Sunny Side-Up Diner Part 5: Insomnia

Amy laid in bed wide awake. She had really enjoyed the festivities and dancing with the other villagers. The evening was magical. It was almost like it took her back in time, but she couldn’t understand why she would feel that way. Questions again were swirling about in her head. Would she be able to go to sleep tonight?

She tossed and turned some and then had a thought. Perhaps a piece of cake would help her relax and enable her to go to sleep.  Oh her mouth began to water  at the thought of it. Mallory had baked a Black Forest Cake and she was hoping that there was at least one piece left.

There was a light on in the kitchen, apparently someone else was having trouble sleeping. Jake looked up at Amy as she walked into the kitchen. Amy saw the grace of crumbs on his plate. “Did you have a piece of cake?” Jake gave a sigh of contentment as he said “Indeed, I did!” “Please tell me that it wasn’t the last piece!” Amy said, with her pleading eyes. “It wasn’t the last piece.”, Jake said with a serious face.

Amy opened the refrigerator to look for the cake and couldn’t find it. “Where is it?” “Where is what?” Jake innocently asked. Amy turned to stare at him, ” The cake of course!” “Oh, that is gone.” Amy smacked her forehead with her hand, ” What do you mean gone, you said it wasn’t the last piece?” “I didn’t have the last piece, Mallory came to join me and she had the last piece. She went back to bed right before you came in.”

Amy smacked her forehead again as she poured herself a cup of milk. “I would imagine that you would have a big red spot on your forehead by now, with as many times as you smack it!” Jake said with a grin. He narrowly missed the flying spatula that Amy tossed his direction.

 Amy had to smile and shake her head as she drank her milk. Jake did have a way of making her laugh anf wanting to throw something at him at the same time.

“What has you up in the wee hours of the morning?” Amy looked up at the sound of Mallory’s voice. “Too many questions going round in my head. Can’t shut my brain off,” said Amy.

Mallory sat down at the table with her and gave her a warm smile. She took Amy’s hand and said, ” I have an adventure to take you on tomorrow and I believe a lot of your questions will at last be answered.”

This made Amy’s heart smile. Mallory was so fun to be around. They had hit it off so well, she had felt an instant connection upon meeting her. 

“Where are you taking me to?”, said Amy with her eyes sparkling now. “That my friend is a secret that you will find out soon enough. I will give you one clue. Do you like castles?” 

At the mention of castles Amy got excited. She had always wanted to explore  inside of one. “Definitely yes,” she said. How big is the castle, what is fhe name…and…” Mallory laughed and said, “No more questions, I think we both need to try to get some sleep!”

Amy agreed, her mind was still wondering, but sleepiness was quickly overtaking her.  She stumbled to her bedroom and climbed into bed laying  her head down.  Not many sheep jumped over the fence before she entered Dreamland. 


No One Could See

“Keep pushing down the pain!”, says the brain to the heart. “I am fine and carefree,  that is the lie that we need people to believe.”

The smile gleams and the eyes shine. “It is  working”,   says the face. “The mask is firmly in place! Eye!, Quick,  blink back that stray tear. Don’t worry brain, no one shall ever see the truth hidden in me.”

For years, they worked as a team, each one knew its place. The disguise was so good, they all were fooled. No one knew what the disguise so cleverly hid. But as the years went by the stress  inside continued to build and grew harder to conceal. Heart started causing brain some concern.

“Hey brain, I am feeling the strain of this game. I am not sure how much further down  this pain can be pushed. The weight of this pain is getting too heavy for me!  Are you sure that we can’t let anyone see?”

“Are you crazy?”,  asked the brain, “You know the rules of this game! You can’t let them see the real you. What will they think of the buried secrets that you hold deep inside?  Remember you closed yourself up and threw away the key. That is the way things needed to be. It will be fine, you will see. Keep pushing, NO! You can’t let them see.”

“Eyes, what are you doing? You are looking a little too worn. Is that tears that I see? Are you letting them leak out of you? Plug that leak!  Where is your sparkle? Where is your shine?  C’mon guys, you have to step up the game! Now is the time!”

“Ohhh…. Oh…this pain is too much, I need air!”,  says the heart. ” I am being squeezed, I feel like I can’t breathe!”

“Face, what has happened to your color?” asked the brain, ” What is that strange pallor?  You are looking too pale, where is your gleam?”

“Hey Eyes, what’s wrong, are you there? Stop that vacant stare, you are scaring me!  What is happening? “, cries the brain? “This isn’t the way things are supposed to be!”

“Blood pressure falling fast! We are losing him!”

“Hey guys, do you hear me? Wake up! What happened to the charade we were all playing? I thought things  were going fine, at least that was the way they appeared to be! You not only fooled everyone else, you even fooled me!”

“I see it now, I was wrong, go ahead and let people see. No more games.  I will reveal the real me, secrets and all. Did you hear me? You can wake up now,  please! This silence is deafening!  Wake up everyone! OH NO! What have I done?”

“Oh Man! I, I…..things are getting….fuz…fuzzy. This wasn’t the way…..just keep push…ppp..pushing down the pain…. that way it wouldn’t harm me… that’s what I had belie…”

“Time of death. 12:35am.”

They covered him with a sheet, no one could see.




Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning! What did you wake up to this morning? My sister texted me a picture of a deer in their backyard! That is not a usual thing for her to see, they don’t live in the woods. Just in the suburbs.  A nice way to start her morning. Have you ever seen anything different in your back yard? We saw a white porcupine before. It was in the middle of the day! Apparently this porcupine forgot that it is supposed to be sleeping during the day. It was definitely a rare sight to see, but have to say it was pretty, being all white.

Keep your eyes open today, who knows what may appear! May these quotes keep you smiling! Have a great day!


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Shining in the Dark

Memories slid down my cheeks this morning.  All it took was hearing one song. Music can be so powerful and so healing. 

The song was “Good, Good Father” A song about the love of God for us.  It holds a lot of meaning for me and for dear friends of mine. It shows the power of faith. 

I was there as the song was played at the funeral of a very good friend. I saw the tears on the faces of my wonderful friend and her dear children as they sang. 

These 3 very special people had watched their dear, loving husband and Dad die of cancer. That horrible disease that has affected too many people. 

A big chunk of their hearts was ripped out leaving a gaping hole. 

Gaping holes, but yet  they were singing “Good, Good Father”.

A lot of times when bad things happen we want to rage at God. We scream out “WHY!”  to the sky and you know what, that is okay!

Sherry and I were crying on each others shoulders before the service started. I rubbed her daughter’s back as she cried on my shoulder. 

This isn’t a post about pretending to be happy even when your heart is broken. Its about the powerful faith of my dear friend and her older children’ About how it can bring peace amidst the sadness.

Its about holding onto  that deep inner joy, even when you feel like your life is falling apart.

Not a giddy type of joy, but the kind of joy that brings you peace, knowing that God is going to see you through this dark time. Knowing that He will give you the courage and strength to get out of bed each morning and for you to keep breathing.

Knowing that even in the darkest of times there were still blessings to be found. Still things that my dear friends could be thankful for, then and now.

Near the end Pat lost his ability to speak and he would slip in and out of consciousness. A friend who liked to sing came to visit one day. He sang some songs for Pat.  Sherry and the kids were blessed as they  watched Pat mouthing the words to the songs.

Pat lost his ability to speak but not his humor. He was joking as long as he could speak and even after he couldn’t. 

A friend was sharing some fun memories about Pat and they heard him let out a laugh at a story that his friend shared. His daughter was able to get a reaction out of him when she said about driving his car. 

Yes, there were tons of tears shared as friends came to see him in his final days, but also laughter. Brad and I got to hear him laugh as well when we were there. Pat and laughter were like synonyms, even at the end.

When Pat took his final breath, Dewey was by his head with Pat’s arm on him. The story of how Dewey came to be with Pat, well that’s another post. But also something else that made us all smile.

These things and more are  why my friends can sing that song. For the blessings of life are always there! Sometimes we have to search harder for the gold nuggets, but they are there. Even during the times when we are looking through a haze of tears. 

The Sunny Side Up Diner: Part 4- Memories

Amy was sitting, gazing out into the  shiny sea, enjoying the gentle breeze. She had been in Ireland for a week now and was still in awe over the beauty. 

She had already fallen in love with the Cliffs of Moher , where she was now. Sometimes she was fortunate enough to see Puffins. They were a delight to watch.

She knew that the evening was going to be filled with some Irish music and dancing. Taking the afternoon to appreciate the stillness was what she needed. 

Amy was grateful that Mallory had showed her this beautiful place. Mallory had thought it would be the perfect place to go to, so that they could talk.

Amy had been nervous when she first met Mallory, but it didn’t take her long to relax in her presence. Mallory was a fun, easygoing person. 

Mallory didn’t push her to talk. They sat and watched the birds fly around and listened to.the water.

Slowly Amy had opened up. Mallory wanted to hear her story. Yes , Mallory may know more than Amy, but she wanted to know what all Amy remembered  first. 

There wasn’t much for Amy to tell. Her memories were few as she had been so young when brought to the orphanage. 

She did recall  the horrible day that her parents had died.  She remembered how she had cried and cried for.days. 

Her parents  had been flying home from an Ammiversary trip.  Their plane had ran into a terrible storm and crashed before they made it home. 

Amy had been so excited to see them for she had missed them very much! The neighbor lady was very kind while looking after Amy, but nothing like her parents. 

Amy remembered  her Mom’s gentle touches and her Dad’s strong arms as he would whirl her around. 

She remembered  watching her parents dance. That was always fun, for it was lively music and Amy would clap along to it and try to imitate the steps that her parents did.

She savored those few memories that she had. She had felt comfortable sharing them with Mallory. 

“I thought I may find you here!” Amy turned to see Jake coming towards her. 

“Almost time for the festivities to start,you don’t want to miss them.”

“No, I don’t, I am looking forward to it!”

Amy stood up and stretched, she let out a little groan. “Guess I was sitting there longer than I thought, I feel stiff.” 

Jake laughed and said, ” Dancing the Irish jig will get you limbered up in no time!”

“What exactly is the Irish jig ? Can’t say I ever tried it.” 

Jake kooked at her with a twinkle in his eye as he said, “You never know lass, you may just be a natural!”

The festivities were in full swing when Amy, Jake and Mallory entered the village. 

“That my friend is the Irish jig.” Jake was pointing to a small group of people in the center of the village. 

Amy walked closer to get a better look. She stood and watched. It was like she was mesmerized by the music. She was staring at the dancers. There was somethng about the way they moved their feet. 

Jake was watching.her intently. He glanced away to see Mallory watching her as well. At that moment Mallory raised her eyes and found Jake’s. Amy didn’t notice the smile and wink  that passed between them 

Jake continued  to watch as a stray tear slid down his cheek.

Walking the Goats!

Happy Friday! Having fun with Brad’s family in Indiana

There are some things that my children just don’t get to do in Pennsylvania. One of them is taking goats on a walk. We have done plenty of walks witb Dogs, but nope, not goats before.

In the first picture notice how far ahead the others are. They all started at the same time, but one goat felt lazy today!

Look who got some spunk and made it to the front. 

Baby kittens are something else we don’t have back home. My kids have been around puppies much more, though now they really want us to get a kitten!

Such a pretty calico Mama cat

After burning calories from shopping you definitely need an icecream treat!!

Almost forgot this orange cutie! 

She was camera shy though, didn’t want to show her face.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We will continue to. I have to beat my Mother in law in cards again! Yes, I really did win! My hubby won while we were shopping. I cheered for him and he said that Mom said no more brownies or pudding for me!! She probably has hidden the brownies, but I will find them. 😉

The Sunny Side Up Diner (Part 3) The Adventure Begins!

Today was the day! Amy had a restless sleep last night. It felt like she was having crazy dreams all nighr. Dreams of being lost and dragons appearing in her path. Of castles with hidden passage ways.  She awoke early not being able to fall back asleep. The main question rolling around in her brain was what had she got herself into??

Last night her friends had thrown her a surprise going away party! Her boss had closed the diner early and they had the party there. He served her favorite foods all on paper plates. He said he didn’t want anymore broken plates. 

The tears had come easily. It was too easy for her to get emotional. There was just a small group of friends gathered for the party, but they all  were so much more than friends! They had become her family.

She had stayed on her deck late into the night after her party. Listening to the sound of the running water of the creek. She had spent so many hours sitting by the creek pondering life over the years!

How many rides had she taken down the creek in her tube wondering about the family she had never seen? 

The majority of her life had been spent at the RoseBuds Orphanage. They had been very nice to her there, she couldn’t really complain. The hardest thing was watching her friends get adopted and having to say goodbye. She was older when she came to the orphanage, no one wanted an older child. They wanted the sweet, pixie faced little ones. 

When she turned 18 the head mistress of the orphanage hated to say goodbye to her but they both knew she had to move on.

The head mistress really did care about Amy. She showed her love by buying her house for her. Amy was speechless about it! She had fallen in love with the little place, especially the creek.

She had wondered about her family a lot at first, but over the years she had settled into life.  Enjoyed working at the diner and making close friends. They had shown her that strong bonds could be formed by more than blood.

Now in a couple of bours she was embarking on an adventure that could totally change her life. 

She was so glad that Jake was flying with her, as she had never flown. 

Excitement was stirring inside her. It was mixed.with fear and curiosity. Jake hadn’t given her as much information as her curious mind would have liked.

Amy knew that a lady named Mallory wanted to meet Amy,but she really didn’t know why. Jake had told her that she would learn what she needed to know as time went by.

The old map that Jake had given her held a special meaning that Mallory wanted to explain in person.

So many questions lingering  and time had flown. Jake would be here any minute to drive them to the airport.

Amy may have unanswered questions, but she did know 2 things. 1 thing was that she had some.true friends that she knew would stick by her, no matter how her life may change.

 Number 2 was that she was determined that she would enjoy visiting a Country that she had never seen before. She had seen the in the envelope and been in awe! Part of her had wanted to leave the she saw the pictures.

Ding dong! Amy jumped, she had been lost in thought.  

“Top of the morning to you m’lady! Shall we go?”

Amy smiled, took a deep breath and took Jake’s arm. They headed out the door and began the journey to a door that had opened. A door.that could hold many surprises!

The Sunny Side Up Diner (Part 2)

Amy’s mind was spinning. She still felt like she was in a dream. What she didn’t know is was this a “Happily Ever After” type of dream or the other kind? The kind she didn’t wanr to think about.

It had only been a couple days since she had opened the white  envelope that Jake had left for her. It had looked like such an ordinary envelope, but there was nothing ordinary about its contents!

When she had picked it up she was very curious, Jake had never left her any envelopes before. She had put it in her pocket deciding that she would wait until she got home to open it, but her curiosity got the best of her once again! She had  opened it on her break. That was a mistake! She moved through the rest of the day in a daze!

Her poor boss wondered what was going on with her. She was dropping plates and spilling drinks. After breaking her 3rd plate she asked her boss if she could go home early. Amy assured him that she would be back to her normal self the next day. He gave her a perplexed look, she was used to getting those looks from him. 

He would often tell her that she was a very confusing person. Amy would see him smile though as he would walk away shaking his head. 

This time  he threw up his hands and said, “Whatever!” as he walked back.into the kitchen. Amy thought he was probably relieved to have her going.home, no more broken plates!

Amy hadn’t done much when she got home, she wasn’t able to concentrate. She went on a long walk as the contents of the envelope kept going through her mind. 

Jake had come in the next day greeting Amy with a big smile. “Good Morning Sunshine! What a wonderful day it is!”

“Aren’t you a happy one today! I am glad that you appear wide awake, for I have lots of questions for you, my friend! 

Jake let out a soft chuckle and said,”I am sure that you do! I will be happy to help you , all you need to do is ask.” 

Jake stayed at the diner later that day. He waited for Amy to go on her break. She grabbed a plate of food and took a seat across from him.  She noticed more envelopes on the table and what appeared to be a very old map. She was wishing that she had more than a 30 minute break!

Now she sat at her kitchen table thinking over all.that Jake had shared with her. She felt like her brain was in information overload and she still had unanswered questions! Jake had told her that for some of the questions she had she just needed to have patience. The answers would come in time.

Her letter of resignation from the diner laid in front of her. It was ready for her to hand in at work today.  She knew her boss would be upset, but not for long. He always tried to look on the bright side of things, which would explain the name of the diner.

The clock struck 5:30, the sun was rising and ahe had to get teady to go. She took a step out onto her deck and listened to the call of the Whipporwill as she gazed at the beauty of the sunrise. 

Handing in her resignation was just the first step. The first step of many to come. She had no idea of where this adventure would lead , but she felt a boldness in her to start the journey. Was it being brave or was she  crazy? Well that remained to be seen, but she preferred to go with the brave theory.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Headed for the cornfields once again! We are hitting the road today for the state of Indiana. Visiting my husband’s family and friends for a week. Looking forward to the love, and laughter. Also to relaxing in the sun by my favorite sister-in-law’s pool. Will try to keep up with my blog, but may not post every day. Don’t worry though, I won’t keep you in suspense about yesterday’s story for too long! For now enjoy these quotes and have a great day, as we hit the road for a 9 hour drive!

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