Saying No to Santa?

Here is the continuation from last night’s post, A Secret Mission

Tippner and Mason felt like they were in a dream. When Santa shook their hands with a hearty “Ho-Ho-Ho” they felt like they were little boys again and  couldn’t stop smiling.

Mrs Claus reminded them of a  sweet, precious grandmother when she welcomed them with a big, warm hug.

Now they were reclining on the velvety soft couch, with plenty of plush pillows to make themselves comfy with. Santa was ready to fill them in about their special assignments.

“I am sure you both are quite curious as to why I sent a special certified letter inviting you both to come to the North Pole. The special assignments I need help with is ..”

“Come to the table, the dessert is ready.” Mrs Claus called out from the kitchen.

“Give us a few moments, I am about to explain to each of them their assignment.”

Mrs Claus came out of the kitchen, and gave Santa the look. “These poor guys have been traveling all day and they are hungry! You can wait.”

As eager as Mason and Tippner were to hear about their assignments,  they couldn’t deny that they were hungry.

“You heard the boss,”  said Santa, with a twinkle in his eye. “Let’s go to the table.

Oh, their mouth watered at the sight. Peppermint Bark Pie! Mason felt like he was in Heaven.The first bite was as delicious as they expected. 

“You need to have Cara learn how to make this pie for your diner.”

Santa smiled, “Oh Cara, she is a wonderful young lady.” Candy Cane heartily agreed, as she listened to Santa, while stroking her cat.

“There are alot of good people that live in Bittersweet Creek. Your town is one of the first places I visit on Christmas Eve. My elves, Snowball and Alabaster really like your town too.”

Tippner and Mason felt proud, their town was among Santa’s favorite places.

“So, now about your assingments. Tippner, I will start with you. I believe that you are a Superstar bicycle repairman, am I right?”

“OH, most definitely! I am your man, when it comes to working on bikes, no one can do it better.”

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear! I have a place in the workshop cleared especially for you. We had a huge delivery of bikes recently, for the Bike-a-thon that is happening here in a week. Unfortunately each one of them was broken when we received them. We don’t have time to order more, so I thought why not ask you. There are 200 bikes that need fixed by next week, can you handle it?”

Tippner made a big gulp. Perhaps he had bragged a little too much. 200 bikes!! It made him dizzy just thinking about it. How badly were they broken? But does anyone ever say “No” to Santa?

Trying his best to put on a confident face, he replied, “I am your man Santa, I will get those bikes in tip top shape!”

“Thank you so much! Snowball will help assist you, for he really likes to work with bikes too. Though I will warn you that he happens to be a little clumsy, but don’t worry, I am sure it will go fine.” Candy Cane coughed real loudly, with a smirk on her face. Watching Snowball try to fix bicycles should be entertaining.

After hearing about Tippner needing to fix 200 bikes, Mason was beginning to feel a little nervous about his assignment. Santa turned to him and spoke, “I must compliment you on your hair, I have heard that it is called “luxurious?”

Mason felt a little embarrassed, but he couldn’t deny it. “I work hard to keep it as shiny and luxurious as I can. Have to please the women, you know.” Santa chuckled.

“Well, I have a most special assignment for you. I am sure you have heard of Hallmark movies, right?”

Mason grimaced, they were his least favorite movies to watch. he would rather do almost anything else. “Umm… yes, I am familiar with them.”

“Mrs Claus is thrilled for they are filming a Hallmark movie right here in the North Pole, but we have a big problem. One of the actors had an emergency come up and had to go home. We need someone to fill his place and with your perfect hair, I told the crew that I had the perfect guy in mind. What do you think? It would require memorizing some sappy lines, but think about all the notice that your hair would get. All that hard work to keep it so shiny, will have paid off. Will you do it?”

Mason was speechless, him? Appearing in a Hallmark movie? After all the things that he has said about Hallmark movies to Amanda and Cara and now … he was going to be in one. He would never live it down! But, did anyone ever say “No” to Santa?

“I would be honored to help out.”

Santa clapped his hands together, “Thank you Mason! You are most helpful!”

Candy Cane tried to stifle her laughter. She could just imagine Alabaster having to be in a Hallmark movie, he would much rather appear in movies with robots or aliens. But that wouldn’t happen in a Hallmark movie. Poor Mason, if he felt the same as Alabaster. She sensed that he was a little uncomfortable with it, but of course he wouldn’t say “No” to Santa, Did anyone ever do that?

Santa stood up, “I am sure you both are ready for a good night’s sleep. You are going to be working hard, so get all the sleep you can.”

Tippner and Mason walked outside, back into the cold, but their minds weren’t on the cold. What had they got themselves into?

As they walked to the Elves Village, where they would be staying, they were quiet. Then they saw what looked like a walking candy cane. Oh, it was Candy Cane’s cat. They both stared at it as it stopped and stared back at them. “I really have never seen a cat like that before. It almost looks magical?”

“You mean magical like Betsy?” Mason asked

They both were quiet and then together said, “No, can’t be. Its only a cat, now lets go to our rooms and get some much needed sleep.”

Turning around they walked away, as Peppermint the cat continued to watch them.

“To be continued…”

Fun at the Falls

Pinterest image of Niagara Falls

The water cascaded down with the power of a herd of horses thundering down a mountain.

Zoey’s eyes were huge as she watched the waterfall. “This is the best trip ever!”

Jordan put his arm Zoey, “Tomorrow we will go for a boat ride near the Falls. What do you think of that?”

“Yay!!” She danced around in circle. Trisha smiled at the sparkling joy in her little girl’s eyes. This was turning out to he a fabulous trip.

Later that day they decided to walk over the bridge to see the Falls on the American side. The American border patrol agent greeted them and asked for ID. Jordan and Trisha handed theirs over.

A moment of panic washed over Trish, they didn’t have Zoey’s ID. Surely the agent wouldn’t ask for a 5 year old’s ID! They didn’t ask for it when entering Canada.

“What is your name, little one?”

“Zoey! Do you like my new dress?” She twirled around.

The border agent cracked a smile. “Can you tell me who these people are?” He pointed at Jordan and Trish.

Zoey, who was usually a chatterbox didn’t say a word! She gave the agent a puzzled look. Who knew what was going through her little mind. It was as if time stood still. Zoey’s lips stayed sealed and a knot started to form in Trisha’s stomach.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Zoey ran into her Mama’s arms, yelling Mama. All was well!

While admiring the Falls, Zoey got hungry. “Daddy I want a hotdog and fries, please!”

Jordan saw the food truck. There was a long line, but he was hungry as well.

“Okay honey, I will get you a hotdog.”

Zoey insisted on going with him. “Stay with Daddy!” Trisha called out to her as Zoey skipped along beside him.

The line was long and Zoey was bored. Daddy was talking with someone else and Zoey decided to slip away and explore.

She walked a little bit and suddenly there appeared a moo-cow in front of her. Zoey loved cows. Her parent’s had told her that the first time she laughed it was at the neighbors cow.

Zoey looked back to see her Daddy but she couldn’t see him. That’s ok, he would find her.

“Hi!” Zoey said to the cow who smiled at her.

“Hi Zoey” Zoey was excited! The cow knew her name.

“Daddy is getting me a hotdog, do you want some? I can share.”

Betsy was touched by Zoey’s offer. She nuzzled her under her chin and Zoey giggled.

“Zoey!!” Jordan grabbed her and hugged her tight against him. “You can’t wander away like that. You know better.”

“But I was bored, Daddy and I was okay, I found a moo-cow and she knew my name! See her…Hey, where did she go?”

“Its okay honey, I am glad she was watching you.” He tried to catch his breath.

“Lets go back to Mommy now, okay. Want to ride on my shoulders?” He was not letting her out of his sight again! Seeing her near the steep embankment scared him half to death. She could have easily fallen!

“Yes!” She loved riding high and feeling tall.

Betsy had disappeared as soon as she zaw that Zoey was safe. Her mission was finished. She was only watching her until her Daddy got there. She knew Zoey would be disappointed that Betsy didn’t say goodbye but Betsy had to keep moving. She had places to be. Being a special cow kept one busy.

“Mommy I saw a moo-cow!”

“A cow, near the Falls??”

Trish looked at Jordan, who thought it best to change the subject. “Who wants to hear a joke?”

It was late. Tippner was never at his bike shop this late and he was sleepy. But he had to finish the customer’s bike. The customer was picking it up first thing in the morning. After another half hour he had it completed. Now he was ready for bed and dream land.

He stepped out of the door and SQUISH! Tippner had stepped into a big pile of something soft and squishy. His foot sank the whole way in. He looked down and yelled , “BETSY!”

Oooh that was it! That stupid cow, she had done this on purpose! The other day he was having a barbecue, hamburgers on the grill. Betsy walked by and gave Tippner the evil eye. He didn’t let her scare him, but he should have known.

Cara had tried to warn him, she knew Betsy well, but he just blew her off.

UGH! Sometimes it was hard having such a special cow in their town. Thinking she was all that and more. Hmmph!! He half stomped and squished down the sidewalk heading home. He was sure Betsy was laughing at him. She was probably watching him at this very minute.

“Hey Betsy! Mason ate hamburgers too, and he said they were good.


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New Friends

I thought I would go back and find out what happened to sweet Cassandra and her Mama, when they rang Betsy’s enchanted cowbell. If you missed the first story about them, here it is, Unexpected Surprise

Where were they? Cassandra held tight to her Mama’s hand and in the other hand she held onto the cowbell.

Joelle was frazzled. One minute she was sleeping and the next minute Cassandra is taking her hand and ringing a bell. There was pink and purple smoke everywhere. She  wondered what all had been in her drink last night. 

They were standing in the middle of nowhere, or so it seemedNo luggage, no money. They had been whisked away without any of that, How would they survive?

Looking around some more, Joelle took a deep breath. Feeling a little less shell shocked she decided to make things a game for Cassandra. The child didn’t need  to worry about what they would do for shelter and food.

“How about we see who can find the most birds and squirrels.  With all these trees they have to be around. Cassandra clapped her hands, ready to begin.

They started down the country road lined with Maple and Dogwood trees. Joelle had decided that they would stop at the first house they came to and ask if they knew of any places hiring. Joelle would need a job right away.

“Mama look, its the funny bird. ”

Joelle looked and yes, a red crusted woodpecker was on the tree. Cassandra always laughed when she watched the woodpecker peck at the tree.

Cassandra won the game and started skipping down the road.  “Skip Mama Skip”, so Joelle skipped.

As they were laughing and skipping they almost passed by the mansion on the hill.

Joelle stopped on the road and stared. Surely they would have enough room to provide some shelter for them. Feeling braver than she believed she was they started walking up the hill.

Cassandra kept calling it the most humongous house she had ever seen!

“Millions of people must live here mama! I wonder if they ever get lost, unable to find their way out.”

Joelle rang the bell, praying that whoever was inside would be compassionate,  kind and prepared for 101 questions from a little girl.

The door opened and Joelle felt herself breathe when she saw the warm smile on the lady’s face.

“Welcome! May I help you?”

“Hi! My name is Joelle,  and this is my child Cassandra. We were hoping that we may find shelter here for the night? Nerves attacked Joelle’s stomach while she waited for an answer. 

Katharine couldn’t believe this was happening again!  More people showing up on her door-step. Maybe this was why she had kept living in this mansion. She had plenty of rooms for those who needed them.

“Come on in and I will put some tea on.” Looking at Cassandra  she said, “I am guessing that perhaps you would like  some milk and cookies?”

“Yes! Oh yes, cookies are yummy!”

Katharine smiled at her enthusiasm. “I agree, maybe your mommy and I will have some too.”

When they were seated at the kifchen table a young boy walked into the kitchen and then stopped and stared at Cassandra. “Hi Kolby, would you like some cookies and milk? This is Cassandra and her mommy, Joelle. They will be staying with us for tonight.”

“Hi! You will like it here. Its awesome to play hide and seek in!”

Cassandra got excited, but was a little afraid that she would get lost playing that game.

“Kolby and his Dad are staying here for a bit while his Dad gets their car fixed. He was sick earlier but has recovered and is out doing some shopping for me now. My maid had to leave suddenly and go out West to her family. I realize now how much I depended on her, I feel lost without her.”

Joelle spoke before she could stop herself. “I am looking for a job. I could be your maid.” She hoped Katharine didn’t think her too bold, but she was desperate. Did the cowbell bring them here for this very reason?

Katharine didn’t say anything at first. “Well, that may be a perfect idea. Tell me about yourself, how did you happen to come here?”

Joelle fumbled for words, the kind lady would think she was out of her mimd if ahe told her that a cowbell brought them to her door-step!

“This bell brought us here! Its magic!” Cassandra held up the bell and Kolby asked, “Its magic, for real?”

“Yes! Fairlight the fairy gave it to me.”

Kolby scoffed, “There are no such things as fairies.”

“Are too!” Cassandra made a face at him, narrowing her eyes. “Her name is Fairlight and she rides a unicorn.”

Joelle felt her heart sink. Katharine woild be sending them on a taxi ride to the Funny Farm.

“Unicorns are cool! I wish I could see one.” Said Kolby, Cassandra smiled again and felt proud, for she had seen the unicorn.

Katharine surprised Joelle and seemed to love the story about the cowbell. She asked Cassandra questions and Joelle was so thankful they came here. It looked like things may finally work out for them.

As everyone talked Kolby kept staring at the bell. Witb three shakes it takes you anywhere, Cassandra said. Girls were silly, he shouldn’t believe her, but he was intrigued. He had to try that bell. Maybe not today. But someday!

Unexpected Surprise

Pinterest painting

Cassandra hoped the flame would last for awhile. She had used tbe last match.  Maybe her mama didn’t need the light but Cassandra did. Darkness scared her. Her mama wouldn’t like that she used the last match but she would understand. Her mama loved her.

Somehow there had to be a way that Cassandra and her mom could find a place of their own to call home.

A warm, cozy place instead of an, old, abandoned building. What could she do to help her mama?

Resting her chin on her hand she thought and thought some more. Think, think, think, she told herself. She thought for awhile, but still came up with nothing. It worked for Pooh Bear,  why not her. There had to be something she could do.

Ahh! She had an idea. Closing her eyes Cassandra drifted off to sleep. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come so that she could put her plan into action.

At daybreak Cassandra awoke, for she was cold. She tried to burrow deeper under her blanket and then threw the blanket off. This was the day! Today she would put her plan into action. Her dream may be finally coming true.

Cassandra dressed and wrote a small note to her Mama, telling her not to worry that Cassandra would be back as soon as she could.

Once she was all dressed she walked outside to head for her destination. Hopefully she remembered how to find the place. Cassandra hadn’t been there for quite awhile.

Her little legs were growing tired, would she make it? Cassandra thought of her sweet Mama and a surge of energy ran through her!

Ten more minutes passed and then joy flooded through her. She had made it. Cassandra had found the land of the fairies

It was so amazing to be here once more. To dance with the fairies in the Enchanted forest. Cassandra knew they would help her and her mom. They had too! They were fairies and fairies were kind, especially Fairlight.

Cassandra turned and looked. Her face glowed, Fairlight was coming over the hill on Cupcake, her dazzling, white unicorn.

“What a treat to see you again, sweet Cassandra.” Fairlight stopped right beside her. “How is everything?”

Cassandra spilled out her sad story on how she and her mama needed a home of their own. How Cassandra wanted a bed to sleep in at night and real light instead of candlelight to see by.

“I had put it on my Christmas list for Santa, but he must not have received it.” She hung her head.

Fairlight got choked up listening to Cassandra. She hated to tell her the news but what choice did she have.

“I am so sorry but I am afraid you asked for too much from us. We would love to give you and your mom a new home, but we can’t. That is too hard, we don’t have that much power.”

Tears were bubbling up in Cassandra’s eyes and Fairlight felt horrible. If only she did have the power but she didn’t. Never had she felt so frustrated. But wait, Fairlight got excited! How could she not have thought of it before.

“Stay here Cassandra, I will be back with a most precious gift for you.”

Not knowing what to think Cassandra watched Fairlight soar into the sky on Cupcake. What was she bringing back for her, wondered Cassandra.

It wasn’t long before Fairlight returned and she came and sat beside Cassandra, who was sitting under a tree.

“I have what I promised you, a most precious gift. Make sure to use it wisely or it can get you into trouble.”

Cassandra was bursting with curiosity. as Fairlight pressed something into her hand.

A cowbell! What was she supposed to do with that?

“Take this home with you and with your mom holding your hand shake the bell three times saying, There’s no place like home. Don’t be scared by the smoke that fills the air. When it clears you and your mom will be at your new home.”

“Wow! Really?? I can’t wait! Thank you Fairlight I knew you would help us.” Cassandra wrapped her tiny arms around Fairlight, giving her a hug.

Then off she skipped down the yellow brick road that had taken her to the enchanted forest. She couldn’t wait to go home!

Fairlight watched her and was thrilled that she could help her. Fortunately Betsy was happy to help. She generously gave Fairlight a cowbell. Fairlight hoped that Cassandra used it right! The bell could be tricky.

She sure didn’t want Cassandra and her mom to end up in the swamp. Igor was as bull headed as always and noone would want to be stuck with him. Unfortunately Igor, the bull, had not learned his lesson fom the swamp. Maybe someday he would. Until that time came, the enchanted cowbell would keep bringing happiness to those who needed it and teaching a lesson to others.

The Twinkle of Love

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This is the conclusion of Having Second Thoughts!

She pressed her fingers against her forehead as Clint droned on and on. Her appetite was gone after listening him go into great detail about operating on someone who had an accident with a chainsaw.

Not being a rude person she couldn’t bring herself to abruptly leave him. But its what she may have to do, as he wasn’t taking any subtle hints that she had dropped.

She covered her mouth.

“Ob, are you feeling sick? You do look a little pale. I guess you aren’t used to medical jargon, eh?”

She nodded her head and ran to the bathroom. Hopefully now he would leave. Letting some time pass she walked out of the bathroom and was relieved to see that Clint was gone. Probably with hopes to find someone  who had a  stronger stomach.

Lisa was walking out of the dining hall when a man walked up beside her.


“Hi!” Lisa replied, as she looked beside her at the man who had spoken. He was about average height, wearing a cowboy hat and boots. She felt fairly confident that he wasn’t a surgeon.

He put out his hand, and tipped his hat, “My name is..”

“Oh, there you are! Are you feeling better now?” Lisa felt the cowboy staring at her along with Clint, both if them waiting for an answer.

“Yes, I am much better now, thanks.”

The three of them stood rather awkwardly in silence. Clint didn’t seem to be leaving and she didn’t want the cowboy to leave, and her be alone with Clint. Looked like there was only one thing to do.

“I am feeling better but real tired. I think I will go to my room for the night. Will see you gentleman at breakfast.”

They both bid her a goodnight and smiled, but Lisa didn’t miss the scowl that crossed Clint’s face when he looked at the cowboy. Oh help! This weekend was shaping up into a mess.

She made her way slowly back to her room, half hoping that the cowboy would follow her, but she saw no signs of him.

Back in her room she took a relaxing, hot shower. Put on her thick, fuzzy robe and looked at Mr. Teddybear sitting on the chair.

“What do you think Mr Bear? Will I find my soul mate? I have learned that I wouldn’t make a good surgeon’s wife.

I do hope to see the cowboy again, we barely got to talk.”

Mr Bear looked at her with his brown eyes and once again didn’t say a word.He was fantastic at keeping secrets.

Sighing she sank back against all the cosy pillows on the bed and lost herself between the pages of a book. The story was good, but thoughts of the cowboy still lingered in the back of her mind. Lisa didn’t notice the twinkle in Mr Bear’s right eye.

Breakfast was delicious. Lisa was so hungry simce she hadn’t had much at supper last night. She kept her eyes pealed for the cowboy but didn’t see him.

“Ezcuse me Miss, may I sit with you?” Lisa nodded her head, she couldn’t do worse than the surgeon.

Fifteen minutes later Lisa had second thoughts about not doing worse than the surgeon. She wasn’t feeling sick to her stomach but she was feeling a little creeped out. He talked about Stephen King and his favorite story. Lisa wasn’t going to want to walk alone in the dark this evening when going to her room

This guy also had a eerie smile and talked about his pet tarantula. She almost jumped out of her seat when he asked if she wanted to see it. He had brought it along!

Fortunately he had plans to meet with another woman after breakfast. Lisa breathed out a big sigh of relief when he left. She was sooo calling her sister-in-law tonight to yell at her for this crazy idea of her’s. If Lisa had wanted to meet crazy men, she didn’t have to travel two hours away to a resort to find them!

At least the resort was in a beautiful area, nestled in the mountains. Sitting out in a gazebo drinking coffee she was taking in the scenery around her.

“Refreshing to breathe in the mountain air, isn’t it.”

Lisa looked over to the right and saw the cowboy walking towards her. She felt her heart skip a beat.

“Hi, I am Tanner. Glad to see you again, since we were kind of interrupted last night.”

Lisa couldn’t stop staring at what was in his hand. Why did he have Mr Bear?

“I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find you again but then I saw your bear on the ground on the path to the gazebo. I guess you dropped it.” He held it out to her.

“Th-thank you.” Lisa took Mr Bear from him, but her mind was whirling, she had left Mr Bear in her room, how did he get out here?

Tanner took a seat beside her and started talking in a gentle drawl. Soon she found herself forgetting about Mr Bear and listening to Tanner. He lived on a ranch and was talking about his horses. Horses were her favorite animal.

She shared with him about the horse she got when she was 10 years old and how she had adored him.

“Would you like to go riding with me?” Tanner asked, “I know they have some horses here for us to ride.”

“Yes, it would be my pleasure!”

Tanner smiled and off they went to find the trail leading to the horses. Lisa felt giddy with joy. it had been too long since she had rode on a horse. Oh, how she was ready to ride like the wind again. Perhaps she wouldn’t be “yelling” at her Sister-in-Law tonight after all.

Noone noticed the twinkle in Mr Bear’s rigbt eye as he sat in the gazebo watching the happy couple walk away.

The Christmas Wish

   Timmy shook the snow globe to make the snow fall. He wished that he could be at the North Pole, enjoying the falling snow.  Instead he was stuck in Florida with flamingos.

He hoped that Santa got his letter with his Christmas wish! His list wasn’t long, a couple of toys and a freezer full of snow! How fun it would be to make a snowball and then throw it at Loony Lucy, his neighbor.

He had left that part out of his letter, Santa may not have liked that idea. But if Santa knew Lucy, surely he would agree that she deservef to have a snowball thrown at her.

After throwing the snowball at Lucy he and his friends could build a snowman. Perhaps it would come alive like Frosty. Oh, what fun they would have with a freezer full of snow. Three more days, he could barely wait. He shook the snow globe again and smiled with anticipation.

“Timmy, its time for bed, did you put your pajamas on and  brush your teeth?”

“No Mommy … I don’t  want….” He stopped midsentence, what if Santa heard him?

“I am doing it now Mommy!”  He put on his ToyStory pajamas, quickly brushed his teeth and hopped onto bed.

His mommy walked into his room five minutes later. “Goodnight Timmy” she kissed him on his cheek. Then she noticed a  cowbell lying next to him. “Where did you find this?”

“When me and Dillion were playing in the field I saw it in the grass. Dillion wanted it, but I was the one who found it.”

His mommy stroked his forehead. “Well maybe you can play with it for awhile and then let Dillion have it for a little.”

Timmy sighed, but nodded his head “Ok”

“Thats my boy, sweet dreams!” She turned on his nightlight anf walked out of his room.

He would have sweet dreams alright, he would dream about his freezer of snow. “Santa, I want a freezer full of snow, don’t forget!”  He rang the cowbell he had found and drifted off to sleep.

Timmy was up early the next morning.  He was playing with his race cars while watching cartoons. He was so happy to be on Christmas vacation.  Playing with his cars was so much better than stupid math.

Later in the day he decided he wanted to play with Dillion.  He walked into the kitchen, “Mommy! Can I have Dillion over?”

“After lunch you can.” She walked toward the freezer, opened it and yelled. “How did snow get into my freezer?”

Timmy ran to the freezer and his eyes widened in astonishment! Santa was early! Oh this was going to he the bestest day of all!

His mom was holding a piece of paper looking so confused.

“The snow is from Santa Mommy, its what I asked him for! Can I play with Dillion now, please oh please, I don’t want lunch.”

His mom didn’t answer, instead she read the note out loud. “Merry Christmas, You rang the bell, here is your freezer full of snow. Enjoy the snow, Timmy, and don’t be too mean to Lucy. Your friend, The Christmas Cow.”

Now Timmy was in shock too, who was the Christmas cow and how did she know about Lucy?

The shock wore off as he had a fabulous time in the snow with his friends. They laughed and played, never wanting the snow to melt away.

He had even let Lucy hit him with a snowball. She had a good throw, maybe she was okay after all.

The day had flown by. He was looking in the freezer before bed.

“Timmy close the freezer now!”

He took one more look. “Thank you Christmas Cow!” He said, bursting with happiness.  He had finally been able to play with snow.  But oh no, he thought, if this snow was from the Christmas Cow, where would Santa put the snow that he had asked for?

“MOMMY! We need another freezer!”

Tender Words

The lights were flickering as the wind wailed outside and hail battered the roof. They were taking shelter in the basement, waiting out the tornado.

“Do you have the matches, the candles, the kerosene heater … do you have everything? ” Worry laced Jayne’s words.

Tyler took Jayne’s hand, . “Now I do.” His confident smile helped to loosen some of the worry gripping Jayne’s heart.

Jayne remembered back to when they first met. She was showing her cows at the state fair. A real country girl she was and how she loved her animals, especially her cows.

One cow in particular was her favorite. If she didn’t know any better she would say it was magical. It had moo’ed so loudly when Tyler had walked by. Made Tyler stop in his tracks and take notice of the beautiful freckle faced girl in her red and black flannel shirt, blue jeans, and black boots.

They chatted and made an instant connection. For the rest of the week Tyler was always sure to stop by and chat with her. How could he walk by when Jayne’s favorite cow kept Mooing every time he came. They laughed about it and Jayne felt certain that she saw Betsy smile whenever Tyler was with Jayne. There had been something truly special about that cow.

By the time the fair ended they were dating and Jayne couldn’t have been happier. She had won a blue ribbon for her cow, Betsy, but most importantly she had won Tyler’s heart.

Once again Jayne had no doubt that Betsy was smiling when Jayne was awarded the blue ribbon. She was some cow alright. A most unusual cow

Many times Jayne had joked with her Dad about the cowbell he had put around Betsy’s neck. She was certain that was where the magic was coming from.

As they were walking out of the fairgrounds Tyler had turned to Jayne and asked. “Do you have everything?”

Jayne beamed with the freshness of young love, taking Tyler’s hand, she replied, “Now I do.”

“MOO!” Betsy was right behind them!

Jayne had been startled, how had she managed to get out of the truck? She must have forgotten to put her in with the other cows, but … Betsy was smiling again as her cowbell glistened in the sun. Jayne and Tyler had looked at each other, feeling the magic in the air. They kissed under the clear blue sky.

The tornado was over and Jayne’s mind was brougbt back to the present. When Jayne and Tyler stepped outside they were appalled by the destruction around them. They offered up a prayer of gratitude that their fsrmhouse and barn had been spared.

MOO! Betsy came up behind Jayne, nuzzling her neck.

“Hello old friend!’ Jayne kissed the top of her head. Glad to know that Betsy hadn’t been hurt. Her silver cowbell glistened, reflecting the rainbow in the sky.

The years went by and Jayne and Tyler’s love grew. Tyler became a songwriter and his original song. “I Have Everything when I Have You. ” became a hit. Dancing to it was something they would often do when it came on the radio.

His songs grew in popularity as he wrote more and they were blessed beyond measure with him being successful. They were able to travel and it became habit for one of them to ask the other if they had everything they needed before leaving on a trip.

The one who had been asked would take the other’s hand with a sparkle dancing in their eyes. “Now I do!” And off they would go, hand in hand.

No matter how old they got, that small repetitive saying wasn’t forgotten. Car keys were misplaced, glasses lost and other things were forgoten as the golden years approached, but not that.

Tyler’s eyes were growing dimmer and Jayne’s knees grew weaker. They walked slower and sometimes forgot where they were going and what they were doing. When that would happen. the confused one would ask in a worried tone, “Do you have everything?” The other one would take their loved one’s hand gently in theirs, giving it a tender squeeze, and say, “Now I do.”

The Last Unicorn

Painting from Pinterest

The air was crisp with cold. Lynelle thought she had seen a rabbit wearing earmuffs.

She rubbed her hands together, wishing she had thicker gloves. Shoving them into her pockets she picked up her brisk pace.

Making good time she was thinking of how she would warm herself by the cozy fireplace when she got home.

Whoa! What a gorgeous sight in front of her. The fading sunlight was shining on the colorful trees creating a special glow.

Lynelle didn’t need to go through the trees to go home. In fact she was supposed to turn the other direction, but the glow was urging her to come into the trees.

Unable to turn away she walked forward, towards the glowing light.

It didn’t take long for her to walk into the trees and be encircled by the light. She was in awe. It was more than the sunlight, there was something more to it. Was it magic, wondered Lynelle.

She kept walking seeing nothing out of the ordinary, besides the glowing light.

Then she noticed that the light appeared to be more centered in one specific area and with curiosity building she walked towards it.

Now that was something one didn’t see every day. Lynelle stared at a stunning unicorn, and a cow huddled together.

The light was coming from the cow. A glowing cow? And since when were unicorns real? Lynelle thought they were only in her childhood stories.

As Lynelle moved closer she heard the unicorn talking. Yes, things were getting stranger by the minute.

Getting a closer look she saw that it wasn’t the cow that was glowing. It was the cowbell that was around its neck that emitted a strange glow.

The unicorn was getting louder as she spoke. “Its not fair, I say!” She stomped her foot on the ground. “We unicorns are rare and special, we deserve to have a glowing bell around our necks.”

The cow ahook its head. “This is not an ordinary bell. Its an enchanted cowbell and you are unicorns, not cows!”

Throwing back her head the unicorn scoffed. “Of course we aren’t cows, cows are ordinary, common animals. We are much greater!”

Lynelle sensed the cow getting restless and perhaps a littlr mad as it snapped back.

“I am far from your ordinary cow! Have you not heard of all the adventures of Betsy, the wonder cow? I am a legend.”

“Ha!” We unicorns have had adventures too. I am not sure I really believe about the magic of the bell. I think you made it all up. You want so badly to be more than an ordinary, brown cow.

Lynelle heard the cow snort and it pawed the ground. Instinctively she backed up.

The unicorn didn’t flinch just kept being smart with the cow. Unicorns can be full of wit. They are known for tricking many. Especially innocent fairies and leprechauns.

“Just wait you old brown cow, we unicorns will rule. You will see. And for now I think that glowing.bell belongs with me!

Watching in disbelief Lynelle saw the unicorn attempt to bite the bell loose from around the cow’s neck.

Suddenly there were flumes of pink and purple smoke everywhere. When th3 smoke cleared the unicorn was gone. The cow stood in the same place looking rather smug and then soon it was gone as well. They both had been oblivious to Lynelle’s presence.

She felt like she was in a trance walking the rest of the way home. Little did she know what an important moment in time that she had witnessed.

The stunning unicorn had been the last of its kind. Unicorns were seen no more, but cows roamed everywhere. Books won’t tell you what really happened to the unicorns but Lynelle would figure it out. She read more about Betsy and understood. Obviously the enchanted cowbell sent all the unicorns away! For everyone knows that pride goes before a big fall and that one never wants to mess with Betsy, the Wonder Cow, the legend.

Cotton Candy Flowers

I apologize for not having rare facts to bring you this Sunday, but I do have a post for you. The continuation of last night’s post. The Fairy Like No Other After all having a cow tooth fairy is a pretty rare, strange fact, isn’t it?

Wow! Where was she? This was not Disneyland! Holly stared in wide eyed wonder.

Purple and orange butterflies flitted and fluttered around her. They landed on ber head and shoulders. She felt like a princess. The rainbows and waterfalls were stunning.

“Welcome Holly!”

Holly turned around and shocked and excited to see a cow behind her. Was this Betsy, the cow fairy? It didn’t have any  wings.

“Hi! Are you my cow fairy?”Anticipation shined through her eyes.

Betsy smiled, giving Holly a tender look. She took immense pleasure when it came to being a cow tooth fairy. It involved only dealing with children. Children were often much easier to deal with than adults, like she often had to deal with.

That fake elf from the North Pole that Betsy had to deal with was a pain. Licorice was just asking for trouble, and troubles he got. No one enjoys being with Igor in the swamp! They typically learn their lesson. Hopefully Licorice would.

Giving Holly a little nuzzle under her chin Betsy spoke. “Due to losing your  tooth you were selected for a grand honor. Not everyone has a cow fairy visit them. Only the children who are truly special. Other children may want  to see the real cow fairy but no matter how hard they look she can’t be found. Ths magic cowbell didn’t select them, but it chose you!

Holly beamed from ear to ear at Betsy’s words. Then her smile turned to a frown and she covered her ears. What was the awful sound? It was worse than her baby sister crying!

Betsy laughed at Holly’sexpression, ‘I promise you, Henrietta ia a lot more sweeter than her voice.”  Holly looked unsure.

“Hi Holly, I am Henrietta, the long necked hippo. So happy to meet you! Want to come down to the river with me?”

Holly was so intrigued with Henrietta, the singing hippo. She wanted to follow her. Henrietta kept talking, making Holly smile. She did have a sweet charm about her.

They had fun splashing in the river. Henrietta made huge splashes!

“This is so much better than the swamp thst I was at. My voice is sore, so excuse me if I sound a little off key. Holly laugbed to herself. Poor Henrietta was much more than a little off key, she thought.

“Why were you at the swamp?”

“Betsy wanted me to give a private concert to some guy named Licorice. He didn’t seem to enjoy it too much, but I always enjoy singing! Some bullfrogs chimed in with me.”

Holly had no idea who Licorice was , but she was starting to feel sorry for him.

They splashed some more and then sat in the sun together to dry off. There were pink wildflowers blooming and there was a cherry aroma in the air.

“Go ahead and pick one. These are edible flowers that taste like cherry cotton candy.”

“Cotton Candy! I love cotton candy.”

Holly didn’t hesitate and her eyes danced with pleasure. There was no doubt about it, this forest was magical and sbe was the luckiest girl ever! She couldn’t wait to tell her grandma all about this place.

“Oh no! My grandma. She is probably worried about me. I need to go back.”

Betsy had come to join Henrietta and Holly by the river. ‘No need to worry child. I visited your grandma long, long ago when sbe was a child. She knows all about me.

“You were a cow fairy to my grandma when she was a child?? Wow! You must be ancient! I think Grandma is like 500 some years old.”

Henrietta bellowed with laughter. “Yes, Betsy is old, though I don’t think she has reached 500 yet.” She winked at Betsy.

“Well dear child I hope you enjoyed your trip to our magical forest. We look forward to seeing you again. But remember, some children may not believe you when you talk about your trip here. They may think you are crazy. But nope, not crazy, you are extra special because you saw us and they didn’t.

“Thanks Betsy for bringing me here! I can’t wait to come back!”

“I will keep practicing my singing for your return, sweet child.”

Oh help! Thought Holly. But as Henrietta broke into song Holly couldn’t help but smile at the true joy on Henrietta’s fsce. Holly impulsively gave her a hug. It caught Henrietta by such surprise that a tear slid from her eye.

Pink and purple smoke filled the room. Holly was back in her bedroom at her Grandma’s. The morning sun was shining. It didn’t feel like she had been gone.

“Welcome back pumpkin! How was your trip. Did you say hi to Betsy for me and has Henrietta’s singing improved?

“Oh Grandma it waa amazing! They had cotton candy cherry flowers! Betsy was so kind and …

For the rest of the day Holly and her Grandmother shared their adventures with each other.

“Grandma, next time we should go together! I want an adventure with you!”

Grandma thought for a little, getting a dreamy look in her eye. “Maybe we will dear child, maybe we will!”

How It All Began

This is the sequel to The Secret Hiding Place] my post from Saturday.

He closed the journal with his mind still wondering at all he had read. In the beginning he had wanted to stop reading due to rolling his eyes about her so called, “big secret.”  The secret was how she was falling for the guy whose eyes were deep brown, like her horse’s mane. Her faithful horse, Chestnut.

Princess Amaryllis was in love, but it wasn’t with Prince Edwin. Not the guy who she had been promised to. What would she do. He typically didn’t go for love stories but this one had intrigued him.

Ryan yawned. He had been up half the night reading. Turning off his bedside lamp he pulled the covers over him and was asleep within seconds.

In his deep sleep he found himself back in time. He worked for the Princess Amaryllis and her royal family.

Amaryllis tried not to move anymore in her chair. Her mom was giving her stern looks, but she did not think she could endure listening to one more minute of Princess Seraphina’s song. She really wished that the glass chandelier would shatter from Seraphina’s squeaky high notes, now that would be exciting!

Finally the song ended. Her misery was over. She jumped up from her chair so quickly , causing another glare from her mom. “Amaryllis, be ladylike. Where is the fire?”

“Sorry Mother, but I have to go, my horse is waiting.”

Shaking her head, her mom waved her off. “Go ahead dear, enjoy.” She smiled at her one and only daughter. There was no stopping that girl. Oh, how she adored her horse, Chestnut.

His heart did a cartwheel inside of him. He saw her from afar. His golden sunbeam, with the yellow hair that bounced on her back, as she ran to him. They embraced, kissing, savoring the moment in time. Until Chestnut started neighing, letting them know she was impatient for some attention.

He helped the Princess get on Chestnut and then he got on Midnight, a jet black horse.

“Race you to our tree!” Shouted Amaryllis and they took off at a full gallop. Chestnut won by a mile. She was the fastest horse ever.

Amaryllis was laughing as Midnight and Stefano rode up to her. “That makes three times now that I beat you!” Her eyes twinkled with delight as she gave him a teasing smile.

“I would be careful about laughing at me Princess, you never know what I may do.” He raised his eyebrows challenging her.

“Oh, how I tremble. ” She joked and took off galloping once more across the lush green meadow.

The hour together went too fast. Amaryllis didn’t want to say goodbye, but she had an appt. Always appointments. Frustrated she vented to Stefano.

“All I want is to be with you. When can we be married ?”

Stefano tenderly caressed her cheek. “I am only a simple stable hand. Your parent’s will never agree to a marriage.”

“But I don’t want to marry Prince Edwin! I don’t even know him! I don’t want to be a Princess, going to Balls, and teas all the time. Thats not a life. I want to make a difference to someone, do something that brings smiles to children around the world.”

“You have such a caring heart, my fair sunbeam.’ Her heart melted whenever he called her by his nickname for her.

“I will talk to my parent’s tonight, no more secrets!” They kissed once more and with fierce determination off she rode.

“Stefano! You are in love with Stefano?”Her mom shrieked, and her dad laid a comforting hand on his wife’s arm.

“She has found true love. Is that so horrible? Honestly I couldn’t be happier.” Amaryllis raised her eyes in shock. Was her dad really defending her? Hope began to beat in her heart.

“But…But…Prince Edwin and his entourage arrives in a month, what will we do?”

“We need a plan. Let me think.’ The king stroke his white beard, as he thought. He was a kind hearted, jolly fellow. He never liked the idea of Princess Amaryllis not being able to marry who she wanted. Prince Edwin’s family would be enraged, but enough was enough. He would make the change or at least do all that he could, he promised Amaryllis and happy tears spilled down her cheek.

“Dear Diary..Father is talking to the wizard about how we can escape. He likes Stefano! He sent a message to Prince Edwin’s dad and the dad reacted angrily. He threatened violence if we didn’t keep our promise. I am so scared.”

Buzzzzzzz…..! The alarm shrilled to Ryan’s annoyance. What a dream. The journal had come alive. He had to hand it over to his boss today. How he wished he knew what happened. Did they escape or did they all meet their untimely demise. Would they find more clues?

Far, far away in a land of ice and snow a girl sat by her window, writing once more in her journal. A practice she had started as a young girl and still kept it up.

Today she had gone back in time, replaying the past. What memories.

Life was good! She and her parent’s and her friends were making children around the world happy! Making dreams come true. The wizard had done an amazing job in saving them all and taking them far, far away!

They changed their names and they knew they would never be found. Who would ever guess that Santa Claus and his elves were once a royal family, servants and all. They had lived in a land once upon a time. Lived their happily until the King stood up for his daughter. Stood up for love!

The man who used to be a King fit his new role as Santa Claus perfectly. Mrs. Claus still enjoyed her tea parties and she cherished the fact that her daughter beamed with happiness.

Candy Cane put down her pen and ran to the stables where Stefano, known as Snow was feeding Midnight and Chestnut.

“Hello, my fair sunbeam.” Wrapping his arms around her, he held her tight. Candy Cane closed her eyes. One never knows when magic can happen, she thought, with a sigh of contentment.