Celebration at Moonbeam Farm!





Time passed, and feeling CUCKOO may have happened sometimes while waiting!

And than, just like that …. it happened! It’s REAL! What was once just a dream is now available to be enjoyed by everyone and yes, my eyes may be a little wet!




Thank you dear readers for your support and encouragement throughout this wild and crazy adventure!

A special thank you to my amazing co-author, Colin, from https://meandray.com/. Thanks for what I often called your magic touch! Thanks for your patience also that may have been needed sometimes in working with me. How did Moonbeam Farm get its name again? 🙂

Also a big thanks to the very talented artist Jodi McKinney from https://lifeinbetween.me, You been with us from the very beginning of this dream, from the first story that appeared on my blog, and you made our beloved characters look awesome!

Looking for adventure? Take a trip to Moonbeam Farm. A place where love and laughter reside! Make sure you keep your eyes wide open though, for with the Moonbeam Farm gang you never know what may happen!


Ice Cream Sundae’s and Thingamajigs

I had a dream last night that is stuck in my head and I thought I would share it.

I was in a big building with lots of people. I was sitting at a table looking at a magazine and there was a man sitting next to me. We started talking  and I was telling him about something that my child really would like, but that I had no clue how to make it.  I was looking at the magazine for instructions. No more was said and I went back to reading the magazine.

The next thing I knew he grabbed the magazine away from me. It was only laying on the table in front of me, so he hadn’t grabbed it out of my hands, but still he knew I was reading it.  I was shocked, but it wasn’t long until he gave it back.  Once more I went back to reading and a few minutes later he took it again. Well this time I was rather upset and I just grabbed another magazine while thinking how rude he was being.  He gave me the magazine back again and he left without saying a word. I can’t say that I was sorry to see him go.

Some time passed and I got myself an ice cream sundae. Actually I don’t remember getting up to get it , it just kind of appeared in front of me. Real life should be like dreams, think of what you want and instantly it appears!

After I finished my ice cream the man appeared in front of me again, but this time he had something in his hand. He laid it down in front of me and I was speechless. He had made what I had wanted to make for my child. It was perfect and I thanked him so much and realized how wrong I had been about him. Moments before my heart had been filled with irritation at him,  and now it was filled with gratitude.  I knew that I would have never been able to make the thing, even with instructions

I wish I could describe for you what the thing was, but I really have no clue.  All I know is  that it was a complex thingamajig. It had a little motor in it, some kind of fan that made another little strange thingamajig move back and forth. This thingamajig that blew back and forth was connected to the back of something which resembled a person. I remember that the person like thing appeared to be smiling and that their hair was standing straight up, but that’s it.

The moral of the dream :  Don’t be too quick to judge, even when you don’t understand why someone is doing what they are doing. You may be surprised at their motive! What “the thing” was supposed to be? What it meant?  Well, I believe we may never know that answer, unless any of you have an idea about it that you want to share. Feel free to share below.



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Did you wake up feeling happy this morning?  I have been happy in the knowledge that “The Odessa Chronicles”,  the book that Colin and I have worked on for so long,  is sooo close to being released! Such a wonderful feeling seeing everything come together. Never stop dreaming, you just never know when one of your dreams will come true!  Have an amazing Tuesday.


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  7. 571e27458272a5fcc325b5129fbe9095 Jaxon is a wise Jackalope!
  8. 01e9ab0840b88cfd9d0f512790729b2b Dewey had to get his advice in as well.
  9. e8aeb000c4efdbd62ddd17019ad1bece Wisdom from the man-servant
  10. 91c737bf7b2ae4a9035e66ac51bc2ab9 Wisdom from the whole gang at Moonbeam Farm! 🙂



Castle of Treasures

I had thought of writing this post and then I noticed the subject of Laura Bailey’s Monday challenge was Castle. It went together perfectly.   Visit Laura’s blog https://alltheshoesiwear.wordpress.com/2018/07/16/manic-mondays-3-way-prompt-3/enhanced-buzz-orig-11964-1361567630-6

The Hearst Castle Library – (from Pinterest)


Books were among her most favorite things. She could travel to so many places through the pages of a book. Had no problem shutting out the noise or conversations that were going on around her. She could read while on a train, or sitting in a busy coffee shop. Park benches called her name or sometimes she would find a soft spot underneath the shade of a tree.

Many nights she burned the midnight oil because of having to read just one more page.

The sun shined bright in her heart when sitting on the sand, listening to the sound of the waves while losing herself in a book.

Was there any place where she couldn’t sit and enjoy a good book?

Today she had one goal in mind. To visit the special castle that she had heard about. One that held a library of treasures in it. Libraries had a special aura to them and were so inviting. They were so quiet and peaceful. Her hands would touch the books as she would browse through the many shelves of them.  Sometimes she would hold a book in her hand and imagine what it would feel like to have been the author.  To be the author of something that would touch the hearts of others and bring them smiles. Oh what an indescribable feeling that must be!

She smiled to herself as she kept browsing through the many books, looking for a very special one. Suddenly there it was. The book she had been looking for. She held it in her hands, gazing at the beautiful cover. She looked for just the right place to curl up and sit.

Finding the chair she wanted, she sank into the plush cushions.  As she opened the book she was overcome with an indescribable feeling.

Little Red

Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the woods one sunny day. She was in no special hurry,  she enjoyed slowly walking through the woods listening to the trees speak and seeing the squirrels scurry up them.

Wait, what was that coming out from around the tree? Never had she seen a lamb in the woods before.  The poor thing looked scared as Little Red walked slowly towards it. It stared at her with its deep blue eyes and didn’t move.

The lamb let Little Red stroke its head, and she thought that it must belong to someone, for it seemed to welcome her touch. It’s fleece was so soft.

The lamb must be lost but Little Red had no idea how to go about finding its owner.  She was not fluent in the language that lambs spoke and she did have to get to her Grandparent’s house. She stroked the lamb one more time as she looked into its eyes, trying to apologize for having to leave.

Little Red started on her way again, but she felt like something was following her. Sure enough the little lamb was not going to let her out of his sight.

They had fun on their walk, at times Little Red would dash behind a tree, but the lamb would always find her.  Everywhere Little Red went, the lamb was sure to follow.

A creek was ahead and they stopped there to take a little rest. Little Red was hot so she took off her sock and shoes and decided to wade into the creek.  Ahh! The water felt so nice and cool.

The little lamb was drinking from the creek when it lifted its head.  Its ears went up, it had heard something. He glanced around excitedly, he knew that voice. It was his Mary!

Little Red watched as he ran towards Mary.  She could see the love for him shine out of Mary’s eyes. Mary was coming her way, so Little Red got out of the creek to greet her.

“Hi, I am Mary. Thank you so much for taking care of my little lamb, I have been looking all over for him!”

“You are most welcome, would you like to come with me to my Grandparent’s  house?  I am sure that they would love to meet you and your little lamb with its fleece as white as snow.

Mary agreed and soon they were off. In no time at all they had reached Little Red’s Grandparent’s  house and Little Red knocked on the door.  She heard her Grandmother call out to her to come in.

They entered and headed back to her bedroom. When they walked in what a sight greeted them! The little lamb quickly took off running, bolting through the open door that Little Red had forgotten to close behind them. Mary went running after, for everywhere the lamb went Mary was sure to go.

Little Red doubled over in laughter at the chaos.

“Oh Grandpa! I just never know what you will be dressed up as when I come. You are so full of surprises.  Where oh where did you get such a realistic wolf costume?  It is great!  I am afraid you scared our guests away though. Let me see if I can catch them.”

Little Red dashed out the door to see if she could catch up with Mary and alas she did. She explained everything to Mary and they were glad to follow Little Red back to her grandparents house.  They had a lovely time together sharing conversation and laughter over a delicious meal.



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

You can’t always see the hole in the tire, before the tire deflates!

Sometimes the fingers type faster than the brain!

Happiness is in the air at Moonbeam Farm … Odessa’s preening her wings … Jaxon is working on his magic … the man-servant is smiling … heart full of joy as he greets a new day, and Dewey … well he is sleeping … after all, he is a cat!

“The Odessa Chronicles” coming soon! By Carolyn Shelton and Colin Chappell from https://meandray.com/

Artwork done by Jodi McKinney from https://lifeinbetween.me/



manservant-back-cover-moonbeam-farm       dewey-the-cat-moonbeam-farm-in-watercolor-8x10-140lb-saunders-hot-press


A Special Day

Yesterday was July 11th, which if you remember reading in my posts, I had mentioned about being anxious for it to come.  Anxious because my husband had planned a surprise for me that evening. I will hold you all in suspense no longer, but first I want to say how yesterday started.

I had to run our dog to the groomer and I thought on the way back from dropping her off that I would stop at the store quickly to pick up a few items. Well I could only find one of the things that I wanted, but that was okay.  I was smiling for I knew that evening was coming.

I greeted the cashier, she rang me up and I opened my wallet to pay and … I could not find my card. Most of the time this would not be a problem, for the item that I was buying was small, not more than $5. I don’t carry a lot of cash around, but I do usually keep a little on hand, except for this time. I had plenty of pennies and dimes and nickels, but no cash and I still couldn’t find my card.

While I was looking in my purse, for I knew it had to be there, an older lady behind me reached over me and paid the cashier. Shocked, I quickly turned to the lady and thanked her for being so kind. I was just going to put the item back, I told her she didn’t need to do that, but she insisted. She said it was her good deed for the day and for me just to “pay it forward”.  I assured her that I would as I thanked her again, and I felt humbled. Humbled at the fact that she didn’t hesitate to pay for me. How many times have I seen people in front of me digging for  money to pay a cashier? Did I ever think to reach down into my wallet and pay the cashier for them? I am going to be keeping my eyes more open now.

Now fast forward to the evening. My husband and I both love music, he has a huge CD collection and my musical tastes have definitely been expanded since meeting him. He took me to a concert that he had heard about coming to our area. Somehow I missed hearing about it, which he was glad about.

We both love Celtic music. The concert was by Colm Keegan and Laura Durrant. Colm used to tour with the group “Celtic Thunder”, and Laura was the cellist for them.  In the past few years they left the group and now travel around performing together.

It was a lovely, relaxing time. What added a special touch to the evening was that the concert was at the same Bed and Breakfast Inn that we had spent our wedding night at. Did I mention that my husband was romantic?

The crowd was small, we pretty much had front row seats and it was a nice casual time of them sharing about their lives and them performing.

I had trouble deciding what video clip to include in this post, but I hope you like the following one. Have a beautiful day and remember “pay it forward” whenever you get the chance. Kindness makes the world go round and it also fills the heart with beautiful music.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday to everyone! How is your week going so far? Wednesday is almost here. You may remember me mentioning in my “Smile Time” post last week about how my hubby has a special surprise for me on Wednesday. The wait is finally almost over. It won’t be until Wednesday evening but at least I can say that it will be tomorrow! I am sure that we aren’t hopping a plane to Hawaii, but its not about how big the surprise is, its just the fact that he likes to plan surprises for me. He was like that while we dated and its been that way throughout our marriage.

Here is a funny memory that just popped in my head when talking about surprises. When we were dating it was a lot by letters and phone calls,  for he lived over 500 miles away from me in the state of Indiana. I remember one time when I was really missing him, even though he had just came and visited me not that long ago.  The weekend visits just always went too fast!  We were talking on the phone and I was telling him to come back out the coming weekend.  I told him if he did that I would eat a whole can of green beans that weekend.  Green beans are not my favorite vegetable! He didn’t come but he said he really was thinking about it and had planned to bring the biggest can of green beans that he could find! I would have been eating them breakfast, lunch and dinner! I had not even thought at how there are different size cans, I was of course picturing a small can in my mind. To this day he still says he wishes he would have done that just to have seen my face. LOL!

Okay, it is Tuesday so I should move onto the quotes. Sorry, took a little longer getting there this morning. Enjoy and have a great day! May little surprises fill your day!

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The Shining of the Setting Sun

014541c7016a0a80bd79ca7d27c70602 painting done by Dmitry Spiros


Olivia was sitting at the pond and thinking. Thinking of what the future held. Where would life lead her too?  There was such peacefulness at sitting by the water and watching the fish swim by. Sometimes she wondered what it would be like to be a fish and just be able to swim and float all day in the water. What about being a dolphin who swims with the waves, up and over, and looks so carefree! A mermaid perhaps, she would ride on the backs of dolphins and visit with sea turtles.

Oh sometimes the underwater world looked so much more inviting. She could chat with a whale and laugh with the clown fish. The pains from the world up above would all go away. She would forget what had broken her heart when on land and her pain would be carried away by the waves, lost in the depths of the sea.

As tempting as it was, she knew she couldn’t go live in the deep blue sea. For all the troubles and pain that this world held, it also held so many joys, and promising hopes.  Joy in the blessings of friends and family who loved her and hope at what was to come.

She gazed upon the reflection of the setting sun on the water. It was so beautiful. She hoped that her reflection on the world would bring that kind of beauty. That her love in helping others would shine through as she took care of them. Caring for them  in their times of brokenness and pain. She would  be the caring hand to wipe their fevered brow with a cold cloth. The empathetic heart hugging the patient who had just received a grim diagnosis. The hand that held the shaking hand of a scared patient, calming them with her gentle presence, a time when no words would be needed.

Her parents had always encouraged her to let her inner beauty shine, their love shined on her like an eternal flame. Out of their love, her love has overflowed onto others.

Her Daddy had always been proud of her and he still was. His love may shine down from above now but it still was so very strong. She would continue to make him proud as she would look up at the stars in the night and give a wink to the special star twinkling down at her.

Olivia smiled and her spirit was soothed. She felt the warm reassurance bubble up inside of her. She had faith that no matter what came her way, she would keep shining.  Shining like the sun.


Be a Ringo!



“Ringo, you can’t be in every picture! Let your brothers and sisters in too!”

Ringo backed off, but he still was smiling. He couldn’t help it, he was a very happy Emu and wanted everyone else to be happy too!  He loved having fun and spreading cheer, even if it wasn’t always appreciated. More often than not he would get certain looks from his sister Regina.


Regina didn’t always understand Ringo, but they still got along fine. Ringo liked to keep Regina on her toes by never knowing quite what to expect. Was Ringo going to just give her a passing smile or was he going to holler ….

7fc9bdc094c264c61dfc76be665bde0a making everyone turn and look his way.



No one ever knew what Ringo may do. You know what they say, every family has its clown! Ringo was happy to take the job. It came to him so naturally and though some may give him strange glances at first, he usually succeeded at turning the frowns into a smile.  At least with some.


And if Ringo could make at least someone smile then he was happy!


(All photos were from Pinterest)