Friday’s Super Short Stories!

My friend shared this question on her blog, I thought it would be a fun one to use on here. What are some popular things that many people like but you never have? Share in the comments .. One of mine is swimming. Floating on a raft in a pool, yes. But actually swimming, no thanks. Never jumped off a diving board. I also didn’t like dancing when young and still don’t. I joke with my husband about taking ballroom dance lessons, but being graceful on my feet is not my thing!

A “Peanut Butter Heaven” crepe lives up to its name. Close your eyes and take a bite of warm peanut butter with chocolate sauce … and banana mixed in … heavenly.

I think a Rent-A-Dog/Cat program would be popular for people away feom home and their pets.

Be on your guard tomorrow: I heard that there will be a zombie apopcalypse on April 1st. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Round and Round

“The wheels on the bus go round and round….” Round and round the song went in my head. It was stuck in my head as I rolled along in the bus, having no real destination.

I needed to clear my bead. One moment I was walking down the street aimlessly and tbe next thing I know I was buying a bus ticket.

Now here I sat with a preschool song rolling through part of my brain while memories of my past rolled through anotber.

Nobody seemed to mind that I wasn’t up for conversation. Most either had their head in a phone or a book. Or they were catching a few extra winks.

One lady had pink scrubs on and looked exhausted. Had she pulled a double perhaps?

Another guy was engrossed in an Astronomy magazine. I used to love looking at the stars at night. The starry sky seemed huge when growing up on the farm.

So many wishes were made upon a star. If only all of them would have come true.

Okay, maybe not quite all. I saw Trevor at our 10th Highschool reunion and am really glad I didn’t end up with him.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round…” The tires squeal as it stops to pick up someone. A tall lady steps onto the bus and rakes a seat across from me. I try not to stare, but can’t help it.

“The horn on the bus goes beep…” The driver mutters something unintelligible. Dealing with bad drivers and pedestrians were a big part of city driving.

I made myself look away, didn’t want to make the lady feel awkward. But soon I was looking again. I had never seen anyone before in a raspberry beret. Looked so fashionable upon her head.

She clutched onto her Gucci shoulder bag and sat up all prim and proper. I couldn’t help but wonder what all she kept inside of it.

“The wipers on the bus go swish…swish.” It had started raining, maybe I would keep riding the bus for a little while longer.

A raspberry beret. It was only a hat but tbis beret was special. I didn’t know why but there was something that drew me in.

The young lady kept looking back and forth, sitting so close to the edge of the seat. I was sure she would fall.

I smiled but didn’t get one back.

Was that a tear slipping down her face?

Something told me that I needed to stay witb beret lady. What was her story? We all have stories but some are hidden more than others.

“The babies on the bus go….” A frazzled mom sit diagonally across from me. The baby wailed but then as quickly as it had started, it stopped.

My beret lady pulled out a little notebook from her big bag and began to write. What was she writing and why did I care? What drew me to her? Had I seen her before?

‘The wheels on the bus go round and round…” ( to be continued…)

In Between the Petals

The time was growing late she had to get home.  She would have been home by now if her boss hadn’t called for an emergency meeting. Everyone was tense at first, thinking there was going to be a lay off.  Fortunately they were wrong, but Alyssa failed to see how they couldn’t have waited until tomorrow, to talk about the budget.

Now she had missed the taxi and had to walk home. In this small town tbe taxi cabs didn’t run late. It wasn’t like living in the big city. Wouldn’t have been too bad to walk home if she would have worn sensible walking shoes.

As Alyssa walked she couldn’t get one of the newest paintings out of her mind. The museum had acquired it this week and there was almost something haunting about it.

It had a twist that one didn’t usually see in paintings.  There were words blended in with the picture. They were tiny. Only a trained eye could notice, and Alyssa had much experience in looking for fine details. That was part of her job.

Did the words mean anything? Alyssa was hoping for more time to study the painting and find all the words that were there.

By the time she made it home her feet were killing her. One good thing came out of having to walk home, her fitbit registered the highest amount of steps so far this week.

The next day Ayssa wore her red polka dot dress and red sneakers. It was comfort before style today.

It had been a busy morning with tours but her afternoon was free. Alyssa was happy about closing herself in her office,  with the “haunting”  painting on her table. Was there a hidden message?

The painting was vibrant with color. Fiery red flower petals under a full moon filled the canvas. The moon is what gave Alyssa a haunting feeling. Usually a moon was peaceful to look at, especially if it was over water and you could see its reflection. But this moon had an eerie glow.

The words were around the flower petals. “Blood red flowers of regret.” Looking closer Alyssa identified the flower. It was the Bleeding Heart. The flowers were heart-shaped.

Combing through the painting with a fine tooth comb, Alyssa finished. She was satisfied that there were not anymore hidden words. Her heart felt bad for the artist, Camille. Was this a personal painting with meaning behind the words? Being that this painting was so old, Alyssa may never know.

“Tell me Camille, what is your hidden secret?” Alyssa whispered, as she hung the “Hidden Secrets” painting on the wall.

Alyssa had off on Thursday mornings and she was craving the best lattes around. She had to stop in at Mason’s Diner.

She was enjoying sipping her cinnamon vanilla latte when she heard Tippner say in a loud voice. “You got bit by what? A baby ostrich you say! There aren’t ostriches here. In case you didn’t notice this isn’t Africa.”

“I know an ostrich when I see one and this was one!”

Mason tried to hide his bandaged fingers but Tippner saw them. “What happened?”

“I always knew that ostriches were mean. The bird bit me!”

Tippner’s eyes got wide. “You really saw an ostrich? Wow!”

‘”I have to say it was cute at first. It had a brown rabbit walking beside it and a butterfly was on the rabbit’s nose.”

Tippner raised his eyebrows. “A brown rabbit with a butterfly staying on the rabbit’s nose, walking beside a baby ostrich? How many pain pills exactly are you taking for your painful bite?”

The Surprising Egg

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Luna needed a rest. She had flown around all morning. Spotting her friend Amber, she landed on her nose. Rabbits were huge and had intimidated Luna at first. Fortunately it didn’t take long for her to realize that rabbits were gentle creatures and wouldn’t hurt her. Amber had become a close friend of Luna’s.

“Hi Amber, how are you this morning?”

Amber couldn’t speak at first due to laughing. Luna always tickled her nose when she landed on her.

“Hi Luna. I am so happy you will never guess what happened. I was picked to be the … ”  Amber stopped talking and waited.

Luna sighed. Amber knew how much her curious friend Luna hated suspense. She enjoyed teasing her at times.

“What! Tell me, you silly rabbit.”

Luna tapdanced on Amber’s ear, making it twitch.

“Stop, I will tell you.” Amber giggled.

“I am going to be the Easter Bunny’s assistant to his assistant.” Hopping with enthusiasm Amber beamed.

Luna marveled at her friend. This was what she admired about Amber. She always found joy in the simplest of things.

“Comgrats, what a honor for you. If I may ask one question.  You know me, .and how curious I am. What exactly does the Easter bunny’s assistant to its assistant do?

“Something real important. I am in charge of finding the Extra Special Egg as a sign to  welcome Spring. We will paint it and place it by our family burrow.

Luna flew to where zhe could look Amber in the eye. “Wow! You weren’t kidding about it being an important job.”

Amber spoke with pride, “My dear, sweet great- grandmother once had the job.  Now its my turn. I want to find the bestest egg ever!”

The hunt began. Luna flew ane Amber hopped all over looking for the perfect egg. Amber was growing tired. Maybe this job wasn’t so wonderful after all. It was a lot of work.

When Amber was about to lose hope they spotted it. They were speechless. The egg was huge! Everyone would be so surprised and pleased. It took a long time to roll it back to thw burrow but they made it. Amber called everyone to come look and they ooohed and aahed. All agreed that Amber and Luna had found the most incredible egg ever! Amber felt mighty proud.

It took a long time to paint but Amber applied the last stroke and they all cheered. Spring had now officially begun and the beautiful egg impressed all who stopped by Amber’s burrow.

One morning Amber was sitting by the egg waiting for Luna when Crack! Amber jumped and was aghast as she watched her most special egg start cracking all over. That was the day that Oswald the Ostrich was born.

The Happiest Country … Einstein for President … A “Fika” break and other Facts!


A great song!


I would decline being President too!


This explanation works for typos too. 🙂


My scalp in pain just thinking of this.


What’s not to like about this idea!


Had to look this up and it is true. If selected you will stay in a a lodge with spectacular views of the fragrant pine forest around you. You will also have your own private spa and sauna. You will attend 4 classes on how to be happy. You apply online and hope you among the 10 that are selected. But hurry April 2nd is almost here!

Hidden Secrets

Is Camille guilty or not? Here is Part 2 to Thursday’s post,For Camille

Tony was drinking his fourth cup of black coffee. He was a nervous wreck. Tiday they would meet with the lawyer that had been highly reccomended to him by his good friend, Arthur.

Arthur, was residing at the Golden Oaks retirement home now, but Tony had visited him last week. That was the one day, since all this drama began  that Tony had been able to laugh. One couldn’t be around crazy Arthur and not laugh!

For a moment in time, when with his friend, Tony was able to forget the looming trial. The one that hung over them like a ticking time bomb. But for a moment Tony felt his stress lighten. A priceless feeling in this cesspool of worry and fear, trying to suck him under.

Camille barely spoke on the drive to see the lawyer. It was all becoming too real. Here she sat. Sitting in a  lawyer’s office. She looked around, pulling nervously at her hair. The rich tones of the hardwood floor had a glossy shine to them,  Monet’s paintings hung on the wall. Everything looked perfect, compared to her life which was falling apart.

Camille enjoyed painting, she wanted to be an artist. Was working hard on some pieces for a portfolio. Were all her efforts in vain now? Would she have to say goodbye to the chance of a job at New York’s Museum of Art?

Say goodbye to her dreams because of one horrible night? Tears threatened but she drew in a deep breath and sat up straight.  She would not break down in front of the lawyer. The door opened.  “Let the show begin.” Camille thought, she could do this. She had to do this.

“Good Afternoon! My name is Ronald Diber.’ He shook Tony and Camille’s hands and then sat back in his chair. “I read the police report but now I want to hear it from you directly. What happened Camille?”

His piercing eyes made Camille want to disappear. She gulped, and took a deep breath. Her hands were already sweaty as she kept clasping and unclasping them.

Ronald handed her a stress ball. “This may help give you something to do. Squeeze it as hard as you want.”

After a few squeezes she apoke. “I was at a party with my best friend Gina. A guy named Carl introduced himself to Gina, and she danced some with him and then was done. But Carl wasn’t. He tightened his  grip on Gina and was hurting her. All I did was give him a strong kick that made him bend over in pain. Then Gina and I left the party. The End”

Camille held her gaze as the lawyer stared “So, you are telling me thats all there is to the story? Seems to me that you forgot a critical detail, for how did Carl end up dead in the woods? Some people said they heard you threaten Carl at the party. Is that true?”

“I may have said some things, I was upset.”

Ronald tapped his pen against the table, not saying anything.

She squeezed tue stress ball hard. Her heart hammering. Her mouth was dry. It felt like the lawyer could see right through her.

There were more visits with the lawyer. Camille’s stomach was in a perpetual knot. Finally the day they had anxiously been waiting for came. The judge’s decision about whether there was enough evidence to go to trial.

Camille froze when the phone rang. Her dad answered it. They had been waiting all morning for the call.

He gripped the phone hard, “Hello..”

“Thank you sir. Yes, I will tell her. Goodbye.”

Tony’s hand trembled, letting the phone drop to the floor. He pulled Camille into a big hug, tears running down his cheeks. They clung to each other.

“Due to insufficient evidence they aren’t proceeding with the trial. You are cleared!”

Never had Camille known such relief! It was over. Her nightmare was over. No one would ever know the full details of what happened that horrible night. The night she had to walk through the woods to go home.

Many years passed. Camille had ended up moving to New York and selling her artwork. Tony beamed with pride.

Her painting, “Hidden Secrets” was the most expensive painting yet that she had sold.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

On the third book of the week … From Firefly Lane to the streets of London to Africa …Been busy “traveling’ this week

Always the right time to have chips and pineapple salsa … or chips and peach salsa or chips and queso orchips and … you really can’t go wrong!

Binge watching New Amsterdam … Poignant stories that stir the heart

For Camille

The pen shook in his hand as he started to write. All he had to do was sign his name, but he barely could. Never would he have imagined that he would be signing his name to something like this. Never did he think he would be bailing his daughter out of jail!

When their eyes met, so much emotion was there. A thousand words were spoken without opening their mouths.

Tony drove through the dark, city streets. Muffled sobs were coming from the back seat.

In a broken voice he spoke a simple, but loaded question. One he had been afraid to ask before, “Did you do it?”

The silence stabbed his heart. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw her slumped down in the seat. A memory flashed in his mind. She was ten years old singing with a heart of joy, looking so happy. Not a care in the world. Now, ten years later, it looked like the weight of the world was on her shoulders.

She had fallen asleep on the couch. When she was five he carried her to her bedroom. Now he covered her with a blanket. She looked so vulnerable, his precious Camille with tear stained cheeks. He wanted to give her the world, but first, he needed to save her.

Sitting at the table he stared straight ahead. What was he going to do. Camille, his dear daughter needed a good lawyer. Needed one better than what he could afford. Somehow he would get her one. She was all he had.

He was a simple man. A shoe cobbler, whose business was slowly dying. Paying the bail had taken a heavy toll on his bank account. A hundred questions spun through his mind, like a cyclone. But one thing he knew for sure. He would help Camille fight this battle with all he had. She was his world.

Sleep wouldn’t come as he counted sheep, dogs and cats. Memories came back again of Camille, when she was young. They were biking together, she was thirteen. A big hill loomed in the distance and her eyes lit up. She relished flying down hills. He remembered telling her to slow down, she was going too fast. She didn’t listen and be watched as she lost control, flipping over the handlebars.

There was blood everywhere but fortunately no broken bones. He gently washed off her knees and bandaged the cuts. Then he washed the blood off her hands.

The memory faded but worry gripped Tony. A mountain loomed in front of Camille. Once again she had blood on her hands, but this time it may not be able to be washed off. .