The Surprise Shower

If you missed Part 1, here is a link Now what??

They all stood in front of the door of the mysterious house reading the note that had been under the doormat. Tink was holding the key which had been under the mat as well. In the note it has said that he was supposed to be the first one to walk in the door. 

“I wonder why you have to walk in the door first.” said Snowball. 

“Me too!” said the others, and Tink’s face grew red. 

“I am not sure that I want to walk through the door first. Who knows what is in there?” 

“That is true, a strange bird could come flying out and attack you!” said Snowball. 

“Or perhaps a hippo!” said Alabaster. 

Everyone gave Alabaster a strange look. “A hippo?” said Jinx. 

“Hey, you never know!” replied Alabaster, looking sheepish.  

Tink shook his head as he put the key in the door. What did he have to be nervous about? He was letting his imagination get the best of him. 

He turned the lock, and said “Here I go!” The others stood back a little as they watched him. 

Tink walked in and “KERPLUNK!” a large bucket fell on him dumping out a ton of confetti all over him! He stood there in shock as the others were laughing. 

They all noticed the banner stretched across the room at the same time. “Happy Birthday Tink!” 

“Hey, we didn’t know it was your birthday!” Snowball said. 

“Well apparently Candy Cane found out.” said Tink. 

“Ahh! Santa must have told her, Santa knows everything!” Jinx said. 

Spying the large Double Chocolate birthday cake on the counter, they all headed over to help themselves. 2 pots of coffee were beside it. 

“Wow! This is one BIG cake and look at ALL the candles, how old are you Tink?” asked Snowball. Tink’s face flushed once again. 

“I am not sure if we should light all of them,  look how many candles there are! Is it safe?” Snowball asked. 

“Sure!” said Jangle, “Here, I will light the match” and he picked up the matches that were lying on the counter. 

After all the candles were lit, they told Tink to take a deep breath for there were soooo many candles. 

Tink took a deep breath as he made a wish and then he started to blow. He blew as hard as he could, but there were just too many candles and it started getting smoky!

“SPLASH!!!” Tink and his friends were suddenly getting rained upon inside! That is when they noticed the sign on the stove saying about how there was an indoor sprinkler system installed for fire protection. 

It didn’t take long at all for the candles to go out and the smoke to go away causing the sprinklers to stop. The friends all looked at each other and were speechless for a moment as they were dripping wet. Then Snowball spoke up. 

“Do you think Candy Cane knew about this sprinkler system?” 

Alabaster said, “Do you think that she purposely put that many candles on the cake knowing that it would set off the sprinkler system?” 

“Nah!” Jinx replied , “but yet….” and they all were thinking. Suddenly they were startled by a sound. Turning their heads they looked out the window and saw Dinosauris landing on the top of the hill. They were ready to go, they had some questions for Candy Cane! 


My “Happy Place!”

This may not be my view anymore, but I had a wonderful time!
In case you can’t tell, I love seagulls. My friend just shakes her head at me as I entice them to surround me and feed them. I have never yet been “blessed” by any of their droppings, like my friend keeps saying will happen. I tell her they like me! After I was done feeding them this one little guy stayed by me. I told him, “Sorry, no more food.” He flew away. I turned to Sherry and said, “See, he understands me.” Her quick reply, “Well, I am glad that someone does!” Yes, she is one of my closest and dearest, smart aleck friends! LOL! My apologies to the beach photographer who asked to take our picture! Though you are welcome for the laugh, at my expense. If there is one thing that is guaranteed whenever Sherry and I get together, its LAUGHTER! Let me add though, that time at the beach also gives us time to have heart felt talks, which is always cherished. We laugh hard and talk hard!
The skies weren’t full of sunshine! But the ocean is magical with or without sunshine! When it rained we just grabbed our rain ponchos, and a cup of hot coffee, and we kept walking along the ocean. May you keep “dancing” in this coming week, no matter what the weather may bring!

Now what??

The North Pole was starting to get busy again. There were lots of toys to make and toys to repair. Tink had finally got all the money to balance and he was glad to see that they had enough money left over to make more flibbertigibbets! He was pretty confident that this would be the best toy of the year! 

Tink happily put away his calculator and put the money back in the safe. He was looking forward to the evening. He was going to take a ride on Dinosauris for the first time, since he had come to the North Pole. Jinx, Jangle, Alabaster and Snowball were going to go with him as well. He couldn’t believe it! He was actually going to ride on the back of a flying dragon! He had met Dinosauris before and he was the nicest dragon he had ever met, of course he also was the only dragon he had ever met! 

They all had a great supper that evening. Chef Salvo had surprised everyone with delightful whoopie pies! They were bulging with cream and oh so yummy! 

“So, are you ready to go flying?” asked Jinx, with a wink. 

“Oh yes! I have been excited all day!”, Tink replied. 

The group headed over to where Dinosauris was waiting for them. Dinosauris was smiling, he always enjoyed taking elves for a ride. He was so glad to be surrounded by friends, he had been so lonely before. He was so glad that the elves brought him to the North Pole. 

“Where would you like to go? Anywhere specific, or should we just fly around?” Dinosauris asked Tink. 

“Let’s just fly!” said Tink, filled with anticipation! 

They all climbed up on Dinosauris back. 

“Are you all ready?” Dinosauris asked, “Everyone on?” 

“Yes! Oops! Wait for Jinx! Jangle shouted. Poor Jinx had climbed up and then fell off the other side. He tried again and made it! 

They all shouted “GO!” sounding a little like ducks, when they all go QUACK!

Up, Up and away they flew! Tink was speechless. He was totally enjoying it. 

Around they went in the sky, soaring past the marshmallow clouds. They all were having a great time, chatting and laughing. At one time Dinosauris had made a sharp turn and poor Alabaster smacked his head on the back of Tink, making him smack his head on Jinx, and they just all went down the line like dominoes. 

They had been flying for quite awhile and were beginning to wonder how long of a ride Dinosauris was giving them. 

They continued to fly a little more and Jangle was just getting ready to ask Dinosauris where they were when he started descending. 

In a short time he landed at a place where they had never been before. 

“What on earth … where are we ? I thought we weren’t landing anywhere that we were just flying around?” said Jinx

“Surprise!” said Dinosauris. 

They all climbed off his back. Poor Alabaster fell as he got off, cracking the 2 eggs that he had with him. 

“Why did you bring eggs?” asked Snowball, while the others were laughing at the mess all over Alabaster’s hands. 

“They were supposed to be hardboiled eggs, in case I wanted a snack. Candy Cane had offered them to me. 

“OOPS!” the others said, as Alabaster just shook his head and muttered. “I knew I shouldn’t have listened to Candy Cane, she is sly!” 

They all started looking around at where they were at and noticed the house at the top of the big hill. 

“Why are we here?” asked Snowball. 

“Yes!” said Jinx. “Why?”  Jangle, Tink and Alabaster nodded in agreement. 

Dinosauris smiled. “You will find a note under the mat in front of the house, which will explain it all. Have fun and I will see you later!” 

“La-Later! What do you mean later?” they shouted. 

“Its all in the note!” Dinosauris replied and just like that he took off soaring into the air. 

The others looked at each other with befuddled expressions. 

“Now what?”” asked Snowball, as they all looked towards the house at the top of the very big hill. 

*** to be continued** (on Sunday) 







Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Good Morning! You may notice a common theme in the quotes today, sorry, but yes, I have the beach on my mind! I met my dear friend, Sherry, when we were 20 years old. Now almost 30 (Oh My!) years later I am still blessed with her amazing friendship! Been through a lot together over the years and one thing that maintains our sanity is going on a yearly beach trip for a “time-out!” 🙂 On Thursday that is where we will be! Where are you more likely to retreat too, the mountains or the beach? May these quotes bring you a mini retreat from the busyness of the day. Have a great week! 











When a Secret Unravels!

image from Pinterest

“Mama! Mama! What is wrong?” little Sally asked, wondering why her Mommy had got so very quiet.

Isabelle was quiet, she couldn’t answer her at first. The day had been going so well, oh what was she going to do. She knew they would find out sooner or later, but did it have to happen now?

“Mommy, are you okay?” little Sally asked with worried eyes.

Isabelle reached out and patted her on the head. “I will be okay darling, don’t worry, you can go play. Mommy just needs a little time alone right now.”

Sally wasn’t sure at first, as she looked at her Mama.

Isabelle smiled and squeezed her hand. i will make your favorite dessert, okay? Go play for just a little, please.

Sally got a big grin at the thought of her favorite dessert! Shoo-fly pie was such a yummy treat! She kissed her Mama’s cheek and ran off to play.

Isabelle watched her run and her heart smiled, oh how she loved her little girl.

She drew in a deep breath. Oh tomorrow would surely be an interesting day! She looked again at the letter that Henry had silently handed to her, with a flushed face.

Henry’s parents were coming for a visit and Henry did want to see his parents, there was just one very big problem! His parents didn’t know about Isabelle. They thought Henry was still with Catherine, his childhood sweetheart.

They had adored Catherine. They had planned for him to marry Catherine ever since him and Catherine had been little. Catherine and Henry went along with it, but it didn’t take long for them to see that it just wasn’t going to work. They were friends, not lovers. Once they had crossed the Atlantic and were away from their controlling parents they decided to separate. Henry felt relieved, and Catherine decided to travel the world, be foot loose and fancy free.

They had both agreed that they would wait to tell their parents, there was no hurry, their parents were across the Atlantic.

Henry met Isabelle a few months later and he fell in love with her and her little girl. Isabelle felt that Henry was a dream come true. They had made a wonderful life together.

Who would have thought that Henry’s parents would decide to make a trip so soon to visit Henry and Catherine! To make things even worse, Catherine’s parents were coming with them!

Isabelle sighed, she better make a couple Shoo-fly pies, for she had a feeling that Henry and her were going to be eating a lot of humble pie tomorrow!

The Magic of Music

painting from Pinterest

Larissa’s fingers would get tired at times, but she continued to play her music. She enjoyed weaving magic with her harp, for the guests. She had been playing for the past 6 months at the “Gardenia Palace”, a 5 star hotel. She would sit in the lobby, near its fountain,  playing at different times throughout the day. The hotel manager had seen an increase in guests, since Larissa started playing, and he couldn’t be more pleased. She played in the hotel’s restaurant during the evening meal as well. 

Getting paid for something she loved to do made Larissa feel very blessed. She found it very satisfying and hoped that she could keep this job for a long time. 

One Saturday morning it was raining hard when she came to work. She felt like a drowned rat. This weather was for ducks! Usually she stopped and fed the ducks in the lake by the hotel, but not today!

After going to the ladies room to try to freshen up and make herself look presentable, she got her harp from the room that it was kept in. Walking out into the lobby, she sat down and started to play. 

Larissa was playing one of her favorite songs when a man with curly blonde hair walked in. He looked like he had walked a mile in the downpour as puddles were forming at his feet, but he was in no hurry to go to the front desk. He stood in the lobby watching Larissa play. 

Feeling his steady gaze upon her Larissa began to feel a little nervous. She made eye contact with him, and he flashed a bright smile. Quickly she looked away. She continued playing as he continued to stare. She stole another glance and noticed that his eyes were a cobalt blue color. This time she didn’t look away as fast and again he smiled. Larissa felt some warmth growing inside of her. She told herself this was crazy, she didn’t get flustered this easily around men, what was going on? 

After finishing her song, she decided to take a break. She needed to get control of herself. She saw the guy start heading towards her when she stopped playing, so she made a quick beeline for the ladies room. Looking back she saw him head to the front desk. Good, she thought, he will be gone when I come back. 

Larissa breathed a sigh of relief when she came back to the lobby and there was no sign of him. She guessed that he finally decided to get out of his wet clothes. 

Marcus was in his room, he had changed out of his wet clothes and he couldn’t stop thinking about the lady with the harp. She played such beautiful music. He would have to try to find a way to talk to her sometime this week. He had come here for a much needed relaxing getaway, and he was smiling at how it was starting out. 

Later that evening he went to supper at the hotel’s restaurant. He was very happy to see that the lovely lady with the golden touch was playing her harp again. 

Her music lifted his heart as he ate, and he felt the stress from the past weeks start to melt away. 

Larissa noticed him, she couldn’t help it. She felt his stare again, and when she looked his cobalt eyes were smiling at her. When she was finished she started to walk away, when she saw him motioning her to come over to him. He had sat there for over 2 hours listening to her, she figured the least she could do was go and meet him. She couldn’t deny that she was a little intrigued with the mysterious man. 

Before Larissa knew what was happening she found herself sitting down at his table and they talked over coffee and banana cream pie. She found herself smiling and the warm sensation tingling in her heart, as they continued chatting. 

When the restaurant started closing they said goodnight and parted ways, but not without making plans to meet for breakfast. Tomorrow just happened to be Larissa’s day off. 

Marcus went to bed that night with a smile in his heart and slept better than he had in weeks! 

Larissa tossed and turned as she couldn’t get the man with cobalt blue eyes out of her mind. She wondered what tomorrow would bring.  She was anxious and nervous, feeling like she had just taken the first step into what she hoped to be an exciting adventure! 



What Happened to John Robert the 3rd?

If you missed Part 1, here is the link, Behind the Gate 

Angela Rose was sitting at home on her bed, leaning up against her oversized cherry red pillow. Her favorite music was playing on the radio, but she wasn’t listening. She couldn’t stop wondering what had happened to John Robert the 3rd. No one seemed to know. There were plenty of rumors going around, but Angela didn’t listen to them. They were mostly crazy. There was one though that did pique her interest. 

Some say that he went through the gate to see what was behind it and never came out again. The raven was still perched on the gate every morning when Angela passed by. One time she stopped and stared at the raven. It stared back at her, and she wished that it would reveal the mystery. Did it know? Had John really entered through the gate? 

He had bragged to her often about going, told her how he thought everyone else was chicken. She didn’t pay him much attention, for he was always babbling away at her. He just wouldn’t be quiet! The guy was persistent too, always asking for a date. He annoyed her so much, but yet surprisingly she found herself missing him now. 

Jumping off the bed, she turned off the radio. She knew what she had to do. It was time for her to have a little adventure.  Angela Rose wasn’t usually spontaneous, but she would lose her courage if she spent too much time thinking about what she had decided to do. 

She hurried downstairs and out the door before anyone could stop her. Running down the street, she made it to the iron gate. She was panting a little when she got there. For a moment she stood at the gate to catch her breath and to gather up her nerve. 

She took her hand and opened the gate, the bird was quietly watching her. With her heart racing she walked through the gate,  and kept walking towards the mansion. It was very quiet and there was no sound of the raven behind her. She dared to look back and she was surprised to see him still perched on the gate. Maybe John was right, perhaps there was no reason to be afraid of a black raven. She never should have read all those spooky stories at bedtime. 

At last she came to the front door of the mansion, dare she open it? Should she knock first? Timidly she knocked and waited, but no one came to the door. She rang the bell and waited, still no one came. Everything was overgrown around the mansion. Angela Rose was thinking that the place really had been abandoned. So if no one was here, then where was John Robert? 

Twisting the doorknob she realized it was unlocked and her heart started to pound a little as she turned the knob and walked in.  She heard the flapping of wings and shrieked as 3 ravens came flying down the grand staircase towards her. 

2 landed on her shoulders with their talons digging into her shoulders. She winced from the pain. The other one perched on her head, pulling at her hair. 

Angela Rose froze as she saw someone coming down the steps with another black raven perched on his shoulder. 

“Well look who is here, what a surprise, Angela Rose!”

“Wh-what are  you doing here John Robert? Everyone is wondering what happened to  you!” 

John continued slowly coming down the stairs as he spoke. He had a slight menacing look on his face and Angela Rose felt some fear. 

“So what brought you here?” John Robert asked. 

Angela Rose was still wincing with pain as the ravens hadn’t released their grip, but John Robert didn’t seem to notice. 

“I…I… was looking for you.” 

“Looking for me? What you didn’t have to paint your nails or go visit your sick grandmother?” John Robert said snidely. as his eyes gave her a dark, piercing look and he slowly walked towards her. 

Angela Rose was really afraid now, as she turned to leave and the raven pulled on her hair, making her yell out! 

“Leaving so soon?” said John Robert as he placed himself in front of the door, blocking her exit. 

What happened next, no one is quite sure. All people had to go by was the story that Angela Rose had told. She had been found in the pasture in an unconscious state. 

When she came too, she told about her experience at the mansion and meeting John Robert there. Then her memory started getting foggy, but she told about a huge creature that had broken through the front door. It trampled over John Robert. Angela Rose screamed and the ravens flew away. She hopped on the back of this mysterious creature and  held on for dear life as it ran. The next thing she knew she was in the hospital, being treated for some deep cuts on her shoulders and a large gash in her head. 

The mansion’s front door was repaired and it still stands today. Decades pass, but no matter how much time goes by, the story continues. The story according to Angela Rose. 





Behind the Gate

image from Pinterest

Every morning the black raven was seen perched on top of the iron gate. There was a mansion beyond the gate. Rumors said it wasn’t occupied, but no one knew for sure, for no one ever ventured through the gate. People were intimidated by the black raven, they felt its dark eyes staring right through them.

Nothing scared John Robert the 3rd though, and he had decided that he would go through the gate. He considered himself the bravest man around, not to mention the most handsome. He scoffed at the fact that people were afraid to go through the gate. People were such chickens these days. Why be afraid of a bird?

When the sun started to rise on Monday morning John Robert the 3rd was up and ready to go. He looked in the mirror for the 10th time, slicking back his hair, making sure every hair was in place. He couldn’t wait to brag to Angela Rose about going through the gate. Surely by him doing this he would get her attention.

She had turned him down again last night when he asked her for a date. She said she was going to visit her sick Grandma. He was a little perplexed , he thought the last time that that he had asked her she said she was going to her Grandma’s funeral. The poor girl, he thought. He would just keep asking, she needed his comfort. The other week she had said her cat was sick and she couldn’t go out. Before that she had needed to stay home and paint her nails.

With thoughts of Angela Rose in his mind he headed down the street towards the mysterious, iron gate.

He heard the sound of the raven calling before he saw it. It was perched proudly on the gate, making its shrill call.

John Robert felt the raven’s eyes on him as he neared the gate. He hesitated for a moment, feeling a little bit of trepidation. Then he remembered who he was. Nothing scared John Robert the 3rd and he unlatched the gate and walked through. The raven’s call became more shrill but John Robert kept walking. When he heard the flapping of the raven’s wings is when he started running.

Angela Rose stared at the empty chair beside her at school. John Robert the 3rd hadn’t been at school all week. No one knew what had happened. Angela Rose was lost in thought as she walked home that day, passing by the raven that was keeping watch, perched upon the iron gate.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! So it took a little longer this morning due to the fact that the WP new editor found me! What do I think of it? Lets just say I need more coffee! I did see something where you can download the classic editor and stick with it. So hopefully I can figure that out or else will just figure this out. Either way, I am happy that I at least could post. Now I am ready for some Strawberry pie. My husband made me one yesterday, and it is very good! What is your favorite pie? Go ahead and grab your favorite snack, while reading the following quotes. Make your mind and stomach smile!

100 Quotes on Life that'll Bring Alive a New You & Change You Forever


Do not stand in a place of danger trusting in miracles. ~ African Proverb


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Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. ~ Mark Twain #funny #funnyquotes #quotes #quotestoliveby #dailyquote


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