Her Last Walk


All the townspeople were talking, no one could believe it. Miss. Bloomfield was dead! How she died was a mystery. She was found down by the river with flowers around her. She always loved flowers. Had a beautiful flower garden, and you often saw her with flowers in her long, chestnut brown hair. She had been especially proud of the Sunflowers that she had grown this year. In fact she had been planning on entering some of them in the contest at the fair, for they had grown so very tall.

There was no one around her when her body had been found. No one , besides her little dog Clarabelle, running around barking her head off. There had been a couple of hikers walking through the woods to the river and they were the ones who had found her. Poor Clarabelle had been running around Miss. Bloomfield, barking her little head off.

The detectives had not found any clues leading to a suspicion of foul play, it looked like she had just gone out for a walk by the river and died of natural causes. It seemed perplexing though, for she was so young. There was a book lying by her and a picnic basket that had some pieces of Miss. Emily’s prize winning peach pie inside it. She had bought it at the fair, Miss. Emily was well known for her pies.

Had Miss. Bloomfield seen something that had frightened her so badly causing a heart attack? Rumors flew around the town of what she may have run into when going for a walk in the woods. Some had said it was a snake, and Mr. Dallydiddle had said a lion, causing everyone to laugh and shake their heads. It was no secret, that he was known as the crazy man in town.

Miss. Bloomfield didn’t have a very good reputation. It seemed that she was pretty standoffish and kept to herself most of the time. Always wore a frown with her head held high as she walked through town carrying her little Clarabelle with her wherever she would go. The dog was really sweet, but sadly no one said the same about her owner.

Still, no one thought that anyone in the small town would ever think of harming someone. Sure people had their squabbles with each other, but overall it was a really friendly town. Giving out traffic tickets was about the only job the police had to do.

Mr, Snodapple was very popular with the police. He held the record for the most speeding tickets. The police usually would catch him speeding going down Mulberry Hill. He would keep a box of cream filled donuts in the car and would offer the cop one each time, hoping to bribe them. Most times they would take the donut and he would still get the ticket, but sometimes they would be in a generous mood and let him off the hook. Everyone liked Mr.Snodapple, he was an older gentleman that usually had a sparkle in his eye, and a dance in his step. He might be old, but he still could dance a little jig pretty well.

The town was quiet and peaceful for the most part. In fact when that strange cow appeared with sunflowers around her neck, in the dog parade that other night, that was one of the most exciting things that had happened in awhile. No one had seen the cow around town since then.

So what had happened to Miss. Bloomfield by the river? Would anyone ever know? Rumors would keep circulating for a bit, but in time they would probably die down. For now people were enjoying seeing Mr. Snodapple with Clarabelle! He lived alone and the town agreed that sweet Clarabelle would be perfect for him. They were right, his smile was even brighter now while walking around town, with little Clarabelle prancing along beside him.

A Closing Thought

I do not post 2x in one day, but after tonight’s debate I feel the need too! Not to get into any debates, but to just bring some kind of peace to what was chaos!

So since today is Tuesday and it was my quote day I am posting another quote to try to bring a smile to end the night! Don’t lose HOPE!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am looking forward to the weekend! I know, its only Tuesday, but the weekend is coming. We are going away for the weekend, and I am looking forward to it. Even though I have no clue as to where we are going. My husband planned a little getaway for us. I love surprises, but the suspense drives me crazy, and he isn’t giving any clues! Well he did answer my one question. No, we are not going on a private plane to a tropical island. Hey, I had to ask. 

Enjoy the quotes and the surprises that life can bring. They don’t need to be something big, to be good! 











The Sunflower Cow

image from Pinterest

Sally and Mikey were so excited! They were in the family room talking about the fair that they were going to tonight. There were carousel rides, where Sally loved to pick the pink horse to ride and Mikey picked the black and gold one. This year Sally was looking forward to going on the Ferris Wheel. She had been scared the other years, but she was bigger now and Mikey promised her that he would hold her hand if she got scared. 

Mikey liked to tease her a lot, but he was a kind big brother when she needed him. 

Mikey told her that if she rode the Ferris Wheel that he would win her one of those really big teddy bears. All he had to do was knock down all the bottles with the ball. He had almost done it last year, so surely he could this year! 

Sally couldn’t wait to have a bear almost as big as her! 

They also were looking forward to the food, corn dogs and funnel cakes! 

“Mikey and Sally, are you finished cleaning your rooms? You know we can’t leave for the fair until they are clean!”  

Sally lifted her head from the book she was reading and Mikey stopped playing with his matchbox car. They looked at their Mom’s face as she stood in the middle of the family room. Uh-oh, she had her serious face on. They quickly got up without a word and ran to their rooms. 

it seemed to take forever, but finally their rooms were clean and they were all in the car heading to the fair. 

What fun they had! Sally rode the carousel 3x and she rode the Ferris Wheel. She got a little scared, but the view from the top was so cool! Mikey kept his word and he spent all his money trying to win her the big bear. On his last throw he knocked them all down and Sally cheered, giving him a big hug. Oh, she was so happy! 

“What are we going to do now?” asked Mikey and Sally, looking at their Mom and Dad. 

“How would you guys like to see a Dog Parade?” 

Mikey and Sally jumped up and down, they loved dog! 

“Really, a dog parade, here?” they asked. 

“Yes, its a special event for the first night of the fair. It should be starting pretty soon, lets go find a good place to stand and watch.” 

This was the bestest night ever thought Mikey and Sally!

“YAY! Its starting!” They shouted, as the music began to play and they saw the first dog, leading the group. A St. Bernard, followed by 3 poodles in little tutus which made Mikey laugh. Then there was a Labrador and the cutest Boston terrier you ever did see. 

Suddenly there was a commotion, the dogs all started barking and Mikey and Sally’s eyes got as round as saucers! 

“Daddy, Daddy! What is a cow doing in a dog parade?”

Mommy and Daddy were speechless, almost everyone was, as they all stared at the huge brown cow walking proudly with sunflowers around her neck! 

“Mommy, the cow is smiling!” said Sally. 

Her Mom had never seen a cow smile, but she couldn’t deny that the cow did look very happy as she walked down the road. She seemed to know where she was headed. 

The crowd didn’t seem to bother her, as she walked down the road and out of the fairgrounds. She was the talk of the whole town, though Miss. Bloomfield did not like how her little, chihuahua Clarabelle did not get to be the star of the show!  

Mikey couldn’t stop talking about the cow all the way home and Sally just loved the pretty yellow flowers that had been around the cow’s neck. . 

“Mommy, I want a bunch of  yellow flowers to wear around my neck, please oh please!” she begged. 

It took awhile for Mikey and Sally to fall asleep that night due to all the excitement. They also may have had a little too much ice cream and funnel cake. 

Early the next morning Tucker had just pulled onto the interstate and he couldn’t believe what he saw out of the corner of his eye. He had seen a lot of strange sights while trucking, but never one quite like this! There was a cow walking in the field, but this wasn’t just an ordinary cow, this cow had sunflowers around her neck! The cow seemed happy just trotting along, as  Tucker cruised down the road. He smiled as he turned on the radio, the trucking life, sure could be filled with surprises! 




Simply Stunning

Visit http://jasonfrels.com/2020/09/26/some-sunflowers/ for more great pictures.

Jenna couldn’t stop smiling, it had been the perfect day. She was married! Her long awaited day had finally happened. She let her eyes wander over to the bridge where Cole was standing with his groomsmen. The photographer had wanted to snap a few more photos with the sun starting to set. Soon Jenna would join them, but for now she had stolen a few moments alone. 

The way the sunbeam was coming through the one sunflower was so beautiful! Jenna really had really felt like a fairytale bride as she walked through the path of sunflowers earlier to meet Cole and say their vows. 

Her bridal party had looked so pretty in their dresses of periwinkle blue, holding their simple bouquet of lovely Fall Flowers. Stargazing lilies, were among the flowers, and one of Jenna’s favorite. There were definitely stars in her eyes today.

Jenna’s friends had done an amazing job playing the music for the wedding. The violin with the cello filled the field with beautiful music.

She looked over towards the bridge again, watching Cole, he was laughing with his friends and then his eyes caught hers, and his love shined bright. His smile warmed her heart. He had been her stable rock over the past month when Jenna was getting frantic about all that could go wrong. How it could rain, or what if the flower girl got sick, what if a bad storm came and destroyed the sunflowers. Her mind would start to go 100mph, and Cole would gently remind her that nothing would ruin the most special day of their lives! He was right, as he usually was, the day had been perfect! 

Her eyes roamed to the farmhouse, that stood empty now. Farmer Ben had planted the Sunflowers for her, but last month he had moved to a warmer climate to retire. He had given the few animals that he had to his brother who lived out West. It felt strange not seeing the cow watch her from the field or hearing the rooster crow, but they were long gone, and far away now. 

Life was changing and Jenna was so ready for this new adventure. Everything was packed, after a honeymoon at the Fiji islands, they would be moving to their new home by the beach. 

The photographer was walking towards Jenna. “Stay right there. Don’t move. You look stunning standing by that sunflower with the sunbeam shining through.” 

She started snapping pictures as Jenna’s eyes found Cole’s once more. 

“Perfect, just perfect!” the photographer said, and Jenna couldn’t agree more. 



Smiles from the Heart


Cheri was in deep concentration. She had been working on this painting for awhile and she wanted it as close to perfect as she could get it! Time was slipping away and she wanted to finish it tonight. It had to be ready for tomorrow. She couldn’t wait to see his expression when he saw it.

Her older sister was always baking treats for her beau, for she said that food was a way to a man’s heart, but Cheri wasn’t very good at baking yet. The other week she had tried making some fudge brownies. They looked good when she took them out of the pan, but … they never came out of the pan! She turned the pan completely over and it was like they were glued to the bottom. Hard as rock! Her brother Christopher laughed and laughed, until she bopped him over the head with the pan.

Cheri dipped her paintbrush in the golden yellow paint. After that she used the azure blue. Stood back, taking a look and felt proud. Just needed a little more emphasis with some deeper colors and she would be finished. Oh, how she hoped he liked it!

As her hand moved in rhythmic motion with the brush she thought of the first time she had seen Peter. He was the new boy in class and Cheri was happy when the teacher told him to sit at the desk next to hers. His wavy blonde hair covered his one eye slightly. He brushed it out of the way as Cheri said “HI” and he gave her a hesitant smile. At recess he was sitting under the tree while the other boys played baseball. Cheri walked over to him, as her friends giggled at her.

Conversation was awkward at first, but then he started talking more, and sharing with Cheri about where he used to live. Suddenly a ball had come flying their direction and Peter caught it. The boys cheered and asked him to come play. He looked at Cheri and paused for a moment then had told them not today. The other boys gave him a confused look as to why he would prefer sitting under a tree with a girl, but they quickly went back to playing. Cheri’s heart warmed and from that moment on they were friends.

Today at school he had given her a really pretty violet bow for her hair. She was planning on wearing it tomorrow and she wanted to give him this painting. She had decided to paint a picture of Georgie for him, his pet gecko that he always talked about.

Cheri would have preferred a fluffy kitten, but boys were strange, and liked weird looking things.

She made the final stroke and smiled, finished at last. Cheri thought of how she prefer kittens, and she still thought the gecko looked a little strange, but she liked the cute smile that she had painted on him.

“Cheri! Time for supper!” her Mama called.

“Coming Mama!” She put down her brush and headed in. Cheri thought of the secret she had that no one knew. Under the tree yesterday, at recess, Cheri had told Peter that he was cute. He blushed, and didn’t say much, but then today he gave her the pretty violet bow. When Cheri told him thanks, he blushed again as he told her that he thought that she was the cutest girl in school!

Cheri couldn’t stop smiling, she guessed that there was more than one way to a guy’s heart, besides food! What did her big sister know!

Duck Soup!

Here is a link to Part 1 of this continuing story that takes you back to Fairyland. Saving Jarrett! 

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Kendra peeked from around the tree, making sure that the coast was clear. She didn’t have much time to waste, she had seen the pink squirrel scamper away. She knew that she was running to Felicity to let her know that her next victim had succumbed to her spell. 

Felicity had been so mad when Fairlight and the “nameless men” had helped rescue Kendra and some of the other fairies from fairyland. Felicity was left with just a few dark fairies and she wasn’t happy. She needed to increase her numbers, so she had concocted another plan. One of the pink squirrels had relayed Felicity’s plan to Kendra. She was an undercover squirrel trying to help Kendra save the forest from being dominated by the dark fairies! 

Felicity had decided that perhaps she should find someone to be Prince of the Fairies first and then maybe he could attract a Princess. She had her eyes set on Jarrett. 

Kendra whistled to send out the signal to her heroes, the “nameless men”, to come help her.  She knew she couldn’t save Jarrett by herself, she needed their help. She was ever so grateful to her heroes for reuniting her with her grandma, that she dedicated her time to rescuing others who had succumbed to Felicity’s spell. Kendra was determined to help stop the dark fairies from growing in numbers, for if they did, it could be very dangerous. 

It was a dangerous undertaking for her and the “nameless men”, they knew Felicity’s power. Sadly one of her heroes had become a victim of Felicity’s spells. That fateful night of her rescue, they had all seen the one “nameless man” be turned into a duck. They heard his mournful quacks as they flew away on Cupcake the unicorn. 

Kendra hoped that perhaps this time they would be able to rescue him too, but first they had to concentrate on getting Jarrett out of harm’s way. 

Good! She saw the “nameless men” running towards her. They had been close by waiting for her signal. Quickly they picked up Jarrett and started carrying him away. 

“Quick! Get him out of here. Felicity will soon be here with her pink flying squirrels.”

The men gave her a quizzical look. “Pink flying squirrels? Are you sure you didn’t drink too much of your Grandma’s sweet coffee, that perhaps she didn’t add something to it? ” 

Kendra laughed, “No, this has nothing to do with my Grandma’s coffee. Felicity has put some of the squirrels in the forest under her spell. She is trying to take over the whole forest. Making them pink is a way that she can tell which squirrels she hasn’t captured yet. Many of the squirrels come willingly to see her, when they see how the pink squirrels can fly. Who doesn’t want to fly?” 

Hearing cackling in the air, they turned and saw pink squirrels coming toward them with Felicity close behind. The 3 “nameless men” ran like they had never run before, with adrenaline pumping through them! 

QUACK!! They turned and saw one of the ducks attacking Felicity. Kendra’s eyes grew big, could that be the friend of the other “nameless men”? They all paused, but just for a moment, they knew they didn’t have time to waste! 

At last they collapsed, dropping poor Jarrett, for the “nameless men” were exhausted. They had made it, they had made it out of Fairy land. 

Jarrett was moaning, and starting to stir. 

“What, what am I doing here? Who are you guys?” 

Kendra tried to explain the best she could, but the poor guy looked so confused! 

“I remember seeing a beautiful waterfall and purple butterflies, but nothing after that. Now you are telling me I was in fairyland controlled by a dark fairy, who wanted me to be the Prince and that she has pink flying squirrels?” 

One of the “nameless men” spoke up, “Yes! That sums it up pretty well. Good job.” 

Jarrett shook his head as he stood up. “Th-Thank you, but I need to get out of here and I do believe I am never drinking again! Pink flying squirrels? Wait, does this dark fairy happen to have a purple inchworm that wears a hat? That image is coming to my mind.” 

Kendra shook her head, “Yes, that would be Penelope.” 

“Oh I do need to get home and get some of the strongest coffee that I have ever had!! Goodbye everyone!” 

They all watched him walking away, hearing him mutter to himself about fairies, and squirrels and inchworms named Penelope. 

“Ok guys, rest up a little and then we have to go back!” 

The guys looked at her like she was crazy! 


“We have to try to rescue your friend.” 

They all agreed that yes, they had to try, for once again he had distracted Felicity so that they could get away. Plus they missed their friend. Once they felt rested, they got back up and headed back to Fairyland. 

It was late that night when they were all gathered at Kendra’s grandma’s house enjoying some of her specialty coffee. Well not quite all of them were enjoying the coffee, ducks didn’t drink coffee. They had managed to save their friend, but …. all the attempts to dispel Felicity’s magic spell had failed.

He was still a quacking duck. They were sure it was him though, for he was able to talk. That is how they had located him out of all the other ducks. They heard him yelling, when he saw them. He could speak, but after every few words, he would let out a “Quack!” 

Kendra promised that she would talk to the pink flying squirrel and try to figure out the antidote for Felicity’s duck spell, but they assured him that it could be worse. 

One of the nameless men spoke up, ” We all thought you were a goner, when you fell off the log, and we all saw the dog!” 

A dog had come running out of nowhere and their friend had just missed getting his feathers caught in the dog’s jaws. 

It had been a very scary moment, but they could all laugh about it now. 

“You were so close to becoming Duck Soup!” the one guy said, and they all laughed. Well almost all of them, the other one went “QUACK!” 



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Fall temps are in the air! Time to get out the oversized sweaters, and hoodies. Cozy clothes, to wear while sitting by a campfire, roasting S’mores. I am hoping that Fall can stay longer than a week or 2, before the temps drop too low!

Its been years ago now, but I will never forget a resident in the nursing home that I worked in before. She loved sitting in the lobby greeting everyone that came through the door. She was also always sure to let you know what she thought when cooler weather came. It was B-R-R-R! 

Enjoy the quotes and have a great day! 












Saving Jarrett!

painting by Philip Straub

Jarrett was walking through the woods and saw the brightly colored mushrooms, and the purple inchworm. Was that a hat that the inchworm was wearing? Jarrett shook his head, to try and clear his brain, something was obviously not right. Since when did inchworms wear hats? Was he going the right direction?

Perhaps he just hadn’t walked far enough yet. What time was it? He pulled out his phone and it was blank. Oh great, the battery must have died! How long had he been walking? He didn’t think it had been that long and he knew when he started that his phone was still pretty close to being fully charged. Shoving the dead phone back in his pocket he kept walking.

After a little time had passed he stopped again, looking around for a log to sit on. He felt a little dizzy. What was going on? He didn’t see any log so he plopped himself down on the ground, resting up against a tree.

Jarrett thought about how this day had gone so far. He had found a new path in the woods and was surprised what he found when he followed it. There was a beautiful waterfall with purple butterflies flying around it. He sat on a rock and just breathed in the peace. He had dozed off a little in the bright sunshine and then got up to continue his walk.

He was needing to get home now but which way did he go to leave the wood. Jarrett was feeling disoriented and his eyes started growing heavy. The last thing he remembered before falling asleep, was seeing a pink bushy tailed squirrel scamper up a Pine tree.

She looked at Jarrett slumped over by the tree and she slyly smiled. It looked like her plan was working well, quite well indeed. You could hear her chilling laugh as she walked away.

Being so caught up in the glee of her plan working she did not notice what was hiding a few feet away, behind the big Oak tree.

(to be continued…)