Walking on Clouds

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The fiery red canopy of leaves were shimmering in the breeze.

Tara was enjoying lying on her back on the soft grass, pretending that she was in her own little world.

Everything was almost perfect. The only thing wrong was that instead of wearing her favorite, snuggly warm hoodie, she was wearing a t-shirt. It wasn’t supposed to be 80 degrees in the Fall. But it is what it is, at least she could still enjoy the beauty of the leaves.

Most of all, she couldm’t deny the joy of the floating sensation that had filled her heart since last night. It felt like she was walking on cotton candy clouds.

Closing her eyes, she let the memories dance through her mind again.

Going to the club had been Shannon’s idea, Tara wasn’t thrilled about it, but she had nothing else to do so why not. It turned out to be the best decision she had made. When the 6ft guy with the enchanting smile walked up to her at the table and asked if he could sit down, all she could do was simply nod.

Her heart had begun skipping beats and it was not like her to fall for someone so quickly. There was just something about him. His name was Trevor and conversation flowed so naturally. It didn’t feel like they had just met, it was like she had met him before, but where?

They had talked and danced into the early morning hours and he was a true gentleman the whole time. Tonight she would be seeing him again. Who knew what this could be the start of. All she knew was that she was ready to get started!

For the past year she had been so ferhoodled over guys. The identical twins Clay and Ray had messed with her head. They were such schnickelfritz’es. Always switching places with each other, and driving her crazy!

She had been dating Clay but Ray had filled in different times until she finally wisened up to their tricks and left them both broken hearted.

They were in her past now and she was ready to be swept away by someone new. Someone tall, dark and handsome. Yes, just like the movies, but this was real life.

Standing up she twirled around with the red and gold leaves swirling in the air, anticipation rising in her heart.

**the terms ferhoodled and schnickelfritz are fun Pa.Dutch words meaning confused and troublemaker.**

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When fiction mirrors real life … a lot of my stories have been inspired by true events.

(Like the character Cara, when I was a 20 year old waitress I had a customer who loved putting signs on my car. The restaurant staff and regular customers were often entertained by it … One day I had some of my regular customers smiling and telling me they had teeth. Other guys would look at my name tag and smile big. I got suspicious and when I had a chance ran to my car. BIG sign, “Waitress looking for boyfriend, all he needs to have is teeth and a job. Inquire within, ask for Carolyn.” So yes, pranks have been part of my life for a LONG time!

80 degrees in October! … Why am I not back at the beach?

When awakened by the loud roar of a motorcyle down my street … I prefer waking slowly to Folger’s in my cup.

Swinging from the Rafters

The sequel to The Conniving Cousins , we just had to see what kind of trouble they get into! 


“Grayson and Mason are having fun with their cousin Arthur being here! He may be older than them, but he sure is young at heart and quite sly!” 

Sarah and Cara were walking through the fall leaves in the park. “Oh, believe me, I know. I had to be on my guard at work before with Mason, but now its Double Trouble when Arthur comes to the diner. I am glad that my husband  and your husband, Grayson are at work during the day. Some days Tippner and Old Man Fuzzywhistle come in when Arthur is there and I about lose my mind. Don’t need all of them there!” 

Today Arthur and Tippner were both there. Arthur tricked me into thinking he had cut himself with a sharp knife that I had accidentally left on the table. Tippner was frantically waving me over to the table. When I got there Arthur had what I thought was a bloody napkin wrapped around his bloody finger.  I ran to the back room to get band aids and come out to the table to find Mason standing there.  He asked me what the band aids were for, and I said how Arthur cut his finger. Only then did I notice that there was no “bloody” napkin anymore and Arthur’s finger looked totally fine, no cut at all! That crazy nut, had put ketchup all over the napkin and his finger! They all were laughing about it for the rest of the afternoon.  It had been Tippner’s genius idea, what one doesn’t think of, the other does.  Where is Jenny the donkey, when you need her? ” Cara asked making Sarah laugh. 

“That would be fun, having Arthur meet Jenny, but I am afraid she went home. She was only here visiting Betsy for awhile. But hey, we are smart and capable to deal with pranksters. aren’t we?”

“Ahh! Indeed we are!” grinning impishly they conspired together as they continued their walk. 

The pranks continued through the week. Arthur was having a ball. He had fun putting clever signs on Sarah and Cara’s vehicles when they were at work. At the end of the work day one of them would come out to see a group of townspeople gathered around their car laughing at whatever new, embarrassing message Arthur had displayed. He would write it on a huge piece of cardboard and place it on the hood of their cars. There were also the times that their cars would be decorated with with whatever he could find. He once had a potty chair on the roof of Cara’s car. He must have “borrowed” it from the retirement home!  He was something else, but you couldn’t get mad at him, for he was such a likable guy and had so many stories to tell. 

They had many fun conversations with him. Sarah and Cara did enjoy teasing him about Charlotte. Cara had called Julie and she was a great help at giving them some info to surprise Arthur with. He took it well. He knew how to dish it out and how to take some bites of humble pie. No matter how they tried though, they could not get him to try the Shoo-fly pie. Of course Tippner and Mason were no help with that either. They knew a lot of people liked it, but they enjoyed making jokes about it more. 

The week had flown by and it was Arthur’s last day in the unique town of Bittersweet Creek. He did look forward to seeing his friends back home, but he knew this would not be the last time in Bittersweet Creek. Renewing his relationship with his cousins Mason and Grayson was a highlight of his week. They promised that they would come visit him. They teased him about  wanting to meet Charlotte, Arthur gave Cara a look, and she couldn’t keep the smug smile off of her face. 

Old Man Fuzzywhistle had invited all of them over to his farm that night. It had been a relaxing time of celebrating friendship. Amanda and Lisette joined them as well much to Sarah and Cara’s joy. Mason couldn’t deny his pleasure at seeing Amanda either. 

To Mason’s embarrassment Arthur made a toast to Mason and Grayson, sharing stories from when they were young. Sarah’s eyes danced with merriment looking at Grayson, and Amanda couldn’t refrain from laughing at Mason’s slightly red face. Oh, she would be sure to remember some of the stories for when she needed something to tease him about. Cara had already told her the toupee story, which she had a good laugh about. 

After the meal, the ladies cleaned up and were in the kitchen doing the dishes when the guys went out to the barn. 

About 15 minutes later the ladies heard the screen door to the farm house open and they all looked at each other expectantly. 

“Mission accomplished, ladies!” Joshua and his Uncle made a bow and the ladies cheered. 

“You guys are Awesome! Come to the diner tomorrow for a free meal.” Cara said. “Now why don’t we all go to the barn and pay some men a visit.” 

When they opened the doors of the barn what a sight to see, “monkeys” swinging from the rafters and they were “squawking!” Well not real monkeys, but the crazy pranksters were swinging from a big net that Joshua and his Uncle Jake had thrown down. 

The ladies had tears streaming down their faces, as they snapped pictures with their phones. 

Joshua’s  uncle spoke up and said, “It may sound strange, but that cow standing over there acted like it was helping us! She knocked them off their feet into the hay, making it easier for the net to get around them.” 

“Nope, doesn’t sound strange at all, Betsy is a special cow, who likes to help out a lot.” 

After letting the guys swing for a little while, they were nice enough to have Joshua and his Uncle let them down. They had a bonfire with S’mores and Arthur tried to tell scary ghost stories, but he was too funny to be scary. 

It had been a fabulous Fall evening as everyone bid goodnight, leaving Mason and Amanda sitting out under the stars. 

Cara felt good about how things had turned out, they had got even, without Jenny’s help. No one was turned into a duck. The only thing that left her feeling a little uneasy was the look that she saw pass between Mason, Bard and Arthur. Sarah had also seen the wink that Grayson gave Tippner. But she wasn’t going to worry, time would tell. 

When she and Bard got to their car, Cara pulled something out of a bag and handed it to Bard. “Would my monkey like a banana?” she asked with a teasing grin. 







The Conniving Cousins

“Are we there yet?”

Julie rolled her eyes. ” You are as bad as a child. We only left 15 minutes ago!

Arthur gave an impish grin. He was in a good mood. The warm breeze was blowing through the open window as Nurse Julie drove down the road.

“Ahh! Feels so good to be free from that…”

“Don’t you dare call it a prison again!”

“Me? Never! But the food does leave much to be desired.”

Julie was quiet, she couldn’t argue with that, but she refrained from giving him the satisfaction of agreeing with him.

“I am right, aren’t I? Your silence says it all.” He smirked at the look on Julie’s face. Then he reclined his seat to take a snooze.

2 hours later he woke up. ‘You woke up just in time sleepyhead. Are you hungry?

I thought we would stop at the diner straight ahead. Your cousin told me that it was the best diner in town, and that they have a spectacular pie.”

Arthur’s ears had perked up at the word pie. His taste buds started tingling. “What kind of pie?:

“Shoo fly pie!”

Arthur made such a face that made Julie bust out laughing, as she pulled into the parking lot.

“Such a strange name for a pie! I do remember Mason mentioning it to me before.

He said he didn’t know what to think when his crazy waitress wanted to sell it, but that it turned out to be a best seller. The pie has been making good money. Another money maker has been a new coffee flavor that she had encouraged him to sell. As a Thank You to Cara he recently sent her and her husband to Hawaii. He is too nice. I would have just given her a gift certificate for a free meal.”

Julie shook her head. “Oh Arthur you are “toooo kind”. ”

“I know, it runs in the family. ” he said, with a gleam in his eye.

The place was busy, so Arthur decided the food must be good, but he was still staying away from the Shoo fly pie!

When Arthur and Julie walked in, they saw Mason was busy at the register so they just took a seat at a corner table.

“Good afternoon! Can I bring you something to drink?” Cara’s smile shined bright. She had just come back from her coffee break, so she was feeling re-energized.

“I will take a beer please.” Arthur said, without looking up from the menu.

“Sorry sir, we don’t have any beer.”

“No beer, what kind of place is this.” Arthur grumbled. “This table is a little sticky, did you wash it young Miss? Are you going to tell me that you don’t have wine either? ”

Cara stood there, feeling her face grow warm, not knowing what to say.

Julie kept her face behind the menu, feeling for poor Cara. Mason was watching, trying to hold back his laughter at Cara’s speechlessness.

Arthur put down his menu and looked at Cara straight in the eye. “Is it true young Miss that you enjoy wearing Gooney bird feathers in your hair?”

Cara’s face turned bright red and then she saw Mason laughing, as he stood watching everything.

He walked over to them, still chuckling. “Cara meet my cousin Arthur.”

“You have my permission to dump a cup of ice water on him Cara! Hi, I am Julie and I think you will have your hands full while Arthur stays with Mason for a week.”

Cara raised her eyebrows, “A week! Maybe I should go back with you for the week Julie! Please!”

They all laughed and then Arthur said, “It is very nice to meet you. I hope you asked my cousin for a raise. You deserve one, oh and do you know the secret to his luxurious, wavy hair? Come closer and I will whisper it to you.”

Cara got closer and her eyes widened at Arthur’s words. “NOOO!”

“Go ahead, try it!”

“Mason bend your head down for a moment please.” He did and Cara grabbed a hanful of hair and pulled.

“OUCH!” Mason stood back up quickly.

“Oops! Guess that is my other cousin with the toupee.” Cara was laughing and Julie looked at Mason. “He is all yours. I think I better leave before you change your mind about him staying.”

They put his luggage in Mason’s car and Julie wished them well as she headed down the road, laughing at crazy Arthur. She actually was going to miss that guy. He livened things up at the retirement home.

Mr. Tippner and Old Man Fuzzywhistle walked in while Mason and Arthur were talking. Cara was busy waiting on tables.

Mason made the introductions of Arthur to them. Cara rolled her eyes walking by. With that group of stooges there was bound to be trouble just waiting to happen.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Strawberries and chocolate make the perfect combination for a yummy lunch!

I have to pick out frames this week for some reading glasses. Giving in to getting them. I used to have to wear glasses all the time so I won’t complain. I remember when I was little picking out rainbow frames and thinking they were so cool. Think I will stick to just one color this time. 🙂

You only have one set of eyes so treat them well! Enjoy reading the following quotes.










Into the Great Beyond!

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The glowing lights looked pretty cool. Looking around she was proud of how it all had turned out. They had worked a long time in designing and constructing it.

“What do you think? Are you ready to try it out? Just don’t go too far without me.” Her eyes held a spark of playfulness in them.

Kevin smiled. “We make a good team! Its awesome. Good work partner! Thanks for helping. I think we should have one,” he said, with a wink.

“You are welcome, it was fun and …. I will collect my payment for my hours of work, don’t worry.” Her face began to blush at the broad smile on his face and light in his eyes.

“1….2…3…! Takeoff!” Brody shot his birthday rocket into the air as his friends cheered.

They all sang Happy Birthday and the alien cake looked so cool! Brody was beaming! This was the bestest birthday yet.

If only he could figure out how to send his pesty sister into the air like his rocket, then it would be perfect!

Brody spent all afternoon playing with his friends dressed in a spacesuit costume. He knew what he was being for Halloween! Or maybe he should get an alien costume and try to scare people. That would be fun, especially scaring his little sister. Girls scared so easily. Yes, he had to ask his Mom for an alien costume, just to hear his litrle sister squeal!

After a birthday supper of hot dogs and mac and cheese they played some games and then watched one of Brody’s favorite Outerspace movies.

“Bedtime Birthday Boy!’ His Mom nudged him awake. He had fallen asleep on her. His Dad carried him up and his Mom followed. When they entered his room he shot up in his Dad’s arms.

“Wow!! A spaceship bed!”

Brody jumped on the bed. This was sooo cool!

“I LOVE IT! Thanks Mom and Dad!”

There were hugs and Brody even let himself be kissed. He was a big 10 year old now! He and his spaceship were going to rule the world!

Turning to his co-pilot he asked, ‘Are you ready?”

She raised her hoof in the air and they were off, headed for dreamland! Brody and his spacecow! No other astronauts had a spacecow. He was sure NASA would be calling soon. They would offer him a … ZZZzzz…..

Cow shoes, Get of Jail Free, Money Making Rocks and More…


I had to look this story up. She was known as “Half Hangit Maggie”. She regained consciousness when they went to bury her. Heard sounds coming from the coffin. How would you like to have been the person burying her!


Creative thinking. 🙂
There are times when being healthy can go too far. I will agree that Vaseline is good for a lot of things but I will pass on eating it!! I need a cookie to get just the thought of the taste out of my mouth!


Who would think that jail would save your life someday!


Why didn’t I think of that?

The 4 Important Words

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Candice breathed a sigh of relief to see the bench ahead. Her legs were beginning to ache from being on them too long. What was taking Robbie so long to get here? Sitting down on the bench she took her book out of her bag. Books, her faithful friends and something she never left home without! One never knew when you may need a book to pass some time. Stretching out on the bench she opened up her newest book. She had finished an emotional true story a week ago. Now it was time for some light reading. Time to weave some passionate daydreams, while she waited for her Romeo to show up. “Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?” she said out loud. Then she noticed someone else close by. Her cheeks flushed, had they heard her?

“She was lost in the deep blue pools of his eyes. They pierced through her and she felt like she may be drowning, but she didn’t want to be saved.”

Candice’s interest was sparked as she read on.

“He brushed his hand gently across her cheek, cupping her chin in his hand. Her heart began to race, at his tender caress. She couldn’t look away. His face slowly drew closer to hers and she wondered if her heart had stopped beating. She needed to catch her breath.”

“Exhale, exhale!” Candice felt herself holding her breath along with the main character as she continued reading.

“Was it really going to happen, would she find out the the taste of his lips? So long she had waited. His coy smile was making her swoon. Closing her eyes and moving her face closer she was ready for the magic…”

“So sorry I am late, traffic was awful! I got out late from work because the meeting ran over. You know how long winded my boss can get. Then things kept getting worse! While running down the stairs I dropped my phone and it shattered. Then I sat in a traffic jam and … Candice, did you hear a word I said?”

“She could feel the warmth of his breath on her face, any second now….”

Candice let out a big sigh, closing the book. She looked up and only then did she notice Robbie.

“Where have you been? What took you so long? Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

Robbie now was the one sighing, he should know by now that its pointless to talk to her when she was engrossed with one of her books!

He cleared his throat and started to explain once more …

Candice stood up and hugged him as he was talking. Placing a finger upon his lip, she whispered “SSH! Just kiss me!”

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The unexpected sharing, from a stranger’s burdened heart … They are walking down a road that you have been on and you are able to share a little hope…That moment when your story can be someone else’s survival guide. 

When you benefit from your Dad’s hobby … Making pretty solar powered garden lights … Your backyard is lit up …. Your neighbor notices and wants some lights too … 

The joy of knowing that the “What’s for supper tonight?”  question is all taken care of … All we need to do is show up at the restaurant…What is your favorite restaurant? 


Keeping the Dream Alive

Image from Pinterest of a Treetop Skywalk in Tennessee

“Build it and they will come.” Well its built now, so they can come and they sure better come soon, thought Bethany. She was looking at the bank statement and it was looking pretty sad right now. Building the skywalk had stretched them, they pulled it off, but Bethany was holding her breath. If it didn’t create the higher numbers of guests like they were counting on she was afraid that the business would be sunk.

Thinking about that made her stomach twist into knots. It would be awful to lose her Dad’s business. She took it over when he died, for she couldn’t bear the thought of selling it. But did she need to face reality? The resort had not been doing well for a couple years before her Dad died, it was in the red. Could Bethany really save it? Her Dad had built this resort. It had been a lot of work for her parents, but it was his dream and now his legacy. Bethany couldn’t let it fail! She reassured her Mom that they would not sell the resort.

Bethany dove into it headfirst and at times it had felt like she was diving into a cement pond that was all dried up.

She managed to keep it running but it was hanging by a thread, something big was needed. Something that made their resort in the mountains stand apart from other ones. When the secretary had told Bethany about how she used to dream about walking in the treetops as a child, that gave Bethany an idea. “Build it and they would come”, she remembered the movie she had watched several times as a child with her Dad and it gave her the inspiration she needed to build the Treetop skywalk.

Last night she took a walk on it around midnight, she couldn’t sleep. The grand re-opening was 3 weeks away. Lots of other updates had been made to the resort and Bethany prayed that it would be enough. Reservations were trickling in, but Bethany and all of her employees were hoping for a flood.

Time was passing too quickly, Bethany had the date circled in red on her calendar and it was like it was mocking her now. One week to go and no flood in sight. She and her faithful employees had worked so hard. “Breathe in breathe out,” she told herself. Her Dad was a man of patience and slow to worry. Often throughout his life he would say, “Its going to be OK.” Bethany tried to be like him in that area, but it got hard at times, especially now.

Once again she found herself walking the skywalk late at night under the shining moonlit sky. It was so peaceful with the night sounds of the woods. She had grown up here and she couldn’t imagine losing the resort. Her parent’s had thrown all their energy into it and there was a time it had been a grand success. Bethany was determined to make it a grand success once again.

Phones were ringing off the hook and their website was seeing the most action it had seen in a long while! Bethany hoped it wouldn’t crash. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing! The flood had come, reservations were pouring in. Soon they would reach full capacity. How grateful Bethany was for the decision they had made to add another building for lodging. It had felt risky being that the company was in the red, but sometimes you just had to take the chance!

The Grand Re-opening was an amazing success! Bethany was beaming and her Mom was so proud. Bethany had called a special meeting, giving bonuses to all the employees for their hard work.

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me to keep my Dad’s dream alive! There are no words to say how much your hard work has meant to my Mom and I! Looking forward to many more years to come!”

There was clapping, cheering and even some tears. Some of the employees had worked at the resort for many years and were like family. For the first night in awhile Bethany fell asleep with a heart full of peace.

It had been a couple weeks since the big celebration and the resort was still staying full. Bethany and her Mom kept shaking their heads in disbelief. It was simply incredible. Miracles do happen.

There was supposed to be a full moon tonight , Bethany wanted to enjoy it and found herself on the skywalk again. It was quickly becoming one of her favorite places to be at the resort. When she looked up into the sky, prayers of thanksgiving were on her heart for how things had worked out.

“Build it and they will come.” She did and they came. At times she felt like she needed to pinch herself, feeling like she was in the middle of a fairy tale. A tale of dreams, and inspiration. It may not have had any obvious magic like Cinderella’s “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” … what was that? Bethany bent down and picked up something shiny. What was a cowbell doing on a Treetop skywalk?

Somewhere in the distance there may have been a brown cow with deep brown eyes watching Bethany and smiling. Who needs a magic wand and magic words like “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” when one had a magical cowbell.