The Road Not Taken…

The Road not Taken was given to me as a subject for a challenge to do a free write about for 10 minutes…On your mark..timer set. GO…

This subject jumped out at me right away when I read it. Thinking what timing. I am on a Road right now that I don’t want to be on, that I would never have chosen to be on, but alas I am there. A road that I can’t turn back on, for its just 1 way. Have to keep moving forward even on the days that it feels like you can barely take 1 more step. A road that you are not sure where it is going to lead? To the shadows in a dark forest or to a pot of gold on the top of the mountain.

This road is paved with uncertainties but its one I have to take and there are little nuggets of gold along the way. Nuggets of unending family and friendship love that keeps you going. Nuggets of hope of things to come, of seeing what the end of the road may hold. Something bigger than what I can dream or imagine may be just around the bend, but in order to get to that bend you have to keep on going even when the way looks dark and you don’t understand. I can still feel the rays of the SUN shining down on my back as it urges me to plod along. It doesn’t care if I move slow sometimes and if I even stop and lay down to take a rest and draw some MUCH NEEDED WATER from the everflowing stream that runs by the road. The stream that gives me energy and strength to keep on going and helps me pass it on to the others who are walking down this one way road.

The Road Not Taken is the road of giving up. The road of saying NO< I AM NOT STRONG enough for this ! The road not taken is the road of putting a finality to dreams that still are left to dream and stars that are still watiing to be wished upon and caught. The Road not taken is giving in to what seems TOO BIG….And there goes the timer.

Thanks Kat for this challenge, sorry if I didn’t do it exactly as it said. There are plenty roads of adventure I would like to take BUT this is what my heart spoke this time.

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because their trust is not in the branch; but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself!

The most confused we can ever get is when we try to convince our heads of something that our hearts know is a lie.  Karen Moning

Life is a balancing act of holding on and letting go!

Sometimes the smallest step is in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step!

What step do you need to take today? Have an Amazing Day my friends and thanks for reading! Hope it gave you all a lift today!

Broken..Photo Challenge

BlogPic3Cell 1422In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Broken.”

The first thing that came to me when I heard “Broken” was a heart. Hearts can be broken in so many ways, BUT they can be healed! I chose the heart stone that my dear youngest daughter had chosen for me many years ago. I told the story in another post of how she was hunting and hunting for the right gemstone when we were at the gift shop. I was telling her to hurry, for we needed to go. Little did I know that she was picking the gemstone for me, not herself! Was so touched and it still lays on my dresser.

The next picture is my oldest daughter and her friend about 2 years ago. They met in 1st grade and their hearts were bonded instantly. Their hearts were broken when they had to separate, cause of the friend moving out of state. But their hearts have healed, as they have seen that they can still keep their friendship in spite of the distance. I am glad to say  that  even tho 7 years have passed with them being apart, they are still close in the heart. That is one special bond that will not be broken!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning ! Today my quotes go out to all the Dog Lovers in the world and if you aren’t a dog lover my question is why??? LOL! NO, its OK, hope you still enjoy my thoughts 🙂 These quotes are especially in honor of Mikey! One of my dear blogger friends this morning posted how they had to say goodbye to their beloved dog yesterday. That is the hard thing about loving dogs, you eventually have to say goodbye, and its always too soon! So dear Jodi, this is for your precious Mikey! HUGS! And for others who have gone through the pain of saying goodbye to their furry angel.

Dogs are our link to paradise, they don’t know evil or jealousy. To sit with a dog on a hill on a glorious afternoon, is to be back in Eden: where doing nothing was not boring, it was PEACE.

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling a emptiness they didn’t know they had.

Saving a dog will not change the world, but for that one dog the world will be forever changed. ( Thank you Jodi for saving Mikey! And thanks to everyone who rescues dogs from shelters,etc.)

We have more to learn from animals, than animals have to learn from us!

Whoever said Diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a dog!

Lessons I have learned from my dog

Never stop playing! Wag more, bark less!

Be loyal and faithful!

Be quick to forgive!

Love unconditionally!

Every once in a while a dog enters your life and awakens in you a new understanding. They leave paw prints on your heart and you are never the same.

Leave me alone, I am only speaking to my dog today! ( had to laugh at this one, cause I think all dog owners have had these days)

If our dog doesn’t like you, chances are we won’t either! ( this made me laugh to, for dogs really are a good judge of character, right Jodi 🙂 ) Was hoping to give you some quotes that would make you smile.

Message to all dog owners from your dog: If I could give you anything, it would be the ability for you to see yourself through my eyes,for only then would you know how special you are to me!

Thank you God for our furry companions and hey I will also include cats in that! They both  really do make a difference in our lives!!

Monday’s Snapshot Memories!

HI! I know Monday is almost over, sorry this is late. I will admit that lately my mind has been dealing with many emotions. This is what brings me to this picture. This is The Arch of Triumph in Paris. To me its a wonderful symbol for those going through hard times. You will Triumph! Here is a little history about it.

Napoleon Bonaparte ordered it built in honor of the Grand Armee, (The French Army) It took 2 years to be fully completed. Napoleon wanted the soldiers to come home and be able to walk through the Arch in Triumph after conquering most of Europe. Inscribed inside the walls are the names of the brave men that fought and the names of the many battles.

Here is my interpretation which brings HOPE to my soul! We fight many battles here on earth, small ones and big ones. There are times we think we may not make it through, BUT….God has our names inscribed on HIS heart and He knows each battle we face! The cost of building the Arch of Triumph was 9.3 million French Francs which back then was a gigantic sum of money. But no amount of money can equal what Jesus did on the cross for us, so that we can march though the pearly gates of Triumph!



Let Her Fly!

When she took her first steps, we were  there to catch her if she fell.

When we took the training wheels off her bike, we were close by as we watched her glide by.

When taking that first dive she knew we wouldn’t let her sink.

All these things lead up to letting her fly!

There will be days when we can’t catch her when she falls and when she will bump down the road of life, not glide.

There will be days when she will feel like she is sinking, that the waves are too high!

We can’t stop the waves, but we  can teach her how to fly!