When the Tables Turn

This is the continuing story to my post Wings of Love

Life had taken a whole 360 degree turn for Bridget. She had always felt that there was a special gift that she had with her paintings but didn’t know the extent of it! Painting those doves for Lauren was only the beginning of her gift being revealed.

Today she was painting a picture for her ex-boyfriend. Just a few more stripes on the snake and it should be ready.

Lauren and Randy were still tied at the hip. The love sick look never left Randy’s eyes.

Bridget found out that her suspicions were correct. Lauren had put a spell on Randy. Poor guy, Bridget felt a little sorry for him. Shouldn’t a guy be able to pick who he wants to love? Its not really love if you are tricked into it.

As she finished painting she thought about the situation more and an idea crept into her head.

They were drinking their coffee while waiting on their meal to be served. Bridget had invited Lauren out for lunch, wanting to ask her some questions.

“How long does the love potion that you took work on Randy? Aren’t you afraid of it wearing off?”

“Not at all. I have a little bottle of it that I keep at my bedside at night. As long as I take a little sip each night it keeps working. Now if I was to miss taking it on time some night, then that would be bad. Randy would totally lose all memories of us being in love.”

“Hmmm…interesting”, Bridget took a long sip of her coffee.

“Are you feeling okay? You have a strange look in your eyes.”

Giving a coy smile, she replied, “Never better!”

Lauren was glad to see the waitress coming with their food, for she had an uneasy, nervous feeling in her stomach suddenly.

Later that night, around 7 Bridget pulled into Lauren’s driveway. Seeing Randy and Lauren coming out the front door, aroused the sinister feeling inside her. She had timed it perfectly.

“Oh Lauren, so glad I caught you. May I please use your bathroom. I drank so much coffee and got stuck in a traffic jam. I don’t want to hold you guys up I will lock up when I leave.”

“Sure, no problem. Sorry to rush off, but we don’t want to be late for the ballet, do we dear?” Randy nodded, looking adoringly at Lauren.

“Not at all, my precious sweetheart.”

Bridget really may need the bathroom, so that she could puke!

“Thanks! Have fun you two.”

She rushed inside and waited to hear the car leave. Once it left she went to Lauren’s bedroom and found her bottle. After emptying it out in the sink she made sure to look through all her potions, making sure she didn’t have anymore love potions left.

Lauren had admitted to her that the love potion doesn’t work on the same person twice. If she lost Randy, it would be permanent.

Feeling satisfied that she had saved Randy she left. But Lauren would be happy, she did remember to lock the door on her way out.

Lauren was in a frenzy, she had looked everywhere, it was gone! She had taken it every night at 11pm on the dot. That was the way the magic kept working.

Oh what was she going to do! It was over! Randy was in her house he would see her and instantly not remember being in love. He was calling her name. Any second he would be in her bedroom. All she could do was sit on the bed and cry.

“Lauren, what…?”

Randy looked confused at seeing her on the bed. He blushed, why was he here, especially why was he in her bedroom?

“I…I..am so sorry, I will leave. Not sure why I am here. I…”

Lauren looked up at him with her tear stained face. “Its OK. I will see you later.” She watched him walk out of her room for the last time. Tomorrow she would watch him walk with his dog once again and they would politely wave, as he continued down the road.

“Goodbye Randy” she said in a choked whisper.

It made no sense, the bottle had been full, how did it simply dissappear?

Her face got as white as a sheet! Noo…!

Bridget’s words came back to Lauren in a rush. “Aren’t you afraid of the potion wearing off?” And then she gasped,she had told her everything about it. Why that little….!

Bridget hadn’t needed to use the bathroom earlier tonight! Oooh how could Lauren have been so stupid! She screamed as she took off her glass slipper and threw it against the wall, watching it shatter, like her heart.

It was just about 11am. He should be finished his walk by now. Bridget was sitting in Randy’s driveway. She had a special painting to give him. A painting of bright yellow lovebirds to fly around them as they sat on the porch enjoying the snack she brought for him.

Ahhh! It was going to be a most lovely day, of that she was sure.

47 thoughts on “When the Tables Turn

  1. Bridget does not seem too bright; why didn’t she just dump out the love potion and replace it with some other liquid? That way Lauren would never know what had happened…

    Both women deserve whatever bad luck comes their way…

    Liked by 1 person

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