The Wedding Surprise

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Soon this picturesque meadow would be filled with a white tent, chairs, and tables. A large gathering of people, all there to support a special couple. A couple with stars in their eyes for each other, or maybe not.

Angie knew that things were not how they appeared. The groom may only have starry eyes for the bride, but she knew the feeling wasn’t reciprocated.

The love that the bride once had for the groom may have been like a glowing star but now it more resembled a fallen one.

Midnight confessions had been made to Angie by the bride at her bachlorette party! At first Angie thought she was just babbling nonsense. Figured she had a little too much to drink.

But then she remembered the bride had barely drank anything and she had a rather somber mood about her.

It had struck Angie as odd behavior for someone who was getting married the next day. Angie had felt like she should do something, but what? The bride wasn’t even a friend of hers. Angie was only the caterer! Why hadn’t Bridget, the bride, told one of her closer friends. Oh, maybe because they were all drunk.

After Bridget poured out her heart, Angie said the only thing that had come to her mind. “You need to tell him.”

The bride had recoiled like she had been struck. ” You want me to break his heart? How mean of me that would be!”

In shock, all Angie could stammer out was. “But, but, you don’t love him.”

Bridget had rolled her eyes, “Haven’t you ever heard of charades? We are going to Bora Bora for our honeymoon. You think I am going to pass that up? Are you crazy??”

Angie could barely sleep that night. She felt so bad for the groom. Bridget was just using him til she found someone else, then she would drop him like a worn out shoe. Nobody deserved that! She may just be the caterer, but she had to do something.

Four hours later everything was ready. The ceremony was set to begin. Angie was standing in the back listening to the Wedding march, but no bride was coming.

The baffled look on the groom’s face made Angie feel a little bad, but she had saved him trouble in the long run. He would get over it. Angie’s silver enchanted cowbell had come to the rescue again! Bridget had shaken it three times, and the cowbell dropped to tbe ground as Bridget disappeared. Who knew where she was now.

All the guests were talking among themselves and speculating on what had happened to Bridget. Angie wondered just how long she should wait until she gave the groom a call. Humming the Wedding March, she started cleaning up with stars and dreams in her eyes.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Time for another food survey … Have you ever put mayonnaise on your banana? … I have learned recently that two people I know do this … Perhaps they are the only two! … My taste buds cringe at the thought. Chocolate and peanut butter go on bananas.

Time for flowers … my daughter and I are ready to make a trip to the greenhouse tomorrow … Making my front yard come alive with color …. what are your favorite flowers?

Time to relax, the weekend is almost here! Enjoy the short Springtime video, beautiful music and scenery.

The Day of the Elephants

Painting by Fillipo Palizzi

Anxiously Lexi searched with her eyes for any sign of him. Her heart beat fast with a mixture of anticipation and nervousness.

She remembered years ago when she was but a child, unable to see over the stone wall. Oh, the things her imagination would come up with, when trying to guess what was beyond the wall.

One day she would dream of a dozen white horses that were waiting for her. The next day she was sure that pink elephants were out there roaming the countryside, or perhaps there were ferocious beasts and the stone wall was protecting her.

She laughed, the innocence of childhood. Why can’t there be pink elephants? How cool that would be.

Her heart was beginning to relax, as she relived her childhood memories. The day she had yearned for was finally here. Today she would meet the man that she would marry. What an exciting day this would be. He would sweep her off her feet and carry her away. Maybe he would come with the dozen white horses.

Would he be handsome, with incredible dashing looks? Perhaps he would come bearing gifts.  Hmmm…. wonder what the gifts could be? Her imagination was off and running. Was he going to take her far and wide to see amazing places?

The day was getting long as she stood on the rock waiting, but she couldn’t afford to miss her Prince ! This was destined to be her day. She had hurried through breakfast as soon as she had read her fortune.

Never had she paid attention to them before but when she read today’s her heart jumped. It had laid dormant for too long. Time to come out of hibernation.

Hours passed, her sweet younger brother brought out water for her. He was being unusually kind, as she endured waiting. He was the one that had pointed out her fortune to her  and made the suggestion of where she should wait.

After another hour passed, Lexi’s high spirits began to fade. If her Prince Charming was going to be this long, was he really worth waiting for?

“Hey Lexi, I am going swimming in the lake. Its awfully hot out here. Good luck with your Prince.” Chaz waved bye with an impish smile.

Swimming sounded fun, but …. and she stayed waiting as perspiration dripped down her face.

“Oh, forget this! I am done!”, she yelled into the sky. Going back into the house she passed by the table where the newspaper was lying. The one with her fortune. She read it again, maybe she had missed something.

“Noooo! Ooh he didn’t!” The paper was from last week. The fortune was old and her brother had known it! He wrote in marker under the fortune, “Gotcha! Come swimming with us. Josie and Tess will be there. They had called while you were waiting for your Prince.”

Shaking her head she made a face. She had known not to believe in fortunes. How could she have been so gullible!

She ran upstairs to change. Swimming would be fun and someone needed to be dunked! She sighed, No Prince today, but it would be okay. Guys were trouble anyway. Pink elephants would be much more exciting.

Her Empty Heart

This is the next part to Stolen Memories

The credits for the movie were rolling. She must have dozed off, for she didn’t remember the ending. Happy music played. Darcy Rose turned it off. She wasn’t in the mood for happy-go-lucky music.

Today was supposed to have been a day of answers. A day of being reunited with her real mom. A day of endless joy. The night before she had dreamed about how thrilled her mom would be to see her again. In her mind everything would unfold like a Hallmark movie. But what was she thinking, when had reality ever been like a Hallmark movie?

There was knocking on the door. Yay, it was here. She opened the door, gave a generous tip to the bell hop and took the food from him. Setting it on the table, sbe changed into her cozy pajamas and put on her fuzzy pink robe. Now she was ready to indulge.

Cherry cheesecake, chocolate lava cake and sausage pizza. Comfort food! She stabbed her fork into the cheesecake. If only she could stab her fork hard enough to take away the stabbing pain in her heart.

Before when her heart was broken, her mom’s loving arms were always where she found comfort. But now she couldn’t run into her mom’s arms, her dad couldn’t make her laugh, not this time and maybe not ever again.

No, 20 year old Darcy felt all alone. Tears once more filled her eyes. Her parent’s, or the couple she had known as her parent’s since she was 5 years old were away right now. She was glad that they were gone, for she couldn’t face them. How could she think of them as kidnappers but yet how could she not after seeing the newspaper clipping?

Finding the newspaper clipping had been a total shock. She was looking through boxes in the attic for some of the baby dolls she used to have. Opened a box of old papers and almost closed it up, but was curious. Now she knew what the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat” meant, for after today’s experience, a part of her felt like dying.

Impulsiveness was a trait of hers. So when she found the newspaper clipping and read the address in the article she packed a suitcase and had headed down the road. Drove through the night. She hadn’t even called her best friend who she told everything too. Darcy Rose had a one track mind, and all she needed was to find her real mom and dad!

When she had reached the town, she found a hotel and crashed for a few hours.

Yes, there had been a jumble of knots in her stomach about just showing up at the address in the paper, but she had to do something or she would go crazy!

Upon driving up to the house, her heart had plummeted. The house was falling apart. Grass was overgrown, windows broken, surely no one lived here anymore.

Shock had made her feel unable to back out of the driveway. What did she do now? Where.did she go? Back home and wait for her fake parents to get home from their trip? Finally she backed out, driving back to the hotel. Throwing herself on the bed, she had numbly turned on the Tv.

Now here she was, her belly full but heart empty. It wasn’t just finding out the conditon of her home that had rattled her, it was the old lady. The lady who had come up to her car before she had left the dilapidated house. The stricken look that had appeared on the old lady’s face, she couldn’t get it out of her mind.

The old lady had come up to her car, asking if she was lost. Darcy Rose told her no, that she had lived here for a time when she was a child. You would have thought the lady saw a ghost as she abruptly walked away.

Had the lady remembered her? If so, why did she leave? This day had only brought more questions. Pulling her robe tighter, she hugged her pillow. She felt so alone. Grabbing her phone she placed the call. It rang and rang.

“Hello? Natalie, are you Ok? Its 1am girl.” Hearing her best friend’s voice felt so good.

“I….I…Oh Melissa, I don’t know who I am….!”

(To be continued next Wednesday)

Stolen Memories

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1001 tears she was sure she had already cried. She was exhausted, her body weak. Like she had ran a marathon. Her tears had been racing each other, sliding down her cheeks. Palpitations in her heart making it hard to breathe. Lungs gasping for air as she felt like she was running uphill, until she had collapsed.

How would she make it? What was she going to do? There were “How To..” manuals for practically everything, but she had never seen one for this.

“How to go on when you find out that you are not who you thought you were!” Maybe she could just go to her local library she thought sarcastically. Surely they would have a book by that title.

Where was a time machine when you needed one? She longed to go back in time, to have stopped things from happening how they did. Oh, if only …

She had a good life, she couldn’t complain but, it was like that didn’t matter anymore. For now in the back of her mind she wondered how different it may have been. They say that some things are better to have never known. That resonated deep inside her soul.

What did she look like? Was her hair starting to turn gray? Did she have eyes that smiled or was she stern? A heart of gold or one that had turned to stone? Had she missed her every day? So many questions and tomorrow she would ask them. That is if she could find her voice to ask, and wasn’t overwrought by emotion.

Tomorrow … the song says that the sun will come out tomorrow. For Darcy Rose that may be very true. Tomorrow, after 20 years she was going to meet her mother for the first time again.

The lady that she remembered in a vague way. Only a shadow in her mind. A shadow of a woman pushing her on a swing and holding her hand to pick wildflowers.

Another memory of bedtime stories and hee mom holding her close. If her mom had only known to hold her tighter, never letting her go.

15 years had passed! 15 years of believing her name was Natalie. 15 years of calling someone else mom. 15 years of missed memories that had been stolen from her. Childhood memories with her mom.

The memories had been stolen when Darcy had been stolen from her front yard. One moment on her bike and the next moment gone from the only home she had ever known. Natalie had found the yellowed newspaper clipping and it had said it all.

A picture of a little 5 year old was staring back at her. Her amber eyes had been glued to the photo, for the haunting eyes in the photo were her eyes. The smile was hers too. And the caption under the photo. “MISSING! Our little girl, Darcy Rose.

“I’m coming home Mama, I’m coming home.” she whispered into the night sky.

Castles for sale … Elvis Presley’s bodyguard … A study about Men and more!


Oops!Wrong person to give a drink too! Here is a link to one of the articles about it, if you want to read more.


This will probably be the only time you ever see me show a picture of a snake in a post. I don’t like snakes … but… I kind of felt sorry for this one. The poor thing has been labled “fierce” but apparently isn’t fierce at all. Just to clairfy though I still don’t like snakes!


I need to tell my husband that we should buy a castle. Wondering though what kind of condition the castles are in.


I want to know who thought it was important to do a study like this. This is just one of the more weird facts that I see when looking and usually say, Ummm… not posting that! But I decided to post this one, any man out there that wants to verify the truth in this? Why do men need peace and quiet anyway? 🙂


I wonder what his bullies thought when he became famous!


My heart! ❤

Surprised by Pies

This is the 2nd part to Hatching the Plot

Tippner lined up the ball for the perfect hit. The guys couldn’t believe it, he hit another hole-in-9one.

“That makes the third hole-in-one that you got!”

Tippner beamed with a smug smile, “I  do believe that makes me the winner. Too bad that I didn’t make a bet with you all, could have won some money.”

“Oh, but you do get a special honor, the winner gets to treat us all to supper.” Mason said, and Bard and Grayson patted Tippner on the back.

“Thanks Man, we are feeling pretty hungry.” They all laughed at Tippner’s expression.

“Hope you all like Taco Bell” Tippner replied.

Cara was waiting for Bard to get home from golfing with the guys.  She had been reading but was getting sleepy.

Bard came home and found Cara asleep in bed. She looked so innocent when sleeping, he almost felt guilty. But when he had overheard the plot what was he supposed to do. It was ths guy’s honor code. If one knew of a plot  formed against their friends, he had to tell them.

Mason already had dealt with the honey hair fiasco recently, how much could he let happen to the poor guy?  And Tippner had just fixed Bard’s bike, giving him a big discount. Bard of course  had to return the favor by letting him in on the plot as well.

Oooh tomorrow would be fun. Wellll, at least for the guys it would he. Smiling he gave Cara a light kiss on her cheek.

He climbed into bed quietly, so that he wouldn’t disturb her. Hopefully he would get a good night’s sleep, for tomorrow night he would probably be sleeping on the couch. But yes, the guy’s plot was worth it.

Lisette and Sarah were sitting at the corner booth in the diner, the next day. Cara finished serving the one table and then came over to see them. Grinning broadly she said, “Is Amanda all ready?”

“She is eager to make her grand entrance. You don’t think Mason suspects anything do you?”

“Not a chance.” Cara looked at Tippner seated  in the opposite corner, where he had just started on his breakfast. Mason was at the cash register as normal.  Cara rubbed her hands together, with her eyes full of mischief. “They are clueless, I am sure of it.”

All of them giggled, “Let the fun hegin!’ They cheered. Then Cara noticed something which gave her a moment of concern.

“Where are Kelly and Heather, they should be here by now… they have the whip cream pies!” Before Sarah or Lisette could respond Amanda sashshayed into the diner, with dramatic flair.

“Where is he? Where is my hunk of burning love?” She put her hand on her heart.

Sarah, Lisette and Cara watched wide-eyed at Amanda in her stiletto’s, mini dress and bright red lipstick, wearing sunglasses.

“Oh Mason darling”… She tilted her sunglasses to see over them and looked around the diner. All the customers had stopped eating and all eyes were focused on Amanda.

Amanda’s cheeks were burning. . Where was he?? She spotted Cara and the other girls. Piercing them with her eyes, she rusbed over to them half stumbling in her stupid stiletto’s.

“Where is he!! Where is Tippner and why aren’t Kelly and Heather here? CARA! I thought you had this all planned out.”

Her loud voice echoed in the diner and all.were waiting to hear Cara’s response. Cara lowered her head, hiding her face and whispered, “I have no clue!”

Amanda, aware of everyone watching them, slid into the booth. They all huddled close together, trying to hide their faces from everyone. In a quieter voice Amanda said, “Perhaps it will be okay and I can pretend that I didn’t just make a total fool out of myself. Mason will never know.”

“Never know what?” The girls jumped at the sound of Mason’s voice and the sudden appearance of Tippner and him.

Their mouths dropped open, for Tippner and Mason were not alone. Kelly and Heather were with them! Amanda gulped, Mason was wearing her favorite cologne and he had leaned in especially close to her. His breath was warm against her cheek. She reached up to touch him but he pulled back.

“Well, while you all try to figure out everything we have some extra-special gifts for you. SPLAT! Four whipcream pies flew from the hands of Tippner and Mason.

The girls were stunned! This was NOT going according to plan at all! As they wiped the whipcream from their eyes Amanda let out a little scream. Was she seeing what she thought she was seeing?

“Cara, tell me I am not seeing what I am seeing!”

Mason was walking to the door with a girl on each arm. He turned around and winked at Amanda, giving her a smirk. She let her head fall into her hands, when he blew her a kiss.

How, how, did this all happen? Sarah nudged Cara. “Look! What are Grayson and Bard doing here? They should be at work.”

Cara looked and things began coming together for her. Ooh if looks were powerful, the guys would be in trouble already with the glares she was giving them. Tippner joined the guys and Cara saw them laughing. She was determined to get some answers.

Peace was made that night, when the whole story had come out earlier. Amanda said she wasn’t going back into the diner and facing the people of the town for a long time!

Mason had taken her out on a real date after the guys had finally stopped laughing. The girls assured Kelly and Heather that they didn’t have any hard feelings about the guys charming them over to their side. Kelly and Heather were glad and Kelly promised again that she was steering clear of guys. Life could certainly get complicated with the male species. Heather just smiled at Kelly’s promise, not saying a word.

The hour was late and Bard turned off the tv. He gave Cara a kiss. “Thanks for being a great sport about today.”

Sweetly she smiled, and took his hand, leading him to the bedroom. She stopped right in front of it, “Close your eyes, Sweetheart,” Bard was anticipating what he thought was coming nest. His heart beat a little faster.

Bard obeyed and THUMP, a pillow hit him as the door shut and the lock turned. “Sleep Well! Sweet dreams, my love. Enjoy the couch.” Cara said, through the door.

Looked like he had guessed right. “I guess its me and you” he said to their dog Snickers, who stared at him with sad puppy dog eyes, as if to say, “Poor Bard”.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When your husband randomly mentions Foghorn Leghorn … The things our brains remember …. 

When you make a dentist appointment … and you hope that your “never a cavity” record holdsfor you don’t want to think about getting a needle jab in your jaw!

Quote from my son when looking at my baby pictures : “I am surprised that the pictures are as good of quality as they are … for being so old.” (his days may be numbered)