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What a good-hearted principal.


Ooh my heart!


Always helps to have a boost up


Not exactly an animal that gives warm fuzzies.


So marshmallows are healthy, well that may be stretching it. But they serve a purpose besides just being a sweet, sugary treat that I enjoy.


Aren’t they too cute! My daughter wants one.

Thirst for Adventure

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Another day was ending and Myrtle was feeling heavy with fatigue. It had only been a week since she had given birth to 50 hatchlings and now they had all gone out to sea.

Sydney, the last one had just left a little bit ago. Myrtle had watched her swim into the ocean. Yes, she may have had a small lump rising in her throat, watching Sydney ride the waves. But this was how it was supposed to be. These were not the first hatchlings she would say goodbye too and they wouldn’t be the last.

Now where was Tulag? She thought he had been watching from the nest, but he was gone. Myrtle smiled, he may deny it, but he was getting more sensitive with age, when their hatchlings left.

He helped dig the nest 75.centimeters deep and and was so attentive to Myrtle as they waited 2 months for their eggs to hatch.

So where was he now? Oh well, he was a big boy, she didn’t need to wait up for him. Nope, she was closing her eyes and getting some much needed rest. The nest was a lot more peaceful without 50 hatchlings squealing for food!

It felt like she had just closed her eyes when something hopped on her back.

“HI Mommy! I am back!”

Myrtle’s eyes popped open. “Sydney what are you doing here?”

Ahh! There was Tulag off to the side with an apologetic look in his eyes.

“I rode the wave back, aren’t you proud Mommy?”

Myrtle gave a pointed look at Tulag. He spoke up, “i told her to swim into the ocean and kept putting her back in the water. Only for her to yell, “Wheeee!” while riding the wave in to shore.”

Myrtle shook ber head and rolled her eyes but secretly she was happy. One of her hatchlings was staying witb her. Something she had always secretly hoped for.

The 3 of them had fun over the next few months, but Sydney was growing. She was outgrowing the nest. Myrtle was starting to lose patience with Sydney sleeping in between her and Tulag.

2 years later Myrtle and Tulag knew they had to do something, for it was time for Myrtle to fill the nest again with eggs.

One day Myrtle took Sydney on a walk.

“My dear Sydney I have loved having you, but you do know that it is way past time for you to leave, right? I need the nest.”

“Oh my. Are you? That means you and Dad . . ? UGH! I am never having hatchlings, no thank you!”

Myrtle tried not to chuckle, Sydney was so emphatic. Her little drama queen.

“So what do you plan to do?”

“I want cool adventures like you had, Mom. Remember your stories about Betsy the cow? I want to meet her. So my shell is packed and I am heading out.”

“But you don’t even know where she is! I don’t even know.”

“Maybe the 2 of us can find her together?” replied Sydney, with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Oh, this is crazy, but Myrtle couldn’t deny that it would be nice to see Betsy again. Let me get Tulag and we will join you. We have to hurry , for in a month I need to make a nest.’

Soon the 3 of them were off on their grand adventure.

“Let me get this straight.” Tulag said. ” You have no idea where Betsy is? You have no idea what kind of adventure she is on? You have no idea how long this will take? Am I right about all of that?”

“Totally , my dear.”

Tulag groaned. The women in his life were going to drive him insane!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When you get a spontaneous hug from your adult child…..A mom never outgrows wanting hugs.

When in an antique store and you spy a classic book … having it in a locked case should have been a clue …. How much you ask … One twenty four. … You take it up to the counter and jaw drops when cashier says One hundred twenty four. Oops! Book goes back into case.

Never met in person, but was on our Tv hundreds of times as our children grew … Bob Saget brought love and laughter through Full House … His friends and family knew he loved them because he always told them. Do that..Life is short!

Love at the Sanctuary

Oh, her heart. The young fawn was looking directly at her. Those eyes!

Lily Ann had a heart for animals eversince she was little. Fortunately her parent’s did as well and they let her have all kinds of different pets when geowing up. Hamsters, parakeets, dogs, turtles and cats.

Her childhood was a large part of what made her choose a career of working in animal sanctuaries.

The new fawn had just come yesterday and she was adorable. Her leg had got caught in a trap and was pretty messed up. Medical care had been given and now it was a matter of time to rest and let it heal.

Lily Ann kept walking through the sancutary checking on the animals. Pedro the eagle with a hurt wing, Rosie the raven who was sick from accidentally ingesting some poison and a hurt tortoise named Chip were their most recent additions. .

“Lily Ann, can you come to the monkey cage please? Tamara asked.

“We need you to look at Mickey., we think he hurt his hand.”

Tamara had worked with Lily Ann from the beginning. A trusted employee.

When they got to Mickey’s cage Lily Ann talked in a soothing voice as she opened the door to walk inside.

Mickey had his back turned to her when she walked in. He had been with them the longest and was so friendly.

“Hey buddy, can I see your hand?”

Mickey turned around and to Lily Ann’s surprise there was a small pink box, with a ribbon around it, between his paws,

“What do you have here? She took the box from him. Which hand again is it that is sore, Tamara?

There was no response and with the way Mickey was jumping around he seemed fine. But what was in the small box, and how did he get it?

“I believe its the left hand.”

Lily Ann turned around. ” Tanner! What are you doing here and why are you….Oh Oh….” She covered her mouth with her hand as her cheeks flushed.

Tanner was down on one knee. “Perhaps you should open the box?”

Her hands trembled as she untied the ribbon and opened it. The diamond sparkled as a million butterflies danced inside of her and she felt like the glow from her heart was evident to all.

Gently taking the ring from the box Tanner slipped it on her finger. “Lily Ann, you are the love of my life. Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

Her glowing heart shined through her eyes. “Yes!”

A cheer rose from the employees that had gathered around as Tanner and Lily Ann embraced. Then Lily Ann let out a startled yell.


He had jumped up on her shoulder. Lily Ann laughed. “You do realize you are also saying yes to living with a houseful of pets too, if you marry me.”

“I do.” He drew her face towards him and kissed her once more.

Snowy Day Surprises

Tbis is the 2nd part to A Frozen Moment in Time

Joey pulled into the hotel’s parking lot. He was ready for a wonderful night’s sleep. He didn’t even care if the Tv was working, he was going straight to bed.

“Enjoy your stay.”, the clerk handed him his key.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for another night. A snowstorm is comimg. Supposed to start tonight.”

“I will be fine, I don’t mind driving in snow. My 4 wheel drive can get me through anything. Plus weathermen don’t know what they are talking about half the time. I plan to get a good night’s rest and be back on the road again first thing in the morning. Goodnight” Joey waved his hand and walked onto the elevator.

15 minutes later, he was ready for bed and conked out in a short time.

Joey covered his eyes with his arm. The sunlight was shining directly into his eyes.

Ugh! He should have pulled the curtains last night. What time waa it? Looking at his watch he gaaped. He better get a move on.

Whoa! The weatherman did know what he was talking about the snow was getting deep already and falling faster.

He better get moving fast. Should he stay put? No, he had to go. There was a big project looming over his head that he had to finish. Joey wasted no time im getting ready to leave. Within 30 minutes he was back on the snowy roads.

At least he didn’t have to worry about traffic, not many people were out on the roads. Uh oh, why was there a young lady straight ahead walking on the side of the road.

He pulled off on the side of the road and seeing him she came walking up to him.

“I am so glad someone stopped. My hands are frozen. My name is Elsa and I need a favor.”

Joey turned up the heat full blast and Elsa soon stopped shivering..

“What kind of favor do you need?”

Elsa looked so sad. “I need to find my sister Anna.”

Joey gulped, not exactly the favor he was expecting. Finding a sister? That was a tall order.

Chase was trudging along in the snow, following Anna. He wondered how much longer they would be walking

Anna kept asking him about his skills at jousting and other knightly things. He kept trying to distract her, but to no avail.

“Well I really don’t like to brag … but…!

Giving Chase an impulsive hug and her saying how he gives her hope now, made him feel sick in the stomach.

How would he correct this?

“Oooh Nooo, this couldn’t be happening but it was. Joey’s truck had gone its last mile. It konked out and Joey pulled off on the side of the road right before it died.

Now what were they going to do. He had blankets but they would still be cold. He called for roadside assistance, he would see how long it got them to get here.

Chase couldn’t have heard right. “Let me get this straight, I need to challenge someone to a duel in order to get your sister back?”

“Exactly!” replied Anna. “You aren’t afraid are you?”

“Meee .. afraid? Knights aren’t afraid of anything. “

Anna clapped her hands together. “Perfect! So, about the fire breathing dragon….” She looked at Chase intently while talking and saw the color drain from his face. She tried hard to stay conposed.

“As long as you don’t show your fear, it will be OK. Well, and as long as the dragon is in a good mood.”

Chase spit out his black coffee. This was sounding more weird all the time and he was having 2nd thoughts!

Walking a little farther with Chase getting more anxious by the minute, they spotted something.

Chase saw the stranded truck. Did they need help? Anna and him walked closer to the truck and Anna yelled.

Then Elsa flung open the truck door and ran to Anna!

“I thought you had heen kidnapped,” they both said.

Tears mingled with amiles and Chase had to admit that the reunion even made him a little teary eyed.

The girls turmed to the guys and thsnked them profusely! We are going home now.”

“Wait! Isn’t there some magical way that you can send me back home?

Anna laughed. ” You need Betsy and her magical cowbell for that.”

A magical cowbell? Chase realizes that he shouldn’t ask any more questions, these young ladies were a tad crazy!

Roadside assistance made it at last. Joey was glad. They would tow it to the garage.

Watching his truck go away made him realize that he didn’t have a way home. Chase performed a knightly duty by calling a taxi for Joey and one for him. The big cost was worth it. It was freezing! While waiting there would be time for them to compare notes about Elsa and Anma.

“What a day!” Chase said, and Joey empatically agreed.

“Crazy girls!” They actually thought I was a real knight. And Anna believed in a fire breathing dragon. Joey started laughing and Chase joined him. “Like I said, crazy!”

And that was the day that the dragon flying above them got the last laugh.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

How is your Tuesday going? I got the results of my Vitamin D blood test and even with the weekly mega dose that I take, I am still insufficient. The little red flag comes up on the the screen of the computer monitor. No surprise to me. I am okay with it, for at least the pill is keeping me from the single digits where I was before, which did make me feel pretty bad. There are always things that we can’t control in life, no matter what we do to try and change it. My Vitamin D supplement is just a minor example. I am taking the highest dose possible and still its not enough, but there is nothing more that I can do. Besides maybe moving to a tropical island. If there is something in your life today that you feel you can’t change no matter what, I hope you can take a deep breath and try not to stress about it. Focus on what is in your control and have a terrific Tuesday! Enjoy the quotes! 












A Frozen Moment in Time

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“In the lane snow is glistening…” He couldn’t help but sing the song as he walked along, in a winter wonderland.

Chase didn’t typically sing out loud, but he was confident that the trees didn’t care how he sounded.

There was something about the stillness of a winter day. The frosty air had a way of clearing his head and helped him let any unpleasant thoughts go.

In a few days he would be heading back home to the land of sunshine. He preferred the sunshine and beaches as opposed to snow, but it always was nice to come and visit family in the winter time. 2 weeks time was enough to give him his fill of snow, satisfying him for another year.

Looking around he felt a touch of extra special magic in the air.

He blinked his eyes, was he seeing right? Was there a girl up ahead? Where had she come from? She was staring right at him, but he was sure that she hadn’t been there just a minute ago!

He called out to her, “Hello Miss, can I help you?” It was odd, there was something strangely familiar about her looks.

When he was standing right in front of her, she spoke. “I really hope you can help me kind sir. Are you a knight?”

He started coughing. That was one question he had never expected to be asked. Was she serious? He studied her hopeful face, she looked serious. Chase felt guilty for having to say No. She was good at this acting game.

“Knight Chase, at your service m’lady” Two could play at this game.

Pure delight radiated from her face. “I knew it, I knew you were the right man for the job as soon as I saw you.”

She sure knew how to make him feel good, too bad that she was acting.

“What is your name m’lady, if I may ask.” He made a swooping bow before her.

She giggled, “You are a most proper knight. My name is Anna and I need help to rescue my sister, Elsa.”

Now not only did she look familiar but where had he heard those names before?

His face was pensive as Anna stared at him, waiting for a reply. Ahh! It came back to bim now. Anna and Elsa, they were sisters in the Frozen movie, His neices had watched it so many times.

A weird sensation stirred inside of him. That movie was only a fairytale, right?

Anna began looking at him a little strangely as she waited. His face kept changing expression.

“You are going to help me Knight Chase, aren’t you, A knight’s word is to be trusted,rigbt?”

Chase tried to shake off his shocked stupor. Of course he would play along, what harm could it do. 2 young girls just playing around. That had to be all it was. He had to let any doubts go.

“Yes, knights always keep their word, let us go, find your sister.”

A relieved Anna smiled and squealed with joy. Oh, why were girls so high pitched? His poor ears.

“0Where is your royal steed?” she asked.

Oops, he tried to think fast. “Oh, she was injured in our last battle, she will be okay, just needs some rest.”

Anna sighed, “it will take longer without a horse but it will give me time to explain things to you. I really wanted to ride a horse, but I guess I will have to let it go.”

Trying to get her mind off the horse he asked her a question, “Would you like to build a snowman?”

She almost looked like she was going to say yes. But then said, “We don’t have time.”

They started walking and Anna turned her head, looking directly at Chase, “You have fought dragons before, correct?

GULP! What exactly had he got himself into?

(To be continued….)

Animal Heroes … A twist to PBJ … Frozen Frogs and other Facts!


A pigeon hero! Hope they rewarded her with some good treats too!


Apparently sleep is important for everyone.


I would say that horse became a great friend of his!


That’s one way to survive the chill of winter, but no thanks!


Some things I wish I didn’t know, but I figured since I found out I would share it. They still are cute!


What will they think of next?

The Surprise Pet!

This is the conclusion to The Comeback of Claude! Enjoy!

Claude hopped down the road for awhile, not seeing anyone. He didn’t mind, he was relishing his freedom. Seeing another human was far down on his list of priorities.

Oh, now that looked like a good place to go. Off to his right there waa a garden patch and some jumbo looking carrots. His growling stomach pushed him towards the garden and before he knew it all of the carrots were safely in his belly.

Claude continued on down the road but at a much slower pace now. His stomach felt like it waa going to pop. Perhaps he should have had a little more moderation, but they had been so yummy.

Taking one more step poor Claude fell and he couldn’t get back up. Moaning he curled up into a ball and soon fell fast asleep.

The bell rang, and Cara looked up. She had been sitting down sipping some of her chocolate banana latte. It was the middle of the afternoon and only a few customers were there. The slow time of day and Mason was off, so Cara could be a little lazy.

“Hi Tippner! Surprised to see you, aren’t you usually taking an afternoon siesta at this time?”

Cara stepped back, she had got a close look at Tippner’s face and he was mad!

“There is no way that I can sleep. My carrots are gone! Something ate every single one!”

“Ob No! Those were your prized carrots for the fair.” Cara gave him a sympathetic look.

He was still red in the face as he yelled. This wss suppose to be his winning year, but now all hope was lost!

“I need a strong drink, put 3 lemons in my water please.”

Cara did and brought him a big slice of Shoo-fly pie. “No charge.”

He was able to muster up a Thank you before digging into the pie. But his eyes still sparked fire. Cara felt rather sorry for whatever animal helped himself to the carrots. It would surely behoove them not to come back again!

Feeling groggy, Claude opened his eyes. Instantly he was awake! He shrank back at the sight of dark, brooding eyes looking into his. It was that dang cow again!

A strong surge of energy burst through Claude and he rose up to his full height. No cow would intimidate Claude the 3rd!

Jumping up at him the cow looked at him witb amusement. Betsy was happy to have the chance to get the best of Claude once more. Some rabbits never learn.

After letting him jump for a few times as she moved her head around she took action. She grabbed a little bit of his skin in her teeth, just enough to get a grip. Oh Claude was hopping mad now, his legs were going in the air.

Betsy ran down the road, with Claude between her teeth. Poor Penny didn’t know what to think as she sat in her rocker on the porch, watching all the commotion.

Hmmm….maybe her apple cider, wasn’t just plain cider. She better make sure what she was drinking!

Betsy made it to her destination. With one mighty swing of her head she tossed Claude right into a bush. Claude yelled, but Betsy just walked away smirking. Always fun to have unexpected surprises in the day.

When Mason got home he got out of his car and wondered what he heard. Something was moaning, from out of one of his bushes.

Aww! The poor white rabbit was on his back kicking his legs looking scared.

Mason spoke gently to the rabbit and slowly tried to pick it up. It was shaking like a leaf.

Hmm…Mason was thinking, this white rabbit may make the perfect gift for Amanda. She had mentioned how much she loved bunnies. Taking it inside he decided thats what he would do. How she would love the rabbit and in turn want to show her gratitude to

“Don’t worry little guy. You are going to have a real pleasant, cozy home.”

After finding a blanket and a box, Mason laid him inside of it. Ding dong! Someone was at his door.

“Well Hi Tippner, guess what! You came at the perfect time. Want to meet my new pet?”