The Hands of the Clock

6018c14a06f3f3dee69b021940b314f4by Dmitri Annenkov


She walked into the room, pausing at the door, looking at the treasures on the shelf.  The worn teddy bear that her child had carried almost everywhere and cuddled with every night. Remembering how no one got any sleep, if that teddy couldn’t be found. The late night trip back to the supermarket to rescue it when it had accidentally been left behind.  The airplane that flew all over the world when her child was at play. Oh, the many adventures that they had.

There was the toy drum for when her child wanted to strike up the band and lead a parade. Through the house they would march, down the hall and back again. Singing a song, or two or three, and it didn’t matter if it was off key, it was sung loudly with glee! 

Wiping her eyes she let the memories roll down her cheeks. Then she spotted the books on the shelf and they brought a smile. Smiled at the memory of the many nights cuddled under a blanket and reading to her child, until her voice would crack. Remembering the thrill she had watching her child fall in love with books,  becoming so engrossed in them, losing all track of time.

She picked up the books and it was like she could hear her child’s voice. So clear it was, it seemed like it had just been yesterday when she heard the words, ” Mommy, please read me one more chapter. I don’t want to go to bed yet. Turn back the clock.”

“Mommy please, I’m still playing with my plane, just one more hour, turn back the clock.”

She spied the apple on the shelf and once again smiled through her tears as her child’s voice rang once more through her ears,  “Mommy, I’m hungry, I need just one more bedtime snack!”

Oh, the memories of yesterday, where did the time go! When did her children grow?

She wants Peter Pan to come and fly them all to Never-Never land. She wants to turn back the clock!

But as much as she wants to turn back the clock, she is excited too. Excited to see what the future holds. A new chapter is being written, and her heart smiles as she hears the ticking of the clock.

The ticking of more memories to be made and more moments to cherish, strike up the band, there still was a lot of marching left to do!

** As the days continue to draw closer to a “empty nest”  I was trying to think of a song that might fit this post. None came to mind, still a little too sleepy. 🙂  If one comes to yours, feel free to share. 🙂 **








Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Hope your day is off to a great start! I thought I would answer the questions I had asked all of you in my post last night. For a career, I used to think an airline stewardess would be fun, problem is I don’t exactly meet the height requirement and me wearing 7 inch heels and walking at the same time just isn’t going to happen! For a superpower, well reading minds of course! No guessing at what people are thinking, problem with that though is would I always want to know what the person is thinking?  I think I would have to be selective with that superpower, may turn it off at times! Describing myself with the first letter of my name ? Compassionate, and of course there is Crazy as well which may fit. What do I like to do, starting with the first letter of my last name? Sleeping is something that is usually enjoyed!

Have a great day, and I hope you get to do something that you enjoy today!


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Thinking Cap Monday

Does your brain need to wake up after the weekend?  I promise I won’t make you think too hard! Grab some hunny, Pooh Bear’s thinking food, and take a try at the questions below. If you can’t think of any answers, perhaps you can think of a question to ask. Have fun but do remember to heed wise Pooh’s advice! Don’t forget to start again, after taking some time to stop and think! 🙂


1. What career do you think you would have liked to take a try, if you were to go back in time?

2. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

3. What is a word that describes you starting with the first letter of your name?

4. Name something you enjoy doing that starts with the first letter of your last name.


Smiling Fun

Happy Sunday! Hope you have enjoyed some smiles today and here are some pictures from Pinterest to bring some more your way!  There may be a certain theme to the following pics, see if you can figure it out. What do you think the animals are thinking?


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Friday’s Super Short Stories!

After 12 years of everyone getting cardio exercise,  the elevator finally starts working!

When out of all the songs you know, the song “Happy Kitty” is going through your mind, “purr, purr, purr.”

When Sheldon speaks from his heart, making all speechless …. and I wipe away some moisture that fell on my cheek.

For 12 years of laughter from welcoming friends into my house every Thursday night, Thank you BBT! Thank you for making me smarter in my knowledge of new scientific words too …. Nope, still as confused as Penny!

5773_500  Had to love Penny, for she was the only one who wasn’t a scientific genius, she made us non-scientific people feel good!

4359_500 Sheldon always knew what to say to make someone feel better!

d5346e21154c7beb12dd0013d394fd4d And Penny had a way of sugarcoating her words!


Good bye BBT!




The Cooking Adventures


Yes, this idea would work well for me in the kitchen! I may have had our smoke detector go off once or twice, (I am bad at math) while cooking.

Di, from suggested that I write a post about cooking flops. That is a subject that I do believe I am qualified to write about. Feel free to visit Di’s blog. She does lots of 100 word stories. It can be very difficult to write such a short story, but she does a great job! She writes about several other things as well!

When I first moved out on my own, I moved in with my fabulous friend, Sherry, who just happens to be a great cook. We ate well, she cooked,  and I cleaned. She also liked to put all the junk food up in the highest cupboards. I may have just a tad of a sweet tooth. She did try to teach me some things, and one day I baked some brownies. They may have been very good … problem was we couldn’t get them out of the pan. Seriously! I used to have a picture of me holding the pan of brownies straight up and down, seeing if they would fall out of the pan, but nope! They were like cement!

Sorry, don’t have the picture to post it, but from that day forward, my dear friend likes to ask if she needs a chisel and a hammer when coming to eat at my house!  I would like to assure you that my brownies are soft now, I have made them several times! My husband can attest to that fact.  Sherry may have that picture of the famous brownies, but its a pity that she is in Punta Cana right now, she is really roughing it. She enjoys sending me these pics, to show how much she is “roughing it”.



Are you thirsty yet?  You are welcome! And now that you had that little commercial break, back to the story.

We first lived in a trailer when we got married, and I loved the cozy trailer. We had a little table right by the window and I enjoyed cooking in my little kitchen. I proudly served my husband pancakes one of the first mornings that we were married. Now just to forewarn you, I had forewarned my dear husband before we got married, that I was not exactly an expert in the kitchen. I tried to prepare him!

He thanked me for the pancakes and happily started eating them. I sat down just a little later and started eating them as well. I am not exactly sure what I said, but I did give him an incredulous look across the table as I spit my bite of pancake back out. They were not done and were gooey in the middle. I asked if his were not a little undercooked. He was so gracious as she said yes, but that it was okay! New pancakes were made!

My husband has always been polite over the years with the cooking. If it is not good, he just calmly says that I really  don’t need to make that again. I am glad to say though that there has been many meals which he does want me to make again, even though I will totally never be a Rachel Ray of the kitchen!

The one problem that happens fairly often is that I like to experiment at times in the kitchen instead of following a recipe and there are times it really does work. But don’t ask me to make it again, for I don’t know if it was 2 dashes or 3 that I put in of the one seasoning, a splash of milk or a cup, I think you get the picture.

I don’t like complicated recipes, give me ones in English please, just nice, simple instructions. No having to roll out the dough in a triangular shape and then cut into 1/2 inch diameters and roll it 6 inches in length, etc. Remember, I don’t like math.

What do you call Butterscotch cookies if you forget to put the butterscotch chips in them?  Just curious.

Sugar, salt, baking powder and baking soda are all white! Who made them that way? For they may look the same, but when you mix them up in a recipe,you can tell! Just saying.

Heating up the oven with the casserole sitting on the stove top does not cook the casserole. The timer may go off, but your casserole will not be done. Just thought I would pass that tip along. And yes, its true, a watched pot never boils, but if you get a phone call and walk away, the water boils faster than you ever saw it happen before!

When a recipe calls for you to add jello to it. It could mean to only add the powder of the jello, not to actually make the liquid jello and add it. You will get different results if you do one instead of the other, just another handy tip.

Why are there pictures with recipes and where did the pictures come from?   When taking the dish out of the oven and comparing , one thing is very clear. They obviously got the pictures in the cookbook screwed up, not matching the recipe.

Yes, my husband may not have married a Julia Child’s but hey, I can cook a frozen pizza in the oven any day!

The Special Surprise (Part 2)

Happy Wednesday! If you missed Part 1 of Jinx and Jangle’s story, here is a link. The Special Surprise (Part 1) So who do you think Santa’s surprise guest is? Grab a drink and kick back, as you escape to the North Pole to see what the surprise is!


The Special Surprise!

They were all sitting in Santa’s house as Jinx and Jangle were still trying to get over the big shock that awaited them at the airport!

Jinx took another gulp from his cup as he shook his head. Whoever would have thought!

Jangle swallowed the last drop of honey milk from his cup. He felt like he was going to burst with happiness as he looked around the room. A room filled with love!

They had arrived at the airport in plenty of time. Dino was the speediest method of transportation that they had. It was so fun flying on him. They sure did cause a stir though when they landed in the parking lot!

The trip back on Dino still felt like a dream, for they had been in complete shock. They definitely hadn’t guessed what Santa’s surprise was, he totally had pulled one over on them! When they got back they found out that everyone else had known as well! They had been the only ones left in the dark! Everyone else except Snowball, that is. He had been sleeping when Santa had made the announcement to everyone, during the time that Jinx and Jangle were on their way to the airport.

While at the airport and waiting at the gate Jinx and Jangle had talked about who they thought were coming. Then Jangle heard his name called and he looked up. Much to great joy he saw his parents coming. Warmth flooded through his soul as his heart started beating fast! He hadn’t realized how much he had missed them until there they were coming straight for him. When they embraced in a big hug, his eyes got a little moist!

Jinx was watching, feeling very happy for Jangle, when his heart almost stopped. A lump formed in his throat. His parents were coming through the gate as well. Jinx heard his Mom’s laugh and saw the twinkle in her eye. He couldn’t feel his legs as he ran to greet her.

Jinx and Jangle were so overcome with emotion and then they heard someone else calling their names. They looked up in surprise. Who else could be coming?  It couldn’t be, was that really her? Yes, it had to be! Jinx could see her radiant smile. He couldn’t believe it, but it was his Grandma, his gem!!

Before they knew it, she was embracing both of them. “Oh my precious ones, so good to see both of you!”

Jinx and Jangle were so happy but yet totally confused, how did she know both of them?  Their parents were smiling at each other and at them and soon everyone was talking at once.  It seemed that there was still another big surprise for Jinx and Jangle. They were cousins!

Jangle’s parents had moved across the country when Jangle was very young and that’s why Jangle had not seen his Grandma much, but she faithfully had always sent cards. The one memory he did have of her when he was very young, was making honey milk. He and Jinx actually had shared cups of it together when they were at her house at the young age of three!

Sadly Jangle’s parents and Jinx’s had lost contact after they moved. They had only touched base again once both Jinx and Jangle moved to the North Pole. The parents were thrilled to know that the cousins had met and became friends, having no idea that they were cousins! They didn’t want to tell them in a letter, they wanted to surprise them in person and finally Santa managed to work it all out in flying all of them to the North Pole for a surprise visit!

While Jinx and Jangle and the guests were at Santa’s, the other elves were over at the dining hall getting everything ready for a celebratory meal. Chef Salvo had been working on some secret recipes all week and everyone was excited to try them out.

Candy Cane and Snowball were working together in choosing music and in decorating.  They had picked out some some CD’s by Blackmore’s Night, Celtic Women and Tangerine Dream, as they had heard that Jinx and Jangle’s Grandma really liked their music. In talking to her they had found out so many interesting little facts about music, and books as well. It was quite enjoyable talking to her.

“Did you see Jinx  and Jangle’s faces, when they arrived?”  laughed Candy Cane.  ” Their eyes were so big!”

Snowball agreed, “For one of the first times, they both were speechless! That doesn’t happen much! ”

Candy Cane chuckled, as she finished hanging the last streamer.

Snowball looked as his watch, ” They should be coming soon, we got done just in time. Guess I won’t have any time to take my mid morning nap.”

Meanwhile over at Santa’s place everyone was still reveling in the simple joy of being all together.

Conversation had died down for just a moment and Santa took advantage of the silence.

“Ho-Ho-Ho! Who is ready for a fabulous meal?”

They all agreed that they were getting rather hungry after all the excitement of the morning.

Jinx and Jangle’s parents started talking again as they headed out the door with Santa. Then Mrs.Clause and Grandma were talking about the best cookie recipes as they headed out leaving Jinx and Jangle staring at each other.

“Cousins! Really? Who would have thought?”

“Yes!” said Jinx.”So now when you think I may be a little cracked, just remember I am related to you. That explains a lot, eh!”

Jangle rolled his eyes as he hurried to catch up with Grandma. ” Hey, Grandma I have a question for you, who was the best behaved 3 year old, me or Jinx?”

Grandma turned her head back and laughed at the question. “Oh that is a hard question, …. most of the time you both were NUTS!”, she said with a twinkle in her eye. Then she  put her arms around both of them and they walked to the dining hall together.






Tuesday’s Thoughts!

No, I did not forget what today was, just in case any of you wondered!  I can keep the days of the week straight, well at least most of the time. I know my Tuesday’s quotes are usually posted in the morning, but this morning my internet provider did not get that memo! Our internet service was down, which is the reason for the delay, but at least its fixed now. So now you all can smile, your Tuesday has been saved. Hopefully the following quotes will have been worth the wait! 🙂 Enjoy!


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The Special Surprise (Part 1)

It’s a rainy day here, so I thought it might be a fun day to visit the North Pole and see what our favorite elves are up too!

This is a little different Jinx and Jangle story today, as the idea for the story came from Ellen. She thought it would be fun for Jinx and Jangle to be surprised by finding out something very important. Sorry I can’t tell you what, for that would give it away!

I can’t refer you to Ellen’s blog, for she doesn’t have one, though I believe she easily could! She is always full of a wealth interesting information!  She has a warm heart, a fun spirit and I always appreciate reading comments from her and her adorable grandson Benjamin. I know other bloggers who have the same appreciation. Ellen and Benjamin bring a great light to the blogging community.

Thank you Ellen for the fun suggestion you gave, I hope you and Benjamin enjoy the story!

The Special Surprise

“Cuckoo Cuckoo!” The clock chimed in the living room. Jangle and Jinx were both sitting in their favorite recliners and reading. “Cuckoo Cuckoo!”  It chimed some more. “Cuckoo Cuckoo!”  Jinx looked up from his book and said,  ” I think Candy Cane was secretly laughing to herself when she gave us that clock.”  “Cuckoo Cuckoo!” it chimed again. 

Jangle agreed, “Hey I think Snowball’s birthday is coming soon. Maybe we should get him a cuckoo clock?”

Jinx chuckled, ” That may be a very good idea!”

“Talking about birthday’s reminds me of how I loved getting birthday cards from my Grandma. They were always specially made by her and what she wrote in them always made me smile. I didn’t get to see her very often, but I cherish the memories of when I did. She was the first one who taught me what Honey Milk was! “

“My grandma made honey milk too! Isn’t it yummy. We should make some!,” said Jangle. ” I remember many visits to my Grandma’s place and the fun adventures we had.  She could make a simple walk to the post office fun! My grandma was a true gem!” 

They sat quietly for a little, lost in memories of the past. Then they shared more stories of their childhood memories with each other.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!  Looking at the clock, Jinx jumped up from his recliner. “We need to go Jangle! Remember Santa wanted to see us about something important!”

“Oh my, that’s right! We can’t be late for Santa!”

They grabbed their coats and hats and ran out the door.

Soon they were at his house and Mrs. Clause had poured them all a cup of Chamomile tea. Mrs. Clause was always so sweet, she had tea and cookies always ready whenever they would drop by. She was like everyone’s favorite grandmother.

They were sitting around the cozy fireplace in rockers and chatting, when Santa cleared his throat and said, ” I have a special favor to ask of the 2 of you. There really is no one better for the job.”

Jinx and Jangle smiled and sat up a little straighter when hearing this from Santa.

“We would be glad to do a favor for you Santa. What would you like us to do?”

“It involves a trip to the airport, there is a special visitor coming to the North Pole,” said Santa with a twinkle in his eye.

“How exciting,” Jinx and Jangle said, ” We would be glad to go to the airport for you.”

Santa gave them the flight number and the time to be there.

“Thank you both very much, I knew I could count on you!”

“You can indeed!” said Jangle and he waved his mug in the air, forgetting it still had a little tea in it, which spilled on the floor.

“Oops!” said Jangle, as he looked a little red, but Mrs. Clause just laughed and told him not to worry about it. ” Santa has had his share of spills too!”They all laughed then.

They chatted a little more before Jinx and Jangle decided to go.

“We will make sure to be at the airport first thing Wednesday morning, and will give your guest our royal welcome! ”

Santa smiled, ” I have no doubt that you will! I will be eager for you all to get back from the airport. ”

They thanked Mrs. Clause for the tea and cookies and walked out the door.

Santa’s eyes danced as he looked at Mrs. Clause and she smiled back. Wednesday  was bound to be a fun day!

(to be continued…on Wednesday)





Wit and Wisdom on Love

I was thinking that I wasn’t going to have a post for today, but you never know what may pop into my brain.

As I had shared on Friday, my niece is getting married tomorrow! A thought came to me that it would be fun to give the new couple some wit and wisdom from my very wise and witty readers!

What have you learned about love that you would like to share?

What do you think is something that is very important in a relationship?

Do you have a favorite quote on love or wisdom that was passed down to you that you would like to share?

Share whatever you would like, it would be much appreciated and I will compile all your comments into something to hand over to the newlyweds.

If something doesn’t come to your mind, don’t stress over it, its okay! But if you feel led to share something, then Thank you very much and I look forward to reading them. 🙂