had gathered at the meadow one Sunday afternoon. Beautiful place for the kids to run and enjoy the creek, as the adults sit  around and visit with each other. Many a Sunday afternoon was spent at this meadow, but this time we had a special guest. It was a lady by the name of Carol, can’t remember her last name. She was going to sing to us and that was one of the songs she sang. Why do I remember only that song? Was it that her voice was amazing? NO, don’t get me wrong she was a good singer, but that wasn’t why; It was because she was blind. As a child I remember thinking, “WOW, this lady is blind and she is singing a song about counting her blessings!” If it was me who had been blind, I would have been singing, “Nobody knows the troubles I have…”  I had trouble with my eyes when I was young and had to have eye surgery. The surgery went great, but I remember after that always having a fear of blindness. So to have a blind woman able to count her blessings made a impression on me that I haven’t forgotten.

As we travel to Indiana for Thanksgiving, and spend it with my husband’s family, I won’t be on here much. I wanted to let you know that as I COUNT MY BLESSINGS, this blog and my fellow bloggers, my faithful readers and my family and friends, are a true blessing to me! I  pray that I can bless others through this blog as others posts have blessed me, and bless those I come in contact with personally.  Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone!! May your heart be even fuller than your stomach 🙂


Winter may not officially be here,  according to the calender, but apparently winter doesn’t care about the calender! IT IS COLD!! In spite of the cold tho my precious teens still complain about wearing a coat!! Since when did it become cooler to FREEZE as opposed to wearing a nice, warm coat?? I just shake my head and kick them out the door to school! OOPS, did I say kick, no I nicely give them a hug before I kick them out, to brave the cold air 🙂 I close the door and say BRR as I smile.

Every winter I am reminded of a dear, sweet elderly lady that I took care of when I worked at a retirement home. She loved to talk and always sat in the lobby to greet the people coming in the door. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 🙂 And when those doors would open to let people in during the winter, she would make one loud remark. It’s COLD! and she would spell out BRR! It sounded more emphatic when you spelled it! She was one of those ladies that definitely knew how to complain, but at the same time had  the kind of personality  that just made you laugh and love her. One that could embarrass you like my poor husband found out, she meant no harm; she was just being Izzy. When we were dating I brought him to visit my dear residents. Of course Izzy was the first resident he met, as she was sitting at her normal place in front of the door. I introduced him and she  looked  straight at us and asked, “So do you have anything cooking in the oven yet?: I calmly replied as I stifled laughter that “No, that would be awhile!” 🙂 and with that introduction my hubby to be couldn’t help but fall in love with Izzy too.

When Isabelle passed away there was a emptiness when you came in the door. Her presence was definitely missed! It did almost make you feel BRR when you walked in, missing out on welcoming voice. Even if it was a grumbling, welcoming voice.

So Izzy on this BRR day thanks for the memories and the laughter to warm my heart, thanks for how you spread joy to so many and I believe up in heaven you are still doing that. And hey up there you have no reason to spell out BRR anymore 🙂

Tuesday’s Thoughts and Quotes!

Laughter is timeless…Imagination has no end and dreams can go on forever!

Walt Disney

Featured image When the Eiffel Tower was built, no one dreamed that it would bring people from all over the world to view it! Did you know that the ones who lived in Paris didn’t even like it at first! They thought it was ugly. It was just so different from the structures that they were used to seeing. It was actually supposed to only be up for 20 years and after that torn down! It took 2 years and 4 months to build. Can you imagine putting that much time into something and not having it be liked and people making plans on when to destroy it. Yes, The Eiffel Tower started as someone’s dream, and it almost got destroyed, but it didn’t! We may put a lot of effort into our dreams and have people discourage us about them, but DON’T give up!! You never know how BIG your dream will actually get! 51 tons of paint each year is used on the Eiffel Tower, 51 tons of paint to keep something looking beautiful that at first was laughed at and scorned! Keep dreaming my friends! Amazing things can happen to your dreams!

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, than always be a unicorn

Do you remember who you were, before the world told you who you were?

I have always tried to instill in my girls to be YOURSELF, to march to the beat of your own drum. Do NOT let your peers tell you who you are! At times I know that is so hard to do, but I pray that they can keep trying.  I believe this can even be hard for adults to do at times. Do we remember who we were way back then? 🙂 Are we still being true to ourselves, or have we gotten into a rut of being who we think we should be?  Go out today and be that unicorn if you can 🙂 Let your light SHINE!! The world doesn’t need another copycat, it needs an original, it needs YOU!

33 years and still going strong!

Featured image

SHE CAME 🙂 To those who read my 6 word story on Friday, this is who I meant! Charlene, my friend for the last 33 years! We became friends at the age of 10. So now to all my blogger friends, you know my age and what I look like 🙂

There is something so special about friendship that has survived through such a long span. We went from being friends that exchanged stickers, had slumber parties, went through puberty, cried over guys, stressed over guys, gave up on guys…..Made a bet that the first one to get engaged would treat the other one to a Red Lobster Dinner! I gladly treated her, and it was only a few months down the road til she got engaged. I think she was purposely waiting for me! LOL!

When we were young, we would get home from visiting each other and soon be on the phone to each other. Our parents would just shake their heads, but there was always something to talk about. We shared so much laughter but we were also there for a lot of tears! We were like one of our favorite Country songs, “Like a Tree”  It bends, but never can be broken.

We don’t see each other as often as we would like, but we won’t be broken! Our kids love to hear the stories from our past, the silly things we did when we were young. They also like to think about their best friends that they have had since 3rd grade and hope that it lasts like ours.

I hope so too! I hope my girls can have long lasting and wonderful friendships like I am blessed with! Friendships are such a important part of life.  I love that my girls know my friends and can see the example of true friendship!

So Charlene thanks for your part in showing my girls the beauty of friendship. Thanks for all the laughter and love and I look forward to more zany times. As the girls said, It’s probably good  we don’t live too close, could be dangerous.:)

The Secret Keepers

I am reblogging something that I feel is important to read. It is very sad, but unfortunately a very real problem in society today. As one other blogger said if by reposting this, it can help one person who needs to hear this, its worth it and if it causes someone else to repost to help someone else its worth it. So please take the time to read this and pray for the ones personally affected by this. Thank you!

It’s Nature Karen


I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to ask you to share this post. Reblog it, share it on Facebook, tweet it. Someone out there needs to hear this message today. Even if you think you don’t know anyone who has been abused. Even if you don’t read the entire post.

About a month ago I was asked by Dawn at WTF words, thoughts, feelings to contribute an essay for an anthology that she and Joyelle are creating for parents who are survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse (learn more at https://www.facebook.com/TriggerPointsAnthology).

I submitted my essay but I also want to shine a bigger spotlight on this project because I fear that they may not get many submissions. Not because it’s not a worthy cause or because there aren’t enough people out there to contribute but because survivors of abuse are secret…

View original post 1,196 more words

The magical closet

We were challenged to write about something we see every day, that is ordinary, like our closet. But to write it in such a way that really captures our reader’s attention! And to keep it short. So here it is goes 🙂

Light brown doors greet you as you come in the room. Dare you open them, hoping that nothing falls out on you. There is a array of different colors to appeal to your eyes when you open the doors. Above all the hangers is a shelf that holds precious memories, for it has photo albums on it. Albums that can take you back in time. Oh and hold on, see that long black dress hanging down? Push it aside and what do you see? Look way back, do you see it? It’s a little door, you want to open it don’t you? Go ahead! Be Brave!

Oh WOW! Where are you? it’s like you stepped into another world! You turn back but you no longer see the door, you have in fact stepped into another time. What does that sign say straight ahead? Welcome to Narnia!

OOPS, wrong closet! Sorry, there is no secret door in mine, but isn’t that one so much more exciting. Ever since I first read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe I have been entranced with Narnia.I  thought how cool that would be to just walk into your closet and step into another world. But alas, I am happy for my closet.It serves its purpose. If I could just nail down the magic part and have some things appear that I wish were there it would be perfect.You know the routine. You open the closet searching for something to wear, and you keep moving the hangers, waiting to find something new. You know nothing new is there, but you keep looking; thinking that maybe something will just magically appear. The way the kids think something new will appear in the fridge, if they hold the door open long enough looking!

Stay tuned for when I find out the magical solution, I will let you know 🙂