Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully your week is off to a great start and may this post help keep it that way. While scrolling in Pinterest for quotes the following picture showed up. Did you have one of these in your childhood? I spent many happy hours looking at fun pictures with this. What’s a toy from your childhood that made you smile? 










Whispers of Love

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Hugging her bunny close to her, she wiped a tear from her eye. She was awake, it had all been a dream, only a dream. Molly’s grandmother would not be in the kitchen preparing pancakes for her. Sighing, she buried her head into Toffee’s fur for a moment. Why oh why did you leave me Grammy? Pinching her eyes shut she tried to make the dream come back to her. The dream of being wrapped in one of Grammy’s warm hugs.

“Molly! Breakfast is ready.”

With one more hug to Toffee, Molly got out of bed. She wondered if Mommy Kimberly had made pancakes. Her pancakes didn’t taste like her Grammy’s but she was so kind to Molly that it was OK.

It was only the 2 of them sitting at the table, Jacob had already left for work. When Molly took her last bite of chocolate chip pancakes, Kimberly surprised her with great news.

“How would you like to go visit Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s farm today?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Molly may have had clouds in her eyes before, but now her face was as bright as a rainbow. She loved going to visit her best friend Betsy, Mr. Fuzzywhistle’s cow.

Kimberly’s heart was light, she knew Molly loved the farm and being with Betsy seemed to always be good for her.

Soon they were ready to go for Molly got dressed in record time, instead of her usual dawdling.

They drove down the road belting out “Old McDonald had a farm”, and “The Wheels on the Bus”. Kimberly had never considered herself a great singer, but singing with Molly was always fun and it made the trip go faster. When they arrived Molly was craning her neck to try and see if Betsy was in the field.

“She’s there, she’s there!” She shot out the door like a bolt of lightning and ran for the field.

Kimberly stayed back to visit the new baby goats. They were so cute and she wanted to help Mr. Fuzzywhistle feed them with their bottles. She enjoyed talking to Mr. Fuzzywhistle, he usually had some funny stories to share with her and sometimes words of wisdom too.

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Molly ran her small fingers through the lush green grass, while talking to her favorite cow.

“I miss Grammy. I wanna hug her and have her hold me in her lap.”

Her bottom lip puckered out.

Betsy’s eyes shone with compassion. Little Molly had stolen her heart.

“You really loved your Grammy, I know.”

“She was the bestest Grammy in all the world.” Molly spread her arms out really wide, and then sighed. “She was the only one who loved me.”

Betsy bent her head down, nuzzling Molly’s face which made her giggle. “I know you love me too, Betsy. You and Toffee are my best friends!” She wrapped her small arms around Betsy’s neck.

“Miss Kimberly loves you too.”

Not a word was spoken for a few minutes. Molly continued hanging onto Betsy’s neck. Then her voice was barely audible as she whispered, “I know, but what if she leaves me too?”

The 2 friends were silent for awhile. Lost in thought, but enjoying each other’s company.

Then Molly remembered Kimberly mentioning how Mr. Fuzzywhistle had new baby goats, she wanted to see them!

“I gotta go Betsy, love you!”

Betsy watched Molly scamper away, and she went back to grazing. She wasn’t so sure what was so special about the new goats, but oh well!

“They are sooo cute!” Molly was all smiles, as she petted one.

“I haven’t picked names for them yet, think you can help me?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle smiled down at her, while stroking his beard.

Molly appeared to be in deep concentration for a short time.

“Jellybean and Whisper!”

Kimberly and Mr. Fuzzywhistle laughed. “Jellybean and Whisper it is! Thank you Molly, wouldn’t want them to be nameless.”

After spending a little longer at the farm, Molly said she was hungry.

“Why don’t we all go visit Mason’s coffee shop in town. They have mighty tasty ice cream, but you probably don’t like ice cream, do you?” Mr. Fuzzywhistle was grinning looking at Molly, whose face lit up.

“Ice cream! I love ice cream!”

It didn’t take them long to get to get to the coffee shop. Molly’s eyes got as big as a flying saucer when Mason brought out her ice cream sundae.

2 big scoops of cookie dough ice cream with with whip cream , sweet cherries and plenty of hot fudge.

Even Cara’s eyes got big, thinking it looked really good. “Hey Mason, could you make me an ice cream sundae too?”

The bell jangled as a customer walked in. Mason looked at Cara, ” Sorry, looks like you have a customer to wait on.”

Grinning he sat down with Molly.

Cara shook her head, but she had to smile as she watched him with Molly, making her laugh with his goofy faces. He always was good with the children that came into the coffee shop. It was like a superpower of his, he never failed to get a smile out of them.

Ahh! It was Mr. Tippner who had come in. Now she would still get to eat her ice cream sundae, she would quickly get Tippner’s order. He always ordered the same thing, a simple BLT. with some chips and applesauce on the side. It wouldn’t take her long to fix that, and then she could enjoy a yummy treat.

More laughter came from Molly, Cara looked over at her thinking that Kimberly and Jacob were so blessed to have Molly. No one knew much about her past, but for those who knew her, they all agreed that she was one special little girl.

Finding Mr. Right!

This is the conclusion to my The Rowboat Surprise post. 


A scream made Edmund almost drop his paddle. Danny screamed again. 

“Its Ok kid, you don’t need to scream.” Danny took one look at him and opened his mouth to scream again but Edmund covered his mouth with his hand, “Ouch!” Edmund pulled his hand away. “He bit me!” 

Billy was trying not to laugh, and that made Edmund more mad. 

“You think that is funny.” 

” Sorry, but what do you expect? The kid is scared. Did you think he was really going to be Ok with waking up on a different boat with strange men on it?” 

Edmund sighed, Billy was right. He again kicked himself for ever getting mixed up with this crazy lady in the first place! Kidnapping was not a job skill that he had wanted to acquire! 

Danny had calmed down some as he intently listened to Billy and Edmund talking. They didn’t seem quite as scary now, though he was feeling uneasy about where they were taking him. He thought of jumping out of the boat and making a swim for it, but he wasn’t dumb enough to think that he could outswim them. Plus he always had been one that loved adventure. When school resumed again, and he had to write a report about what he did over the summer, well this little adventure would make his classmates speechless! 

“Hey! Where are we going? I do need to be home by suppertime, you know.” Danny said. 

Billy and Edmund looked at each other. “Its a secret place, we will be there soon.” Billy replied. 

Danny was silent, trying to imagine where they could possibly be taking him and why! He was thinking how he probably shouldn’t have read that science fiction book last night. His imagination was beginning to run away with him and as much as he loved adventure, he was thinking that maybe this wasn’t an adventure that he wanted. 

Like Billy said, it wasn’t long before they went under a long bridge and docked the boat right in front of a large Maple tree. 

“Time to get off the boat and take you to see our boss.” Edmund said to Danny. 

Danny looked a little wary, but he followed the guys off the boat without saying a word. Edmund made a promise to himself that if she was to try to hurt the boy he would protect him at any cost! 

As they were walking, Danny saw a strange lady come running to them. Her hair was green and yellow, and she had 3 hands! Danny started shaking, this lady looked like she leapt from the pages of his story that he had read last night. Was that 3 noses on her face? Was she an alien? He froze in his tracks and couldn’t go any farther. 

“Its about time you guys got here, I been waiting all day! Where is he?” the strange lady shouted at Billy and Edmund. 

“He is right behind us, Ma’am.” 

She peered behind them, her eyes fell on Danny and she shrieked! “A boy! You got me a boy!! What were you thinking?” 

Billy and Edmund looked at each other and back at her. ” Didn’t you say anyone?” 

The lady threw her hands up in the air! “OH HELP! How do I put up with these imbeciles ! I said, any MAN! I want a husband you fools! This boy is no good to me!” 

On hearing those words Danny felt relief surge through him! 

“Take him back!”

“I will be more than happy too.” said Edmund. He turned and looked at  Danny, “Ready to go?” 

“Yes sir!” and Danny took off running as fast as he could for the boat, with Edmund close behind. 

“Hey, I am coming too.” yelled Billy as he ran after them. 

“Pitiful! They are absolutely no help! Obviously if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So where am I going to find a husband?” 

What was that cheerful sound? The lady perked up her ears, listening to the whistling and watching to see who was coming. 

She gasped as she started to swoon and see hearts in front of her. A tall, handsome guy was walking down the path with a fishing pole. He was headed towards the lake, and oh was he dreamy. That hair, she had never seen such luxurious, wavy hair. Not only was it so wavy, but it was a fascinating shade of blue! 

That was him, that was her husband to be, thought the lady. 

Being totally unaware of anyone watching him, Mason sat down at the lake to get his fishing pole ready. The lady crept closer to him. 

He threw his line into the lake and then grabbed his thermos. Taking off the lid, the smell of his strong, black coffee wafted through the air. The potent smell made the lady dizzy and faint. Oh, her hopes were dashed! She couldn’t be around that smell, she would have to continue looking. 

Wait! There was another man coming. Her breath caught once again. He was carrying bottled water. Now that she could handle. When you had 3 noses you couldn’t be around anything that smelled too strong! Maybe, just maybe he would be the one, she thought. 

“Hey Tippner! You made it. Beautiful day for fishing, isn’t it.” Mason said, as Tippner walked over to him.

The lady watched them chatting and laughing. Mason made a joke and Tippner started laughing so hard that something shot out of his mouth! The lady wasn’t able to see what it was, but she heard Tippner yell. “My teeth!” as he watched them fall into the lake. 

Quickly the lady got up. There was no need to waste anymore time here. These men were definitely not going to work for her. She didn’t want someone with false teeth! Oh, what trouble men were, maybe she would reconsider searching for a husband. But how she liked that vibrant blue hair! 


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! We had a great time in NC with Brad’s grandma, Aunt, his sister and her 2 children. It rained and was cool, but that was okay. We enjoyed lounging around inside, snacking on good food, drinking Butterscotch coffee and chatting. We also had competitive games of Rummy 500. His Grandma loves that game and the first night we played, I was ahead. She shook her finger at me and said I couldn’t win, and I didn’t! Brad won one game and she won the other. Then the other night I had 495 points, and yes I may have been feeling a little smug, as she said again that I couldn’t win. I smiled and said, “Good Luck!” for really, I only needed 5 more points! She was over a hundred points behind me. Several rounds later, everyone was laughing as I kept going backwards with my points. Grandma managed to get within 20 points of me, but I did finally pull it off and win! To sum things up, it was a weekend of love, hugs and laughter shared. 












A Sign from the Sky?

Thanks to Jason from http://jasonfrels.com/2021/05/15/wildflower-bloom-at-the-refuge/ for the use of another one of his photos, for my story.

This is a continuation from Monday’s post, Flower Girl

Thomas had the windows down in his truck, enjoying the warm breeze. Plus he didn’t have much choice since his A/C had broken. It was okay, he would get it fixed, Susan and him weren’t going far, so he was sure she wouldn’t mind. Now if he and Kelly were still dating, it would have been a different story! He couldn’t be more relieved that he had ended things with Kelly. It was as he expected. She wasn’t upset, in fact she appeared relieved as well. They were just not right for each other.

He had no regrets in breaking up with Kelly, for the past month had been wonderful. Thomas couldn’t be happier that he had accidentally left his wallet at the flower stand. Leaving his wallet behind turned out to be the best mistake ever!

His Mom and sister were elated about Susan and him dating. They got along so well with her, and agreed that she was great for him. His heart was light, and he saw nothing but blue skies ahead.

Today they were going to have a picnic lunch in a meadow. Do some hiking and, maybe canoe down the river and perhaps stay late enough to lie on a blanket and watch the stars together. He brought his guitar along too, she loved it when he sang to her. He had played it a lot less when he was dating Kelly, for she said the noise bothered her ears. She would much rather hear him play music on a Baby Grand piano. The problem was, he wasn’t a piano player, no matter how much she tried to encourage him to become one.

He pulled up beside Susan’s flower stand and she was there waiting for him, looking all cute in shorts with a hot pink top and pink sneakers.

She climbed into his truck, “HI there handsome.” Susan said, while sliding across the seat to be next to him. Thomas put his arm around her, giving her a kiss, and with one hand on the wheel, he headed down the road.

They had parked the truck when they reached the meadow and then decided to hike a little before lunch. Choosing a path that was strewn with wildflowers growing beside it they started hiking. Talking when they wanted and enjoying the silence at times too, while holding each other’s hand’s.

The path led to a small grassy hill. They hiked up the little hill and stood on top gazing into each other’s eyes. Something landed on Susan’s nose, tickling it. It was a purple feather.

“I wonder where this came from.” Susan said looking up into the sky. To her surprise another purple feather fell, followed by another, landing on Susan’s head.

They started laughing, purple feathers, falling from the sky? Thomas gently picked one up off of her head, and said, ” Special rare feathers for my special girl. It is obviously a sign, that I am with the prettiest girl today.” Susan’s eyes sparkled, as he cupped her face in his hands. and they closed their eyes and kissed, as the purple feathers continued to fall.

Flower Girl

Image from Pinterest

Spying the stand, he pulled his car off on the side of the road and stopped. His favorite country song was still playing on the radio as he looked out the window. No one seemed to be around. Just pretty flowers and a little box to put your money in. Whoever was selling the flowers must be a trusting person.

There were mixed bouquets of carnations and tulips of bright spring colors. Thomas stepped out of his car and walked over to the stand. The flowers looked fresh and their sweet fragrance was much better than the smell of the dead skunk that he had ran over a few miles back. He waited around a little to see if anyone would show up, and then he pulled his wallet out and slipped some money into the box. Decided to grab another bouquet, took one more look around and headed back to the car.

He laid the flowers on his seat, turned the radio on and drove off, heading home. Looking at the time he realized he had no time to waste. He had one hour before he had to pick up Kelly for their date. She would love the flowers.

Thomas had finished shaving and was fixing his tie. They were going to a ritzy restaurant tonight. He wasn’t much into fancy restaurants, but Kelly was, so he thought tonight he would surprise her. He inwardly cringed at the money he would have to spend, but Kelly was worth it. At least that is what he told himself while looking in the mirror. His Mom and sister weren’t so sure, but what did they know. His older sister always thought she knew what was best for him, almost like having a 2nd Mother at times. She meant well though, and he didn’t know what he would do without Stacey. They had always looked out for each other and he was sure they would continue too.

Kelly had looked amazing when Thomas picked her up in her little black dress with her rhinestone necklace and diamond earrings. The ruby red lipstick on her sweet lips and bright red nails, Thomas noticed every detail down to her matching rhinestone anklet. She did have expensive taste for sure.

When seated at the table, as they looked at their menus and Thomas tried not to panic. This restaurant was one she had mentioned and said she came too often. Thomas hadn’t thought to check out the prices. He knew it would be more expensive, but he had underestimated just how much more expensive it would be! From the looks of it he would probably only be eating an appetizer and drinking lemon water!

He tried not to grimace as Kelly ordered the most expensive thing on the menu and then smiled sweetly at him, asking if it was OK. He managed to nod and say, “There is nothing too good for you, my dear.” Looking in her eyes it seemed that she had a smug expression. Was she really playing him, like his sister thought? Suddenly her perfectly styled hair and the sparkling rhinestone necklace didn’t look as stunning, for he couldn’t get her smug expression out of his mind.

“Thomas, Thomas, did you hear me?” Kelly asked.

Thomas hadn’t caught anything that she had been saying, for his thoughts had drifted.

“Yes, dear.” he said.

“So what do you think?”

“Think about what?” he asked nervously.

“What I was just talking about! Going to the Country Club next weekend with Greg and Chantilly.”

Thomas groaned, Greg and Chantilly set his nerves on edge after being around them for longer than 5 minutes.

Chantilly’s fake laugh and how she hung on Greg’s arm and Greg going on and on about being one step away from being the CEO. That he knew he would get the promotion, for he was the best choice. His conceited attitude always rubbed Thomas the wrong way.

Fortunately their food came right then and Kelly moved onto another subject after the maitre d had left. Thomas felt sorry for the poor guy for Kelly had complained about her wine not being sweet enough and she tossed the basket of rolls back at him, saying that they were not hot enough.

What had he been thinking? Kelly wasn’t his type of woman, why was he he with her? As much as he hated to admit it, it looked like his sister and Mom were right.

Thomas realized that he had been so taken up in the ritz and glamour at first with all the money Kelly had, but the thrill of that was now coming to an abrupt end. It was like common sense had finally … “smacked him in the head”.. This may be the life for some people, but not for him.

The night couldn’t come to an end fast enough. When the bill came, Thomas reached for his wallet and … where was it? Oh No! He didn’t have it! A sickening feeling came over him. He remembered that he had laid it on top of the flower stand when he got bought the flowers. He must have left it there and he doubted that it was still there if anyone else had stopped!

He was silently kicking himself. Kelly hadn’t even really liked the flowers, she sniffed at them and tossed them on the counter.

How would he explain to Kelly that he had no money to pay?

“Is something wrong Thomas, you look pale. Are you feeling sick?”

Thomas groaned.

‘Oh dear! Please tell me that you aren’t gong to puke! Not here in front of everyone! I would die of embarrassment!”

Thomas put a hand over his mouth and ran to the bathroom as Kelly sighed.

Waiting a little in the restroom he finally walked out slowly towards the table keeping his head down. When he got to the table Kelly looked at this rumpled shirt and his undone tie and shook her head. “Lets go before the maitre d sees you. I already paid, I had Daddy’s credit card on me. You can pay this weekend when we go to the Country Club.

Relief coursed through Thomas, but he tried not to look too happy as they walked out of the restaurant and to his car. The ride to Kelly’s house was quiet and when he pulled in her driveway Kelly told him to stay in the car. “I can get out myself, I don’t want to catch whatever you have!” She opened the door and quickly got out without saying “Thank you” or “Goodbye”. Thomas watched her walk away and was certain that this would be the last time he was in her driveway. He would call her tomorrow and explain how they were too different from each other and he really didn’t think she would be too upset.

Driving down the country road at night he wondered why he was going back to the flower stand, the chances that the wallet was still there was so unlikely. He almost drove past it in the dark, but stopped just in time. Holding his breath he got out and walked to the stand. Sure enough, there was no wallet to be seen. His heart fell. His only hope was that either the owner of the flower stand had picked it up or a kind stranger. He decided that the would come back first thing the next morning. There was a house nearby and he would go knock on the door asking if they owned the flower stand. It was too late tonight, he didn’t want to disturb anyone.

He had a restless sleep, thinking about Kelly, wondering how he ever had let himself get entangled with her. There were nice things about her, but they could not make up for the glaring differences between them. When the sun rose he jumped back into his car, hoping and praying that he would find his wallet today.

A sad country song was playing as he made his way back to the flower stand one more time. He pulled over to the side of the road again when he got to the flower stand, and hope sparked in him. There was a young lady at the stand. She was dressed in a bright yellow sundress and had a nice tan. He got out and walked over to the stand.

“Good Morning!” he said, and the young lady smiled back at him.

“Good Morning! You are out bright and early, not usually any customers this early. Usually only the birds out here singing as I put out some fresh flowers.”

“Well, my name is Thomas and I left something very important here yesterday and was hoping…”

“You are him! You are the man who left the wallet.” she said.

Thomas sighed with great relief!

“Yes, Yes, I am and so very glad you found it! I was afraid that it would be long gone by now, picked up by some stranger.”

“OH, so you didn’t mean to leave it here?” she gave him a questioning look. ” I thought you were leaving an extra big tip for the flowers.” she said, with a teasing look in her eyes.

“Not quite,” he replied, laughing.

They chatted some more and when Thomas got back in his car, he had one extra thing in his wallet that hadn’t been there before. A phone number of a certain young lady, who sold pretty flowers, by the side of the road.

Path to the Heart

Image from Pinterest

Elena didn’t know what drew her to the little blue cottage, but she was intrigued by it the first time she saw it. She had been in Ireland for a week now and was in love with the land. She was glad she had another week to spend here, but knew she wouldn’t be ready to leave when next week ended.

She hadn’t seen anyone outside of the cottage the many times that she had walked by it, but there was obviously someone living there. Someone had to be taking care of the flowers.

Today she had stopped and waited. Waiting for what she didn’t know, but she couldn’t rid herself of the strange sensation that she was supposed to be there. Her eyes widened as the door slowly opened. A tall man walked out. He had black hair that looked as soft as velvet, with ringlets around his ears. He looked at Elena and all she could do was stare. HIs eyes smiled at her, but he had a slightly confused look on his face.

“May I help you?” he asked.

What was she supposed to say, how did she explain the reason for standing right outside his house?

“Are you lost?”

Elena tried to compose herself. “Umm… No… I.. I am fine.. thanks. ” she replied feeling her hands sweating.

Why couldn’t she make her legs move, she had to look like such a fool.

“You have pretty flowers.” she said.

He smiled, “Thank you! My Mom loves flowers, so I try to keep them blooming for her.”

“Oh, so this is your Mom’s house?” As soon as she uttered the words, she wanted to smack herself in the head. What business of hers was it as to whose house it was. Why did she say that?”

“Well have a nice day, I have to get going.” and with those words Elena walked away, not turning back to see that the man with the velvety hair was watching her as she walked down the path.

She kept muttering to herself while walking. If his Mom lived there, did he too? Did his wife live there with them, did he have a wife, and why did she care if he had a wife, she didn’t even know the guy!”

For the rest of the day she tried to busy herself with more sightseeing, but her mind never wandered too far from the little blue cottage.

She didn’t go back the next day, she couldn’t bring herself to do it, not after making a fool of herself. Letting 3 days pass, she couldn’t wait any longer. Her curiosity took her down the path to the little blue cottage, would the man with the velvety soft ringlets still be there?

Her breath caught, he was there! He was outside watering the flowers. Turning around he spotted her. She had told herself she would only stand there for a few seconds, but it had been a few seconds too long.

“Hello! We meet again.” he said, this time with a twinkle in his eye.

“HI! I am Elena, and your flowers are so pretty.” She felt her face growing hot, realizing she had already told him that when she was here before.

” Nice to meet you, my name is Conner. Could I interest you in a cool drink. It’s getting hot out here. Would you like to go to the Cafe?”

Elena’s heart thumped faster. “Sure, that would be nice.”

“Great, I will be right out. Just give me a minute.” and he walked back inside.

He came back out quickly and they walked down the path to the Cafe.

“And that my dear daughter , is how I met your Dad.”

“But you can’t end the story there, I want to hear more, 12 year old Sonya said.

Elena reached over and wrapped her fingers around Conner’s ringlets. “And he still has velvety soft hair.” she said, as Conner leaned over and gave her a kiss.

Playing with Fire

Painting by Morgan Weistling from Pinterest

“Isn’t that the sweetest letter you ever heard. He has such a way with words.” Corinne’s heart was glowing as she re-read the letter for the 3rd time. “He is so romantic.”

“Who is romantic? Logan?” Yvonne asked.

“Didn’t you hear a word I said? Not Logan, but Rinaldo. I love the way his name just rolls off the tongue.”

Yvonne shook her head, “Sorry, I can’t stop thinking of Logan. Did I tell you that he read to me the most endearing poem last night?”

“A poem that he wrote? Is he a poet too?” asked Corinne.

“Yes, and by far the most romantic poet I ever knew.” and Yvonne’s bright blue eyes.

“What a coincidence that we both have fallen for poets.” and they both smiled.

“Hey we should all go out together sometime? said Yvonne, and Corinne agreed.

“I will suggest it to Rinaldo tonight. I am going to meet him at 7 at an Italian restaurant. He said we would eat by candlelight.”

“Sounds wonderful! I was supposed to go out with Logan tonight, but his Mom is sick, so he was going to take her some soup and spend the evening with her. What a caring heart he has.”

“Isn’t it great that we both are so happy. I know we just met our guys recently, but its off to a great start! Who knows, maybe we will have a double wedding someday.” They both gave impulsive hugs to each other.

Corinne finished getting ready and Yvonne told her to call when she got home. Meanwhile she decided she would go home and soak in a bubble bath.

That night at the restaurant the food was savory and Corinne found herself lost in Rinaldo’s eyes. It was the perfect night as she floated home on a cloud. She dialed Yvonne’s number, eager to read to her Rinaldo’s newest poem.

“So what do you think? Doesn’t it give you goosebumps?” Corinne said, after reading the poem over the phone.

She was met by silence. “Hello? Yvonne, you didn’t fall asleep on me, did you?”

“I am here….” again silence.

Corinne was confused. This wasn’t the response she had been expecting.

“I…I…would like to read you one of the poems Logan wrote for me, okay?”

“Sure.” said Corinne, though feeling a little upset that she hadn’t spoke any words of admiration for Rinaldo’s poem.

Yvonne finished her poem and was met by silence.

At last Corinne spoke. “Why? Why would you have one of Rinaldo’s poems?”

Yvonne started reading another one and Corinne’s heart sank.

“Noooo! This can’t be, I knew he was too good to be true!” Suddenly her despair flared to anger!

They both fired words back and forth about Rinaldo also known as Logan, wondering what his real name actually was! How many other “girls” was he writing the same poems for?

“I have an idea!” said Yvonne after they were both lost in their thoughts for awhile. “Meet me at my house at 7 tomorrow.”

“What is your plan?” Corinne asked.

“You will see, believe me, after tomorrow Rinaldo Logan will realize how dangerous it is to mess with us!”

At 7pm the next evening Corinne showed up eager to know what the plan was.

“He will be here soon. I want you to hide in the other room and then come out when I call you.”

“And then what, we throw the cheater out of the house together?”

Yvonne gave a coy smile, not saying a word, and Corinne hid in the other room.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang.

Yvonne opened the door throwing herself into Logan’s arms. “Oh, darling. so glad you are here. Tonight is going to be a night to remember.” she said with a seductive look on her face. “Supper is all ready.”

Logan’s breath caught at how gorgeous Yvonne looked tonight. “I am not sure if I want to take the time to eat.” he said, kissing her around her neck, brushing her amber hair away with his hand.

Yvonne unbuttoned the first few buttons on his shirt, running her finger down his chest. “But I made such a special meal tonight, exclusively for you.”

He groaned as she led him towards the table. They both sat down and he began to drink the cup of tea in front of him. While he was drinking Yvonne sat and watched him intently. His eyes were fixed on her as well and then Yvonne saw his expression suddenly change as he took the last sip.

“You can come out now.” she called and Corinne came out of hiding.

“Hello Rinaldo!” she said placing her arm around him. He jumped. ” Corinne!” His face turned pale as he looked at her and then down at his cup again.

His eyes filled with horror,”You didn’t!” he yelled at Yvonne. She stood up and came over to him. “You really should be careful who you play with. Play with fire and you get burned!” Within minutes his head hit the table and Corinne noticed the teacup, her eyes widening with shock!

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Ryan impatiently looked at the flights lit up on the board one more time. Nothing had changed. It looked like he was going to have to face the fact that he would be leaving on a jet plane a lot later than he had planned. He sighed as he took a seat in the airport. His flight was delayed by 3 hours, what was he supposed to do in that time? 

He was from Chicago and flying to Boston. This was his first time ever getting on a plane. His Dad had said, “Its Easy”, nothing to flying, but so far Ryan was not having an easy time! He had got lost on the way to the airport, the GPS got him all screwed up. It was the first GPS that he had heard with a male voice, and when Ryan followed its directions he ended up hopelessly lost.

The one cool thing that happened when he was lost out in the middle of nowhere is that he saw some Eagles flying. That was something he didn’t see every day. After watching them he noticed the diner down the street and Fortunately the young waitress there gave him clear directions on how to get back on the interstate. He left her a extra nice tip. 

Since he was late getting to the airport he thought he had to hurry so he ran through the airport. Only to get to the gate and realize that his flight was on a 3 hour delay! Sighing he leaned his head back on the chair and closed his eyes. 

A few moments later a sweet, faint fragrance made him open his eyes. A young lady with honey blonde hair sat down next to him. 

Straightening up he turned and greeted her, “Hi! I’m Ryan.” 

She gave him a soft smile, “HI! I’m Kim. Where are you headed too?” 

“To Boston.” 

“Oh are you flight 1266 too?” 

“Yes.” replied Ryan, starting to feel that perhaps this wasn’t all bad having his flight delayed. 

“My flight from Kansas City was delayed and so I thought for sure I would be late in making this flight, but was so relieved to find out that I wasn’t.” 

They kept talking, and surprisingly Ryan felt himself enjoying the conversation. It just seemed to have a natural flow to it. Before they knew it 3 hours had elapsed. He wasn’t ready for the conversation to end. 

“What row are you in?” he asked. 

Kim glanced at her phone to view her ticket and it turned out she was in the same row as Ryan!  Was that Ryan’s imagination or did Kim’s cheeks flush a little, when realizing they were seated next to each other on the plane? 

Ryan had always prided himself on not losing his head when it came to women, but there was something about Kim that was taking his breath away. 

As they stood up to board the plane, Ryan felt excitement growing. He may be crazy, but he felt like he had more than a feeling that this first flight of his could be one that he would always remember!