The Burial

Elonya  was trudging along carrying her suitcase and a shovel.   She would switch them from hand to hand at times because the suitcase was so heavy.   She should be used to the weight though, for she had been carrying this suitcase for a long time.  It was rather worn from all the use it had.  Traveled many places with her.   At times she would discard some of its contents, but the load never got lighter, for she would just pick up more.

Elonya wandered through the woods looking for the right spot.  Up ahead she saw it.  There stood a rather large Oak tree.  It wasn’t surrounded by any other trees, just stood alone.  She was so tired and weary, but she knew this job had to be done.  Grabbing the shovel Elonya started to dig a hole.  A very important hole.  One that should have been dug long ago.

At times she would stop for a rest and to wipe her brow, and then would pick up the shovel once more.  She kept telling herself this would be worth it.  Once she decided that the hole was deep enough she opened her suitcase and took out rocks of all sizes.  Some were just tiny,  but others were so big and heavy.  One by one she threw them into the deep hole.

When she was done she grabbed the shovel again shoveling the dirt back over the hole.  At last the hole was covered.  Standing there Elonya paused for a moment,  lost in her thoughts.  Closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of the woods.  She heard some singing  and looked up to see the most  beautiful Bluebird that she had ever seen!  She was in awe of its glowing wings that were vibrant blue!

Elonya smiled and then bent down to do the last thing that needed done.  She took out a plaque that she had engraved and propped it up against the tree.  She smiled again as she let out a big sigh of relief.  Her heart felt light and her gaze again turned to the Bluebird who was still singing his song.  In a way it was like he was singing his song just for her.  No other birds were around,  the woods were silent, except for the Bluebird’s song.    Walking away she started humming a song of her own.  The weight was finally gone,  she walked faster as she swung her arms, yes this was the way life was meant to be! Her burdens set free!

The Bluebird kept singing and no one was around to read the plaque that was propped against the tree.

The plaque read: “Farewell to the If’s!  To “What If…”  and its partner in crime “If only..”  No more will I think about all the things you try to say.  No more will you make me go crazy in my mind wishing that somehow I could change history.  You kept making me second guess myself and wishing to go back in time, but you never could guarantee me that things would have been better.

Farewell to  the chaos triplets as well.  They are buried with their neighbors,  the “If’s”.   Their names are ,  “Would Have”,  “Should Have”, and “Could Have”!  All of you were also no good!   You only brought guilt on me which most of the time was misplaced guilt.  You didn’t care if it was false guilt, you kept bombarding my mind with your lies.   Farewell to all of you!   I have found new company to keep.  Their names are so much nicer,  ” Joy”, ” Hope, “, “Faith”,  “Forgiveness” and “Love”!  They have proved themselves much more worthy of my company!!  With them I plan to stay!  It is with cheer that I bid all of you adieu!”

Legend has it that the plaque stayed there through the wind and rain and that more holes were dug around the Oak tree.  It appeared that there were many more relatives and friends  of the “If’s” that had worn out their welcome with more than just Elonya.   She hadn’t been the only one that had grown tired of them,  but her plaque inspired others to have the courage to do what she had done.  Others dug a hole and threw them in bidding them all farewell.

There still are times that some distant cousins try to rear their ugly heads, but Elonya makes sure that it doesn’t last long.  She had found her true friends who give her the  truth to hold onto and believe.

It is also said that when one enters the woods and draws close to the Oak tree that they can hear the lone, singing of a Bluebird and that if they look up they will spot him sitting in the tree.  It has been passed down through generations that it  was the most beautiful Bluebird that you ever would see.


The Language of Flowers


Jenny took off on her bike once again to go deliver some flowers of Happiness.  Her Mom watched her out the kitchen window, she was so proud of her daughter.  Jenny had a special love for flowers. She always made sure to have some in her room.   She would also  use her own money to buy her Mom a fresh bouquet of flowers every week to have them sitting on their table.  Jenny said how the sight and pleasant scent of flowers made her  heart happy  and she wanted to spread the joy to her Mom.

Recently she had started delivering flowers to the neighbors.  Once again using her own money.  She started with the neighbors on her street but she started adding the streets from the development behind her.  Jenny told her Mom how she loved to see the smiles that would come across the faces of the people when they would receive the flowers.

She laughed as she told her Mom that even sour Mr.McGregor was starting to give a faint smile.  At least he wasn’t shouting at her anymore to not walk on his grass.  In fact Jenny noticed that he was sitting on his front porch more regularly lately.  One time Jenny said how nice it was to see him waiting for her.  He just grunted, but again she saw the trace of a smile.  His sour expression and grunts used to scare her, but not anymore.

Little Billy would come running when Jenny would ride into his driveway.  He would always raise his arms up for Jenny to pick him up.  He would smile big as he  clutched a flower in his chubby little fingers to give to his Mom.   He knew not to put them in his mouth anymore.  Renee, his Mom, started coming out with cookies and lemonade when Jenny came.  They would sit on the porch as Billy would beg for Jenny to play with him some.

Hazel was a older widow and she often told Jenny how a visit from her was the highlight of her week.  Her husband had bought her flowers a lot when he was living.  Jenny enjoyed talking with her,  she enjoyed hearing stories from her past and of how things used to be.  Hazel usually had little nuggets of wisdom to pass on to Jenny.  Jenny tried to make Hazel’s visit be the last one, so that she could have the time to talk to her.

There was another house that Jenny longed to stop at, but her parents told her not to.  Jenny really didn’t understand why.  Her parents didn’t really give a reason besides the fact that they said those people in that house were “different”.. “Different”?  Jenny wasn’t sure what to think about that.  It spiked her curiosity though.  What was so “different’ about them.  Jenny had to know.

One day she had an idea.  She ran up to the front door, laid some flowers down, pushed the doorbell and biked away as fast as she could.  It worked!  She got away and no harm came to her.  The next week she tried it again.  Jenny decided that as long as she never had to face them it would be fine to continue it and so she did.

Jenny asked Hazel one day about a sign that she had put in her yard.  It said, “No matter where you are from, we are glad that you are our neighbor.” Hazel explained that it meant she welcomed everyone as a neighbor.  Jenny got real quiet and then looked up at Hazel and said, “But what about that house down the street,  aren’t you afraid of them?  My parents say they are different!”

Hazel sighed and got a sad look in her eyes.  “They are just like you and me Jenny.  They have hearts that can be happy and that can break.  They may speak a different language and come from a different land, but they know the power of a smile!  Sadly people are afraid of things they don’t understand.  If they would only know the joy that they are missing out on by not opening their heart and mind.  Jenny put her head down and said softly,  ” I wish I could meet them someday but my parents keep telling me to stay away.”  Hazel took Jenny’s hand and gave it a squeeze and they just sat there in silence for a little feeling the gentle breeze.

Jenny’s Mom was inconsolable,  the time was growing shorter and the Dr.s faces were getting graver.  Hope had been so strong at first,  but it was getting hard to keep holding onto it.  Jenny’s Dad held his face in his hands, he just didn’t understand.  How could this have happened.  One minute Jenny is delivering flowers of happiness and the next she is fighting a life and death battle due to having been hit by a speeding driver.

Jenny needed a blood transfusion but she had a rare blood type and they were having trouble finding donors.    Time was running short and Jenny was unconscious not knowing how her parents hearts ached.  Suddenly the Dr burst into Jenny’s room. “We got a donor! ”  Jenny’s parents embraced as their hearts soared!  Tears were falling as they watched Jenny be wheeled out of the room.

3 days later Jenny was doing a lot better.  The Dr has said she should be ready to go home in a couple more days.  Her Mom was sitting in her room talking to Jenny when the Dr came in.  “Dr. Kline  Jenny and I were talking,  would it be possible to meet the one who donated blood for her, we really would like to thank them.”  Dr.Kline smiled and said he would see what he could do.

The next morning Jenny was finishing her breakfast as Dr. Kline walked in.  ” Mr. and Mrs. Stouffer, I was able to locate the person who donated blood to Jenny.  Jenny clapped her hands and her parents were all smiles.  Dr. Kline stepped out the door for a minute and then stepped back in and said,  “Please meet Roshana!”  Jenny’s parents gasped! It was the new neighbor!  The “different” neighbor.  They couldn’t speak.  Jenny though eagerly reached out her hand and squeezed Roshana’s hand as she said, ” Thank you so very much!!”

Roshana took her hand, and smiled.   She  then pulled from behind her back a bouquet of flowers for Jenny.  Her parents watched as tears filled their eyes.

When Jenny came home from the hospital there were 2 signs to greet her in the front yard.  One welcoming her home and the other sign welcoming their neighbors.



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  I woke up way too early this morning,  but at least I had a book to read at 3am.  Now you will get a earlier post of my quotes for the day,  that is if I don’t fall asleep on the keyboard. 🙂   I hope you have a great day and please keep Houston, Texas in your thoughts and prayers.  We are expecting a rainy week here,  but nothing compared to what Houston is dealing with.  They have had 30inches of rain already and my husband just read in the news this morning that the worst is still to come!!  I can’t imagine!

Hopefully these quotes can inspire your heart today!

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Daily Prompt: Magnetic

via Daily Prompt: Magnetic

A smile came to my face when I saw this “prompt”,  how could I not write about it.  If you are a new follower of mine, you may not be aware of  my history with the word “magnetic” and my vehicle.  Yes, my vehicle has some invisible magnet on it that attracts many objects to it.  Not other vehicles thankfully,  but things like mailboxes, sign posts, the garage door, etc.  Can you relate?  Does your vehicle have the same invisible magnet?  Feel free to let me know that I am not alone in this!   While this magnetic attraction has not caused anything serious to happen, it has left its share of dents on my vehicle.   I try to tell my husband that I like to keep things even.  If one corner of the vehicle has a dent, shouldn’t the other?

While thinking about this word this morning I started thinking of how I want to be magnetic.  No, that doesn’t mean I want to bump into things,  I may do that occasionally.  What can I say?  When you are half awake it can be easy to do.

I want to be magnetic  in a way that attracts others, not things!  I want to shine out happiness and joy to others.  I want to attract a smiles and laughter. Remember laughter is great exercise for the heart!

I want to draw others to the magnet of kindness and peace,  want it to be such a powerful magnet that it reaches around the world!

If you are sad and lonely,  if your heart is breaking, I want to be a magnet to draw you in and let you know I care.

If you google magnets and magnetic force you will find that there is some amazingly powerful magnets out there!  There may be some incredibly strong magnets in the world, but what about the strong power that we ourselves  hold?

Don’t underestimate the power that you  can have!   I know I said it before, but I will say it again.  The power of a simple word, smile or deed can be so strong.  I am sure that each of us can probably go back in time and remember the power that some kind words or deeds had to our heart!  How they filled our heart with warmth.

Those warm feelings can come back to you when you least expect it.   A memory hit me from 2 years ago and my heart was flooded with warmth again and thankfulness for what my friend did.  It was simple really, and I don’t even think she realized how much it meant, for to her it was nothing.  She showed up where I was at the time and gave me a tight hug.  She drove to the wrong place at first, but didn’t give up and found me.  Found me at a time when my heart was breaking.  She knew that she couldn’t fix things for me, she couldn’t change what had happened, but she knew she could be there for me.  She could give me the power of a hug and hugs can be so very powerful!  Is there a stronger magnetic pull than the power of a strong hug to your heart?  I don’t think so.

What is your magnet going to attract today?

The following links are some wonderful posts that brought smiles to my heart. May they spread smiles  to your heart as well.

The Internet! Peace!

Be What You Want To See!

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A Happy Hammock Day!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I just wanted to give a brief introduction for any readers that might not be familiar yet with Jinx and Jangle.  These 2 are quite the characters.  They are elves with big hearts who  have a knack for getting themselves into crazy situations!  They are currently on  a leave of absence from the North Pole and  living in Hawaii!  They will be back to the North Pole soon and may be able to get their own team of reindeer this time! Enjoy the story and may you have many smiles today!  My dear husband is taking me out for a surprise so I know I will have smiles. Here is a link to the first Jinx and Jangle story.  The Story of Jinx and Jangle

Jinx was laying in a hammock resting his eyes, enjoying the gentle breeze.  Jangle was  out on a bike ride.  He rose early this morning and rode out to the beach to see the  sunrise.

Jinx opened his eyes for he thought he had heard something interrupting his peaceful morning.  Yes, he had.  The answer was riding into the driveway tooting his bike horn.  Jinx had bought that horn for Jangle as a joke, but Jangle loved it.  It didn’t take much for Jangle to be entertained.   He tooted it all the time.  That was one joke that had totally backfired!

“I see the monkey in the middle!”  Jinx stared at Jangle.  ” What are you talking about?  I  am used to you being confused at times, but….tell me Jangle,  how does that mind of yours work?

Jangle paused for a moment and then said, “I thought it would be simple enough for you to understand, but I clearly see that is not the case, so let me explain.  There are 2 trees, one there and one over there.”   Jangle pointed to the 2 trees at either end of the hammock.  “Then there is YOU….in the middle… MONKEY in the middle!”

Jangle smirked at the facial expression Jinx made.  Jinx shook his head and said,  ” I think I will go back to resting!”  He went to turn his back on Jangle but turned a little too far and rolled right out of the hammock and onto the ground.  He could hear Jangle laughing the whole way back to the house.  Jinx was glad that at least the hammock was close to the ground, he didn’t  have that far to fall.   With Jinx and Jangle both being short in stature (for they are elves)  they hadn’t been able to tie the hammock too high up on the tree.

He laid on the ground for a few minutes as he noticed  that the clouds looked extra fluffy today as they drifted by. Cloud watching could be so fun,  of course the hammock was more comfortable then the ground though.

After lunch they were each sitting in their recliners chatting about this and that.  Suddenly Jangle sprung from his chair almost tripping over his feet,   ” I forgot that I had something to give you yesterday.  You know how forgetful I can be at times.  You had a package  come in the mail.”

Jinx’s smile spread to his eyes, as he clapped his hands together.  He loved surprise packages.  He wondered what it possibly could be.  Jangle was only gone for a few minutes.  He came back and walked  over to Jinx’s recliner, smiling big as he laid the package on his lap.  Oh Jinx  couldn’t contain his excitement!  Someone had sent him a special package.  He  tore into the package without even looking at the address of who it was from.  In a matter of seconds  his  excitement had  turned to confusion!

“Hey,  this is the exact same thing that I sent to Snowflake the other day?  I don’t get it, who is this from anyway?”   He looked at the front of the package.  No, it couldn’t be!!  Oh he did not do that, but  the truth was staring at him in black and white.   The package was from him and to him!  Unfortunately the addresses were in his very own handwriting,  he couldn’t deny it!  Instead of addressing the package to Snowflake, he had  sent it to himself!

Jangle was doubled over with laughter as  he quipped. ” I don’t think Snowflake ever got the package my friend! If I had known that you wanted to receive packages so badly I could have sent you one!”  He was laughing hard as he walked back down the hallway.  Laughing so hard that he didn’t see where he was going and ran smack into the door!  Jinx missed seeing it for he was still staring at the package with a befuddled look on his face, oh the crazy things he did when he wasn’t thinking straight!

Jangle came back out  and suggested to Jinx that he should get ready to go out.  “Why, where are we going?”

” I am not sure where all we will go,  but you do have a package to send to Snowflake, don’t you,  so I would say the Post Office will be the first stop.”  With a glint in his eye Jangle turned back around looking at Jinx and said, ” Would you like me to write Snowflake’s address this time?”  Jinx narrowed his eyes at him,  he had a feeling that he wasn’t going to live this one down anytime soon!










Bluebird of Happiness


The Bluebird of Happiness sings his song for all who take the time to listen!

What things bring a song to your heart and light your face with a smile?  Here is a list of a few of mine.

The comfort of having a furry companion near and watching their antics.

The uninhibited joy that a toddler can express!

Walking in the sunshine, enjoying the beauty around me.

The gift of laughter that is bestowed on me countless times!

Listening to music, letting it speak to my heart.

Surprise Dates with the One I Love!

The fun, fabulous friendships that I cherish!

Surprises in the mail!

Writing and being surprised as to where the pen leads.

A tight hug.

A gentle kiss when it rains.

Wrapped in a blanket, watching a favorite movie that I have seen numerous times.

The contentment of feeling blessed.

Continue singing your song  oh pretty Bluebird, and for the reminder that there is  always reasons to celebrate  Happiness!







“There goes a bird….”


Every time that I sat down today to write a post, I have been distracted.  Either by the phone, doorbell, or a bird flying by.  Are you getting the idea?  Yes, I was easily distracted today, but I have accomplished some things.  Had a nice visit with my Mom this…

“Yes, I am going to the store tonight,  make a list of what you want.”

Sorry, my teenager was asking me a question.

“I need to be home by 6pm tonight Mom” 

That would be my other teenager informing me that her Eye Dr appointment needs to be finished by 6pm tonight.  Apparently I have control of how fast the Doctor works.

Anyway back to what I was saying.  I had a nice, relaxing visit with my Mom this morning and I also got the bottom storage area of my China Closet cleaned out.  I was…

Wait a minute, the timer on the oven is going off. 

Okay, I am back, I didn’t want my supper to suffer the same fate as my Banana Bread did one time.  Lets just say it was a really dark, dark, dark  shade of brown, perhaps a little black.

Back to the China Closet. I got it cleaned out for I was looking for something that I needed.  I unfortunately didn’t find what I wanted, but I found some other things that I had stored in there and forgotten about.  Things that brought back memories, so may have taken a little longer to put away again.

Excuse me the phone is ringing….Telemarketer, never mind! 

“Get ready, we need to leave soon!” 

Sorry, I had to remind my daughter that if she wants to make it out of the Eye Doctor’s office on  time then we can’t be late.  Which means I need to make sure I am ready to go.

So how many times do you get distracted during the day?

Have a great evening and ….. Oh, look at that bird!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! Thought I would pass on a smile first thing! Lucy can always bring a smile! I am tired,  but hey I am able to type, so my brain is slowly getting used to waking up earlier.  Perhaps!  My  dear daughter wore a shirt to school  today that said, “I would rather be sleeping!”  We are doing well though, have had 3 days of school so far and haven’t missed the bus yet! 🙂   Enjoy these quotes and don’t miss the bus of happiness today!



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6. gallery-1452615236-scp-deer I know, its still summer,  but I bet you still smiled! 🙂

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A Rare Occurrence!

School started for my teens this past Thursday and they already are getting a day off!  Last Wednesday they decided to have schools closed for the Solar Eclipse today.  Do you have plans to watch it today? Are you in the pathway of seeing the full eclipse?   We aren’t where we can see it fully, but we should be able to see 80% of it.

On Saturday my creative kids were saying how when my husband got home from work that we should drive down to South Carolina to Myrtle Beach.  From there we could witness the full eclipse.  I gave my teens one of those looks of disbelief or another word would be, ” Are you crazy?”  look!  Those looks are NOT a  rare occurrence when you have teenagers!

Yes, I am a beach person, as you have seen in my posts, but… we live 12 hours from Myrtle Beach!  I assured them that  their Dad was not going to feel like driving 12 hours after he gets home from work.  As always, they had a solution for that.  We could just fly there, because “Mom, flying really is not that expensive!”  Sometimes you just have to shake your head,  which I did as I told them that sorry, we weren’t flying there either.  “Oh but it could be so fun!”  was the response I heard.  Yes, I know, how could we say “No”, right?  Actually it was pretty easy too!  Not to mention that I am confident that the hotels in the area are booked solid.  I am sure if I would have said that I probably would have heard, “That’s fine, we can sleep on the beach!”   Teenagers always have the answers, don’t they!

As I was thinking about the Solar Eclipse and how rare of an occurrence it is, other rare things came to my mind.   I thought of the rare pink dolphin that was in the news recently.  I thought of the rarity of me winning at cards against my husband,  yes the pink dolphin is more rare.  The rarity of me being the tallest person in a room, and yes the Solar Eclipse is more rare than that!

What things would you consider rare?  Do you have something in your possession that is rare?  I found a old roll of film in the back of a drawer the other day.  The days of having your film developed are long gone.  I still have a Polaroid camera.  I can’t get film for it anymore, but it had been a special gift, so that memory lingers.  I have china dishes from my precious  grandma in my china closet.

I have a book that my youngest and I came across recently, from my cedar chest.  It is a small book, easy for a toddler to grasp.  A cute book about bunnies.  The book isn’t rare in itself, but it does have a bite taken out of the corner of it.  Yes, my youngest was teething at the time and yes I had teething rings, but my children preferred anything but teething rings!  This would be the same child that just came to me asking to buy several books, apparently the “taste” of books stuck with them!

Have you ever tried a rare kind of food?  When I turned 40 I tried Soushi for the first time.  It will be a rare occurrence if I try it again!  To all you Soushi lovers out there,  eat up,  you don’t need to leave any for me!

I just asked my husband what is something that he would consider rare.  He told me that I was rare.  I am not sure about asking him to elaborate on that!  I think I will take it as a “Aww” moment and refer back to that Dr.Seuss quote.  “There is noone more youer than you!”

Enjoy today in whatever you do.  If you are planning to watch the Eclipse, please do it safely!! It might be a rare, historical occurrence,  but its not worth ruining your eyesight over!  Your eyes are RARE!  You only get 1 pair of them!

For fun, here is song that comes to mind when thinking of the Eclipse.  A song I loved in High School.