The Tricky Reindeer

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Decided that we can’t end this year without knowing how Jinx and Jangle’s first trip with their own team of reindeer went.  Did they make it back to the North Pole again?  If you missed their most recent story where their dream at last comes true. Here is the link.  The Magical Night  Enjoy!

Jinx and Jangle were taking a break, letting the reindeer rest some from their long journey.  They were so happy with themselves.  They had really made it to all the houses, well at least they were hoping they did!  It so happened that  a certain someone forgot the map!  There were no left over gifts, so they were feeling confident that they hadn’t missed anyone.  Jinx had to admit that he was impressed with Jangle’s sense of direction.

“You had me worried there at first,  when you said you didn’t have the map Jangle!”

“I had told you that it would be fine, I had looked the map over and memorized it.  I have a great memory when it comes to directions.”

“Yes, you proved that!  I won’t underestimate you again.  Sure am glad that you did, for I certainly had no clue where we were supposed to go.” replied Jinx.

“Hey Jangle, where did my sandwich go?  My special Potato Chip sandwich. Did you take it?”

Jangle had his mouth full. so could not answer right away.  He was eating a Nutella and Jelly sandwich.  He didn’t need to answer though,  the culprit soon showed itself.  You could hear him smacking his lips.

“I think we know what happened to your sandwich,”  Jangle said as he laughingly pointed at one of the reindeer.

The reindeer was grinning and Jinx shook his head, that reindeer had been nothing but trouble since they had started this trip!  It didn’t help that he couldn’t remember his name and the other reindeer wouldn’t help.  They found it humorous to watch the 2 banter back and forth.

The reindeer had kept snatching Jinx’s special hat off his head when Jinx wasn’t looking. One time he had scooped the hat off Jinx’s head and then lowered it into the snow before plopping it back on his head again.  Everyone had laughed at that!  Well everyone but Jinx.  Jangle was trying to hold in his laughter, but he hadn’t been too successful.

Well the witty reindeer might think he was winning, but Jinx had a plan.

He walked over to the reindeer and asked if he enjoyed the sandwich. The reindeer shook his head as he smiled.

“Hmm..well I guess since you are probably all filled up now, you don’t care to have any of these special treats that Santa sent along?”

The witty reindeer looked at Jinx as he said, ” Oh I have plenty of room for the special treats, Santa always send delicious ones!”

“No, I am afraid you had your special treat already, these are for the other GOOD reindeer!  I am sure they won’t mind dividing up your share.”  Jinx winked as he turned around with the bag of goodies and started handing them out to the others.

“Ha Ha Jinx, you are bluffing!  I’ll get my treat, I am not worried!”

He watched Jinx go around with the bag a third time and this made him start to feel a little uneasy!

“Hey Jinx I will tell you my name if you bring some of those treats over here!”

“Sorry,  you are too late!  Oh your friends are really licking their lips, these treats must be pretty special this year!”  All the reindeer started nodding their heads in agreement.

Then the witty reindeer saw Jinx walking his way with the bag and he called out. ” See, I told you that you were bluffing. I knew you would give in. ”

“Oh how you underestimate me my friend,  one thing you need to remember, I never bluff!”

In saying this Jinx opened the bag up the whole way  for the reindeer to see.  To the reindeer’s dismay it was totally empty!  There wasn’t even a crumb, but ooooh he could smell what had been inside the bag.  The smell made his tongue salivate.

“Nice smell, eh!” laughed Jinx.  ” Hey, I just got a great idea,” Jinx said,

“Jangle do you still have that spare piece of rope that we had, bring it over here please.”

“Sure thing, but why do you want a piece of rope?  What is that brain of yours up to?”

It didn’t take long until Jangle saw Jinx’s idea and he couldn’t help but laugh, all the other reindeer laughed as well!  Well almost all,  there was one reindeer not laughing, but Jinx sure was!

“Now you can smell that great aroma all the way back to the North Pole. See how nice I am to you!”

Jinx had tied the big bag around the reindeer’s neck.

The reindeer had to admit that he had underestimated this crazy elf!  He saw that he had met his match!  But that’s Okay, he was up for a challenge.  Jinx may have won this time, but there was a New Year coming.  It would be full of opportunities for him to get one over on the sly elf.  Who knew what would happen!

“Ready to go everyone!  Does everyone have their bellies nice and full?”  Jinx directed his gaze at the one particular reindeer as he smirked at him and the reindeer just rolled his eyes in reply.

“Okay Jangle lead the way!”  Off they went, all excited to get home and show everyone that they had made a successful trip!  The perfect ending to the year.  Yes, indeed!

Sharing Your Story….

We all have a story to tell,  and isn’t that what blogging is all about.  Letting your story out.  Recently I read some emotional posts by bloggers who are struggling with hard things and my heart went out to them.  Blogging is so many things,  but one of the most important things is how it gives you a chance to share your story.  A chance to be honest and to tell about the good, the bad and the ugly!

In the early stages of my  blogging I was walking towards a black tunnel.  I had just started walking towards it.  I had seen it in the distance and was trying to deny that I really was going to have to walk through it.  I wrote in a safe way for me at the time.  I couldn’t admit to myself what was happening, much less admit it to the blogging world.  A new world that I had become part of.

I may not have been spelling out my story in detail, not sharing the journey I was walking, but the writing was helping me to cope.   It was helping me to come to grips with what was really happening.   It was helping me to have an outlet for my pain and confusion,  and helping to show me how my gift of writing brought healing to my heart.

As days, weeks, months and time went by I felt the magic of blogging in my heart.  Not only was it an outlet for my pain.  Not only did it help me become bolder and with gentle nudges help me to honestly share my story.  It helped me to let my heart bleed as the words came pouring out.  It also helped fill my heart with rewarding  JOY!

Blogging has stretched me and has taught me.

Sharing the hard stories is something I don’t regret.  I don’t regret the fun ones either, for humor is great medicine for the heart and humor will always have a place on my blog.

Why am I writing this?  What moved me tonight?  Was it the other posts I read?  The tragic, but inspiring story that I saw on TV.  Is it because its the end of the year and my heart is pondering all of the strong emotions I have been through this year.

How it has been a time of hurting and of  healing,  a time of  forgiveness and of  letting go.  A time of moving forward.  It has been a journey that many of you have walked with me through.  A story that you all became part of in your own ways and how you have touched me.

I also was thinking of the stories that have been shared with me.  How I have been privileged to be able to walk with some of you through some of  your heartfelt stories.

My mind was dwelling on all of those things,  as I was sitting in the peacefulness of my Christmas lights.  Then I started listening to songs on the computer.  I just let the computer play whatever song popped up.  A special song popped up and my heart was stirred with the need to write.

The song was a song that I first heard on my friend’s blog when they shared it in a blog post awhile back.   It struck a chord in my heart when I heard it.  There was something about the intensity that the vocalist put behind her powerful words that touched my heart deeply.

I think we all can identify with the song lyrics.   It has to do with relationships and sharing your story.   Not just about the romantic relationships,  but I believe it can pertain to all kinds of special relationships.  About being there for the other person as  they drop their mask and share their story.   May you be touched by the song,  whether this is your first time hearing it, or whether you have listened to it many times.

Most of all I hope you continue to share your stories!  In sharing our stories we never know who we may touch, who may very well need our words to help them breathe again. Our words may be the key in helping them  know that they are not alone.

Yes, I know I have said “Thank You” before,  but my heart is full.  Isn’t that what happens at the end of the year.  You get all sentimental about the past year.  Yes, I know it doesn’t take the end of the year for me to get sentimental.

I want to offer once again my  sincere thanks to all the ones that have listened to my stories, the ones who  have cried with me.  Whose tears I have felt mesh against my cheeks and the ones whose tears I have felt through their words!  The ones who made me smile and laugh with their humor,  even when it was raining in my heart.  The ones who kept the laughter coming and who continue too!   The ones who always have hugs to share, whether through a real embrace or once again through the magic of their words.

Happy New Year to all of you!  Wishes for a year that brings you many wonderful things and wishes to continue to grow closer as we share our stories.   I love how we can come together from all different parts of the world, and form such a caring community!  Share your story.  We are listening and we care.



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

It can be the smallest things you say or do that can speak the loudest to the heart.

Met as strangers….shared our souls…..the bond of a fabulous friendship formed.

Sometimes jewels can be hidden in what appears to be the messiest of messes!

A extra bonus this week, since its the week of Christmas.  I was “chatting” with a blogger friend yesterday saying how nice it would be to travel the world visiting my blogger friends.  Sharing cups of coffee together.  Let’s “travel” a little now.  If we were having coffee,  what is something you would like to talk about or do?  Do you have a special question you would like to ask?  Leave your answers in the comments below and if you do ask a question, I promise I will answer it.  I will go make the coffee awhile. 🙂


For the Love of Animals!

My husband knows that he can never go wrong with giving me books as a Christmas gift.  I thought I would share the ones with you that he so kindly bought for me.  If you have an animal loving heart these collection of short stories will captivate you and the pictures will melt your heart.

The perfect books to read by the light of our Christmas Tree.  I am nice and cozy as I read snuggled up in my large, comfy Boston Terrier blanket.

There is a story of a Dalmatian adopting a spotted lamb as her own, when the lamb’s Mom rejected it.  One about a Chihuahua that was rescued from a drainage ditch and adopted into a home.  Sadly she had to lose her 2 front legs due to injuries from being thrown in the ditch, but she gets along fine in 2 little wheels made specially for her in place of her front legs.

It is quite the scene to see this little Chihuahua moving down the yard with her wheels and a Silky Chicken trotting along beside her.  They are great friends.  I had never heard of a Silky Chicken before.  I wasn’t sure about posting pictures from the book, so I found one on Pinterest for you.  photoid1181-210x300  Aren’t they cute!

There also is a story of a dog rescuing 17 horses from a barn fire.   These examples are just a few of the heartwarming stories that you will find in these 3 wonderful books.  Animals are amazing in so many different ways and I can’t imagine life without them!

I can’t mention wonderful books about animals without mentioning one that I have mentioned before, but for the benefit of new readers I will gladly mention it again.

61tpnzdujdl-_sx750_sy470_  A story that will melt your heart with its tenderness, you may want tissues on hand, but I assure you it has a happy ending!  You can also be assured that along with the tender moments, there are humorous moments as well.  If you know Colin, you know his gift of wit! Ray is living a wonderful life now! It was a long journey of hard work and much patience needed but the results are so rewarding! You can read more about Ray on Colin’s blog.

I also want to mention another dear blogger friend’s book that recently came out.  She is teaching children to have appreciation for animals at a young age, with her wonderful paintings of them,  along with her original fun, silly poems.  Her blog is graced with her wonderful artistic talent and very yummy recipes.


If you decide to  purchase any of these books, I hope you enjoy them! I look at my Sheltie lying by the Christmas Tree and my Yorkie curled up on the couch and am so thankful that there are animals to grace our lives!

My Mom recently had hip replacement surgery. There were some complications so she is in a wheelchair for a little while.  Her adoring shih-tzu wasn’t sure what to think when she first saw her in the wheelchair, but she has decided that she is not letting my Mom out of her sight again!  Wherever my Mom wheels too her dog follows and places herself right in front of the wheelchair until my Mom is ready to wheel somewhere else.

Pets are so faithful and loving, oh the things that we can learn from them.



bf6f6418c480570c7d25e675840429e163f748c1120f20f6f6b4205fb7f217b9 I of course had to include the Owls! 🙂


The Lesson of the Lamppost


Jenny had been waiting a long time for this night to come!   Tonight would be the night that her life would change for the better.  She was sure of it.  She had bought her bus ticket and was on her way.

The legend told of a little,  faraway town and the magic lamppost that it had.  Every year on Christmas Eve at exactly midnight magic would come alive!  It was said that at midnight snow would start swirling around the lamppost, making what looked like a circle.  If you touched the lamppost,  stepping into the circle you could be transformed!  But you had to do it within a 3 minute period.  The snow never swirled for very long,  before it was gone.

Jenny made sure to leave extra early for the 3 hour trip.  She could not be late!  As the bus traveled through the night Jenny pondered in her mind.  She had to decide who she wanted to become.  That was the one rule.  This wasn’t about wishing all your flaws away, it was about becoming a whole new person.  In becoming that one person you got their good qualities, along with their flaws.  Jenny didn’t think that it would be hard to choose who she wanted to be, for there were so many people that she admired.

She thought of sweet Marie and her beautiful long hair and slender body.  The way she was so physically fit and always had a clear complexion.  Oh to be like her.  But yet did Jenny really want to deal with some of the challenges that Marie faced.   Marie had very poor eyesight.  It was genetic and there was no cure.  Jenny couldn’t imagine not being able to see well.  She loved to read and explore nature and visit different places.  There was just so much to see!  So no, sweet Marie she couldn’t be.

Perhaps she would choose Jan instead.  Jan was so graceful, never tripping over her own two feet or bumping into walls.  She was a perfect cook and wasn’t impulsive.  Usually thought things through before she said or did something.  Yes, Jan seemed like a great choice.  Would save Jenny some embarrassment over the times that she did or said things too quickly.  Would be so nice not having to worry about that.

OH, but wait!  No, she couldn’t be Jan.  For even though Jan had all those great qualities, there was one important one that she lacked.  She lacked having a giving heart.  Jenny loved to give, whether it be something small or big.  Bringing smiles to others often filled her with joy.

Felicity followed Jan  in being scratched off, for at times her temper was too short.  Devon was close behind, for even though he was so artistic and could make such exquisite paintings,  he often found it hard to speak.  Words came hard from him. They always had.  Jenny couldn’t imagine not being able to express herself through the words she spoke and the words she wrote.  No, Devon would definitely not work.

There was  Laura and Joe. No, Laura’s patience was thin and Joe was accident prone.  Jenny was accident prone enough, that was something she wanted to give up.

What about Corinne?  She could sing like an angel,  had lots of patience and was so organized.  Oh yes, all those things were good, but Jenny knew she couldn’t be her, for she was too prim and proper.  Corinne thought silliness  was only for children.  She didn’t have a very good sense of humor.  No, that would never do.  Silliness was needed in this life,  it didn’t matter your age!  It was fun and kept you young!

Jenny quietly sat on the bench looking at the lamppost and staring at her watch.  What was she to do?  The time was almost here, who was she going to become?   She sat and let the silence of the night speak  and then she knew.

It was happening, she saw it!  The snow started swirling in a circle and she saw the glow.  She watched and she smiled.  There was no need to rush,  she knew what she was going to do.

As quickly as it came it stopped.  The snow stopped swirling and the glow was gone.  The glow wasn’t really gone though, it had crept into Jenny’s heart.

She was still on the bench, she hadn’t moved.   While watching the magic of the swirling snow in front of her, contentment had entered her heart.  She didn’t need a magic Lamppost on Christmas Eve, there was no one else that she wanted to be.

Sure there were things that she wished were different about herself, flaws that she wished weren’t there.   On the other hand though, she realized there were things about herself that she loved and didn’t want to give up!

There were things that she could strive to work on, but there were also things that she had to learn to just accept about herself.  For in all those things, the good and the bad, they made her who she was.  She didn’t want to be someone else.  She was grateful for who she was, for she was unique in her own delightful, special way!  Unique, not a copy,  and that was the way she wished to stay!




Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!  I hope that all of you had a special Christmas.   We didn’t get a white Christmas,  but it is okay, I am sure that sometime this winter the snow will fly!  We could get a whole winter’s worth all in one weekend again, like we did a few years ago.  I would prefer it more spread out,  but I am not in control of it, so what will be, will be.

I hope you can enjoy your day today.  Keep Smiling!  Christmas may be over,  but you can find reasons to celebrate in each day.  The fact that you opened your eyes this morning is a reason in itself!  May your heart be warmed today and stay warm, no matter how cold the air gets!  It is supposed to get down to 9 degrees tomorrow night!  That may be just a tad chilly!


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The Magical Night

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the North Pole all the elves were working as the final hour drew near.  Well, perhaps not all the elves!

Snowflake was walking through the Toy Factory and he heard a strange sound amidst the happy chatter of the other elves and the whirring sound of the toys.  He looked around and soon spotted the source.  Over at the table in the corner.  Jinx and Jangle were snoring away with their heads on the table.  Snowflake thought he would have some fun and grabbed some cymbals that were nearby and crashed them together. He had never seen Jinx and Jangle jump so high before!   He quickly scurried away as they were looking around, rubbing their eyes, wondering what had happened.

“Well, I am awake now, how about you Jangle?”  Jangle just shook his head as he was still waiting for his heart to stop beating so hard.

“Lets get back to work, for today is the Big Day!  Tonight we may get our first team of our own reindeer!”   Jinx said with an excited tone to his voice.

“Oh I can’t wait!!” replied Jangle,  ” Surely this will be our year!”

“Yes, our year indeed!”,  Jinx was talking as he was testing the wind up “Pop goes the Weasel” toy.  He wasn’t paying attention and when the weasel popped up he jumped, making Jangle laugh.

“That weasel gets you all the time, doesn’t it!”

“Oh don’t pay attention to me, concentrate on your reading!”, Jinx replied.

Jangle was reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”,  making sure all the reindeer’s names were correctly spelled.

They steadily worked through the day, singing as they worked.  Jinx was even dancing a little jig as he worked.  They both had trouble containing their excitement awaiting the big announcement from Santa about the reindeer teams.

At last the end of the day came.  Jangle had approved the final book and Jinx had turned the last “Pop Goes the Weasel” toy.  They both had cautiously fixed the tuba like toy that had sprayed sparkly confetti all over Jinx before.

Everyone was standing outside awaiting the arrival of Santa and all the teams of reindeer.  Jinx was still dancing a jig in nervous anticipation.  “Patience my friend”, said Jangle.  “Take a deep breath and smile!”

At that moment Jinx’s foot slipped as he was was dancing and down he went into a pile of snow.  “Poor Jinx”,  Snowflake said,  as he threw a snowball at him when he was down.  “Yes Poor Jinx!” someone else cried as another snowball flew through the air.  Soon Jinx and Jangle and the other elves were involved in a massive snowball battle.

It came to a stop when they heard Santa’s  cheery, loud “HO-HO-HO!”  They all quickly brushed themselves off and turned their attention to jolly Santa.  He smiled and surprised them all as he pulled out a few snowballs from under his big red coat and let them fly into the crowd. After all, Santa enjoyed a good sense of humor too!

Splat!  The snowballs hit Jinx and Jangle.  Their friend Frost was standing nearby but had moved away just in time.  He smiled at them and said, ” Poor Jinx”, “Poor Jangle.”

Santa let out a deep belly laugh and then cleared his throat to give the big news.  “It is that time again.  Time to call out the names of the reindeer teams.  I know all of you are excited.  Just remember even if you don’t get a team, you are still very important!  There is still important work that we need you to do here.  Keep your heads up and your turn will come.  Thank you all for all the hard work that you do!  Now without further adieu I will call out the names of the teams for you.

Oh,  Jinx and Jangle’s hands were getting sweaty due to their nerves.  Their eyes were pinched shut as they listened to the names being called.  There was only one more team left.  Who would the drivers be?

Santa paused and everyone was silent.  He then spoke and said, ” For this last team of drivers I have thought very long and hard about it!  I consider this one of my most favorite teams of reindeer, next to mine of course.   I needed just the right drivers for this team.”

He took a deep breath and said, ” I hope that I made the right decision and don’t end up smacking my head, but please give a round of applause for 2 elves that have been waiting a long time for this chance.   They have worked very hard amidst some mishaps along the way….”

In  hearing these words, Jinx and Jangle’s eyes flew open.   They  looked at each other, “mishaps along the way”, he had to be talking about them!

“Jinx and Jangle Congratulations on your own team of very special Reindeer!”

Everyone started clapping and Jinx and Jangle jumped for joy and ran up to Santa with words of gratitude pouring out of them!

Their time had finally come!  They had made it!!  This was going to be such a special night!  A night that they would be sure to remember.  It would be perfect,  for what could possibly go wrong!

Santa gave them their map of directions and was busy instructing them on the names of the reindeer and telling them some  little facts about each one.  He was giving little hints of how to keep the reindeer going,  for sometimes they could surprise you and decide that they wanted a nap in the middle of the journey.  But there was no time to nap on Christmas Eve.  Some of them could be stubborn at times, and needed a little enticing.  He told them about the one reindeer who enjoyed jokes and how he could be tricky.

Jinx and Jangle’s faces were beaming and they were trying to pay attention, honest they were, but their hearts were so excited.  Their minds kept dreaming about the night and how amazing it would feel driving their own team of reindeer.   They could hear Santa talking, but their minds were talking louder.

“Well that is all you need to know,  you should be ready now,   any questions?”  There was silence as Santa looked at Jinx and Jangle.  “Jinx, Jangle, did you hear me?  Any questions?  You were paying attention right?”

“What?  Oh Santa, yes, yes indeed! Heard every word.  We are ready!  You can count on us sir!”

Santa smiled, telling himself not to worry.  Yes, his reindeer were in good hands he was sure of it!  What could possibly go wrong?  He shook their hands and patted the reindeer goodbye telling them to be good to their new drivers.  He thought he caught a glint of mischief in the one reindeer’s eye.  It was good that he warned Jinx and Jangle about him.

Jinx and Jangle  watched Santa leave and turned to each other with glee!  What a magical night it would be,  a magical night indeed!

A Special Gift

The votes are in, we are watching Elf tonight!  I can’t help but smile during that movie.  What is one of your favorite Christmas movies?

Thinking of Elf, made me think of our favorite holly, jolly elves, Jinx and Jangle.  We will have to check in with them tomorrow, since it will be Christmas Eve!  Do you think they will finally get Santa’s approval to have their own team of reindeer? 

If you have missed stories about Jinx and Jangle, here is a link to the most recent ones.  The latest one had 2 parts to it.  The Adventure Begins  and  The Adventure Continues…Part 2.  Enjoy and tune in tomorrow for their next adventure!

This week I had a visit from a very dear friend of mine and she surprised me with a very special gift.  It was a homemade ornament made with a heart full of love! 

Back in April she lost her dear husband to cancer.  We have been friends with them for over 20 years and it was hard to see Pat leave this earth way too soon.  So hard to see the hearts of my friend and of her dear children be so broken.

I was trying to think of something special to give them this Christmas and here Sherry came up with such a special idea of her own.  An idea of a way to share Pat with us this Christmas. 

She took one of Pat’s shirts and made a star out of it, stitched Love Pat on it with a heart in the middle.  Sprayed it with his favorite cologne.   One more great example of how its not about the size or cost of the gift that makes it special! Its all about love! The love behind that gift is so precious to me.   I will treasure this gift.  It is hanging right now in the middle of our Christmas Tree.


I hope that you can feel love this Christmas!  May it swell up in your heart and overflow out of you into the hearts of others that you meet.  Love is what Christmas is all about. 


Love it or Hate it?

Eggnog….Love it or Hate it?  No this post isn’t only about Egg Nog, it is just what is on my mind, for my hubby walked in the door a short while ago with it in his hand.  It isn’t Christmas without Eggnog.  Okay, so maybe that is exaggerating a little. But I have liked it since I have been little.  It has been a tradition for many years.

Any food or drink that is on your Christmas menu every year, or was on your menu when you were a child?    Sweet Potato Pudding is another favorite of mine.  I also remember my Mom making Cathedral Windows, Pecan Sandies and Pecan Surprise Bars.  Now my taste buds are starting to tingle!   Oh yes I can’t forget my Dad’s Mincemeat pie!  Okay onto something else besides food!

I was reading a book at work today and learned a fun fact that I don’t remember knowing before.  I am wondering if I am the only person who never knew.  Hoping that I may enlighten someone out there with this fact.  I learned how Teddy Bears got their name!  Who doesn’t love a Teddy Bear?  They are the most popular stuffed animal.  They were named after our 26th President, Theodore, “Teddy”  Roosevelt!  I remember studying about the Presidents in school but I don’t remember them ever sharing that fact.  Please feel free to speak up if you also somehow missed this little fact!

If you already did know that fact, here are a few other ones that perhaps you don’t know.  Yes, we all need some extra information to store in our brains.  You are welcome. 🙂

Only Female mosquitoes bite.  Hmmm….  Not going to comment on that one!

Dr.Seuss was challenged by a friend to write a book using no more than 50 different words.  He did!  The result….Green Eggs and Ham! 🙂

The duffel bag gets its name from Duffel, Belgium!

In 1934 Hawaiian Punch was originally developed as a tropical flavored ice cream topping!

Any little facts you would like to share?  Feel free to share in the comments below.

Have a Delightful Friday night with perhaps a glass of Eggnog in one hand and a book in the other? 🙂  Or Eggnog on the table while music is playing and you are writing out Christmas cards?  Eggnog on the table as you are wrapping presents?  Eggnog in the kitchen as you are baking cookies.   See its kind of like Green Eggs and Ham…. It goes with anything!

Whatever you are doing tonight, I hope you are smiling!