The Farm Dilemma: Part 3 – Plan B

“Friends know when distraction can be helpful!”

Good Morning! I had to include my Friday’s 6 word story in this post today. I wanted to explain a little about the story behind Colin’s continuing story.

What at one time seemed to be far away, is now literally just around the corner. Our court case begins next week, April 6th and 7th. What has been a journey of over a year is finally about to end! While I am ready for that to happen, there are so many emotions tumbling around inside of me. If I am not careful, I can let them overwhelm.

This would be where Colin’s story comes in. Dewey and his  friends are coming to the rescue. The rescue of keeping my mind at least partially sane! Colin creatively thought of how I could use a pleasant distraction over this time. Something to wake up each morning to that makes me smile. Yes, I am with all of you in the growing suspense of this story. The story for the day arrives in my inbox at 5:30am! I can handle the suspense this time, for it serves a bigger purpose. In saying that I will admit that I still ask Colin for clues. He would be in too much shock, if I didn’t. 🙂

As our friends try to help the man-servant find a solution to a dilemma, I am very grateful to Colin and the surprising way that he chose to help me. Not only is he keeping me captivated by a continuing story, but I also don’t need to worry about writing posts right now.  The break is needed.  So thanks again to Colin for his thoughtfulness and thanks to you, my readers. Thanks for falling in love with Dewey, Odessa and Jaxon like we have, and enjoying the stories. Also thank you so much  for the support you have given me as we draw closer to the trial. My heart has been touched in a big way!

The Farm Dilemma: Part 3- Plan B

That evening, they discussed their decisive failure to get lots of support, and decided to try again… but without Odessa, as she just caused confusion. The Man-Servant, once again with Jaxon in his pocket and with Dewey walking beside him, went into town. Dewey did get some favorable attention from a young girl, who then wanted to show him to her Mom who was shopping in a nearby store. They all went into the store, and the Man-Servant and Dewey were both really happy that at least somebody was interested in them, but then the owner asked them to leave because he did not want any animals in his store!

They walked around a little more and, again, it was a young girl who noticed Dewey, and who wanted them to meet her Mom. They were waiting while she went into a store, when they heard the growl. In a flash, there was a dog leaping towards Dewey who immediately climbed up a tree and started hissing and spitting at the barking dog!  Some people commented on how peaceful the town used to be before all these animals arrived! The Man-Servant was shaking his head in despair. This was clearly not working out as they had planned!

Back at the farm, they were all trying to think of some other way of getting support from the town’s people, but nothing that seemed remotely feasible was suggested. Even Odessa was not getting any new ideas and so, as it was getting late, Odessa and Jaxon went back to the barn. Dewey curled up on his cushions near the fireplace, and the Man-Servant went to his bed. A few moments later, there was the familiar whoosh… whoosh sound as Odessa flew off into the night.

The Man-Servant had just turned the light off when he heard Odessa fly past his window. He smiled to himself “It must be nice to be able to fly, and to have nothing to worry about apart from getting regular meals” he thought and, a few moments later, he was asleep!

The next morning, it was agreed that just the Man-Servant, with Jaxon in his pocket, would go into town. Once there, they decided to rest in a park very close to the town center and decide how they might be able to get some support for keeping Moonbeam Farm. They had already decided that Jaxon’s magic was probably not going to be much use with humans, but he might still come up with some ideas.

After a few minutes, a lady came and sat down on the other end of the bench. She smiled at the Man-Servant. “Good morning! This is a beautiful day isn’t it?” The Man-Servant nodded and smiled back. “Indeed it is a beautiful day!” She kept looking at him.” I don’t want to appear rude” she said “but were you in town a few days ago with an owl sitting on your shoulder, and a cat at your feet as you walked around?” The Man-Servant smiled again “Yes” he said “That was Dewey, the cat who lives with me at Moonbeam Farm, and Odessa, a Barn Owl who lives in the barn there.”

The lady moved along the bench towards the Man-Servant. “Did you say Moonbeam Farm?” she asked. “Yes” said the Man-Servant. “I bought it some time ago now. Why do you ask? Do you know the farm?” The lady was clearly quite excited. “Yes!” she said. “I know Moonbeam Farm extremely well. My grandparents lived there for as far back as I can remember. I used to spend a few weeks there every summer. It was so much fun! Please allow me to introduce myself.” She held out her hand “My name is Florence.” The Man-Servant shook her hand and responded “My pleasure Florence. My name is Joshua.”

He had to smile to himself  as he thought “Who would have guessed? Another Florence!”

The Farm Dilemma: Part 2- The Plan!

Good Morning! What plan do you think our friends came up with? With a charming cat, a rather outspoken owl and a magical jackalope, who knows what could happen! If you missed Part 1 of Colin’s story yesterday, here is a link. The Farm Dilemma: Part 1- The Bad News

The Farm Dilemma: Part 2- The Plan!

The Man-Servant, Dewey and Jaxon were all staring at Odessa. She took a deep breath and said “Dewey’s idea could just work if we approach the town people intelligently and you, Dewey, are going to be our key player.” Dewey looked at Odessa “I am not sure that I like that idea. It sounds like I could get hurt or something worse… like starved!”

Then the Man-Servant interrupted. “What exactly do you have in mind Odessa?” “Well” she said “Humans have some traits which we can use to our advantage… such as liking furry creatures, especially cats and dogs. We don’t have a dog to use, but we do have him!” she said, pointing to Dewey. “Another thing I know about people is that some of them really like birds, and I am a bird!

The Man-Servant scratched his chin, which is what he always did when deep in thought. “Odessa” he said “What about me and Jaxon?”  Odessa looked at him in her disapproving manner “Man-Servant” she said “They are your species. Make them like you. Make them love to have you and Moonbeam Farm so close to town. Do I really have to help you to work with your own kind? Just how advanced are you as a species?”

The Man-Servant looked down at the ground “I guess I invited that response didn’t I, but what about Jaxon?” “Jaxon is going to be a bit difficult” she said “so I think we might have to change his role. We can’t let the town know that we have a unique creature here otherwise they’ll all go really silly and everybody will be coming to the farm to stare at him… and us!”

Jaxon was jumping up and down “I know!” he said “I know!” Odessa turned towards him “What do you know Jaxon?” “I know that I am unique” he said “The creator told me that I would be unique!” Odessa just turned away and shook her head and then, turning to face the Man-Servant, she said “I think Jaxon must keep a very low profile for reasons which I sincerely hope are obvious… even to you! However, if he could practice his magic and come up with anything that might help us in our quest, that could be really useful.”

The following day, The Man-Servant (with Jaxon in his pocket), Dewey and Odessa went into town. Dewey had agreed to just follow the Man-Servant wherever he went, and Odessa was going to be his pet owl and sit on his shoulder the whole time!

They just walked around the town and generally created some interest. When they were near a furniture store, a lady came out and was clearly surprised to see Odessa. “What a big budgerigar!” she exclaimed to the Man-Servant, who was trying not to flinch as Odessa tensed up her claws on his shoulder.  “This is my friend Odessa.” He said. The lady looked a little distracted. “You have a big budgerigar as a friend?” she asked.  The Man-Servant felt the claws dig deeper. He turned to Odessa “Would you quit doing that Odessa?”

The lady was now looking rather curiously at the Man-Servant. “Did I just hear you talking to your budgerigar friend?” she asked. The Man-Servant tried to smile, but his shoulder was really hurting. “I’d love to chat” he said “but I am in a bit of a hurry and must leave.” Once they had moved away from the lady, Odessa bent over to the Man-Servant’s right ear and whispered “Big budgerigar indeed! There is no hope at all for your species! Let’s go home and discuss an alternative plan!”

The Farm Dilemma: Part 1- The Bad News

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! The 29th has come and it has brought with it our 4 favorite characters.  They are Dewey the cat, who loves to eat and sleep, Jaxon, the  jackalope with magical powers, Odessa, the outspoken, perhaps a little sassy,  owl and a caring, perhaps a little wacky Man-Servant.  He tries his best to maintain his sanity in dealing with this gang. Maintaining sanity while having quite a variety of adventures. Never a dull moment!

For my new followers, you may want to check out these links to learn more about how these 4 all came to live together on MoonBeam Farm.  A word of warning: Dewey and his friends can sneak their way into your heart rather fast! Once upon a Time….(Part 1),Once Upon a Time…(Part 2), Once Upon A Time (part 3) and Once Upon A Time… Part 3b

Enjoy Colin’s story! Is there a story behind this story, a reason behind the suspense that I have been in. A reason for Colin’s story coming now? Perhaps… 🙂

The Bad News

It was a Sunday evening, and our four friends were in the farm house as usual but, this time, there was a very different atmosphere. The Man-Servant had invited them in as usual, but he was rather serious this time. As soon as everybody was settled in front of the fireplace, it was Odessa who spoke first.

“What’s up Man-Servant?” she asked. The Man-Servant looked at her, and said “I am in a rather difficult situation. In fact we are all in a very difficult situation.” Jaxon looked up at the Man-Servant “Is it something we have done?” he asked. “No” said the Man-Servant. “I received a letter last week from the town saying that, after much careful deliberation, they were going to buy our farm.” Odessa stomped around in a circle. “They can’t do that!” she said. “It’s our farm!”

The Man-Servant was deep in thought, and then said to Odessa. “I am afraid they can. Apparently sometime in the near future they are expecting a road to be built through here, and Moonbeam Farm is in the way. They will buy it and then demolish it in preparation.”

Dewey who, so far, had not been listening, suddenly sensed that something serious was happening “Is everything okay?” he said looking at the serious faces around him. Odessa just shook her head “If you could master some skills in addition to eating and sleeping, you would know so much more!” Then she turned to the Man-Servant. “Is there nothing we can do? Can’t we object or something?” The Man-Servant explained that he had already objected but to no avail however, there was going to be a public hearing in a four weeks.

Odessa looked at him. “From what I have learned about humans, it is going to take some really good arguments. They already know you own the farm, so that is not going to impact anything is it?” The Man-Servant shook his head. “You’re quite right Odessa. We need to bring some additional reasons to their meeting!

Odessa was looking very thoughtful “What if we could get some people in town to support us? Would that work?” The Man-Servant was obviously thinking about the idea. “It sounds good in theory Odessa, but we don’t really know anybody that well in town.”

Dewey suddenly stood up and stretched. “Well perhaps if they all knew who lived here… like knew all of us, then the people would support us?” Jaxon looked at Dewey. “Good thinking Dewey” he said “But how are we going to get the people to think that an owl is a factor in saving a farm, or even me… a fictitious creature?” Dewey went quiet for a moment “Well perhaps we should all go and meet the town people. Perhaps once they get to know us, they will support us!”

Odessa looked at Dewey for a moment “You know” she said “I hate to admit it, but Dewey has a point!” The Man-Servant looked at her “Would you care to explain Odessa?” he asked. Odessa just looked at him and blinked her big eyes. “No I don’t care to explain Odessa, but I can offer some thoughts on Dewey’s idea. Now listen to me everybody. I think I know how this can work!”

The Reunion (Part 7)

Surprise! A second post today. You really didn’t think I would let you all hanging, not knowing what Elyssa’s letter said, did you? Well I may have been gently persuaded to ease your suspense. So will the letter be from who you think?  Only one way to find out! 🙂

Elyssa’s heart was was soaring as the tears slid down her cheeks. She had dreamed of this moment for so long and now before her eyes it was coming true. She felt like Cinderella , that with 1 stroke of the clock this letter would vanish and  not come true. She would wake up lying in her own bed. That Rob and Valerie wouldn’t remember anything. Oh that couldn’t happen! She had to calm her fluttering heart.

She opened the letter up once more and began to read. Letting the words sink in to her soul.

Dear Elyssa,

I have  been longing for the day that I could write this letter to you. I can only imagine the fluttering of your heart right now and the trembling of your bottom lip.

Your dazzling blue eyes are probably filling with tears. I want to be there to wipe them away. There are so many times that I should have been there and wasn’t. If only I could turn back time and snuggle you in my arms again. Hold you in my lap and rock away your fears.

My dearest Elyssa I never meant for this separation to be so long. I got confused, I lost my way. As I have said in other letters I am so sorry! There is not enough words to describe how truly sorry I am. I know we have corresponded and you have so graciously forgiven me, I just wanted to say it once more.

I need to learn to forgive myself for how I have hurt you, and forgiving yourself is the hardest thing! This would be why I always turned down your requests to meet face to face. I could barely look at myself in the mirror without feeling so guilty. I thought how could I look into your sweet face, knowing how I had hurt you. I felt like your eyes would bore into my soul. My imperfections  come glaring out.

I wasn’t ready yet, but I sought help and found it and I am ready now. I know I don’t have to be perfect, you don’t expect me to be. My love is what you most desire.

I don’t want to waste any more years of not seeing you. I want to cherish the moments that we have to reconcile and make the most of them!

You may be thinking, why Alaska? Easy! I won a cruise for 2 and couldn’t think of anyone else that I would rather spend it with, then you. My precious daughter! I want to celebrate the beauty of our reconciliation with the beauty of Alaska. I want to share the breathtaking splendor with you as we share our hearts and step by step form a bond.

Yes, it will take time, it will be a journey, but I am ready for the next step in this journey. I am ready to bring it closer by physically meeting. I want to hold you and never let go. I love you Elyssa, to the moon and back. I remember how you blew me kisses when you were little and I would say goodnight. I remember you sharing with me how you kept blowing me kisses after  I would shut the door, believing I would feel them.

Oh my heart can’t wait to embrace! Come quickly my dear, your Mother is waiting with open arms, and more importantly an open heart!


Your Thankful Mom!

PS. I do hope that Rob and Valerie didn’t make it too hard on you in keeping this secret.  I was going to have them tell you right away, but they said how you love mysteries and they assured me it would be fun for you. I figured that they would know, as they are your close friends. I do know you have a  great sense of humor, so I am betting you did enjoy it. I always loved to hear your laughter ring through out the house.

“Please fasten your seat belts as we are preparing to land.”  Elyssa folded the letter in her hand. It was real, this was truly happening. An answer to her prayer and she couldn’t wait for the adventure to begin. She wiped her eyes again, though she was sure they would be filling up and spilling out once more when she saw her Mom. That was Okay, let them spill, her heart was full!

She had some forever memories to make.



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Well for my true Tuesday Thoughts, I am sure that tomorrow morning when Tuesday comes I will be thinking about how FINALLY Mar.29th will be the next day! 🙂  Are there things you are in suspense about and waiting for the answers? I may not be able to give you the answers, but maybe these quotes can help distract you. 🙂 Enjoy and have a Great Day!

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  2. sub-buzz-25156-1489625248-2 I never thought of that. The dress turned to rags again and the coach to a pumpkin, but…the shoe still dazzles 🙂
  3. sub-buzz-26011-1489628234-3 I had to! 🙂
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There are different types of suspense. The first thought that hit me this morning was the suspense of Where Did The Time Go!!

We are celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday today! Yes, my husband and I are feeling old! How did a little 5 pounder grow into a beautiful young lady so fast? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were playing in the park and she was wanting Daddy to push her high on the swing? Just yesterday that she would put her arms up as she looked at me saying, “hold me Mommy!” Yesterday that she was giving me another picture from her coloring book to hang on the refrigerator and yes, all her other ones better still be there. They do know when you take them down!

How did yesterday go away so fast? I have no clue! I just know I am proud of who she is today and that we will celebrate. I also know one other very true thing. What she reminded me of this morning when I was being sentimental. “Don’t worry Mom, I will always be your little girl!” So very true! Even if she is taller than me now, doesn’t take much for that.

The other type of suspense is what was talked about on my blog yesterday. Apparently some didn’t like the ending of my story… for it still kept them in suspense! Ha! Ha! Will I add to it, guess you will have to wait and see.

My real life mystery was talked about to, which I am still in suspense about, but March 29th is just around the corner. Though not soon enough. Now if we were talking about sometime in the next 5 minutes that would be soon enough. See, I am easy to please!

Yes, life is filled with mysteries and suspense. We never really know what tomorrow may hold. We have things we believe it will hold, but never know for sure. It is all about making the most of each moment. Embracing life, the good, the bad, and even the real ugly! All those moments make up this thing called life and there are many things to celebrate in life! Cherishing family and friends. Cherishing the moments of being together, as we went to Inner Harbor in Baltimore on Saturday. It was a beautiful day to be by the water and enjoy each other’s company as we were starting the celebration of my daughter’s birthday.

As my dear friend likes to say,  Cherish the moments! Even the moments that may drive you crazy with suspense!

Here is a song that thought of this morning. I remember my brother-in-law telling me not to blink at my dear niece’s wedding. He said “Don’t blink”, as I was watching my little girl dance around. The little girl who is now 18!


The Mysterious Letter (Part 6)

The final chapter is here.  Elyssa can finally have her sanity back! Will it turn out the way you expected, guess  you will have to read it and see. 🙂 If  you happened to miss  Part 5, here is the link.  Only A Day Away! (Part 5)

The Mysterious Letter

Elyssa was up bright and early. She was not a morning person, but this morning she couldn’t wait for the day to begin. Today she would get some long awaited answers! Taffy even sensed her enthusiasm and was in a playful mood. Elyssa had plenty of time to spare, so she took Taffy on an early morning walk. Usually their walks were in the evenings, but perhaps they could do 2 today.

She came back to the house to shower and get ready when she noticed her answering machine blinking. Who would be calling her at this hour?  “WAKE UP! Your day is here! Are you sure that you are ready for it?” OH Dear, yes she was ready for it, her long wait had been for this day!  But Rob had a point, yes this time she knew it was his voice on the machine. She couldn’t ignore the nervous little twitch in her stomach. Was she really ready for what was coming?

Arriving at work about 15 minutes ahead of time she sat in her car for a little bit. She knew this was the day, but she really didn’t know when today that her questions would be answered. What if she had to go through the whole long work day waiting? Elyssa sighed, she made it this far, what would a few more hours be.

Walking into the office she reached for the light. Suddenly everything went black!  A blindfold was put over her eyes! What was going on?  Her heart started to race, and then she heard Valerie assuring her that all would be fine. She knew Valerie had been in on this mystery! She hadn’t been only imagining her sly smile.  Valerie led her down the hall as she heard her co-workers wishing her well.  Where oh where was Valerie taking her to?

They stepped outside and she heard a car’s motor running and Valerie opened the door helping her to step in. Valerie let go of Elyssa’s hands, but not before tying something around them. “Can’t have you taking your blindfold off before its time!” She laughed as Elyssa muttered something back. “Make sure she gets where she needs to be Rob.” Valerie gave her a hug and told her to have a wonderful time.

Something was laid on Elyssa’s lap. “Once you get the use of your hands back perhaps you would enjoy some fortune cookies for your journey!” Ahh!! Elyssa recognized her boss’s voice, she was right in her suspicions of him as well! ” Just be careful when drinking any tea.”  was his parting words. Elyssa made a face and heard her boss laughing. “I think her eyes are shooting arrows at you boss, but yet I can’t see them to tell for sure!” Her friends were so  lucky that her hands were tied, Elyssa thought.

As the car headed down the road Rob asked Elyssa if she had any guesses as to where they were headed to. “Yes, I do, I am headed to a tropical paradise for 7 days of relaxation! I definitely am ready for it! How nice of you to take me along!”

Rob laughed and responded, ” As much as I would enjoy your company, sorry you are not coming with me. In fact you are not going anywhere warm!”

“What do you mean? If I am not going with you, then where am I going? Nowhere  warm, no beaches?  Explain yourself Rob!! Curious minds need to know!”

“In time you will, patience dear friend! It is a virtue you know.” Now Elyssa was shooting arrows at Rob from underneath her blindfold. They arrived and after they parked Rob took off her blindfold. They were where she expected, the airport. “Well considering that you have luggage to carry, I will untie your hands. That is if you promise not to Swat me!” Elyssa promised as she crossed her fingers. “No problem!”, she said, and Rob untied her hands.

He grabbed the luggage from his trunk. Elyssa saw her luggage set and wondered who had packed it. It must have been Valerie, she had a key to her place. She felt speechless as they headed into the airport. She was carrying luggage not knowing where she was headed to, but knowing she was going alone. That was a little frightening. For the hundredth time she wondered what this mysterious plan was all about. Her blindfold may be off, but she still felt very much in the dark!

They checked in the all the luggage and as they got to her gate Rob finally handed her ticket to her. The first boarding call for her flight was being announced. Elyssa heard the words ALASKA! She turned to Rob, “Alaska! It is cold there! There is snow there!” Rob laughed at the expression on her face. “Yes, my friend you are right. Well done! I am impressed,  you obviously know something about Alaska.” Elyssa rolled her eyes, he was having so much fun with this! ” Remember” Rob said,  “that it is also known to be full of beauty,  breathtaking in fact. Enjoy!”

“How am I supposed to enjoy it all alone, and why Alaska?” “That would be answered in this.”  and Rob gave her a sealed letter. “Open this once you get in the plane. There is not much time, but I will tell you this. Yes, Valerie and I and our boss have been in on this scheme planned for you, but we weren’t the instigators. No,  we were just following someone’s creative instructions..We may have created some fun of our own with it, I will admit, but you will understand soon. It is all in the letter, well perhaps not everything is explained in there, but…”

Elyssa took the letter feeling at a loss for words. Someone else was behind this plot?  She looked at Rob with questioning eyes. He smiled and told her she better go. “One last thing though….please be careful with the rental car that is yours when you get there. Watch out for those parking lots!” At this, Elyssa gave him a swat to the arm. He chuckled and said, “Make sure you say Hi to ….well you will know who soon enough. Happy Reading!” and he gave her a wink.

Elyssa couldn’t wait to sit down so she could read the letter. Her hands were shaking. She got herself  situated by the window. She was glad for a window seat, so that she could look  out at the lovely clouds. Glancing at the letter again, Elyssa took a deep breath. Her  heart was racing. Questions running through her mind, she really had no clue what to expect in this letter. Opening it up she began to read, as a smile stretched across her face.

Only A Day Away! (Part 5)

One more day and that was all. It was getting harder and harder for Elyssa to stop thinking about what was to come!  She wasn’t getting any closer to having  answers and that was driving her crazy! If only she wasn’t such a curious person, the waiting wouldn’t be as hard! She was  very glad that tomorrow would end her suspense!

Work was going well. Rob had made it back and was feeling great. Why wouldn’t he? He was going off to a Tropical Paradise tomorrow for 7 days. Valerie was still out of town, but due to come back tomorrow. Now instead of Valerie being the one wearing a sly smile, Elyssa’s boss seemed to be. Maybe he wasn’t, maybe it was just Elyssa’s brain starting to play tricks on her. Playing tricks on her because of how long it had been kept in suspense. She was feeling like everyone knew what was up except for her! That wasn’t possible though, was it?

“Elyssa, would you like to go out for lunch today? Take a break from the office.” Elyssa’s boss had poked his head in her door. “Sure, that would be nice.” He smiled as he walked away. What was that all about, Elyssa wondered. It definitely wasn’t like him to ask her out to lunch. Not that he wasn’t a very friendly boss and treated all his employees well, but lunch? Hmmm…just one more thing for Elyssa to ponder. Was this somehow connected to tomorrow, or just a innocent invitation.

They went to a Chinese restaurant nearby for lunch. They were enjoying a nice, casual conversation and Elyssa had relaxed. She was sipping her tea when her boss said, “Are you looking forward to tomorrow?” Some tea came spewing out of her mouth. Why did he ask that!  Now he was laughing, as she made a face at him. She told him she would be right back as she headed for the restroom. She had to hide her flushed face and get herself composed.

Coming back to the table she saw that he wasn’t laughing anymore, but a mischievous glint  was in his eye and a smirk on his face.

“Have a fortune cookie, they can always be fun to read.” Elyssa took one and pulled out the slip of paper inside. ” One never knows what tomorrow may bring!” Elyssa just shook her head. She really couldn’t get away from reminders about what may be coming, could she!

If she didn’t know better, she would say that her boss had something to do with the fortune cookie, but that was impossible, right?  She looked at him and the smile on his face. “What does your fortune say Elyssa?” She smiled as she tucked it into her pocket. Her brain may be in a muddle, but she didn’t have to answer his question. He already had a good laugh earlier at her expense, that would have to satisfy him for now.

When she walked back into her office she saw a note on her desk. She had missed a phone call while she was out. Rob had taken the call and wrote a short message. ” You received a phone call saying that Tomorrow will be Delayed!” Oh My Gosh!  Elyssa smacked her forehead as she looked at the cryptic note again. She went to find Rob and to get some answers! He wasn’t in his office. His secretary said he would be in a meeting the rest of the afternoon. Elyssa sighed as she thanked the secretary and started walking back to her office lost in thought.

“Hey Elyssa, nothing jumped out at your car this morning did it?” Elyssa had to laugh as she made a face at her friend. Her friend’s laughter echoed down the hall. It hadn’t taken long for word to get around the office at how Elyssa had dented her car the other morning, pulling into a parking space. There were jokes going around about getting Elyssa her own private  wide parking space away from all of the other vehicles.

The “crash” jokes mixed  with the suspense that she has been in for so long, mixed with her boss’s question at lunch, and now Rob’s cryptic note, spelled out one thing for sure! Her friends, some more than others,  deserved a friendly SWAT!





Maintaining her Sanity! (Part 4)

Good Morning! This is a continuing short story saga. If you missed Part 2 or Part 3 here are the links to them.What Day is it? (Part 2) and Increasing Curiosity! (Part 3)

Elyssa woke up with a stir of excitement going through her. Today marked only 2 days left until her mystery would be solved. Finally she was getting near the end. She had managed to not lose her sanity over this month long stretch, surely she could handle 2 more days of waiting.

With that thought she began making some fluffy banana pancakes. She had some extra time this morning before leaving for work, so figured she would indulge. Putting  on her favorite CD she hummed a happy tune as she made the pancakes. Music was something that  Elyssa loved to listen to! It helped her for the times that she was feeling blue, and it spoke to her when she was happy as well. She had quite the variety of CD’s to fit her moods.

Ahhh! The pancakes had turned out quite well, quite well indeed. Now if this good start could be a good sign to how her day would go,  that would be great. She was thinking about the things she planned to do for the day, as she gave Taffy a good belly rub. Taffy showed her appreciation with a gentle lick to Elyssa’s hand.

About a half hour later she was pulling into the parking lot. She saw that her usual parking space was taken. Guess it was good that she was a little early today she thought, and she drove around the lot once more.  She ended up trying to fit into a narrow space and “OH NO!” she heard an all  too familiar sound. Apparently the space was too narrow as she scraped against the other car. She held her breath as she checked the other car for damage. She let it out again as she saw that it was fine, only her car got a small dent. Not that a dent stood out too much on her vehicle. She couldn’t help it that things were jumping out at her all the time!

Elyssa poured herself a hot cup of tea and walked back into her office. Today would be a pretty quiet day as Valerie and Rob were both gone for the day. Rob was sick, which wasn’t good with his Tropical Paradise vacation coming up and Valerie was taking care of some business out of town.

She went to her filing cabinet to pull out a file, and as she opened the drawer she noticed a post it note on the drawer. It read, “2 days!” She took another look and here all her drawers had little notes on them!!  Who had done all this? Rob was sick and had left the office before her yesterday and so had Valerie. Were there more people involved in this scheme then what she had thought?  Who ever did these notes was a little more creative this time. Instead of all the notes saying 2 days left, they had little sayings. Some rhymed some didn’t. “2 days left, any clues to what it might be yet?” ” Only 2 days left until all is revealed, well maybe not quite all…. until something is revealed… something that may be a clue to a bigger something!”

After reading that Elyssa flung a file across the room. The papers went flying just as her boss opened the door. He took one look at the papers scattered across the floor and at Elyssa’s face and said, ” I think I am going to go bring you 2 cups of coffee. Something tells me you may need them.”  He gave a teasing smile as he closed the door and Elyssa’s head hit the desk once more.