Depth! Photo challenge

014In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

My husband and I went to the Grand Canyon for our 10th anniversary. Was breathtaking! God has made such an awesome creation! Couldn’t decide which picture showed depth the best so decided to put on a few. Enjoy! 021


The Greatest Treasure!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.” Write about 5 items you would save from your burning house, besides your family and pets.

This post will be short, sweet and to the point. My dear fellow blogger, Priceless Joy basically said what I am going to say, but she still encouraged me to write my post. So here it is PJ 🙂

You ain’t got no time to grab anything!!! So don’t waste your time thinking about what you are going to grab in case of a fire.  Trust me you won’t be thinking of that dear photo album or book,etc. All you will be thinking is I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!! You will have a surge of panic go through you, but the adrenaline from the panic will enable you to call 911. You may be surprised that you might have trouble remembering your address when they ask for it. You will rush your precious family and pets out of the house and you will pray that the fire won’t totally destroy your home.

In my case I am happy to say that it didn’t totally destroy, but honestly don’t think of grabbing stuff. People don’t die from the flames they die from inhaling the smoke! Within minutes smoke filled our house, how fast smoke damage spread was incredible.

My best advice is to get a fire safe box for your most precious valuables. I know you can’t put everything in a box, what you lose in a fire can be devastating but remember if your family and pets are safe that is the most important thing! Yes there are treasures that can’t be replaced, BUT FAMILY is the greatest treasure of all!

Embracing the Ick!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Embrace the Ick.” We are supposed to think about something that truly repulses us and then write about the amazing merits of it!

Something that is Ick and repulsive, that is easy! It’s tiny, but can be rather big at times! It crawls and can be hairy and just plain creepy! It can even jump! It may be a whole lot smaller than me, but I will be jumping  higher if I see it! Yes the dreaded spider!!

The problem was thinking of the other part, amazing merits?? What possible amazing merits does it have?? But I have thought of one! It can design a very intricate web. A web that can actually look kind of pretty when the dew is on it and the light catches it just right. Thinking of a picture that another dear blogger posted. It can even write amazing words in its web! Oops, guess that is just Charlotte. Hey,  if I saw a spider write words in its web, I may strongly consider letting that spider live 🙂  See I can have a heart for spiders.

Yes, I have to give the spider credit for being able to spin a web.  All I ask is that it keeps its webs far away from me! 🙂

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Having just finished Jane Eyre not that long ago, I have fallen in love with Charlotte Bronte’s quotes. So I am going to share 3 of them today. Hope you enjoy and maybe it will even entice you to pick up one of her books 🙂 Its a different style of writing, but one I really enjoyed!

“Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth it has always been a sign that you are alive!”

I love that! I have definitely shed a lot of tears over the years and yes it does indicate that you are alive, it means you have feelings! Never hold back your tears, they are healing too!

“Better to be without logic, than without feelings!”

Totally agree with this. Sad is the person who has a heart that cannot feel!

And for the last one, I know if you haven’t read Jane Eyre you may not appreciate it, but it made me smile so I have to share it.

“Reader, I married him!’

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

FROZEN in time…

LA24What are those moments that you would like to freeze in time? I am sure you have some. As the music to Frozen was going through my mind for the umpteenth time, pictures started coming to my mind of moments that I will always remember and would love to go back in time and revisit. Wouldn’t that be fun if we could live some of our best moments over again. Not the bad ones like in the movie Groundhog day, but the really good ones.

I thought I would go through my photos and capture some of these moments. Hope you enjoy and may it help entice you to take a trip down your own memory lane of moments that are FROZEN in time!

Oh the days that my youngest loved to play in boxes! When she was so creative and really had more fun with boxes, kitchen cabinets, etc. then she did with toys! She still has that creative spark, just in different ways now, no more crawling in boxes 🙂

LA-17 My girls loved this rocking horse! Was a great yard sale bargain with hours of fun!

LA-04 This picture makes me laugh every time! My youngest is the angel with her mouth open singing, but after this is where the laughter  comes from. They sat down as another part of the play was going on. Well my precious daughter decided she was very sleepy, but bless her heart she tried to fight it. Her eyes would close and she would nod to the left and her dear friend in the red top would give her a little nudge. She would open her eyes and lick her lips and then the eyes would close again and she would nod to the right and catch herself and nod to the left. To be sitting in the pew and watching this brought so much laughter! Of course we were doing out best to hold it in, for the sake of the others on stage that were performing. A memory forever FROZEN in my mind.

LA-22My beloved Beauty, our Boston Terrier. Beauty was my first dog. When my husband proposed to me, he knew it was a package deal, that Beauty came with me. He fell in love with her too and she was a great companion to my daughters. When I brought my first daughter home from the hospital I remember Beauty looking at her strangely, wondering who this new thing was. When she cried she would cock her head and look at me pleading to make her stop 🙂 Over the years she let my girls crawl on her and taught them how to fall in love with animals. She also taught them how to say goodbye when a pet dies. I still remember the day I was looking all over for them The sight that greeted me brought tears to my eyes. They were standing side by side under an umbrella at Beauty’s grave. She was a precious dog!!!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWalking in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris and floating down the “streets” of Venice in a gondola are moments that will definitely forever be FROZEN in my mind!

Thank you for enjoying this little photo trip down memory lane with me, now go take a break from your day and enjoy your trip down memory lane.

Blessings to you all!

Sunday’s flash fiction

Meet me at the bookstore, you said.

My heart skipped many beats as I made my way there, my hands were sweaty from nerves.

Meet me at the bookstore, you said.

How long I have waited for this moment, my stomach is churning.

How many times have I looked up into the sky at night, wondering if you were out there?

When I heard your voice on the line, I didn’t want to hang up, I was in shock and all I could say was OK.

Meet me at the bookstore, I am here a hour early!

Watching the clock, trying to make time move faster; but at the same time maybe it should slow down.

For years I have been dreaming of this day. What do you look like? What things do you like? There is so much I want to know about you.

Meet me at the bookstore, you said, soon my questions will be answered.

5 minutes more and my heart is pounding now, with the biggest question of all!

Why oh why did you give me up? Why did you leave me at the hospital that day?

“Anna, is that you?”

I look up into your warm, deep blue eyes. For a moment we just gaze at each other. Is that  tears I see in  your eyes?

What is the wetness on my cheek?

I am enveloped in a big hug and for now I have no questions, just please don’t let me go. Your hug is touching a part

of my soul that has been closed for so long, I didn’t know it knew how to feel.

I am not sure what this warm feeling is, but I like it and I pray it continues!

Ok, well this turned out interesting! 🙂 I saw a post about joining other bloggers in a Sunday’s photo flash fiction post. You write up to 200 words about the picture that is posted. I thought, Hey I should give it a try. I had 15 minutes before I have to take my daughter somewhere so let’s see what happens. I started it out with my mind thinking one thing and it took a whole different direction. Sorry you can’t see the photo, I realized that I went over the 200 word limit so OOPS! I thought of shortening it, but I gotta run now. Hope you liked this attempt and next Sunday maybe I can stay within the 200 word limit and figure out how to post the picture. This picture was of a bookstore, that’s what got me thinking of the line Meet me at the bookstore 🙂 Ok gotta run! Enjoy a Blessed Sunday!

My House of Dreams

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dream Home.”

On this snowy day it is nice to dream about my dream home!

It would be built near the ocean, where I can open the windows and hear the roar of the ocean waves and the cries of the seagulls. Feel the ocean breeze.

The colors of my house would be soft blues and rose colored. Seashells would be placed around and pictures of sunsets and sunrises over the ocean would grace the walls.

I would have my own writing nook. My cozy room would have a balcony where when I needed some fresh air to feel invigorated I could walk out on it and sit and write, hearing the sounds of the ocean. I would have a desk in my room, but also one of those big comfy wicker chairs to curl myself up in. The walls would have a border of sea gulls flying as my thoughts flew free through my pen or keyboard. There would also be a large sandcastle with a moat around it painted on the wall. It  would  remind me of the imagination of children and to let my imagination soar.

There would be a soundproof room that would be my husband’s getaway where he could play his drums and music as loud as he wanted. He could have a nice leather recliner in the corner of the room for when he wanted to rest and escape from the world.

In the living room would be a huge salt water fish tank of all kinds of beautiful fish that we could gaze at and at night there would be a light for it showing up the vivid colors. The coffee table in the middle of the room would be a glass covered top with seashells under it. All different shaped and unique ones.

Ahhhh yes, the house of my dreams would be so relaxing, for I could walk right out the front door into  paradise!

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Expressing yourself photo challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself.”

I cannot give the name of this very special person, but I think it truly gives true meaning to Expressing Yourself! 🙂 Thanks to my special sister-in-law for letting me post this! I told her you all would LIKE it :)She is a FUN, GREAT, SIS who I wished I lived closer too!

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Yes, that is me laughing in the background! Hey we had to have fun, for this hike turned out to be A LOT longer than expected!! Thanks to a bridge that was out!