Did you have a “Ellie”?

hazel_soan_watercolor_8Suzie was walking home from school one day. The skies were cloudy and gray and it just hadn’t been a good day for poor Suzie. She moped as she walked and shuffled her feet along. Looking down she noticed a shadow coming up behind her. A very large shadow! What could it be? Poor Suzie got a little scared but curiosity made her turn around.

Wow! What a sight she did see. An elephant was right there behind her!  It stood there just looking at her. She cautiously put out her hand to touch it, for she had to see if it was truly real. It was! She wasn’t dreaming, an elephant was following her home. Just wait until “fancy Franny”  heard about this. She always thought that she had the best stories to tell, that everything exciting happened to her. Well Suzie sure has her beat now. Her face lighted up at the thought.

Once again Suzie started walking, though no longer was she shuffling her feet, she was practically running! So eager was she to get home and show her parents.

Uh-oh Suzie had a thought, what if her Mommy wouldn’t let her keep the elephant what if she sent her away? There was another thought that struck her as well. How was she going to fit the elephant into her house!

Slowly the air of excitement started leaking out of Suzie’s puffed up balloon. What was she to do?  She stopped and walked over to the curb and sat down. Next thing she knew her elephant was sitting down beside her. Hmmm….Suzie had a thought.

“Miss. Elephant can you talk?”

“Well yes my dear I can, all you had to do was ask. ”

Suzie’s balloon started puffing up again.  Not only did she have a pet elephant but she had one that could talk!!

“Miss. Elephant I would love to take you home. Do you want to come home with me?”

“Oh yes please!! You seem like such a nice little girl. I am sure we could have lots of fun! I was lonely and looking for a friend and then I saw you. ”

Suzie couldn’t believe her ears, someone else was lonely besides just her. Someone else needed a friend! Warmth started flooding through her little heart.

“Oh Miss. Elephant I would love to be your friend, but we have a problem. My house is not nearly big enough for you to fit in. What can we do?”

The elephant smiled and nuzzled Suzie with her trunk.  “No worries my dear, I will just shrink before I enter your house.  I have that special ability for friends that I meet. ”

“Wow!” said Suzie, ” You really are something special! Well then lets not delay, lets get on our way!”

They once again stood up and started to walk to Suzie’s home. Before Suzie knew it they were home.

“Okay  Miss. Elephant can you shrink now please?”

The elephant stuck her trunk up in the air and “bippety bobbledy boo” she was the size of a small dog.

Suzie stood there with her jaw opened wide. Then she scooped her up and entered the house. Her Mom was there to greet her at the door. Suzie got a little nervous, for even though her elephant was small it was still an elephant. What would her Mommy say?

“Hi Suzie! How was school?” her Mom asked as she gave Suzie a hug.

“It was okay, but walking home was the best! Can I keep it Mommy please, can I ? ”

“Keep what? “, her Mommy questioned, “Did you find another frog on the way home from school? Go wash your hands and you can have some cookies and milk in the kitchen.”

Suzie was shocked. Did her Mommy really not see?  She ran up the stairs to her bedroom and laid her elephant gently on the bed.  The elephant was smiling away.

“What a nice room you have,  we will have so much fun.  We can tell stories after dark and we can have tea parties.  Did you know that elephants like tea?”

She started  giggling at the thought of elephants drinking tea.

“I don’t know how my Mommy didn’t see you Miss.Elephant. but it appears that she didn’t.”

“Oh that is easy, she didn’t see me, for she is an adult.  I am only visible to children like you.”

Suzie really felt special now!

“So I can take you to school with me?”

“Of course! You can take me wherever you want. I am here for you! ”

“Well, why don’t we go downstairs and get some cookies then, does that sound good to you my elephant friend?”

“It most certainly does, lets go!”

Later that night at supper. Suzie’s Dad was talking about a problem at work.  Something about the boss not wanting to deal with it. Suzie didn’t understand a lot of what he was saying. It was adult talk, but there was one thing that stood out to Suzie and her new friend.

“Its like there is an elephant in the room now!  Everyone knows the problem but are all afraid to talk about it.”

Suzie looked at her new friend and they passed each other a secret smile.  Oh if only her parents knew that there very much was an elephant in the room. It was right in front of their eyes but they couldn’t see.

When it was bedtime Suzie’s Mommy tucked her in and Suzie said, “Tuck in Ellie too please.”

“Ellie? Who is Ellie?”

“She’s my new friend Mommy, my best friend. Its Ellie the Elephant!”   and Suzie put her arm around Ellie who was lying right beside her.

Her Mommy smiled and tucked in Ellie and then kissed Suzie on the cheek.

“An elephant! Oh dear! Won’t she take up your whole bed!” her Mommy said.  Suzie giggled, ” No Mommy, she can make herself small when she is inside, so she’ll be fine. She will fit fine on the couch downstairs with me too. Though I told her she had to share the popcorn when we watch a movie.”

Suzie’s Mommy tucked the covers a little tighter for Ellie was a little cold.

“Sweet dreams my dear, don’t stay up too late talking to Ellie.”, her Mommy said,  as she winked and walked out the door.

Walking to her room, Suzie’s Mom opened up her cedar chest. She breathed in the smell as her mind drifted back in time.  She dug down deep and found what she wanted. She squeezed it tight as she remembered back to when she was 5 years old. She remembered her friend who her parents couldn’t see.

One day her friend went away, they bid farewells, Suzie’s Mommy was growing up.  She went away but Suzie’s Mommy had never forgotten her and one day she saw the stuffed elephant sitting on the shelf in a old toy store.  It so resembled how she had pictured her old friend in her mind that she  decided she needed to buy it. Now she was holding it in her arms again as a tear fell down her cheek.

“Thanks for coming back my friend and spreading your love once more!


Life’s Surprises

Editing, editing and more editing , but the end is in sight!  When Colin and I started this adventure of getting “The Odessa Chronicles”  published I really didn’t know what was all involved. Colin was definitely more the expert, as far as knowledge goes.  He has 2 very good books under his belt already!

So which one of us has been more patient in this whole book collaboration adventure?

“Has anybody told you what lovely feathers you have?”  Confused? Its a quote from the book that will make perfect sense when you read the story, but I will try to ease your confusion a little until then.  It’s a quote  from someone in the story who likes to jump from one subject to another without warning.

I believe that I won’t stop shaking my head about how “The Odessa Chronicles” all started. I only intended to write a simple blog post about a cat named Dewey. How I came up with the name Dewey, I don’t even remember. Somehow it just popped into my mind.

Then after quite some time had passed I was inspired to write another Dewey story, just for fun.  I wanted to give Dewey  and his man-servant a friend.  Who was the new friend?  Well,  a jackalope of course, makes perfect sense, right?  That wasn’t the end, for Dewey the cat,  Jaxon the Jackalope and the warmhearted man-servant needed one more friend.  Life just wouldn’t be near as exciting without our sweet Odessa, the barn-owl.

The stories were fun to write but I still had no thought about it becoming a book. There is one thing though that I have learned about life over and over again. “Expect the Unexpected!”

Colin wrote a story for fun, and guess what?  He enjoyed it and so he wrote another!  Thus began the crazy adventure of revising stories, writing new ones and realizing that these characters that started out as fictional were becoming quite real to us.  They wrapped themselves around our hearts and we had no choice but to move forward!

You really never know what may happen in life. Keep your eyes open and most importantly your mind,  to new things that may be on your horizon. Things that perhaps you didn’t dream about but that may surprise you and take you on an exciting ride!

I am very glad that I sat down one day and had the idea to write a story around a cat and a man-servant.  An idea that was inspired by a joke!

I am very glad that Colin accepted the challenge to write a story and that he enjoyed it and wrote another, for then magic started happening.

“Expect the Unexpected!”  Be open to whatever life throws your way.

“Expect the Unexpected!”  That would be a good motto for this book, for you just don’t know what you may find inside the pages.  Expect to smile, expect to laugh, to feel warmth in your heart and possibly even a tear to your eye at times.

This book is intended for children and adults alike.  A time when adults can relax with the book for the times when life may be getting a little too adultish, too complicated, which makes me think of another excerpt from the book.

Why are you swaying back and forth?”

“Oh,  I often do that,  especially when I am standing still, and if deep in thought, which I usually try to avoid because it starts making life complicated,  which is really not what I want,  because my life is complicated enough without me thinking about it, so I generally don’t  if I can avoid it.”

“Expect the Unexpected!” You never know how life may surprise you!  I have been talking to a cat, a jackalope and an owl for a long time now, and oh yes a crazy man-servant.  Do I ever feel like I m going crazy at times?

“Has anybody told you what lovely feathers you have?”






Tuesday’s Thoughts!

The festivities are over but we had a great time!  The ice cream cake, my daughter’s special request, is gone, but there still is a little bit of the Cinnamon Bun cake left.  Yes, that is real and very good. Its not just a made up cake that I used in my Jangle and Jinx story last week. 🙂

My in-laws headed back to Indiana early this morning and my husband went back to work. The house seems too quiet now. Rain is in the forecast again for every day this week except for today. It was nice for the rain to take a break for graduation and the holiday weekend at least. Hope these quotes can bring sunshine to your heart and start or end your day on the right note! Enjoy!

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What phrase would you not want to hear?

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying your weekend.  It has been a fun, celebrating weekend for us. My in-laws are here which has been very nice! They will head back to Indiana early Tuesday morning, so we still have a couple days of fun left.

I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to blog while they were here, but something short came to my mind this morning.  I thought I would share before we leave the house.

What little phrase would make you go “Oh No!” in a light hearted way?  I am not talking about serious things that can make our heart stop. We hear enough of that on the evening news. This is just meant to be a fun, little exercise.  For my kids if there was a billboard that said “Buffalo Wild Wings and Montezuma’s will be closing”, that would definitely get a “Oh No!” out of them. Its their favorite restaurants.

If I saw a billboard that said, ” The secret is …”   My curious brain would start filling up with questions! No, I could not just drive by that sign and forget it, like normal people.

So what would it be for you? Have fun and enjoy the day! Share a smile with someone and shed some light into their day!

Sparkling in the North Pole

It was a beautiful day at the North Pole. Everyone seemed to be feeling sparkly today. Smiles were on their faces and there was a extra bounce in their step. Jangle was whistling as he worked at repairing their sled.

The little birthday adventure that he and Jinx and their friends had gone on had been fun,  in spite of the little mishap with the sleigh. It was nothing too serious that couldn’t be fixed. Santa just shook his head when he heard the story.  Jangle chuckled to himself as he wondered what Santa’s reaction would have been if he had known about the other mishap that had happened,  Jinx’s little mishap. Oh you could always count on an adventure when Jinx was around.

One of the best things about their birthday adventure was the food. The Cinnamon Roll cake had been so delicious. It was so moist and sweet. Jangle’s tongue still tingled when he thought of it. Chef Salvo had outdone himself! Its no wonder he was Santa’s personal chef.

Jangle wasn’t sure what Jinx was getting into today. He had said that he wanted to challenge his mind with something new. It could be interesting to see what he came up with as  a way to exercise his mind.

Later today they were going to go get some physical exercise by taking a hike. Jinx may run some but Jangle preferred to walk, he wasn’t as much of a runner as Jinx was.

Jangle had finally finished fixing the sleigh. Had reattached the part and repainted it. Now it just had to dry. He stood up and started putting everything away when he heard Jinx yelling.

“Look out Jangle!”

Jangle turned to look and couldn’t believe what he saw.  Jinx was on ice skates! He had never seen Jinx ice skate before and why was he out here and not on the pond ice skating?

“I can’t stop!” yelled Jinx

Crash! He hit the sleigh and crack went the new part that Jangle had just put on.

Jinx was muttering to himself as he sat up and took his skates off.

“Well I guess skating may not be for me.  Those Olympic skaters make it look so easy! Sorry about breaking off a piece of the sleigh that you had just fixed.”

Jangle started to say that Jinx could fix it this time and then he busted out laughing when he looked at Jinx’s face. It was all red! All red from the fresh coat of paint that Jangle had just put on the sleigh.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

We are at the end of May already, how did that happen? I remember as a child thinking that time was so slow, but oh how that has changed! Time just seems to get faster and faster, in most cases that is. When I am in waiting to find out something time can still move very slow!

This past weekend our automatic garage door stopped working.  At least the one on my side did. The one on Brad’s side still works fine. One gets spoiled by parking in a garage. The car isn’t all hot when you go to get into it, if its raining you don’t get wet when you get out of it. It should be fixed this week sometime, possibly today, but I realized something.  We are such creatures of habit. I pull into the driveway and my hand goes up and pushes the garage door opener that is hanging from my visor.  My daughter laughs and says, “Mom, the garage door doesn’t work, remember?”  Oops, that’s right. I go out the next day come home and do the same thing. I guess I think that if I push the garage door opener enough of times it will magically work!

I hope these quotes bring you a smile and perhaps you will find some magic in your day today. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Hugging with Words

I have talked about friendship on here before many times, but its something that I believe can be talked about often, for it means so much! It is a priceless gift. I am reminded of a quote that talks about being glad that my friends don’t come with a price tag, for I would never be able to afford them! That is so very true. My friends and family mean the world to me!

One time I was looking for a short but meaningful video to send to some dear friends as just a way of saying, “Thanks for being my friend!”  They had uplifted my spirits once again and I wanted them to know it was appreciated. Sometimes I think we can get so used to what our family and friends do for us that we may not say “Thank you” as much as we should.

Are you looking for a way to thank a friend, do you know a friend that could use a smile right now?  A friend that needs a hug?  Here is a short video clip of some wonderful quotes about friendship.  Pass it on to someone who has touched your life. Let them know how you value their friendship. Let it touch their heart and lift their spirits. I hope it touches your heart as well.




As I have shared in another post, graduation day for my dear daughter is coming very soon. It is scheduled for May 25th,  as long as it doesn’t rain.  If raining too much it will be on the 26th. With all the rain that we have been getting this past week it should be out of its system by then! As of now they are forecasting a sunny 80 degree day. 🙂

My daughter shared a post on my Facebook page yesterday and I got her permission to share it on here. I just thought it was a great example of what can happen when one continues to push through the hard times. When one tries to stay positive.

I am very proud of her, and its rewarding to see what she has  learned about the strength of positivity. I cannot tell you how many times I have talked to my children from the time that they were little, about the value in thinking positive. How your frame of mind can really make the difference no matter how bad the situation. Yes, I got the eye rolls and the sighs of frustration from them at times, but its times like these where I realize that they were listening.


Next Friday will be one of the most important days of my life. Next Friday I will be graduating from high school. Next Friday is the day I never thought I would make it to, but I did and now I can’t wait to walk across that stage , get my diploma and hug my mom. Without my mom by my side these 12 years of school I would have not been able to make it. I know she’s very proud of me, I’m so proud of myself. I’ve been through so much tears, anger and anxiety and stress through out these 12 years of school. When someone has a severe anxiety disorder about something it’s hard to overcome it but look at me now..next Friday I will be graduating and I never thought I would make it. But that’s what happens when you stay positive. A positive mind can really change your life. Next Friday cannot come soon enough.🎓