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The day is finally here! Yes, the long awaited day of going to the beach! Leave this evening and my friend and I  plan on catching the ocean sunrise in the morning. I could fill this post up with beach quotes, but I promise I won’t, even though I may be just a little obsessed with the beach right now. I hope all of you have a great rest of the week and I will be back, feeling more refreshed, and sane.  Well the “sane” part may be questionable, the ocean isn’t quite that magical. Enjoy the quotes. and as always, thanks for reading and your comments. Thanks for the smiles you bring! 












Return to Normal…

Things were starting to get back to normal, or as normal as things could be in the town of Bittersweet Creek. The town where almost anything can and does happen!

Cara reflected on the past month as she set up the diner.

The whole town had been on pins and needles, when Mason went to help Amanda save her castle and ended up getting kidnapped by Nick. He was the one trying to lay claim to Amanda’s castle.

When Mr. Tippner heard the news about Mason, he didn’t think twice about going to help his friend. He took off right away.

Unfortunately he ended up getting caught by Nick as well. It was nerve-wracking for everyone. Cara was so thankful that Sarah helped her come up with a plan.

Never underestimate the power of women, especially after they stay up all night drinking coffee and thinking. With the magical help of Jenny, the donkey, a rescue was made and everyone had been ecstatic.

The town had held a parade to welcome home Mason and Tippner. The people of Bittersweet Creek was a close knit community and they had proven it.

During the parade the fire truck siren got stuck as they drove through the center of town and all the dogs went crazy. It turned out to look like a parade of dogs chasing the band who were following the fire truck.

The poor baton twirler got knocked down by the St. Bernard and then the Beagle grabbed the baton, thinking it was a stick. Then a cat ran into the street and there was total bedlam. All that was needed yet were clowns, for the parade had turned into a circus!

People had talked about it for days afterwards. Calling it the most exciting parade ever and oh, it seemed that Miss. Lucy’s poodle was going to have puppies. Apparently when all the dogs chased the firetruck. Mrs. Penny’s retriever chased Miss. Lucy’s poodle.

Like the parade, the rescue of Mason and Tippner hadn’t been a totally smooth operation. Cara laughed to herself. It may have resulted in a little mishap for Mason and Tippner , but all was fixed now!

Mason and Tippner weren’t feather brains , or covered in goose feathers anymore. There was no “honking” every time they opened their mouths. Jenny had finally been able to break the spell, that she had unintentionally put them under.

She had intentionally meant to turn Nick into a goose. He was the one who was trying to take Amanda’s castle away, and had kidnapped Mason and Tippner. But when Jenny cast the spell she unintentionally cast the spell on Mason and Tippner too!

Cara finished setting up the diner. She was smiling, it had been quite the adventure! Mason and Tippner had been such good sports through it all, though they did steer clear of Jenny now!

Mason may be steering clear of Jenny, but Amanda was seen by his side quite often now. Time would tell and Cara’s romantic mind hoped for the best for them.

She turned the sign to OPEN on the door and Mason walked in through the back at the same time.

He came out to the front with a large cup of coffee in his hand.

“Good Morning Mason!”

“Good Morning, I saw the strangest thing last night outside my window.” Mason’s eyes had a puzzled look in them.

“What was it?”

“It was the weirdest and coolest thing. I know I wasn’t dreaming. There was a Pegasus standing in my yard with glowing rainbow colored wings.

Cara shook her head, giving him a questioning look. “Annnnd you say that you weren’t dreaming?”

“I wasn’t and thats not all! There was this real little green guy, looked like a leprechaun. He was…”

Cara patted Mason on the shoulder. “Take a seat and let me get you some more coffee.”

Oh yes, she thought, Anything can happen in the town of Bittersweet Creek.

Poor Octopus! Medieval Wars and a Lost Painting


You don’t mess with women and their coffee!


Think of all you could get done if you could function on only 30 minutes of sleep!


The secrets that you find out about the state you live in! This has been going on for the past 37 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


I keep looking for valuable paintings at yard sales!


You found yourself saying, “Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!” didn’t you! While thinking of a yellow brick road.


I … I … will be quiet with my thoughts. LOL!

The Golden Spell

This is the continuation of Thursday’s post, The Amazing Rescue?

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Janessa didn’t know whether to be terrified or thrilled, or maybe she was a little bit of both.

She was flying on the back of a Pegasus! That was the thrilling part. A totally surreal feeling was pulsing through her. But where was she headed? That question is what terrified her. They had been flying for a long time, her friends were probably worried sick about her.

She tried to relax and tell herself that all would be fine. When she returned to work on Monday, she would be sooo ready for the “So what did you do this weekend?” discussion around the water cooler! Lorinda wouldn’t be able to top Janessa’s story and Oooh that would make her green eyes of jealousy blaze.

Does the Pegasus talk? Janessa wondered, should she try to talk to it? There was a good chance that it did, for after all, it was a magical creature, so why not!

Leaning up close to its head she talked directly into its ear. “Would you be able to tell me where we are going please, do you talk?”

There was silence as Janessa waited with bated breath. Then the Pegasus replied, “No, I don’t talk.”

Janessa felt disappointment, it would have been so cool if….”Hey, what do you mean you don’t talk!” Apparently this Pegasus had a sense of humor.

“We will soon be at our destination. ”

“Which is where??” replied Janessa.

“A secret place, seen by very few humans. The place where the rainbow ends.”

Janessa felt excitement building now, all fear forgotten.

On and on they flew and then Janessa saw the most brilliant rainbow in front of her! They were flying straight for it.

Ob, how awesome! They landed and there was a hill not far away. The rainbow was shining so bright above it and on top of the hill was a big pot! Had Janessa found a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Janessa’s sack was heavy! She still was pinching herself. Meeting the leprechauns had been so much fun. How kind they were, gifting her with a large bag of gold. Here she used to think that leprechauns were mischievous, but these were nothing but polite and gracious to her.

Now she was on the back of Lola once again ready to go back to her friends with gifts of gold.

Monday mornimg dawned bright and early but Janessa was wide awake. She would be at her job at 8am sharp with her resignation letter in her hand. She had gold now, she didn’t need to work anymore!

Her friends had been awestruck when she came back to them with her large bag of gold. They were all quitting their jobs this morning and then going on a ceuise together to celebrate. Janessa couldn’t wait. Good fortune was shining down!

Meanwhile back at the end of the rainbow the leprechauns were having a meeting. They were all merry and jolly. A morning of celebration, toasting to another trick once more successfully pulled off on one of those strange and gullible humans!

“Its almost time. The spell of the magic gold will begin its work in exactly 24 hours from when Janessa got it.” Leo stated.

They stared at the BIG electric clock on the wall. It was 11:59. They were down to just seconds left.


Everyone wondered what happened to Janessa, and her 3 friends. One minute they were on the luxury cruise ship and the next…. they were gone!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

This time next week …. sun,sand and waves … will be all thats on my mind!

Whats easier to get into than out of?

When someone says that peach yogurt is their favorite dessert … and you realize that you may have a “slight” sweet tooth problem, with visions of cakes,pies and cookies dancing in your head! What is your favorite dessert?

The Amazing Rescue?

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The sound of the rushing water below was music to Janessa’s ears.

Janessa was having an amazing birtbday weekend, celebrating with her close friends. She had known Adam, Chris, and Jennifer from her childhood.

They were scattered now, living in different states, but had reunited for a fun weekend. Being that they all loved the outdoors, they decided to go explore a new gorge. So far they were impressed with the grandeur of the mountains and the sparkling blue water below. It had been a breathtaking hike.

Janessa and Jennifer were posing for pictures while the guys talked. The 2 girls had their backs against the railing when there was a splintering sound of wood breaking. Jennifer jumped away in time but to everyone’s horror Janessa started falling.

The friends were frozen in shock when the most incredible thing happened. A dazzling white Pegasus came flying below Janessa and caught her on its back.

Jennifer, Adam and Chris stared in open mouthed wonder watching the Pegasus fly high into the air. Where was it taking her?

Their joyous feeling of relief was turning into concern now. It looked like the Pegasus was flying away from the gorge.

Feeling helpless they stood there watching Janessa and the Pegasus get smaller , the farther away they flew.

How were they ever going to find her? Maybe the Pegasus was just taking her on a little birthday ride and would bring her back. They would hike back down and wait at the bottom for her to come. Maybe they would each get a ride. What a day this was turning out to be!

Chatting about old memories of their childhood they tried to distract themselves from the fact that time was passing.

Searching the azure blue skies there was no sign of a dazzling white Pegasus. If all 3 of them hadn’t seen the Pegasus they would be thinking they were crazy.

Aftet 2 hours had passed they realized that the Pegasus must not be coming back. It wasn’t a birthday ride. After all, the Pegasus didn’t know it was her birthday. It was just a lucky coincidence.

They spent anothet hour searching the woods. Seeing if the Pegasus had dropped her off, but Janessa was nowhere to be found.

They were each lost in thought, afraid to voice their fear. What kind of place was this? Had the Pegasus really rescued her or was it a kidnapping?

(To be continued…)

The Secret Sister

This is the 2nd part to http://www.The Missing Twin Monday’s post.

“Would you like me to pour some more tea into your cup, that way you would actually have something to stir?”

Belinda looked up at Lisette’s eyes. Warmth was shining out of them. She looked back down at her empty cup that she had been aimlessly stirring for the past several minutes.

Lisette had been such a pleasant hostess to her. She didn’t treat Belinda any different from the other guests. For why should see, Belinda doubted that she knew who she was.

Her perfume line was popular in the states but she kept a low profile, and rarely came to the States. It was fine with her to be inconspicuous,  she preferred it that way.

Now though Lisette  might be starting to wonder what kind of guest Belinda really is. She had been so quiet the past couple days.  Sadness had enveloped her like a dense fog, ever since she had heard the news.

Belinda got up from the table. “No thanks, I think I will take a walk. Check out the woods nearby.”

She made her best effort to smile at Lisette,  She guessed that it looked as shaky as a toddler’s drawing of a smile, for that was how she felt inside. Her emotions shaking inside of her.

“The woods are so peaceful, one of my favorite places to go. Enjoy!”

Belinda managed to say Thank you to Lisette, before walking out of the room.

Staring after her Lisette wondered what her story was. When Belinda had first come she was upbeat and had a cheerful spirit around her.

The past couple days though made Lisette wonder what had happened to change her. She had stayed up in her room and barely talked to anyone. The one day she had requested meals brought to her room. Her joyful spirit had deflated, like the air going out of a balloon.

While cleaning up the breakfast dishes Lisette couldn’t get her out of her mind. When Belinda had come she asked for directions to the orphanage, but she hadn’t said why she wanted to go.

Now Lisette wondered if she had been hoping to adopt a child and maybe it fell through. That would have been devastating news for sure.

The orphanage had gone through a total remodeling that it had badly needed. It was in such disrepair when the new owners bought it.

Lisette didn’t know a lot of details but there had been rumors of the previous owners messing up records and kids falling through the cracks. It had been a huge mess but now for the past several years things were running smoothly.

The orphanage didn’t even look like a orphanage. It was a beautiful home and the owners were so caring and loving. The children meant the world to them. It warmed Lisette’s heart to know the orphans were loved.

Belinda kept walking. The coolness of the woods felt good and she was beginning to feel herself relax. Tears still threatened to fall, but she felt more in control than she had these past couple days.

Anna was dead. The owner of the orphanage, Mrs. Rose was so sympathetic and Belinda knew it had been hard for her to share about Anna.

If telling Belinda that she was dead wasn’t a strong blow, telling her about Anna and the life she had led knocked the wind out of her!

Shaking her head, she kept walking. The brisk pace helped her think more clearly. What Belinda had joked about before had come true. She had an evil twin! A murderer!

Lisette was dusting the furniture when the doorbell rang. She put down her cloth and went to open the door.

She was surprised to see Mrs.Rose standing on her porch.

“Hi! Mrs. Rose, what a nice surprise. Would you like to come in?”

‘Hi Lisette, ” Mrs. Rose gave her hand a warm squeeze and followed her inside.

Looking around Mrs. Rose’s green eyes were bright. “This Inn is so charming,  the eye you have such a keen eye for decorating.”

Warmed by her praise,  Lisette thanked her. “Would you like to have some tea and visit for awhile?”

“That would be most delightful someday but I am afraid I am here on a more serious matter. I really wanted to check on one of your guests, “Miss. Belinda, is she here?”

Lisette’s heart quickened , “She left  some moments ago for a walk in the woods. Is there something wrong?”

Mrs. Rose’s eyes filled with distress. “I just haven’t been able to get her out of my mind. I need to go find her. “

With those words she turned around and walked out the door, leaving Lisette bewildered.

Belinda sat staring at her reflection in the water. She had stopped to rest awhile by the lake.

Was that a murderer’s face staring back at her? Was evilness in her blood too, was it inevitable how she would end up?

She heard footsteps coming towards her and looked up.

“Mrs. Rose, what are you doing here?”

“I thought you may need someone, you been dealt a heavy blow. I went to the Inn to speak to you and Lisette said that you had come to the woods. Before you ask, No, I didn’t tell her about you.”

Belinda felt grateful, she just wasn’t ready for anyone else to know yet.

“You aren’t her, you know. She was your twin, but that doesn’t mean you are like her.”

They sat there in silence, for a little while. Then Mrs. Rose spoke.  “After all, Anna didn’t have a line of perfumes made by her.”  She winked at Belinda.

“Your “Magic of the Sea” is my favorite perfume! And I want you to know something, you being Anna’s twin , is a secret that I will never tell. Its entirely up to you if you want anyone to know.”

Tears brimmed in Belinda’s eyes. She would be okay. Mrs.Rose was right, she wasn’t her sister and noone needed to know.

For the next hour they talked and by the end Belinda was laughing at a crazy story about a cowbell. She definitely had to talk to Lisette when she got back.

Belinda ended up staying for 3 more weeks. It had been a truly, remarkable time and Belinda felt at peace when she flew home.

Six months later Mrs. Rose smiled when she saw Belinda’s new perfume in the store. “Secrets of the Heart”.

The Missing Twin

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Watching the sun go down as the waves rolled, was a sight that Belinda would never tire of. Liviing in the Cayman Islands had been quite the experience, and Belinda would miss it.

Sighing she climbed out of her hammock and started to take it down. The time had come to go home. Tomorrow morning she would be flying away.

Belinda had what some would consider a charmed life. She often lived in Tropical Islands and money was never a problem.

When her perfume got the attention of Angelica De Luca, she knew that her life was about to change and how right she had been.

The “Magic of the Sea” perfume had been a overnight success and Belinda was swept away with instant fame as she continued to make new perfumes. The scent of success was so sweet.

Her life may be charmed now but there still was no healing of the missing part of her heart.

When Belinda found out that she was a twin, she was astounded!

From that day forward she had decided she would set out on a journey to find her twin.

She didn’t have time to be upset about her adopted parents never hsving told her before. That was water under the bridge now and Belinda had to find her sister.

There were so many questions! Did they like the same things? They were fraternal twins, not identical. It was said that twins often shared many characteristics,

Laughing to herself she wondered about the “Evil twin” saying. If that was true maybe she didn’t want to find her!

Belinda smiled, she better rein in her imagination. Next thing she knew she would start worrying that she was the sister of some ax murderer!

The sun had set now and Belinda hsd to get some sleep. Her plane left early in the morning. She was bound for America and a little town named Borden. That was one of the few clues that she had about her twin’s whereabouts.

Thats where she had grown up in an orphanage. They had both been placed in an orphanage when their parent’s had died. Belinda’s parents apologized that they hadn’t taken her sister too, but at the time they didn’t know that she waa Belinda’s twin. The orphanage had messed up.

Now Belinda was determined to set things right, she would find Anna, her missing twin.

SeaWolves, Mail by Missile and More Crazy Facts


Hmmm….now that is speedy mail. It took me 3 weeks to get a card from Indiana!


Pictures are worth 1000 words and I guess they protect things as well!


Aww! I only had 1 guinea pig when I was little maybe thats why he squealed at night.


They feel the magic of the sea too!


Sounds like something Harriet Oleson would do!


I looked this up and found out more about it. There was a movie made about it. She was a WaffleHouse waitress and the man was always buying lottery tickets for all the waitresses. There was a verbal agreement with all the waitresses and the customer that if any of them won big they would split it with the other waitresses and buy the man a new truck. She won 10 million dollars but did not want to share it and she won in court since nothing was ever written down. Once again I will never understand some people!