The New Invention

They had been back to the North Pole for a few weeks now.  Everyone was surprised and delighted to meet Dinosaris, the flying dragon. Dinosaris was the happiest he had ever been, for he loved giving rides to the other elves and making them happy.

Some preferred to have a slow, smooth ride and then some elves were more daring and wanted him to go fast and spin around as they hung on. Snowflake got so excited at one point and let go for a brief moment waving his hands around.  Suddenly he started slipping and almost went flying into the air. When they landed his face was a little pale and his  legs may have been shaky as he climbed off Dinosaris. He decided to get himself a nice cup of Hot Cocoa and rest for a little while.

It took a little longer for the reindeer to accept Dinosaris. Santa had to assure them that Dinosaris would not be pulling the sleigh come Christmas time! Once that was dealt with the reindeer relaxed and admitted that having a flying dragon as a friend was pretty cool.

While all the other elves were busy getting rides from Dinosaris, Jinx, Jangle and Snowball were busy working on a new toy invention. Santa had asked if they would like to design a new toy and they jumped at the opportunity! They considered themselves to be very smart guys so how hard could it really be to design a new toy?

Eagerly they started planning.  At first it was a little chaotic, for each one had a different idea, but then they came up with a plan of how they could combine all  three of their ideas. They were confident that this would be a toy like no other and they couldn’t wait to show it to Santa.

Excitement was running high today. The toy was completely assembled now and they were ready to try it out. They had decided they would give it a test run after everyone went to sleep for the night.

Feeling proud of themselves they enjoyed the day and even took a few spins with Dinosaris too. Flying was fun to do, especially when they knew that they weren’t lost in the air this time, unlike their little adventure in trying to get back to the North Pole.

At last nighttime came and Jinx, Jangle and Snowball made their way to the Toy Invention Center.

They unlocked the door and went inside, turned on the light and there it was! It looked so grand sitting on the table. Wearing big smiles they walked to the table and Snowball pulled out his list.

“Okay guys, I have the list of all the things we need to check first before we start it up.”

“Are you sure you have the correct list? ” questioned Jinx.

“Well of course I am! There is only one list. ” he replied.

Jangle then piped up, “Actually there are many, many lists. All for different toys, you really need to be sure that the one you have is the one for our toy.”

Jangle was always very detailed oriented. Snowball just sighed.

“I assure you guys, this is the correct list, so can we please get started?

“Yes! Lets get started!” said Jinx.

“First turn the square lever in a counter clockwise direction. ”

“Done!” said Jangle.

“Now, turn the circle wheel around 3x.”

“Done!” said Jinx.

“Move the numbered dial to the the number 3.”

There was silence.

Snowball looked up from the list, ” Did you guys not hear me?  Move the numbered dial to the number 3.”

Silence again.

“What part of move the numbered dial to the number 3, are you guys not understanding?”  asked Snowball.

Jinx finally spoke. “Well it may be the part that has to do with finding the numbers.  There are no numbers on our dial.”

Jangle threw his hands up in the air, ” I knew you had the wrong list!”

“No, no, no!” said Snowball, this is the right list, but I am thinking that someone forgot to put the numbers on the dial!” All eyes turned to Jinx.

“Oops, I may have overlooked that detail.” said Jinx with a little color now in his cheeks.

“99 … 98 … 97 … ”  counted Snowball.

Jinx and Jangle both looked at him wondering what he was doing. They had noticed other times where he would just start counting out of the blue. Like when they were lost in the ship. Not being able to hold back their curiosity any longer they were just about to ask, when he stopped as suddenly as he had started,  and took a deep breath.

“All is well now,” he said with a smile.

“Surely we can guess at where the number 3 may be.”

Jinx and Jangle agreed, for they were smart after all, so why not!

Now for the final step, flicking the switch to the “ON” position.

“BOOM!”  Their hearts jumped, as they watched their toy disappear through the ceiling!

“Whoa!”  Jinx moved out of the way of the spinning table. The force of the motion of the toy had turned the table and the table leg had almost hit Jinx in the leg.

What was happening? The toy was out of control. It had touched down on another table as well making it spin. The tables were turning!

The toy was supposed to go sideways and spin in circles and turn upside down. It was an acrobatic rocket.

They all looked at each other and then raised their heads up looking at the ceiling. How were they ever going to explain the hole in the ceiling to Santa!

No one said a word, and then as they walked out the door, they all quietly said, “Perhaps Santa won’t notice the hole.”

Dinosaris shook his head as they left. They had never noticed him sleeping in the far off corner. “Perhaps Santa won’t notice the hole.”  Oh they are quite delusional, he chuckled. Life with them was surely not dull!









Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday!  One of my dear reader’s told me last night that today is “National Share a Fairy tale Day.”  In honor of the day I have included some fairy tale quotes. What is one of your favorite fairy tales? Remember we are never too old for them! As one quote says, ” Soon you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”  Keep the magic alive in your heart, fly with Peter Pan and make frequent visits to Neverland! Keep the joy of the 7 dwarves, (well except for Grumpy) as they whistle a happy tune. Keep believing like Cinderella! You never know what may happen when you believe in fairy tales!





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Just Breathe!


I took this picture back in the Fall, when we were hiking through the nearby woods. The trip was just a nice pleasure outing. A time  for me and my husband to enjoy the peace and solitude of the woods.

Today in conversation with a friend I was reminded of another time that I visited the woods. A time where I was feeling stressed and I needed to go to the woods so that I could breathe. I was telling my friend how they needed to take some time to breathe as well.  They are at a crossroads in their life, a big decision needs made and they are feeling consumed by the pressure. They need some time to just breathe.

It was a couple years ago when I had driven to the woods with a heavy heart.  Life had dealt us a huge blow and I was overwhelmed. I remember finding a log to sit on in the middle of the woods. I sat my weary body down and I soaked in the silence while staring at nature’s beauty around me.  I sat for awhile , I walked for awhile , and my soul breathed. While doing these things my spirit became calm, as peace wrapped around me. My circumstances hadn’t changed, but I had. I had taken the time to slow down, to concentrate on the moment and to just breathe.

I believe we all have been there before. Times where decisions and our present circumstances weigh us down. Times where we  wish we could be a child again, coloring under our blanket fort and eating chocolate chip cookies.

What do you do when you have a big decision weighing on your heart? What do you do when life deals you a severe blow and you don’t know where to turn?

We can become so consumed with feeling we need an answer that I feel we often neglect doing a very important thing.  Taking a step back and giving ourselves time to breathe! It is sometimes in the silence when our heart speaks to us and tells us what we need to know.  It is sometimes in the silence when the fog in our mind lifts and things become more clear.

Sometimes its not about wrestling with all the questions in your head for the thousandth time. Its not about figuring out how to unscramble the messed up alphabet in your head. Sometimes its only about one very important thing, and that one thing is taking  time out to take care of you. Allowing yourself time to just breathe!



The Shining Sapphire Friend

It happened long ago, one summer night at Farmer Jack’s farm, is where it has been told that it all began.

Farmer Jack had made his routine rounds, bidding his animals goodnight. Every night he would say some special words to each one,  giving  them a tender pat, for he loved them very much.

After he left and entered the farmhouse for the night, the barn was mostly silent. There was the sound of the mice scurrying and the loud sound of Clarence the bull snoring.  Petunia the pig would every now and then join in with some music of her own which made Holly the horse roll her eyes. The other animals tried their best to get some rest.

Out in the field it was another story. Cathy the cow was having trouble sleeping. Her mind was wandering. She had tried to count cows in her head but kept getting confused, for the pesky sheep kept interrupting. She would see them in her mind, trying to jump over the fence.

Cathy wondered what life was like beyond Farmer Jack’s field. She had an adventurous spirit inside her and tonight her curiosity was strong.  Dare she put her curiosity into action and try to jump the fence?  It would just be for tonight, she would be back, but oh, how she longed to see what all she may find beyond the field.

With a gleam in her eye she decided to give it a try and before she thought twice, over the fence she did leap.

She had done it, she was free! Happiness soared through her as she roamed the peaceful countryside, using the moon as her guide.

It shined a light on her path and it made her smile, feeling like it was shining just for her. At times she would gaze up high into the blue sky to look directly at it. Wait a minute, what did she just see? Did the sapphire moon just wink at her?

Cathy ambled on down the country road hearing the calls of some lonesome doves. She came to a spot where she stopped for a bit as she munched on some clover. After awhile she ambled away to see what else there was to find.

With her stomach feeling content with her snack, she continued on.  As she ambled on she began to get sleepy and thoughts went through her head. Perhaps she should turn around and go back to Farmer Jack’s. Perhaps this had been enough adventuring for one night, and  she looked up once again at the beautiful, sapphire moon.

It winked at her again,  this time she had no doubt as to what she had seen and suddenly she was wide awake!

An idea began to form in her mind as she kept her gaze transfixed on the moon. Could she do it ? Was it possible? Had it ever been done before, or would she be the first? Could she possibly jump up so very high and say “HI” to the moon in the sky?

Oh how it shined, beckoning her to come, she had to give it a try!

Gathering up all her strength she ran a little down the road and then jumped as high as she could, but she failed to reach the moon. Once again she took another daring leap, but once again she missed. It was no use, the moon was just too high. Cathy sighed as she kept staring at the moon wishing  that she could meet it in the sky.

Wait! What was happening? The moon was sinking down lower. Was it coming down to greet her? May she now be able to reach it!

Gathering up her strength for one last try she got a running start and took a giant leap!  A thrill shot through her, she had done it! She made it up to the moon and oh, her smile was ever so wide.

Time stopped as she and the moon played. The moon would sink and she would jump and then it would wink as they met each other in the sky.  On and on they went, until Cathy’s energy was spent and her moon friend had to bid her goodbye.

He winked once more before he left and Cathy’s heart was full. Heading home she  knew that no night would ever compare to this one. No night could beat the night that she had made friends with the moon.







Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Some things we clutch so tightly onto, not realizing the treasure that awaits us, if we would only let go.

It only takes a spark to start a dream, and then it can travel through your heart like a train, building up excitement the closer you get to its destination.

For my 3rd “story”, I thought I would do something that I hadn’t done for a little bit. I will give the beginning of the story and then you , my wonderful readers, can join in with adding onto it. Exercise your creativity and have fun, this isn’t a test, no chance of wrong answers. Add your thoughts to the story below.

“Are you scared?”

“No, I just have this terrified look on my face because I am having fun, what do you think?  I believe you should go first!”


Poetry of the Heart

d1c5f08b90f6db6e245cfd2e9397e253 (image from Pinterest)


She rested her head against the bark of the tree. How many times had she been here before? She traced the hearts on the tree with her fingers, as her own heart was breaking inside of her. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. She used to  have a heart full of joy when she came to this tree, but things now have changed.

Her chest was tight, was she breathing, for she didn’t feel alive. Her love was gone, and she was left behind.

Oh, the precious  memories that were embedded in her heart. Memories of happy days when the sun was shining and they felt as if nothing could stop them. They lied flat on their backs  watching the clouds in the azure blue sky. Feeling carefree and imagining what all they could see in the sky and where their dreams would carry them.

Times of sitting under the tree with his arm around her shoulder drawing her close as he recited poetry. Poetry that stirred her heart with feelings she had never known existed. Words he had written that were only meant for her and ones that set her heart aflame.

Times when the day would get away from them and darkness would fall. The night sounds of the woods would come alive while she laid her head in his lap feeling so contented. Feeling as if time had stopped for just them while they gazed at the shining stars.

“Make a wish upon a star!” he would say as he smiled down at her.

Once more she laid her head against the tree with her love’s words echoing through her mind.

She thought of how there was only one wish that she wanted. Only one wish that would make her heart soar with joy. Sighing, she wistfully traced the hearts with her finger and then slouched down to the ground with her back against the tree. The night would fall, and like so many nights before,  she would once again make her wish upon a shooting star.


Entertainment at the Lake


10252101_10202953218458800_3819293806180665847_n (photo I took when in Switzerland)

Jenna and her little boy were sitting by the lake watching the swans swim around when they heard sirens coming down the street.

“Mommy, look! A police car is coming!” shouted Trevor as he jumped to his feet, forgetting the sandwich he had been eating, which was now lying on the ground.

The police car squealed to a stop right in front of the lake and 2 men got out, running up to the lake. They saw the boat in the distance and waved their arms wildly around.

“Mommy, what are they doing?”

“I am not sure honey, ” Jenna replied, as she continued to watch the 2 men.

“I told you to drive faster! This is all your fault!” said the one man, as he punched the other guy in the shoulder.

“My fault! Who had to stop for coffee and donuts on the way?”  the man replied, returning the punch to his buddy.

“Well genius, just what should we do now? We are supposed to be on that boat!”

The 2 men stood in silence for awhile as they kept smacking their foreheads, helping themselves to think.

Trevor was having fun watching them, it was free entertainment. Reminded him of the old comedy act his parents watched sometimes. Laurel and Hardy.

At last, one of them spoke and gave his buddy a nudge.

The nudge must must have been a little too hard, for it made his friend stumble and …. SPLASH!!

Trevor burst out laughing, “Mommy, did you see? That man fell into the lake!”

The big splash startled the swans, and they were not happy being disturbed on a peaceful afternoon. Two of the swans started swimming towards the man.

The man saw the swans coming and he tried to swim fast, but they were faster. “Oww!!”, he first felt one peck on his leg and than another.

Trevor was wide eyed now! This was better than television any day!

The man had finally managed to climb out of the lake but the swans followed him on land. Oh what fun Trevor was having watching the swans chase the man. They were going around in circles. His buddy was standing there not quite sure what to do when , “Oww!”  Trevor heard the man’s cry.  A swan had now turned his attention to him. Both men were going around in circles and Trevor was holding his stomach because of laughing so hard.

At last the swans got tired of chasing the silly men and with a couple more squawks they turned back to the lake to continue swimming.

The men didn’t say a word as they looked at each other, shaking their heads! What a day it had been. Slowly they walked back to their car, their minds were still consumed with what had just happened.  Unfortunately they weren’t paying attention to where they were going.

Trevor gasped, “Look Out!!” he cried to the funny men, but it was too late, they fell!

First one fell into the hole and then his friend came tumbling after, right on top of him.

“Oomph!” his friend said as he landed on him.

Trevor ran to the hole. “Are you guys okay?”  Trevor asked, as he peered down into the deep hole.

“Yes!” said the one man, ” We will be fine, I think we can crawl out.”

“Do you need a shovel? I can run home and get my shovel for you.”  said Trevor.

“Thank you, that is very kind, but we won’t need it.”

“Okay,” said Trevor, “Well, good luck! I gotta go,” and he turned around grabbing his Mommy’s hand. Then he stopped and turned back to the guys in the hole.

“Can I ask you both a question?”

“Sure!” they replied, thinking how Trevor seemed like a sweet boy.

“Have you guys ever seen Laurel and Hardy? I think you guys are even funnier than they are!”

The men weren’t sure how to reply to that. They didn’t have to worry, for Trevor was already walking away.

They had to smile even though they were sitting in a deep hole, for what else could they do. The one French phrase that they had managed to learn in school came to their mind as they sat there.

“C est la vie!” they said to each other. “It is what it is!”

They knew that tomorrow would be another day!








Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining as the temperature drops. Calling for snow and sleet starting tonight and through tomorrow. At first they were saying they didn’t expect much accumulation, now they are saying 8 inches possible of snow! I guess we will wait and see what happens, don’t have much other choice. Right now I am just enjoying the sun shining through the window. Makes me feel bright, and I hope these quotes make you feel bright inside as well! Have a wonderful day!


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Make A Difference!

After last night’s more serious post, there was a song that came to my mind, that I wanted to share with all of you. I can’t help but smile when I listen to this song and watch the video. I think it spreads a great message! It is a song by Chris De Burgh, I have really been enjoying his music thanks to a friend who brought his music to my attention.

The song is called “Read My Name”. It’s talking about making a difference in the world and how every child is special! Its not your color, or your background that makes you special, its just YOU simply being YOU! There  is no one else exactly like you and that is  something to celebrate. We may not all end up making big names for ourselves, becoming famous and known world wide, but there is still so much difference that we can make in the lives of others! We can make a difference every day just by spreading kindness, joy and love!  I love the smiles in the faces of these children on this video clip,  you can feel their joy for life.

Why as adults does it seem that the unbridled joy we had when we were young becomes more contained? More pushed down inside of us. We get weighed down with problems and forget how we still have an inner child that wants let out. An inner child that has unbridled joy and wants to let it go and make others smile!  We still need to keep our candle burning and let our light shine, lighting up the darkness!

Let the joy spread in your heart today, let it be contagious!

I hope you enjoy this song. I was introduced to Chris De Burgh’s music by a friend and I am so glad that I was, for I have been enjoying his music very much!














Bleeding Hearts

I am reading a book right now about a story that took place before the Civil War. It is about the son of a slave owner of a big plantation.

The son was a big disappointment to his Dad, for he believed the slaves should be treated as equal! He refused to give in to the belief that his Dad and others held about them.

One day he witnessed his black friend getting whipped, punished for stepping in to save his Mom from getting raped by one of the overseers.

He couldn’t stand to watch and he ran. Ran to the river, as he heard his friend’s screams. He sat there as it started to rain. It rained hard, like a torrential rain, and he sat there drowning. He didn’t mind the rain, he was drowning in a sea of pain!

That part of the book just really got to me I can’t imagine how life was back then.

Pain for the numerous black families torn apart from each other and for the unimaginable they endured!

Pain for another group as well. For the whites who didn’t want to be in the family they were in. Who saw the wrong being done and felt all mixed up inside but didn’t know what to do. Didn’t know what to do, for though they were constantly being told one thing, their heart was telling them something else.

I once had a dream that I still vividly remember. I was being chased through the street by a mob. They wanted to lynch me. They wanted to lynch me for I was black. I remember the strong fear I felt as I ran and the desperate rubbing of my face and arms wanting to be white again.

I didn’t know how I became black. One minute I was riding in the bus as a white person and the next minute I turned black as soon as I stepped off the bus and that’s when the mob saw me.

I was screaming and thinking how unfair this was for I couldn’t do anything about my color. I frantically prayed to be white and finally I woke up and I was out of breath. Yes, I got up to look in the mirror, for the dream seemed so real.

For just the few moments of a dream I felt the sting of prejudice and it was horrible! Nobody should have to be ashamed of who they are!

I worry about racial tensions being on the rise again. I long for people to realize how similar we all are, instead of being so caught up in the differences!!

We all have hearts that want to be loved and accepted. We all have hearts that can break and when we bleed we all have red blood.