The Magic of Happiness!

The following story is continued from Monday’s post, Love without Words . I get inspirations from lots of different things for my stories. Sometimes by pictures, which is how I wrote Monday’s post and sometimes by suggestions made by my “followers”. Thank you to some of my “followers”, who inspired some of the ideas weaved into the following story. 


A few weeks has passed and Lawrence was still scratching his head. feeling very perplexed! One minute he was practicing his magic show with his white bunnies and the next minute they were all gone and they hadn’t returned. Where did they vanish to? It had taken him a long time to train those bunnies, he was greatly fond of them and he missed them. They were his pets. Each day he awakened with the hope that maybe today would be the day that they returned, but each night he felt the sting of disappointment. His house felt emptier without the cute balls of white fluff running around. 

He guessed that he never should have gone to the park to practice, but he thought he would let his bunnies run around some in the thick emerald green grass. He never dreamed that they would disappear into thin air. It was no magic trick of his this time, they were really gone. Lawrence had lost his bunnies and he didn’t know where to find them. 

“You know that really wasn’t nice of us to leave Lawrence like we did?” said Toffee. 

“Well how exactly were we going to explain to him that we had to leave for a temporary time? He would have fainted as soon as we spoke one word, and he surely wouldn’t believe that we are Easter bunnies. That needed to leave to get all the eggs ready for Easter.” replied Caramel, the head bunny. 

The other bunnies murmured in agreement. “I still feel sorry for him though”, said Toffee, the tender hearted bunny. 

Caramel spoke up, “Well you have to stop thinking of Lawrence right now, for we have another problem. We have Molly to think about now. Whose bright idea was it to work our magic in having us come to her aid? We are supposed to be in the Honey Breeze Woods right now working on eggs.” 

No one spoke up, and then Toffee felt everyone’s eyes on her. “I couldn’t let her be all alone! She had been abandoned, she didn’t have anyone. The vision came to me of the car dropping her off by the side of the road, and I knew we had to do something.”

The bunnies were silent, they all knew that Toffee had a special gift of seeing visions at times, and they couldn’t deny that Molly was a sweet, little girl. 

Finally Caramel spoke up, “I understand, and you were right to make the choice that you did, but what do we do now? She loves us, so she would be sad if we leave, but she does seem to be in good hands with Detective Kimberly. 

Before anyone could say a word, Molly and Kimberly walked into Molly’s bedroom. It was time for her nap. The bunnies all gathered around her on her bed and they knew that for now they had to be quiet. They would talk later, when the humans weren’t listening. 

Kimberly grabbed a book and went to sit down for a little bit of quiet time, but after a few chapters she closed it. She couldn’t keep her mind from wondering about Molly. Kimberly had contacted Jacob, to help her find where Molly might have come from, but so far he wasn’t having any luck either. It was like she had just dropped out of the sky. Kimberly wondered more and more if she had been abandoned due to not talking. That maybe she really couldn’t talk and that sadly her parents didn’t want her. She hated to think that, but she knew that it was possible. Some people had no heart! It made her sad for Molly but it also gave her hope that if that was true, that Kimberly could adopt her. Each day that went by she found herself secretly starting to hope that they didn’t find who Molly belonged too. Kimberly wanted Molly as her daughter. A daughter that she thought she would never have. 

Kimberly looked out the window as she thought about the past years, and what had happened in her life. The memory of that fateful day from 3 years ago came back to her. The day she received the horrible news from her Doctor, that she would never be able to have children of her own. Where once she had dreamed of marriage she didn’t anymore. She became more isolated, afraid to date, and fall in love, only to be possibly dumped by the guy when he would find out that she couldn’t have children. Yes, she could adopt and she would be open to that, but she knew that not everyone felt the same about adoption. She didn’t want to risk the battle about it with a guy. So she closed herself off to long term relationships, and was doing pretty good on her own. That is, until sweet Molly came along.  Having Molly had opened up a part of her heart that had been closed off and Kimberly didn’t want to lock it up again. 

Hearing the door open Kimberly looked down the hall. Molly was coming out of her room holding her blanket in one hand and rubbing her eyes with her tiny little fist. Kimberly’s heart melted at the sight of the sleepy-eyed girl with her tousled hair. Opening up her arms, Molly came and crawled up on Kimberly’s lap and they snuggled for a bit. 

The phone rang and Kimberly picked it up, it was Jacob. Kimberly’s heart gave a little lurch, did he have news?

“Hi Kimberly! I still don’t have any news for you but I was wondering if you and Molly would like to join me for some pizza and ice cream tonight?” 

Kimberly smiled as her heart relaxed. It had been good to renew her acquaintance with Jacob again. He was becoming a good friend. 

“Sure, sounds great, what time?” she replied. 

“I will pick you girls up at 6 in my pumpkin carriage, but we have to be back by midnight.” 

Kimberly laughed. “I think it will be way past a little girl’s bedtime by midnight. We will see you at 6.” she said and they talked a little more and then both said goodbye. 

Molly crawled off Kimberly’s lap and started getting out some of her toys from the toy chest. Kimberly watched her and tried to tell herself to breathe and just take one day at a time, but she prayed that one day Molly would be her little girl. 

Once Kimberly and Molly had left the house the bunnies started talking again. “I say we do it now.” said Strawberry. 

“But she will be so sad,” said Toffee. 

Carmel looked at Toffee, “I know, but we really need to get to the woods for think of how many little girls and boys will be disappointed if we don’t get their eggs to them in time.” 

Toffee hung her head, she knew Carmel was right. “Okay, but I will miss her.” she replied, with a soft voice. 

Months passed and Kimberly’s heart was full. They had tried very hard to locate Molly’s parents, but no one had been found. A date was set in court now for Kimberly to legally adopt Molly and she could not be happier. Molly still didn’t talk, but Kimberly had her seeing a speech therapist to see if that would help at all. Molly was also now under the care of a well recommended pediatrician. He was so good with Molly and Kimberly was glad she had found him. 

Molly sat on her bed petting her white bunny. Oh how she loved her. She had been really sad when all her bunnies had disappeared. They had come home to their front door open and the bunnies gone. Molly was devastated and then she saw her. One little white bunny was buried under the covers on Molly’s bed. Molly threw the covers off of her and the bunny came right to her. She was so happy and every night she slept with her little arm around her precious bunny. 

Lawrence was in the park once again with his bunnies. He was still in shock at how they had just showed up one day. He had been sitting on the park bench wondering what he would do now. He decided that maybe he would stop being a magician for he didn’t have the heart to train more bunnies and then suddenly his bunnies were smack dab in front of him! All of them! Well, he thought it was all of them, after counting he realized one was missing. That was okay though, he was beyond grateful that the rest were back.  

They had all seemed happy to see Lawrence again and there were many snuggles given to each bunny. His house was a happy place again as they ran around. Now he was letting them run in the park once more, enjoying the clear blue skies on a warm, spring day. He was watching them scamper and hop around on the grass when something in the grass caught his eye. It looked like it was something silver, he thought, while walking over to it. He picked it up. What was a silver cowbell doing in a park? Hmmm … he stuck it in his pocket, wondering if perhaps there was a way that he could incorporate it into his magic show. One just never knew what you could do with a bell. 





Love in the Pages

When I wrote The Inheritance! I didn’t plan on it turning into a 5 part series! I hope you enjoyed it and that you like the conclusion today. As always, thanks for taking the time to read my posts and for your comments. I do appreciate them! 


My cedar chest

Amanda opened up her Mom’s cedar chest and wondered where to start. Did she just pick up the first journal on the stack? Were they in a certain order? Then she asked herself again whether she was sure she wanted to read them. Were there deep secrets hidden in the pages?

She pulled out the one with the moon on it. Amanda remembered her Mom sitting by her bedroom window at night looking out at the moon. Many times Amanda had crept into her Mom’s room, when her Mom thought she was asleep. She sat by the door watching her Mom write while sitting by the window. She often saw her put her pen down and look out the window for a little before picking it back up and writing again. Would these journals give her a glimpse into her Mom’s late night thoughts?

It had only been a few days since Amanda had returned home. She hated to leave Lisette and her beautiful Inn, but she was eager to travel and meet the Grandparents that she hadn’t seen in such a long time. To see the amazing castle that they were leaving to her. It still all felt like a dream! Why hadn’t her Mom ever taken her back to see her Grandparents? What had happened?

Going into her kitchen she poured herself a hot Chocolate Cherry Latte. She was so glad that Cara had given some of the special mix when they visited Bittersweet Creek. It was one of the best latte’s she had ever had. Holding the cup she settled herself down into her overstuffed chair, picked up her Mom’s journal and began to read.

A few hours later Amanda was wiping tears from her eyes. She was on the 4th journal and her heart was full. Her heart ached for her Mom. How she wished that she would be right here with her now and that they could talk about her Mom’s life. All the details that Amanda was learning in the pages of her journals. She needed to take this one journal with her to her grandparents. It would make them cry, but they needed to see their daughter’s words of love to them. Her words of apology. Words that she had planned on telling them in person, but the car accident had tragically prevented that.

Now Amanda was seeing things more clearly. A few months before she died her Mom had told her that they would soon be leaving for a long overdue visit to a certain place that she couldn’t wait to show Amanda. Amanda had asked where they were going, but her Mom had only smiled and said in time, she would explain. Then she got a wistful look in her eye and a pang of regret crossed her face while looking at Amanda. She reached out and brushed a strand of Amanda’s hair out of her amber eyes. “Don’t be headstrong like your Mama dear, I have made many mistakes, and I only hope that I haven’t waited too long to correct them!”

Her Mom may have made many mistakes in her past, but she had been a great Mom. Of course no Mom was perfect and they did have their share of arguments, but she knew her Mom’s heart. Reading through her Mom’s apology to her parents she hoped that they would see through to her Mom’s heart as well and be assured that she had never stopped loving them.

Amanda laughed and cried some more as she continued reading. Reading memories from the past of when Amanda was young and when she lived close to her Grandparents and went on adventures with him. Amanda had memories of riding a horse when she was little with a man leading the horse, she now knew that man had been her Grandpa. She remembered a man holding her up high to pick apples from a tree and them sitting and eating them together, while he told funny stories, making her laugh. She had forgotten all about those memories, but they came to light now as she read.

It was getting late and Amanda was getting stiff from having been in the same position for the past couple hours. She had to put the journals away for the night and get some sleep. Not all her questions had been answered, but many had and she loved getting a peek into her Mom’s life. She felt closer to her as she read, and her cheeks were still wet from tears. Tears of joy from learning more about her grandparents and tears of sadness. She was so very thankful for her Mom’s journals. Amanda understood her now in a way she never had before.

She walked back into her bedroom and put them all back in her Mom’s cedar chest. Then she grabbed her own journal from her night stand, walked over to her glider rocker by the window and began to write. Writing from her heart, and at times putting her pen down, as she looked out the window at the crescent moon.

Many weeks had passed and once again she found herself sitting by a window at night with her journal in her lap. Blank pages waiting to be written upon. She picked up her pen and then heard the knock on her bedroom door.

“Come in!” Amanda said.

Her grandmother entered her room and stood there smiling at her. “Your Mom used to sit by that very window, writing through the night. She also used to climb out that window!”

Amanda laughed. “Don’t worry Grandma, I have no intentions of climbing out the window, and I don’t think any Romeo is going to come whisk me away!”

“I sure hope not! I just found you, I am not ready to let you go yet!”

Putting down her journal, Amanda rose from her chair and walked over to her Grandma, giving her a warm hug. “I am not saying that I will stay here, but I promise that I will keep in touch, wherever I go.”

They held onto each other for a little while and then her Grandma let go and put her hand on Amanda’s cheek. With a twinkle in her eye she said, “Are you thinking of returning to Bittersweet Creek, visiting a certain coffee shop?”

“I am sure Cara would be glad to see me again, and they do have very good coffee, not to mention their homemade pies.” Amanda replied.

“You have said that, and I do believe that you also mentioned the name Mason a few times.”

“Well he is the owner of the diner, that is all.”

“Hmmm…” her grandmother said, and with a light kiss on Amanda’s forehead she walked out the door, closing it softly behind her.

Amanda’s face felt a little warm, but she couldn’t help and smile at her Grandmother’s remark. Sitting back down, she picked up her journal and began to write.

Mason’s Week Off!

Have you been wondering about how Mason, the town’s hero,  dealt with being in the Dunk Tank, and having ladies trying to win a date with him? Well wonder no more, Jason would like to set the story straight.  He wrote the story that I am posting today. Its good that poor Mason has someone like Jason  to defend him. If you missed the previous story, here is the link, Hero of the Town

                                                                           Mason’s Week Off! 

Mason was a bit embarrassed with himself over the dating contest. What had he been thinking? And Cara was so agreeable to this idea and really set him up good. After a bitter battle with several tie-break rounds, Sarah had won the contest, though Mason suspected she had a little help from Cara. Mason needed some time to think and recover from this odd turn of events.

The next day Cara hummed happily to herself as she walked in to the coffee shop to start working for the day. She stopped in her tracks startled by what she saw. There behind the counter in a three-piece suit complete with watch and chain, was a man that looked remarkably similar to Mason except he was graying at the temples and had a mustache and goatee. “Oh hello.” He said “You must be Cara. My name is Grayson, I’m Mason’s older brother. I’m afraid Mason was called out of town to look after his mother who has taken quite ill.”

‘Grayson.’ Cara thought ‘yeah sure. Another one of Mason’s tricks to make me look foolish. I am not falling for this sad disguise.’

“His mother is ill, huh?” Cara asked with a smug look “Wouldn’t that also be your mother, Grayson?”

“Oh, ummmm… no, you see we um have the same father but different mothers. Yeah, so it is his mother and not mine.” Grayson said stumbling over his words.

“I see.” said Cara completely unconvinced “You and Mason certainly do look a lot alike she said.”

“Yes” Grayson said “The Picklefoot looks runs strong among the men of our family. Here is a picture of Mason and me when I was 20 and he was 16.”

Cara examined the picture and was still unconvinced as she knew how Mason enjoyed using Photoshop, but she let it go for now. She was formulating a nice plan for Mason. That would teach him to play tricks on her.

Later that afternoon Sarah came into the shop. She had been tipped off by Cara about this Grayson fellow being just Mason in a disguise. Cara introduced Sarah to Grayson and immediately set about arranging for them to go out to dinner. Sarah would get her date with Mason no matter what kind of shenanigans he pulled.

So Sarah and Grayson went out for a nice dinner and enjoyed a lovely walk down by the creek and over the course of the week began to fall deeply in love with each other. Sarah was surprised that Mason had maintained the charade of being Grayson for the entire time, but he seemed quite dedicated to his plan. She enjoyed his company none the less. Cara was so happy with herself because she had finally gotten Mason and Sarah together and she could now rest easily knowing that there was one less available man in Bittersweet Creek.

The next Monday morning Cara once again hummed happily to herself as she walked to the coffee shop. Sarah was so happy with Mason even though he still pretended to be his older brother. Cara once again stopped in her tracks once she entered the shop. There behind the counter stood Mason looking like his old self with no silly disguise. “I see you decided to drop the disguise and be yourself again.” Cara said with a grin.

“What are you talking about?” Mason asked. Just then Grayson walked out of the back room and Cara’s nearly fainted. She couldn’t believe it. There really was a Grayson.

“Grayson told me that you have been quite nice to him this last week. I appreciate it. I just had to get away for a week, so I went  to the beach and asked my brother to fill in for me and make excuses for my absence.”

For the first time in Cara’s adult life, she was temporarily at a loss for words. She opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say.

“Oh by the way, to make up for all of our recent troubles I got you a gift. There was a nice boutique at the beach and I saw a nice beach bag that I thought you’d like.” Mason said.

“Uh, thank you. It’s wonderful.” A flustered Cara stammered “but what about Sarah?”

“Sarah?” Mason said “I didn’t get her a beach bag. Oops.”

“No matter.” Grayson said “Sarah and I are planning a trip together to the sea and I shall buy her any gift she likes.”

Grayson and Sarah did go off together and their love for each other grew with each passing day. Mason congratulated them on their new found love and happily went about the business of his coffee shop. Cara, while being happy for her friend Sarah, was still plotting to cure dear Mason of his bachelorhood.


Stirring of the Heart

Image from Pinterest

This post is a continuation from my Settling In post. This story appears to just keep going. Enjoy!

2 more weeks had passed since Katy had come to this remote island to hide out. She missed the city and her friends, but she was really enjoying living by the sea. Waking up to such a beautiful view each morning, was helping her become a morning person. She had surprised Patrick by joining him on more morning runs. They ran 2 miles, not 6, like he had tried telling her on the first morning she ran with him. Some mornings they ran, and some were more of a walk/jog type of morning. Katy enjoyed chatting with him, getting to know him better.

He shared about some of his cases with her. He had close calls before, his job was risky, but he loved it. Katy was intrigued as he shared the story about the young woman Tanya, whose name was really Anna. What a story! She felt a little strange about the fact that Tanya had been hiding out in this very cottage that Katy was in now.

One morning Katy had stayed behind when Patrick went running. She decided that she would surprise Patrick and John with a hot breakfast of eggs benedict, pancakes and bacon. She was frying the bacon when she heard the front door open.

“You are back early, but I will be finished soon.” Katy called out. She turned around when she heard footsteps enter the kitchen. Her breath caught in her throat, it wasn’t Patrick standing there.

“How nice of you to cook me breakfast, a shame that we don’t have time to eat it.” the man said. He had a straggly beard and was wearing sunglasses and a hat. Katy couldn’t see his eyes, but she saw the evil smirk on his face.

“Perhaps when we get to where we are going, you can cook me up something good, you pretty little thing.” Shivers and dread ran through Katy’s body. Where was John? Was he really sleeping through all this, and shouldn’t Patrick be back by now?

When the man reached out and ran his finger down her cheek with a suggestive smile, she grabbed the pot of boiling hot coffee and threw it on him! He screamed dropping his gun, and Katy quickly picked it up as she started to run for the door.

“Hands Up!” Katy turned around, and relief coursed through her when she saw John in the kitchen. He had the man’s arms behind his back, putting handcuffs on him, while the man was screaming in pain.

Patrick came through the door and his eyes widened in shock when he took in the scene in front of him.

“Nice of you to show up!” said John with a wry grin. “Fortunately Katy had it all under control!”

Patrick looked at Katy with deep concern in his eyes. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I think.” she said, in a quivering voice, as she started shaking all over. She was looking really pale.

“I will take care of this guy, you take care of Katy.” said John, leading the guy out the front door.

Patrick led Katy to the couch and took the gun out of her trembling hand. Then he held her, waiting for her body to relax. After a little bit he went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water. Later that morning they were able to eat breakfast and Katy was beginning to relax. Patrick kept in touch with John throughout the day, and they found out that the man was acting alone. It was the brother of the guy that Katy had sent to prison. Katy was so glad to know that he was behind bars now with no bail, she was safe.

They didn’t head back to NYC right away. Patrick thought that Katy deserved to enjoy some fun outings now that the danger was gone. He took her into town to visit the shops and she ate at the Seaside Cafe. They went out on his boat a couple times, enjoying the tranquility of the sea, and took night walks along the water.

Katy stretched out in her bed on the last night there with her mind in a whirl. She didn’t want to leave. She was thinking about all the times Patrick and her had shared together. Her heart was fluttering with butterflies. What was happening? She had reminded herself several times over her stay that while Patrick was a very nice guy that she didn’t have time for men. She had told herself not to fall for him, but she was afraid it was too late!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Its not how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but how many bites does it take until this large KISS from my husband is gone?

Don’t lose the child’s wonder of Christmas … keep the magic in your heart, and you won’t grow old!

Always liked “The Little Drummer Boy” song and then I met a Drummer Boy and married him!

When the Bell was Silenced


The following story is a continuation of the story from Thursday’s post, One More Ring!

Chad leaned back in his chair and then turned his head to look for Cara, but didn’t see her anywhere. 

“Where is Cara, I really need some more coffee!” 

Lisette and Sarah didn’t see her either, then they all turned their heads as a man walked in the door. Sarah couldn’t help but be struck with how handsome he looked with his dark, brown wavy hair.  He stood in place, looking around, and frowning at seeing no one behind the counter. 

They all jumped a little at the loud clatter they heard coming from the back room. Soon Cara appeared, “Don’t worry, everything is ….”  She stopped in mid-sentence as her eyes landed on Mr.Picklefoot. Her cheeks quickly turned a light shade of red. “Oh Mr.Picklefoot, I… I… didn’t expect to see you. I thought you were taking the rest of the day off.”  Cara sputtered out, standing there holding a Double Chocolate Mint Latte in her hand. 

Mr. Picklefoot raised his eyebrows, “I thought I had said to close up the Cafe for the rest of the day, and do I want to know what caused that clatter earlier?” 

“I think this would be a good time for me to go to the back room and start cleaning up. Oh, I think that customer may want more coffee.”  Cara said, pointing at Chad, while she  quickly retreated to the back room. 

Mason Picklefoot shook his head, he was sure that someday he was going to lose his last threads of sanity! He grabbed the coffee pot and walked over to the customer that Cara had pointed to. 

Chad smiled, as Mason refilled his cup. “Thank you sir, and let me tell you that this Shoo-Fly pie is divine!  A great idea you have here, selling pies with your coffee.  Lisette and Sarah heartily agreed. 

“I am so glad you enjoyed the pie”, said Mason, trying to hide the confused look on his face, as he took their plates and headed back to the counter. 

“Well, my mind is still swirling with all that you have told me.” Chad said, to Lisette. 

“I know its a lot to take in. Maybe we can take a walk and talk some more.” Lisette suggested. 

Sarah agreed, thinking she would let them walk alone while she checked out some of the other shops in the town. They left a generous tip for Cara, for she had been so sweet to them. 

When they walked out the door, Mason quickly walked towards the door and turned the “Open” sign to “Closed.”  

“Cara! Are you finished cleaning?” He called out, he wasn’t going to leave her here alone again. A few minutes later she came walking out with a big smile. 

“Yes, all cleaned up.” 

“Since I am here, I think I will get a piece of Shoo-fly pie, before I head back out.” said Mason. 

Cara’s smile quickly disappeared from her face. 

“By the way, what did those customers mean, about us selling pies?” Mason asked, as he walked to the back room. 

“Heyyy…what happened to my pie?” he yelled. He heard the door bang shut, and when he came back out, Cara was nowhere to be seen. 

Mr. Tippner was biking down the street and Cara wasn’t looking as she stepped out right in front of him. He quickly swerved, causing him to run into Miss. Victoria’s  fruit stand, sending apples and oranges flying. Victoria stood there with her hands on her hips, “I hope you are prepared to pay me for all my bruised apples!” she said to Mr. Tippner. 

Meanwhile Sarah had seen a craft shop that she wanted to look around in. Lisette and Chad continued walking down the street talking about the magical cow bell. Lisette was kind of distracted though with growing feelings for Chad. It was normal now for them to hold hands as they were walking. They hadn’t talked much about their feelings, but could something be developing, dare she get her hopes up. 

Sarah came walking out with 2 bags in her hand. The craft projects she had picked out would make some nice gifts. She wondered how far Chad and Lisette had walked, she figured she would catch up to them eventually. Sure enough it wasn’t long before she saw them sitting on a park bench. She smiled, as she watched them laughing together. Lisette’s eyes shined, and Sarah was happy for her, she hoped that Chad would stay around. 

Looking down the street she wondered if there were more shops she should check out. Ahh! A flower shop, she loved flowers. She thought she would go in and choose some to help decorate the Inn. 

“I think we should use the cow bell to get back to the Inn and then you store it in a safe place, not to be touched again, for who knows where you might go next time! I don’t want you disappearing.” Chad said, with a twinkle in his eye. “I have been thinking, and am trying to work out a deal with my boss to be able to work from a special, Bed and Breakfast Inn. Do you think that would be OK with the owner of the Inn, if I extended my stay?” 

Lisette felt herself grow warm and she couldn’t stop smiling, as Chad leaned in closer and gave her a gentle kiss. Her hand trembled with excitement. Ring, ring, ring! POOF! The smoke cleared and they were back standing in front of the Inn. 

“I am glad it brought us back here, one never knows …” Lisette said as she looked at the bell in the palm of her hand. Just then a big gust of wind came blowing the bell out of her hand and into the street, right in front of a truck that ran over it. 

Lisette stared in shock. It had taken her to several different places, they never had figured out exactly how it worked and now she guessed they would never know. Then a thought struck her, as she squeezed Chad’s arm and yelled, “OH NO! Sarah! We forgot Sarah!” 

Sarah walked out of the flower shop a hour later. She hadn’t planned on taking that long, but there were just so many beautiful flower arrangements to look at. She couldn’t wait to show Lisette what she had bought. Looking towards the park bench, she noticed it was empty. They must have continued on walking through the town. 

Sarah kept walking but her arms were growing tired, and it was hard to see, for the flowers were partially blocking her sight. 

“Oh! I am sorry!” she said in embarrassment as she bumped into someone’s shoulder. Looking up she realized it was Mr.Picklefoot! 

“Its Ok, your hands look pretty full. Can I help you carry these flowers? Where are you headed to?” he asked Sarah. 

Good question, she thought, where was she headed to? 

“I was just looking for my friends. I think they are enjoying exploring your little town.” Sarah replied. 

“Well, why don’t we take these flowers back to the Cafe for now. If you would like I could show you around a bit.” he said, with a warm smile. 

Sarah’s heart fluttered, as she replied. “Sure! That sounds fine.” She suddenly felt in no hurry to find Lisette and Chad. 








Open Arms

This is Part 2 to my story from Thursday, Hope in a Bottle

Annaliese was all packed up and ready to go, but her stomach was a jumble of nerves. She was unsure as to whether this day would ever come and the more time that passed the more she had believed that it would never come. Now here she was ready to board a ship and travel back to face a world that she had ran away from.

The ship pulled up to the dock, it was now or never. She could turn back and go home, continue her solitary existence, but was that what she really wanted? Or did she want to take this chance to make peace with her past? She took a deep breath in and tried to stand up tall as she walked onto the ship. She felt a surge of confidence, though when she reached her destination she was afraid that it might flee!

Later that evening she had woke from her nap and walked out to the top deck. Went to the rail and gazed out at the calm sea. Her mind went back to a time long ago, a time when she was on this ship before, but headed the opposite direction. She had been running away and now she was going back. Her sweet Aunt had begged her to come back. Annaliese had called her that night after getting the message in the bottle. Her Aunt was choked up and could barely talk, hearing her voice again. Annaliese had choked up as well and tears had been shed. Tears over all the time that had been lost. All because of a crazed woman that had lost her mind.

Her Aunt had always been there for her! When Annaliese’s Dad died, it had been so hard, but her Aunt was there with comfort. She helped Annaliese continue on and not lose herself in despair. Things were finally  going better, Annaliese was feeling the dark cloud of grief lifting, but then Ginger, who had been dating her Dad for awhile went plumb crazy! She had never liked Annaliese and now that Richard was dead, she took out all her anger and grief on Annaliese. At first Annaliese just felt she was a nuisance, but then Ginger started really  worrying her. When she made an actual death treat against Annaliese, she knew she had to leave.

It had broken her Aunt’s heart when Annaliese boarded the ship to leave town, but her Aunt had agreed that she needed to get away. She had told Annaliese about the small, isolated, island, a place where Ginger would never find her. The bad thing about the place was phone service was very erratic, so her Aunt could barely contact her. They had talked only a couple times since she had been away.

Lost in her thoughts, Annaliese watched the stars come out and admired the reflection of the moon in the water. She made a wish on a star and breathed a prayer that this new start would be a good one for her. It took a little while, but later that night Annaliese finally fell into a deep sleep. Dreaming about what tomorrow would bring.

The morning dawned clear and bright. Annaliese was a mixture of nerves and excitement. A few hours of sailing was all it would take to reach her destination. The town of Blue Bonnet Hill. She paced the deck unable to stand still. At last they were drawing near to shore. Her heart started to beat fast as she looked for her Aunt. When the ship docked, she kept looking and then her eyes spied her. A lump formed in her throat. But wait, who was the man holding her Aunt’s hand? They were both waving to Annaliese. They looked so happy. Did her Aunt have a new love? She had said she had news to tell Annaliese, when she was on the phone, but then it was cutting out again, so they said goodbye and hung up. Was this the “news”?

People were diembarking off the ship. Annaliese got in line, anticipation building. She walked off, looking again for her Aunt and then she was grabbed from the side, as her Aunt embraced her.

“Oh my precious girl, how I have missed you!”

The well of tears inside Annaliese let loose and she clung to her Aunt, wrapped in her arms of love.

On The Road Again

This post is a continuation of Monday’s story, Looking for Adventure!  

Tanya looked both ways before crossing the road, and making  her way towards the woods. She thought back to another woods, that was far away. The woods that she hid out in for awhile. She remembered the man in the woods who had owned the annoying, talking chicken. The chicken man had appeared to be a kind man, it was really a shame that she had to kill him, but she had to get his gold somehow. She started whistling as she entered the woods. 

“Do you hear that? Someone is whistling.” Ethan said to Jade. 

“Maybe its someone that can help us.” Jade said. 

They both stared straight ahead waiting for the person to come into view. Jade screamed and Ethan stood there in wide eyed disbelief! It was HER! 

Tanya couldn’t believe her eyes, she stopped whistling and her pulse began to race. 

Ethan drew in a deep breath and then lashed out at Tanya, demanding his money and keys. He was stunned as Tanya said nothing, but her eyes looked wild with fright. Was she actually afraid of him? She grabbed his wad of cash out of her jeans pocket and threw it at him, along with his keys. Then she turned around and ran so fast, it was as if something was chasing her! 

Jade and Ethan were in shock, but so happy! 

“She looked so scared! Definitely not the tough girl that she had appeared to be when she robbed us.” said Jade. 

“I know, that was so strange, but hey, we got my keys, lets go find my truck! ” 

They started to walk out of the woods, when they heard a voice behind them. 

“Glad you got your money and keys back. I could tell that girl was trouble and I thought I would give her a scare. I guess I succeeded!” and he let out a deep chuckle. 

Now it was Jade and Ethan whose eyes were big with fright, when they turned around. They were staring into the face of a huge black bear! 

“Oh don’t worry, I am harmless. I won’t hurt you. I didn’t want to roar for I knew then you all would be scared as well. I just stood up on my back legs and made a very menacing face at that lady. My name is Bobo, nice to meet you.” 

Jade and Ethan were speechless.  A talking bear? Maybe they were dehydrated and starting to get delusional. Before they could get their thoughts together they saw a hippo come walking towards them with 2 turtles on her back. Could this day get any more crazier!

“HI Bobo! You did great! We watched the whole thing. That was hilarious to see her run!” Henrietta said. 

“You…you… talk too?” questioned Ethan, shaking his head in confusion. 

“Yes, she talks, and so do we! Do you humans really think that you are the only ones capable of speaking?” Myrtle asked. 

“Welll…..” Ethan and Jade didn’t know what to say, they just started laughing. What an adventure this trip to Vegas was turning out to be! 

“Thank you so much Bobo for your help! We very much appreciate it!”

Jade was looking at Henrietta for awhile and then said, “You are one very unique hippo, your neck is so long!” 

“That’s not the only unique thing about me, I can sing too! Do you want to hear me?” 

“I gotta go!” and Bobo. 

“Wait! Take us with you.” cried Myrtle and Tulag as they climbed up on his back. 

Jade and Ethan watched , feeling perplexed. Bobo was running away, as Henrietta opened her mouth and started to sing. 

It didn’t take long for Jade and Ethan to figure out why Bobo and the turtles made a quick retreat. They grimaced as Henrietta continued. They didn’t want to be rude and run away from her too, so they stood there listening. 

When she finally stopped, they breathed a sigh of relief. 

“I never knew a hippo could sing, you are indeed a special hippo!” said Jade and Henrietta beamed with joy. 

Jade and Ethan couldn’t help but feel drawn to Henrietta’s cheerful attitude. They all  kept talking as she shared her story with them about escaping from the zoo and meeting Myrtle and Tulag. 

“Its been great meeting you Henrietta, but we should probably go now. We need to find my truck.” said Ethan

They said their goodbyes and Ethan and Jade couldn’t stop talking about everything as they walked out of the woods. 

Henrietta smiled. What a nice couple they seemed to be and she was so glad that Bobo scared away that mean lady. Now she was going to head back towards the river, she was sure to find her friends there and she was ready for a cool swim. 

When Jade and Ethan got out to the road they saw an ambulance, a police car and a tractor trailer driver looking very frazzled! As they got closer they heard the tractor trailer driver talking to the police. 

“I didn’t see her! It was like she came out of nowhere! I couldn’t slow down in time, she was smack dab in front of me!” 

Jade and Ethan looked at each other. “Do you think…?” asked Jade. They looked at the stretcher with the sheet over the body. and didn’t say a word. 

They climbed into Ethan’s truck and he turned the key. it started right up. He put his arm around Jade. “Now to find that special chapel!” With love in her eyes, Jade kissed him as they drove down the road and out of sight.