Tuesday’s Thoughts!

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Had to have the Peanuts gang wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Have you seen the new movie?  I did, Peanuts was a big part of my childhood, how could I  miss it! 🙂 As you can guess, the quotes for today will center around being Thankful! I wish you all a Blessed Thanksgiving! I will be gone from here for a little while while we travel to the cornfields of Indiana to be with my husband’s family. We always have a good time, plenty of food, love and laughter. May your Thanksgiving be filled with the same! You all are on my list of Thankfulness!!

  1. The Pilgrims made 7 times more graves than huts, No Americans have ever been more impoverished than those, who nevertheless set aside a day of Thanksgiving.” H.U. Westermeyer
  2. Be thankful for what you have, Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else’s fairy tale.
  3. “I do not think of the misery, but the joy that remains. Go out into the fields, nature and the sun. Go out and seek happiness in yourself and in God. Think of the beauty that again and again discharges itself within and out of you and be happy!” Anne Frank ( Just seeing who wrote that quote makes it more special, if Anne Frank can be thankful, surely we can no matter what!”)
  4. “The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.”
  5. “It was November, the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep sad hymns of the sea and passionate wind songs in the pines.” L.M. Montgomery from Anne of Green Gables ( I have always loved the Anne of Green Gables books and DVD series! I may just have to watch it again!)
  6. “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward
  7. “May you be as strong as the Oak, yet as flexible as the Birch. May you stand as tall as the Redwood, but live as gracefully as the Willow, and may you always bear fruit all your days on the earth.” Native American Prayer




Out on the Dance Floor again

The music has started with its steady beat….the dance is going on and once again I wish not to be a part of it. I didn’t request this song, if it would have been up to me I would have chosen a different tune.

The dance has started and its pulling me along and with strength I didn’t know I had, I keep dancing.  I dance like we all do, whether we are dancing to a happy jig or a mournful dirge. It’s not the speed of the dance that matters; you may slow sometimes and almost come to a stop, but it is OK. You have your fans in the crowd that encourage you to keep going, plus you are dancing in the arms of the one you love.

Life is a dance and we don’t always get to pick the song, but we do choose how we respond.


Life isn’t about waiting for the Storm to Pass, It’s about learning to DANCE in the RAIN!!!!

The Power of Ripples

Staring into a beautiful lake you watch as the ripples flow across the water. You throw a stone and watch the ripples it creates. One stone can make many ripples.

One deed of kindness can cause many more to happen.  Like the story I heard a while back about  how one person at Starbucks paid for the person behind him and that person was inspired to do the same for the person behind them. It continued the whole way down the long line! A simple story but yet it touched me how  1 act of kindness can set off so many ripples.

Sometimes there are waves of kindness, like the story of the waitress who got a $14,000 dollar tip to help her be able to get through school without working 2 jobs as a struggling single Mom. That was huge BUT deeds of kindness are important no matter how big or  small. You never know how much just saying a simple word of encouragement to someone who is down can be as HUGE as a large check. How taking the time to sit with a cup of tea with a lonely widow can make a huge difference in her day. Don’t let yourself think that it has to be something dramatic you have to do to spread kindness.

What we have to remember tho is that there is a flip side to this as well unfortunately. Sometimes it is a person’s thoughtless words or actions that can spread ripples, ripples that end up becoming powerful waves which become a Tsunami

What are your words and actions spreading? Ripples and waves of kindness or waves that become a Tsunami?



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning my friends! For today I found myself going back to quotes from Rumi. I know a while back I had shared some of his, so now is the other part. There are just so many from him that are too good not to share. I hope you find they touch your soul like they did mine. As always Thanks for reading and I love hearing which ones you found especially meaningful.

1. “Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames.”
2. “Sometimes the cure for pain is in the pain.”
3. “Look past your thoughts to enjoy the pure nectar of the moment.”
4.”Do not worry that your life may be turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come.”
5.”The Lion is most handsome when looking for food.”
6.”You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.”
7. “Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.”( With the time of year it is this was appropriate, but off course the message is deeper.)
8.”There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.”

Sometimes Music says it all!

Yes, sometimes there really is no other way to describe your emotions then to let music do it. I know my youngest daughter agrees with this a lot! Like everyone else my heart has been saddened by the attacks on Paris. Knowing that I walked the streets of Paris a year ago just makes it seem to hit harder, for Paris isn’t anymore a a foreign place that I have only heard about. Paris is real, a beautiful city with beautiful people.

The tragedy struck on Friday, my daughter’s birthday and that hurt her. She has always been my one that gets so concerned about the world’s problems and takes on the heart ache. She is my 13 going on 25 year old. She wants to do something to help as we all do, we all want to take the pain away. AS the first song says, “Love can build a bridge”. Love can help heal this nation, we got to stop hating each other! WE REALLY are all the SAME, regardless of our differences. We all have a heart, we all bleed the same COLOR of blood and we were all created for a purpose! Love can build a bridge, but it has to start with you and me!

Weekly Photo Challenge, “Victory”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.”

I chose the Eiffel Tower for this challenge, for I see it as a symbol of Victory in France. What has happened in the past few days in France has been HORRIBLE and my heart goes out to all those who have been affected by it. It is just so sad to know that people can be so evil in this world! But I have confidence that Paris will stand strong and will not be defeated. The Eiffel Tower will shine its amazing lights again! The Eiffel Tower honestly was not supposed to last for as long as it did! When it was first constructed it grew a lot of criticism, people didn’t like it. It was too different! It was supposed to be torn down, but look what it has become!! A famous, breath taking symbol of Paris! STAY STRONG Paris! ❤ ❤  ❤







The Little Red Cup

One day there was a meeting of all the cups! There were blue cups, green cups, purple cups and pink cups, some had fancy designs like snowflakes and reindeer and snowmen. They were all gathered in the dark after hours in the back of the store. The purpose of their meeting was to cheer up the little RED cup! Everyone was very nice at trying to encourage her, except for the one Mood cup. His color always changed based on his mood and you never knew what to expect from him. Right now he was busy telling the RED cup how remember when  she had a song named after her! He said, “I know you remember, for you were strutting around singing that song and I couldn’t get it out of my head!” ” You can’t be liked all the time!” The RED cup got even redder as the other cups glared at the Mood cup. He glared back and said, “But you know what, I have something even better than a song. I found out that there has been a ring made after me! It is called the Mood Ring!” He puffed out his chest went to strut away and OOPS took one too many steps and Kerplunk fell right off the table! Laughter from the other cups couldn’t help but make the Little RED cup smile!

The Big 32 oz cup, who was the leader of the group called for attention and spoke directly to the Little RED cup. “We all know how crazy these humans are! Don’t worry people will start liking you again. I can’t say I understand what all is going on, but from what I have gathered from the humans as they talk and shop I am confident of one thing! The humans sure have ALOT more to WORRY about besides the color of a cup! All the other cups nodded in agreement, well except for the Mood cup, who just kept rolling and rolling on the floor. He was sure going to be dizzy.

“Quick everyone back to their shelves! I hear someone coming!” The cups scrambled back and made themselves perfectly still as someone walked by.The Little RED cup felt better, she knew that it wasn’t her fault that sometimes the humans would get crazy. She wouldn’t let it bother her, for going on what had happened before, this stir would soon be old news and they would be onto something else crazy.  Besides Christmas was coming, her favorite holiday! Plus red and green were Christmas colors, so her and green always smiled a little bigger this time of year. But the Little RED cup knew the truth, it really didn’t matter about the colors of Christmas, or decorations of Christmas, she knew the truth about Christmas and that is all that mattered!

Sea Lions, Antartica and Love

This “Anything Goes”, post is later today due to a very LONG day yesterday at the hospital with my Mom as she underwent bypass surgery. Glad to say that the surgery was successful! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for her!!

A Lesson for a Lifetime

It was a “hot” day in Antarctica, a whole 16 degrees! But hey compared to single digits below 0. 16 degrees can make you sweat! Caillou was walking around enjoying the beautiful scenery. it was breathtaking! He enjoyed watching the wildlife too. Seeing Sea Lions up close and penguins, what else could compare! His attention was drawn to one sea lion in particular. He had noticed it the other day and today it was laying in the same spot. Looked like it had been wounded, not a fatal wound, it would heal. Caillou wondered tho how the sea lion would survive while hurt. Would the others get his food for him, would they take care of him?

The next day after Caillou finished his work for the day he went to check up on the sea lion and what he saw warmed his heart. There was other sea lions gathered around the wounded one and nuzzling him and bringing him some food. What he saw next amazed him. The hurt Sea Lion was moving forward. He was moving slowly but still he was moving and a group of Sea Lions were behind him.  Now Caillou couldn’t speak the language of Sea Lions, but it sure sounded like they were urging him onward. He made it to the water and the noise got even louder. 4 Sea Lions were around him and put their fins against him, almost like a group hug. Caillou went back to his base for the night believing that love truly can be spoken in any language.

A week had passed , during that week the wounded Sea Lion kept moving forward to the water quicker. One thing that remained the same is the group of 4 Sea Lions that were at his side. At his side and their fins were all touching. Today Caillou  was in for a big surprise. Today not only did the Sea Lion move to the water quickly, he was doing flips in the water! It was so COOL to witness it! He could feel the excitement of the Sea Lion and once again he heard what sounded like cheers from the other Sea Lions.

Caillou was learning what  you can’t learn in a classroom. He was seeing first hand how when you have support and encouragement and love; that is when you can have the strength to accomplish anything!