Seeing Clearly

“A,D,Z,H…” The eye technican was growing more concerned by the minute. The patient was getting all the letters wrong. He wasn’t even close!

Reading his chart he wondered how someone’s eyes could get ao bad so fast! His vision was wonderful last year.

The door opened and Dr. Dunner walked in. Sighing with relief the technician spoke up right away. He called the Dr over to him and spoke in a low whisper.

“I am afraid that this patient is going blind. His vision was so good last year but is atrocious today.

Dr. Donner smiled, and didn’t say a word. He walked over to the patient and clapped him on the shoulder. “How are you doing, still up to your same tricks I see. ”

Arthur hung his bead, trying to look sad. Dr. Donner shook his head. “Read this line for me.” Arthur read it perfectly, and same with the next screen of letters. The technician stared with an open mouth in amazement!

“Tanner meet Arthur!” Dr. Dunner was talking to the tech.

“He will keep you on your toes, but its all in fun.”

Arthur laughed. “You did well young fellow at maintaining your composure. ” Tanner rolled his eyes at Arthur and Arthur cooperated for the rest of the examination.

The Dr double checked some things and then gave him a clean bill of health. Shaking Arthur’s hand goodbye he told him to take care and to stop scaring away his new techs! Arthur chuckled as the Dr. walked out of the room.

Later that day the dilation was finally wearing off of Arthur’s eyes and he could see clearly once more. He sat in his room wondering what he could get into now.

He wanted to go to Vegas again, but wondered if he could convince Nurse Julie to take him again. Maybe he could offer her half his winnings.

If he did like last time she would find herself with enough money to buy 2 large coffees!

Oh what was that sound??

Arthur covered his ears. Miss. Treetie was practicing her opera again. His ears would never be the same!

Thinking back to when he had been in Vegas he thought of something. He guessed that it was good that they missed out on the Vegas show when there. It may have sounded like this! For how could a singing hippo actually sound good! He still wouldn’t believe it until he saw it. The billboard had advertised in lights, but Atthur just shook his head.

A hippo that sang? CRAZY! It couldn’t be …. or could it?

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I am missing the beach but I will be fine. Grateful I got to go and that we had better weather than expected. I am also thankful that my phone is not alletgic to the ocean. It got swept away in a wave but is working fine. I am typing on it right now. I had laid it down after taking a picture and a big wave came and it went for a swim.

Enjoy the quotes. Feel free to share which quote or quotes stood out to you, and have a great rest of the day. As always, thanks for reading!











The Mixed Up Night

Pinterest painting

A small gray bunny scurried across the path. Isabella almost didn’t see him, for he was quick. It looked like a gray blob that ran in front of her.

She was proud of how big her pumpkin had grown. This was the first year for her pumpkin patch, so glad to see such positive results from it. Surely Miss. Matilda would be beaming with pride over her. Dare Isabella hope that she would get a raise from her employer, for the grand pumpkin?

Oh, she should have known. No raise for her. Miss. Matilda tried to act like she wasn’t impressed, but Isabella had seen the genuine look of surprise in her eyes. Only for a frw seconds but it had been there and that small thing helped Isabella to find her smile again.

Miss. Matilda could act however she wanted too, Isabella knew the truth. Matilda was impressed with Isabella’s green thumb, but paying her a compliment was something she would never do.

Isabella had been working 2 years for Miss. Matilda. The closest she ever got to receiving a compliment was Matilda saying that at least the food that Isabella made didn’t taste like dog food.

Later that evening while Isabella was sewing new clothes for Miss. Matilda she heard something.

Geabbing her jacket she walked outside. She was struck with amazement at what she saw!

There were 2 giant jackalopes pulling a …. wagon.

A chubby little man with a scruffy beard stood by the wagon waving a wand and speaking gibberish. He gasped in surprise at Isabella.

“Oh you are here already. I was just trying to perfect my chant for white horses, but looks like you are stuck with jackalopes instead.”

Isabella’s head was spinning. “Who are you?:

“Well I am your own private magician.”

“What happened to my fairy Godmother? Isn’t it she who should be here? “

Isabella’s head started clearing. No wonder things were all messed up, A man was messing with magic! Who knew what could go wrong. When you give a man a magic wand, watch out!

“Ala kala mazoo!” The magician spoke, pointing the wand at Isabella.

She felt excitement stir, was she going to have a new, sparklibg gown like Cinderella?

“What did you do?” She yelled. There was no dazzling gown. Not anywhere close! She had a flannel shirt and jeans with high heels!

“Oops! Did I do that?” The magician blushed as he looked at Isabella.

“Well you got one thing right, high heels, but….!”

“I will try again.”

There was more gibberish coming from his mouth and then ZAP! Now she was on a skateboard in high heels. Was he trying to break her neck!

ZAP! Now she had cowboy boots on with a gorgeous ruby red dress.

Isabella twirled around, he was getting closer.

ZAP! Yes, she had matching shoes, but her ride was in a wagon full of hay!

The magician was sweating profusely he hadn’t known how hard a wonan’s , the fairy Godmother’s job was!

Taking a deep breath he yelled in words no one understood and POOF there was a carriage. Only problem was it was still being driven by 2 giant jackalopes.

Oh well! Isabella was in a hurry, she wanted to get away before Miss. Matilda got home. This was her chance to escape a life of hard work for a grumpy boss.

Jumping in the carriage she yelled “Go”, and hoped that the jackalopes understood English. The jackalopes took off so fast she almost fell off her seat.

She couldn’t wait to dance the night away with a handsome prince. That had to be where she was going. It might have been a rough start but the magician was finally getting it right. She was Cinderella!

Closing her eyes she settled back for the ride.

The carriage stopped moving and she opened her eyes, letting out a gasp. They were right in front of a swamp! A muddy swamp. Isabella yelled as the fancy heel of her shoe sank into the mud and with her next step her bare foot stepped into the sticky mud!

Oooh what was going to happen? The bullfrogs started croaking. There was obviously one lesson from tonight that she would be sure to always remember. Do NOT let a man dabble in magic!

Beaches, Jackalopes, Books and More ….

This is a little longer introduction, but I promise I will get to the unique facts for you! While I was at the beach this week, I did find some time to work on my novel that I am attempting to write. Its a challenge, as I am used to writing short, short stories, but it has been fun. Writing on the beach was perfect, I think I could write faster if I was at the beach more.  Anyway, while writing I couldn’t help but think of my Moonbeam Farm Friends. They are the main characters from “The Odessa Chronicles”, a book that I co-authored with Colin, back in 2018.

Odessa; a sassy, but caring barn owl, Dewey; a mischievous, lazy cat and Jaxon; a sly, but humble, sweet jackalope were the first talking animals I ever wrote about, and they will always be a part of me! If you want some light reading that is sure to bring some laughs and may even tug at your heart, feel free to click on the “The Odessa Chronicles” book cover, on the right margin. The book consists of 47 short stories about the crazy adventures of these wonderful animals. They become best friends with each other and with a retired farmer, who thought he was going to have a quiet life on a peaceful farm.  Little did he know how his life would change!  I am including this link that Colin posted on his blog awhile back. Its one of the short stories from “The Odessa Chronicles” that I hope you enjoy.


Hmmm…Anyone up to staying there? What a view!


Living at the beach … they sound like smart pigs to me!


If only we humans could have such good eyesight!


Love its face! Dewey, would never survive in the mountains, he is one spoiled cat!


There is your new word for the day. Just don’t tell Jaxon, he thinks he is the only Jackalope!


I do remember the whole “blue dress” thing, and I say the cat is going up or whichever direction the food is!

The Rising of the Sun

Ocean City, MD sunrise

The beach was silent as Patrick watched the masterpiece in the sky unfold.

Patrick needed this week away from his high stress job as an FBI agent. He needed time away to deal with the mixed emotions of his heart.

Even though it had been 3 years the memories of what changed his life forever would always be engraved in his mind.

Due to what happened on that day he had once thought he would never set his feet on the beach again.

That day was supposed to have been one of the most special days of his life. Shondra was the woman of his dreams, his life had been so much better with her in it!

They had been running on the beach in the early morning hours when all that they heard was the crashing of the waves. Running was something they had done together often. Patrick hadn’t been prepared. He wasn’t prepared when she had suddenly collapsed beside him in the sand.

He called 911 with his heart thumping in desperation, as his world came crashing down. The day that had started out with so much promise had quickly become the worst day of his life.

The waves rolled as Patrick was lost in the memories of yesterday, watching the seagulls flying over them.

He lost the love of his life that day. She had suffered a stroke and never recovered, dying a few days later. Never will he forget standing by her bedside. The kind nurse had told him he could take as long as he wanted to say goodbye.

He had pulled out the tiny box that had been bouncing in his pocket while they were running, before she had collapsed. The day his nightmare began.

With a lump in his throat he had pulled out the diamond ring and he slipped it onto her finger. He tried to speak but the words were caught in his throat. After he had slipped it on her finger he just had stood by her squeezing her hand, letting the tears roll.

The sun started shining brighter as Patrick sat on the sand reflecting back. It had taken him a long time to go to the beach again after Shondra died, but he did and the more he did the more his heart had begun to heal.

Finding love again was the last thing he thought would ever happen but it did. His heart filled with passion now when thinking of Catherine. How blessed he was to have a second chance at love!

He was glad he had came to the beach to sort out his emotions. A peace was settling in. While he would always remember Shondra, he could move on and he should move on. He didn’t have to stay stuck in the pain of yesterday. Love could be his again.

Like the rising of the sun, the light had broken through the clouds and hope was alive in his soul once more.

Ocean Cjty,MD

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

The day is finally here! Yes, the long awaited day of going to the beach! Leave this evening and my friend and I  plan on catching the ocean sunrise in the morning. I could fill this post up with beach quotes, but I promise I won’t, even though I may be just a little obsessed with the beach right now. I hope all of you have a great rest of the week and I will be back, feeling more refreshed, and sane.  Well the “sane” part may be questionable, the ocean isn’t quite that magical. Enjoy the quotes. and as always, thanks for reading and your comments. Thanks for the smiles you bring! 












Return to Normal…

Things were starting to get back to normal, or as normal as things could be in the town of Bittersweet Creek. The town where almost anything can and does happen!

Cara reflected on the past month as she set up the diner.

The whole town had been on pins and needles, when Mason went to help Amanda save her castle and ended up getting kidnapped by Nick. He was the one trying to lay claim to Amanda’s castle.

When Mr. Tippner heard the news about Mason, he didn’t think twice about going to help his friend. He took off right away.

Unfortunately he ended up getting caught by Nick as well. It was nerve-wracking for everyone. Cara was so thankful that Sarah helped her come up with a plan.

Never underestimate the power of women, especially after they stay up all night drinking coffee and thinking. With the magical help of Jenny, the donkey, a rescue was made and everyone had been ecstatic.

The town had held a parade to welcome home Mason and Tippner. The people of Bittersweet Creek was a close knit community and they had proven it.

During the parade the fire truck siren got stuck as they drove through the center of town and all the dogs went crazy. It turned out to look like a parade of dogs chasing the band who were following the fire truck.

The poor baton twirler got knocked down by the St. Bernard and then the Beagle grabbed the baton, thinking it was a stick. Then a cat ran into the street and there was total bedlam. All that was needed yet were clowns, for the parade had turned into a circus!

People had talked about it for days afterwards. Calling it the most exciting parade ever and oh, it seemed that Miss. Lucy’s poodle was going to have puppies. Apparently when all the dogs chased the firetruck. Mrs. Penny’s retriever chased Miss. Lucy’s poodle.

Like the parade, the rescue of Mason and Tippner hadn’t been a totally smooth operation. Cara laughed to herself. It may have resulted in a little mishap for Mason and Tippner , but all was fixed now!

Mason and Tippner weren’t feather brains , or covered in goose feathers anymore. There was no “honking” every time they opened their mouths. Jenny had finally been able to break the spell, that she had unintentionally put them under.

She had intentionally meant to turn Nick into a goose. He was the one who was trying to take Amanda’s castle away, and had kidnapped Mason and Tippner. But when Jenny cast the spell she unintentionally cast the spell on Mason and Tippner too!

Cara finished setting up the diner. She was smiling, it had been quite the adventure! Mason and Tippner had been such good sports through it all, though they did steer clear of Jenny now!

Mason may be steering clear of Jenny, but Amanda was seen by his side quite often now. Time would tell and Cara’s romantic mind hoped for the best for them.

She turned the sign to OPEN on the door and Mason walked in through the back at the same time.

He came out to the front with a large cup of coffee in his hand.

“Good Morning Mason!”

“Good Morning, I saw the strangest thing last night outside my window.” Mason’s eyes had a puzzled look in them.

“What was it?”

“It was the weirdest and coolest thing. I know I wasn’t dreaming. There was a Pegasus standing in my yard with glowing rainbow colored wings.

Cara shook her head, giving him a questioning look. “Annnnd you say that you weren’t dreaming?”

“I wasn’t and thats not all! There was this real little green guy, looked like a leprechaun. He was…”

Cara patted Mason on the shoulder. “Take a seat and let me get you some more coffee.”

Oh yes, she thought, Anything can happen in the town of Bittersweet Creek.

Poor Octopus! Medieval Wars and a Lost Painting


You don’t mess with women and their coffee!


Think of all you could get done if you could function on only 30 minutes of sleep!


The secrets that you find out about the state you live in! This has been going on for the past 37 years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


I keep looking for valuable paintings at yard sales!


You found yourself saying, “Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!” didn’t you! While thinking of a yellow brick road.


I … I … will be quiet with my thoughts. LOL!

The Golden Spell

This is the continuation of Thursday’s post, The Amazing Rescue?

Pinterest Image

Janessa didn’t know whether to be terrified or thrilled, or maybe she was a little bit of both.

She was flying on the back of a Pegasus! That was the thrilling part. A totally surreal feeling was pulsing through her. But where was she headed? That question is what terrified her. They had been flying for a long time, her friends were probably worried sick about her.

She tried to relax and tell herself that all would be fine. When she returned to work on Monday, she would be sooo ready for the “So what did you do this weekend?” discussion around the water cooler! Lorinda wouldn’t be able to top Janessa’s story and Oooh that would make her green eyes of jealousy blaze.

Does the Pegasus talk? Janessa wondered, should she try to talk to it? There was a good chance that it did, for after all, it was a magical creature, so why not!

Leaning up close to its head she talked directly into its ear. “Would you be able to tell me where we are going please, do you talk?”

There was silence as Janessa waited with bated breath. Then the Pegasus replied, “No, I don’t talk.”

Janessa felt disappointment, it would have been so cool if….”Hey, what do you mean you don’t talk!” Apparently this Pegasus had a sense of humor.

“We will soon be at our destination. ”

“Which is where??” replied Janessa.

“A secret place, seen by very few humans. The place where the rainbow ends.”

Janessa felt excitement building now, all fear forgotten.

On and on they flew and then Janessa saw the most brilliant rainbow in front of her! They were flying straight for it.

Ob, how awesome! They landed and there was a hill not far away. The rainbow was shining so bright above it and on top of the hill was a big pot! Had Janessa found a real pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Janessa’s sack was heavy! She still was pinching herself. Meeting the leprechauns had been so much fun. How kind they were, gifting her with a large bag of gold. Here she used to think that leprechauns were mischievous, but these were nothing but polite and gracious to her.

Now she was on the back of Lola once again ready to go back to her friends with gifts of gold.

Monday mornimg dawned bright and early but Janessa was wide awake. She would be at her job at 8am sharp with her resignation letter in her hand. She had gold now, she didn’t need to work anymore!

Her friends had been awestruck when she came back to them with her large bag of gold. They were all quitting their jobs this morning and then going on a ceuise together to celebrate. Janessa couldn’t wait. Good fortune was shining down!

Meanwhile back at the end of the rainbow the leprechauns were having a meeting. They were all merry and jolly. A morning of celebration, toasting to another trick once more successfully pulled off on one of those strange and gullible humans!

“Its almost time. The spell of the magic gold will begin its work in exactly 24 hours from when Janessa got it.” Leo stated.

They stared at the BIG electric clock on the wall. It was 11:59. They were down to just seconds left.


Everyone wondered what happened to Janessa, and her 3 friends. One minute they were on the luxury cruise ship and the next…. they were gone!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

This time next week …. sun,sand and waves … will be all thats on my mind!

Whats easier to get into than out of?

When someone says that peach yogurt is their favorite dessert … and you realize that you may have a “slight” sweet tooth problem, with visions of cakes,pies and cookies dancing in your head! What is your favorite dessert?