When Love Knocks at your Door

Henry leaned back in his rocking chair as he watched the snow falling outside. Another year was ending. Another year without his sweet Susannah. How he missed her, especially around this time of year. The loneliness affected him more over the holidays.

Susannah never had been able to bear a child, so it had always been just the 2 of them, which was fine. Sure Henry would have loved to have had children, but his heart overflowed with the love he had for his sweetheart.

Oh, the memories they had made together. The fun adventures they did have. He chuckled to himself as he thought of the one camping trip they had taken. It had rained their first night and their tent leaked, they had quite the rude awakening of having a “waterbed”. That was the first and last time that they slept in a tent. They bought a small pop up camper and had many delightful camping trips with that.

They didn’t have to travel to have an adventure though, for loving Susannah, was an adventure in itself. Spending quiet evenings at home could be just as special. He would watch her at times from his recliner. Watch her curled up in her fuzzy blanket as she read on the couch. See her be totally engrossed in the book. He would watch the expressions that would cross her face and every now and then she would look up and send him a soft smile, before looking back down. Oh sweet Susannah, how he missed her!

What was that? Who was knocking at his door on New Year’s Eve?

Henry went to open it and to his surprise there was an older lady at the door. “HI Henry! I thought you would like some freshly baked cookies.”

Henry took the plate she offered him and it still felt warm on the bottom. The aroma of the cinnamon chocolate chip cookies made his stomach remember that it was hungry.

“Why don’t you have a seat at the table and I will mix up some hot cocoa for us.” said the lady with a kind smile radiating from her face.

“But I have no cocoa,” said Henry. Susannah had been the one to always make sure to have hot cocoa in the house. Henry kept forgetting to get it at the store and he had been out of it for quite awhile now.

The lady opened his cupboard and said, “There is a cocoa mix right here, and look a bag of marshmallows beside it. ”

“But…how did they get there?” asked Henry.

Either the lady didn’t hear him or she was ignoring him, for he got no reply.  Instead she started singing “O Holy Night!”

Henry was speechless, that had been Susannah’s favorite carol! He had loved it when she sang, her voice was so melodic, perfect tone.

He was spell bound as he listened. It sounded like Susannah singing.  Oh, the memories were washing over him of her singing around the house, filling his heart with peace.

When the lady  finished singing she brought Henry a cup of cocoa and sat down at the table with her own cup as well.

“So Henry, how are you? What a beautiful picture that is, who is she?” The lady asked, as she was looking at a picture of Susannah on their piano.

“That is Susannah, my sweetheart”, he said, as his voice cracked.

The older lady reached over and gently patted Henry’s hand saying, “I can see the sparkle that just mentioning her name brings to your eyes. Can you please tell me about her?”

For the next couple of hours Henry talked about Susannah, he shared their precious love story with a woman that he felt like he had known forever. They both shed some tears over his story, but they also shared laughter. Henry couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so happy. He was talking about his sweetheart to someone who eagerly listened and who he felt a connection with. What a special night this was turning out to be.

The clock chimed and Henry looked up gasping at the time.

“Oh my the hour is late! I’m afraid I kept you too long listening to the ramblings of an old man.”

He looked out the window and saw that the snow was coming down faster now and piling up.

“There is no way you can go out in that weather, let me make up the bed for you in our guest room and you can spend the night.”

The lady looked deeply into Henry’s eyes as she took his hand. “I will be fine Henry, you don’t need to go to any trouble for me. I am delighted that I was able to spend the evening with you. Now I must go.”

“But.. you can’t…its snowing quite hard! And by the way, should I know you? Here I have talked all about me and Susannah and haven’t asked about you. How did you know my name? I must know you.”

The woman only smiled as she squeezed Henry’s hand. “Take Care Henry! Know that love is always around you, even when you can’t see it.”

Henry didn’t know what to say, his heart felt so full as a tear ran down his cheek.

The lady put on her shawl, opened the door and glanced back at  Henry once more…giving him a smile that melted his heart.

Henry went to the window and saw that the snow had stopped, he could see the moonlight shining on the snow. It was surprisingly bright. He watched the lady as she started walking and then … where did she go?? He rubbed his eyes and looked again, she was gone, there was no one in sight!

He kept watching even though he knew. As the realization of what had occurred swept over him he felt a wondrous warmth spread through his heart. He had always said that Susannah had the voice of an angel.




What About George?

What really happened as Jinx and Jangle on their Christmas Eve adventure and who was George? Your questions  will soon be answered. If you haven’t read my earlier post, Twas the Night…. yet, you will want to read that first.

What About George?

Candy Cane was getting impatient. Jinx and Jangle had been back for a whole day now, but they had been sleeping all day! They came back just as all the Elves were getting ready for breakfast. Ate a quick bite, but didn’t say much of anything to anyone for they were too sleepy. They were not used to staying up all night!  Poor Jangle’s face fell right into his pancake that he had already poured syrup on. Jinx was laughing at Jangle and not thinking about what he was doing, until he felt something warm on his lap! He had poured the warm syrup right onto his lap, missing the plate completely. They both finished eating with flushed cheeks.

Candy Cane and Snowflake were sitting around Santa’s bed again waiting anxiously for Jinx and Jangle to come. Snowflake had just arrived saying that they were getting up now and would be over shortly to see Santa.

“Do you think they liked George?” asked Candy Cane with a sly smile.

Santa Clause chuckled and said, “Lets just wait and see if they bring him up as they tell us of their adventures.”

Candy Cane groaned, one of the first questions she had wanted to ask them was about George! “I will try to bite my tongue, but it will be hard if they don’t say anything! You know how I like to ask questions!”

“Yes”, said Santa,  “I know, your curiosity gets the best of you a lot of times.”

It wasn’t much longer until they heard a knock on Santa’s bedroom door.

“Come in!”  Santa said.

“Welcome back guys! We are all anxious to hear about how your night went!”

“Oh it was quite the exciting night”, said Jinx with a twinkle in his eye.

“It was truly magical!”, said Jangle.

“To travel through the sky with the stars shining bright, it was such a “Wow!” feeling!”  Jinx  said. “The reindeer did great!”

At this comment, Jangle started laughing, “Well most of the reindeer did  that is, Jinx did have a little run in with the tricky reindeer when he…”

Jinx gave Jangle a look, and interrupted him saying, ” Let me tell you about sweet Sally, Santa.”

Santa smiled, he knew he would get the full story from his reindeer about what Jangle was trying to say.

“Go ahead Jinx, tell me about sweet Sally.”

“Well she was sleeping on the couch when we got down the chimney. Jangle fell and knocked over something which woke her up. She raised her head opening her sleepy amber eyes and looked at us and said, “Santa”??

We told her that we were his elves, but that she had to go back to sleep. Her smile was so big, and she asked if she could have a hug from us. We gave her a hug and she smiled contently, saying how her brother would never believe that she had seen Santa’s elves, but she knew the truth. Once again she closed her eyes and soon was back to sleep.

Santa smiled. “There always seems to be some children that wake up when I come down the chimney and it does warm my heart to talk to them.”

Snowflake spoke up, ” How were the milk and cookies?”

“They were delicious, sadly though there was no mix up this time Santa, no spicy hot cookies from Mrs. Smith”, said Jangle.

“Oh and Taz , Bill Jones dog, did make Jangle jump high with his barking at first,” laughed Jinx,” but I remained calm and let him sniff us and he did calm down. He even let us pet him when we went to leave.”

“Much to our relief Luther the snake remained in his cage!” said Jangle. “He did watch us with those beady eyes of his though, followed our every move. That was one house that I was kind of anxious to get out of.”

Jinx shook his head in agreement.

“So glad to hear that things went so well”, said Santa.

“Now for the big question … Did you get to every house?”  Santa asked.

Candy Cane sighed, as Snowflake smiled at her. He knew what question she had hoped Santa would ask.

“We did get to every house! Had to make some U-turns at times, but we made it!”  Jinx and Jangle replied.

“Wonderful!” said Santa, “I am very pleased! Well done!”

Jinx and Jangle beamed, with a touch of red to their faces as Santa praised them.

“How are you feeling Santa, we should have asked that when we first came in.”

“I am doing pretty well. Tired of lying around, but I gotta listen to the Dr. I get more hungry though lying around, you all wouldn’t have saved any cookies for me perhaps?”

Jinx and Jangle looked at each other and smiled as they picked up a little gift box.

“We sure did save you some! Here you go Santa!”

Santa’s eyes gleamed, “Oh thank you so much! Now I just need some Egg Nog to dip them in!”

Candy Cane spoke up “I will get you some Santa, but Jinx and Jangle I do have one question for you…”

Santa looked at Candy Cane and she flushed, ” I will go get the Egg Nog now, Santa.”

She came back with the Egg Nog and Santa shared the cookies with the others. They were enjoying eating and then Jinx spoke up.

You know Santa, you warned us about Luther and Taz, but there was something else that you forgot to mention.

“Oh you must be talking about … Candy Cane could you refill my Egg Nog please?”

Snowflake started laughing when he saw Candy Cane’s face as she quickly grabbed Santa’s mug.

“Just hang on Jinx, until Candy Cane gets back. ”

Candy Cane came back with the Egg Nog and Snowflake said, “Could I have some too?”

Candy Cane made a face at him as Santa chuckled.

“Okay Jinx, continue please, what did I forget to tell you about?”

“You didn’t warn us about George!”

“OH yes, George, the pet monkey, that belongs to Dave and Sarah!”

“He hopped on Jinx’s back and about gave him a heart attack,” said Jangle.

“It was quite amusing! Jinx would put a candy cane in a stocking and George would take it back out!”

“Then he jumped on Jangle’s back just as he had lifted a mug of milk to drink, making his spill it all over himself, laughed Jinx.  “He was quite the friendly monkey! He tried coming up the chimney with us! It took us forever to get him to let go of us.”

They all laughed and were glad that the Christmas Eve night ride had been a success!

They did need to use the emergency water bucket at a couple houses! Then there were the  2 beautiful Persian cats at one house and 4 mischievous cats at Kate’s house, who were all wide eyed watching Jinx and Jangle. When they finally got bored watching them and turned away, Jinx and Jangle then laid their cat toys beneath the tree and some gifts for their humans. Oh what a fun night it had been!

Jinx and Jangle looked at Santa and said in unison, ” Santa, can we come with you next year?”

Wednesday’s Wit and Wisdom

Happy Wednesday! A while back a faithful reader of mine had mentioned about calling “Tuesday’s Thoughts” , “Wednesday’s Wit and Wisdom” when she had read the post one Wednesday. I thought this was the perfect week to do that and I do like the ring it has to it. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and perhaps you are still enjoying it. We had a wonderful day of being together and just relaxing, while sharing love and laughter.

Some of you may be wondering about Jinx and Jangle. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten them. Did they have a successful Christmas Eve making all their deliveries? What did they think of “George”?

I hope you enjoy today’s “Wit and Wisdom”, may you keep smiling. Christmas may be over, but we can keep the Christmas spirit in our hearts all year long and let it overflow to others!


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Twas the Night….

If you missed Part 1 yesterday about Jinx and Jangle’s latest adventure, here is the link for you.  Christmas Countdown

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and thank you very much for taking some of your precious time to read my posts and to comment throughout the year! Have so appreciated the friendships I have formed on here with readers and look forward to it continuing into 2019!

Twas the Night….


No one was sure of what to do. The Dr. had examined Santa and gave the diagnosis that his ankle was indeed broken. There was  no going down chimneys for him! What was going to happen, Christmas couldn’t be cancelled!  There really only seemed to be one solution. A solution that had Santa nervous!

Jinx and Jangle had been put in charge of Santa’s special reindeer awhile back, so they were the ones that the reindeer were most comfortable with.  Jinx had learned by now how to handle the one tricky reindeer. It only made sense to send them on the most special mission of the year!

Jinx and Jangle were very sorry that Santa was hurt, but they were ecstatic at the same time! A kind of sad-happy moment!

Santa was giving them last minute instructions from his bed.

“Remember be careful how you land on the rooftops, you don’t want them caving in on you! Also if there is smoke coming out of the chimney, whatever you do, don’t go down it! Take the emergency bucket of water and pour it down the chimney.”

Jinx was writing as fast as he could as he kept saying, “Yes sir, Yes sir!”

“When visiting the Smith family, be careful about eating their cookies, I think last year she accidentally put red pepper instead of cinnamon in her cookies. I never had guggled down a glass of milk as quickly as I did that night. In fact I had to go to their fridge and pour myself some more!”

Jangle was smiling, for he loved hot stuff, he secretly hoped that she would make that mistake again.

“Be careful of Taz, that is the dog that Bill Jones owns. A very nice dog, but he can scare you at first with his growling. When he sees your red suit you should be fine. Though you definitely aren’t as big as me, but I think it will be OK.”

Jinx and Jangle both said in unison, “You think…??” as a look of worry crept across their faces.

Santa chuckled, ” Yes, you will be fine, I just hope that the Richards remember to close Luther’s cage before they go to bed.”

Jangle said, “Umm…Santa sir, who would Luther be?”

“Oh Luther is their pet snake. It’s okay, he’s not poisonous, but Oh I had quite the time catching him one year!” again Santa chuckled at the looks on Jinx and Jangle’s faces.

“Don’t worry, I am sure all will be fine. You 2 will have everything under control, just like always, right?”

“Umm…Yes sir, just like always!” they replied.

“You know, I was feeling nervous about sending you guys out, but I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventure now. ” said Santa. “Well time is ticking, guess you guys better get to moving. The sleigh should already be loaded.”

Jinx and Jangle got up and said, ” Rest up Santa, and don’t worry about a thing, we won’t let you down!”

Santa smiled and said, ” I am sure you won’t!”

They closed the door behind them as they stepped outside and walked towards the sleigh where all the other elves were gathered.

“Are you sure we can do this Jinx?”  Jangle asked

“Sure, what could go wrong. We have the list, and the reindeer know the way, we can just sit back and enjoy the ride!”

“But what about Luther?”

“Lets not think about him right now, Okay!”

They walked the rest of the way in silence. They got to the sleigh and the other elves were cheering for them which boosted their spirits.

“You guys will do great, after all its a magical night, let the magic flow as you zoom through the sky!”

Jinx and Jangle smiled, they could do this, it would be a night like no other! They confidently got in the sleigh and Jinx took the reins. “Now Dancer, now Dasher and Prancer…” and then Jangle and the rest of the elves joined in, “On Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen….Now dash away, dash away all! Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!”  and away they flew!

Snowflake and Candy Cane were watching them soar into the sky. Candy Cane leaned over and whispered in Snowflake’s ear, “Do you think Santa remembered to warn them about George?”

“Who is George?” replied Snowflake

Candy Cane said, “Remember, George! Last year….when Santa got the surprise of his life, because …”

Snowflake started laughing. “OH YES! George!! Oooh yes, how could I have forgotten!”  They both started laughing as they ran to visit Santa wanting to know if he had told Jinx and Jangle about George.

Soon they were sitting around Santa’s bed drinking raspberry hot cocoa laughing about George, for indeed Santa had forgotten. They all eagerly looked forward to Jinx and Jangle’s return, it would be a night of adventure for sure!




Christmas Countdown

It was the final countdown, Christmas was almost here! Everyone was busy at the North Pole, burning the midnight oil. The Egg Nog was flowing and the Christmas music was playing for all to hear. You could hear it in the toy room and in the stables, for the reindeer enjoyed the music as well.

“Hey Rudolph, your song is playing!”, said Jangle. Rudolph turned a little red as he danced a little jig. As much of a jig as reindeer are capable of that is.

“Jangle, Jangle, are you done yet? ”

Jinx called to him as he came walking into the stable.

“We really need you in the toy room. Snowflake was talking to Jack Frost and not watching the conveyor belt. A toy got stuck and jammed it. Then Candy Cane turned the belt speed up faster not knowing a toy was stuck and toys went flying everywhere!

Of course Santa happened to walk in at the moment that the toys were flying and he got hit in the head by Tommy the train. Sparky quick caught the plush cat flying through the air and gave that to Santa to hold. That cat is always good at helping people smile. Santa hugged it as he shook his head and walked out the door. Then Lollipop told me to get you, for we need all the help we can get to mend the toys that broke when they went flying!”

“Wow! Sounds crazy. I will be right there!”

Jinx and Jangle walked out into the cold again as they headed for the toy room. When they walked in there were no more toys flying, but there was a stack of broken toys in the middle of the room. Sally the dolly was missing a arm and the handle was broken off of Jack in the Box. Dudley the walking dog was having trouble walking, for his back leg had been broken off when he fell off the conveyor belt.

“Well looks like we have quite our work cut out for us, we better get busy!” said Jangle.

“I have a roll of duck tape, too bad we just can’t use that!”, said Jinx.

“OH the weather outside is frightful, but …OH the weather outside is frightful, but….OH the weather outside is..”

“Oh great, the CD is skipping! This is going to be a loooong night!” said Jangle.

“Yes.” replied Jinx.

And they both picked up a toy from the big pile and looked at the huge countdown clock on the wall. Time was ticking away, would they get finished in time?

Suddenly there was a yell from  Candy Cane who opened the door letting a blast of cold air in.

“Quick! Santa fell in the snow and we think he might have broken his ankle because of the way he landed. We need some help transporting him to Dr.Frosty.”

Jangle’s mouth dropped open, “Can anything else go wrong tonight?” he said as he put the toy down that he was working on.

“Yes!” said Jinx.

Jangle looked at him, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well, for one thing you just put that porcelain doll down in a puddle of wet paint.”

Jangle quickly grabbed the toy and laid it aside.

“We will worry about that later, lets go help Santa. Christmas is just a day away!”

“Yes” replied Jinx.

Jangle opened his mouth, and then just shut it again. “….mmm…!”

(Part 2 tomorrow…. Will Santa be OK? What is he isn’t, what do you think will happen?)





Gifts from the Heart

I read a story today that touched my heart . It was by a teacher. She was telling about a gift from a student that she considered one of her favorite gifts. Her student had picked out all the marshmallows from her Lucky Charms cereal box and put them in a baggie for her teacher. There is a gift that came from the heart!

I remember as a child getting Lucky Charms and the marshmallows were the best part. I didn’t even want to share them with my sister!

I love giving gifts. I love making people smile at finding just the right thing to touch their heart. Spotting a gift that I know the receiver will make a special connection with means a lot to me.

I don’t give because I expect something back I give because knowing I touched a heart is a reward of its own. The gifts don’t have to be costly to be special, in fact some of the most special gifts I have given have barely cost me anything.

When I was young I made my Dad a little book of quotes. Yes, I have loved quotes for a long time! I remember hearing how he had passed around my “fancy book” (notebook papers stapled together) to friends of his and how important it made me feel.

For my Mom I had bought a photo album, the ones with the sticky pages, where you pull back the clear paper and stick your photos on the page. Unlike today where photos are stuck in our phones and computer.

I went through old magazines and cut out pictures of collector’s dolls. They weren’t just ordinary dolls. They were dolls that I put a special meaning to and wrote a note with. If there was a doll with a dog I thanked my Mom for teaching me a love for animals. If there was a doll dressed in pajamas or sleeping , I wrote about all the times my Mom had sat up with me when I was sick or too upset to sleep. I filled a whole photo album and my Mom has kept it for all these years.

When I was engaged I made a gift for my husband to be. I bought a special journal and copied down excerpts from my journal ( I kept detailed journals) of when we were dating. From the first time I met him up until the night before our wedding. A wedding gift that just cost the price of a journal and my time, but that is still treasured 23 years later.

I could go on, but I think you get the message. I am working on gifts right now that once again didn’t cost much of anything besides my time. They may not be done by Christmas but that’s ok, special gifts are special anytime.

And remember the monetary price of a gift is nothing compared to the priceless feeling that it can give you and the one you give the gift too!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When you buy a box of Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries for your hubby’s stocking … and then … “Sorry dear, they jumped out of the box and into my …!”

When a memory pops into your head and you laugh all over again!

When you get that “nudge”, keeping you on your toes, making you think twice about something.

When giving Love, the greatest gift of all, you will find that it wraps itself around you, as well as the ones you are sharing it with!

Holly Jolly?

“Have a Holly Jolly Christmas…” So why is it that people aren’t more Holly Jolly this time of year?

Why are simple courtesies so easily forgotten this time of year?

I went to Sheetz (a convenience store) this afternoon to grab a sandwich and a smoothie for my kids. While waiting for my number to be called, I noticed something about the 7 people ahead of me. Each person grabbed their food when their number was called, all without saying just a simple Thank You to the person behind the counter!

Meanwhile upbeat Christmas music is playing in the store, the irony just struck me.

It’s not just that simple courtesies are forgotten at Christmas, it happens all year round. Simple courtesies can go a long way and it’s so easy to do!

Don’t be singing “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” and then go in and growl at the person who serves you.

Does it take a lot of effort to open the door for someone and wish them a Merry Christmas or just a nice day! To give an extra big smile to the cashier, who has waited on sooo many people and have had to deal with all kinds of moods.

To smile at the car that may have taken the parking space you were waiting for. Remember it’s only a parking space! As you drive around the parking lot once more, think of it as another chance to sing along loudly with the radio.

Give a smile and nod at the person who may push ahead of you in line. Take a deep breath and keep your blood pressure down. I guarantee that you will make it out of the store!

In a world where there can be a lot of Grinches, do your best to be a Cindy Lou Who!! Cindy Lou Who’s have more fun!

The Bicycle Adventure

The following is one of 9 reviews on Amazon about “The Odessa Chronicles”.  Are you a last minute Christmas shopper? There is still time to have this special book under the tree.You can click on the picture of the book cover in the right margin to take you directly to Amazon.

“A delightful book for all ages. Kids of all ages will enjoy following these unusual friends as they adventure through life together. Their crazy escapades and pranks are irresistibly entertaining while their unlikely friendship will tug at your heartstrings.”

For a peek into the book, here is a excerpt from one of the stories. One that Colin had shared on his blog about 2 months ago. With this gang, consisting of a Barn Owl, Cat, Jackalope and a man-servant it doesn’t take much to have a crazy adventure. Something as simple as a bicycle can create excitement and perhaps a little chaos.

The Bicycle Adventure

One day, the man-servant was clearing out part of the barn when he found an old bicycle. “Hey, guys!” he said excitedly. “Look what I’ve found!” Jaxon and Dewey cautiously moved closer to look at it. They had never seen anything so strange before, and were a little concerned and puzzled.

“What is it?” asked Dewey.

“It’s an old bicycle.” said the man-servant.

Jaxon was sniffing around it. “What’s a bicycle?”

“A bicycle is a really easy way for me to get around, and it is much faster than walking.”

Dewey looked up at the man-servant. “Do you mean like a car?”

“Well,” said the man-servant, “yes … kind of.”

Dewey was still puzzled. “But cars have four wheels and this bicycle thing only has two! How does it stay upright?”

“Oh, it’s not difficult,” said the man-servant. “I’ll show you.”

The man-servant got on the bicycle and started pedaling, but he had not been on one for a long time, and was very wobbly as he tried to ride around the barn. Dewey was smiling as he watched the man-servant trying so hard to steer the bicycle, and burst out laughing as both the bicycle and the man-servant disappeared through the barn-door opening. Dewey and Jaxon both followed him outside and watched as the totally out-of-control bicycle, with the man-servant barely hanging on, careened around the yard.

A familiar whoosh-whoosh sound was heard, and then Odessa landed next to Dewey and Jaxon. “I was going to fly over to the next field, but saw this circus act and thought that I might be able to help.”

“Do you know about bicycles?” said Jaxon.

“Absolutely!” said Odessa. “You see … the man-servant has no idea what he is doing. He is going far too slow, which is why he has no control over it.”

Just then, they heard a crash. They looked over at the man-servant and the bicycle, both of which were lying on the ground. Odessa flew over to him, and so was the first one there.

“Man-Servant!” she said. “Have you not ridden a bicycle before?”

“Well yes … but it was a long time ago,” said the man-servant.

“Okay,” said Odessa, “then let me refresh your memory. The faster you pedal, the more control you have over it. It’s really very simple. I’ll tell you what I will do. You get on the bike again, and I’ll coach you from the air.”

Dewey looked at Jaxon and giggled. “This is going to be fun; I just know it!”

The man-servant got back onto the bike and started pedaling, steering in a circle around the yard while Odessa flew overhead. All Dewey and Jaxon could hear was Odessa saying, “Faster! Faster! You must pedal faster!” and all they could see was the man-servant trying as hard as he could. He was doing relatively well until his front wheel hit a small rock, and then the man-servant and his bike disappeared through the gap between the farmhouse and a shed.

Jaxon and Dewey both rushed over to see where they were going, and could not believe what they saw. The bicycle was totally out of control, and bouncing down the grass hill, with the man-servant holding on tightly for fear of falling off.

Odessa was flying overhead and shouting, “Brake, Man-Servant! Brake!”

“There are no brakes!” said the man-servant.

“Oh dear,” said Odessa. “Well … jump!”

***  *****  ***

Of course you will need the book to find out what happens next! 🙂