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Happy Tuesday from Venice! No, just kidding! I am not in Venice. Just saw the following photo on Pinterest and went back to Venice in my mind. A relaxing “Ahh!” moment. I hope you are off to a great start in your week and have many “Ahh!” moments throughout the week to keep you going! Friday is coming. Enjoy the quotes, and let me know which ones stood out to you. 







I think I may have used this line before. 🙂


Or a sign of being Crazy! Your choice!





The Lonely, Red Canoe

Painting by Paul Heyden

Kathleen gazed wistfully out at the water, wishing she was on it. The red canoe was beckoning her to come. It wanted adventure. All of its friends had left at first light and here it remained, stuck in the water, without anywhere to go.

Poor little red canoe, thought Kathleen. If only she wasn’t grounded! She would have left with all the others on the canoe trip for the day. They would have had such fun, but now Kathleen sat by window all alone, dreaming of what could have been.

She could be with Lee, floating down the lake on their canoes. Last week she had bought the perfect swimsuit to wear and matching sunglasses of course. Oh, it wasn’t fair! Her parent’s and their stupid rules!

This was the last week of summer vacation and she was grounded. Her friends joined her in sympathy. Lisa promised to keep an eye on Lee for her. Make sure that Sarah wasn’t vying for his attention. She was a clever one.

Kathleen looked at the clock. Five minutes had passed. This would be the longest day ever!

Why had she taken her mom’s car without permission? If only the neighbor’s mailbox hadn’t jumped out at her she would have made it back home without her mom ever knowing!

But her mom was not too happy the next morning when she noticed her sideview mirror missing. In fact “not too happy” was putting it mildly.

Kathleen kept staring out at the water. She shouldn’t stay by the window, it was just making the day harder.


Kathleen turned her head and covered her mouth to keep from yelling.

She jumped down from the window ledge. “Lee! What are you doing here? I thought you went on the canoe trip.”

“It wouldn’t have been any fun without you.”

A melody of joy was pulsating through Kathleen’s heart, and heat rose in her cheeks.

Goosebumps popped out all over as Lee’s hot breath tickled her neck. He was making a trail of gentle kisses down her neck and she could barely breath.

“Come with me, lets go somewhere for a little. I will have you back before your parent’s know you are gone. I promise. ”

Today was turning out to he wonderful after all. She would grab her new swim…

“I believe that is one promise you won’t be keeping young man.”

Kathleen’s dad spoke loud and clear, making her heart plummet. He had heard them. Poor Lee didn’t look good at all. He was white as a sheet, running like a streak past her dad.

There was no doubt about it, this would be the longest week of the summer ever, thought Kathleen. Once more she wistfully gazed at out on the water at the lonely, red canoe.

The Long Tongued Bird … “When Looks Can Kill!” … Hogwarts Masterpiece and other Facts!


My question is why was his wife so afraid of his employees doing that. Was he that disliked by them?


The things people will buy!”…smacking my head!…”


Apparently in some cases Looks can really Kill!


I am trying to imagine this. LOL!


That would have had to take A LOT of patience! More than I have.


That is one dedicated Dr. who truly cares.

Sweet Symphony

Here is the conclusion to a story that I had thought was concluded, but … I was wrong. Enjoy Part 2 of Poor Cordelia!

Hanging up the phone, she flopped back down in bed. What a way to greet the day. A six am phone call from Holly complaining about Cordelia’s sheep dog disturbing her peace by  barking at the squirrels in Holly’s yard.

Cordelia explained that she didn’t own a sheepdog, but of course that didn’t stop Holly from yammering on about the dog.

Who knew where the mysterious sheepdog came from, but Cordelia was pleased about it disturbing Holly’s peace. Maybe Holly was getting a taste of her own medicine. Being thar she continued to disturb Cordelia’s peace!

Cordelia had finally baked the pies for the grocer, banker and butcher. It was the only way to stop Holly from hounding her about finding love and happiness!

Sure, there were times that she would be glad for company when eating a meal. Glad to cook for more than just herself. Someone to gaze at the night sky with, on a warm summer’s night. But … life wasn’t a Hallmark movie and Cordelia had come to accept that.

Well, since she was awake, she may as well deliver her fresh pies this morning. What did Holly expect the guys to do when they got her pies? Automatically swoon all over her, asking her for a date at the first look of her?

Kelvin the grocer wasn’t bad on the eyes, and he did have a shiny silver truck with a red stripe through it, but that was ahout all she knew about him.

He always was polite to her when shs shopped, but he was courteous to everyone. Sometimes they did get  into conversations about gardening, Cordelia waa impressed by his knowledge, and … Oh what was Holly doing to her, making her mind wander.

She tried to come to her senses. Nothing would change in her non-existant dating life. This wasn’t the moviee. She would deliver the pies, hear nothing back and hopefully Holly would give up on her!

Later that morning Cordelia arrived home after her special deliveries. It hadn’t been that bad. They all had appeared to be genuinely appreciative for the pies.

Bob the banker offered her money, but Cordelia wouldn’t take any. He thanked her again, stared at her for a few awkward momemts of silence then said he had to get back to work.

Corbin the butcher offered her some fresh fish. The whole fish, head and all. Cordelia politely declined and made a fast exit, trying to get the image of the fish head out of her mind!

Kelvin and her had been  having a good conversation. He had gone to a classical concert over the weekend. She didn’t know he enjoyed classical music. His eyes were bright as he talked to her, but then old Mrs. Pearson needed help taking her groceries to the car.

Cordelia told him bye as she watched him take Mrs. Pearson’s arm. What a sweet man, she thought.

That night she sat on ber patio, watching the fireflies when something ran into her yard. Ir startled Cordelia , as it came running right up to her. A fluffy sheepdog was staring at her. She assumed it waa at least, unable to see its eyes, under all of  its hair.

“Hi buddy! Where did you come from? ” She was petting it when she heard Holly’s high pitch shrill.

“I knew it was your dog! It scared my poor cat just now. Keep your dog where it belongs!” Abruptly she turned her back walking back to her yard yelling for her car, Princess. ‘Come to Mama! I won’t let that mean dog near you.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. Princess ran away a lot, it probably wasn’t the sheepdog’s fault. But Cordelia couldn’t resist smiling as she patted the dog on its head. “Good dog!”

Holly was so upset about the dog lately she hadn’t said one more word abour the pies and the sorry state of Cordelia’s love life. She needed to buy the good dog a meaty bone.

What was happenimg? This past month was a blur. Slipping into a simple black dress she couldn’t stop smiling as she opened her front door.

“Hi!’ Kelvin’s face shined with admiration. “You look beautiful.”

They had been dating a month and Cordelia was still overwhelmed with everything. She didn’t think she had come back down to earth yet. Walking on Cloud 9 eversince he had first called her asking for a date. He had shown up with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

It had been another perfect date this evening. She was snuggled up close to him, her head on his shoulder, as he drove. He took the back way home. Long country roads and the full moon was shining bright.

They had visited with his precious grandmother. What a dear she was and Cordelia could tell how much Kelvin loved his grandma and how happy his grandmother was. She had squeezed Cordelia’s hand and looked at Kelvin. “Don’t let this one go!’

They rode in a comfortable silence, and then Cordelia lifted her head and looked at him. “I still can’t get over how your sheepdog found my house over a month ago.”

“Maybe he knew something that I was still trying to figure out.”

“Like what?” She replied, smiling in the dark, running her hand down his chest.

“Like knowing that I needed a woman like you. A woman who sparkles with kindness and beauty. A woman to touch my heart. He is an old dog, but maybe an old dog can learn new tricks, like how to be a matchmaker.”

Kelvin pulled off on the side of the road. A violin concerto was playing on the radio as he took Cordelia’s face in his hands and they became lost in the music of their love.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Pinterest image

When you are drinking Chai Latte Tea, reading a book and the character walks into a shop and orders a cup of Chai Latte … The character obviously has good taste! 

When you see someone finally finding true happiness … Your heart soars for them! 

When you have the courage to close a door … Sometimes the extraordinary happens!

Poor Cordelia!

Image from Pinterest

It was one of the most picturesque greenhouses that she had ever seen. Cordelia beamed with pride, and patted herself on her back. Her dream had at last become a reality.

Hopefully word will get out and who knows, maybe Better Homes and Gardens will come interview her and take photos for their magazine.

She had bird feeders everywhere too. The goldfinches were so cheery adorned in bright yellow and the red headed woodpeckers. Sitting outside watching the birds flying around was a relaxing thing to do. A variety of birds were often in her backyard,  maybe Birds and Bloom magazine  would  come by and maybe she should stop dreaming!

“Yoo-Hoo! Cordelia! Are you home?”

Cordelia groaned, wishing  a temporary hole would quickly open up and swallow her.

“Oh, there you are. I was ringing and ringing your doorbell. Didn’t think about you being down here.”

“I was down here to…”

Holly interrupted…”The reason I came  was to inform you that Billy the butcher’s favorite pie is Banana cream pie.”

Cordelia gave her a blank stare.

“Holly didn’t seem to notice and continued  going. “The grocer’s favorite pie is Lemon Meringue and the banker’s is Blueberry pie.

Trying hard to bite her tongue, she stayed quiet.

“Aren’t you going to thank me? I am doing my best to find you a date.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes when Holly wasn’t looking. Then for the hundredth time she calmly told her that she wasn’t shopping around for a guy. That she didn’t need one!

Holly shook her head with a disapproving frown. She really liked Cordelia but who knew if she would ever figure her out! That woman was far too independent for her own good.

“I have to run. And you need to start baking young lady. I told them you would have their pies ready by Friday.

Cordelia gasped, why did she even bother speakig up? Holly never listened, except to herself, so that she could answer herself back!

She decided that she needed a tasty cool drink to enjoy outside on her glider. Watching the birds would help her relax.

Today there were black capped chickadees and the hummingbirds were back! Cordelia felt her soul breathe peace.

Her eyes started closing from the warmth of the sun. “Cordelia, Cordelia, I forgot to tell you the most important thing!”

Cordelia’s heart dropped at the sight of Holly. So much for the peace. What was so important?

“I entered you in a contest! The most Eligible Bachelorette.”

Cordelia’s face got beet red, she couldn’t be serious.

“They will call at the end of the month, if interested. Too da loo!” And she left!

Why hadn’t she moved to a remote spot in the mountains with no nosy neighbors! Laying her head back on her chair, she groaned!

Whispers of Love …

Painting by Eugene De Blass

The day was full of sunshine, but a thunderstorm was brewing in Sofia’s heart. One look at her eyes was all you needed. Makenzie should be full of gratitude that it really wasn’t possible for someone to shoot laser’s through their eyes. For it if it was, she would have been a bull’s eye target.

Sofia couldn’t understand it, why would Aiden be whispering sweet nothings into Makenzie’s ear? Of all people to choose, why her? Why didn’t he ever show attention to Sofia? How hard she had tried to gain his attention and this is the thanks she gets! She glared at them some more, as if she could cast some spell on them, but they never looked her way. Fine! She turned her head and stomped away. One more look at Makenzie’s cheery face and she felt like she would throw up. Could this day get any worse?

Stomping down the road she headed … she didn’t know where. Going home to an empty cottage didn’t appeal to her. Besides the place probably still stank of smoke after she burned the bacon this morning. Burnt it to a crisp.

It had all been the fault of the delivery driver who must have got his driver’s license from a clown school! He tried to turn around in her small driveway hitting her car and the lightpole! What was he thinking?

He apologized over and over as Sophia  stared at him, biting her tongus. He gave her his insurance info and left. Sophia still feeling in shock, walked back in to the kitchen and saw the black crispy bacon. The pan was so scorched that she threw it away, too mad to clean it.

Took a walk to feel better and breathe in fresh air. It had almost done the trick after walking awhile. That was until she saw Aiden flirting with Makenzie.

BEEP!!! Sophie jumped out of the way, twisted around so fast that she fell and heard her ankle pop as it twisted around.

Tears gushed out. This was the last straw! Her day was horrible.  She laid on the ground in pain.

“Excuse me Miss, can I help such a pretty damsel in distress?”

Sophie raised her tear streaked face and looked into dazzling crystal blue eyes. If she looked deep enough into them,she wondered if she would see her future.

“Miss … Miss … Are you hurt?:

“I…..I…’ She tried to stand up momentarily forgetting about her ankle, but the sharp stabbing pain promptly knocked her back down. This time she couldn’t keep the grimace off her pale face.

“My name is Danny and I think I should get you to the hospital to check out your ankle. Is it okay for me to take you in my car? The hospital isn’t far.”

Sophie nodded her hesd. In too much pain to speak. His strong, big hands picked her up and carried her to his car. He was so gentle and tender with her.

The Dr admitted her overnight and Danny didn’t leave her side. He made her laugh and kept her smiling. They talked and talked and talked some more. It was like they couldn’t learn enough about each other. Aidan became a distant memory like Sofia.

Meanwhile, Makenzie finished her sewing. She couldn’t wait to show it off. The ladies would be impressed. Hmmm….was Aidan really serious about what he had whispered in her ear?

He wanted to join the book club she went to. Said it would be a good way to meet other ladies. Makenzie rolled hee eyes and couldn’t stop laughing! Once she caught her breath she had looked at Aidan and he looked like a forlorn puppy.

‘Sorry Aidan, but it is no longer a book club. We sew!”

Well, I am sure you chat as well!” Lady hens, cackling.”

Makenzie made a face at him.

“You may want to he careful.”, she said. “Our last book was on “How to murder your husband.”

She had never known that Aidan could run so fast.

How It All Began

This is the sequel to The Secret Hiding Place] my post from Saturday.

He closed the journal with his mind still wondering at all he had read. In the beginning he had wanted to stop reading due to rolling his eyes about her so called, “big secret.”  The secret was how she was falling for the guy whose eyes were deep brown, like her horse’s mane. Her faithful horse, Chestnut.

Princess Amaryllis was in love, but it wasn’t with Prince Edwin. Not the guy who she had been promised to. What would she do. He typically didn’t go for love stories but this one had intrigued him.

Ryan yawned. He had been up half the night reading. Turning off his bedside lamp he pulled the covers over him and was asleep within seconds.

In his deep sleep he found himself back in time. He worked for the Princess Amaryllis and her royal family.

Amaryllis tried not to move anymore in her chair. Her mom was giving her stern looks, but she did not think she could endure listening to one more minute of Princess Seraphina’s song. She really wished that the glass chandelier would shatter from Seraphina’s squeaky high notes, now that would be exciting!

Finally the song ended. Her misery was over. She jumped up from her chair so quickly , causing another glare from her mom. “Amaryllis, be ladylike. Where is the fire?”

“Sorry Mother, but I have to go, my horse is waiting.”

Shaking her head, her mom waved her off. “Go ahead dear, enjoy.” She smiled at her one and only daughter. There was no stopping that girl. Oh, how she adored her horse, Chestnut.

His heart did a cartwheel inside of him. He saw her from afar. His golden sunbeam, with the yellow hair that bounced on her back, as she ran to him. They embraced, kissing, savoring the moment in time. Until Chestnut started neighing, letting them know she was impatient for some attention.

He helped the Princess get on Chestnut and then he got on Midnight, a jet black horse.

“Race you to our tree!” Shouted Amaryllis and they took off at a full gallop. Chestnut won by a mile. She was the fastest horse ever.

Amaryllis was laughing as Midnight and Stefano rode up to her. “That makes three times now that I beat you!” Her eyes twinkled with delight as she gave him a teasing smile.

“I would be careful about laughing at me Princess, you never know what I may do.” He raised his eyebrows challenging her.

“Oh, how I tremble. ” She joked and took off galloping once more across the lush green meadow.

The hour together went too fast. Amaryllis didn’t want to say goodbye, but she had an appt. Always appointments. Frustrated she vented to Stefano.

“All I want is to be with you. When can we be married ?”

Stefano tenderly caressed her cheek. “I am only a simple stable hand. Your parent’s will never agree to a marriage.”

“But I don’t want to marry Prince Edwin! I don’t even know him! I don’t want to be a Princess, going to Balls, and teas all the time. Thats not a life. I want to make a difference to someone, do something that brings smiles to children around the world.”

“You have such a caring heart, my fair sunbeam.’ Her heart melted whenever he called her by his nickname for her.

“I will talk to my parent’s tonight, no more secrets!” They kissed once more and with fierce determination off she rode.

“Stefano! You are in love with Stefano?”Her mom shrieked, and her dad laid a comforting hand on his wife’s arm.

“She has found true love. Is that so horrible? Honestly I couldn’t be happier.” Amaryllis raised her eyes in shock. Was her dad really defending her? Hope began to beat in her heart.

“But…But…Prince Edwin and his entourage arrives in a month, what will we do?”

“We need a plan. Let me think.’ The king stroke his white beard, as he thought. He was a kind hearted, jolly fellow. He never liked the idea of Princess Amaryllis not being able to marry who she wanted. Prince Edwin’s family would be enraged, but enough was enough. He would make the change or at least do all that he could, he promised Amaryllis and happy tears spilled down her cheek.

“Dear Diary..Father is talking to the wizard about how we can escape. He likes Stefano! He sent a message to Prince Edwin’s dad and the dad reacted angrily. He threatened violence if we didn’t keep our promise. I am so scared.”

Buzzzzzzz…..! The alarm shrilled to Ryan’s annoyance. What a dream. The journal had come alive. He had to hand it over to his boss today. How he wished he knew what happened. Did they escape or did they all meet their untimely demise. Would they find more clues?

Far, far away in a land of ice and snow a girl sat by her window, writing once more in her journal. A practice she had started as a young girl and still kept it up.

Today she had gone back in time, replaying the past. What memories.

Life was good! She and her parent’s and her friends were making children around the world happy! Making dreams come true. The wizard had done an amazing job in saving them all and taking them far, far away!

They changed their names and they knew they would never be found. Who would ever guess that Santa Claus and his elves were once a royal family, servants and all. They had lived in a land once upon a time. Lived their happily until the King stood up for his daughter. Stood up for love!

The man who used to be a King fit his new role as Santa Claus perfectly. Mrs. Claus still enjoyed her tea parties and she cherished the fact that her daughter beamed with happiness.

Candy Cane put down her pen and ran to the stables where Stefano, known as Snow was feeding Midnight and Chestnut.

“Hello, my fair sunbeam.” Wrapping his arms around her, he held her tight. Candy Cane closed her eyes. One never knows when magic can happen, she thought, with a sigh of contentment.

Bagel or Icecream? … Poisnous Bird … Mad Mama Orangutan and other Facts!


Ice cream is better than bagels! Though bagels are really good with blueberry cream cheese.


I never knew there were poisonous birds.


And that women get bored after 5 minutes of shopping at a lumber store or the autmotive department of a store.


A “cult?” , don’t think so! I have been under a chiropractor’s care for years and it has been a great help! Though like Drs, I am sure you have the ones who are quacks!




GO Mom! 😂