Until the Curtain Falls…..

The play is on, it is going and not sure how many acts are in it before the curtain falls. The play has started, it was a 1,2,3..ready or not, you are on! Dress rehearsals did not happen. No time to get yourself prepared, to figure out exactly how you would play this part that was given to you. A part that you never even tried out for, somehow you just were chosen. You weren’t even aware that a play was set to happen. Definitely not aware that you would be playing a major role.

You are on the stage and acting, tho sometimes you wonder if its really you. Is this really the role you are playing? Why didn’t you get a chance to look at the script first? OH that is right, there is no script. There is no script, and no one knows when the curtain will fall.

One thing for certain is the guests at the play. They are filling unexpected roles also. They are witnessing a play that took them by surprise as well. But they are doing their part in lending their support to the actors. They are dedicated and know that this play is a very important one. They know that no matter what, they won’t leave their seats empty. Staying til the curtain falls is their only option. For see, they are also part of the play. Sometimes they are right there on the stage in the midst of the actors offering their support, urging them on when they feel they can’t continue to act. Other times they may be a little more distant and not be able to be right beside the actors. They fill the audience and its OK, the actors feel their presence.

And they will remain there cause they are faithful like that. But inside they are hoping that the next play can more closely resemble a lively, good hearted comedy instead of a Greek Tragedy.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Surprise! I was able to connect with a computer while away! Can’t go for a week without Tuesday’s Thoughts, right? 🙂 ENJOY!

1. “The word “Happiness” would lose its meaning, if it was not balanced by sadness.” Carl Jung ( we don’t like to think that, but it is true!)

2. “Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!” Zoey Seyvard ( Very wise! We are definitely not always given perfect moments in life, but there are times when we can take moments and make them good! Am pretty much in the act of doing that this week.

3. “There are people so poor, that they only thing they have is money!” (It is a shame that the author is unknown for this wise saying!!”)

4. “Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming; but we can choose which ones to surf!” ( Another quote of a unknown but wise author! Truly identify with this one!)

“Roy G. BIV” photo challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “ROY G. BIV.”

So were you perplexed by “Roy G. BIV” like I was at first. I was thinking, What important person is this that they are doing a photo challenge after him?? LOL!!

So many years ago, but its the picture that came to my mind when I thought of this challenge 🙂 My dear daughter playing dress up with the perfect wig 🙂

This coming week I will be away and am not sure how much I will be able to be on here. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see posts from me this week, I WILL BE BACK 🙂 You can send positive thoughts my way and I will be thinking of you all and eager to catch up on reading posts when I can. Have a GREAT WEEK!!!


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

HI! Today’s thoughts are centered around children’s books. I love children’s books, they have some of the greatest teachings in them , so relax for a moment and enjoy 🙂

1.” It is only with the heart that one can rightly see; What is essential is invisible to the eye!” from The Little Prince

2.” In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, you find the fun, and the job is a game.” from Mary Poppins, anyone else go around singing to themselves “It takes a spoonful of sugar…” when doing  job you don’t want to do. LOL!

3. “When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand different pieces, and they all went skipping about and that was the beginning of fairies.” from Peter Pan, doesn’t that make you smile 🙂

4. “Real isn’t how you are made, said the Skin Horse, It’s the thing that happens when a child loves you for a long, long, long time. Not just to play with, but really LOVES you then you become REAL!” from the Velveteen Rabbit, love that book!

5. “Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT!” Dr. Seuss

Monday’s Snapshot Memories!

Good Morning friends! I was hit by a sudden sickness yesterday, so am dragging today but wanted to check in. I do have a picture in my head today, but have no pictures to characterize it. It has to do with a homecoming! Imagine how happy you are when someone comes home after being away for awhile. Either they were at college or on a trip, etc. Imagine the joy that is on their face and yours as you welcome them back to where they belong 🙂 I know dogs are EAGER to see us even after just being away for 5 minutes. Their tails are wagging as they dance around. I hope you have a joyful tail wagging kind of day!!

The Magical Snow….Part 1 and 2

The forecast was calling for snow and she wanted to beat the storm, she  thought she  would run her quick errand now. It would be done in about 2 hours,  and she could go home,  put on her comfy clothes and relax with her family for the rest of the night. Driving on back country roads was relaxing in a way. She flew down the hills and up them again. But wait what was that, a snowflake coming down?? Wasn’t supposed to start yet! She hated driving in snow and was contemplating whether she should turn around. It started snowing harder and faster and she contemplated no longer as she turned around.Errand can wait for another day.  This was getting crazy! It was almost a complete white out and she was going at a snail’s pace! She heard her cell phone ringing in the seat beside her and figured it was her husband calling to check on her. Letting it ring she figured she would call him once she could safely pull over. The snow was piling up fast, like cottony clouds and mounds of marshmallows just falling in front of her. Oh how she wished she was home already. OH NO, she missed her road!

The snow was falling so fast she couldn’t see to turn off,now she would  have to turn around but there was no spot to do it. Instead she was just heading deeper and deeper into the mounting snow and it was getting darker by the minute. WOW! She couldn’t even tell if she was on the road anymore, felt like she was in a sled just sliding through the snow. Praying continuously as she kept sliding along she  finally  hit some bare pavement! Shocking, for the snow was still falling all around, but at least the road was clear. The question was, Where on earth was she?? There were hoards of people on either side of her standing around. She guessed they were stranded due to the weather, but where were their cars and why were they standing around?  Wasn’t it freezing? She left her car by the side of the road and got out to check what was going on.

Amazingly it was warm! This was strange, but was about to get stranger. She grabbed her phone wanting to call her husband, who she was sure was extremely worried by now and she knew her parents would be. Looking down at the phone to dial she was perplexed, what had happened to her phone?? The icon to dial a number was gone, along with the dial pad. She couldn’t even send a text. Instead there was a weird symbol in its place, and when she pushed it nothing happened. A lot of people were murmuring around her, having the same problem. As she gazed around she noticed a tent set up that people had gathered under to try and get some answers. No one knew where they were. They just had made a wrong turn and ended up here. A lady who appeared to be in charge was smiling and being nice but not giving many answers.

Approaching the lady she asked if there was a phone she could use to call home for her cell phone wasn’t working.It didn’t seem she had been on the road that long, but according to her watch 5 hours had passed!! They had to be frantic back home. The lady kindly showed her the phone that was on the wall. She went to use it, but stopped as she tried to dial the number. The number 9 was missing! How could she dial her number if the 9 was missing?? Oh there it was down below, totally out of order. Shouldn’t surprise her tho, for the phone wasn’t a normal phone. She was dialing a pad on the wall and picking up receiver. She dialed waiting for someone to pick up, but the phone never rang, it was like the call wasn’t going through. Frustrated she hung up. People were talking about how they were going to be putting people in planes to fly them out to safety. Well wait a minute, she sure didn’t need to go on a plane! She didn’t travel that far from home! A man close by looked at her strangely and said, “Your ear has a red mark behind it.” He called someone over to look at it. They both appeared to be sympathetic and she didn’t understand. “Don’t you get it?”, they said. ” YOU may not be able to go home!” She may have been concerned when it started snowing and she couldn’t see to drive. May have grown anxious as the snow fell harder and as she missed her road. But now, NOW, she was truly beginning to worry! What was going on??? SnowDragon

This was getting more bizarre by the second. What do they mean about a mark behind her ear, why was everyone being so sympathetic? Telling her that she couldn’t go home; she never heard of anything so ridiculous! What was she, a hostage?? She had had enough, she was going to get her car and plow through the snow, no matter how deep!

Wait a minute! Where was her car?? She was at the exact place it had been, she knew it. Chills ran down her spine as she realized that there were no cars in sight and she remembered that she had not seen any cars when she first arrived. What was she going to do was the question pounding in her head. Pounding so hard she felt a immense migraine coming on!

Hanging her head, she let the hot tears of exhaustion and worry cascade down her face as she sat in the place where her car should have been. Where her way home should have been! When she at last raised her head it was getting dark, apparently she had sat there for awhile crying. Now even more than the question of how to get home, was the question of where was she going to sleep and find shelter?

Looking around she saw others heading to a tent that had seemed to appear out of nowhere. Being curious she headed that way. Once inside she saw cots and realized that would be her place for tonight. She didn’t even think to question anything anymore and just fell onto a cot physically and mentally exhausted. But just as she was beginning to drift off to dreamland, she felt a tap on her shoulder. “Ma’am, you need to get up and come with me,” Everything in her wanted to argue and resist, but she didn’t have the energy, plus he had a uniform.

Silently she followed the man out of the tent. When they got a little distance from the tent, he said, “I need to speak to you.” All she could hope for is that she would at last get some answers!

“You have been chosen for a special assignment, I know you are very confused now but you will have to trust me!”

Trust HIM! How was she supposed to do that? Special assignment?? She just wanted to go home! He was continuing to talk as her mind was racing along with her heart. Apparently she was specially picked because of her fighting spirit, her determination and her strength. There was a helicopter coming soon to take her to where her mission would begin.

At last she seemed to find her words,  “WAIT! Don’t I have a say as to whether I go on this mission or go home?”

His words pierced her heart, “The only way you can go home is if you go on this mission!”

“How long will it take?”, she asked.

His response was cryptic, It would mostly be up to her how long, but she couldn’t go home until the mission was completed!

Feeling overwhelmed she could feel the waterfall of tears ready to start again. Sensing how she felt the man gently put his arm on her shoulder and let her to another smaller but private tent. Her mouth opened wide as she she could only stare. This wasn’t a tent, this was like she had walked into a elegant bedroom. How???

 She felt the beautiful  covers and they were real, she sank into the soft as a cloud mattress; and  before she could continue wondering  about how this all happened sleep overtook her.


Poet?? Not I!

I have several great bloggers that are AWESOME at writing poetry! I see it and think , WOW that is so great, so touching. I wonder if I should give it a try and I do, and realize again why I don’t write poetry 🙂 It just doesn’t flow for me, but I am so grateful to those who have the gift. I am reading Emily Dickinson’s poems right now and her poetry does stir the soul. I always loved Robert Frost poems, Walt Whitman and the list goes on, Elizabeth Barret Browning and can’t forget Shakespeare.

Here is my tribute to the famous poets of the past and the upcoming famous poets of the future, who I will be able to say, I knew them when they were just beginning! I blogged with them! My dear Ameena, Jodi, Little Learner, Mandibelle – this is for you 🙂

What is that sensation I am feeling, the tug of the heart strings!

From whence does it come?

Its from the words that are so artfully written in poetic form. The words may bring a smile or a tear, but they are words to hold dear.

The beauty of the words move the soul in the melodic rhythm of the words or at times haunting rhythm.

The cadence of the poem whether its Haiku or something new, just touches the soul in a different way.

I love reading novels, I love reading posts and short stories, but poetry also has a magic of its own.

These special people have learned the art of creating it

and I have learned the art of enjoying it.

Keep up the magic my friends!

Humor! What would you do without it??

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Funny Ha-Ha.”

We were encouraged to write a post on what Humor means to us. Well I would hope by seeing my posts that you can tell that I love the gift of humor. I do have a lot of serious posts, but I hope you still manage to find the wit in some of them. I remember at a early age I loved making my family laugh and I still do. I like to know that people are enjoying themselves. One joke came to my mind as I saw this post and that is why I thought I would do this topic. I know I had written on humor before, but I never shared this story, so here is your laugh for today. I do hope that you have laughed more than once today, but if not I hope this gives you at least one good laugh. I am thankful for my friends and loved ones who exchange wit with me 🙂 Whether its face to face, by FB or texting its a way to keep your mind sharp and your heart light!

It was a warm Spring day many many years ago! I was working as a waitress at the time and the busboy and I were always joking with each other. We became great friends and I could always count on laughing at work, no matter if the customers had been nice that day or not. He had got a new car and it was his “baby”, he washed that thing every day and I laughed at him. it was April Fools Day and I thought it would be great to play a joke using his car. So I wrote a note putting it on his car when I left. It read, “So sorry that I hit your car, call this number and we can exchange insurance information.”  I put my parents number on the note for I was staying there for a week while they were out of town. I went home that night thinking for sure that I pulled off a great joke. See, this is the way I expected it to work in my mind. His heart would almost stop when reading the note, and he would look over every inch of the car looking for the tiniest scrape or dent. After inspecting every centimeter he would see that there was nothing and figure out it was a joke, not knowing who did it tho. WELL, not exactly how it worked! I never got a call and nothing was said at work the next day. I thought well maybe the note just flew away. I was partially right!!

A week later my parents come back home and my Dad gets a phone call from a lady saying he hit her car! He was of course totally shocked and asked what she was talking about. She said she found a note in the parking lot that her car was in and it had my Dad’s number on it apologizing for hitting the car. My Dad assured her that he didn’t know why his number was on  a note like that  and that he did not hit her car. Meanwhile my Dad is telling his friends about the strangest phone call that he ever received!

The whole time this was happening, I kept repeating to myself, “ONLY ME!!” These things only happen to me! Who would have ever thought that my note would travel across town and just happen to be in the parking lot of a car that had actually been hit! How on earth did it happen?? I knew it was time to fess up, BUT I first had to find out HOW it got there. I confronted my friend at work, asking if he happened to find a note on his car on April 1st about his car being hit. He was like,”YES!” He said he looked over every inch of his car, but he couldn’t find any mark much to his relief. Of course he wondered how I knew about the note, so I had to confess, and I did get a little laugh out of him inspecting his car so closely. BUT…..I said what did you do with the note?  He looked at me strangely, and said,” I crumpled it up and put it in my pocket then went to such and such place to run a errand.” YES, you guessed it, it was the same place that my note had been found! We decided it that it must have blown out of his coat pocket and now he was the one laughing so hard he couldn’t stop.

So my friends let this be a warning… I love a good joke as much as anybody, but make sure you think things through first! I have never left another note on a car!!

And Hey if you want to share a joke that backfired on you, feel free to do so. Let me know I am not alone 🙂