The Unexpected Smile

I had another post written  for today, and then I got a phone call. I think now that post will be saved for another day. I wanted to get on here and post about the phone call.

I was typing up my post at the time the phone rang and I seriously almost didn’t pick it up. I didn’t want to talk to another salesperson. I figured if it was someone important they would leave a message.

Yes,  how times have changed. As a child I remember running to the phone when it rang, it may be a friend of mine and even if it wasn’t I just loved to answer the phone. Made me feel important. Now after the hundredth “Can you please take a 10 minute survey for us on…” or ” Are you thinking about having your windows replaced soon….” and don’t even get me started on the political calls! With all those type of calls I don’t rush to the phone anymore.

I was very glad that I did pick up the phone time time.  A big surprise greeted me on the other end. It  was someone that I hadn’t talked to in years!! One of the last times was at least  21 years ago! So why the call now? All because of a card.  A simple card.

This is the reason for this post. In this electronic age, we have forgotten how precious handwritten cards can be. I know I said it before, but figured with this phone call it was worth mentioning again.

I had known this friend since I was 5 years old, she watched me grow up into a teenager. Her sons were good childhood friends of mine, and we have many fond memories. We moved from the area and the years passed like they do, but I never forgot her and the sweet nature she had about her.

She called, for she had found a card from me from years ago that she had saved. It brought back good memories to her and she wanted to thank me again. A card telling her about how my life was going and  thanking her for the role she had  played in my life as I was growing up.

I went outside to our porch swing as we were talking and I told her how she warmed my heart with her phone call. For just like the card brought back memories to her, hearing her voice brought back memories to me. Memories of the fun times of being little.

Now we both are wearing smiles. Hers brought on by a card, and mine by a phone call. Our hearts have been lifted, and in such a simple way.

Have you been thinking about writing a card to anyone lately? Thinking that perhaps you won’t. Thinking instead that you will just email, Facebook or text them.  I encourage you not to do that, send the card. It might take a little longer, but you never know what impact it may make on the recipient. Not to mention that one day, when you least expect it the blessing you sent with that card, could come back to you once again!

Go buy a card today! Send someone a smile. Not because its their birthday, anniversary or another special day, just because they are who they are. Let them know how much you are blessed by them being that way! You may bring happy tears to their eyes.




Weaving their Charm

It is a lovely morning here. The sun is shining in the clear blue sky and the air is cool. Perfect for a bike ride! So why didn’t the bike ride happen? The blame lies solely on a 8 pound ball of fur!

I had sat down to read for only a few minutes, intending to go for a bike ride. Lily our Yorkie, had other plans. She snuggled into my lap, I started petting her and  began feeling very comfy on the couch.

Pets have a mesmerizing spell that they can put on us, don’t they? I petted her and let my mind wander to other things,  as I enjoyed the peacefulness of the morning. If I stopped for a moment, she was quick to lift her head and turn and look at me with those puppy dog eyes! Oh those eyes, you can’t help but be drawn in.

My husband had the “Puppy dog eyes” look mastered when we were dating.  He has used it successfully over the years, BUT….I have also grown better over the years. Grown better at being able to smile as I look at him and say “Sorry, not going to work this time!”

Lily doesn’t just give the look, she also lifts her little paw and puts it on my hand. She is giving a gentle nudge to remind me of what my hand is supposed to be doing! For yes, she is the Queen of the house. Our Sheltie, Lassie, who is a great deal bigger than her, even bows to her.

Our Sheltie may bow to Lily, but she can also work her charm on us. She “talks” to us when she wants your attention. A mixture of high pitch grunts. You know how little children have a knack of needing to talk to you when you are on the phone. Well I believe Lassie has watched my kids over the years and she learned from them. She can be sitting quietly when it is only me and her in the room. I will pick up the phone and start talking and the next thing I know she is at my side wanting me to pet her. If I don’t she will protest and no not a quiet protest.  I have had the person on the other end ask me if I have a little child, to which I reply, “Yes, a little Sheltie child!”

When my husband and I are on the couch, Lassie has 2 different approaches in ways to get our attention. For my husband she will come to the couch and stand right beside him as she waits for him to stroke her back. She will “talk” if necessary. Then when she gets tired of standing she will come and lay at my feet so that I can rub her with my feet. If I stop she will lift her head, giving me that look and “talk” until I start again. Once I have resumed stroking her again to her satisfaction, she will contently lie back down.

Don’t underestimate the power of something based on size. The saying ” Small but mighty.” is true.  You also have ” Great things come in SMALL packages!” and I could go on, but…. I have 2 dogs to walk.

Have a Wonderful day as you enjoy what ever the day brings. Perhaps you are bowing to  your dog or cat’s wishes as well right now. They really are special. They may be small but they  can take up a large part of  our hearts, which I am so grateful for.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Are you bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning or dragging? I am somewhere in between! Hope these quotes can help give some spark to your morning and keep you smiling all day!

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3. 6358682eb39829fab5adb6ee53c3b018 Yes, another Snoopy quote. What can I say, there is just something about Snoopy that makes me smile, and he is smart! 🙂

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10.18342539_1350502718349890_4873578280675663322_n Can’t say I ever noticed! 🙂

What are they thinking?


HI! This picture made me laugh as soon as I saw it. Being that I didn’t have a post planned for today, I thought why not share it with all of you!  We always can use a smile, right? What do you think the monkey is thinking? Write a caption below. Share some more smiles with all of us! I will post one more picture below so that you can have 2 to choose from, or go ahead and write a caption for both. 🙂  Happy Monday to you! Hope your week is off to a great start!





The Sunny Side-Up Diner: Part 6 – The Revelation


Amy had pinched herself a couple times over and still couldn’t believe all that she heard. When she had awakened earlier that morning she was excited about exploring a castle with Mallory.  Little did she know then at what all would be revealed when she was at the castle.

Mallory suggested that Amy step outside to get some fresh air, while she prepared a mid afternoon snack for them. She knew that Amy was overwhelmed by all that had transpired earlier and wanted to give her some space to think.

Amy finally knew her background. Questions that she had for years had finally been answered. So how did it make her feel? She wasn’t sure. Amy was thrilled that Mallory and her were related, but oh how she wished that she had known her when she was younger. Just think of the fun they could have had together running over the hills and sharing their hearts, while sitting on the Cliffs of Moher.

Thinking of “What If’s” never helped anything though, so Amy tried to concentrate on today. Concentrate on the new, wonderful knowledge that she had gained. The fact that she had family, she wasn’t alone! She was doubly blessed; she had family by blood and her friends back home, who were family through the bond of friendship.

Yesterday was gone, and today was the present and she had been given a wonderful present that made her future look so much brighter!

Amy never understood why life had to throw her such a cruel blow by the death of her parents. Why she had been sent to an orphanage, but she was seeing how even when your past may be filled with dark clouds, the sun is still there. The sun just can’t always be seen.

The sun was there by how the mistress at the orphanage had a heart of gold and treated Amy with compassion and love.  How she  was a good role model for her, as Amy grew into a young lady. The sun shined when Amy got the job at the Sunny Side-Up Diner, and once again was looked out for by her tender hearted boss. Her boss who more than once added bonuses to Amy’s checks. He always gave some reason for the bonus, like how didn’t Amy know it was “Be kind to redheads day!”

Not only did Amy have a job where she was looked out for, but if she hadn’t had that job, Jake may never had found her. The sun did indeed shine through the fog on that day that Jake came with a envelope to give her.

Amy smiled as her heart swelled up with love! She looked at that old map again in her hand and couldn’t wait to go exploring with Mallory and Jake. Finding out more about her heritage with 2 friends who turned out to be so much more than just friends. Yes, today was a true Sunny Side-Up Day, yes indeed!


Thank you dear readers for your interest as this story unfolded. I hope you aren’t too disappointed that not all your questions were answered. I didn’t start out planning to end it this way, but you know how it goes, sometimes we don’t control the pen. 🙂

For those who may have been wondering, none of this story was based on any true facts. Amy’s story is fiction. The only true things in it are that some of the comments and characters were inspired by other people that I know. Also the picture of the Cliffs of Moher is picture taken from there, thanks to Pinterest, plus the picture of the castle is an actual castle close to the Cliffs of Moher. The picture of the sunlight is from Ireland as well. I think I need to go visit Ireland now, don’t you! Thanks again for enjoying Amy’s story with me and would love to hear what you think Amy found out. What connection do you think Mallory and Jake have to Amy?


Sunny Side-Up Diner Part 5: Insomnia

Amy laid in bed wide awake. She had really enjoyed the festivities and dancing with the other villagers. The evening was magical. It was almost like it took her back in time, but she couldn’t understand why she would feel that way. Questions again were swirling about in her head. Would she be able to go to sleep tonight?

She tossed and turned some and then had a thought. Perhaps a piece of cake would help her relax and enable her to go to sleep.  Oh her mouth began to water  at the thought of it. Mallory had baked a Black Forest Cake and she was hoping that there was at least one piece left.

There was a light on in the kitchen, apparently someone else was having trouble sleeping. Jake looked up at Amy as she walked into the kitchen. Amy saw the grace of crumbs on his plate. “Did you have a piece of cake?” Jake gave a sigh of contentment as he said “Indeed, I did!” “Please tell me that it wasn’t the last piece!” Amy said, with her pleading eyes. “It wasn’t the last piece.”, Jake said with a serious face.

Amy opened the refrigerator to look for the cake and couldn’t find it. “Where is it?” “Where is what?” Jake innocently asked. Amy turned to stare at him, ” The cake of course!” “Oh, that is gone.” Amy smacked her forehead with her hand, ” What do you mean gone, you said it wasn’t the last piece?” “I didn’t have the last piece, Mallory came to join me and she had the last piece. She went back to bed right before you came in.”

Amy smacked her forehead again as she poured herself a cup of milk. “I would imagine that you would have a big red spot on your forehead by now, with as many times as you smack it!” Jake said with a grin. He narrowly missed the flying spatula that Amy tossed his direction.

 Amy had to smile and shake her head as she drank her milk. Jake did have a way of making her laugh anf wanting to throw something at him at the same time.

“What has you up in the wee hours of the morning?” Amy looked up at the sound of Mallory’s voice. “Too many questions going round in my head. Can’t shut my brain off,” said Amy.

Mallory sat down at the table with her and gave her a warm smile. She took Amy’s hand and said, ” I have an adventure to take you on tomorrow and I believe a lot of your questions will at last be answered.”

This made Amy’s heart smile. Mallory was so fun to be around. They had hit it off so well, she had felt an instant connection upon meeting her. 

“Where are you taking me to?”, said Amy with her eyes sparkling now. “That my friend is a secret that you will find out soon enough. I will give you one clue. Do you like castles?” 

At the mention of castles Amy got excited. She had always wanted to explore  inside of one. “Definitely yes,” she said. How big is the castle, what is fhe name…and…” Mallory laughed and said, “No more questions, I think we both need to try to get some sleep!”

Amy agreed, her mind was still wondering, but sleepiness was quickly overtaking her.  She stumbled to her bedroom and climbed into bed laying  her head down.  Not many sheep jumped over the fence before she entered Dreamland. 


No One Could See

“Keep pushing down the pain!”, says the brain to the heart. “I am fine and carefree,  that is the lie that we need people to believe.”

The smile gleams and the eyes shine. “It is  working”,   says the face. “The mask is firmly in place! Eye!, Quick,  blink back that stray tear. Don’t worry brain, no one shall ever see the truth hidden in me.”

For years, they worked as a team, each one knew its place. The disguise was so good, they all were fooled. No one knew what the disguise so cleverly hid. But as the years went by the stress  inside continued to build and grew harder to conceal. Heart started causing brain some concern.

“Hey brain, I am feeling the strain of this game. I am not sure how much further down  this pain can be pushed. The weight of this pain is getting too heavy for me!  Are you sure that we can’t let anyone see?”

“Are you crazy?”,  asked the brain, “You know the rules of this game! You can’t let them see the real you. What will they think of the buried secrets that you hold deep inside?  Remember you closed yourself up and threw away the key. That is the way things needed to be. It will be fine, you will see. Keep pushing, NO! You can’t let them see.”

“Eyes, what are you doing? You are looking a little too worn. Is that tears that I see? Are you letting them leak out of you? Plug that leak!  Where is your sparkle? Where is your shine?  C’mon guys, you have to step up the game! Now is the time!”

“Ohhh…. Oh…this pain is too much, I need air!”,  says the heart. ” I am being squeezed, I feel like I can’t breathe!”

“Face, what has happened to your color?” asked the brain, ” What is that strange pallor?  You are looking too pale, where is your gleam?”

“Hey Eyes, what’s wrong, are you there? Stop that vacant stare, you are scaring me!  What is happening? “, cries the brain? “This isn’t the way things are supposed to be!”

“Blood pressure falling fast! We are losing him!”

“Hey guys, do you hear me? Wake up! What happened to the charade we were all playing? I thought things  were going fine, at least that was the way they appeared to be! You not only fooled everyone else, you even fooled me!”

“I see it now, I was wrong, go ahead and let people see. No more games.  I will reveal the real me, secrets and all. Did you hear me? You can wake up now,  please! This silence is deafening!  Wake up everyone! OH NO! What have I done?”

“Oh Man! I, I…..things are getting….fuz…fuzzy. This wasn’t the way…..just keep push…ppp..pushing down the pain…. that way it wouldn’t harm me… that’s what I had belie…”

“Time of death. 12:35am.”

They covered him with a sheet, no one could see.




Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! What did you wake up to this morning? My sister texted me a picture of a deer in their backyard! That is not a usual thing for her to see, they don’t live in the woods. Just in the suburbs.  A nice way to start her morning. Have you ever seen anything different in your back yard? We saw a white porcupine before. It was in the middle of the day! Apparently this porcupine forgot that it is supposed to be sleeping during the day. It was definitely a rare sight to see, but have to say it was pretty, being all white.

Keep your eyes open today, who knows what may appear! May these quotes keep you smiling! Have a great day!


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