Don’t Terrorize the Mirror!

My hubby goes to work before I do and a lot of times before I am actually awake. If I am awake, I am not very coherent. So usually I will get a email or text in the morning before I leave for work. Thought I would share a portion of his email from yesterday.

“Have a Terrific Tuesday! Don’t Terrorize the new mirror today! Love you!”

Not your typical email, but I was going to go get a new mirror today for my van.  Due to the fact that the crazy side of our garage jumped out at the poor mirror, scaring it and making it shatter into pieces. The garage terrorized the mirror, not me!

I am not sure what it is about my van that objects seem to be attracted to it. It is like it is a magnet. Things can’t help but jump out at it wanting to touch it. My hubby just shakes his head and patiently smiles. He knows that it gives him something else to “kindly” bring up at certain moments.

Let it be known I have never had an accident. Things literally just jump out at my van leaving their mark on it. Buildings, signs, mailboxes, to name a few. How many mirrors were terrorized?? Well, don’t want to make this post too long 🙂

Before bed last night my dear hubby turned to me and said, “Try to let this new mirror enjoy its new life for awhile!” He is a comedian isn’t he! Feel free to comment below if things jump out at your vehicle as well. Help me to convince my husband that it really is true 🙂

Redneck Car Mirror...I should've done this after I hit that orange barrel!  LOL: Maybe this is the solution!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Actually I should be honest and say that while I am saying Good Morning, I am writing this at night 🙂 I am much more of a night owl as I know I have said before, so its easier at times to write at night and post it in the morning. Whether morning or night, I hope you enjoy these quotes and that they touch your heart!

1.Sometimes we fall down 'cos there is something down there we're supposed to find.:

2.Probably why I consider it a compliment when someone calls me a "screwball" A… Dr.Seuss was wise 🙂

3.I will always love you. Maybe I make it hard for you to tell me how you really…


5."If there is no wind, row." - Latin Prover In other words, get your head out of your ass and do something amazing.: 🙂

6Chinese proverb: "You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair.":

7.Nigerian Proverb 🙂

8.african proverbs | African Proverb Quotes And:

9.By crawling, a child learns to stand. - West African Proverb <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23proverbs" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23proverbs&rs=hashtag" title="#proverbs search Pinterest">#proverbs</a> <a class="pintag searchlink" data-query="%23quotes" data-type="hashtag" href="/search/?q=%23quotes&rs=hashtag" title="#quotes search Pinterest">#quotes</a>

10.First of all let me just tell you that YOU are a masterpiece. You are unique and beautiful and amazing. Second of all keep in mind that making mistakes is all part of the process. Being a work in progress means that there is still room to grow and become the best version of ourselves. Embrace both the masterpiece and the work in progress sides of yourself and enjoy the ups and downs. It can be fun if you make it fun.  /// NEW: Sign up to get a weekly email with the best Happsters quotes from the week. Link in profile  via @angela4design by @happsters:


Appropriate for a Monday to start this way, isn’t it? What makes you go Hmmm….?? Do you ever have the feeling that there is something you should know that you don’t know, but you don’t know how much you really don’t know? Confused yet?

That time when you feel like everyone else got the secret memo that you didn’t get? You know, you been there right? Feel free to share below your story if you want. The feeling of being in the dark,  but your eyes are open and all the lights are on. 🙂

There you have it, my deep, contemplative feelings to start your Monday off right.  Happy Monday everyone! May it be a good one even if you are feeling a little confused like the kittens below.


This Kitty’s Permanent Head Tilt Might Be The Cutest Thing We’ve Ever Seen!: Extremely Cute Kitten - 2nd February 2015:

Dewey and The Devious Scheme

The hour was late, the house was silent. Jaxon’s humming had stopped. He was sleeping soundly. Dewey usually  would fall asleep to his humming, but tonight wasn’t one of those night’s. He couldn’t turn his brain off, and it was keeping him awake, as thoughts were going all over the place.

The words kept coming back to him.The words that Odessa had told him on his and Jaxon’s Night Adventure earlier that week. (see Dewey’s Nighttime Adventure) It was a good thing that Jaxon could not understand Owl language, he would have been aghast at the words coming out of Odessa’s mouth! Dewey sure was. Jaxon and BBQ should never be used in the same sentence together! No, Dewey wasn’t talking about a BBQ treat for Jaxon, it was something  more sinister . OH the thought made all the hairs on Dewey’s back stand up.

Odessa’s voice had even shook as she repeated the devious scheme that she had uncovered due to her clever and charming wit. She told about the evil laughter that had come from her source of information about the things planned for Jaxon. It was obvious that Dewey had to do all he could to save his dear Jackalope friend.

So amidst the shock of the new information there was still more that was troubling Dewey. More that was responsible for keeping him awake as he tossed and turned in turmoil.Should he continue to  enlist Odessa’s help in foiling this devious plot against Jaxon? Was he putting her in danger or had she already succumbed to the temptation of joining the other side? NO,  Odessa was too wise to do that, wasn’t she? Innocent and pure, right?  Oh if Dewey only knew for sure. He had felt great relief at first when Odessa spoke to him about the plot. But as the days went by he began questioning things due to other information that he was being fed. It boiled down now to whom he should trust.How was he supposed to decide? Nothing could take that pressing concern out of his mind.  What was that? What was that delicious aroma in the air? Was that fish he smelled?

Dewey followed his nose to the smell, as it led him to the kitchen and there he spotted it. The servants had left the fish laying on the counter!! All thoughts of his earlier dilemma had been pushed to the back of his mind. This was suddenly much more pressing. Insomnia made you hungry! He deftly hopped up on the counter top to begin his midnight feast.

Oh My, Dewey could barely move now. It was taking all of his energy to walk to his bed and to plop in. What was he thinking eating so much  of that fish?  He really should have stopped at the 10th one, but who was counting. His stomach was bursting, but the taste buds in his tongue were having a party and joyfully thanking him for the surprise. Dewey’s eyes began to get heavy and soon they were closed,  as Dewey fell fast asleep. Sweet dreams of fish were dancing in his head. They were sadly  interrupted by short nightmares of Jaxon and  BBQ. Maybe that is all it was. Only nightmares, no truth in Odessa’s words about the secret plot. The plot she was supposed to be spying on. The unanswered question was how much should you really trust a spy?? One fish, Two fish..and Dewey continued to toss and turn in his sleep.

We interrupt this broadcast….

TV shows are always interrupted by commercials. I figured while I am waiting for the story in my mind to be finished, I can interrupt this blog with 2 short commercials. They are commercials for laughter. Enjoy!

Remember my Keep Calm ….post? This is just another reason that I love penguins, yes I identify with the penguin who does the slapping. Haha!

This I saw quite awhile back but I still love it! You just gotta love what kids can say. Make sure to watch it to the end, for that is the best part.

The Story behind the 6 word story

Have you forgotten my 6 word story from this morning or are you still curious? I won’t keep you waiting any longer and I will gladly say that I passed, well kind of. By explaining I need to go back 4 years. First if you were thinking I was taking a academic type test, you were wrong! Sorry no prize for you 🙂 But I was being honest, I was taking a TEST, it was a medical test though not academic. Now rewind 4 years ago to 2012.

I had been having heart palpitations and was getting tired out more easily, so decided that due to our heart history in our family I should be checked out. My pulse also was running higher than normal.

I had a Echo Stress Test scheduled. For those of you not familiar with heart tests this is basically a treadmill test. You all hooked up to a EKG as you walk on a treadmill which gets faster and starts to have a gradual incline. During that time they are taking pictures of your heart to see what the heart is doing as your pulse rate goes up. Sounds fairly simple right? I went into the test confident, for other tests had been coming back normal for me so I really wasn’t worried.

The test started and I walked. A Dr is present along with nurses and they tell you that if you feel chest pain, arm pain, shortness of breath, to let them know and they will stop the test. Within 90 seconds I was pointing to my chest for I could not speak. I grabbed my arm and the test was immediately stopped as they laid me on the table right beside the treadmill and started looking at  my heart by a Echocardiogram. Dr. did not like what she saw. My heart was ballooning up, she assumed that there had to be some type of blockage where the blood couldn’t get to my heart. In that 90 seconds of time my heart rate went up to over 180 beats per minute.  Heart catharization  was ordered as they gave me Nitroglycerin, and my day was DEFINITELY  NOT going as planned!  A heart catharization is where they go in through your femoral artery in your leg to explore the heart and check for blockages in the arteries.

The good news was that my arteries were 100% clear! So what was causing my problem? They discovered that I had Myocardial Bridging. It is rare and wellll…when it comes to me and medical things, my family wasn’t surprised at all that I had it. The simplest way to explain it is that in normal hearts, (yes now you have proof, I am not normal. Ha!) the arteries are looped over the heart muscles. In my case my heart muscle is looped around the arteries. The cases range from mild to severe bridging.  I fell in the category of moderate. With my pulse rate being higher than normal it made the heart muscle constrict and in the medical terminology of a nurse, it squishes my arteries. Which if something is squished its a little hard to let blood flow through it. Hope I am making myself clear.Basically it causes the blood flow to stop, just like there would be a blockage. The Dr put me on a beta blocker to lower my pulse and that appeared to work for the past 4 years.

I had my regular check up not long ago and Dr decided it was time to do another Echo Stress Test. I haven’t been feeling bad other than knowing that my physical stamina isn’t as strong.

Today I did do better than before, but still didn’t exactly pass with flying colors. The Dr that did the test is  pretty confident that my Dr will  make a change in meds and that should take care of the problem. Perhaps just increase them a little. Its not like I can’t hike, bike, etc.I just have to watch how much I exert myself, no marathons for sure. Walks on the beach are more my style.

I am sure none of you were expecting something like that and honestly I didn’t plan on sharing. Not  til my sister responded with a text to me. Yes I have to give her the credit. She texted me back with this when we were talking earlier this week.  ” You had 4 years to study for this test, you better pass!”

Don’t want to cause anyone worry, but the more I blog that more I am learning to be honest about the things happening in my life. Especially with people as wonderful as my readers are. Even the parts that I may not like as much. We all have them, different but there.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, will answer them the best I can.



Friday’s 6 word story!

4 years “studying”, sure better pass!

Are  you puzzled? Sorry, well not really 🙂 I will let you know if I “passed” later today and give you the background of this story.  I really can’t let you know til later today, for I won’t know til then. As one who is usually the one on the other side of suspense, this is nice for a change 🙂 Have a great day!

Birthdays and Laughter!

27 Funny Pictures for Today: So this was just what I needed this morning to help me wake up! Had to laugh for NO, I haven’t done this, but could I see myself doing this…..welll..I wouldn’t spend 15 minutes doing it!

OH Yes we have to laugh at ourselves, right! As a friend’s post on Facebook says

So true! It was appropriate for me to see these comics this morning, for today would be my brother’s 56th birthday if he was still here. My brother had many attributes and a great sense of humor was one of them! What better way to celebrate his memory than to laugh! And to quote from a book he had, “The Little Prince”

I think this applies to our furry friends too. ★:

I can still hear your laughter dear brother and laugh at the memories. If  you can see all the situations I get myself in down here I am sure  that you continue to have a steady diet of laughter as well.

Happy Birthday Nelson!

Thanks for the memories! Love you Forever!

I want to give a shout out to my Awesome Mother-in-love as well 🙂 Today is her Birthday! Yes out of all the possible dates out there to have a birthday on, I fall in love and marry a man whose Mom shares a birthday with my brother. Or I guess I should say my brother shared her birthday since YES she is OLDER 🙂 My dear MIL has a very healthy sense of humor also. The witty remarks fly. I am not only blessed by her humor, but her loving and caring heart to. Happy Birthday Deb! Wish you weren’t 500 miles away today and that we could celebrate together, but have an Amazing day!

50th birthday cup gag gift why did the 50 year old cross the road coffee mug cup:

And just think if they get disoriented at 50 you are in trouble, for you are WAYYYY past that 🙂 You better stay in the house today!

Lustige Geburtstag Karte alte Karte Grüße Karte von SiouxAlice:

Agreed? 🙂 You know I Love you! Have a Extra Special day!

Coffee Break

The shop’s fresh ground coffee mingles in the air with the sound of an espresso machine whirring. After I order coffee, Paige and I pick out a raspberry croissant from behind the glass cabinet, and…:

If we were having coffee, I would welcome you with a warm hug into my home. I would make sure you had plenty of cream, for you drink coffee for the flavored creamer right? I would ask that you excuse the dust bunnies, they killed the cleaning fairy and we haven’t been able to replace her yet.

If we were having coffee I would ask how your life is going, for I truly would  want to know. We get so busy in life and forget to take time just to talk, heart to heart. If your coffee gets cold while chatting I would gladly heat it up or turn it  into an Iced Coffee.

While having coffee if your eyes were to look around my house you would see several pictures of my family. Pictures from years ago, like our wedding picture; who is that YOUNG couple with stars in their eyes?  Who are those little ones who are now in High School? There are recent pictures as well. Looks may change over time, but the hearts stay the same and love binds the family together! There are pictures of our memorable family  trip to Europe. Oh if only I could go back to Italy by clicking my heels 3x like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

If we were having coffee you would see inspirational sayings on my walls. Quotes speak to my heart  There isn’t nearly  enough wall space for all my favorite quotes. Depending how well you knew me you could probably guess at what some of the sayings may be, before you even saw them. When you run out of wall space you get a couch pillow with an inspirational quote on it. You may be leaning against that soft pillow right now.  I would be leaning against the soft pillow that says, “I  LOVE  MOM”.  I may shed a tear as I hold that pillow, for it would bring back memories of a  Mother’s Day, where for the first time  my heart was missing a precious jewel. A jewel that couldn’t be with me for the day, for the first time in 13 years. But that was then, this is now, and I would smile at you, being thankful for the blessings that are mine this very day.

If we were having coffee that might be how I end our talk. Reminding each other that no matter the pain we have gone through or are going through presently that there are still reasons to be thankful!

If we were having coffee I may glance out our living room window and see it raining lightly, and I may ask you if you would like to take a walk with me in the rain. You would even be welcome to jump in the puddles.

I would hope that if we were to have coffee that you would remember it as a bright spot in your day, for I know it would be a bright moment in mine.

dance in the rain:


Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! The quotes for today have 1 thing in common. They are all from Children’s  books. Due to various reasons  Dr.Seuss has been on my mind, and that inspired me to find more quotes from Children’s books. They may be written for children, but some of the quotes mean more when you become an adult. Enjoy! What Children’s books were your favorites when growing up or are your favorites now?  If I missed a quote you grown to appreciate feel free to share it below in the comments. Have a great day!

1.Antoine de Saint Exup&eacute;ry, The Little Prince From the Little Prince – a great book!

2.J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

3.Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

4.Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

5Kevin Henkes, Lily's Purple Plastic Purse

6.A. A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

7.Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderlandfrom Alice in Wonderland.

8. My kids know this book by heart 🙂



Yes, I had to include this one from one of my favorite books 🙂