Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! It’s a sunny day, perfect weather for going to visit a greenhouse, full of beautiful flowers and plants. I plan on coming home with some for my front porch. How long they will survive? Well perhaps we can set a record this year! My Mom’s green thumb didn’t exactly extend to me! Our house growing up was always full of thriving flowers and plants, as was our yard. My Dad used to talk about how he should build a greenhouse for my Mom. Flowers are beautiful and I hope today you can feel flowers blooming in your heart!

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Keeping the Peace?

Are you a peacekeeper or peacemaker ? No, they are not the same. When growing up I would have called myself a peacekeeper and I still tend to fall into that mode,  but I am learning.

A peacekeeper will keep the peace no matter the cost.They will sacrifice what they really want, just to keep everyone happy for they don’t want to stir the waters. They don’t like conflict and will avoid it whenever they can.

A peacemaker will try to make peace, try to diffuse tense situations, but they do it in a healthy way.  Giving in to keep the peace is not really keeping the peace, it can be more like trying to shove a big elephant under the rug!

You can try to smooth the rug over the elephant, but there will still be lumps there.

Yes, there are situations that aren’t worth stirring up conflict over. Situations which may be very appropriate for you to just give in when you weigh out what it will matter in the long run.

Kind of like being a parent and choosing your battles. Sometimes that might mean that instead of yelling for the 100th time about your child’s messy room, you just close the door and walk away. Your child grows older and I am pleased to say, it does get better! Its music to your ears when you hear them say, “I have got to clean my room tonight” and a stunning sight to the eyes when you see that they did!

Then there are the situations where you need to take a stand for yourself, even if it does stir up conflict. I had to do that at one of the first job’s that I had. I worked at a Dr.s office and for some reason the manager did not like me. I got along fine with the Dr. and the rest of the office staff, but unfortunately not her.  She made it very clear many times that I was on her black list. Everyone could tell and they were just as puzzled as I was.

It grew very frustrating for she never could give me a good reason of why she didn’t like me and there seemed to be nothing I could do to gain her favor. No matter what I did she would yell at me in front of patients and the staff and because I didn’t like conflict I let her do it to me. I thought I was keeping the peace, but I was just hurting myself.  I was enabling her to just continue treating me that way.

I gave myself a severe case of reflux due to the stress. I seriously was like drinking Maalox for  quite awhile. My family Dr. said I was very close to having a stomach ulcer and she suggested that for my health I quit, which I did end up doing.

There are times we won’t be able to make peace and in those times we have to choose what the best thing to do is. I had talked to the Dr.and I tried to talk to the manager different times.  I tried to understand what her problem was, but she refused to talk about it.  She had been the office manager for years and the Doctor pretty much just let her do whatever she wanted to do. She was the boss.

Peace is a wonderful thing, but if we are hurting ourselves in the process of keeping the peace, then we have some serious questions to ask.

I think I shared on here before about the time I was in charge at a Fast Food Restaurant and it was an employee’s turn to squeeze lemons for our lemonade. She decided she wasn’t going to do it, just because she didn’t want to. I told her she either took her turn or she could go home. She threatened that she would punch my face in.  Yes, I was shaking inside, for she was much bigger than me, (not exactly hard to be)

I could have kept the peace by just giving her another job to do, but what kind of message would that have sent to the other employees? Plus the next time it came to be her turn to squeeze lemons she would think she could get away with not doing it again. It would be like trying to smooth the rug over an elephant again. So I held my ground and soon she was squeezing lemons, though not exactly with a smile!  But my face remained untouched, so I was smiling.

I think there are people who naturally can handle conflict better than some others, but we all can learn to stand up for ourselves. We can all learn that sometimes keeping the peace is not the same as being a peacemaker. What are your experiences? How do you handle conflict?




Danger on the Train

In my Name the Challenge! post I gave my readers a chance to give me an idea of what they would like to see a post about. I did get some creative ideas and do plan on using them all.  It’s never too late to share an idea with me, if one comes to your mind!

For today I am going to start with an idea from Tippy.  A fun blogger whose blog contains the adventures that he has in chasing unicorns.  Here is a link to one of his adventures, https://unicorniks.com/2019/04/14/the-winchester-mystery-house/

I will admit that at first I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the idea of a train being derailed and a murder happening, but …. then an idea struck me. It might have diverted a little from Tippy’s original idea, but thanks Tippy for helping to get the creativity flowing.


Danger on the Train


Cynthia was looking out the window, it had been 2 days that she had been traveling so far.  The train ride had been nice and smooth, but she still hadn’t had a chance to try her plan.

They seemed to be heading deeper into the countryside, no-man’s land. The track was getting more windy the farther they went. Cynthia found herself getting drowsy, she had just enjoyed a nice cup of Chamomile tea. Deciding to close her eyes for a bit, she let herself be rocked to sleep by the rhythm of train.

Suddenly she was thrown out of her seat. Other passengers had been thrown as well and there was chaos! No one was quite sure what had happened until they looked out the window and saw that they were off the tracks.

The conductor’s voice was soon heard over the intercom. ” My apologies, but we seemed to have derailed and gone into a ditch. We will do our best to get the train up and running again as soon as possible.”

Cynthia looked around, it appeared that there were no serious injuries with any of the passengers, just some scrapes and bruises. She brushed off some dirt that had flown in the window and sighed. Oh well, “C est la vie!”

“Excuse me Miss. do you mind if sit by you? ”

Cynthia looked up at the older gentleman talking to her.  She was thinking of reading, but maybe it would be nice to have someone to talk with for a bit.

“Sure, have a seat.”

“Thank you!”  he said, as he sat down beside her.

“I see you like to read,” noticing the book in her lap. “May I ask what the book is about? I am an avid reader myself. I love Shakespeare and other classics. ”

Cynthia smiled, ” I prefer mysteries. Right now I am reading “The Cat and Mouse Game”. Its a murder mystery.”

The gentleman smiled, “Hmmm … that may be interesting. Would you like something to drink, I was thinking of getting a drink myself.”

Cynthia’s thoughts started flying, this might be the chance she was waiting for. Seeing the bulge of his wallet, she guessed he was fairly wealthy.

“Yes, please, I would love a white chocolate latte. ”

The man shook his head, ” I don’t know how people drink latte’s, or just plain coffee, but I would be glad to get you some.”  and he tipped his hat at her while he walked away.

Soon he came back with 2 steaming cups, he handed her latte to her and began to sit down with his drink, when Cynthia spoke up.

“I am sorry, but would you mind getting me a sandwich as well.  I was sleeping earlier and I am rather hungry now.”

“No problem,” and sitting down his drink, he went to get Cynthia’s sandwich.

Cynthia watched him go out of sight and she dug in her purse for her bottle of arsenic. It wouldn’t take much, she had grown pretty good at knowing exactly how much to use. She put a few drops in his cup and stirred it around and then sat back in her chair and started reading her book until he came.

“Here you go Miss. I hope you like egg and olive sandwiches.”

“They are great! My Mom used to make them for me all the time, thank you so much.”

She started to eat as the gentleman sat down and took a drink.

“I still can’t believe I am actually going to drink coffee, but they were out of  bottled water.”

Cynthia was nodding and drinking her latte as she kept her eyes on him.

” I have always said that coffee is poison!…”

Spitting out some of her latte, she started coughing.

The gentleman turned to her in alarm, “Are you okay?” He started patting her back.

“I am f-f-fine”, she said, “the latte just must have gone down the wrong throat!”

He picked up his cup and started drinking again. “Like I was saying, this stuff tastes nasty, I am sure it is ….”

With those words he slumped down in his chair.

Cynthia was ready to take his wallet when suddenly there was a commotion as an animal stepped onto the train!

The doors had been open, so it didn’t get too hot for everyone. People were in shock! They found themselves staring at a beautiful white unicorn! It seemed to be on a mission as it ignored everyone and trotted right over to where Cynthia and the gentleman were sitting.

Everyone was stunned as the unicorn scooped the man up with his head and tossed him on his back, walked out of the train and started flying away!

Cynthia couldn’t believe it! She looked at his coffee cup and realized he hadn’t drank enough of it for it to kill him, he was just unconscious. He sure would have the surprise of his life when he woke up!

She picked up her book to read again while she waited for her next victim. Perhaps this time she would actually get their money before another crazy unicorn comes and steals them away!




Name the Challenge!

I am sitting here listening to the peaceful sound of the rain falling. No mind boggling thoughts going through my mind at the moment. Just one of those moments where you sit back and go. “AHH!”


Don’t we all need moments like this!

So while I am relaxing, I have a question for you. What would you like to see a post about? Is there a quote you would like me to write a post around, or perhaps a question? A thought provoking one or an entertaining one. You name it, just about anything goes!

If it wasn’t for you, my valuable readers, I wouldn’t have near the fun I do at writing posts, so I figured i would give all of you a chance to make a suggestion. Since after all you are the ones reading my posts, so what would you like to see?

I do realize I could be asking for quite the challenge, but I think I am up to it. Throw out whatever comes to your mind. If nothing comes to your mind now, you can come back to comment later, there is no expiration date.

So put on your thinking caps and start thinking while I make myself a cup of tea and go “Ahh!” 🙂

Mama’s Roses

046f781a4024f796d2217edfe570ae51 This painting is from Pinterest and was done in 1908 by Waterhose.  It’s called “The Soul of the Rose”


She breathed in the scent of the sweet rose. Taking deep breaths she tried to stop the butterflies from having a party inside her stomach. Oh how she longed for yesterday, to go back to an easier time. Her life now seemed to be more full of questions than of answers.

These days life seemed to be taking her on quite the ride. Sometimes she could relax, and breathe and take the time to smell the roses, but other times she felt like she was hanging on to the caboose for dear life as the train sped down the tracks.

Speeding down the tracks and sometimes heading  for what seemed to be dark tunnels. She would stretch forward trying to look for the light.

This place held so many memories, she was afraid to step out and go somewhere new. Taking another breath of the sweet rose, she quieted the butterflies inside of her, telling them it would be okay. She was embarking on a new day, a new adventure and there was a part of her spirit that as eager to soar.

Memories came back of when she was a little girl. Planting roses with her Mama, digging in the dirt and eagerly waiting to see the flowers bloom. So many days they had spent working side by side together in the flower garden.

The years passed and her Mama got older. It got harder for her to walk around as much.  Juliet would clip the roses and bring them inside for her to enjoy. They would share cups of tea and talk about memories of days past, savoring the time together, as the wonderful aroma of the roses filled the room.

The roses were like her Mama, their fragrance spilled out for others to enjoy as they passed by. Her Mama’s fragrance of gentleness and love also overflowed, touching all who knew her.

This place was so special, but now her sweet Mama was gone and it was time for Juliet to move on. To be thankful in her heart for all the yesterdays and to move on to embrace enchanting tomorrows.

Courage rose up in her as she deeply breathed in one more time the fresh scent. She would forever carry inside of her the aroma of her Mama’s sweet, blushing pink rose.



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

These may be a mixture of Monday’s Night Thoughts and very early Tuesday morning Thoughts. I have an Eye Dr. appt. first thing in the morning tomorrow, so I figured I better start getting this post ready now, or else tomorrow morning will come and go, and everyone will wonder where “Tuesday’s Thoughts” are! Or perhaps you wouldn’t notice. 🙂 But just to be on the safe side, I decided not to let you wait until I get home from the Dr. and more importantly until my eyes get un-dilated and can see again. That is the worst thing about the Eye Dr., the dilating of the eyes, for it takes sooo long to wear off!

This is just a regular check up, I do think my one cataract may be getting worse, so cataract surgery is probably not far into the future. Yes, I am fairly young to have cataracts, but for some reason I have them. Already had one removed a few years ago and I had one in the other eye at the same time, but it was very small at the time so we left it alone. I am glad I have an Eye Dr. that I trust and that things like cataracts can be taken care of for eyes are something that can’t be replaced!

Enjoy the quotes and appreciate all the senses that you have, they are a gift, that not everyone has. Oh and I almost forgot! Some clever guesses for yesterday’s post about what may be in the box, but sorry, you all were wrong! What is in the box at times, is our 3 ferrets! Yes, its an outdoor play thing for them on nice days. Filled with soil and plastic tunnels for them to go through. They enjoy it!



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Celebrating Nature

I was sitting out on our porch swing this afternoon taking a moment to read and enjoy the sunny weather. I looked up from my book and was struck by the brilliant blueness of the sky. We live in such a beautiful world and being that this is Earth Day, I thought would snap some pictures to share. We should always care about taking care  of the earth, for this is the only one we are going to get!



20190422_181159.jpg This is a Eastern Redbud tree, AKA a miracle bush for when we first got it, it did not look good at all. I faithfully watered it every day and I am pretty certain that there were drivers passing by wondering why I was watering something that looked very small and pitiful. But now every Spring I love looking out into our yard and seeing the lovely blooms.

20190422_180923.jpg This is our Gold Rush Red Wood tree just starting to bud once again. The leaves are so very soft.


Surprise! This is on our back porch Yes, there may be times I like to keep my readers in suspense. 🙂 Just what do you think we have in this thing at times??

The Eggstra Special Eggs

“Do you have all the eggs ready?” asked Jinx. It was time for the annual North Pole Easter Egg Hunt and this year Jinx and Jangle were in charge of it.

“Just finishing up!” said Jangle.  “Only 3 more to go.”

Jinx and Jangle were admiring their handwork while putting all the eggs in 2 big baskets. They were pretty impressed with their artistic work on the eggs.

“Guess its time for us to start hiding them now. Oh wait a minute where is Snowball? Remember we gave him some eggs for he said he would help. He was in charge of the special eggs.” said Jangle.

The special eggs were the ones that could be traded in for fun rewards. Rewards like a day off work, a extra long ride somewhere on the back of Dinosaris, and a special meal made by Santa’s own personal Chef. Chef Salvo. Everyone loved his food, especially Santa!

“That’s right, ” said Jinx, “But you know Snowball, he is probably napping again.”

They decided they would go over to his house and wake him. Grabbing their basket of eggs they left.

They walked just a little ways when Jinx said, ” Hey look! Here comes Dinosaris with Snowball on his back.”

They were flying low and landed right in front of Jinx and Jangle.

“Thanks for the ride.” Snowball said, as he climbed off Dinosaris.

“Hi guys, here are the eggs,  they all have the special gold star stickers on them!”

“Great! Lets get started hiding them!”

It took them quite awhile, for finding hiding places for 100 eggs could be rather hard.

At last they finished and they informed Santa that they were ready for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin!

Soon elves were scrambling everywhere and chattering away as they hunted for the eggs. Jinx, Jangle and Snowball were enjoying watching along with Santa.

“I found a special egg! I found one!” shouted Flake.

“Here Jinx, give it to Santa for me please, as I go try to find some more.” Flake tossed it to Jinx, and Jinx tried his best to catch it, but he missed and it cracked as it hit the ice.

“OOPS!”  said Jinx. Santa just chuckled and assured Jinx that he would make sure Flake got a special reward.

“We could throw some more eggs your way Jinx and perhaps you could make scrambled eggs!” laughed Jangle and Snowball.

The hunt took extra long this year, for the eggs had been hidden really well. The elves were asking clues, but the clues that Jinx, Jangle and Snowball came up with mostly just caused the elves to be confused as Jinx, Jangle and Snowball just laughed.

At last it was over and everyone was happy with what they had found.

“Thank you guys for your hard work,” Santa said to Jinx, Jangle and Snowball. You did a great job! If you are hungry, Chef Salvo has his own special poached eggs waiting for you”

They wouldn’t turn down Chef Salvo’s food. They all eagerly walked towards the kitchen. To their surprise he had more than just eggs for them, he also had small special chocolate cakes for each of them.

“Wow! This is great!”

They were finishing up when Santa said “Hey guys, when you are finished you may want to look at the bottom of your plates.”

Cleaning up the crumbs, for you couldn’t let them go to waste, they turned over their plates to look.

“A gold star! We got gold stars! What do they mean Santa? Are we getting another reward besides this yummy food that we just had?”

“Yes!” said Santa, and he smiled, and then to their surprise just walked away.

The 3 elves looked at each other curiously. What did Santa mean?  What was their reward? They looked at Chef Salvo.

“Do you know what Santa has up his sleeve? ” they asked.

Chef Salvo winked,” OH that Santa can be tricky, but yes I do know, and you all will find out in time. ” he said,  chuckling as he walked away.