Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! The good news is that the flowers that I talked about buying in last Tuesday’s post, are still alive. The reason why is because they are still in the Greenhouse! I have not bought them yet, but I do intend too this week. Here is hoping that the good intentions you have planned for this week get completed! Enjoy the quotes and have a great day. 












Flower Girl

Image from Pinterest

Spying the stand, he pulled his car off on the side of the road and stopped. His favorite country song was still playing on the radio as he looked out the window. No one seemed to be around. Just pretty flowers and a little box to put your money in. Whoever was selling the flowers must be a trusting person.

There were mixed bouquets of carnations and tulips of bright spring colors. Thomas stepped out of his car and walked over to the stand. The flowers looked fresh and their sweet fragrance was much better than the smell of the dead skunk that he had ran over a few miles back. He waited around a little to see if anyone would show up, and then he pulled his wallet out and slipped some money into the box. Decided to grab another bouquet, took one more look around and headed back to the car.

He laid the flowers on his seat, turned the radio on and drove off, heading home. Looking at the time he realized he had no time to waste. He had one hour before he had to pick up Kelly for their date. She would love the flowers.

Thomas had finished shaving and was fixing his tie. They were going to a ritzy restaurant tonight. He wasn’t much into fancy restaurants, but Kelly was, so he thought tonight he would surprise her. He inwardly cringed at the money he would have to spend, but Kelly was worth it. At least that is what he told himself while looking in the mirror. His Mom and sister weren’t so sure, but what did they know. His older sister always thought she knew what was best for him, almost like having a 2nd Mother at times. She meant well though, and he didn’t know what he would do without Stacey. They had always looked out for each other and he was sure they would continue too.

Kelly had looked amazing when Thomas picked her up in her little black dress with her rhinestone necklace and diamond earrings. The ruby red lipstick on her sweet lips and bright red nails, Thomas noticed every detail down to her matching rhinestone anklet. She did have expensive taste for sure.

When seated at the table, as they looked at their menus and Thomas tried not to panic. This restaurant was one she had mentioned and said she came too often. Thomas hadn’t thought to check out the prices. He knew it would be more expensive, but he had underestimated just how much more expensive it would be! From the looks of it he would probably only be eating an appetizer and drinking lemon water!

He tried not to grimace as Kelly ordered the most expensive thing on the menu and then smiled sweetly at him, asking if it was OK. He managed to nod and say, “There is nothing too good for you, my dear.” Looking in her eyes it seemed that she had a smug expression. Was she really playing him, like his sister thought? Suddenly her perfectly styled hair and the sparkling rhinestone necklace didn’t look as stunning, for he couldn’t get her smug expression out of his mind.

“Thomas, Thomas, did you hear me?” Kelly asked.

Thomas hadn’t caught anything that she had been saying, for his thoughts had drifted.

“Yes, dear.” he said.

“So what do you think?”

“Think about what?” he asked nervously.

“What I was just talking about! Going to the Country Club next weekend with Greg and Chantilly.”

Thomas groaned, Greg and Chantilly set his nerves on edge after being around them for longer than 5 minutes.

Chantilly’s fake laugh and how she hung on Greg’s arm and Greg going on and on about being one step away from being the CEO. That he knew he would get the promotion, for he was the best choice. His conceited attitude always rubbed Thomas the wrong way.

Fortunately their food came right then and Kelly moved onto another subject after the maitre d had left. Thomas felt sorry for the poor guy for Kelly had complained about her wine not being sweet enough and she tossed the basket of rolls back at him, saying that they were not hot enough.

What had he been thinking? Kelly wasn’t his type of woman, why was he he with her? As much as he hated to admit it, it looked like his sister and Mom were right.

Thomas realized that he had been so taken up in the ritz and glamour at first with all the money Kelly had, but the thrill of that was now coming to an abrupt end. It was like common sense had finally … “smacked him in the head”.. This may be the life for some people, but not for him.

The night couldn’t come to an end fast enough. When the bill came, Thomas reached for his wallet and … where was it? Oh No! He didn’t have it! A sickening feeling came over him. He remembered that he had laid it on top of the flower stand when he got bought the flowers. He must have left it there and he doubted that it was still there if anyone else had stopped!

He was silently kicking himself. Kelly hadn’t even really liked the flowers, she sniffed at them and tossed them on the counter.

How would he explain to Kelly that he had no money to pay?

“Is something wrong Thomas, you look pale. Are you feeling sick?”

Thomas groaned.

‘Oh dear! Please tell me that you aren’t gong to puke! Not here in front of everyone! I would die of embarrassment!”

Thomas put a hand over his mouth and ran to the bathroom as Kelly sighed.

Waiting a little in the restroom he finally walked out slowly towards the table keeping his head down. When he got to the table Kelly looked at this rumpled shirt and his undone tie and shook her head. “Lets go before the maitre d sees you. I already paid, I had Daddy’s credit card on me. You can pay this weekend when we go to the Country Club.

Relief coursed through Thomas, but he tried not to look too happy as they walked out of the restaurant and to his car. The ride to Kelly’s house was quiet and when he pulled in her driveway Kelly told him to stay in the car. “I can get out myself, I don’t want to catch whatever you have!” She opened the door and quickly got out without saying “Thank you” or “Goodbye”. Thomas watched her walk away and was certain that this would be the last time he was in her driveway. He would call her tomorrow and explain how they were too different from each other and he really didn’t think she would be too upset.

Driving down the country road at night he wondered why he was going back to the flower stand, the chances that the wallet was still there was so unlikely. He almost drove past it in the dark, but stopped just in time. Holding his breath he got out and walked to the stand. Sure enough, there was no wallet to be seen. His heart fell. His only hope was that either the owner of the flower stand had picked it up or a kind stranger. He decided that the would come back first thing the next morning. There was a house nearby and he would go knock on the door asking if they owned the flower stand. It was too late tonight, he didn’t want to disturb anyone.

He had a restless sleep, thinking about Kelly, wondering how he ever had let himself get entangled with her. There were nice things about her, but they could not make up for the glaring differences between them. When the sun rose he jumped back into his car, hoping and praying that he would find his wallet today.

A sad country song was playing as he made his way back to the flower stand one more time. He pulled over to the side of the road again when he got to the flower stand, and hope sparked in him. There was a young lady at the stand. She was dressed in a bright yellow sundress and had a nice tan. He got out and walked over to the stand.

“Good Morning!” he said, and the young lady smiled back at him.

“Good Morning! You are out bright and early, not usually any customers this early. Usually only the birds out here singing as I put out some fresh flowers.”

“Well, my name is Thomas and I left something very important here yesterday and was hoping…”

“You are him! You are the man who left the wallet.” she said.

Thomas sighed with great relief!

“Yes, Yes, I am and so very glad you found it! I was afraid that it would be long gone by now, picked up by some stranger.”

“OH, so you didn’t mean to leave it here?” she gave him a questioning look. ” I thought you were leaving an extra big tip for the flowers.” she said, with a teasing look in her eyes.

“Not quite,” he replied, laughing.

They chatted some more and when Thomas got back in his car, he had one extra thing in his wallet that hadn’t been there before. A phone number of a certain young lady, who sold pretty flowers, by the side of the road.

Lessons I Learned

This photo was from last year, but it goes with my theme. My children have graduated into young adulthood. Parenting takes on a little different role when that happens, but some lessons that I  leaned when they were little will always stay with me.

Expect the Unexpected : Like when  your toddler is admiring the rubber duckies in the big fountain in the middle of the medical clinic and they decide to take a closer look by jumping in!

Be prepared to be Humbled : When you tell your 7 year old you will join them in the backyard soon. Next thing you know your little one bursts in the door and is glaring at you talking on the phone and says, “Well I see what is more important!” 

Your children are watching when you aren’t even thinking you are teaching a lesson : They remember when you forgave their sibling for breaking your favorite mug. Bringing it up years later saying how “things are just things” and that you showed what was more important.

You reminisce more than you think : Apparently I had been talking a lot about the days when my children were little for  my 10 year old looked at me and said, “You really need to get yourself a 5 year old!”

Your children will imitate you when you least expect it : Like when you are having morning sickness with your 2nd child and your toddler joins you in the bathroom, leaning over her potty chair and growling!

Power of “I Love You!” : Hearing it from your older child makes your heart melt as much as when you heard it for the first time from your toddler.

What a Cedar Chest Holds : Baby clothes, Homemade cards and little drawings, mementos of special milestones in your childs life, but will  never be big enough to hold the deep emotions of feeling incredibly blessed, and to be honest, incredibly stressed at times, of watching your children grow!

Magical Dreams

Image from Pinterest

Scenes of her life were flying through her dreams. The time when she was in the secret cave underwater with Charlie and the tragic end to his life.

The time she helped break up a smuggling ring with some guy. She couldn’t remember his name, but he did have some impressive karate moves. What Betsy most remembered though was the luxurious waveyness of his hair. Humans sure did have some strange hair.

She dreamed about the lady. Lisette, who tried to steal her special bell. Betsy had to go to her Inn to get the bell back. Everyone was always after her bell it seemed. They obviously didn’t know who they were messing with.

Ahh! Now she was back in the barn where she had been born. Her Mama was there, her sweet Mama!

Betsy loved her Mom. She was always gentle with her, except for the times when Betsy was misbehaving! She could tell when she better straighten up, by the intense look in her Mama’s deep brown eyes.

Her Mama had given her guidance and shared so much wisdom as Betsy grew.

The magical feeling she had when her Mama passed on her gift of the enchanted cowbell, was a day Betsy would never forget!

She slowly opened her eyes still feeling the warmth of her sweet Mama. It was almost like she was standing right by Betsy again. Side by side while they grazed in the pasture. She heard her Mama’s voice again, sharing secrets about the enchanted cowbell.

Betsy had so many adventures with that bell but there were still so many to come. There was one secret about the cowbell that Betsy was most intrigued with. When her Mama explained to her how … and Betsy closed her eyes to visit dreamland once more.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!


When your taste buds delight in something they haven’t had in a long time! Chocolatey, Creamy Whoopie Pies! 


One moment your are pulling your crying child’s fingers loose from your shirt as you try to go out the door … you blink … and your older teen is saying, with a smile, no tears … “Can’t you and Dad go away for a weekend!”

A Mother’s love keeps growing through the years! (My Dad, Mom, niece, sister and my precious great-nephew and great-niece.

A Cookie Day

Carrie Ann was in the Hallmark store looking at cards. Trying to find the perfect card. She saw a card with Cookie Monster on it. One was never too old for Cookie Monster.

She smiled, yes, this would be the perfect card for Sheila. Yesterday they ate a dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies, when she was at Sheila’s house. Cookie Monster was a little bit off on his count. Unpleasant moments earned more than just one cookie!

After buying the card she decided to make a stop at the shoe store. Her favorite pair of sandals were wearing out and with Spring here now she needed another pair.

On the ride home Carrie Ann thought about Sheila. The poor girl was not having luck in the guy dept at all! This was her 3rd broken heart in the past 6 months.

They joked about her needing a special radar that could let her know in advance if the guy was a loser.

Hank had conveniently forgotten to tell Sheila that he had a big gambling debt to pay off. She had found out in the nick of time before he cleaned her bank account out.

Larry had forgotten to tell her about the 2 other girls he was dating. Lance, the 3rd guy had a better memory than the other 2 but he was impulsive. When he told Sheila to pack her bags to move with him to Africa is when Sheila may have gone a little crazy in baking 4 dozen cookies!

Yes, they really needed some kind of special charm to help Sheila find a good guy! Too bad that special charms and knights in shining armor only appeared in fairy tales!

Later that evening the phone rang, it was Sheila. Carrie Ann picked it up, prepared to hear more tears. Today was when Lance left for Africa.

She was surprised to hear excitement in Sheila’s voice instead.

“The strangest thing just happened to me. I think I found a lucky charm!” she said to Carrie Ann.

“Do tell! What did you find?” Carrie Ann asked, as she stretched out on the couch, curious to hear.

“I was out taking a walk down a country road, feeling sorry for myself when I saw a brown cow staring at me.”

I tried to tell myself that it was only my imagination that the cow wasn’t really looking at me. I couldn’t deny it though as I got closer, I could feel the intensity of her dark brown eyes. It almost gave me an eerie feeling. I stopped in front of her and noticed a silver cowbell around her neck and it was glowing!”

“Glowing? Sheila, did you bake more cookies and what exactly did you put in them?”

Sheila laughed, “I know it sounds crazy, but its true! I was entranced and felt like I couldn’t move. Then after a few moments the glowing stopped and I felt like I was waking up from a magic spell.”

“And you woke up, realizing you were on your couch, right?” Carrie Ann asked.

There was joy sparkling in Sheila’s voice when she said, “Nope! I turned around and saw a guy jogging. I had not seen anyone on the road before. He waved and passed me by. I started walking and I noticed him stop and he looked back and waited for me. We struck up a great conversation for the next 3 miles and to make a long story short, he is taking me to dinner Friday night! I think there is something magical about that cow!”

Carrie Ann didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to rain on Sheila’s parade, but, fairy tales don’t happen in real life! She bit her tongue and wished Sheila the best. Making her promise to call her as soon as their date was over, she said goodbye. Sheila was flying high.

After ending the call Carrie Ann shook her head. A glowing cowbell and a magical cow? Who could believe in something like that!

Path to the Heart

Image from Pinterest

Elena didn’t know what drew her to the little blue cottage, but she was intrigued by it the first time she saw it. She had been in Ireland for a week now and was in love with the land. She was glad she had another week to spend here, but knew she wouldn’t be ready to leave when next week ended.

She hadn’t seen anyone outside of the cottage the many times that she had walked by it, but there was obviously someone living there. Someone had to be taking care of the flowers.

Today she had stopped and waited. Waiting for what she didn’t know, but she couldn’t rid herself of the strange sensation that she was supposed to be there. Her eyes widened as the door slowly opened. A tall man walked out. He had black hair that looked as soft as velvet, with ringlets around his ears. He looked at Elena and all she could do was stare. HIs eyes smiled at her, but he had a slightly confused look on his face.

“May I help you?” he asked.

What was she supposed to say, how did she explain the reason for standing right outside his house?

“Are you lost?”

Elena tried to compose herself. “Umm… No… I.. I am fine.. thanks. ” she replied feeling her hands sweating.

Why couldn’t she make her legs move, she had to look like such a fool.

“You have pretty flowers.” she said.

He smiled, “Thank you! My Mom loves flowers, so I try to keep them blooming for her.”

“Oh, so this is your Mom’s house?” As soon as she uttered the words, she wanted to smack herself in the head. What business of hers was it as to whose house it was. Why did she say that?”

“Well have a nice day, I have to get going.” and with those words Elena walked away, not turning back to see that the man with the velvety hair was watching her as she walked down the path.

She kept muttering to herself while walking. If his Mom lived there, did he too? Did his wife live there with them, did he have a wife, and why did she care if he had a wife, she didn’t even know the guy!”

For the rest of the day she tried to busy herself with more sightseeing, but her mind never wandered too far from the little blue cottage.

She didn’t go back the next day, she couldn’t bring herself to do it, not after making a fool of herself. Letting 3 days pass, she couldn’t wait any longer. Her curiosity took her down the path to the little blue cottage, would the man with the velvety soft ringlets still be there?

Her breath caught, he was there! He was outside watering the flowers. Turning around he spotted her. She had told herself she would only stand there for a few seconds, but it had been a few seconds too long.

“Hello! We meet again.” he said, this time with a twinkle in his eye.

“HI! I am Elena, and your flowers are so pretty.” She felt her face growing hot, realizing she had already told him that when she was here before.

” Nice to meet you, my name is Conner. Could I interest you in a cool drink. It’s getting hot out here. Would you like to go to the Cafe?”

Elena’s heart thumped faster. “Sure, that would be nice.”

“Great, I will be right out. Just give me a minute.” and he walked back inside.

He came back out quickly and they walked down the path to the Cafe.

“And that my dear daughter , is how I met your Dad.”

“But you can’t end the story there, I want to hear more, 12 year old Sonya said.

Elena reached over and wrapped her fingers around Conner’s ringlets. “And he still has velvety soft hair.” she said, as Conner leaned over and gave her a kiss.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy May! I always get flowers for my porch in the beginning of May, and see if we can make a record with how long I am able to keep them alive. I didn’t make it out yet to get any, but plan to this week. Do you have a favorite flower? 

Enjoy the quotes and take time to smell the roses today! 












A New Beginning

Image from Pinterest

“What do you say? Are you in on the plan?”

“You know I will always follow you , wherever you go!” Sugarpie replied, rubbing her head against Cottonball’s head. We can’t be separated.”

They stood there for awhile, nuzzling against one another.until they fell asleep. Dreaming of the brave venture they would make tomorrow.

It had been an anxious day of waiting, but the time was close now. The other sheep were busy grazing, and Silas the shepherd boy was under the shady Maple tree. He was finishing up his lunch and soon he would be asleep. It happened every day.

“You know the way, right? Asked Sugarpie.

“Of course I do, no worries!”

Within a few moments, it waa just as Cottonball had said. Silas threw his apple core in the grass, leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes.

Cottonball shook his head. One day Silas was going to wake up to all his sheep being gone! Cottonball was so relieved to be leaving.

It dangerous here, hungry wolves waited to atrack the sheep and often got some before Silas was able to do anything! There was no way Cottonball wanted anything to happen to his Sugarpie, he was taking her somewhere safe.

“Okay Sugarpie lets go!” Slowly they ambled down the hill. Once they were down they picked up speed. They were on their way to a better place.

If the rumors were right this place where they were headed had sweeter grass to graze on and was much safer. It was idyllic. It was a smaller place with only a few other friendly animals.

There was one cow, and sometimes another cow lived there too. Cottonball had been told that she came and went. It was a mystery where she disappeared to at times. She was a little crazy, but had a good heart.

The only other animals were 2 sheep. There were only 2 other sheep instead of 100! How nice that would be to not feel lost in the crowd.

They stopped at a creek to get a drink. It was getting pretty hot out.

After quenching their thirst they continued on. Both of them were finding it hard to contain their excitement.

“We should almost be there.”

“I am looking forward to meeting the young lady that we were told comes and visits. She brings sweet treats for the animals, and they say that she is so kind.”

Sugarpie’s taste buds were tingling. ” Are you sure the farmer won’t turn us away?”

“From what I hear he is a really nice old chap, but his brain gets a bit fuzzy at times. He will probably think we have always been there.”

Sugarpie’s heart warmed. A new beginning. New adventures awaiting them at Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s farm.

Sunday’s Fun Facts


Here is another edition of rare facts that you may or may not know and may not care to know, but I thank you for reading anyway. Hope that you had a good weekend and ready for the week ahead. We ended the weekend on a good note. Played mini golf and I almost beat my husband! IF the 3x that my ball jumped over the hole and landed right near the edge could have counted as a hole in one, I would have won! But my husband is caught up in technicalities and said that didn’t count. We are headed into a rainy week, so was glad to take advantage of the nice weather tonight. 

Hmmm…. wonder why!


This was one very determined man!


If the pumpkin is magical than I would think the groom might feel a little happier about that.


Who knew that reading could be considered such a “bad” thing! I plan to finish a novel tomorrow.


Now that is a mushroom I could like!


My sister and I used to make ketchup sandwiches, really easy to make!