Friday’s Twist!

Thought I would change things up a little today. I have done this before, but not for a long time. Time for you, my dear readers, to get your creative juices flowing! I know you can. How would you caption tbe pictures below? Share in the comments. You can do one or more of them. Enjoy!






Love’s Magical Touch

Here is the next part to yesterday’s post,The Bridge of Surprises The sequel is written around the word “crumb” today.

Vibrant, colorful birds flew around them. They heard the distant roar of a waterfall.

Chip looked up at Belle, his brown eyes full of wonder. “Where are we?”

Belle’s eyes reflected the same question. She still couldn’t get over the fact that the bell had worked! Never before had any of the fictional stories she read come true. This was beyond her wildest imagination. What did she do now?

“Look! There are crumbs on the ground. Its like someone made a trail. Can we follow it and see where it leads?” Chip looked at Belle, pleading with his eyes, and a touch of excitement in his voice.

“Sure we can, but take my hand. How would I ever explain to your Mom what happened, if you disappeared?

Immediately Chip took her hand, he was eager to get going.

As they walked they were serenaded by the birds. Bright blue butterflies took turns resting on their shoulders.

“Belle, you have the bestest kind of adventures! This is much more fun than picking gooseberries.”

Belle smiled and tousled his curly locks with her hand.

They kept walking and began to wonder how long this trail of crumbs was. Sometimes the trail had several twists in it, but they kept following it. Belle did decide that if they came to a house decorated with candy they would run fast! She wasn’t going to end up like Hansel and Gretel!

Belle was soaking in the pleasure of seeing so many stunning flowers. It was like they were all dressed in their finest attire.


Chip tugged on Belle’s arm. They both stared at the charming cabin ahead of them. Was this where they were supposed to go?

There were cheery yellow curtains in the windows and flower boxes of purple pansies in rhe windows. Whoever lived in the cabin, did a super job of making the cabin look inviting.

The door to the cabin swung open and a woman came out running with open arms. She stopped short at the sight of Belle and Chip.

“Who are you?? Where is he? Where is the one I love?

Chip and Belle didn’t know what to say to the crazy woman shouting at them. Seeing her shocked them, even before she had opened her mouth. She was a troll!

“Sorry ma’am, we don’t know who you mean. All we did was follow the trail of crumbs, and it led us here.”

The lady’s expression softened, but her eyes looked full of pain. Belle, who had a caring heart, felt sorry for her.

“Who are you looking for? Can I help?”

“My Ivan. My beloved. He lives under a bridge. He was supposed to come here with me, but he didn’t bave my hand when I rang the bell long ago. I wanted to go back to him but a squirrel ran away with the enchanted bell.”

Belle’s pulse quickened. Ivan, the Ivan that they had just escaped from? The miserable Ivan! One could see the kindness in her eyes in spite of the pain. She was opposite of Ivan, but perhaps he was a miserable hater because of a broken heart?

“I think I may be able to find him for you.”

A spark of longing and hope filled the woman’s eyes. Belle had to try, no matter how she felt about Ivan. Maybe being with his true love would.change him.

“Chip, grab my hand.” Belle took the cowbell out of her pocket and rang it. POOF! When the purple and pink smoke cleared, they were back on the troll’s bridge.

To their amazement Ivan was sitting on the bridge with tears in his eyes. He didn’t even yell at them when he saw them, he only looked at them in shock.

“My love disappeared long ago into a cloud of purple and pink smoke, like you all did. But she never came back.”

“Ivan grab my hand, I have a surprise for you.”

He looked uncertain and poor Chip wasn’t so sure either about taking Ivan the terrible with them. At least he had grabbed Belle’s hand, and not Chip’s.

“You really want to do something nice for me, after how I treated you and the boy?”

“I will always help someone find true love. Its beyond time that you are reunited with yours.”

“Thank you, and I am sorry for how I acted before.”

Chip’s mouth dropped open. Ivan had actually apologized! Miracles do happen!

The bell rang and POOF! They were transported back to the woods, in front of the cabin.

“Ivan!” The woman yelled. They embraced and when they kissed, Chip and Belle couldn’t believe their eyes. Ivan’s warts disappeared from his arm!

The woman, Susan, hugged Belle and thanked her. Ivan looked like a new person, smiling ear ear. Gratitude shining from his eyes. He joked with Chip and laughter bubbled out of him. His change of heart was incredible! Oh, what the touch of true love could do.

Belle was delighted that she had been able to help them. Chip, pulled on her arm. “Can we go back now. I am getting hungry, and all their kissing is making me sick.”

Laughing, Belle took his hand. Ivan and Susan were oblivious to them, they were lost in each other’s eyes.

Belle’s heart was warmed and she rang the bell. POOF! They were back on the bridge. It didn’t take them long to pick enough gooseberries for a pie. Some made it into Chip’s mouth, not the basket.

That night Mrs Potts baked a delicious Gooseberry pie. Chip and Belle talked about their magical adventure and everyone lived happily ever after.

The Bridge of Surprises

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In keeping with the Wordle challenge, to base my stories around the word, yesterday’s word was “hater.” Not a word that I guessed, by evidence of my 6 guesses, so I was a “hater” of Wordle yesterday, but I think it describes Ivan well. Enjoy the story!

Once upon a time, there was a girl with a big heart. She had a smile for everyone and loved many things. One of the many tbings she loved, was books. Being a voracious reader, Belle had read countless stories. The story she was reading now had her captivated.

She was working her way through the Prince’s massive library. It was her favorite part of the castle. It added to the magic of the charmed life she was living now. The life that felt too good to be true

Belle was still in awe of how her life had changed so quickly. From being terrified at being held prisoner by a beast, to falling in love with his heart, leading to him becoming a handsome Prince and she becoming his wife!

She could have been happy livimg anywhere, as long as her prince was by her side. But living in this stunning castle was a dream come true. The perfect fairytale.

Turning the page she smiled, yes, life was good. Now back to her story, before Mrs Potts called her for lunch.

Later that afternoon Belle took little Chip, Mrs Potts son, out for a walk. He was an adorable boy and he had fun going on little adventures with Belle. Today they were going to pick gooseberries for Mrs Potts delicious gooseberry pie. The Prince couldn’t get enough of them.

Taking Chip’s hand, Belle spoke to him. “Now remember, in order to get to the Gooseberry tree, we have to cross the bridge”

Chip made a face, “i don’t like crossing the bridge. That old troll scares me. He hates little children.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of you. Maybe he will be asleep under the bridge and not even hear us coming.” Belle didn’t care for the troll either. He was a hater of everything, just a miserable man. Often she tried bribing him with special treats from Mrs Potts, but he would take the treat, only to spit it out and call it rubbish.

He needed a serious attitude adjustment!

Belle and Chip started walking and forgot about the troll as they walked along and chatted with Mother Goose, who was taking her children for a walk.

When they drew closer to the lake Chip got excited. “Look, there she is! The beautiful swan.”

Bonita was beautiful indeed, and to think that once she had been called an ugly duckling. She proved everyone wrong and was so kind. Total opposite of Ivan the terrible troll. She wasn’t a hater of anyone.

After stopping for a little to feed her some of Mrs Potts tasty bread they made their way closer to the bridge. Chip squeezed Bella’s hand tighter, with fear.

Bella tried to reassure him, but her own body was growing tense. They both were as quiet as mice, trying to walk real softly, so as not to awaken Ivan the Terrible.

They had made it halfway across and as Belle was beginning to breathe easier, Ivan suddenly came out from under the bridge. Jumping in front of them, with an angry face.

“How dare you disturb my sleep, while crossing my bridge?” He growled at them. Chip buried his face into Bella’s skirt.

“Why are you so mean? Its a day full of sunshine and the roses are blooming.”

“I hate sunshine and roses!” He stomped his feet on the bridge. Poor Chip started trembling. In a shaky voice but then with a boost of confidence, Chip said, “You are a big bully. Hater of everything. Go back under the bridge!’

Ivan’s eyes narrowed at him and his face was so red, it looked like smoke would pour out of his head any second. Belle squeezed Chip’s hand tighter.

“What did you call me? I will show you!” He reached out his arm, covered with warts, grabbing Chip, who let out a scream.

Belle didn’t know what to do, Ivan was stronger than she was, as she clung desperately to Chip. Then she saw it. The sun made it sparkle! Could it really be the enchanted cowbell from the book she was reading earlier?

There was only one way to find out. She grabbed the bell, while keeping hold of Chip with the other hand.

Ivan saw the shiny bell and was momentarily distracted enough for him to release his grip on Chip.

Belle wasted no time in ringing the bell. It worked! Pink and purple smoke filled the air. When the smoke cleared they had no idea where they were, but they weren’t on the troll’s bridge any longer. Chip’s eyes were wide with surprise. “That was the coolest thing ever!”

Belle was speechless. The book about the cowbell was true. Picking gooseberries would have to wait, they were going on an adventure!

(To be continued…)

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Spent the day with my sister and great nieces and nephews. A fun time. We took them to a small petting farm, where they saw little goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks. They also had SAND to play in and kids love sand! But the best thing is having my little three year old niece say, “I love you Aunt Carolyn.” What is it about little ones that make you melt.  What made you smile today? 











When You Teach a Dog to Sing …

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One small thing before the story. Today’s word was difficult to guess. Another blogger friend, Clive, got it easily. I joked about using the word in my story and he issued a challenge. To use the daily Wordle Word in my stories. I can’t pass up challenges, so for a week I will try it, starting today. Today’s word is ennui. I never heard of this word before today, which would be why I guessed it, simply by accident. I was just putting in letters for I had given up! Have you heard it before?

Devin strummed the guitar and tilted back his head to sing. “You are off key Max, listen to me.” Devin sang a line. Max cocked his head, listening intently and then opened his mouth.

“Devin, Max! Go outside! I can’t hear myself think “

Nobody appreciated their music. Someday he and Max were going to be famous. They would see.

“C’mon Max! Let’s go buddy, we can sing for the birds and the bees.”

They walked out back and sat under the big shady Maple tree. Devin strummed and sang a note. Max joined in to harmonize. “Good boy, you are catching on. A little higher now.”

They were having a fun time, singing at the top of their lungs. To Devin’s surprise the dogs from all over the neighborhood were coming to his yard. He could teach them all how to sing.

All was going well, until Mrs Prune’s tabby cat entered their yard, chasing a small bunny. The cat realized his mistake too late. Suddenly everything was in an uproar as the dogs tore after the cat. Mrs Prune, took off after her cat and Devin was running, yelling for Max to stop. He fell, Splat, into a mud puddle, but got right back up and took off running again.

Devin’s mom couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened the back door to bring Devin a drink of lemonade. She froze in place watching the pack of dogs chasing Mrs Prune’s poor cat and Devin chasing the dogs.

Oh No! Devin saw the mailman up ahead. “Watch Out!” Devin yelled, but it was too late. The dogs knocked him off his feet and the mail scattered all over the ground.

Devin felt bad for Mr Gnu, he was a kind mailman, always bringing Devin lollipops and bubble gum. But there was nothing he could do to help him now, for he had to catch Max.

“Hi, Mr Gnu, Bye, Mr Gnu.” Devin yelled, as he passed him picking up all the mail. His face was all red. Devin guessed that he was far from being happy!

The dogs kept running through the neighborhood and they spotted more cats causing some dogs to veer off in different directions. Poor Devin was beginning to feel frantic as he lost sight of Max.

Uh-oh! It was going to happen again. Miss Monika was out with her two dogs and they pulled hard on their leashes to join the other dogs. To Devin’s surprise Miss Monika was able to hold them back. He was impressed.

“Max, Max!” Devin’s voice was growing hoarse.

Whoa!! Poor Mr Geoff was hangjng from the roof! The dogs had knocked the ladder out from underneath him.

Ahh! He saw Max, Devin was almost able to reach him.

Yes! He grabbed his collar, he had Max! Max tried to keep pulling for a little bit but soon gave up. His short legs were tired.

Devin turned around with Max to go back home when he heard someone yell. He turned to look and bust out laughing. Mr Jason the icecream man was on the ground covered in icecream and all the dogs were around him licking it up. Mrs Prune grabbed her frightened cat and the chase was over. All was well.

While walking home Devin thought of all the excitement. Earlier in the morning he had been feeling ennui, rather listless and bored. That all changed the moment he and Max started singing. Ooh, the excitement that happens when you teach a dog to sing.

Too Sweet? … Bubble Wrap wallpaper … Leaf Umbrella and Other Facts …


Just what every woman wants to decorate her house … Bubblewrap wall paper!


I am 100 percent confident that eating, NOT drawing, my favorite food would make me a LOT happier!


Now I have my answer… Cows aren’t the only ones with accents. 😂


What a Wonderful Idea 🙂


Hmmm …. Too Sweet?? There may be only a few things. 😊


My heart ❤

Pandora’s Wish


Pandora the peacock was quite blue. She never should have opened up the box that had been sealed shut.

Upon noticing that the seal was broken she couldn’t withhold her curiosity any longer. Pandora opened up the box.

Inside was the famous book of amazing peacocks and more. No matter how many times she had flipped through the pages, her portrait wasn’t there. She had even tried wishing upon a star to make her picture appear, but nothing happened.

There were many peacocks in the book who she recognized, but Phoebe was the most amazing one! Paintings of her were divine!

She was famous among all the peacocks. Her portrait and story were on the first page of the special book.

A painting of Phoebe had sold for an astronomical price. Pandora didn’t really understand much about money but she knew humans really valued it. Yet someone admired Phoebe’s painting so much that they thought it was worth a high amount!

Pandora had bever been asked to sit for someone to paint her portrait.

What was even worse is not only did other peacocks have their portrait painted, but other animals as well. Even a panda was in the book! Peyton often teased her, calling her panda.

Her mom thought it waa a sweet nickname and told her that she thought Peyton was attracted to Pandora.

Pandora rolled her eyes whenever her mom hinted at his affections. He wasn’t bad, in fact he was quite good looking, but she didn’t think her mom knew what she was talking about.

Lately though, he had seemed to be extra kind to her. She didn’t know what he had up his sleeve. Maybe he still felt bad about the night at the lake. Pandora couldn’t get that night out of her mind.

They had gone with friends to a lake and were having a wonderful time. Pandora found herself really enjoying being with Peyton.

When their friends left she was hoping he wouldn’t take her home and he didn’t. They sat by the lake and chatted. The moon was reflecting in the water and it was a beautiful, a perfect evening.

While chatting a pause came in the conversation and Peyton told her he would be right back. He disappeared into the dark, making Pandora wonder what was going on.

She was surprised when he returned holding out a small box for her. Her mom had often told her to never open any boxes, but this was Peyton, what could go wrong. She opened it and a tiny frog jumped out, scaring her so badly. Oh, how she yelled at Peyton, as she stomped off, going home without him.

As mad as she was for him messing up a perfect night she realized that he hadn’t laughed when the frog scared her. In fact he hadn’t said a word and he looked upset. But why would he be upset. She was the one who had been scared. Did he really think she would like the frog? Guys were so confusing!

Since that night he had been extra attentive to her. Nothing more was said about Pandora’s box, with the frog. To her surprise she couldn’t deny an affection possibly growing for Peyton.

Her face started growing warm. She shook her head, and brought her mind back to the present problem. A panda had made it into the special book, but not her! How fair was that?


Sure, it was adorably cute, but…Oooh, Pandora felt herself growing green with envy.

Slamming the book shut she decided to listen to her mom and never open a box again. They held nothing but trouble.

Time passed and Pandora had forgotten all about the book. She had more important things on her mind now.

Peyton had become much more than a friend to Pandora. They went out quite often together now and Pandora was flying high. Her mom was thrilled, though she said that Pandora acted like a flibbertygibbet now, with her head in the clouds.

Before she knew it her wedding day arrived and it was a day her dreams came alive. Peyton had surprised her by arranging for Pedro the artist to be at their wedding. He painted Pandora in all her splendour as a beautiful bride.

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She would at last have her picture in the book. While she beamed with happiness, she knew that the most important thing to her now was Peyton. He gave her a joy that couldn’t compare with having her portrait in a book.

On the other side of the world, late one night, poor Pongo couldn’t sleep. Why wasn’t his portrait in the famous book. He was special, he could dance.

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Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Hoping that you are feeling as happy as this adorable Boston. Friday is officially here!

It’s Fresh, yummy, Strawberry Season! Beavers enjoy strawberries too!

It hit 92 degrees today. Summer is here. The Beach is on my mind! Here is a Beach Boys song to put you in the summertime mood. Not as popular as Kokomo, but still a beautiful song.


There’s a lover’s leap in old Japan
Where the lovers walk along the sand
Hand-in-hand at Sumahama
Born a lovely oriental daughter
Never ever having met her father
Asks some questions of her mother

Tell me, tell me mama
Will you ever go again to Sumahama
Perhaps you’ll find love there
Somewhere between the Earth, the sky and water
There at Sumahama

In the autumn as the leaves are falling
One can almost hear the lovers calling
From the sea at Sumahama
Years have past and tears have long since dried
But no amount of time could hope to hide
A love so strong from Sumahama

Tell me, tell me mama
Will you go with me back to Sumahama
Perhaps you’ll find him there
Somewhere between the Earth, the sky and water
There at Sumahama

Soko wa koi suru hitotachi ga
Te ni te o totte aruita
Kireino shiroi hama

Itsu itsu, mama, Sumahama ni
Itsu mata iku no
Sugita ai o sagashi ni iku
Umi no kanata, Sumahama

There’s a lover’s leap in old Japan
Where the lovers walk along the sand
Hand-in-hand at Sumahama
Aki ni ki no haga chiru yo ni
Sabishiku kanashii koi no uta
Sumahama no umi kara

Source: LyricFind

The Many Faces

Thanks once again to Jason, (the not-yet-World Famous photographer) for this photo. See more of his photography adventures at

Laura’s nerves were on edge. She was wound as tight as a ball of string, feeling that the slightest thing would cause her to unravel.

What had she done? She washed her hands down by the river repeatedly but they still didn’t feel clean. Would they ever be clean again?

The breeze blew across her face and a turkey vulture flew by. Thinking of vultures made her feel queasy. She wiped sweat from her brow. She waa burning up, but it had nothing to do with the weather.

What would she do now? She couldn’t return, not that she had anything to return to anyway. Her mama had died and she had never met her dad.

Laura kept running, making one foot go in front of another. Tears burned her eyes. She couldn’t stop thinking of him. He may not have been tall, dark and handsome, but he had stolen her heart.

One look from his honey brown eyes and one could see the depths of compassion that they held.

The times they spent togetber had made her feel as rich as a fairy tale princess. Life with him made her forget feeling lost and alone. He had promised that he would build a life for them. Oh, the many promises he had made. He only needed to finish college and then they would be together forever. She had held onto that promise to get her through the lonely nights.

Another tear ran down her scraped cheek. The bleeding had stopped, but it still burned. She continued running.

Memories flashed through her mind. She would see Joel’s happy face and then it would transform and give her the shivers. Transforming into the other guy. The one whose eyes were hard and cold.

Oh, what was this? She never had wandered into the mountains before. Now she stopped in her tracks as she looked ahead of her. Was she becoming delirious or did the mountain ahead of her really have haunting faces in it?

Her legs began to wobble. The adrenalin which had pushed her to keep running was fading. Laura sat down, before her legs gave out on her.

How she wished that Joel was near. She needed to feel safe in his arms once again. If this was a Hallmark movie, he would appear. He would be tall, dark, handsome and honest. He would have picked up her trail and followed her, ready to rescue her from this nightmare.

But this wasn’t a Hallmark movie and she was exhausted, sitting by a haunted mountain. Putting her head between her knees, a heavy sigh escaped her.

The faces flashed in her mind once more. The charming smile of Joel, the guy she had trusted. The guy she thought she had known.

Then his charming smile mocked her, turning into a sneer. His compassionate eyes were as hard as steel. Right before they widened in fear, as he fell backwards off of the cliff.

Another vulture flew overhead, she wondered if the vultures had found his body yet.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! There is an inspirational thought going around our town now. It’s the saying, “If our mall hasn’t given up yet, neither should you!” LOL! I think I shared on here before how our mall used to be a bustling place, the place to be, but like many malls, has now become a ghost town. Everyone expected it to go under years ago, but its still standing with one solitary store still operating inside of it. An antique store.  The movie theater just left the mall last month, which we would thought would close the mall for sure, but it still stands. So, if anyone is looking to open up a shop, we have the space here for you! Come to the wonderful state of Pennsylvania.  While you are thinking of what business to start up in our mall, enjoy the following quotes! Have a great week and thanks for reading.