Odessa’s Journey – Part 4

Happy Tuesday everyone! Yes, it is Tuesday, and technically speaking, what do I post every Tuesday? QUOTES!  But I didn’t feel like I could keep you hanging a day longer with the way Part 3 ended yesterday. Don’t worry though, for  it wouldn’t be a Tuesday without at least some quotes, right? Enjoy the 3 below and be ready to feel that emotional tug again as you read Part 4 of Odessa’s Journey.

The Journey between who you once were and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place. ~Native American ..*: How would a person know beforehand that the journey would be the destiny-kind? Just go on a journey when you have the chance.: Fly away:

Odessa’s Journey – Part 4

Hermione told Jaxon that she had been flying low over the fields, about five miles away, when a large shadow came over her. She looked up and saw that it was Odessa.  “Hey Hermione! Fancy seeing you this far away from home!”  Hermione then explained to Odessa that her Mom had moved nests, not long after Odessa had taken care of her when she was lost. She was however rather concerned at seeing Odessa out there. “I am still within my usual hunting range Odessa… but you’re not! Why have you left your friends at Moonbeam Farm and come so far?” Odessa apparently then dropped down so she was then flying alongside Hermione.

“Hermione” said Odessa “I wouldn’t mind some company for a while, so how about we fly together just as far as the big water. You can just see it in the distance.” Hermione explained that she agreed to stay with Odessa until they reached the big water, and then she would have to turn back.

“What are you going to do when you reach the big water?” she asked. Odessa quickly looked her directly in her eyes. “I am going to fly over it!”  Hermione said that she was horrified at the thought of Odessa flying over the big water, because nobody knew where the other side was, and owls cannot land on water! Odessa then explained that she felt driven to fly over the big water and, in fact, had a mysterious sense of familiarity about it which she really could not explain.

It was not long before they reached the edge of the big water, and they both landed on the sandy shore. As Hermione explained it to Jaxon, Odessa was very withdrawn, but not unhappy. She, however, was very saddened at the thought of Odessa flying out over the big water. “Will we ever meet again?” she asked Odessa. Odessa just looked at her. “I really don’t know Hermione, but I really do hope so. You are one very special owl. Never forget that.”

Jaxon had been interpreting Hermione’s dialogue so that Dewey and the Man-Servant would understand what was going on. The Man-Servant suddenly interrupted Jaxon. “Ask her if Odessa gave her any details of what she was doing. Where she was going? Ask her if she knows anything that might help us to find her!”

Jaxon turned to Hermione. “Did she ever try and explain to you where she was going, or what she was trying to do?” Hermione just looked at him and shook her head. “The only thing Odessa said about this situation was that she saw it as a necessary adventure, which I really did not understand. When I asked her help me to understand what she meant, she just said that she was simply following an instinct from deep within her, and that one day I would understand. Does that mean anything to you guys?”

Jaxon again explained to Dewey, and the Man-Servant, what she had said. Dewey noted that he understood instincts very well, but they were all based around food. The Man-Servant however, slowly nodded his head. “I think I understand Odessa’s situation” he said “I went through a similar thing a very long time ago. It was a very difficult time, but it all worked out well in the end. Sometimes we just have to follow our instincts. I had completely forgotten about those times of confusion!”

Hermione looked at Jaxon. “I have to leave now and get back to my nest. Is there anything else you want to ask?” Jaxon relayed her comment to Dewey and the Man-Servant. The Man-Servant said “Yes Jaxon. Please ask Hermione what Odessa was like when she took off and headed out over the big water?” Jaxon told Hermione what the Man-Servant has just said. Hermione looked very thoughtful for a moment. “You know” she said “I believe I saw a happy glint in her eyes when she took off. I think that while she was certainly very confused, and I know that she was concerned about flying over the big water, there was a kind of excitement coming from her.”

Jaxon looked at her carefully, and thanked her for coming to find them and telling them all that she knew. “One final question please Hermione?” Hermione was just going to leave, but turned to face Jaxon. “What else can I tell you?” she said. “You can tell me that Odessa will probably be fine, and that we will see her again soon?” Hermione lowered her head and just looked at the ground. “I wish I could say that Jaxon. I really do, but all I can say is that Odessa is a very strong, very smart and a very determined Barn Owl. She looked totally awesome as she powered her way so high up into the sky. She went much higher than I have ever been and, if the big water is not too big, she might just be able to ride the wind from that height and reach the other side”

With that, Hermione took off and headed over the fields and was soon out of sight. The Man-Servant quickly wiped just beneath his eyes and, turning away from Jaxon and Dewey, said “Come on guys. There’s nothing more we can do. Let’s go back to the farm.” Dewey and Jaxon looked at the Man-Servant, and then looked at each other, and they both knew that they had just seen a new side to him!


Odessa’s Journey – Part 3

Good Morning! Odessa’s saga continues, and will continue through this week. So many questions still to answer, and only 1 person that has the answers, but piece by piece the answers are coming. Hang in there! Your heart strings will keep getting  pulled, I can tell you that!

Odessa’s Journey – Part 3

Jaxon went over to the farmhouse the next morning and told the Man-Servant and Dewey what had happened. He also told them that Odessa had not returned.

The Man-Servant was obviously concerned. He looked at Jaxon. “I know this is a very difficult situation, but is there nothing we can do to help perhaps just a little?” Jaxon just looked at the Man-Servant. “I don’t know” he said. The Man-Servant suddenly had an idea. He remembered reading that Barn Owls are not territorial in that they do not defend their territory, but they do tend to stay within a 4km (2-1/2 miles) radius area, especially if hunting is good. He explained this to Jaxon and Dewey and suggested that they search everywhere within that range of the farm, and hopefully they would find her.

After a few days of searching the fields and looking in all the trees, and with no sign of Odessa, they returned rather sadly to the farmhouse one evening, and decided there was nothing more they could do. They just had to let Odessa do what she needed to do, and hope that one day she would return. Moonbeam Farm was a very different place now.  The Man-Servant went about his duties around the farm; Jaxon was either in the barn or just checking out the grass near the door, and even Dewey did not say too much to anybody. There were no adventures because everybody was wondering about Odessa.

One evening, as the sun was just setting over the fields, Jaxon heard the Man-Servant calling him and it seemed urgent! “Jaxon!” he heard “Where are you? I need you here now. Where are you Jaxon!?” Jaxon ran out into the yard the saw the Man-Servant just coming through the gate from the field. “What is it?” said Jaxon. The Man-Servant was gasping and bent over trying catch his breath. “Jaxon” he said “There is an owl in that tree (he pointed across the field) who seems to know me!” “It’s not Odessa is it?” said Jaxon. “No said the Man-Servant. Much smaller than Odessa!” Jaxon looked puzzled. “What makes you think it knew you?” asked Jaxon. The Man-Servant waited for a moment as he was still out of breath. “I think she was trying to talk to me, but of course I could not understand her… but I bet you could!”

Jaxon looked at the tree across the field and could hardly see it now as it was getting really dark. He was thoughtful for a moment. “Man-Servant” he said “I am not happy being out on my own when it is really dark, so how about if you and Dewey came with me?” The Man-Servant nodded and called Dewey who was sleeping in the farmhouse. The three of them then went back across the field, their way now fortunately illuminated by a full moon, and soon they were at the tree. Looking up, they saw a small owl!

Jaxon was looking very intent, and the Man-Servant noticed. “Jaxon” he said “Why are you so focused on that owl?” “Because I know her” said Jaxon “In fact we all know her! That is Hermione up there. She is the owl that Odessa took care of a long time ago.”

As they all looked up at Hermione, she flew down to a lower branch and faced them. “I have some bad news about Odessa.” She said. After Jaxon had translated that for the Man-Servant and Dewey, they all moved closer to her. She looked a little ill at ease and kept moving her weight from one foot to the other. Jaxon explained that only he could understand her, so he would tell Dewey and the Man-Servant everything that she told him.

Odessa’s Journey – Part 2

Here is Part 2 to Colin’s story that is really is like no other Dewey story!  Not only is this story longer than any of the others, it will pull on your heart strings more! If you  missed Part 1, here is the link..Odessa’s Journey – Part 1.

Odessa’s Journey – Part 2

The news that Odessa was leaving the farm was totally unexpected and Jaxon, Dewey and the Man-Servant just stared at her. “You are leaving the farm?” said the Man-Servant. Odessa looked directly at him. “Still can’t stop repeating obvious facts can you!” Jaxon looked at Odessa and said “Where are you going? When are you leaving?” Odessa just turned around and flew over to the door. “Will somebody open this door for me please?” The Man-Servant opened the door, and Odessa flew back into the barn.

Dewey, Jaxon and the Man-Servant just looked at each other. What on earth was happening to Odessa? Eventually, the Man-Servant turned to Jaxon. “You are probably closer to Odessa than either me or Dewey, so how about you go over there and see if she will tell you what is going on?” Jaxon looked a little perturbed, but he then crossed the yard and disappeared through the open barn door.

The Man-Servant looked at Dewey. “Do you have any thoughts as to what is going on?” Dewey stretched out and flexed his claws. “Well Man-Servant. You, being the owner of this farm, must consider yourself to be the host and take care of your guests accordingly.” The Man-Servant looked at him. “That’s an interesting thought Dewey. Are you saying that I have overlooked something, which is why Odessa has decided to leave?” Dewey looked at him rather puzzled. “Odessa is right about humans. You do get confused so easily. No! I am not suggesting that you have neglected Odessa. I am suggesting that we usually have food around now, and I cannot see any. You are neglecting me!”

The Man-Servant went into the kitchen and prepared some food for both him and Dewey, and they both ate in silence as they contemplated the evening’s events.

When Jaxon entered the barn, he immediately went over to Odessa’s end, and saw her sitting on her roof beam. “Odessa” he called up “Can we talk?” Odessa looked down at him “You’re beginning to sound like a human. Of course we can talk, but I think what you wanted to ask was – Would I talk to you?” Jaxon just kept looking up at her. “Whatever you say Odessa. I am just concerned about you, and was wondering whether I could help in anyway. Remember I do have some magic powers!”

Odessa started pacing up and down her roof beam, and seemed to be totally pre-occupied with her thoughts, when she suddenly stopped and, for a few minutes, the barn was totally quiet. Jaxon just stared up at her in anticipation of something happening. Odessa suddenly flew down to the ground and landed right in front of him.

“Jaxon” she said. “I don’t know whether you will understand this, but I don’t know who I am anymore! I live here with you guys, but who am I? I know that I was the only survivor from my family. I know that I helped a very young owl in distress some time ago now… but who am I? Who is Odessa? What am I here for? Am I supposed to be doing something else? How do I find my purpose?”

Jaxon listened and just stared at the ground. Then he looked up at Odessa “I do understand completely” he said. “Unfortunately, I don’t have any easy answers for you as it is something that you have to work out for yourself. I am going over to my straw pile now as I am really tired. Perhaps you could explain all this to the other two tomorrow? They really are concerned”

Odessa just looked at him with her unblinking stare. “You’ve been a good friend Jaxon. Take care.” She then flew out of the barn and into the night sky. The Man-Servant was looking out of a window facing the barn and saw her fly away. The farm was very quiet that night.

Odessa’s Journey – Part 1

An adventure like no other and that is all I am going to say for now about Colin’s story.:)

Odessa’s Journey- Part 1

It was a lovely warm Summer evening, and the Man-Servant had invited Jaxon and Odessa to join him and Dewey in the farmhouse. This was not an unusual event as they often sat around on the floor, the evening after an adventure, when they would discuss the day and generally have many laughs at the way things usually turned out, although this time there had been no adventure!

Jaxon brushed his coat, and then went down to the other end of the barn to see if Odessa was ready to go. He looked up to the roof beam and saw her, preening herself! “Odessa!” he called up to her ”How long are you going to be?” Odessa looked down at him “I’ll meet you over at the farmhouse” she said. “I just need a bit more time.” “Okay” said Jaxon. “I’ll see you there” and went across to the farmhouse, where the Man-Servant let him in. “Where’s Odessa?” he asked Jaxon. “She’ll be here soon. She’s just doing some preening!” The Man-Servant just smiled.

Dewey, Jaxon and the Man-Servant had been talking for some time when Dewey suddenly said “Whatever happened to Odessa?” Just at that moment, there was a tapping on the door. The Man-Servant went over and opened it, and there stood Odessa!

“What kept you?” said the Man-Servant. “Kept me? Nothing keeps Odessa!” she said rather indignantly. “We owls are very self-sufficient and independent. What kept me indeed! Have you learned nothing since you moved in with us here?” The Man-Servant thought carefully. “Well what I meant to say was why were you so late in coming here this evening?” Odessa hopped up and down and was obviously agitated. “How did you ever survive as a species? If you mean to say something, then why do you say something totally different?  How can I possibly understand you if you don’t say what you mean? Sheesh! I spend loads of time making myself presentable for all you guys and this is what happens. I get an interrogation when I arrive! You guys are impossible!”

Dewey, Jaxon and the Man-Servant looked at each other, and then Jaxon turned to Odessa. “What’s wrong Odessa?” Odessa just stared at him with her big round eyes. “Nothing!” she replied. Then the Man-Servant sat down on the floor next to her. “Odessa” he said “You have always been a bit of an oddball, but this is quite different from your usual performance. What’s wrong?” Odessa just turned and walked over to Dewey.

 “How’s things Dewey?” she asked. Dewey looked at her for a moment. “Things are good Odessa thank you” he said cautiously “but you are not yourself today.” Odessa looked at him “Who do you think I am may I ask?” Dewey was not too sure how this conversation was going to go, and so did not reply.

Odessa just looked at him, and then rotated her head to look at Jaxon, and then turned to look at the Man-Servant. “What is wrong with all you guys? I arrive late, and go through a third degree examination. I am apparently being kept by something, and now I am not who I am! Can any of you appreciate how confusing it is for an owl to live here with you guys?”

The man-servant looked at Odessa. “Odessa” he said “Something is obviously bothering you, and we are concerned. We care about you.” Odessa went very quiet for a moment and turned to face all three of them. “I am leaving the farm” she said!


The Greatest Miracle!

Recently I have had friends who have become Grandparents for the first time. The most recent happened last night. It was a very rough labor for her daughter, she ended up having to get a C-section.

Love instantly filled her heart when she held her sweet baby boy in her arms. At that moment the pain of the past 24 hours had been forgotten. The journey of the hard pregnancy had been worth it!

Seeing the sparkle of happiness in my friends eyes as they hold their precious grand babies. Hearing the love in their voices as they talk about them, takes me back to when my precious babies were born.

I cannot forget the feeling of awe and wonder when I held them in my arms for the first time. There are no words, as you stare down as this little miracle of love in your arms. As your eyes connect and you know at that moment that you would lay down your life for this child of yours. This is your child and your heart that will now forever be walking outside your body.

You are flying high on the best feeling in the world. The feeling of love. You come home carrying your precious cherub  in your arms not wanting to put them down. Afraid that maybe this is just all a dream and you don’t want it to end. Then your adorable cherub starts to cry and that’s Okay, you know how to rock them. You have been longing to use that rocking chair. You rock and you rock, still feeling fine. They still cry.

You feed them, you change them, you rock them some more, the crying continues. You sing all those lovely lullabies that longed to sing to them.  As you are on the last one you realize now that you are crying along with them!

OH yes, the wonderful world of colic! Perhaps not the sweetest memory of my firstborn, but one I can’t forget. That first time, it was from 2pm in the afternoon until 8:30 at night! Finally she had fallen asleep on her belly on my lap. I felt like I dare not move her for that sound of silence was so precious!

Yes, not the sweetest memory, but it did nothing to fade the love in my heart. These new Mom’s will have those days, they will come right along with the good ones. What they need to remember though, is that they also will pass and they will survive them! Not only will they survive them, but they also will experience some of the most exhilarating, wonderful moments of their lives!!

Welcome to Parent Hood! Your life will never be the same! 🙂


What is Exquisite to you?

via Daily Prompt: Exquisite

<** "The Swan," with Yo-Yo Ma. Exquisite Cello Piece. "Le Cygne illustrates the fleeting nature of beauty, with its interpretation of the legend of the "swan song." This piece soothes and calms one.: Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque - Isfahan, Iran | Incredible Pictures: ✯ Awesome Falls - Jiuzhaigou, China @darleytravel:

These pictures and more are what came up when I typed Exquisite into the Pinterest site that I love. The pictures are beautiful and do define the dictionary term for Exquisite, but to me there is something far more Exquisite than any of these. The human heart!

posterior human heart view: It is not exactly a beautiful thing to look at, but what it is capable of is AMAZING! It can easily be broken, yet at the same time be so strong.  To me Exquisite is the true beauty of some people’s hearts! To see the love in their heart overflowing into the lives of others. True beauty goes so much deeper than what the eye can see.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

My thoughts right now are of trying to stay awake! Yes  it is Tuesday morning , but I haven’t been to bed yet and it is 1am! Babysitting and parent got delayed in coming home. Child is sound asleep on the couch, dog is snoring on the floor, other dog is curled up all nice and cozy on the couch and house is silent.

Am not promising deep quotes today, but you never know. At least i have something to do to keep me awake. Not feeling really bad, but when the alarm goes off later this morning, oh yeah, won’t be fun. Who wants to give me a wake up call?  Can’t promise you at how my communication skills would be if you called, but you would probably be guaranteed a laugh. Here are some quotes to make you smile and to  help you start your day!

  1. Smile because it happened. At one point it was exactly what you wanted and needed. Learn from it and move on. Better things will fall into place.:

2Some of us didn't take as long


  1. No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. Picture Quotes.:
  2. You stare at frozen juice cans because they say concentrate - Funny Buttons - Custom Buttons - Promotional Badges - Witty Insults Pins - Wacky Buttons: It is probably because of lack of sleep, but this one cracked me up!
  3. strange as it may seem my life is based on a true story tshirt
  4. LOL all these cheesy jokes are gettin me right now! (SLAP HAPPY!): I am making you groan, aren’t I. Hey it is 1:30am now, what do you expect 🙂
  5. Great minds like a think — Simple, witty ads for The Economist [10 pictures]...:
  6. that-moment-when-you-realized-only-at-work-for-one-hour-ecard: Yes, this will probably be me today.
  7. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha if I were and english teacher I would have this huge on my classroom wall!:
  8. Today Lol Minions funny pictures with captions (02:10:54 AM, Monday 12, October 2015 PDT) – 10 pics:

Odessa’s Meeting

Another story from Colin, about the crazy characters that have worked their way into our hearts.

There was the familiar whoosh whoosh sound as Odessa flew down from her roof beam, and landed on the floor very close to Jaxon. “Where are the others?” she asked. Jaxon just shook his head. “I told them to be here for an important meeting at 7:00pm this evening..

Odessa paced around for a few minutes and, turning sharply to Jaxon said “Did you make it clear that I wanted this meeting?” Jaxon smiled inwardly “Of course I did” he said. Just then, the barn door squeaked open and the man-servant walked in. “What’s up guys?” he said looking from Odessa to Jaxon, and back to Odessa. Odessa just glared at him “You’re late!” she said. “Do you have no respect for other folk’s time? By the way, where’s Dewey?”

The man-servant looked around him. “I don’t see him here Odessa” and then turning to Jaxon “Have you seen Dewey?”  Jaxon shook his head. “Well” said the man-servant “I think we can conclude that Dewey is not here!” Odessa was getting a little more agitated “I know very well where he isn’t. I need to know where he is!” The man-servant smiled at Jaxon. “Well Odessa” he said “We would have to find him in order to know where he is!”

At that moment, they saw Dewey just coming around the partially open barn door. Odessa looked straight at him. “You are late for my meeting!” she said. Dewey just stretched out, flexed his claws and yawned “So?” He said to Odessa. “What’s so important about this meeting? Anyway, I‘m here now so let’s get this show on the road. I have some nocturnal hunting planned for tonight. By the way Odessa, why aren’t you out hunting now anyway? Frightened of missing your own meeting?”

Odessa didn’t blink, but just stared at Dewey “Are all cats as uncooperative as you?” she asked. Dewey stretched and yawned again. “Are all owls as demanding as you?” he said. Odessa turned her back on Dewey with a “Hurmmph!”

The man-servant decided to get things under control. “Odessa” he said “You called this meeting and we are all here. What’s up?” Odessa just looked at all three of them. “Do you know that all our adventures have been documented? Did you know that we have been monitored by Carolyn and Colin?”

All three of them looked at Odessa with puzzled faces. The man-servant spoke first. “I don’t fully understand what you are saying Odessa. Perhaps you could explain it in more detail?” Odessa did a few circles on the barn floor, and then suddenly looked agitated “Well… Carolyn is making arrangements to have our adventures published in a children’s book! How can they do that?”

Jaxon looked at her. “Well” he said “Given that they both create our adventures, I for one am not surprised and, in fact, am rather excited!” Odessa went over to Jaxon “Don’t you think that our privacy should have been considered? Don’t you think that we should have been asked first?”  The man-servant intervened. “Look Odessa…. Not only do they write our adventures, but they are also writing this discussion so whatever they decide will happen… will happen! We would not exist without them!”

Dewey stretched, flexed his claws and yawned. “So is that it then? Is there any other business?” Odessa walked over to him. “Do you understand anything that I said?” Dewey grinned “I understand perfectly Odessa. I understand that none of us would have lives without those two writers, and that includes the almighty Odessa!”

“Wait a minute” said Jaxon “That means that our adventures will make some children happy as they read about us. That means that we might become celebrities. Just think Odessa, people might want our autographs!”

The man-servant was also smiling now “Yes, our adventures will be available for anybody to read and enjoy. What a wonderful purpose we will be serving. Are you still unhappy about it Odessa?” Odessa just flew up and onto her roof beam. “I didn’t understand that  I could be a celebrity!”

Jaxon then made an announcement. “Look here guys. While you have all been going around in circles with this thing, I have been using my magic to see what else I could find out.” “What else did you find out Jaxon?” said the man-servant. “Well” said Jaxon “Our adventures are being put into a book which should be released in late Spring of this year, and will be available from major bookstores and on-line from Amazon .

The man-servant looked at Jaxon “Colin told you to say that didn’t he?” “Yes!” said Jaxon. Odessa, still up on her roof beam, turned her back on all of them. Dewey looked up at her “Odessa… you do realize that Colin just made you turn around don’t you? You really have no power to do anything. You’re just going to be an odd character in an odd book. Congratulations!”

The man-servant laughed “Yes congratulations to all of us, because we’re going to be in a book!”

“What’s the book going to be called?” asked Dewey. Jaxon had a big grin on his face “I understand that it is probably going to be Tales from a Jackalope’s Farm! Pretty cool eh!”

Who Would Have Thought?

On June 11th last year I sat down at the computer and wrote a story about a cat. A mischievous cat named Dewey. The story line about him digging up a rose bush and finding a flower pot with strange writing on  it actually came to me due to a joke. I made up Dewey in response to the joke. I really didn’t plan on there being more stories, but as it turns out what do I know!

It was a month or so later when a reader asked if there would be another Dewey story. I honestly had forgotten about him. I appreciate my readers very much, so I went ahead and wrote another one. That marked the beginning of more and more Dewey stories to come.

Who would have thought at how they would grow over the months and that they would still be coming! Dewey gained 2 awesome friends in Jaxon, a magical jackalope and in Odessa, a wise and witty owl! They all came to live on a farm and Dewey  continued to stir up mischief with the man-servant. Jaxon and Odessa soon learned to do their share of mischief as well, and of course the man-servant is FAR from innocent. The 4 jokers, the 4 Adventurers, whatever you want to call them, they grew into my heart and yours.

They grew into another person’s heart as well. Someone who agreed to write a story for me IF the man-servant and Odessa would be  let down from the tree. I do still have to chuckle at that story, being stuck in a tree swinging in a net. A good one, eh?

Well as you all have seen, this person ended up not just stopping at 1 story. Yes, Colin’s stories have added so much more to this series, for which I am grateful. Even if he forgets that cats hate water and gets poor Dewey trapped in a river. It still is fun to see what he adds to these characters personalities.  Now I am not the only one who has invisible friends talking to me, they talk to him also.

Without the support of all of you though my invisible friends would have probably stopped talking. I have enjoyed so much your comments and the interest you have taken into the series. AND NOW for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

(to be continued....) I promise I won’t hold off for long. I may even be back today. You are aware at how “to be continued” happens a lot in these series of stories. Thanks to Colin that is! I decided I had to get my “to be continued” story in there to. 🙂