Yes, Bambi and Thumper do exist! Part 2

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15 of the Most Unusual Animal Friendships that will Melt your Heart 64 - Yes there is a real Bambi and Thumper:

Earlier today I had posted a post about Bambi and Thumper, but the pictures didn’t come through, this time it appears to be working! I hope it is!

Yes there is a real Bambi and Thumper: Tanja Askani. So lovely.:

There you go everyone! I hope this display of too much cuteness brightened your Monday! Now I may just have to put in my Bambi DVD 🙂

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Bambi and Thumper do exist :)

441A7B09C5514596BC837801E5AFBE1C@chetx4Who can forget the story about Bambi and his adorable friend Thumper! I can’t tell you how many times I listened to my records about Bambi and watched the movie!

Well to brighten your Monday morning here are some adorable pictures that were sent to me by email from my Mom and I just had to share! ENJOY! They were taken by a photographer from Ontario, Canada.


Well my computer is being cranky this Monday morning, for some reason having trouble posting the other pics. Sorry! But hopefully this still brought a smile to your face! Have a great day and in the wise words of Thumper, “If you have nuffin nice to say, say nuffin at all!” 🙂



Dropping the mask

Ornate decorative Venetian mask surrounded by a peacock! Gorgeous! A definite want for me.:

Good evening my dear readers! I am not sure how this post is going to go yet,so stick with me and find out 🙂 We all wear masks from time to time, its part of human nature. Don’t let them see the real me, don’t let them see my hurting side. Well this evening I am going to drop the mask a little . Don’t panic, I am not dropping no big bomb! Just wanted to be a little more vulnerable.

I remember reading a post about how vulnerable do we as bloggers get? How much of our lives do we really share? I think it varies, I don’t think there is a correct answer. But I would be interested in how you answer the question. How much do you feel is OK to share online?

I started this blog to share happiness, to bring joy, for I know this life is full of curve balls and storm clouds and I wanted people to be able to feel at least some sunshine from my posts; no matter how tough their life may be at the moment.

I will say it also has been therapeutic to me! I love sitting down and going into my fantasy world and creating happy stories that make me laugh and smile. Let me clarify that I do have A LOT to laugh and smile about. I LOVE my family and my friends! But just like everyone, there are times when the storm winds blow and at times you feel like Eeyore with the storm cloud above your head.

If you look around the internet you will find plenty of pop psychology sites where you can take a fairly meaningless test to decide which character from the universe inhabited by Winnie the Pooh (Hundred Acre Wood) you are. I don't even need to take the test because I already know. From a ridiculously early age I identified with Eeyore. In fact, the oldest surviving toy-based relic of my youth is a stuffed Eeyore.:

Lately our family has been enduring a storm and its going to continue for a little while. I value all your thoughts and prayers as we navigate through unknown territory that we haven’t gone through before.

Don’t worry I will continue to spread joy on here, for I won’t let this stop that. But there may be days where I don’t have a post and it could be just because the day got away from me or that I just could not focus on a post due to everything going on. I thank you for being faithful readers and to my blogger friends I thank you for the posts that brighten my day and warm my heart. And to everyone I thank you for your love and friendship. Like my Friday’s 6 word story said; Heart 2 Heart through Sunshine and Tsunami’s! And now you know the reason behind that 🙂 I will say to that I like to use allegory’s and you may be able to read in between the lines in some future posts, just all depends. That is just a way I have felt good about in venting, putting things in story form where the actions may be made up but the feelings behind them are real.

Blessings my friends!

Flashback from Sept.2014! The Water Glass

GM!  I started going through my posts from when I first started on here. I started with taking the Writing 101 course, didn’t know what it would lead to!! We were given topics each day and for this topic we were supposed to write about 2 opposing views. Hope you all don’t mind as I share a flashback from the past. Enjoy!

The restaurant was busy with its morning rush of customers. getting a bite to eat before rushing off to work. No one paid  much notice to the 2 customers sitting at booths opposite of each other. They had ordered different meals, one was bacon and eggs with biscuits smothered in gravy. The other one had oatmeal and whole wheat toast. One thing they both did have, was a water glass that was half full, or was it half empty?? Listen in on their thoughts

“It is so freezing cold this morning, I should have stayed in bed under my warm covers!”

“Oh it is frosty this morning, but I love the change of seasons being in the air, the anticipation of something new. The chill in the air definitely helped me wake up quickly!”

“Can’t believe how heavy traffic was …had to wait forever for the car in front of me to move, don’t people realize I have places to go, people to meet. I can’t afford to be slowed down for anything!!”

” Traffic was definitely slow moving today, but I loved watching the Mom and her little boy on the sidewalk. They were deep in conversation,  her boy was talking so excitedly, seeing the Mom  caress the boy’s cheek…Oh it brought back memories of little Timmy…not so little anymore tho. I  still can’t believe he is in college now! I got so caught up in the memories I didn’t realize that the light had turned green. Than I heard the horn beep behind me…oops!”

“Well look at the time, where is that slow  waitress I need to pay my check and get out of here. Facing  another day of drudgery, working so hard for so little money…UGH!”

“I hope my waitress has a good day, I noticed she seemed in a state of frenzy this morning. I think I will leave a little extra tip today to hopefully bring a smile to her face. I don’t make much at my job, but I do love to give, to make others happy. After all,  isn’t that what life is about, spreading the joy.”

With those last thoughts the customers left, off to their different worlds. Their water glasses still sat on the table….they had  told their story, now its up to you. Which glass will you be today?

19 thoughts on “The Water Glass”

  1. Very creative! Love what you did with this challenge. Now which was which I wonder? Was the positive thinker the healthy eater or vice versa? Really great story!

    Just a little constructive help – might want to run a spell/grammar check before publishing to assure the most professional presentation, correct spelling, punctuation (and now that I’ve said that – I will probably notice a million mistakes in my own! 🙂 – hope I am not offending )

    BUT, once again – I LOVE the creativity of this story! YOU ROCKED IT!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words and for your advice! I know grammar is my weak area, something I do want to improve upon. I get so caught up in the story that I just don’t pay attention to that. My poor husband has tried to teach me, he’s very good at it, I didn’t get that gene, LOL!. Interesting that you ask that question about who the healthy eater was 🙂 Honestly at the time I wasn’t sure, but now I have decided. Who do you think ? 🙂 Thanks again! Anxious to go read yours!


  2. The optimist. The pessimist. Great concept.
    I wondered a little about their relationship. All we know is they’re sitting on opposite sides of the half-full/half-empty glass at the restaurant. Do they meet before work every day? Is this a chance encounter? Are they romantically involved? (As in “opposites attract.”) Ex-lovers? Are they co-workers?
    Their dialog around the water glass makes me awfully curious about who these opposite people are. Please write a sequel.
    Thanks for the good read.


    • Thank you for your nice words and now you have me thinking!! What is their relationship, I actually did have something enter my mind right before ending it that I was debating about. It would have given a clue to their relationship,but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there. With your encouragement now maybe I will!


  3. I wasn’t thinking of who had the best or healthiest meal but instead was focused on the thought of one
    water glass being half empty and the other half full. Of course the half empty was the pessimist!
    I was just hoping my glass was half full today. Very good contrasts.


  4. This made me smile as it reminds me of my grandparents. My ‘Granny’ is always so happy and positive and loving. And my Grandpa, whose also loving (just in his own way), always finding something to complain about. I loved the end when you asked the reader which glass they are going to be today. It does force you to make a decision… in the nicest way possible. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  5. Great job with the contrasts! I like how you used this encounter as a teaching moment by asking the question at the end. I think most everyone is ‘grammatically challenged’, I know I am! Two things have helped me. 1. The small book, “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. Sometimes you can find it at yard sales! 2. I often write my stuff in Word and do spelling and grammar checks in there. Then I copy and paste it into my blog.
    Hope this helps a bit!!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

"Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us." -Miss Maudie:    Good Morning!! Today’s quotes are in dedication to Harper Lee! I always loved her book To Kill a Mockingbird. If you haven’t read it or at least seen the movie, you need to! Now with her new book that came out, that was actually written before To Kill a MockingBird, I have mixed feelings about it. Would love to hear from others, if you have read it. I am glad I read it, for if not, I would have constantly been wondering. It  was not what I was expecting and honestly I almost put it down, but I always need to finish a book. I am glad I kept reading for tho different, it still has some very good points to it. Enjoy your Tuesday, and as you go about your day remember not to dare kill a Mockingbird 🙂

1. “Hold your head high and keep your fists down!” Atticus Finch

2. “Atticus…he was real nice…”.  “Most people are Scout, when you finally see them!”

3. “Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.”

4. “Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I would have the facts.”  (this one stood out to me today)

5. “I wanted to show you what read courage is. It is when you know your licked, before you even begin, but you begin anyway and see it through; no matter what!”

6. “Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.” Atticus

7.”Before I can live with other folks, I gotta live with myself. The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience!” Atticus

8. “There’s lots of ugly things in this world son, I wish I could them all away from you, that’s never possible. ” Atticus

9. “The time your friends need you is when they are wrong.” from Go Set a Watchman

10. “I guess its like a airplane; they’re are the drag and we are the thrust. Together we make the thing fly. Too much of us and we are nose-heavy, too much of them and we are tail-heavy, its a matter of balance.” from Go Set a Watchman

10 Harper Lee Quotes That Taught Us How To Be A Good Person:


Good Morning! Adele’s song is going through my mind now! 🙂 I love Adele! Anyway just wanted to say that I am back from Indiana. It was nice seeing family and friends again, even tho we were brought together by the loss of Brad’s grandma. Hopefully next time will be a happier occasion!

Short post this morning, as I am still trying to wake up! Just wanted you to know I haven’t disappeared! It is amazing how tired you can feel from riding in a car! I mean you would think that we sit in there doing exercises, nope, just sit and watch the road go by and you come home feeling like you ran a marathon. Anyone else agree with that about long trips? My dear hubby does all the driving, for he apparently wants to get to our destination without detours, LOL! With me driving, who knows where we may end up! It could be interesting. Tho with as often as we have made the trip to Indiana now, I think I could actually find it. Well maybe 🙂

Hope you all had a good week last week and are starting off Monday on a good note! Have a GREAT ONE!!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

My thoughts are hard to describe today! Last week a dear member from our church died and on Sunday night my husband’s dear Grandma died. Both deaths were unexpected and it just once more proves the frailty of life! Also today marks the 10th anniversary of my precious friend’s dear husband’s death. So when thinking about quotes, can’t help but have death weigh heavily on my mind, tho I really don’t want to do quotes about death. I decided instead to do ones about LIFE! A reminder to CELEBRATE LIFE, for life is but a vapor, we go through this life but once! Let’s make it as Memorable as we can!!

1.Life Quotes // Enjoy live:   (Simple words, but so true and I love the picture!)

2. “Maybe life isn’t about avoiding the bruises, maybe its about collecting the scars, to prove we showed up for it!”

3. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!” Winnie The Pooh

4.  Don't think about what can happen in a month. Don't...:

5. “Always believe something wonderful is just about to happen!”

6.”Some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat!” Laura Ingalls Wilder

7. “There will be many chapters in your life, don’t get lost in the one you are in now!”

8. “I live in my own little world, but it’s OK, they know me in here!” ( I just had to put that one in 🙂 I am sure I am not the only one to identify with it, maybe just only one to admit it! Ha!)

9. “The trouble is you think you have time.” Budda

10.”Inhale the future, Exhale the past!”

Hope these touched you and may your days be full this week of living life the best you can! I will be gone this week as we travel out to Indiana for the funeral, but don’t worry I will be back 🙂

Going Higher up the Mountain!!

Two Tier Purple, White and Gold 50th Birthday Cake | Flickr - Photo Sharing!:           60th birthday party ideas | There are a few 60 th birthday party ideas that could be classified ...: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 2 AWESOME, LOVELY friends of mine!!! They know the definition of love, so only appropriate that they were born on a holiday of love!! I am so blessed to have Melanie and Valletta in my life! MY life has been RICHER with them to journey this CRAZY rollercoaster of life with! I laugh for I think about how your age really just becomes a number as you get older!! I love having friends younger than me and friends older than me! But was just thinking how when I was 10 these dear ladies were 15 and 25! As a 10 year old I most likely would not have considered them among my best friends, but I sure do now!! I learn from their wisdom and they help me keep walking, literally at times, (right Valletta, Ruby Tuesday’s) 🙂 WE share laughter and tears and most importantly link arms knowing we will be there for each other in the days, months and years to come! So see, age difference really doesn’t matter as you get older, PLUS its always fun to have friends older….You can laugh at them about this If it’s a woman, give her something that will help her battle menopause. | 19 Ways To Troll Someone Turning 40: NOT that I would ever do that tho! Scrabble cake. Great, funny 50th Birthday cake.50 it's only a number!: 60th birthday ideas:   There you go, now you are both younger than me! 🙂

Positive Quote: Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything, or to do anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported. www.HealthyPlace.comMy journey was interrupted.  But only for a quarter of a century.  It turns out, however, that the detour I took was a blessing in disguise.  I thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed when they...:    Many thanks to both of you for your incredible friendship and love!!!! Love ya both, as they say with fine wine, YOU GET BETTER WITH AGE! 🙂 SO THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!