Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Last day of work for me for awhile and escaping from technology for a little while in another day. What better way to wrap things up then with some wonderful thoughts again. Gotta do something to get some of the THOUGHTS from yesterday’s post out of your mind. And you all can be relieved to know that hubby is driving so we will have no problem finding the right ADDRESS! 🙂 Enjoy the quotes!

1..Are you an artist too?:

2.I wish! I really want to be a genie mermaid who rides a magic carpet under the sea. My mind has some trippy thoughts.:

3.Whether you are busy planning your next adventure or just daydreaming about it, here are some wanderlust quotes to spark the traveler in you!           “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu "Travel is nor reward for working, it’s education for living" Travel is rarely a matter of money, but of courage” - Paulo Coelho "Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your sole" "I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see a little” – Alexander ...


divorce quotes | Words to Live By! Our Favourite Inspirational Divorce Quotes:

5.-Maya Angelou: one of my all time favorite authors.  Her novels and poetry have reminded me of the goodness in everything.  Have always loved this quote!

6.Watch with glittering eyes today. (I LOVE this.) :: Roald Dahl Quote by farmnflea

7.Of course we couldn’t let Charles Dickens' Birthday pass us by without our usual homage to a wonderful author in the form of Quotes Top Ten.: 🙂

8.Camus Love Quotes. QuotesGram by <a href="/quotesgram/" title="QuotesGram">@QuotesGram</a> I think this has become a new favorite of mine!

9."Whereever I am, if I've got a book with me, I have a place I can go and be happy." --JK Rowling and having time to read on the road soon will be nice! 🙂

10.// I am surrounded by love. All is well. - Louise Hay Affirmations: Yes, when we have people in our lives that truly love and care about us it does make everything well, no matter what!  Have a great week everyone! I will be back, I promise 🙂


From the Mountains to the Cornfields

Good Morning friends! The time is looming closer til we hit the road to go to the Mountains of North Carolina. Deep in the mountains! About the last half hour of the trip is when I have to watch my stomach, for its all curvy roads to get back to where my husband’s Aunt and Uncle and Grandma live. At least I am not pregnant! That time with the curvy roads really didn’t go well!

It might be curvy to get too, but they do live in a beautiful spot with mountains all around and a creek in their backyard. Hummingbird feeder on the front porch where they will actually come and sit on my Aunt if she stands very still by the feeder. Looking forward to relaxing with some of the sweetest people I know. I have joked with Brad before that I married him cause of his family 🙂

Being down in the mountains technology doesn’t work too well, but hope to touch base back here once we get to the cornfields of Indiana. That is where I will sit by sister-in-law’s pool soaking up the sun while chatting with my dear sis about everything under the sun!

Playing cards til late, making sure MIL doesn’t win is another thing that will definitely happen. We usually go on hikes as well and perhaps other outings  just depends on the weather. Went to a trampoline place out there before with good friends. The place was literally covered wall to wall, so that you could bounce off the wall. The kids loved it and have to say it was fun! That is until I attempted getting out of bed the next day. Quickest way to know that you aren’t quite as young as you used to be!  All in all it doesn’t really matter what we do, for we will be together enjoying family and that is what counts!

We will be leaving Wednesday, wanted to let you all know that I didn’t disappear when you notice no new posts from me for awhile. May be erratic for a little, but I will be back to regular posting within 2 weeks! Now gotta keep checking things off my To Do list and one of them is getting to the Post Office. Gotta seal the packages and then they are ready, and there is a smile in  my heart imagining the recipients faces! Have a great day everyone!


Green Eggs and Ham

It is funny how our minds work. How talking about something can make you star thinking about something else that is really not related, but it just pops into your brain.

Last night my friend texted me, “Never trust the box! So many times what you think is in the box, isn’t in the box, so that’s why we always say Never trust the box!” This text left a lot unanswered questions, but that’s OK, am not curious at all! OK, maybe a little bit curious, well maybe a little more than a little bit…and now you all can be curious with me 🙂

I woke up with that saying in my head and thought of the Dr.Seuss book ,Green eggs and ham. Why, you say. Well its easy. “You can have them in a BOX, you can have them with a fox. NO, I don’t want them in a BOX  and I don’t want them with a fox, I don’t want Green eggs and ham, I don’t want them Sam I am.” “I don’t want them on a train, I don’t want them in the rain.” And no worries, not going to quote the whole book for you. .But it started me thinking what wouldn’t I  eat no matter what?

I like a lot of foods, but will say there are several things I won’t eat as well. Tomatoes, beets, liver, green beans, just to name a few. I am not picky, I will eat anything with sugar, as my family can attest to!

After I stopped thinking about all the foods that I wouldn’t eat “Would you eat them in a house, could  you eat them with a mouse?  Could you eat them with a goat, would you eat them on a boat?” I started thinking about the box text again and it brought back a memory that I thought I would share.

A few years back it was that time of year again, my birthday was soon arriving. I was beyond ready, for I had been staring at a HUGE box that my hubby informed me was my present for what seemed like forever. So many things were going through my mind as to what it could be and I was having trouble figuring it out! The day arrived and I excitedly started opening the box, got the lid open and what do you think was inside? Another box! So I tore that box open only to find , yes, another box! I was beginning to think that I was just going to keep finding empty boxes. My husband and kids encouraged me to keep going. As I was opening the boxes they were decreasing in size rather rapidly. So then my mind was getting really confused, for I had to quick now think of what smaller things may be my gift. Well  I was happily surprised to at last open the teeny tiny  box that held the prize! It is one of my most treasured possessions today. It was a beautiful Mother’s Ring, my girls birthstones on either side of my birthstone. Their names inscribed on both sides of the ring and all 3 birthstones were heart shaped! I have loved heart shaped things ever since the time my hubby proposed with a heart shaped engagement diamond.

So going back to my friend’s text, “Never trust the box!” As I stared at that BIG BOX leading up to my birthday I never imagined that it would contain something so tiny, but yet so precious! Some things you just never know until you open the box!




The Anti-Midas Touch

I have decided that I have the Anti-Midas Touch! Remember the fable, how everything King Midas touched turned to Gold. I have not been that lucky yet! Plus, not only do the things I touch not turn to gold, sometimes they break!

I was on the way home from dropping my daughter off at work and had stopped at the gas station, for that is necessary at times! Was leaving the gas station and decided that it was such a short drive home that I didn’t need the A/C, I could let the fresh air in. Pushed the button that is  supposed to automatically put my window down and OH IT DID! It went down fast and CLATTERED as it disappeared into the black hole, never to be seen again! All I did was barely touch it with my finger. So now I wait for my dear hubby to get home from work so I can give him the news. I guess I could start with , “the good news is that the van runs fine!” For we had it in the garage recently cause of making up its mind to not start when we wanted it to. It enjoyed just letting me sit when I would be out running errands. I am thinking that not only do I have the Anti-Midas touch, BUT  that also the van must not like me too well!

My  Anti-Midas Touch reaches into other parts of my life as well. I remember we used to have a nice aquarium and would get real cool fish to put in it. We would enjoy them for about a week and then they would die! Nothing like your kids telling you to PLEASE not get anymore fish, for all they do is die!  Now both of my daughters have their own Beta fish in their rooms and happy to say that they have stayed living for awhile.  I don’t touch them 🙂

I was browsing through the bookstore and thud, the books hit the floor from the shelf right in front of me.In the grocery store  I touch 1 can and the cans by it fall. Can you relate?

It’s a beautiful day, maybe I will go for a walk with my dogs. Can’t break anything that way, right? 🙂


Choices determine Destiny

Good Morning friends! I remembered today about a quote that my dear friend shared with me when I had asked for quotes to do a  post around. When I saw her suggestion my heart strings were  tugged, for they may look like 3 simple words, but they hold much power! They hold much sentiment for her, and I am honored that she wants me to share her story. I hope I can do it justice.

8 years ago on the last day of April there was a young man who loved life! He was  outgoing, passionate and caring and could make you laugh at the drop of a hat. He was a wonderful big brother to 2 amazing girls and the only son to my dear friends. His name was Kiel. His Freshman year of college was ending, it was his last week. He had made it through! He was soon going to be moving back home to his family and friends for the summer, life was good!

I don’t know what Kiel was doing the morning of April 30th, but I can guess that he probably was thinking of the summer to come. Of being at home with his family and just doing what he did best, living life to the fullest! I’m sure he had dreams about the future and was eager to keep living life 1 day at a time and seeing what was to come next. He had a optimistic view on life that was  contagious when you were around him, always wearing a smile. More times than not that smile was probably due to mischief brewing in his mind.  He did enjoy having fun. He was 19 years old and had his whole life ahead of him. I may not know what all his mind contained the morning of April 30th, but I am pretty sure that he didn’t wake up thinking, “This is going to be the last morning I see.”

May 1st dawned as a bright, warm Spring day. My friend Lori  knew in a week that her son would be home from college. Being a close knit family, she  was excited to have her kids all together again.

Lori  was at work when 2 police walked in her work place asking for her. She wasn’t aware that when she stepped outside with the police that her life would be irrevocably changed. Changed by choices that had been made by her precious son and by his questionable friends.

The details of the night remain sketchy, even 8 years later; for people are afraid to speak up. The facts are tragic. My friend’s son who had so much potential and promise inside him was found dead  the morning of May 1st. He died of alcohol poisoning. His friends were very aware of how intoxicated he was, and one mentioned taking him to the hospital. But the others made the CHOICE not to! They made the CHOICE to put him in a bedroom and just let him sleep it off. You don’t  sleep off alcohol poisoning!  No one checked on him until it was too late. CHOICES were made that night that resulted in deadly consequences and that changed not only my friend’s life and her family, but many others who knew and loved him.

We make choices every day of our lives and a lot of those choices are not life changing ones, but we need to remember that there are choices that can be. Choices that not only change our lives, but the lives of so many others. Choices that we don’t always get a second chance to redo! Please choose wisely when making serious choices, don’t only  think about the here and now. Think about what the result could be of your choice and question if its worth it!

My heart still aches for my friend and her dear family for there is no greater loss than the loss of a precious, loved one! But I need to say on here that I am so proud of them  and the choices they have made in how they have handled this tragedy. They are Kiel’s voice, they have gone around to different High Schools and Colleges ( including Kiel’s college) sharing the truth about alcohol poisoning. Encouraging young people to make wise and responsible choices. They are doing all they can to try and make a difference in others lives

They did not choose to become bitter and isolate themselves from society. They chose to keep embracing life and living it to the fullest  like Kiel did. They chose to keep smiling through their heartbreak , yes letting the tears come and the bad days, but knowing that this was not the end. Knowing that they can preserve Kiel’s legacy and that they each still have so much to offer! Sharing their love, wisdom, joy and laughter with the world and those of us that are so blessed to be able to call them our friends!  Love you Lori and Tony and Katy and Ema! Keep shining the beautiful light that you all shine and making a  difference one day at a time!


What is being brave? It can be so many different things for different people. Being brave for a 5 year old can be jumping off the diving board! Or can be trying to pull the teacher in with you. Yeah, I kinda didn’t make it through swim lessons! But I did eventually learn how to swim, tho please don’t count on me to save you!

Bravery is the child who stands up for the one  that is being picked on. The teen who chooses to go eat lunch with the lonely teen sitting by themselves in a corner of the cafeteria.

Bravery is standing for the truth, even when others may be against you. Its speaking out against injustice, when the roar of the crowd is deafening against you. It is facing your fears and unveiling things you have held inside. You are stepping out  in order to help yourself and others!

Yes, Bravery takes on many faces and not every brave move has to be something major. You can be brave in light hearted ways as well. I was joking with a dear friend saying how its time for the tables to be turned, as far as jokes go. Time for me NOT to be the red faced, and embarrassed one. Remember my Friday’s 6 word story with the lion hiding his face, well there is  a longer story behind that 6 word story.  Anyway, she quickly agreed, saying how its past, past time! So nice of her to agree that  I often end up on the losing end! Then her response was 3 words , “Bring it on!”

Is there something you been debating about being brave about ? Something you want to stand up for, but just don’t know how. Afraid to make the move. To take that jump off the dive! Let go of the Teacher’s hand and JUMP, you may be very glad you did! You got the courage in you, just BRING IT ON and do it!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning my friends!  Hopefully you enjoy these assortment of quotes that were  picked in the late hours of the night. Right now I think I am gonna be able to identify with number 2 🙂  Have a great Tuesday and as always Thanks for reading and commenting below on the ones  that struck a chord with you.


2. Monday Morning Randomness:

3.Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best.:

4.Absolutely 100% true:

5.My rule of life: #1 "If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done.":

6.“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”  Buddha  --  Explore journey quotes, both ancient and modern, at http://www.examiner.com/article/travel-a-road-of-literate-quotes-about-the-journey:

7. Small Print: I Believe in Jackalopes by Kleineberg on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/204144211/small-print-i-believe-in-jackalopes:

8.I wonder how much of what weighs me down is not mine to carry.:

9.50 Best Minions Humor Quotes <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23Humorous" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23Humorous&rs=hashtag" rel="nofollow" title="#Humorous search Pinterest">#Humorous</a> ( Yeah, I was thinking of my friend when I read this, definitely not me! And now you all are wondering if it is you, right? LOL!

10.Thought She Be But Little, She is Fierce. This artwork is inspired by the third act of Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream. The original artwork is

11."Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself..." ~ Parmahansa Yogananda; Founder: Self-Realization Fellowship [Founded: 1920]



Have you been surprised yet this morning by anything? The hour is early, but I have had 2 surprises already. I awoke laughing about a dream I had. We were gonna have a new baby in the family! NO, it wasn’t me that was pregnant, it was my dear Mother-in-law! She was excited about it in the dream, but I have a feeling I will be getting a different reaction when she reads this 🙂 We are going out to visit in about 2 weeks, so guess I should start looking for a baby gift, for in the dream she was a few months along already. Oh yes, that surprise dream made me wake with a laugh.

But wasn’t laughing long til a “Charlie horse” muscle cramp hit my leg. That wasn’t the kind of surprise I wanted! I can do without them,  still feel it some.

What surprises do you remember? Hopefully you have many good ones!

I remember my Sweet 16th surprise party, tho it seems so long ago now! Remember my bridal showers and yes the BABY showers.  May have to check in with sister-in-law and talk about planning a shower for my dear Mother-in-law. I had a surprise 30th birthday party and definitely a surprise for my 40th, a night that still makes me laugh.

My hubby is great with surprising me with little gifts for anytime. I appreciate his thoughtfulness! There are also the times where he gets my birthday gift or Christmas gift really early and loves to inform me of that! He knows how much I “love” to be in suspense! Those surprises may drive me a little crazy!  I have attempted to do the same to him, but never works. Suspense doesn’t bother him as much, AND he is too good at asking too many sly questions which gets the Surprise to come out of my mouth. That of course makes his day!

I enjoy the surprises of a friend texting or calling and saying, ” Hey, I am free for lunch, want to go out?” The surprise of a sweet note or text from your child, for no special reason other than to say , “I love you!”

I did NOT like the surprise of the blue and red flashing lights behind me  when I was  cruising down the road  listening to great music with my  girls. The police siren really did not mix with the music well. No, this did not recently happen, its been a few years 🙂 And I am sure many of you can relate, right?? Feel free to share your story below 🙂

Life is made up of good and bad surprises, and a lot of times we have no choice in the matter. BUT for today I am wishing you all some  wonderful surprises!  Can range from a simple heart warming message to maybe winning airline tickets to a Tropical Island 🙂 Yeah, I had to throw that in, I am still wishing! Have a great day! It’s a new week, make the best of it!


Love you Dad!

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me."   - CountryLiving.com:

Happy Father’s Day to a Wonderful DAD!

I am so proud to have been blessed with my Father. I remember writing a essay about him when I was 10 years old and entering it in a contest. It was “Why my Dad was #1” and he won Grand Prize 🙂

I am quite a bit older than 10 now, tho not very much taller; BUT the years don’t change the fact that he is still #1. The years actually have only  given more reason for me to believe it!

He has been there for me with his love and wisdom as I have hit life’s up and down’s and unfortunately there have been some major downs recently. I know its been hard on him and all those who love me.  As with any good Dad, if he could fix it for his baby daughter he would in an instant!

What means the most is he has never stopped believing in me! We may not always see eye to eye, but we feel heart to heart and my love and respect for him will never die!

Cute to put with the pics of him holding each child when they were first born!: