Tuesday’s Thoughts!

As said before, there can be a lot of wisdom in children’s books. That was why I posted that Carrot Seed post a little while back. Well there is also  wisdom found in children’s movies and that is where my quotes come from today. Enjoy! Plus, I will admit I have enjoyed these movies as much as my girls did. Disney movies are for all ages!

“Oh yes, the past can hurt, but the way I see it is you can either run from it or learn from it.” – Lion King ( is one of my favorite movies)

“The human world – Its a mess!” – from Sebastian the crab in Little Mermaid, ( have to say that YUP, I agree with him a lot of the time!)

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful flower of all!” – from the Emperor in Mulan

“just keep swimming” – from Dory in Finding Nemo, ( how can you not like Dory! 🙂 and the whole movie I loved, another one of my favorite Disney movies.  I have repeated this quote so much to family and friends!)

So my friends I leave that last thought with you! Just keep swimming, as you go through this week. May seem you are swimming upstream sometimes, but keep at it and try your best to stay away from the sharks!

For those tears…

This is written not with anyone in particular in mind, its written more for all the hurting souls that I know are out there. Silent in their pain. As I said before I want my blog to bring hope to others and that is what this post is for. Trying to spread the deep hope that lies in my soul.

“HOSANNA, HOSANNA!” was the roar of the crowd. He was treated like royalty as he rode down the street!

“We want you as our KING!” , they shouted, as the palm branches were waved

HEY BEAUTIFUL, YOU Bring Sunshine to my heart with your gorgeous eyes and flowing hair!” They threw roses at her, as she walked down the halls. She turned the eyes of every guy!

Everywhere crowds followed HIM, hanging on HIS every word and shouting praises to HIM for all HE did and was.Calling HIM their KING!

“YOU are the PERFECT 10!” , they cried. A model for sure. Crowds followed her, adoring her with their praise and she was crowned their Homecoming Queen!

Within a week the HOSANNAS turned into jeers and sneers. There were no palm branches being waved in the air, instead they were gathering thorns to make a crown for the one they wanted to be King.

Snickers were heard, soon turning into outright laughter as she walked down the hall filled with devastating shame.

“Crucify him!”, they cried. He was nailed to the cross and died.

They didn’t see how their laughter cut like a knife crucifying her  soul. They didn’t know their words put invisible nails in her heart.

They couldn’t keep him down, The morning HE rose shined brighter than ever! Death had been crucified and LIFE had WON!

No one saw her in the darkness of her room, she was huddled under her blankets shaking like a leaf. Sobs wracked her body. Her body that was filled with pain.

I am not sure about you God, I don’t know what I believe, but I need something; I am dying in my shame!”

“My precious, precious child!” She heard the calming words in the dark, felt a stirring peace in her soul.

Let me hold you tight and wipe those tears of yours; For it was for those tears I died!”

The Tale of 2 Brothers

totem poleSunday’s Photo Fiction time, tho I am a day behind!  Thanks to Joe Owens, the host of Sunday’s Photo Fiction, for this picture. See how creative you can be and join Sunday’s Photo Fiction!!

The Tale of 2 Brothers

“We should have listened to Mom.”

“I know, but its a little late now!”

“It was your fault, you know!”

“NO, it wasn’t! It was your idea!”

“YES, but you didn’t stop me! You didn’t put your foot down and keep me from doing it! You are the older brother, so you should have been the example!”

“I can’t help that  you are as stubborn as a mule!”

“ME! LOOK at yourself! I learned how to be stubborn from you!”

“Well it doesn’t really matter who is at fault now, does it? We are in the same boat now!”

“I will wish forever that we had only listened to Mom’s wise words, I thought she was only joking!”

“Don’t ever tell lies, for if you do, you will turn to wood!” and “Keep making faces and your face will freeze like that!”

“Ephermeral’ photo challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”DSC_0248 This is what first came to my mind when I thought of Ephermeral, something fleeting, lasting just a second. Good timing for this challenge, being that my daughter just turned 16 this week-end. Seems like her childhood was fleeting, tho I know it was more than just a couple seconds!! I do have to give proper credit to my dear niece for this wonderful photograph!!! She loves to take pictures and does a great job as you can tell 🙂

7 Fun Facts you always wanted to know…Ok, maybe not always :)

Happy Saturday everyone! Its a relaxing morning here, so gonna take advantage of it and do a challenge that was passed on to me by my  sweet friend Ameena. . If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you need to, her poetry and stories will tug on your heartstrings!  It’s RandomsbyaRandom

1. I love Peeps 🙂 Yes,the first 3 ingredients is sugar, sugar and sugar, BUT they are yummy! Did you know that back in the 1950’s they actually made Peeps with wings! Also if you don’t like peeps you are in the minority, for it’s the most popular non-chocolate candy around! My husband will join those of you in the minority 🙂

2. Back when I was around the age of  10  I won grand prize for a essay. I wrote about why my Dad was Number 1  for a Father’s Day contest. I won a gift certificate to Kmart, a store that is dying out now.  My Dad got a very nice gold watch with diamonds in it that he still has.

3. When I took my driver’s test, I was told to come back with a cushion, so that I could better see over the steering wheel 🙂 Yes,  I am short. 4’10and1/2! No, I no longer sit on a cushion to drive. I just buy vehicles that the drivers seat sits high up in, doesn’t sink down.

4. I am accident prone! I hurt my knee and needed surgery. While waiting for surgery I needed to be off of it totally for 2 weeks,  so  I had crutches. As I left the Dr.s office with the crutches I slipped on the pavement and got a small fracture in  the ankle on my good leg! Back into the Dr.s office for a air cast, so that I could walk on it. Cannot say how many people gave me strange looks as I was walking on the foot with the air cast and keeping the leg that looked totally fine up. To the bold ones that would tell me I was walking on the wrong foot I would tell my story to and they would walk away shaking their head.

5. I LOVE DOGS!! At one time we owned 4, yes we were crazy 🙂 My Boston Terrier has my heart tho. It was my first dog, besides the ones I grew up with at home. My Boston and I were a package deal when my husband proposed. She passed away several years ago, but I won’t forget her.

6. We used to have fish, but my girls begged me not to get anymore, for they always ended up dying on us. Apparently we are not fish people, tho I did love watching them swim around in their beautiful colors!

7. If I could travel the world with no worry about money I would in a heartbeat! There is so much I want to see and so little time. So I have enjoyed  people posting  pictures of where their travels have taken them, and pictures from where they live. Keep posting! I can at least travel there in my mind 🙂

Now I pass on this challenge to anyone that wants to take it. It would be fun to get to know more about my wonderful fellow bloggers!

Keep laughing, you won’t grow old! :)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ha Ha Ha.”

In response to this prompt we are to share our favorite jokes, well I know they probably were meaning a favorite joke we have heard…but. The idea of the prompt is to write something to make you laugh and I feel these personal jokes will do just that!

As I have stated in a post before, I believe laughter is so important! Having a sense of humor will help you get through a lot in life and it makes life more fun! I am thankful that tho I was born being short in stature, I wasn’t short on humor! I love to laugh whether its at other people or myself. These couple things I am going to share is when the laughter was aimed at me. Go ahead, its OK to laugh at them 🙂

When I was 20 I worked at a restaurant as a waitress and loved my regular customers. There was one customer who loved pulling practical jokes, and my car was always the target! He had such a sweet wife, she would just shake her head at him, LOL! He liked putting huge signs on my car. The restaurant was in the same parking lot as a lot of businesses, so a lot of people coming and going. I came out of work one day to see a small crowd of people gathered around my car. I acted like a spectator as I  drew closer to the car, so I could see the sign. It said, “Car Auction at 5;00!” I think I went back into the restaurant and waited for people to give up and leave. One day I remember a lot of my customers, new and regulars chuckling to themselves as I waited on them. My friend the cashier figured out what was going on when she was outside for break. A HUGE teddy bear was sitting on my car with a BIG sign saying, “Single waitress looking for a man, as long as you have teeth, you will do. Ask for Carolyn.” My regular old men customers got a big kick out of this one, “We have teeth!”, they would say. Oh the memories this brings back. We had a great group of co-workers and great customers to have fun with!  Me and one of my co-workers had a running battle of the Phillies vs.the Atlanta Braves. Let’s see should I say the team I was for, what kind of fans are my readers? LOL! Anyway when they played against each other in the World Series, what a week that was! We would bring tissue boxes in for each other, depending how the previous night’s game went. If your team lost that night, you can believe that every time you saw each other you would hear about it!! I can still see the smirk on his face and the laughter in his eyes.

The other BIG joke that I won’t forget, happened when I lived in South Carolina for a year. I was doing  Voluntary Service as a Teacher’s Aide for our mission board. I lived with a household of AWESOME people, that became dear like family!  If you remember the pictures I posted last week of the cabin in the the beautiful mountains, that was where we had reunions with my Awesome friends. We all still keep in touch and we were in South Carolina back in 1990! Well pranks definitely ran rampid down there, and yes I was usually the instigator or the victim, I will say I think I was the victim more!  LOL!

The list of jokes is long, but will share the one that happened when I came back to South Carolina after my week of vacation at  home in Pennsylvania. It was night when I got back to our house in South Carolina. I walked into my room with my luggage and SURPRISE there was nothing there!! It looked like I didn’t live there, everything was off my walls and the biggest thing I noticed was that my bed was gone! Yes, you heard me right. My bed was missing. Now, other things I figured could have been put in the attic or stored in the garage, like my dresser, but my bed?? So I slept on the couch that night vowing that I would have revenge. The next morning the pranksters laughingly took me outside and had me stand on the back porch and look up. There it was! My bed was resting with the birds high up in the tree!! One of those moments where you are speechless, but yet you have to laugh. Have to commend them for effort, for I heard how it wasn’t easy getting the bed up there, and NO, I did not have sympathy!  Yes, it took a lot of  work to get it down also, but they were pleased with themselves at having pulled it off.

One time when my husband to be came to visit me in Pa. our visit was coming to an end. I had to go to work and he was heading back to Indiana. I said a tearful goodbye at my house and left. What i didn’t know, is that he didn’t leave right away. He had some “decorating” to do! I came home after 11pm, tired but looking forward to his phone call saying he was home safely.  Opened my bedroom door and stepped into a spider web of kite string!! It was all over! Stretching from my bed to my desk to my dresser,etc. Opened my closet and all of my hangers were strung together. Needless to say when the phone rang, I didn’t give my typical greeting!

I could go on and on, but don’t want this post getting too long!

So what was a great joke that you had played on you or played on someone else? Hey, I can always use ideas, I still owe some people.:)  Life is full of serious moments, but we need to make sure to add the light ones into it! Watch Out! April Fools Day is coming! 🙂

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I am choosing to honor Dr.Seuss today in my quotes. The toddlers at work love his books and I read them a lot, the only problem with his books is some of them can really be tongue twisters and dry out your mouth as you keep repeating things, LOL! So take a step back to your young days and enjoy! Dr.Seuss isn’t just for the young 🙂

“A person is a person, no matter how small.” – Yes, I have always liked this quote and the story Horton hears a Who! Being small myself may have something to do with why I like it so much 🙂

BE who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – True statement

Don’t cry because it is over, Smile because it happened!” – Great advice! I remember telling my girls this at different times in their lives when they were sad. Be thankful for the memories and glad you got to experience it!

“WE’RE a bit weird and life is little weird. And whenever we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness together and call it love!” – Laughed out loud at this quote and knew I had to use it, doesn’t it describe love perfectly 🙂

Monday’s Snapshot Memories!

LA-04Hi! Today is celebration of Cousins Day and honoring 2 special young ladies. My daughter and my niece. I got this idea due to my sister in law and I commiserating over the facts that are girls are growing up! Hers turned 17 on St.Patricks Day and my oldest will be 16 this Friday!! Where did the time go we ask! Where is the magic wand to make them small again! Hope you enjoy these pictures of the cousins through the years! Wonderful group of AWESOME kids! Yes,I may be a little biased! Excuse me and my sister in law as we have a box of tissues by us as we look at these! Sniff, Sniff!

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