Beware of Chickens, Dogs as Matchmakers, A Unique Proposal … and More Facts


Don’t underestimate the power of chickens.


A dog many times can be a good judge of character!


Wow! So glad tbey found each other. Can’t imagine the shock they must have felt!


Never would have guessed to blame millipedes for a train accident.


I am a romantic and I love hearts BUT …. why? Why 99 Iphones?? Roses,boxes of chocolate, seashells ….99 books stacked up….Poor guy.


I have never thought tbat bats are cute but…. these are the cutest bats I have seen.

My Madelyn

This is a continuation from my Thursday’s post, Remembering When …

The thunder boomed and Wally dove under the table. Samuel shook his head, poor dog, hated thunderstorms.

He grabbed Wally’s favorite treat and threw it under the him. Samuel felt sorry for Wally but personally he enjoyed thunderstorms

One of his fondest memories had to do with a thunderstorm. Sitting in his Lazy Boy recliner Samuel let himself travel back in time. The time that he first met HER. Almost 30 years ago, back when he was only 20.

It had been a miserable day and all he wanted was to get home and unwind. But as Mutphy’s law would have it, his apple red Ford Ranger died on him. To make matters worse he was on back mountain roads, not much hope of seeing anyone. He would have to start walking. At least it was still daylight.

Grumbling to himself about his rotten luck, he started down the road. It was the dog days of summer. Didn’t take long before sweat was running down his face. There wasn’t even the slightest breeze. Couldn’t he catch some kind of break!

He was going to let his freezer door wide open when he got home. Stand smack dab in front of it letting the cold air blast him.

What was that? He thought he heard something. He looked one direction and another and his eyes found her. Instantly he was mesmerized by her beauty. She was headed straight for him and he was enraptured, unable to speak.

Closer and closer she came over the ridge, her dark eyes watching him. Samuel tried his hardest to stand still, he didn’t want any sudden movements to scare her away.

The closer she drew to him the faster his heart beat. All negative thoughts about his truck breaking down and the heat of the day had flown from his mind, as he stared at her flowing black mane.

He had always loved horses and now here was one galloping towards him. She got just a few feet away and stopped.

Samuel moved slowly towards her and one time she raised up on her hind legs and neighed, scaring him good!

That made him stop. She was a wild horse, he knew not to get too close. He was elated enough with having the chance to get as close as he did.

They had stood there, horse and man, staring at each other. One being awestruck by the beauty and power of the horse and the other one wondering how much to trust.

Samuel felt frozen in spot when it happened. The moment that embedded itself so deep in his brain, he would never forget.

The magical moment when she had come close enough to him for him to touch. His breathing had been irregular, while questioning about reaching out his hand?

Time stood still as he reached out his hand and touched her head. The moment wasn’t long but for him it lasted forever. He watched her turn away and go galloping back into the mountains. Standing there he watched until she was out of sight. He couldn’t help but wonder. Why had she come?

Rain started falling but Samuel didn’t care. He had witneseed beauty in motion.

Thunder boomed, that got his attention. The clouds were darkening. He headed back for his truck. He may as well stay dry. There was no hurry to get home.

Getting into the truck he waited out the storm. It had been a quick one. Then without thinking he put the keys in the ignition and the truck started! He was happy but the thing had been totally dead, what had made it start?

His day was turning around and as he pulled away, he was truly thankful for the special moment in time. A time to remember that life’s surprises are around every corner. Even on what you think is your worst day!

Samuel smiled, meeting Madelyn, his midnight mare, was always such a poignant memory to revisit.

Wally had come out from under the table, the storm was calming down. He sprawled out in his cozy dogbed right beside the recliner. Samuel bent down to pet him.

Then he looked out the window, the sun was starting to set and the panoramic light show was beginning.

Samuel’s eyes grew large with wonder. She was there again. Her mane blowing in the wind.

Within minutes the horse galloped away. His Madelyn had been visiting him for years. Eversince that day they first met.

He scratched Wally behind the ears. “We got another visit from her old buddy. We never know when she may come, which is why its good that I am no longer the conductor of a train.’ Wally rolled over for his belly to be rubbed. Samuel laughed. Wally was a good listener as long as Samuel didn’t forget the important things, like belly rubs.

“Wally, did I tell you what happened one dark night, when I was with my friend Mason? Oh poor Mason…” Samuel chuckled as he remembered, and then continued on.

Not An Ordinary Day!

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The day was warm and bright. Spring had come at last and Missy and Doug were celebrating with a hike.

Missy spied something ahead that she caught ber eye. It reminded her slightly of a gazebo. Looked like an old archway, maybe it led to something mysterious. She laughed to herself about her imagination.

Doug was busy working on getting his Zzz’s, by sitting up against a tree. She smiled at him sleeping. Then she looked down at the sparkling ring on her finger. They had been engaged for a month now but she still hadn’t come down from Cloud 9! Luckiest girl in the world, that was her!

Feeling full of joy she felt carefree and skipped towards the archway, thinking she would check it out.

Doug rubbed his eyes. The warmth of the sun must have made him nod off. Missy would tease him once again at how he could sleep anywhere. Standing up he stretched, looking around. Where was Missy?

“Missy! Missy, where are you?” There was no response.

Well that was strange. He rubbed his chin. She wouldn’t continue hiking without him.

A slow smile curved along his face. He knew. She was probably hiding from him on purpose.

“Ready or not, here I come!”

He hoped that he would be able to creep up on her, grabbing her from behind. Tickle her ribs a little making her squirm and then steal a kiss from her soft lips.

Anticipation surged through hjm. Oh, how he couldn’t wait til the day that she became his beautiful, blushing, bride. He had to be one of the happiest guy’s alive.

After more tume passed, his heart started feeling strange. Something wasn’t right. Missy wouldn’t stay hiding from him this long. He had spied the arch, thinking that would be something that she would have liked. But he could see inside and tell that she wasn’t in there. So where had she gone?

Doug decided to walk into the arch, even though he didn’t see her.

He walked inside and looked around, nothing seemed ….Suddenly he lost his footing and the ground seemed to swallow him up!

“Missy! Thank goodness I found you, where are we?” He was standing over her, and she was lying on the ground.

Opening her eyes she blinked a few times and gave him a strange look. He didn’t notice her look, was just so relieved to see her that he leaned in for a kiss. SLAP!

Doug jerked back rubbing his red face. What just happened!!

“Stay away from me. I don’t know you!’

Missy stepped back eyeing him with caution.

“But,but its me….. Doug! What is wrong with you?” Doug was clearly befuddled by everything and didn’t know what to do. He would rather not be slapped again.

“Doug, Doug, Wake up sleepybesd!” Missy bent down and gave him a gentle kiss.

His eyes sprung open and he grabbed her around the waist. “Its you! Really you, and you know me!”

Missy scrunched up her face. “Of course its me, who else is giving you kisses?”

Doug laughed, and rushed to assure her that all was fine, no worries about anyone else stealing kisses. He sighed with relief , it was all a dream, Missy really did know who he was.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as the sun’s rays shined down. The hike could wait as they got lost in each other’s passionate embrace.

Remembering When …

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The grass was still wet with the early morning dew. Samuel’s feet moved as slow as a turtle. There was a time that he had been able to run like a deer. Won many cross country races in school, but those days were long gone.

He paused in his walking, giving himself a little rest. There was no rush, nobody was waiting for him.

No one was waiting for him at home either, so it didn’t matter when he returned. Some people would be sad about living alone, but not Samuel. He enjoyed living in his cottage on the hill.

The days were pleasantly passed by reading and watching the sheep in the pasture below.

After what he had been through, days of peace was what he needed.

He was almost there now. Once a year he made this trek out to the railroad tracks. Samuel may not remember things as easily as he did before, but he would never forget the date of the accident

That was the day that changed his life. The last day that he was ever on a train again.

Everyone was so worried about him afterwards. Crowding into his hospital room and visiting him at the rehab facility. He knew they meant well but he really just wanted to be left alone. Five years later he finally got his wish.

He found his “castle ” on the hill. The cottage was quite big enough for him and his dog Wally. Wally brought him a lot of love. When he had seen him at the shelter he knew he was the dog for him. Not many people wanted Wally, but Samuel did. Wally had a lame leg too.

At first his friends didn’t understand his desire to move away but over time they saw it was good for him. They still kept in touch and visited from time to time.

No one knew though about the trek he made each year. Oh, they would have fretted if they knew. They would tell him that he couldn’t walk that far on a lame leg, but what did they know.

They still tried to tell him that the accident wasn’t his fault, but they didn’t know everything.

He couldn’t turn back the wheels of time but he could come to the sight of the accident every year in remembrance of those who had been injured. Every day he was thankful that no one had died. He couldn’t have lived with himself if that would have happened.

Yes, that day long ago he had put on his conductor’s hat for the last time. His name had been cleared after the investigation but that was only because no one knew what he knew.

No one but him and his dog, Wally knew the truth about the Wintergreen Woods Train accident, and thats the way it would stay.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! My daughter is happy. She is the new owner of a Toyota Camry now. I had to laugh for she made a remark about how she signed so many papers. I told her to just wait until she buys her first house, that is when you feel like you are signing your life away! But her remark made me think of something else once again. Why are schools not teaching cursive anymore? I think my kids were in the last elementary class that taught it. I realize technology keeps changing and maybe handwritten signatures will be a think of the past. Everything will be electronic. What do I know, though I still think its rather sad. 

But anyway, hope you are having a good start to the week and that the following quotes bring you a smile break to your day. Enjoy! 












This is the conclusion to Mystery in the Snow

Shane debated whether to take the mittens with him or leave them by the mug. If she never returns the police may need to get involved.

What if this very minute she was fighting for her life? Oh, he had to stop watching shows like “48 Hours” and “Forensic Files”!

Looking at the mittens and mug one more time he noted the area where they were and he drove off.

What else was he supposed to do? If there had been blood, he would have easily seen it against the pure, white blanket of snow. He would drive back tomorrow and see if the mittens and mug were still there and watch the news for any report on missing persons.

Shane relaxed by his fireplace after making himself a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup. And tomato soup isn’t tomato soup without some scoops of peanut butter in it. That had been passed down to him by his dear,sweet grandmother.

As he sat in his chair, stroking Shadow, his car he still couldn’t get his mind off the mysterious mittens. What had happened to their owner?

Earlier that mornimg Lizzie had been getting ready to go out on a brisk walk. It had snowed overnight and the snow was all glittery in the sunlight. She loved taking a walk after the first snow, always so beautiful.

She was all ready go but couldn’t find her thermos for her hazelnut coffee. Sipping on coffee as she walked was a must. Being tired of looking she just grabbed her mug, and poured the coffee, being careful not to make it too full.

The cold air hit her in the face as she opened the door. It always took a little bit to adjust, but after walking fast for a bit it didn’t bother her anymore.

While walking she thought about work. Tomorrow would be a busy day of reading manuscript submissions, she needed the time off today.

She was proud of being the boss over Little Acorn Publishers. Things in her life were finally going well.

After walking a little while she stopped to take a break. Leaning up against a fence, she took off her mittens. It was easier holding her hot coffee.

She had only stopped for a few moments when a speeding truck slipped on some ice as it careened around the corner.

Lizzie jumped out of the way just in the nick of time. The truck skidded to a stop and a paniked driver stepped out of the truck.

“Are you okay?’ he asked.

Other than her heart almost jumping out of her body due to fright, she was OK.

She had to admit that her heart may not be beating hard only out of fear. The driver was so handsome. Looked like he had stepped out of a GQ magazine. His sea blue eyes and luxurious hair had her all ferhoodled.

In a daze she tried to keep her head straight. If she acted too daffy he would think she had a concussion.

It wasn’t long before she headed back home dreaming of the truck driver.

When she arrived home and stepped in the door she hung up her coat in the closet. Then she took off …. Her mittens! She had left them in the snow along with her mug! Oh, she had been ferhoodled for sure.

Shane couldn’t forget about the mysterious mittens. He tossed and turned in bed. Finally he got up, he had an idea.

Several months had passed. Spring was in the air. Lizzie was hyper, tonight was another date with Dwain, the truck driver. Who knew that being almost struck by a truck would bring love right to her!

It was with a full heart that she started reading for the day. A manuscript submission popped up in her email. The first one of the day. “The Lost Mittens” by Shane Britner.

The Clever Dog, Have you tasted the most expensive cheese?, One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure, and more facts!

I still would prefer to see him from a safe distance away!


Great idea!


I would love to give this dog a biscuit!
I never even heard of this cheese, have you? I am guessing that I will never get to try it, unless its given to me.


Good for them, they should be able to have mustaches if they want them. I am glad my husband doesn’t want one.


I really like this guy!

Mystery in the Snow

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The frosty air pierced through his winter coat, making him shiver. Shsne’s wife had bought him a new, thicker winter coat, but he had told her that his old coat was fine. Why spend the money on a new one? Now he regretted taking the coat back to the store. His wife really had known best.

Of all days, why did he need to get a flat tire today! The temperature was a frigid 10 degrees! Ugh! Finally he got the tire on and was anxious to get back into his car, cranking on the heat but then something caught his eye.

Up the road a bit there were mittens lying on a fence post. Nobody would want to be without mittens or gloves in this weather. The mug beside it had a big chunk of ice in it.

Shane’s overactive imagination was at full speed and running. What had made someone leave their mittens and mug and why had they taken them off in the first place?

He looked all arounf the area, not even sure of what he was looking for. Finding some clues would be nice!

Why was this bugging him? He should just go home and forget abou it all.

There had to be a logical explanation he told himself. Now if only he believed that.

So my dear readers do you believe there is a logjcal explanation or is it more mysterious? Share your thoughts below and on Monday you can see how close you were to being right, when you read the conclusion of the story.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The cold wind may be blowing outside … but hot tea … and a favorite movie … makes it cozy … at work.

When your kids are home at the same time and you play cards at midnight … have to grab onto the times when they come…

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kitttens…” What are some of your favorite things? Feel free to share in the comments.