Keeping the Passion Alive!

Back in 1950, a man opened up his own private practice. The practice specialized in treating heart and lung diseases. Over time he took on a partner and they carried on a full work load.

Fast forward 41 years to 1991, where there was a young lady, who had recently graduated with a Medical Assistant certification. She was excited to work in her first Dr.s office, working with patients. She performed numerous EKG’s and chest x-rays.

I was that young lady and I worked in the Dr.s office that opened in 1950. I  really enjoyed the work I did there. Loved the patients, and both Doctor’s were very friendly and easygoing. I was thinking the one may retire while I was still there, but he didn’t.

I moved away from the area and continued working with patients at another Dr.s office and then worked in a nursing home and the list goes on. This post  really isn’t about my career choices though, its more about retirement.

What do you think about when you think of retirement? For those of you who are retired, what led to your decision to retire? Did you just feel the time had come, and you wanted to begin a new chapter in life? Did you still have a passion for the job you retired from? Has your retirement led to new things for you to enjoy?

There are no right or wrong answers, I am just curious, and would love to hear your thoughts. Curious because I was given a shock yesterday. I came across an article about the Dr.s office that I worked for back in the early 1990’s.  The Dr. that opened his office in 1950, the Dr. who hired me in 1991, that Dr. just recently retired!! Remember how I thought he would retire back when I started working there? He retired in 2015! He retired at the age of 96!! He had planned on never retiring but recent health issues are what led him to closing his doors.  For all of you who are close to 65 and thinking retirement is coming soon, can you imagine working for 30 more years??

It just blows my mind that he was able to still keep a full time schedule at the age of 96! He not only saw patients at his office but went to a nursing home 2x a week to see patients as well. Anyone else feeling lazy, besides me?

He has kept up his pace, but one thing that he did not keep up with was the the progression of technology. He had no computerized records on his patients. The article also said how the office decor was still the same as back in the 50’s. I can still visualize those straight backed wooden chairs and the antique phones.  But his patients came to see him, not the furniture. He was one of those Doctor’s that would spend 30 minutes talking to his patient, not rushing them out the door.

His son said how in his free time all his dad did was read medical journals and articles. I believe being a Doctor really was his passion. He touched many of his patients lives I am sure, the article said how his patients hated to see him go and I can imagine that. Some of his patients had been seeing him for the majority of their lives!

Whatever your passion may be, keep it alive!


The Calling of the Sea!



My body instantly relaxes as I step into the warm sand, feeling it squish up between my toes. I smell the most wonderful scent of all, the smell of the salty sea. I hear the joyful sound of the seagull’s call, as they fly free.  They are welcoming me back to the place that has forever captured my heart.

Where my soul is refreshed, and worries washed away by the waves of the sea. Where time stands still as I soak in the joy of the moment.  When the pleasures of the sea grab hold of me like an octopus and don’t let go. My heart smiles as I pick up seashells; my gift from the sea.

My friend and I walk along the edge of the sea, talking, laughing and sometimes just being silent, letting the waves speak.

Knowing in our hearts that there is no other place we would rather be!

Could we be mermaids in disguise … probably!

** We aren’t at the beach yet, but I am dreaming, as the countdown has begun! **




Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I made a “scientific” discovery yesterday. Housecleaning is dangerous! While I was mopping I banged the corner of my head on the corner of the door. Yes, I do think I saw stars for a slight moment. Then a little later I picked up something while vacuuming and here it was a tiny piece of glass which cut my finger. After that I gave up housework and read a book, much safer!

Enjoy these quotes, I promise you that reading has been proven by me, to be safe!


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Ssh! It’s a Secret


What do you think of this quote? Are you one that bares your heart and tells all, or do you keep silent about some more private things? Do you have someone that you can unload the secrets of your heart with, that you feel you can trust?

I have been reading a book that deals with a family and a secret they are keeping. It got my mind going and I thought I would see what all of you thought.

Are there times that its okay to have secrets? Obviously we aren’t going to tell the cashier at the grocery store our whole life story but should there be someone that knows your whole life story? I am not talking about every tiny detail, but the major things that have happened in your life.

Life’s moments as you grow are what help shape you into the person you are. So sharing your moments with others can help them know you at a deeper level and understand you more. It can strengthen your bond.

There can be people who may be helped by hearing your story. In that aspect I believe sharing secrets is a good thing and perhaps secrets isn’t the right word. I am talking about sharing from the heart, sharing things that you may not tell every Tom, Dick and Harry, but that you will share with someone who has your trust.

In the case in the book, the family wasn’t sure who they could trust, and so were afraid to tell. They decided they would just wait and see, but then they got so used to keeping the secret that it made it harder to tell. Instead of them keeping the secret, now the secret was in a way controlling them.

Are there times when you felt keeping a secret hurt you?

These are just thoughts swirling around in my head, feel free to add yours.

The Greenwoods Election!

I recently have written some posts to do with politics and the troubling times in our midst. Today I thought I would share another political post, but on a lighter note. Some of you may have read this story when Colin posted it on his blog a few months ago, but good stories can always be enjoyed a second time around, right.

Our dear friends at Moonbeam Farm have also been troubled with politics. Its been awhile since we taken a peek into their lives, so lets see what exactly is going on.  If you want more information about the stories in “The Odessa Chronicles” and how you can purchase a copy, please click on the cover of the book in the right hand margin. 

The Greenwoods Election

The farm, where the Man-Servant lives with his friends Dewey, Jaxon and Odessa, is called Moonbeam Farm, and is within the boundaries of the Township of Greenwoods. It was election time there as the Mayor’s term in office was coming to a close.

There were two candidates for the job of Mayor, and neither impressed the Man-Servant too much. One of them, Jake Fullofitt, was promising so much that was either unrealistic or would destroy the Township of Greenwoods as they knew it. He was promising lots of development and new jobs, but did not seem to appreciate the beauty of the rural area and how that would be destroyed along with the natural habitats of many creatures.

The other candidate, Dolores O’Dear, seemed to have a much better grasp on how the Township of Greenwoods could go into the future without undue conflicts with nature, but she did seem rather secretive and possibly devious in her methods of getting things done.

On election night, the Man-Servant knew what he had to do. He had talked about this important decision with the other three, and Dolores was going to get his vote. He just hoped that the rumors about her were untrue (and probably created by Jake Fullofitt), and that her education, common sense, and an overall desire to do the best she could for the area, would prevail.

Later that night, the Man-Servant was watching the election results as they came up on his TV screen, and was getting concerned because Jake Fullofitt seemed to be winning. Not all the votes had been counted, but it was looking rather bad for the Township of Greenwoods. He went to the back door and called across to the barn for Jaxon and Odessa to come over and join him. He then woke up Dewey and said they were having an urgent meeting!

They were all sitting around the log fire as the Man-Servant explained his concerns. He really wanted Dolores O’Dear to win, but it was not looking good. Odessa looked very thoughtful “You know,” she said, “I’ve been around quite a bit and have seen these situations before!” “Great!” said the Man-Servant. “How are they resolved?” “Easy.” said Odessa. “The unpopular candidate wins! What would you expect with a democratic voting process?” The Man-Servant looked at her and shook his head. “Thank you Odessa. Dewey… you are a devious creature when you want to be. Do you have any thoughts?” Dewey was asleep!

Jaxon, however, was looking really thoughtful. “Man-Servant.” he said. “What if I could influence the end result with my magic. Should I?” The Man-Servant looked at him. “Well Jaxon, we really should not interfere with the process, but Jake Fullofitt has lied so much that I think the future of life around here as we know is being threatened. Let’s just wait a little longer and see the results as more votes are counted.”

It was not long before the situation deteriorated further, and so the Man-Servant asked Jaxon to do whatever he could. Jaxon was sitting at the time, but soon stretched out with his head resting on his front legs, and clearly he was concentrating. The Man-Servant had never seen Jaxon look so focused, and was fascinated by what he was witnessing. Was it jackalope magic perhaps? He noticed Jaxon’s nose twitch a few times and then he was motionless, and with his eyes closed, for a good minute or two.

He then opened his eyes and smiled. “Man-Servant!” he said. “I think it has worked. I think Dolores O’Dear will win now so you just go to bed and have a good sleep!”

The Man-Servant smiled and went to bed but, as he lay there, he was thinking about what Jaxon did. Had he really manipulated the democratic process? Should he have allowed that to happen, after all it is the majority vote that should win? He tossed and turned and had a generally very bad night, with lots of questions on his mind and very little sleep.

When he turned on the radio the next morning, he heard that Dolores O’Dear had in fact won the election! He immediately went over to the barn to talk with Jaxon, and to explain that perhaps it was a mistake to interfere with the voting process. Odessa saw the Man-Servant first. “What’s up Man-Servant? Baffled by logic again?” The Man-Servant looked at her. “Odessa… this is serious! I asked Jaxon to fix the election process, and that was very wrong.”

Odessa looked a little puzzled, and looked at Jaxon (who had just arrived) and then back to the Man-Servant. “Are you saying that you believe Jaxon had something to do with the end result of the election yesterday?” “Yes!” said the Man-Servant. “That is exactly what I am saying!” Odessa took a couple of steps sideways towards Jaxon, and kicked him. “Don’t you have something to say to the Man-Servant?” she asked.

Jaxon was looking at his feet, which is what he tended to do when put in an awkward situation. “Well Man-Servant. My magic could not possibly affect an election process.” The Man-Servant shook his head. “But it did Jaxon! It did! I saw you do your magic thing, and Dolores won the election!” Jaxon looked up. “When you asked me to do that magic, Odessa winked at me, so I thought that I would pretend… just for a laugh.”

Odessa jumped up and down. “I didn’t wink at you! I was winking at Dewey because he was sneaking behind the Man-Servant to get to his food bowl!” Just at that moment, Dewey wandered into the barn. “I heard that Odessa!” he said. “I wasn’t sneaking around behind the Man-Servant, I was just going around him so that I could get a better view of Jaxon as I thought I heard magic mentioned!”

The Man-Servant sat down on the barn floor while the conversations were going on. “Tell me Jaxon.” he said. “Did your magic have any chance at all of impacting the election?” “Not a chance!” said Jaxon. “Not only does it have severe limitations on what it can do, but I am still trying to understand it so… no chance Man-Servant!”

Odessa then stepped closer to the Man-Servant. “You really have to smarten up you know if you want to fit in with us! We all know that Jaxon’s magic really sucks most of the time. Why aren’t you getting it?” The Man-Servant looked directly into Odessa’s eyes. “But Dolores won the election! How could she have done that without Jaxon’s magic?” Odessa just shook her head. “This may be difficult for you, being a mere human, to grasp… but please concentrate. Dolores received the most votes! That is how she won, but why am I explaining that to you? It is your democratic process after all!”

**  ***  *****  ***  **

Batter Up!

He was up to bat, feeling nervous. Would he strike out once again? Beads of perspiration ran down his face.

His stomach felt like it was growling, he probably should have eaten more than just a few tangerines. It had been hard for him to eat, due to the butterflies swarming around inside him.

Time stood still as he was waiting for the pitch to come. He had a 50/50 chance of hitting the ball. Would it happen this time?

Last inning he had made 3 hits but now he was getting strikes.

He took a deep breath and gripped his bat hard. The ball was coming he swung and CRACK!

“OUCH!” Teddy rubbed his cheek.

“Chevy wake up! You were dreaming again. I am going to start sleeping on the couch until baseball season is over!”

Teddy grabbed his pillow and got out of bed, slamming the bedroom door behind him.

Chevy stared at the closed door. He thought of going out and apologizing to his brother but soon his eyes grew heavy again.

It was the bottom of the 9th inning and he was up to bat. Today would be the day, a homerun was coming!

Exploding Toilets!

My daughter, who works at Arby’s Fast food restaurant, called me shortly after arriving at work. She told me how she will be home earlier tonight for Arby’s was closed. She said that the toilets exploded! She was helping them clean up and then she would be home. Anxious to know what exactly she meant by “exploded” but in the meantime it got me thinking.

If you have been a manager at a job what is the craziest excuse you have ever heard as to why someone couldn’t come to work? Or a crazy thing that happened at work?

What is something that sounded like a crazy excuse, but was true as to why you couldn’t come to work?

My husband had a very legitimate excuse one time. It was due to very bad weather. A snow storm in fact. We had been out of state and were traveling home and a freak snowstorm came causing a complete whiteout!

One of those times that I really didn’t know if we would make it off the interstate alive. You could not see the lines on the road. It was awful! We got off the exit and took the last hotel room!

The problem….we were on our way back from our Honeymoon! Sooo…claiming there was a snowstorm that just made us have to get a hotel room may have sounded a little fishy. But it really was true. 🙂

What’s your story, or perhaps you heard a crazy story, Feel free to share below!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

What has you smiling today? I hope your week started off on a good note and will continue that way! I was in Walmart yesterday and there were 2 little girls in front of me in the line at the register. The cashier asked if they were excited about school and they responded by jumping up and down. Their Mom replied that she sure was ready for school to start. I smiled and thought how I wanted to tell her not to blink, for soon her little children would be grown!

Enjoy the quotes and don’t blink! 🙂



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