Tuesday’s Thoughts

They say the 3rd time is the charm, my son is hoping for that. 2x now he had to reschedule sky diving, due to rain. Yes, he is braver than his Mom! A friend is going with him. He said they were talking one day about how everyone talks about things they want to do and they make bucket lists but they never do them. There is truth in his words. What is something on your list?

Enjoy the quotes and perhaps get started on your list. 🙂










The difference in how men and women think! 🙂


Confessions by the Sea

This is the continuation of Saturday’s post, http://www.The Search Begins

They walked along the beach chatting, though Brent was doing most of the talking. He found himself spilling bis guts to a stranger. Hadn’t planned on it, but sometimes things just happen.

After finishing his story there was silence. All you heard were the waves crashing against the shore. Both men were deep in thought.

“I hope you find her.” Tyler looked at Brent with eyes of compassion.

Brent was holding her picture in his hands, staring at it once again.

“I still remember how I felt when I first read Tracey’s letter, telling me I was going to be a Dad. She wanted me to run away with her.

I felt a mixture of shock, joy and of fear. I had my life ahead of me. I had plans. How was this going to work out? Me being a Dad, I wasn’t ready for that, I was going to college on a scholarahip!”

Tyler nodded, not saying a word.

Brent hung his head, sadness in his eyes. I made the wrong choice all those years ago, and I will never forgive myself if I don’t find her. I let too much time go by, but I will fix it. I have too. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t?”

The question hung in the air. Tyler didn’t need to answer it, he knew that Brent already knew the answer.

The waves were getting higher and the clouds were gray.

“I think it may be best if you stay with me tonight. Looks like a storm is brewing. My house is right over there. It is small, but I have a guest room. I am not the greatest cook, but I have learned over the years. I can make us a good supper. What do you say?”

Brent looked at the sky, and back at Tyler. “Sounds like an offer that I can’t refuse. Thank you kindly. While I am here would it be possible to climb to the top of the lighthouse with you? I have never been inside a real lighthouse.”

“Sure! No problem. Lets go, before those clouds decide to open.”

Brent followed him into the lighthouse and they started climbing. One step really creaked on the way up.

“Oh I need to fix that step. Its showing its age and groaning.”

After more climbing Brent was beginning to think that he may start groaning. He thought he was in good shape, but he didn’t climb 229 steps every day!

Later that night it felt good to stretch out in a soft bed, with a warm, fuzzy blanket. His stomach was full from a good supper of potatoes and hamburger with asparagus. Then some Banana Cream pie for dessert.

He listened to it raining outside and was thankful to Tyler for his offer to spend the night. Brent had been through storms on the sea before and it wasn’t much fun!

The sound of the rain and the waves were gradually lulling him to sleep.

Tomorrow hopefully the sun would shine and he could continue his journey to Bar Harbor in Maine. He knew that he was taking a chance on Tracey still living there with Molly, but that was the most current address he could find for her.

He had to find Molly, the plan wouldn’t work if he didn’t. She was the key and he was not going to see this plan fail! He hadn’t told the old man everything. Fortunately he had caught himself before he said too much. That was his last thought as he drifted off to sleep.

(To be continued)

The Search Begins

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The sun was going down and Tyler was in the lighthouse, like he had been for the past 20 years.

Most lighthouses were automatically operated now, but Tyler had no desire to have his become automated. What would he do? This had been his life.

He had no wife or family, he was on his own. Tyler had always loved the ocean, and he was perfectly content. He listened to the waves speak while taking many walks on the beach, and the seagulls flocked around him. There was nowhere else that he would rather be.

24 hours a day a lighthouse keeper was supposed to be available for a couple weeks at a time.

Unfortunately due to bad weather sometimes it could be 4 or 6 weeks before they were relieved by another keeper. Not many women wanted a guy that was so tied down.

When thinking of all the boats he had saved from hitting the rocks, the job was worth the sacrifice.

Tyler’s eyes peered down from the window. Well, well…it looked like he had company.

Tyler watched from the lighthouse as a boat docked and a tall man stepped out. He was wearing a large broad rimmed hat, long sleeve white t-shirt and jeans. Looked like he was protecting himself from the sun. Tyler wondered how long he had been on the water.

With his many walks on the beach and lifting weights Tyler was in good shape, which he needed to be when going up and down 209 steps. He headed down the steps to the beach.

Giving Tyler a firm handshake, he spoke. “HI! Glad to meet you. I am Brent and needed to stop for a rest. Hope its Ok. Been on the water for several days. Headed to Bar Harbor.”

“I rarely get visitors, so you are more than welcome to rest awhile. Will be glad for the company.”

They were chatting amicably. Brent was most interested in Tyler’s life as a Lighthouse Keeper. When they paused in conversation Tyler asked a question.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what takes you to Bar Harbor?”

Brent’s eyes took on a look of distress and Tyler almost felt sorry for asking.

“I am trying to find my little girl.”

He pulled a picture out of his wallet. It was worn around the edges but one couldn’t deny how adorable the child was. She was sitting in the grass looking like she had been given the ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. She was holding a fluffy, white bunny.

“Her name is Molly.”

(To be continued…)

*The last manned lighthouse was manned until 1998 The Boston Light in Bar Harbor, MA. *

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

If you have never known heart pounding desperation for your safety …. never had bombs going off around you … and never known the hopelessness of seeing a plane fly into the sky, leaving you on the ground … then count your blessings … and remember those in Afghanistan.


You may think you are fooling someone … but in the end you may be the one who is the fool!

The satisfying feeling of looking at organized cupboards … if only you could do it once and have it stay that way!

Back in Time

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Renee was a vibrant soul. Daring and loving adventure. Jumping off the high swing into the lake as the sun went down had been one of her favorite things to do. Nothing stopped her when she was young.

Her poor mom was often pulling out her hair over her. How many times had she climbed down the trellis right outside her bedroom window to go out for a late night walk in the moonlight with Robbie? Oh Robbie, the childhood sweetheart who had become her husband.

Renee would never forget dancing with him in the moonlight after they were married. He had proposed to her under the stars and he never lost his romantic touch over the years.

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They danced, they loved, they fought, made up and kept loving over the years. He loved her crazy spirit, even if he didn’t always go along with the things she wanted to do. She had to do the bungee jumping on her own, but he did go up in a hot air balloon with her. It was an amazing view looking down below as they flew over fields of gold.

Renee closed her photo album with warmth in her heart as memories slid down her cheeks. It had been 5 years since Robbie had died. They had shared 55 years together and she was so thankful. He always called her his sweet Renee. Rarely did he use her first name. From the day he found out that her middle name was Renee, that’s what he called her.

Looking around her apartment. she smiled as she sighed. She would always miss him, but she did have it good here. The people were real friendly. Sometimes she worried that she might be a little too much for some people, but that was her, she was loud and vivacious. Arthur seemed a little shy of her at times, but he would come around. In fact maybe she should go drop by his room.

Spraying her favorite perfume on herself, she started getting ready. The words to one of the first songs that she had sang to Robbie started running through her mind. She sang to him for the first time on one of the nights that that they had slipped away from her house and were dancing under the stars.

Her voice may not be quite what it was many years ago, but in the privacy of her room, Charlotte started to sing.

The Sly Deal!

This is the conclusion to Monday’s post http://www.Devising a Plan

“Well, I do appreciate your effort in spite of the fact that it failed!” Mason was trying to reassure his good friend who had tried to rescue him, but now was sitting in the same room as Mason. Tied to a chair with his arms behind his back.

“How is your head?”

Tippner sighed. “Feeling a little loopy, but not too bad, though you look like you have 2 heads.”

Mason cracked a smile. “Don’t worry, the double vision will pass, mine did.

“So whats the plan now?” Tippner asked, with hope in his eyes.

They were silent as they looked around the empty, windowless room.

“Remember when that crazy cowbell turned us into cats? That would come in handy right now, we could slip out the door when they open it.”

Tippner agreed that he would love being a cat right now. If only!

The town of Bittersweet Creek was all abuzz. Their most eligible bachelor was missing and it was suspected that there was foul play. Oh what would they do.

Miss Penny was wiping her eyes, “I just don’t know how I will cope without seeing him every day. That head full of beautiful hair!”

The town was in even deeper distress now for Mr. Tippner was also gone. He had bravely set out to rescue Mason, but people were beginning to despair of ever seeing either of them again.

Cara and Sara were trying to console a paniked Amanda. They had just arrived at the castle.

Amanda knew where the guys were for she had got a ransom note. Nick wanted the castle and 10 grand. He warned that if they involved the police Mason and Tippner would be hurt.

She was ready to give in to demands, she couldn’t handle the thought of anything happening to Mason. Of course Tippner was a nice guy too the ladies said. Who would fix their bikes if something happened to him and he did make them laugh.

Cara had laid awake all night thinking and she had formed a plan. She was thankful for an unending supply of Caramel Lattes to keep her awake. She would need to put another order in for more caramel, she used the last bottle.

Sara and Amanda agreed that the plan sounded perfect when Cara told them. Amanda’s eyes brightened, feeling hope rise in her.

They eagerly watched the clock waiting for the time to be right to go meet Nick with the “ransom”.

Nick stood in front of Mason and Tippner gloating. “I was able to double the ransom to 10,000 since you were so kind to come Tippner.”

Tippner groaned, as he cast a evil eye at Nick. Nick laughed.

“So do you think Amanda will come through, she is sweet on you isn’t she?”

Mason didn’t comment at all, but his blood pressure was rising as Nick started talking about Amanda in a crude manner.

The vein in Mason’s neck was popping out and he was getting red in the face with anger. Thankfully Nick stopped talking and Mason realized that Amanda was really becoming special to him.

“Well boys, hate to leave this fun party but its that time to go see if yoir heroine saves the day for the 2 of you. I sure do hope she comes alone, would hate if I had to teach her a lesson. Than again, maybe it could be fun.” He looked at Mason with a devilish grin.

Mason almost jumped out of his chair! “Whoa man! Calm down! I see I am going to have to retie the rope, you are pretty strong.”

Nick quickly re-tied it and then left, knowing he bettet not stir Mason up anymore.

Amanda was at the meeting place trying not to feel too nervous. Cara and Sarah were hiding in the bushes.

She saw Nick in the distance, taking a deep breath she composed herself.

“What is this?” Nick exclaimed.

“Its a donkey, I would think you would be very familiar with them.”

“I would advise you that you aren’t in a position to insult me. “

Amanda didn’t say anything.

“Well, where is the money?”

“I want to see them first, make sure they aren’t hurt. Take me to them. “

Nick looked around, “I guess its safe. Follow me.”

Amanda hopped up on the donkey and Nick rolled his eyes. “Whatever, go ahead and bring your harmless donkey. “

Soon they got to the building where Tippner and Mason were. Nick told Amanda to wait and he would bring them out.

Amanda’s heart was skipping beats as she stood beside Betsy’s friend, Jenny. The one who had visited Bittersweet Creek before. This plan just had to work, thought Amanda.

Her breath caught in her throat when she saw Mason and she was so glad to see that kind Mr. Tippner was OK as well.

Mason and Tippner were elated to see Amanda but shocked at the sight of Jenny.

Wasting no time Amanda nudged Jenny. . Jenny started saying gibberish words and Nick was totally confused as he walked closer towards her. A-choo!!

She sneezed so big the spray hit Nick, Mason and Tippner and. …HONK! They were all geese!

Nick was flapping around like crazy and Mason and Tippner had their heads on the ground. Almost like they were smacking their heads.

Amanda was filled with joy. The guys were free, though not everything may have gone exactly as planned!

Who knows where Nick was, 3 dogs came out of the field and started chasing him.

Cara, Sarah, Amanda and the 2 guys who were now geese were back at the castle. Jenny, the donkey was trying her hardest to remember how to break the spell. She was so much better at casting spells than breaking them.

Cara had been laughing uncontrollably when she first saw the guys. She remembered her experience and how the guys had been so “sympathetic” of her plight. What goes around, comes around, she thought.

“Say Cheese!” Cara snapped a picture and all the girls laughed as they talked about putting the picture up on the wall in the coffee shop.

Now that the danger was over it felt wonderful to laugh again. They all celebrated that the women and a special donkey named Jenny, had saved the day.

Cara looked at Mason with a smirk on her face, “Hey Mason, being that you can’t talk right now perhaps you can start thinking at how you will repay my kindness. Time off on a nice, luxurious trip may be perfect. If not, I could always tell Jenny to take her time in casting off your spell.”

Then she turned to Tippner. ” The girls and I decided that we could really use some new free bikes, top of the line please.”

“HONK!” The guys heads smacked the ground.

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Feeling very thankful for A/C, as its another sweltering hot day here. Remembering my childhood days of sitting right in front of the fan and talking into it, like we all did, right? Days of not having A/C, but not really thinking about it. Now I couldn’t do without it, we get spoiled easily, don’t we.  I am also dreaming of how exactly a month from now I will be at the beach with my dear friend! That thought alone helps to cool me down. The waves and seagulls are calling. 







No, this isn’t a confession, but … we do have sharpies of various colors. LOL!








Devising a Plan

This it the continuing story about Amanda and the fight for her castle. If  you missed Part 1, here is the link, The Lost Fairytale

Nick threw his phone against the wall. Nothing was going right, he thought he had the perfect plan and it was blowing up in his face! He didn’t think it would be hard to manipulate Amanda to give in to him , but he hadn’t counted on her having a boyfriend. At least he assumed it was her boyfriend, by the way she blushed when he was around and the look she had in her eyes. He remembered when Denise used to look at him that way. Her eyes were cold now, this is why he needed the castle! Surely he would win back her love if she found out he had inherited a castle! 

He had to figure out what he was going to do about this Mason guy. Early this morning he showed up at the castle unannounced, hoping to catch Amanda off guard . Unfortunately she surprised him by introducing Mason, who had flown in the night before.  Watching Amanda run her fingers through Mason’s wavy hair made him grimace. He remembered how he used to run his fingers through the long honey brown locks of Denise’s hair. A pang went through his heart. OH Denise, how he missed her. Setting his jaw firmly in place he decided that no one was going to keep him from getting this castle! 

“This castle is amazing, I can see why you want to keep it.” 

Amanda was giving Mason a tour. Last night, by the time his flight got in he was exhausted and had wanted to go to bed. After a good night’s sleep and 2 cups of strong, black coffee this morning he was ready for the full Castle tour. Seeing Amanda again was doing things to his heart that he found hard to ignore as she was showing him room after room. How many rooms did this castle have? One could very well get lost in the castle with all the curving hallways. It was like a giant labyrinth and he felt like a little mouse in it 

“This is my Great Aunt Isabella and this is ..” Amanda was explaining the pictures in the little gallery room. 

“Mason, are you listening?” Amanda felt his warm eyes on her. 

After some moments of silence passed, Amanda spoke, trying to remain calm. This was Mason, yes he was attractive with his luxurious hair and charming smile, but was he feeling attracted to her too? She couldn’t forget that look he had in his eyes last night when he first saw her. He was tired, but there was a special look in his eyes that Amanda didn’t miss. Girls were observant and picked up on things like that. Could it be that she hadn’t been dreaming, that the sparks she felt start in Bittersweet Creek were mutual and growing? 

“Why don’t we take a break and go outside, I can show you the gardens, they are quite appealing to the eye.” Amanda waited for his reply. 

“That sounds quite fine with me. If their beauty matches yours, then it will be quite the lovely garden indeed.” Giving her a wink he took her hand. “Lead the way M’lady!”  Amanda had to try her hardest to control the flutters in her heart. 

They headed for the gardens, and soon they were outside in the back of the castle and Mason saw the gardens. He whistled, “You were right, its stunning!” 

Conversation was light as they walked and then when they sat down on a bench by the fountain the conversation turned to the matter of Amanda’s grandparents will and Nick fighting for it. 

“I know Nick isn’t who he says he is, I just can tell.” 

Mason shook his head, “I believe you, but we need to prove it somehow. From what you told me before, it sounds like his lawyer is crooked. Before I forget I am supposed to tell  you that Cara and Sarah are pulling for you and Mr. Tippner too.”

Amanda smiled, she had made great friends of them all back in Bittersweet Creek and their support meant a lot. 

“Please give them all my sincere thanks, and tell me, has Mr. Tippner got any better at golfing?”

Amanda laughed, remembering the last visit she had out there and how they had all went golfing. HIs golf balls kept ending up in the water. 

They were laughing together as they shared some other fun memories, like when Mason, Tippner and Bard got drenched on the campout that they had. 

“Miss. Amanda, MIss. Amanda.” Tasha, the cook was calling to her as she came running down the path towards them. 

“There is an urgent phone call for you.” 

Amanda wondered what it could possibly be about and was instantly on her feet. 

“Go ahead and stay here, feel free to roam the rest of the gardens, and I will be back soon.” she said to Mason. 

Mason watched Amanda follow Tasha back into the castle and found himself lost in pleasant thoughts again, watching her until she was out of sight. 

Lost in a daydream, he was oblivious to the 2 guys sneaking up behind him. THUNK! Something hard hit his head, knocking him out. 

They quickly tied his hands together as they dragged him to the car, shoving him into the back seat.

The driver pressed on the gas and squealed the tires as he pulled out, heading down the road. 

Yes, it had worked! Nick felt pride. Amanda would learn that no one keeps Nick from what he wants.  Poor Mason had just shown up at the wrong time. He hated to disturb Mason and Amanda’s little rondevue in the garden, thought Nick, but Mason’s luck had just run out. Chuckling to himself he turned down an alley. Time for the fun to begin. 

(to be continued…) 









Hidden Treasure, Tomato Frog and more

Hope you enjoy the following facts. There is always something to learn, not that it will help you get on Jeopardy or anything, but you never know!


I want this stone.


So that’s how Santa’s reindeer can see better to fly on Christmas Eve!


Well that is one guaranteed way to not get eaten!


Clever thinking and it is said that the breed is making a comeback.


Hmmm. … wonder if he had a dog or cat to keep him company.


Sorry the treasure was found already! 10 years ago Forrest Fenn, a 89 year old antiques dealer wrote the poem and hid the treasure. A 32 year old medical student from Michigan found it and it was actually 2 million! That will help to pay off medical school!