Spider, Guitar and Mace!

Yes, this is what you get when you ask your hubby for 3 words! LOL!  To the reader who gave me 3 word and Mom was one of them, do you remember the other 2? I forgot to write them down. If you remember or want to just try again, please comment below 🙂 And anyone else is free to comment as well, with their suggestions! I know you all are creative!

Brad was drumming away in his studio, perfecting his awesome drum solo. Chris came running in. He told him how he had bought the most perfect guitar. It looked so beautiful online that he knew he had to have it! He usually liked to play the guitar first before buying, but there was just something about this guitar that he couldn’t pass up. One thing was it had a glittery gold finish on it! His wife told him that now they just needed a Golden Goose! She could lay golden eggs for them as he strummed his golden guitar. . Chris looked confused; Jennifer said, ” You know, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Golden Goose!” Chris did not look amused. She still laughed, she was very proud of him and his talent. Brad and him made a good team and she was excited about their new recording that they were working on. Chris said this new Golden Guitar would make their new recording go GOLD!

A week  later the long awaited package arrived. Chris was so excited and he brought it right over to the studio so that they could start recording. He pulled it out and Brad was admiring it when he got a ring on his cell phone. Simultaneously Chris’s cell phone rang. It was their wives and they were very distressed! When they were coming out of the grocery store a guy tried to hold them up. Jennifer grabbed her Mace spray and sprayed while Joy kicked him and brought him to his knees. The police had got there in time to nab him so the danger was pass, but the wives were still upset. Practice got put on hold that night and they all had a movie night with popcorn and cheese puffs and tater tots 🙂 With comedies  that brought tears of laughter to their eyes their stress was melted away.

That week-end they all went to the beach,  which was very relaxing!  The wives made plans to someday purchase a beach house! It was decided when the guys recording went Gold they would purchase the house and the Golden Goose 🙂

Finally the guys were able to arrange a time to practice in the studio and Chris was able to pull out his brand new guitar. The wives were there for just a bit, before they left to take the kids to the Water Park. Chris strummed and it was perfectly in tune. He strummed some more and the music really was beautiful, but all at once a scream emitted from his mouth! Jennifer looked down at his hand and screamed also! 3 furry tarantulas were crawling out of the guitar onto his hand! Apparently his beautiful music had disturbed their peaceful slumber! Joy quickly grabbed her Mace can that she had purchased after their scary incident and sprayed it right on the spiders! It worked! They were instantly dead! After recovering from the shock and the guitar having been dropped very quickly they all sat in stunned silence.

Joy spoke up to break the silence…”Well you know the saying, “All that glitters is not gold!” That new shiny golden guitar has lost its appeal as it now sat in the corner and Chris picked up his older guitar, not as shiny and not gold in color, BUT he could guarantee you that no spiders were going to be crawling out of it!

It’s a Back to almost Normal day! :)

Back to school today with a 2 hour delay. The phone rang early this morning and my girls were hoping it was the school changing the delay to closed, but no such luck! My friend who has little ones posted this and I had to laugh and share it. I haven’t worked full days at the Day Care this week.  But yesterday when school was closed for a third day in a row, some of the kids whose parents were teachers showed up. The Moms needed a break!

Will have my 3 word story to post when I get back, hard to crawl out of the bed this morning! Have to get back to a schedule again and need to get caught up on reading my favorite blogs. 🙂  Have a great day!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

HI everyone! With all this snow and being off work and school, the days have blended together and I forgot for a moment that it was Tuesday. How dare I forget Tuesday’s Thoughts 🙂 Blame it on blizzard brain 🙂  Here you go, may this brighten your Tuesday!

Positive Quote about Life: Courage to try again tomorrow Motivational Monday Photo Quote:

2. “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence!” Anonymous

3. “The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you have come.” Anonymous

4. “It’s not that I’m so smart; its just that I stay with problems longer.” Albert Einstein

5. “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it!” Author unknown

6.”The problem is not the problem; its your ATTITUDE about the problem!” Author Unknown( I should put my name as the author of this, LOL! I have said this so much!)

7.”All great changes are preceded by chaos!” Author Unknown

8.”Wisdom is the reward you get for listening when you would have preferred to talk.” Doug Larson

9.Inspirational+Quotes+About+Perseverance:   I had to include this when I saw the Arch of Triumph! YOU CAN TRIUMPH over the IMPOSSIBILITIES Of LIFE!

10.”Strength of character isn’t about how much you can handle before you break, Its about how much you can handle after you are broken.” Robert Tew

So if you haven’t guessed the theme for today was Perseverance 🙂 Hope these have encouraged you in any battles you may be facing!

The Epic Blizzard

In case you all don’t see the posting above I will tell you what it says. For some reason it showed up on my blog, but when I was scrolling down through the reader on this site and clicked on my post it didn’t show up. So if not visible it says:
Storm Emergency, If you are 5’2 or smaller, please stay in the house, cause you do not want to get lost in the snow!!” Want to assure you all that even tho I haven’t posted since Saturday I am not LOST in the snow 🙂 Just enjoying Relaxing during our Epic 2016 Blizzard! This warning was put on my Facebook wall 3 times by different people, you can see how much my friends care about me. LOL! For those of you new to my blog, I have not reached the 5ft marker yet and well considering that I am well out of my teens it is probably safe to say I won’t reach it. I will contently stay at 4’10 and 1/2, just make sure you keep that 1/2 in there!

It was crazy watching it snow and snow and get up on my windows higher and higher. Now the sun is shining bright and the way it sparkles on the snow is so pretty! We are all dug out, but there are still a lot of people and businesses that haven’t been.

Baking, watching DVD’s and almost finishing my 500 page novel is what has been on the agenda the past 2 days.  Oh and playing cards with my hubby hoping for a Epic win which did NOT happen, but hey there is still time! Just has been nice enjoying the family together, almost like Christmas again, no one going anywhere. School and work are closed. Got the call just a little bit ago about schools being closed for tomorrow still much to my girls “chagrin”. Haha!

Here are some pictures to share with you all and even if you are not having a blizzard right now, take the time to slow down a bit. IT never hurts and can be refreshing! The hurting part is my precious hubby’s back from the snow blowing and shoveling, but he is getting better. My shoulder and back were aching last night, but ummm…not from shoveling. I think it must have been from sinking into the one drift of the picture below and getting out which ended in kind of a belly flop. And sorry that did not get caught on camera, the camera man was laughing! As you look at the pictures remember I am close to 5 feet tall. Enjoy!


Excuse the date! Forget when change batteries, you gotta change the date.


Faithful Lassie wasn’t sure what to think!

She attempted to plow through it…but then gave up and just barked at it! Lilly our Yorkie didn’t want Lassie to show her up so she jumped and turned back quickly bouncing like a rabbit 🙂


Snowed in!

The blizzard I talked about on Friday has hit and is going full speed! Baked oatmeal heated up the kitchen and brownies will be coming, as Eagles music fills the room. Watching a Eagles DVD in tribute to Glenn Fry the guitarist.

Last night we were watching Little House, my girls grew up on those shows, just like I did. I always thought their blizzards looked so cool and now we are sorta identifying with them. The inches keep rising at how much they forecast for us to get. They are now predicting that we could get 3 feet!  We already have a foot and a half. Can’t get out our front door. Our dogs are not sure what happened to their back yard, and not liking it too much! We had to laugh, for last night as it was snowing they were having fun going outside in it. Wouldn’t want to be out long at a time but kept wanting to go back out. Well this morning they got all hyper to go out. I had to shove open the back door as snow came in and they barely made it out the door, before turning back and looking at me begging to be let back in!

My great nephew had fun playing with snow in the living room 🙂 His sweet Mommy built a snowman for him inside where it was warm and the wind wasn’t blowing! It was what you would call a mini one 🙂 He had his first taste of snow also and wasn’t sure about it!

This snow may be a very epic one and as I begin a game of cards with my hubby, it will be EPIC if I WIN! So for now I will sign off from Winter Wonderland! Hope no matter how the weather is outside for you that all of you are enjoying a RELAXING week-end!

24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insane The Snow In New England Is :  Plum Island front door:   Our front door isn’t this bad, but its half of it!

fy-herdingdogs:    Cató the snowman by bjarkihalldors on Flickr.: NO, this isn’t our Sheltie, but very close to what she looks like when coming inside 🙂

Westie hiding:   and this would be like our Yorkie 🙂

A “Must Do” or a “No Way!”

For some strange reason I am awake this morning! I am usually not a morning person as I have said in other posts, but this morning I actually said a coherent good bye to my hubby. Ever since I posted that skydiving story yesterday the song about skydiving by Tim McGraw keeps going through my head! It is a great song, about getting the most out of life. So what do you think of sky diving? A “Must Do” or a “No way!”

My opinion has been  “No Way”, I can write about it in my stories, but actually doing it…I am too much of a wimp! I will say tho that watching some You Tube videos about it and seeing how thrilled people are when doing it and how beautiful the view is, did create some excitement in my heart. Plus my very dear friend did it on a landmark birthday and absolutely loved it!! But then I saw it,the video that I was like,YUP this is why I will keep my feet on the ground.

It was about a 80 year old lady who went sky diving for the first time! She was so excited but when the moment came to jump she was grabbing onto the sides of the door for dear life. She was bound to the instructor and he gently pried her fingers loose and she grabbed hold again! I had to laugh thinking how that would be so me!! Finally he got her hands in his and they jumped. But wait, she did a somersault and she started slipping from her harness! Yes, she was turned upside down screaming how if she survives this she will stick to Bingo for the rest of her life! I was shaking my head in disbelief and scared for her, but all turned out well! The instructor managed to hold onto her and this lady will never forget her experience!! Can you even imagine?

So who knows maybe by the time I am 80 I will be brave enough like this lady! My daughter said she wants to go Sky skiing! Apparently its a new thing still in process where you are tied behind a airplane and you ski, instead of being tied onto a boat and water skiing. I was looking at her in disbelief the whole time! I told her I would be cheering her on, but I wouldn’t be beside her! LOL! I can assure you she didn’t get her taste for adventure from me 🙂

The important thing to remember is whether you go sky diving or bull riding or hang gliding make the most of life! We only get one life to live, Make it as WONDERFUL as you can, even if that means keeping your feet on the ground and cheering the other crazies, I mean Brave ones on! 🙂

Skydiving!!!:                            Sky Diving Maroochy, Sunshine Coast:

Another shot from last weeks sunrise balloon jump,about 1 second later #lovegravity @Hurley Clothing @nixon_now @GoPro life - @Mike Tucker Tucker escamilla- #webstagram:

Skydiving (something I was supposed to do, and never did, with my Grandfather, before he passed):

Charrupa, Mountains and Photography!

Good Morning! Welcome to another edition of “Anything Goes!” Thanks to my sweet blogger friend for these words and to another friend last night whose text conversation may have inspired this a little. Hope you all enjoy! And as always feel free to leave your suggestions below. There is no way you can go wrong! 3 words or a situation. Thanks!

Kelly arose earlier than normal. She looked out the window as the sun was rising behind the mountains. If she lived here, she would never tire of the magnificent view! Her husband had picked this lovely resort as a birthday present for the BIG ONE coming up. How did the years pass by so quickly???

Since she was approaching the BIG ONE, she decided to be daring and do something she had never done before. She was gonna sky dive! She was beginning to have second thoughts as the time drew nearer, but her husband wouldn’t let her back out. In fact he said that if she did it, when he reached the BIG ONE that he would Sky Dive. Plus her friend Wilma, the World’s renowned photographer, was already there to capture the Once in a Lifetime moment on camera.

Up in the plane in the sky Kelly knew that she couldn’t back out, even tho the butterflies in her stomach were having a PARTY! Her family and friends were waiting for her down below, they were all ready for the birthday dinner afterwards. Charrupa cooking on the grill, roasted corn on the cob and a delicious cake designed like a mountain. For she had made it up to the top, now she headed OVER the MOUNTAIN 🙂

3-2-1! With a very Spirited Yell she was out of the plane and she kept yelling the whole way down. But she was enjoying the thrilling sensation that was rushing through her. She felt as if she could conquer anything!

Her family and friends crowded around her with their cheers as she landed. She winked at her husband with a gleam in her eye, informing him that next year would be his turn! He could already feel the butterflies starting to arrange their party!

After the scrumptious meal, it was time for gifts. There was a envelope laying on the table that drew her attention,  for on top of it was sitting a plastic cup filled with a red gel and a little umbrella stuck in it. She opened the card and gasped as 5 airline tickets fell out of the card with a short and sweet note. All OVER the HILL MAMA’s  need a relaxing break in the BAHAMAS!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly was speechless! She may have been unsure about this birthday, but right now her heart was filled with a Joyful SPIRIT and she felt spirited enough to jump out of the plane once more! In fact she had an idea, why not fly to the Bahamas and jump out of the plane landing on the beach! They all could do it together. She told her family and they all started backing away from her, as you heard 1 child whisper to another. “It happened, Mom totally lost it now!”

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! It is COLD and I am dragggggggginnnnggg this morning so these quotes are a little different from the norm. I will apologize in advance and you can swat me through the computer for making some of you probably groan.  But sometimes you just gotta laugh, even if its the kind of humor that you groan about at the same time 🙂 So today enjoy laughing and I promise inspiring quotes will be back next week!

1.” Dear Algebra: Stop asking us to find your X, She is not coming back and we don’t know Y either!”  ( Don’t stop reading yet, they get better! LOL!)

2. “Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don’t work!” ( You are welcome for finally getting the answer to something you been wondering for a long time I know!)

3. “I tried to catch fog yesterday, but I mist!” ( I hear the groans!)

4. “I think I need a job cleaning mirrors. It is just something I could really SEE myself doing!” ( You know you are trying not to laugh!)

5. “Two blood cells met and fell in love….but alas it was all in vein!” ( You gotta smile!)

6. “Mom, what’s it like having the greatest daughter in the world?” . “I don’t know, you have to ask Grandma!” ( Yes, I may have said this to my daughters, LOL!)

7. “Warning: Due to influence of hormones, I could burst out in tears or kill you in the next 5 minutes!”  ( And all my women readers are shaking their heads, right? ) 🙂

8. “I wish my wallet would have free refills!” ( that would be pretty awesome)

9. “Our phone falls, we panic. Our friends fall, we laugh!” (but we do help pick them up, after we are done laughing :))

10. “My boss told me to have a great day, so I went home!” ( How many of you want to try that today :))