Joy’s Golden Glow


Painting done by Agapit Stephens

Joy’s Golden Glow

She didn’t want to be seen, but she had to look. She couldn’t resist, she thought she would just take a quick peek. Now she felt like she had to pinch herself to believe that she wasn’t dreaming. Was she sure that her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her?

It took all of her self control to not run outside, but what if she did? She then would be seen and that just couldn’t happen yet!

Excitement was bubbling up inside of her. It filled her heart with the golden sunshine of joy!

This was really happening. The day had arrived. Her heart soared! She believed that this day would definitely be like no other! Who would have thought it possible?

Life is always full of surprises, you never know what a day may bring!

What had started out as an ordinary day last winter for her, had now led to this amazing day!

Always keep your eyes open. What you may see as ordinary may just be the start of a chain of events leading to the extraordinary!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good  Morning! Hope everyone is feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.  My dear hubby started feeling a little sick last night.  He was on the couch with two blankets on him and still shaking some.   I hate when fevers make you feel so chilled.  His stomach isn’t upset, so that is a good thing. He has a headache, is coughing some and congestion. Probably a sinus infection. Hoping that a day of rest will knock it out of his system.

If you are feeling under the weather too I hope you can feel back to 100% soon.  May these quotes help brighten your spirits!



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Which One Do You Save?

Please tell me the point to my 10th grader’s assignment today in Sociology class.

The class was told that a bomb was coming and they had to go underground into a bunker. The problem was it could only hold 7 people and there were 10. Ten different types of people and you had to decide which 3 you were going to leave behind.

Plus the teacher said that the idea would be for those 7 people to repopulate the earth.

Well one of the ladies the teacher described in the group of 10 was a lady that couldn’t bear children. It turns out no one in the class chose to take her into the bunker. She was one of the 3 not chosen. There also was a old lady not chosen.

The teacher told them that their answers proved that people today still thought less of women that couldn’t bear children and didn’t value them as highly.

The class was confused and I am as well, for she told them that the 7 people chosen had to repopulate the earth.

What are schools teaching our children? Was their really a point to this lesson? I am having trouble seeing it. I remember doing something similar in HS but can’t remember the details or remember what the point of it was.

Do you remember being asked this type of question or something similar when you were in school?

Feel free to share your thoughts below!

Love Has No Price Tag

I was reminded of a movie earlier today and then upon reading another blogger’s post I was reminded of it again.  Not because they talked about the specific movie in their posts  but they talked about Love!  The power in Love!

There really is nothing stronger than love.  I think of all the beautiful love songs out there.  There are so many.  My husband made me 9 cassette tapes filled with love songs,  when we were dating. Even with that many love songs , there still were times that I couldn’t find the words to explain the depth of love that I had felt and still feel.

He actually ended up making me 10 tapes, for he made another one for me after I had accidentally left one behind in the airport!  I had stopped at the gift shop in the airport while waiting for my flight to come.  I was trying to distract myself from crying.  For yes I was heading home after spending a short visit with him.  I had the  cassette tape that he had just given me safely in my purse. I surely wasn’t going to trust putting it in the luggage. I bought something at the gift shop took  and took out the tape to get to my wallet.  Made the horrible discovery when I got home that my tape was gone.  I had left it on the counter at the gift shop in the airport. I was so upset!  The only consoling thought was hoping that the clerk at the gift shop had enjoyed the songs!

Love moves the heart like nothing else does.

This is a fictional movie that I am going to talk about, but the one incident in it tahat I am going to describe is moving to me and makes a wonderful point.

A young couple went to an Art auction.  The artist had recently died, his wife had died before them and they had no children, so his paintings were being auctioned off.  He was very well known and had many exquisite paintings.  There were many people wanting them as the full auction hall gave evidence too.  Very wealthy people sat in the audience, everyone knew these paintings would go at a high price.

The young couple were not wealthy at all, but she wanted to go, even though they felt out of their league sitting in the auction hall.  The first painting to be bid on was one of the first paintings that the artist had done.  It was a very simple painting of his wife.  It didn’t really compare to all of his other paintings as far as beauty goes.  The auctioneer read a letter that the artist had included with the painting.  In the letter he had written that he knows this may not be the most exquisite painting that he ever did, but to him it was his most valuable one. The reason was simple to him,  it was a painting of the love of his life and nothing else compared.

The auctioneer started the bidding and not a bid was heard.  He lowered it and still no bids.  He kept lowering it until the young couple made a bid.  The couple had been touched by what the artist had written in his letter. They ended up getting the painting much to their shock and joy.  The biggest shock was still to come though!

The auctioneer pulled out another piece of paper saying how he would now be reading a portion of the the Will left by the Artist.  He proceeded to read that whoever bought the painting of his beloved wife were also entitled to his whole collection of paintings,  for according to the artist they had seen the value and beauty of true love.

You really can’t put a price tag on love!


A Silly, Smiley Saturday

I thought it was time again for some cute, fun animal pictures and as always feel free to comment on what you think is going through their minds!  Would you also like to give your opinion on what my family was discussing today?  How many of you would love to have a pot bellied pig for a pet?  They are said to be smarter than dogs and very easy to train! What do you think?  Remember how cute Wilbur was in Charlotte’s Web? 🙂



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The Whispers of Whispering Lake

Enya sat by  Whispering Lake  watching the sunlight’s rays dancing on the water.  She threw a stone to watch it skip across the water, enjoying the ripples it made. The gentle breeze stirred through her strawberry blonde hair. She could hear the whispers of the lake filling her heart with contentment.

A chipmunk scurried  from around the tree and a squirrel scampered up it.  Enya watched the woodland animals play as her smile stretched across her face and shined through her eyes. Across the lake she saw something peek from around the tree. Their eyes met and for a moment she felt like the deer was reading her thoughts.  Then all too quickly it ran away.

She sighed as she skipped another stone across the lake, why couldn’t life always be like this. Peaceful and serene.  The sun shone down on her filling her body with warmth, flowing into her heart as well.

The day wore on and at Whispering Lake she stayed.  It was whispering  joy to her as she breathed in the fresh air,  letting her mind be free.

Enya watched the clouds drift by in the emerald blue sky.  Lying on her back she saw not just the clouds, but more. She saw them as ships sailing on the ocean blue,  fluffy cats sleeping as they floated by and could that one cloud be a unicorn perhaps.  Smiling she drifted off to sleep, dreaming of castles in the sky.

A rustle nearby stirred her awake from her dreams and she saw a cute white bunny staring  at her as if telling her to follow.  She laughed as she thought to herself, who knows perhaps I will go down a rabbit hole like Alice.  Rising to her feet she slowly started towards the bunny, it turned and started hopping away.  Keeping its pace slow so that Enya could keep up.  Enya didn’t stop to second guess, the whispers of her heart told her to follow.

Every now and then the bunny would look back to make sure Enya was still there.  Thoughts ran through Enya’s mind as she followed close behind.  What would she discover?  Where was the bunny leading her too?  The answers were ones that only the bunny knew.

Sitting and Waiting

“I’m hungry”… Yes, that is what my stomach has been saying to me a lot lately! Even though its not really hungry, it just thinks it is!

My physical activity has been very limited  due to my hurt knee.  So why is it that when we are sitting around we decide that we need to be eating something too?

I am taking suggestions for healthy snacks.  I believe my body will thank me later for not eating a whole bag of potato chips, but hey chocolate does have health benefits, right?

As for my knee, the Dr. has reached a diagnosis.  A injured plica.  Its a tiny part of your knee that is like a strand of spaghetti.  It may be tiny but it can cause trouble!  Especially when walking or trying to go down stairs. The knee pops and it feels like its going to buckle on me.  A very weird, painful feeling.

Fortunately it is something that can be fixed fairly easily.  I had a cortisone shot and I am supposed to give that 7-10 days to work. If that doesn’t work then I will most likely have arthroscopic surgery done.  So there is a light in sight.  May take longer than 7-10 days to see it, but it will come!

In the meantime I have plenty that I can do while sitting.  Reading, writing, editing, and the list goes on.  I can still fold laundry too. Oh yay!  I can go out with friends to eat, which I just did today.  Yes, there is that food thing again, but I had healthy food this time.  Grilled chicken and salad.

I can also still cry while sitting and watching “This is Us”  That show is everything that people were telling me it was.  A powerful drama.  “The Good Doctor” is another very good show.  I just found out that “The Good Doctor” is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.  That was cool to learn, considering that I have a dear friend from there.  I will pay more attention to the the outdoor shots now.

Time will heal and before I know I will probably be back to running again.  Wait a minute, I don’t run! I will be back to long walks again, until then … I will be grateful that at least its not both of my knees that are affected and I will wish for snow.  Watch the beauty of the falling snow as I “patiently” wait for my knee to heal.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!  The rain has stopped and the sun is shining, time for some quotes that will hopefully make you smile.  I know my post yesterday was very sad, today I will be a little easier on your heart.  As always, thanks for reading and I love hearing which quotes resonated with you.  Have a Twoderful Day!  Any Victor Borge fans out there?  He is from Denmark and was a great comedian and world class pianist.  It has been a long time since we have watched him, but we haven’t forgotten how he talked about inflationary language.   That would be why Wonderful is changed to Twoderful. 🙂

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Sharing the Rain

colorish-eye-watercolor-painting-svenja from Pinterest, name of artist not mentioned.

                                                                           Sharing the Rain

The rain was gently falling as the worn Mother looked out from the window of her son’s hospital room.

His Mother wished that she could fall asleep and not feel the stabbing pain in her heart. Unfortunately sleep was evading her,  even though the moon was full in the sky.  She sighed as her heart clenched.

Her son was in a coma, in critical condition. The Doctor’s said there was swelling on his brain and  the prognosis was grim.

The car had came out of nowhere and ran the red light.  Hitting her son head on.  The other driver had died instantly.  The screams of the other Mother still echo in her head as she looks out into the dark night.  They both were in the Emergency Room together when their sons were brought in.  She shed tears for the other Mom knowing full well that the screams could have been coming from her.  Her son could have been the one covered completely with a sheet.

The Mother looks at her sleeping son once again and breathes another prayer.  She walks out into the silent hallway to the vending machine to get something to drink, and to get some air.

She gets her drink and turns to walk back and then she sees her.  She sees the other Mother sitting in a chair with a vacant stare, as silent tears are running down her cheeks.

Her heart is tugged and she sits down on the other chair and gently takes the Mother’s hand in hers.

No words are uttered as the 2 Mothers grieved.  As their hearts meshed together in shared brokenness.  The Mother of the one who caused the accident and the Mother of  the one fighting for their life as a result of the accident.  Tonight  they were just the Mothers of two loved sons.   Tonight they were one.  Two  women in sorrow.  Two women in pain, sharing life’s rain.