Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! Is it really the week of Thanksgiving already? I don’t know how November flew by so fast, but it did! I know for many of us our Thanksgiving plans are different this year, which can be disappointing and stressful. I really hope though that whether or not your plans have changed that you still can have a special day. A day to take a break and breathe amidst the craziness of this world, and to be thankful for the things that really matter!











Looking for Adventure!

Thanks to Jason, from http://jasonfrels.com/2020/11/21/sunset-by-the-river/ for another inspiring photo.

It had been a week now since Henrietta had escaped from the Las Vegas Zoo and she was having a great time! Not only did she have her new turtle friends, Myrtle and Tulag, for travel companions, but she met other friends in the woods as well.

There was Bobo, the brown bear, who was a friendly as could be. They had a lot of fun down at the river, he would catch fish while Henrietta enjoyed swimming and cooling off.

She had met Caramel the rabbit, who had been the Easter Bunny a few months ago and was still hopping around feeling so proud. Caramel had introduced her to his sister Taffy. Taffy was polite to Henrietta but Henrietta got the impression that she still held a grudge towards Caramel for being the Easter Bunny. She didn’t look too happy when Caramel was talking about it with a light in his eyes. Henrietta thought that him being the Easter Bunny was so cool! She secretly wondered if there ever could be an Easter Hippo! She wanted to do something important!

Rascal the raccoon had introduced her to his family, who were all so nice. There were also so many squirrels, chipmunks and foxes that she had met. The squirrels always seemed to be in a hurry to scurry up a tree, so she didn’t talk much to them, but she often heard their friendly chatter to each other in the treetops.

This morning Henrietta had awakened early, she was excited, for they were going to travel more today. They had found a new trail that they hadn’t been on before, and wanted to see where it led.

She was munching grass on the riverbank later that morning when Myrtle and Tulag came to find her.

“Good Morning Henrietta! Are you ready for our adventure today?”

“Yes, oh yes!” she replied. “Lets go! In fact I know the perfect song to sing as we go.”

Myrtle and Tulag silently groaned. They really did like Henrietta, but …. her singing, not as much! Oh well, she was so kind and happy, that they couldn’t help but be happy with her, even if her singing caused a headache. They needed to somehow make their shells more sound proof!

They had been walking for awhile, and Henrietta had just stopped singing, so Myrtle and Tulag poked their heads out to look around. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, a bright, sunny day. Who knew what possibilities the day may hold. Up ahead it looked like the trail may soon end. They were wondering if they would find anything exciting when Myrtle asked Tulag and Henrietta a question.

“Do you hear what I hear?” asked Myrtle.

“The peace of Henrietta not singing?” Tulag replied, as Henrietta harrumphed.

“No, listen!” said Myrtle.

They all froze for a moment, at what they heard. It was human voices, and Henrietta was afraid it was someone from the zoo looking for her. It didn’t take long though to figure out that whoever these people were, they were not from the zoo. They all sighed in relief as they continued to listen.

It was a man and a woman, and they didn’t appear to be very happy. They were clearly arguing!

“It was your idea!” the man said.

“Well she looked nice and said she needed help, excuse me, for having a heart!” the woman sharply retorted.

“So now what are we supposed to do, thanks to the dilemma that your heart got us into!” the man replied back. “We have NO money! NONE, as in zero! He stuck his hands in his jean pockets, not even any coins to rub together! I hope you don’t mind sleeping out under the sky.”

At this the young lady started to cry and the young man’s voice softened.

“Oh Jade, I am sorry. I know it wasn’t your fault.” He put his arm around her and pulled her close to him.

“We will figure something out.”, he said. “Maybe my truck will break down on her, would serve her right for stealing it and robbing us! I am just so glad that she didn’t hurt you! I can’t lose you!”

Henrietta’s eyes started to fill with tears, she felt bad for this poor couple. Then she closed her eyes, and walked off the trail to give the couple some privacy as they shared an intimate moment. It was silent, they weren’t talking anymore, their lips were busy in another way.

“We should do something?” Henrietta said to Myrtle and Tulag.

“Like what? You are a hippo and we are 2 tiny turtles, what are we supposed to do? We don’t have any money.”

“True!” said Henrietta, and they all were lost in thought.

Meanwhile not far from the woods, was a shiny blue truck on the side of the road with its hood popped open.

Tanya slammed it down with a thud! Just my luck, she thought!

She kicked at the stones along side the dirt road. A broken down truck and out in the middle of nowhere! How long would it take for another car to drive by that Tanya could flag down?

She guessed that she would have to walk to the nearest town. At least she had a wad of cash on her, she smiled at that. She had struck it right, picking a couple heading to Vegas for a honeymoon, with plenty of cash on them.

So she would be fine, she would figure things out. She always did. She might not like being stranded on this dusty road right now, but it sure beat sitting in a cell. They would learn, no one could keep Tanya locked up!

She looked around and saw a trail not too far away, looked like it headed into the woods. Ahh! She had always liked the woods, perhaps she would enjoy following the trail for a little. Take a break from being on the road. She smiled as she walked towards the woods, maybe the woods would help her clear her head, as she decided her next step.

(to be continued….)

Living the Dream


This is the conclusion to the story I posted on Thursday. Here is the link, if you missed it. Once Upon a Dream…


photo from Pinterest

Snowball dropped his trashcan lid in fright and the others stared wide eyed! They had never seen such a strange sight before, what was it?

Before any of them could speak, the strange creature’s voice cackled. “Please help me! I am under the spell of the wicked witch.”

Alabaster nudged Snowball, “So what were you saying again, about not believing in the wicked witch?”

Jinx looked at the creature and said, “I am always glad to help when needed, but how exactly can we help you? We don’t have any special powers!”

The rest of them nodded their heads in agreement, looking at the creature and waiting for it to reply.

“Its really easy, you don’t need special powers. I will tell you a phrase to say and then you all repeat it back to me 4 times, and the spell on me will be broken.”

“Okay, we will do it, what is the phrase?”

“Nosotras somos locos”

Alabaster looked confused. “What does that mean?” he asked the creature.

“Its just the magic phrase, you don’t need to know what it means.” the creature said with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

“Whatever!” said Jinx

On the count of 3 they all repeated the phrase, “Nosotras somos locos” 4x and suddenly there was a man standing in front of them wearing a huge smile. “Thank you sooo much! You don’t know how long it took me to find someone to repeat the phrase to me. That was the only way to break the magic spell! Good luck to you all!” He turned his back on them and ran away laughing.

Jinx, Jangle, Alabaster and Snowball could only stare at each other in great shock! They were furry all over with bulging green eyes. They had turned into the strange creature!

“Well Snowball, you may not believe in the Wizard of Oz, but right now I sure am hoping you are wrong! We need to find that Wizard as soon as possible, lets go everyone!”

Starting to all run, they all bumped into each other and fell down. They weren’t used to running on paws!

Since running didn’t go too well, they walked, if you could call it walking. For a while they were silent, lost in thought. Then Alabaster spoke up.

“If this is the yellow brick road that leads to Oz, than where is Dorothy and her little dog Toto?” he asked.

“They are probably in the land of Oz already.” Jinx said.

“If there really is a land of Oz,” Snowball muttered under his breath.

They continued on, all them feeling more worried than they let on. How long would them remain this way? Was there really a Wizard, and even if there was, could he help them?

“Hey look I see the gate! Its the emerald gate!” Jangle said.

The rest looked at where Jangle was pointing and Jinx said, “It is a gate, but it most definitely is not emerald, its BLUE! Do you not know your colors?”

“Who cares what color it is, lets just hurry, the sooner we get through the gate, the sooner we find the great Wizard.” Alabaster said.

They all hurried up as much as possible and made it through the gate. They actually climbed up and over the gate, for none of them could open it.

They quickly realized that they were better at climbing up something than climbing down. All of them ended up falling as they were climbing down. They landed in a big mud puddle on the ground.

“We sure look great to see the Wizard now!” stated Jinx and he heard snickering behind him.

He turned around and saw 2 girls holding their hands over their mouths with merriment in their eyes.

“HI, my name is Dorothy. Do you all need some help, looks like you all had an encounter with the wicked witch.” said the girl.

“Well we didn’t see the wicked witch but yes we got tricked and now we are under her spell! I figured you would be here Dorothy. I knew this was the land of Oz,” Alabaster said, feeling proud. “Where is your dog Toto?” he asked.

This caused the girls to dissolve in more laughter.

“I am not that Dorothy!” the girl replied back. You aren’t in Oz!”

Snowball yelled, “I knew it! I knew there was no Oz!”

“Oh No! There is very much a land of Oz, but we aren’t it. This is the land of Waz!”

Everyone felt so confused and Jinx spoke up.

“Whatever this land is, Waz, Paz, or Maz, there is just one important thing that we need to know. Do you have a magic wizard in your land of “Waz?” Jinx asked, feeling doubtful.

“A magic wizard? Welll…not exactly a a magic wizard, but…” the pink haired girl interrupted Dorothy with a nudge and a wink, causing her to stop mid-sentence.

“We will take you to someone who will be glad to see you!” the pink haired girl said, giving Dorothy another conspiratorial wink.

The others felt like they had nothing to lose, so they followed the girls. When the girls passed the castle they all wondered where they were going. Shouldn’t the wizard be in the castle, even if it wasn’t really a wizard?

Instead they kept walking, until they came to a brilliant blue meadow. They couldn’t believe their eyes, there in the middle of the meadow they saw a blue alien like creature. While the girls went up to the alien and started talking to them, the others lagged behind, wondering if this day could get any more strange!

Oh what was that high pitched wailing noise, they all covered their ears. The next thing they knew they were surrounded by little blue aliens.

“We are very glad to have you! We are so very anxious to start our experiments!”

“Experiments, what experiments exactly?” Snowball asked, feeling his stomach turn.

The aliens didn’t respond they just grabbed them and started dragging them all away! The poor, poor, pitiful guys were feeling hopeless, like this was the end, when suddenly a flying dragon appeared in the sky!

The aliens quickly let go of the guys, screaming as they ran away! As the dragon got closer something looked very familiar to all of them. Had they seen this dragon before?

it swooped down and said, “My name is Dinosauris, quick, hop on my back!” He didn’t have to tell them twice they climbed on and up in the sky they flew!

“BUZZZZZZ!” Alabaster fumbled for the alarm clock to turn it off. He looked around the room. He was in his cottage, in his own bed, oh home never looked so good! He bounced on the bed in excitement causing the picture above his bed to fall and klunk him on his head.

Jinx woke up with a start, almost falling out of bed. He quickly ran to the mirror. YES! No fur! His head shined bright. He was so relieved!

Jangle woke up with the word “loco” stuck in his head. What did it even mean?

Snowball stumbled into his bathroom, still feeling sleepy. He looked in the mirror and …. OOOOH NO, his eyes were bulging and green! Oh he sure better still be dreaming!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!


Thankful that in this year of “social distancing, we can still reach out and “touch” someone thanks to technology! 

What Cheerio is for you? Its not just plain Cheerio’s anymore. Pumpkin Spice, Coconut, Blueberry, Peach, Maple, or Banana Nut? 

“No, we don’t put the Christmas tree up until December!”… 2020 … “Mom, can we put the Christmas …”  “Go ahead, I will put the Christmas music on and make the hot cocoa!”  Yes, our tree is up!

Once Upon a Dream…

It was that time of year again! Things were bustling at the North Pole. The elves were putting in long hours and they were worn out by the end of the day.

Alabaster, Snowball , Jinx and Jangle, were heading back to their cottages, anxious to go to bed.

“How is your head feeling Alabaster?” asked Snowball. Earlier in the day the big heavy Countdown to Christmas clock had fallen and clonked Alabaster on the head.

“Its still pretty sore!” Alabaster said, while rubbing it.

“I don’t know why Santa didn’t think my Countdown Calendar was enough. I made it big and bold. That wouldn’t have hurt your head as much.” replied Snowball.

“Well if you would have been paying attention instead of crunching on caramel popcorn, you probably would have been able to jump out of the way. Plus all that caramel isn’t very good for your teeth.” Jinx said.

Alabaster made no comment, besides a groan. Soon they were all back to their cottages and all sound asleep, before the clock struck 10.

What was that? Was the cottage moving? Jinx and Jangle looked out the window. They were up in the air! All kinds of objects were flying past them. What was going on?

After a wild ride they landed at last.

Jinx and Jangle were eager to get out of the rocking house. They walked out the front door, still feeling a little wobbly.

“Where are we?” asked Jangle.

“I am clueless!” said Jinx.

They started walking down a yellow brick road when they saw someone walking towards them. He was carrying a garbage can lid in front of him.

“Excuse me, but who are you guys, are you from here?”

“We are Jinx and Jangle and we are lost. Can you help us?”

“Hi! I am Snowball. Sorry can’t help you much. I am not from around here either. I can tell you though that you are on the yellow brick road!”

“You mean the yellow brick road that leads to Oz?” asked Jinx.

“Ummm…no, you are on a road that is made out of bricks and the bricks are yellow. Do you really believe in Oz?” Snowball asked, with a laugh.

“Did someone say Oz?” All heads turned at the voice coming from behind the bush. Out walked a man who was shaking all over.

“My…my name is Alabaster and is that where this road leads to?”

Snowball couldn’t believe it! Did everyone believe in the land of Oz?

“Why are you trembling?” he asked Alabaster.

“I….I.. saw her. …I saw the Wicked witch!”

Snowball smacked his head with the garbage can lid, had everyone gone…….

They all looked up as they heard someone cackling. ( to be continued)

The Special Surprise

painting from Pinterest

“Trudy, we are never going to make it home, with you wanting me to stop all the time, to feed the swans.”

Trudy acted like she hadn’t heard and Mary rolled her eyes. Why had Mama made her bring Trudy along. It was taking them twice as long to get home. Mary thought the swans were pretty, but she wasn’t fascinated with them, like Trudy. She had her favorite animals, and she was ready to get back home to them.

They did have a nice picnic on the water though, it would have been lonely to have a picnic all by herself, Mary admitted. It was nice to be away from home for a little. It was peaceful out on the water, unlike home.

Mama had come home a month ago with a baby brother for Trudy and Mary. At first Mary was in awe of him, he was so tiny and cute, but when he started wailing every night at 3am, she covered her ears and her awe started to die down a bit.

How could such a little thing make so much noise? She shared a room with Trudy and Trudy slept through his cries, but Mary never did. Mary woke up Trudy one night, for if she had to be up, she thought it only fair that her sister be awake too. Her Mom didn’t quite see it that way though, when Trudy complained at breakfast the next morning about being so tired. Mary got in trouble, but she was laughing inside when Trudy’s head fell into her cereal bowl because of how sleepy she was.

That laughter was short lived though, for she got in trouble later in the day, for not watching Trudy. Her Mama was trying to put her baby brother down for a nap and Mary was supposed to watch her sister. She mumbled “yes” to her Mama as she left the room and if Trudy would have just kept playing with her dolly in the playroom, all would have been well!

Mary had been reading a book and she was at the most exciting part when Trudy decided to leave the room. Mary figured she could finish the chapter before going and checking on her, but that was a big mistake! Trudy had wondered into the kitchen and got into the cookie jar. Not only did she eat all the cookies that had been left, but she had knocked down Mama’s mug rack, breaking all the mugs, while trying to reach the cookie jar! Trudy did get into trouble too, but unfortunately so did Mary.

Then later that night, Mary had snapped at Trudy and she got yelled at by her Mom for being contrary. Mary went to bed mad and was really glad to to out on the water today, but of course she had to bring Trudy along! Being a big sister could be such a bother!

Finally the swans swam away and Mary rowed them back home. When they docked Mama was standing there waiting for them. She was smiling, which made Mary happy. The mishaps from yesterday had apparently been forgotten.

“Did you girls have a nice time?”

Trudy ran to her Mama giving her a hug. “I got to feed the swans! They loved me.” Her Mama smiled and ran her hand through Trudy’s hair.

“How about you Mary?”

“We had a nice picnic, but I am ready to find Marshmallow and give her a hug.”

“Well you can go spend a little time with Marshmallow and then I have a surprise for you!” Mama said with a bright smile.

Mary was excited, she wondered what it could be! She ran to the pasture to call out to Marshmallow. She hugged her around the neck as she fed her with a bottle. Marshmallow was newest calf that they had. She had just been born a week ago and Mary loved it. Once Marshmallow was finished with the bottle, Mary gave it another hug and then ran to the house to find Mama.

When she got inside her baby brother was swinging in the little swing and he smiled at Mary. He did have a really cute smile thought Mary. She went over to him and he grabbed her finger, making Mary laugh. He wasn’t that bad, when he wasn’t crying!

Mama came over to Mary, putting her arm around her shoulder. “I know its been a little rough lately, with your little brother taking so much of my attention. You have been a great help with your little sister. So how about a special treat tonight. Would you like to go shopping at your favorite toy store and then perhaps we could go out for ice cream?” Mama said with a wink.

“Yes, oh yes!” Mary said, throwing her arms around Mama in a tight hug. I am going to go put on my purtiest dress!” she said, as she ran to her room. Her heart was full of smiles, wondering if the special doll house that she had seen last time they were out would still be there. Then she thought of the banana split that she wanted, with extra cherries and pretty sprinkles on top! YUM! Tonight would be so much fun!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Blustery Tuesday! Reminds me of the story about Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Many happy hours as a child, were spent listening to these records as I followed along in the book. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday, and may good things be blowing your way!









“No comment!” LOL!


Breaking Free!


What a feeling! She was free at last and feeling jubilant! She was proud of herself for managing to escape. While walking through the woods, her heart yearned for adventure. She hoped to find some, now that she was out on her own. 

She had been walking for quite some time, stopping every now and then to graze on some patches of grass.  She was longing for some cool, refreshing water. 

“Hey, watch your step!” 

Startled by the little voice, she stopped in her tracks and looked down. 

2 turtles stared back up at her. “No one ever watches out for us small guys! You almost squashed my mate!” the one turtle said, while giving her a mean stare! 

“Oh I am so sorry! I know I am big, and can be clumsy at times, but I truly would never want to hurt you.” Tears started forming in her eyes. 

Myrtle felt bad for yelling. 

“its OK, don’t cry.  Nice to meet you. I am Myrtle and this is Tulag. What is your name?” 

“I am Henrietta. So glad to meet you. I am really glad to be out on my own at last, but was beginning to feel a little lonely.” 

“We haven’t seen very many hippos, but the hippos that we have seen looked different than you. I can’t say exactly what is different, but something is just not right. Are you really a hippo?”  Myrtle asked. 

Henrietta sighed. How many times had she been called different. At least Myrtle was being nice about it though. It wasn’t kids jeering at her, like they had, when she was back in the zoo. 

“Its my neck. I have a very long neck for a hippo. Who has ever heard of a long-necked hippo,” she said, sighing. 

“I think that your long neck is cool, it makes you unique!” Tulag said. 

Henrietta brightened up. Nobody had called her long neck “cool” before! 

“Thank you!” she replied, feeling happy about having met Myrtle and Tulag. 

“Where are you guys headed?” Henrietta asked. 

“Down to the river.” Myrtle said. 

“Oh, could I come with you? I would love to play in the water for a bit.” 

“Sure!” replied Myrtle. “Can we hitch a ride? We could get there a lot faster!” 

Henrietta bent her neck down and said, “Climb aboard the Henrietta Express!” 

Myrtle and Tulag happily climbed on and Myrtle gave Henrietta directions to the river. 

As they were making their way to the river, they chatted. Henrietta was eager to know all about them. They shared with her about the adventures they have had since Myrtle escaped from her terrarium. Tulag would have never met Myrtle if she hadn’t escaped that day long ago. She had found him sitting on a log at the river.  Hearing all this made Henrietta eager, if they could find adventure, she could too. 

They had great fun at the river! That water felt wonderful to Henrietta. After they played for awhile they rested in the sun. 

Once fully rested Henrietta continued walking and Myrtle and Tulag rode along with her. They really had no destination in mind, but they weren’t worried. At least they were together. Henrietta started singing as she walked, for she was so happy. 

“Ummm… Henrietta, do my ears a favor, and please, don’t sing!” Myrtle said. 

Henrietta laughed. “Did you ask if I could sing louder? Sure I can!” and she did. 

Poor Myrtle and Tulag buried their heads inside their shells, until Henrietta finally stopped singing. 

The three were headed to find adventure, but Myrtle secretly hoped that the adventure would have nothing to do with singing! 







Fun in the Water


How is your Sunday going? Its a rainy, lazy day here. Here are some pictures of animals having fun in the water. Meet Zonya, Bubbles and her Mama, from my story yesterday. The otters weren’t in my story, but, they were just too cute.  All pictures are from Pinterest. If it is raining where you are and the animals inspire you, feel free to go out and walk/dance in the rain. If you want to make a your brain work a little, feel free to think of a caption to the last picture. You can share it in the comments below. 





Feelings of the Heart

This is the conclusion to the story that was posted on Thursday.  Finding Peace Enjoy! 

Gavin and Camille walked slowly back to the lodge. They didn’t speak, there were no words to express the heaviness in their hearts. They had read about the strong bonds elephants make with each other and how they grieve. It had stirred their hearts when reading, but witnessing it deeply moved their hearts. 

Sasha, the matriarch of her herd,  had died, and the other 9 elephants in her herd mourned her. They had made a circle around where she had fallen and stood tightly against each other. The elephants stood there for the whole day, extending their trunks and touching Sasha’s body. Then they slowly started picking up leaves with their trunks and covering her with them. 

After lunch, Gavin decided to ride out to the other parts of the reserve. Get his mind off of Sasha and try to figure out how he felt about Camille. While he was riding, in the distance he saw the zebras running. If only everything could be so plainly black and white. His mind often resembled what the black and white colors looked like when the zebras ran, a big blur! 

He had felt sorry for Camille when she opened up to him one night, as they were watching one of the amazing sunsets over the lake. She had been an only child and her parents had died when she was young. She had been raised by her grandparents. Her grandpa had died this past winter and her Grandma had died in the spring. Camille just needed to get away and have some time for herself. She needed to decide what direction her life was going to take now. Would she keep their house, stay in the town she had grown up in, or venture out to something new? She had been so busy taking care of them, that she really didn’t have many friendships. The kids she had grown up with had moved on with their lives. She was pretty much on her own, she had told him. Being from a big family, Gavin couldn’t imagine how she must feel. 

Gavin stopped the Land rover and got out. He thought he would take a walk and see if he could find the new baby rhino that had recently been born. He didn’t have to walk too far, before he saw it under a tree with its Mama. It might be a baby, but it was far from small! It weighed 110 pounds. Derek had said that some baby rhinos could weigh as much as 140 pounds when they were born. Gavin laughed to himself, his Mom had thought that he was a big baby at 10 pounds! 

He watched from a distance, he didn’t want to have to deal with an overprotective Mother Rhino. They had horns and they weighed a lot more than a baby rhino! He didn’t want to risk getting Mama mad. Mamas don’t like when you mess with their babies.  He was content to admire baby Zonya from afar. In time the Mama would let him get closer, just had to be patient. 

His walkie talkie went off, and he heard Camille’s voice. “Gavin, what are you doing?” 

“I am watching baby Zonya. Do you need me to do something?” 

Camille’s frustrated voice came across the walkie talkie. “Yes, we have an elephant that got stuck in a poacher’s trap. Could you help me get her out?” 

Gavin made a face, poachers made him so mad. All they cared about was money, they had no heart for the animals. 

“I will be right there.” 

He headed back to the Land Rover and took off. They were on a protected reserve, but poachers still tried, a lot of times they did manage to catch them, but unfortunately not all the times. Elephant and rhino tusks were worth a lot of money, and the poachers didn’t give up easily. 

It didn’t take too long to get the elephant out of the trap, once two of them were working at it. Fortunately Nadia wasn’t harmed too badly,  If only it always turned out that way. 

“Thanks for helping.” said Camille. 

“Glad you called me. Want to take a walk to the lake?” Gavin asked. Before Camille could answer, they were interrupted by Derek calling to them. 

“Hey guys!” Derek called, as he was strolling over to them. 

“Do you two have plans for tonight?” he asked. 

Gavin and Camille looked at each other and then Gavin looked at him and said, “Well, not exactly.” 

Derek caught the look between the two of them and he smiled to himself. “How about we go out for supper tonight? Go into the city.” 

Gavin saw Camille’s eyes light up, they hadn’t been off the reserve much, it would be nice to go out. 

“Sure, sounds great.” said Gavin. 

“Okay. I will meet you guys at my car at 6.” Derek said, and then he strode away. 

Gavin looked at Camille. ” Guess we can walk to the lake another night.”

Camille agreed. “Yes, you probably don’t want to get all wet before heading into town, do you?” she said with a teasing glint in her eye.  Bubbles had managed to give him a few showers whenever they were down at the lake. 

Camille’s mind was full, as she was back at the lodge getting dressed for the evening. What did she feel for Gavin? He was a really nice guy and seemed to have a caring heart. He had listened attentively when she was sharing her story.

She couldn’t deny that her heart was beginning to have that twitterpatted feeling whenever he was near. She sighed. Time would tell. For now, she wasn’t going to get too anxious about things, she just was ready to enjoy an evening out. Picking out her golden heart earrings, she put them on and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She twirled around in her black dress. This summer was shaping up to be all she wanted and more.