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Happy last day of February. Spring is around the corner! That is after we get Snow this weekend. Winter had its chance, it needs to go away! I am hoping for rain instead.

I hope you enjoy the quotes and that you may have had a surprise brighten your day. I got a “magical” surprise, from a thoughtful friend when I opened my mailbox today. 🙂








I do wish animals really talked and that there was a real magical cowbell.




Hold Me

No more waiting needed,  here is the conclusion to The Forgotten Detail!

Curtis Blacksmall. He never liked Curtis. The man was loud mouthed, and argumentive. He made his presence known everywhere, for he couldn’t stay quiet.

The meal had been catered at the private concert Stuart and Bethany attended with the other business partners. Curtis had not been happy that night. His food was too salty and none of the wine was to his liking.

Stuart had felt bad for the caterers who had to deal with him.

Yes, Curtis was someone who stood out in a crowd because of his annoying behavior.  Which now was the missing detail that Stuart had overlooked. Curtis had not shown up at the business meeting the next morning. The meeting had gone so smoothly without him there. In fact Stuart hadn’t seen or heard Curtis at all that day.

He always stirred up trouble at meetings with ranting about one thing or another. He didn’t miss meetings. Nor did he miss work! The guy came even when really sick, much to everyones dismay. So where was he that day? Was it only pure coincidence that Bethany had gone missing the same day that he  didn’t come to work?

Stuart’s skin prickled. He never had liked the way Curtis looked at Bethany whenever he saw her. She had told Stuart that he worried too much and he had tried to shake off the feeling. Now though it was forefront in his mind!

If Curtis had hurt Bethany in any way … blood started rushing to his head. “Breathe Stuart”, he told himself.There was no proof that Curtis was involved with her disappearance.

Later that night Stuart was getting ready for bed early. He was weary and couldn’t focus on anything. Couldn’t even enjoy watching the big game.

The room was empty. Candles were flickering but no warmth was felt. Instead the coldness of Bethany’s absence permeated through every fiber of his being.

Bethany was always talking about hope. She encouraged him to never let it go, no matter what he faced. Staring into the flickering flame he clung to hope, like he had never clung to it before. The hope that Bethany would be okay and his world would be filled with light once more.

What was that? His foot had kicked something under the bed as he pulled back the covers. Turning on the bedside lamp he looked under the bed. He picked up a large gold pocket watch. Where had it come from?

He looked at it feeling confused, but only for a moment. This watch belonged to Curtis! Stuart was sure of it. Curtis often pulled it out in the niddle of a meeting. It was with much show that he would pull it out.  

Whenever he got a chance he would smugly talk about how the watch was only a little part of the fortune his grandfather had left him. Everyone would roll their eyes, for they had all heard about the fortune numerous times.

Some were bold enougb to ask why he was still working there if he had amassed such a large fortune.

That would stir him up in such a way that it made one wonder if he really had inherited a fortune. Or was the fortune like the great big fish that had got away?

Right now it didn’t matter, fortune or no fortune, Stuart dialed the detective’s number.

She was back in his arm’s again and all was right with the world!

Curtis was behind bars where he would be for a long time! Not only would he be charged with kidnapping, but the company had been doing their own investigation. They found out that he had embezzled funds. Apparently his grandfather’s “fortune” never existed.

He had meant to send a ransom note along with the photo. It was only the other day when he discovered that the note hadn’t made into the envelope. It was lying under his desk.

“Hold me.” There was emotion in Bethany’s voice. “I need to be held. ” Stuart wrapped his arms tighter around Bethany as she snuggled up against his chest.

“I will hold you forever”, he sealed his promise with tender kisses. His heart was full as he felt her tense body relax in his arms. He watched her sleep and warmth filled their bedroom once more.

The Biking Proposal … Frogs in your milk … The Bagpiping Unicyclist and other Facts!

That was a creative person. I looked it up and it was demolished due to fearing that the structure was unsafe.


I can’t ride a unicycle and I can’t play the bagpipes, I am impressed! This past summer Brad and I saw bagpipes being played with shooting flames which was cool to watch.


I am all for laugbter being celebrated!


I knew there was a reason I didn’t like milk! I did look this up and appears to be true. Apparently there are chemicals in a frog’s slimy goo that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus.


Now that is creative! Worth the tough ride, though I probably wouldn’t have made it!


So kind! ❤

The Forgotten Detail!

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Stuart held the photograph in his hand. What a precious moment captured on film. He could still feel how smooth her skin had felt upon his lips when he was nuzzling her neck. Making her laugh a little, while drawing in a deep breath of pleasure.

The photograph evoked a sense of longing. How he wanted to put his arms around her once more, never letting go. Would he ever get that chance again?

The pbotograph had come in the mail. The only writing on it was Stuart’s address. He had thought it was junk mail but when he opened it, his blood ran cold.

How? Who? Questions had immediately run through his mind. How did someone get a photo of a private moment shared between him and Bethany? He didn’t think anyone had been around when they were in the hallway that night after the concert. Why did someone take a picture?

Did this photo have anything to do with her disappearance?

Oh, Bethany, where are you? Running his fingers through his head in frustration he tried to think. Running through the scenes in his head once more. The detective had told him to think hard on any details he may have missed about her last day at home.

The night before they had attended a small, private concert. Only Stuart’s business partners and their families had been invited. Bethany and Stuart were the last ones to leave, at least they had thought so. But now this photograph sceeamed that they had thought wrong.

Early the next morning Stuart had got up for work as usual. He was quiet as he got ready, not wanting to wake Bethany. Right before leaving she had stirred, giving him a sleepy but tempting smile. Playfully pulling on his tie, enticing him back to bed.

He had pulled away, wishing now that he hadn’t. But he had an important business meeting at 8am sharp, he had to go.

The rest of the day had been work as usual. When 6:00 came he had been more than ready to go home. He came home and felt the silence of the house as soon as he entered. There were no mouth watering aromas coming from the kifchen. No candles burning in the house and when he called for Bethany there was only a haunting silence that hung heavy in the air.

No broken windows or signs of forced entry. Her car was still in the driveway, her purse still in the closet. There was absolutely nothing missing from the house, except the most important thing of all, Bethany!

It was like she magically had disappeared into the thin air. Then it hit him, like a punch to his gut! He remembered a forgotten detail from that day.

**to be continued**

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Some people I will never understand  … and thankfully I don’t need too.

Never say Never … What have you said you would never do or never like but than …? I am watching a Tv series that I thought I would never like, but…

The joy of falling in love with a book you read by a new author…you show your husband the list of all her books that you don’t have … just trying to give him helpful hints.

The Forgotten Ones

The town of Fairy Tales was all astir. Excitement had been mounting for weeks and now the day was here. It was the Annual race of the ones the Faiytales forgot. .

There were only two participants this year in the race. First was Prissy Priscilla. The sister of Mary. The Mary who had a garden. Priscilla knew the poem by heart, “Mary. Mary so contrary…” She often taunted her sister with that line. Let Mary have her garden, Priscilla had her horse.

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The second one was the dark, spiteful ex-wife of Prince Charming. No one ever mentioned her. All the books cared about was life after Prince Charming met Cinderella! No one knew how she and Prince Charming had eloped long ago.

Prince Charming drove her crazy. He was too charming! He became different when he got his own castle. At one time he had heen daring and adventurous. Eloping on a stormy night. He was wearing a red shirt that night with passion in his eyes. Sadly living in a castle ended all that.

Veronica left him one week and was shocked at how quickly he found another wife. Little Miss Perfect Cinderella. Thats okay, life on the edge with her dark horse was better than the stuffy casrle. Veronica was ready to win the race this year.

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The horses bolted at the sound of the gun to start the race and the crowd cheered.

It was a close race, they were neck and neck when out of the blue came another racer close on their heels.

Priscilla and Veronica were caught so off guard that they stopped their borses and stared. How dare she? They didn’t think she was entering the race.

Letting out shrieks of frustration as they saw her drawing close ro the finish line they pulled hard on their horse’s reins to go! But they were too late. The young woman riding the bear had won!

Priscilla and Veronica simmered with anger. The crowd all rushed to Gianna’s side. The forgotten sister of Goldilocks!

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The Night of the Unicorn

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Once upon a time, down in the valley there lived a young woman. A woman with hair that shined of gold and eyes that sparkled like diamonds.

The sun rose when she smiled and the moon gave her a wink before bidding her good night. Gorgeous flowers bloomed all around her, whereever she walked. Flowers would spring up with each step she took.

There once was a proud, haughty man who spotted this young woman and was awestruck by her beauty. He wanted her all for his own.

This man wore a coat of fake gold, since he didn’t have a natural shine like her.

This man with his clever ways and fake charm, was one day able to sweep the beautiful woman into his arms.

Soon he had the most coveted flower garden around. He was proud, thinking how happy the woman should be to have been claimed by him.

Then came the day of gloom when the flowers no longer sprouted, where the woman walked. The sparkle in her hair had lost its golden glow.

The proud man didn’t understand. Why was the world growing darker. Why was the sun fading and the moon losing its glow?

The man grew desperate, what was going on? What happened to his beautiful woman. Why wasn’t she making the sun to shine?

Late one night he awoke with a fright. Where was he? Out in the cold surrounded by a light. “Ouch!” Something had poked him. He turned to see a lovely white unicorn, much to his surprise.

“Kneel!” The unicorn commanded. “What?” The man grumbled in annoyance. Like he was going to humble himself and kneel. The unicorn obviously didn’t know who…”.OUCH!” This time the jab was a little sharper. “Kneel!”

The man grew red in the face, no one told him what to do! This time his hesitation earned him the most painful jab yet. He was flat on his stomach on the ground.

Aurora the unicorn spoke. “You, have hereby been banished, you had the most wondrous treasure of all but you didn’t properly care for her. All flowers need love and sun to grow. She lost her joy so how could she continue to shine? On your feet, let us go.”

The man rose to his feet with his head hung low, as the unicorn prodded him along with her horn, down the long dark road.

In time the woman once again sparkled like gold. Each footstep was one of confidence and joy. A garden more beautiful than ever was springing up around her as the glorious sun rose upon her smile.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Hope your week is going well. Drumroll please .. i know its probably been utmost in your mind since my Sunday post. The top 6 most watched interviews, according to Google are : 1. Michael Jackson 2. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, 3. Monica Lewinksy ( I had forgotten all about her!l 4. Richard Nixon 5. Michael Jackson with Lisa Marie Presley 6 Princess Diana, which in my opinon should have been higher! ( and as one follower pointed out this list is just taking into account the first time the interview was aired )

Now for a more exciting list. Today’s Top 10 Quotes ! Enjoy and thanks for reading.











Choosing You!

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Opening up her front door, she walked in. Didn’t get the door closed before her landlord walked by. “Rent is due tomorrow, don’t forget.”

Rebecca never forgot but he still thought it was his duty to remind everyone. She closed the door behind and bit back a sharp retort as she heard her leaky kitchen faucet, Drip, Drip, Drip …

Everyone had plumbing issues in the building. So many often said they were leaving, but they stayed. The landlord may be lazy and unreliable but his rent was cheap.

Kicking off her shoes she collapsed on the couch . Was it Friday yet? She felt pulled in so many different directions. A lot of times she didn’t know if she was coming or going and whether her head was on straight.

Sometimes she felt as mixed up as the Rubik’s cube she was mindlessly messing with.

Like her feet pointed one direction but her face turned the opposite way.

She really wanted to try for the promotion at work. It would help her to get out of this apartment. Earlier that day her feet had been leading her up to her boss’s office to talk about it, but then her eyes looked sideways and saw Regina. Heard her chatting about how she was hoping to get the promotion.

If Regina had already put in for it, Becca should walk away. She had no chance beating her the voices in her head said. Besides a promotion would make her busier, could she handle that?

Tbe phone rang and Becca let it go to voice-mail.

After a short doze she woke up and listened to her voice-mail. “Becca are you there? I been waiting! Are you alright? Are you picking me up soon?

Grabbing her keys Becca ran out the door. Her sister was going to be so mad.

Her stomach was growling, maybe she would treat Nadia to supper to make up for being late.

Her sister picked to go to The Italian Village Restaurant. She pulled into the parking lot. Getting out of the car she stepped into a puddle and realized she had her slippers on!

Nadia bust out laughing and didn’t stop until they sat down. Well at least she wasn’t in a bad mood anymore, thought Becca.

Becca rolled her eyes and soon was laughing too, what a day!

“Go for the promotion sis! Don’t let that snobby Regina get it.”

Becca drank some more coffee. “I don’t know. I pick you up two nights a week, I help my elderly neighbor Lydia clean her house once a week and … Cameron, from work needs a babysitter for her two year old one night a week. I feel like I should clone myself. Everybody has something they want me to do. The promotion would involve traveling and…”

“Thats why you should go for it! You been wanting to travel, here is your opportunity. Travel while making money.”


“But .. nothing! You are a gem always helping out people but now it’s time to do something for yourself! Everyone has been pulling you this way and that for too long. I can find another way home on the nights you are away and work late and I can help out your elderly neighbor. I like her and her cats. We can do puzzles together after we clean.”

Becca smiled, “She would appreciate your help with puzzles. I never was much help.”

“Well sis, these aren’t children puzzles, that may be why you have trouble.” She gave her a teasing grin.

“You are a whiz when it comes to numbers, but puzzles more than 10 pieces? No.”

Becca made a face but she knew it was true. Give her numbers to work with any day, but 1000 piece puzzles she stared blankly at not knowing where to begin.

When Becca fell asleep that night she felt at peace with her sister’s words resounding in her head. “Choose You! Don’t let yourself be stretched out of shape. Its okay and important to sometimes Choose You.”

“Another promotion opportunity came up. I applied today.” She told her sister over the phone.

“Yay! You don’t have to worry about Regina taking this one. She already got that other one. Still can’t believe they chose her over you.”

“Its fine. She is traveling all month, which is perfect. Now I don’t have to deal with her in the office, so a Win-Win for both of us.”

Nadia laughed, “Well, I wish you the best on this next promotion. If you get it. I will take you out to dinner, but you may want to wear something different than bunny slippers when we go.”

“Goodnight sis! And thanks again for helping with Lydia. I am really enjoying the painting class I started taking. Had been so long since I picked up a brush.”

“No problem and remember I don’t need a ride tomorrow, biking now that the weather is warmer isn’t too bad.”

After a few more words they said goodbye and ended the call. Becca eyed the mixed up Rubik’s cube. Hmm… maybe now, that she felt a little more sane she should give it another try.

Ping! The Rubik’s cube hit the table when she threw it. She grabbed the Sudoko book beside the couch. That was more her thing.

Too much chocolate? … A job for Santa … Red is the most attractive color … and other Facts!


Too adorable!


How could they not elect “Santa Claus”?


I guess sometimes there is such a thing as too much chocolate, but now I am hungry.


I don’t know how they come up with these ideas but I was never asked. Does anyone agree?


Were you one of the 90 million people? I did look this up to verify it. Found out the top 4 interviews, any guesses, BEFORE you google!


Children have such precious hearts! ❤